Milo on the French Surrender

Milo Yiannopoulos has a terrific piece at his site on the problem with David French: “War Heroes Make Terrible Culture Warriors.”

He writes:

Establishment conservativism seems resigned to a mild-mannered and orderly decline, in which Brooks Brothers-suited 23-year-old debate club Republicans in bow ties sip on Manhattans in DC watering holes while the feral Left tears apart America’s schools, colleges, creative industries, newspapers and everything else. Can David French look at America in 2018 and honestly say his brand of pocket-squared Republicanism has succeeded?


David French’s faith should be the motivating factor behind his actions – instead, he uses it as an excuse to do nothing. Our faith in God and America and our faith that our ideas are the best ideas and that our civilization is worth defending ought to lend us the courage to act. We should burn with the desire to right wrongs and to correct injustices, sacrificing our own wealth and comfort, never sparing a thought for what polite society might say about our fervor.

But it isn’t just French, of course. It’s half the crew at National Review, the masthead of The Weekly Standard, the bulk of RedState, and my friend Rod Dreher at The American Conservative. Milo continues:

Does National Review really believe that thoughtfulness and prayer are the answers to baying mobs of violent, Soros-funded domestic terrorists, the combined weight of the media and entertainment industries and the entire educational establishment? Do they think the black bloc protestors who burned Berkeley last February or the window-smashing thugs screeching “BURN IT DOWN!” outside a Jordan Peterson talk can be beaten with another impassioned op-ed about humility and kindness? It’s laughable.

David French, the sine qua non of ineffectual thought leadership, is a sort of culture war homeopath, correctly identifying the problem but prescribing comically ineffective remedies – as if John McCain’s doctor had suggested cold compresses and plenty of water as a treatment for glioblastoma.

There’s more. Much more. By all means, read the whole thing.

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