To the Boys and Young Men of America

The bodies weren’t even cold yet and you were being blamed.

Yes, you.

All of you.

The boys and young men who will grow up to become one half of America’s future.

Once again, due to society’s failure to raise you, to teach you, to properly guide you on your path to manhood, your mere existence is being held responsible for 17 more deaths—this time in Florida, and once again, at a school. The headlines of recent weeks say it all:

USA Today: “Guns don’t kill people; men and boys kill people, experts say”

New York Daily News“Michael Ian Black reacts to Florida shooting: Boys are broken”

The Huffington Post“How Gun Violence And Toxic Masculinity Are Linked, In 8 Tweets”

Salon: “Toxic white masculinity: The killer that haunts American life”

The Boston Globe: “Toxic Masculinity Is Killing Us”

Harpers Bazaar“Toxic Masculinity Is Killing Us”

Politico“Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings; Blame Men”

In the handful of decades I’ve been alive, I’ve seen America shift from a culture of responsibility to one of blame. We don’t solve problems anymore. We cry, we pray for, we seek to find closure, and then finally, we slaughter a sacrificial lamb for our sins. When I was young and Columbine happened, that lamb was Marilyn Manson and video games. Before that, it was Dungeons & Dragons and Twisted Sister. These days, though, as body counts continue to rise and excuses continue to vanish, the lamb America has chosen to sacrifice is you. Rather than take responsibility for the seeds we’ve sown, the culture we built, and the disaster you’ve been left to inherit, we as a nation have chosen to lie to ourselves. To listen and believe those who claim that the answer is simple: “Boys are simply born bad.”

As an aging Gen Xer watching this tragedy unfold, I can’t help but look back at my youth and realize we were the dry run for this “crisis of masculinity” as the media likes to call it. In my time I’ve watched as fathers were pushed out of the home, separated from their children, and their role in society debased and devalued. Like you, I was taught male behavior was bad behavior. That I was broken and needed to be fixed. Drugs, therapy, mass socialization were required to save me from my most innate instincts:

  • the need compete;
  • the drive to create;
  • the urge to protect;
  • the desire for female affection.

Like you, I was told these instincts were not only wrong but dangerous. That due to my Original Sin of being born a boy, I was destined to mature into a lustful monster and an oppressor of women. All this was burned into me before I even reached college, where campus policy actually assumed all men to be rapists waiting to happen.

It isn’t hard to see how we got here, to an age when America is more than willing to sacrifice its boys. To quote Fight Club, “We’re a generation of men raised by women.” And the women who raised my generation had a saying: All men are pigs. But there’s another saying those same women were enamored with and that is: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

So here we are, coming close to 50 years of single mothers raising their boys as if they were animals. Two generations of young men raised to believe they’re broken, immoral, and dangerous. That their natural state, if left unchecked and unmedicated, is a sexual ticking time bomb of rape and abuse. Half a century of academia peddling a grim version of history that holds your sex personally responsible for all the wrongs ever to have happened in the world. And a press, that at this very moment, is blaming you for every school shooting to have ever occurred.

After all this, how could there not be a crisis of masculinity?

So to the boys and young men of America, believe me when I say, it isn’t you who should be apologizing for the state of our world today. This mess was set in motion long before you were born.

You are not bad.

You are not broken.

You are not inherently evil or a sexual abuser in waiting.

You are boys who were robbed of your right to be men.

All your life you’ve been told to act, think, and behave like women. To suppress your passions, your pride, your need to compete and drive to achieve.

Now society is crumbling around us.

Feminizing boys didn’t make better men. It’s resulted in broken homes and shattered families and record suicide rates. It’s destroying any notion of a healthy partnership between men and women, and is pushing us ever closer to total collapse of relations between the sexes.

Boys, we don’t need you to be like women, the world has plenty of women, already.

What the world needs now more than ever is for you to be men.

For you to grow-up, to grow strong, and do what men do.

For it is men’s strength and determination that tamed the wilderness, built civilization, and has kept the world fed—predictions we’d all die starving before the year 2000 notwithstanding. It’s men’s curiosity that leads us to explore the oceans, to conquer space, and peer into the tiniest of microcosms of the human body. It was men who built the cities we inhabit, the luxuries we enjoy, the medicines that keep us alive. Men built the road, the plumbing, the electrical grid, the phone in your hand, the internet it’s connected to.

Men have always been innovators, explorers, defenders, and leaders.

But most importantly, men have always been fathers.

So to the boys and young men of America, please read this and take every word to heart.

The world needs you.

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16 responses to “To the Boys and Young Men of America

  • The attempt to save society by reengineering human nature will fail because nature is part of creation and will not be denied. However, men know that they must control their innate instincts or it will lead to their destruction and that of others.. What is needed is a culture that values and promotes honorable manhood. This is best done through fathers and mothers in the home and through religion. The nation has been greatly weakened by the weakening of the home.

    • Well said! May I also chime in: this also requires a culture that values and promotes honorable womanhood. In today’s America, women are held to much lower standards of honor. A poor working single mom goes along with a kinky perv boss for years, it finally gets to her, she complains, gets him fired, gets compensation herself … because it was just too painful to report the crime at the time.
      Meanwhile, other women look on knowing they’d have figuratively or literally clocked the kinky perv boss who tried it and called the cops if he ever tried serious force or imprisonment, when it happened, because it would have been the right and only thing to do. Today a gal who goes along with it to her advantage and gripes about it later, is called courageous.
      A man who did the same would be failing to live up to a pretty solid standard of honor.
      Women, young women, need to learn about how to behave honorably around men, who are often as not flirts and even sometimes lechers, that’s normal. Be honorable and be a lady. But they’re not taught that. They’re taught to be timid little rabbits or brash harpies. That’s just how it seems to me. It isn’t just the boys, it’s the girls, the women, the females, who need to remember to be honorable.

      • Yes. I think it’s true that young women are trained NOT to know the things about human nature and male nature that previous generations understood. The advent of the birth control pill and the decline of religious standards have both had an effect.

  • This article is badthink, according to all Gender Studies professors.

  • The most persecuted group in American history is rich white men.

    And who are the villains? The ones oppressing us? – Minimum wage employees. Immigrants seeking a better life. Rape victims. Black people who don’t want to get shot by the police.

    It’s basically being a Nazi to say that the Nazis were bad.

    • Yes, kids, lacking a Y chromosome is a genetic defect

    • To be clear, in your analogy white men are Nazis. Wow. Well congratulations, you have reenforced the author’s point and completed vindicated all the worst caricatures of morally bankrupt Left.

      • No I’m saying that the left are Nazis. It’s national SOCIALISM. Learn to read

      • To be fair, your comment could be read as Primo read it. The internet is a notoriously poor medium for communication, hence the need for and use of emoticons or /sarc tags.

  • James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World comes to mind

  • Excellent article, but I think I can condense it: could anyone imagine John Wayne cast as a school shooter?

  • Once again, due to society’s failure to raise you, 
    Your stupid mother either didn’t marry and insure a FATHER would raise you, or picked some idiot that turned you into a psycho sociopath.
    It isn’t “Society’s” responsibility to raise boys. It is their Father’s. Or some strong male role model in the case of widows like Uncles or Grandfathers. Mommy kisses booboos. Daddy says “suck it up – everyone gets hurt sometimes”.
    Fathers also raise girls to say “No” – which apparently women can’t do, then they write articles about how unconfortable they were not saying “no” when a man had his way with her.

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