The Train to Common Sense

Common observation and a plain understanding is the source of all art. Joshua Reynolds

I hope you haven’t let anyone talk you out of seeing Clint Eastwood’s new movie, “The 15:17 to Paris.” It tells the true story of the Americans who subdued a jihadist on a speeding train in Europe, saving hundreds of lives.

If you are a regular and sincere reader of American Greatness, and not just a troll, I am confident you will want to see the film.

Go for the entertainment, of course, but go also for Eastwood’s clarity of vision. “15:17” is perfectly free of political sermonizing. It simply tells the story. And it does so with the economy of words and absence of pretension we have come to expect from Eastwood’s films. Yet its plain understanding could not be more profoundly needed or more timely.

Like the people on the train, you and I now must live with the threat of Islamic jihad as we go about our daily lives. In America, the threat we face is increasing because our elite instituted what is perhaps the strangest immigration policy in American history; it responded to 9/11 by increasing Muslim immigration, and increasing it enormously.

Even more strangely, that same elite then did everything it possibly could to get a fellow elected president whose father and stepfather were Muslim, whose middle name was “Hussein,” and who pursued a foreign policy that bolstered the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.   

The strangeness did not stop there. That same elite now also wants to disarm Americans—for the sake of “public safety.”

Think about it: a disarmed citizenry is precisely what was offered to the jihadi on that train to Paris. But for the bravery of three Americans and a Brit who happened to be on the train, and the miraculous misfiring of the jihadi’s weapon at the critical moment, he might have slaughtered everyone on the train at his leisure.

Our elite in D.C., Hollywood, the media, and academia have, as we say, “taken leave of their senses.” This interesting expression does not mean that our elite can’t see, can’t hear, and can’t feel, but that they won’t let themselves see, or hear, or feel what is happening to us. Either that, or they know what they are doing and they are doing it to us on purpose.

Live this true story with Eastwood’s film and then consult your plain understanding, your common sense, when you are next pressed to accept unfettered Muslim immigration with the politically correct claim that “diversity is our strength” or that we must “celebrate diversity.” Consult it, too, when the media hit you with the emotion-backed demand that you must be disarmed because of what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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