The Train to Common Sense

Common observation and a plain understanding is the source of all art. Joshua Reynolds

I hope you haven’t let anyone talk you out of seeing Clint Eastwood’s new movie, “The 15:17 to Paris.” It tells the true story of the Americans who subdued a jihadist on a speeding train in Europe, saving hundreds of lives.

If you are a regular and sincere reader of American Greatness, and not just a troll, I am confident you will want to see the film.

Go for the entertainment, of course, but go also for Eastwood’s clarity of vision. “15:17” is perfectly free of political sermonizing. It simply tells the story. And it does so with the economy of words and absence of pretension we have come to expect from Eastwood’s films. Yet its plain understanding could not be more profoundly needed or more timely.

Like the people on the train, you and I now must live with the threat of Islamic jihad as we go about our daily lives. In America, the threat we face is increasing because our elite instituted what is perhaps the strangest immigration policy in American history; it responded to 9/11 by increasing Muslim immigration, and increasing it enormously.

Even more strangely, that same elite then did everything it possibly could to get a fellow elected president whose father and stepfather were Muslim, whose middle name was “Hussein,” and who pursued a foreign policy that bolstered the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.   

The strangeness did not stop there. That same elite now also wants to disarm Americans—for the sake of “public safety.”

Think about it: a disarmed citizenry is precisely what was offered to the jihadi on that train to Paris. But for the bravery of three Americans and a Brit who happened to be on the train, and the miraculous misfiring of the jihadi’s weapon at the critical moment, he might have slaughtered everyone on the train at his leisure.

Our elite in D.C., Hollywood, the media, and academia have, as we say, “taken leave of their senses.” This interesting expression does not mean that our elite can’t see, can’t hear, and can’t feel, but that they won’t let themselves see, or hear, or feel what is happening to us. Either that, or they know what they are doing and they are doing it to us on purpose.

Live this true story with Eastwood’s film and then consult your plain understanding, your common sense, when you are next pressed to accept unfettered Muslim immigration with the politically correct claim that “diversity is our strength” or that we must “celebrate diversity.” Consult it, too, when the media hit you with the emotion-backed demand that you must be disarmed because of what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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50 responses to “The Train to Common Sense”

  1. Multiculturalism is being promoted in every White country on the earth, and ONLY in White countries. The purpose of multiculturalism is to turn every White country into a non-White country. Under international law, that constitutes genocide. Any White person who objects to this is called a racist.
    But White people are now beginning to realize two things:
    That multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
    That anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • Well the anti-white christian multiculturalism is certainly being pushed in white western countries but in non-western ones – well not so much. I still hold out hope for places like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic (in fact all the former Soviet Republics) where there is still NO muslim migration despite threats and intimidation from the EU (and NO muslim atrocities either). I think if it comes down to it these countries will leave the EU rather than submerge themselves beneath another leftist, totalitarian overlord. And then if western Europe falls then the torch of Judeo-Christian culture will still be carried high in those places.

      Interestingly I also think Bulgaria is good as well despite having a large, existing Muslim population. That is because although many Turks migrated there in the 20th Century they have now largely moved elsewhere following the passing of tough integration laws (just as in Switzerland where they have allowed a lot of wealthy Muslims to migrate but kick them out in a heart beat if they don’t integrate).

      Anyway the Turks in Bulgaria did not like the idea of integrating and so left but there remained a much older Muslim population and it turns out they are not like Muslims anywhere else (ie they survived pogroms in the 19th Century and decided to have a mini reformation and take the medieval aspects out of their beliefs and become more Bulgarian and those reforms long ago seem to have worked – they go about their business peacefully, they obey secular law not Islamic law and there is not a hint of jihad nonsense to be found among their adherants,

      Unfortunately the success in “defanging” Islam in Bulgaria cannot readily be repeated elsewhere because it requires a bloody 19th Century pogrom to achieve the requisite motivation – so the only solution elsewhere is just to not let them in to begin with.

  2. The central figure in the New Testament, Jesus Christ, requires His followers to not limit how many time they must turn their cheek, and love his neighbor [religious affiliation irrelevant] as he loves himself. I am a weekly Mass going but not particularly saintly Catholic, see above.
    The central figure in the Koran, Mohammed, requires his followers to “fight” and “subdue” non-believers, which the most devout Muslims do with great violence.
    And Democrats mock Christians and embrace devout Muslims.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Here’s what’s wrong with the picture: you claim to be a Christian but you are full of fear and hate. You think Christ would turn away the poor and those fleeing war and death? Come on now…

      • I would be real careful about creating a comfortable reality about what Christ would do unless you have read and understood the New Testament. He is Lord and God but he might not behave as some kind of cosmic buss boy for your progressive agenda.

      • Let me guess: Christ would be carrying a 686 and an AR 15 (with about 30 extra clips) 24/7, voting trump, hating Mexicans and Muslims? Maybe banging the odd porn star? Is that what your deep study of the scriptures had taught you?

      • You think Christ would reward unrepentant criminals? Would he attack blameless people for the acts of an evil murderer? Would he surround himself with people who want to kill him?

        And of course, he absolutely would encourage the mass murder of a million babies a year, right?

        Being a Christian does not mean being a naïve dupe. It’s funny though, when leftists opine on how Christ or Christians should or would act.

      • Jesus loved sinners, presumably including unrepentant sinners. Jesus knew he would be betrayed and die yet he didn’t flee. Is this not surrounding himself with people who want to kill him?

        I’ve known Muslims since I was a kid. My dad was chums with a couple of them and we used to go to dinners and stuff. I work with a couple of muslim guys. This one guy from school was a douche, but none of them have tried to kill me.

        Christ was always helping out the poor, washing lepers and stuff. Jesus was a lefty and a decent person. I’m agnostic, but I can appreciate that. You people call yourselves Christian, but that’s just a sick joke. You care about yourself, you live in fear and filled with hate. If Jesus came back to earth here would surely be sickened by the ways you’ve twisted his message of love.

      • Christ never washed lepers, He healed them instead. He washed His disciples feet as an example to them that they were to do humble service.

        There were many poor who Jesus did not “help”. He said “You will always have the poor with you” because He knew both that some would be poor by their own fault and some would be made poor as the result of injustice against them. He defended the woman who poured perfume worth a year’s salary on His feet in worship against those who scolded her for “wasting” it that way instead of selling it to help the poor.

        Jesus was far more than “a decent person”. He alone had no sin of His own, but died to pay for my sin, your sin, and the sins of everyone else who had lived and who would ever live.

        Jesus did knowingly select Judas as one of the Twelve, the only one who betrayed Him. Even Judas did not actually want Jesus dead, and he threw the reward money back at the Pharisees when they had sentenced Jesus to death, saying, “I have sinned against innocent blood!”.

        Jesus was neither a lefty nor a righty, shunning politics and being infinitely far above it. He told Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world”, and told the Pharisees, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s (politics) and unto God the things that are God’s”. Jesus was and is and always will be “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come.” (Ephesians 1:21)

        You call yourself an agnostic, but since Jesus, no one has the excuse of not knowing the truth. You imply that you are loving, decent person, but you are apparently filled with hate for Christians and conservatives.

        If Jesus came back to earth He would ask you, “If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me?” (John 8:46) You would do well to stop deflecting from that question and get the matter straight with Christ Himself in your heart.

      • Dear Milton Orgeron,
        Thank you for your lovely comment. May we all strive to take His message to heart.

      • Sure he loved sinners. Did he reward unrepentant ones? You didn’t quite answer. And he didn’t surround himself. One guy betrayed him. And Jesus called him out.

        Some of your best friends are muslim. And they didn’t want to kill you. Gee, thanks muslims, for not killing this one guy.

        Lefty my ass. He was a racist and liked to divide people? Liked killing babies? Check.

        You have no clue.

        What Milton Orgeron said, much more eloquently.

      • There’s no dumb like right-wing dumb. You’ve sucked so long on the teats of lies and deception you have no clue what reality is. Jesus would vomit hearing your lies.

      • Hm. So ad hominem attacks with no substantive response.

        Well, I’m convinced!

      • Do you moan when your proud, dignified president makes ad hominem attacks? SAD!

      • Irrelevant to the topic at hand.

        Enjoy your hate.

      • My hate? I don’t have any. Recall you are on the anti Muslim, anti Mexican, anti gay, anti black, pro war, pro gun side. Who don’t you hate?
        Enjoy your hypocrisy.

  3. Mr. Curry: Thanks to your essay, my wife and I just saw the movie. We thought it was very uplifting.

    • Dear Bruce Heiden,
      Thanks for taking the time to write!
      My wife and I also thought it was very uplifting–which inspired me to write the review.
      With all best wishes,

    • The movie might have been uplifting, but Mr. Curry’s essay was anything but. Pure bigotry.

      • Exactly which sentences/phrases are bigoted and what about each qualifies it as bigotry?

  4. Anyone, particularly liberals, that think that you can allow evil into your house and it not change your life is completely delusional. I think that as time goes on, if the direction the U.S. is going doesn’t reverse itself, families will begin to leave the U.S. for countries that are not intent on suicide. Americans have been leaving Kalifornia for years now. Leaving your own country is just the next step.

    • “Americans have been leaving Kalifornia for years now”. And yet the population of CA in 2005 was 35 million and in 2017 was 39 million, an increase of more than 10%. Perhaps you can explain this contradiction. As for suicides you ARE correct. The US leads the world in suicides by gun in total & in percentage per 100,000 people. BTW, the evil in our house is from evil that was in our house to begin with. Since 2000 there have been MANY more ‘terrorist’ style attacks & deaths carried out by native born Americans than by immigrants or Muslims combined. Now what?

      • The increase in the population of California is due to illegal immigration since the Census counts illegals.

      • “Since 2000 there have been MANY more ‘terrorist’ style attacks & deaths carried out by native born Americans than by immigrants or Muslims combined. Now what?”

        Sure it’s just an oversight, but you forgot the link. If there have been more deaths caused by native born Americans than immigrants combined, I’d like to know which Americans where killed more than 3,000 people. You know, like Muslims did on 9/11. Your hatred of America lets you believe any anti-American nonsense.

        But, for the sake of this conversation, let’s say you’re right: what is your point? That we have criminals in America, so we can’t be bigots and refuse to import more criminals?

        You people are naïve and incoherent.

  5. My sentiments exactly about this country’s strange affinity for Muslim immigration, especially of refugees from countries where extremism is the order of the day. President Trump has done the right thing in shutting off the stream of refugees from them.

  6. “Celebrating diversity” is just celebrating the votes derived from identity politics. If you enjoy diversity for diversity sake, then just pull a few shifts at your local, inner city 7/11. You will experience the sights, sounds, and smells of all the diversity you could ever want and practice your Spanish, Arabic, and Ebonics all at the same time.

  7. ‘Unfettered Muslim immigration’? So now we’re at the point of just making things up?

      • I was responding primarily to the use of the word ‘unfettered’. If I cross the border to the next state, that’s ‘unfettered’.

        Good fortune to you and all as well.

      • Dear Matthew-Snow,
        Thank you for taking the time to reply.
        And thanks for questioning “unfettered.” It may in fact not have been the most accurate choice.
        “Aggressively promoted and subsidized” would be more like it.
        Re crossing state borders: because of the aggressive promotion and the subsidies, it’s more like those instances when a business or professional sports team is offered incentives to move from one state to another, wouldn’t you agree?
        And if you stop to think about it, isn’t that odd?
        Wishing you the best,

      • Thanks for clarifying. That substitution makes a much better argument. Interesting analogy. It applies best to refugees, who nearly universally are in need of assistance. For non-refugees, are you arguing that Muslim immigrants are treated favorably when compared to non-Muslim immigrants?

      • Actually, I am saying that our ruling elite instituted what is perhaps the strangest immigration policy in American history; it responded to 9/11 by increasing Muslim immigration, and increasing it enormously.
        For what makes this policy so strange, may I refer you to the two interesting comments by Max Flasher who joined you in commenting on this article? His comments can be found above.
        Best wishes

  8. Yeah. Right.
    Eastwood’s “clarity of vision” also includes offing people with severe disabilities, because – I guess in his world view – they don’t have lives worth living. Thank you, but I think I will take some other clarity.

  9. I have an Assyrian friend at work in Chicago who once told me of an honor killing in his town near Baghdad when he was a boy ( He’s in his mid fifties and has been here for 35 years ). He said there was a family living a block away where the daughter was having an affair with a neighbor boy.

    Both families were Muslim. The girl had an older brother who was a butcher. When this older brother found out about his sister’s affair he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the house into the street.

    The neighbors heard her screaming and when they went outside to see what was happening they saw the brother using a butcher knife to cut his sister’s throat. When she was dead he dipped both hands in her blood, went to her boyfriend’s house and smeared her blood all over their front door.

    I asked my friend what the police did about this. He said the police considered it a family matter so they didn’t get involved. Trump says Muslims from cultures like this should be banned from coming here. Trump’s critics say he’s a racist. I think Trump’s critics are insane.

  10. In order to deter random snowball fights from occurring everyone should have snowballs on them at all times. #notcommonsense

    • Straw man destroyed, virtue-signaling complete, back pats in order.

  11. Hyperbole. Limiting clip size, tightening background checks, age limits on classes of weapon. How does this amount to disarming America? When was the last Islamic terrorist attack in America? When was the last mass shooting? Why do people live in fear?

    • We who are armed do not live in fear. We have semi-automatic weapons with high capacity magazines (they are not referred to as “clips”), and we are protected by the American Constitution to this end.

      • I have lots of guns but don’t need to have one on me. I don’t live in fear. And the whole clip/magazine thing is so semantic.

    • “Why do people live in fear?”

      Here’s an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article called “The Culture of Death-and of Disdain” by Peggy Noonan, Oct. 7-8, 2017:

      “I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful-and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing-our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way-illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens-and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.”

  12. Here is Islamophobia in the raw. This column’s real point is that we are all to fear Muslims and need to be armed accordingly. I certainly approve the notion be being armed, but this unrestrained bigotry (still painting Obama as some sort of Islamist because of his middle name, for God’s sake!) is nauseating. We are a great nation, and we give free speech to slime balls like this thug. American Greatness, however, should not be a platform for out and out racism. What’s next, a thoughtful little piece by David Duke.

    • Remember when Obama said the prettiest sound in the world was the Muslim call to prayers? Remember when he said America had 57 states. It doesn’t, but the OIC does. Remember how he hates the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, tried to influence their elections(!!!!!), and hung them out to dry in the UN? Remember how he shipped billions in cash to Iran and gave them a path to nukes? Remember how all us deplorable bitter clingers cling to God and guns?

  13. Not all Muslims are bad news but enough are that it should be just basic common sense to be very careful about those we bring here. I work with Assyrians from Iraq who are simply awed that Europe could be bringing in such a huge underclass of poorly educated, low skilled people from such a profoundly different culture. They all say Europe is finished and strongly support Trump because they don’t want America to end up like Europe.

    I have a Vietnamese friend at work whose wife is Vietnamese-French. His wife’s family still lives in Paris. He said that they say it is quite true that the suburbs of Paris are full of Africans and Muslims, are extremely dangerous and are off limits to other French.

    My Vietnamese friend with the Vietnamese-French wife says that the upper class elites in Europe are bringing in these Africans and Muslims and they don’t care about the damage done because they’re rich enough to be safe from it. Last year we were talking about the NYC terrorist attack which killed 8 people. He said the terrorists are like a virus we brought in. That sure is the truth.

    Sounds just like an American or European “nativist” though. None of the Vietnamese, Hispanics or Assyrians I work with are opposed to immigration. They’re just opposed to illegal immigration and to immigration that harms this society instead of helps it. All of them are horrified when they see men with long robes and turbans with women covered in black veils strolling down the street in Chicago. They basically see the world the same way I do which is why I feel I have infinitely more in common with these people from foreign countries than with white leftists born and raised here as I was. Certainly a very strange situation.

    • Dear Max Flasher,
      Thank you for sharing your interesting personal experience and your common sense thinking. Both are helpful when a subject has become as inflamed as this one has. As you so correctly observe, common sense has been left behind, creating “a very strange situation” indeed, one in which being “opposed to illegal immigration and to immigration that harms this society instead of helps it” is “bigotry” and “racism.”
      Thanks again for your contribution and best wishes

  14. Another gold nugget from the Common-Sense master! A really enjoyable reading. Thank you, Bob.

    • Thank you, Tiberiu ! Great to hear from you. Best wishes…