One More for the NRA

I just joined the National Rifle Association.

Although I’ve always been somewhat open-minded about gun control, especially high-powered weapons, the current mob mentality of the Left—incited by propagandists in the media—has closed my mind. The spectacle over the Florida school shooting proves the Left will exploit any tragedy, manipulate any victim, and demonize any detractor in their scorched-earth strategy to regain power. Further, its purported solution seeks to empower the public authorities who utterly and despicably failed to stop this massacre at every chance.

Unhinged elites + corrupt government = my gun.

The ruling class cannot be trusted. The revelation yesterday that a deputy sheriff stood down while helpless teenagers were slaughtered by a disturbed young man goes beyond a dereliction of duty. It reflects the lack of common decency pervasive among our protected institutions and their bureaucratic lackeys, whether they be positioned at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Veterans Administration hospitals, the top brass at the FBI, or in your local police force. In addition to their incompetence and inhumanity, we are further humiliated as they lie to us, place blame on others, and then get to “retire” with full benefits. (It’s only a matter of time before we find out Scot Peterson, the deputy who cowardly crouched outside Stoneman Douglas High School, listening to bullets and screams, will still get his taxpayer-funded pension and collect a sizable portion of his six-figure salary package.)

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel—a Democrat—should be the poster boy for the ruling class’s pathetic cocktail of bravado, ineptitude, and blame-shifting. On February 21, he appeared on CNN’s town hall meeting, refusing, in dramatic fashion, to accept any culpability for what happened: “America, there’s one person responsible for this act, that’s the detestable, violent killer. He is responsible for this act.” (Your friendly reminder that sheriffs are politicians, too. Israel once compared himself to Don Shula, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King while defending his crony hiring practices.)

He confronted NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, after she ticked off a string of documented warning signs displayed by the shooter, scolding her that she was “absolutely not the litmus test for how law enforcement should follow up. You’re wrong.”

Israel didn’t stop there. After the event, his office doubled-down:

But less than 24 hours later, amid rumors of Peterson’s whereabouts that day, the county’s smug top cop held a press briefing admitting:

I’ve restricted two of our deputies while we delve further into this. Scot Peterson was absolutely on campus through this entire event. He was armed, he was in uniform. After seeing video, witness statements, and Scot Peterson’s very own statement, I decided this morning to suspend Scot Peterson without pay. As is his right, because he has the necessary time with the agency, and meets the requirements of retirement, he resigned and slash, retired.

Translation: His “right” to retire was gifted to him by public employee’ unions so he can collect lifetime benefits paid by the grieving community he failed to protect.

Israel explained what the now-retired, public check-sucker did during the slaughter: “What I saw was a deputy arrive, take up a position, and he never went in.” He said Peterson should have gone into the building and “killed the killer.” When asked for his reaction, Israel said he was, “devastated. Sick to my stomach. These families lost their children. We lost coaches. I’ve been to their funerals, I’ve been to their homes where they sit in Shiva. I’ve been to the vigils. There are no words.”

But there are words, Sheriff. Did you apologize? To the community, to the parents, or to NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch? Did you crawl out of that press conference on your hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, not just for your department’s grievous mishandling of this situation for 10 years but for your showmanship and arrogance?

Of course not. Being a well-paid political hack means never having to say you’re sorry.

How many times do we have to suffer through this? How much more malfeasance do we have to tolerate? The people who used the IRS to harass conservatives and the people who flat-out lied to the American people about the Benghazi terror attacks to save a presidential election are not only walking free, but raking in cash from pensions, book deals, and speaking engagements. The former head of the FBI who leaked confidential information and possibly lied to Congress is about to publish a book, laughably titled, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.

The country has been roiled by a phony conspiracy story hatched by political schemers at the top level of our federal government and, aside from a few demotions, no one has been held accountable. To shade the now-obvious corruption at the Justice Department and FBI, #TheResistance—the media, Democrats and NeverTrumpers—spend every waking minute legitimizing a costly investigation into an election-collusion fantasy devoid of evidence while accusing citizens of “criticizing law enforcement” if we dare question anyone’s competence or motives. They will even show up at your front door, confront you out of the blue, basically call you stupid, and demand you explain your vote and your activism, as a CNN hack did this week.

The target of the Trump Resistance is all of us. Who owns guns, the Clinton voters in Manhattan or Berkeley? No, it’s the folks in red states and counties who voted for the candidate these elites and their minions in government despise. Anyone who dares to challenge the reigning dogma on guns will be verbally attacked and physically threatened, even subjected to a teenager accusing a grown woman of being a bad mother for not supporting gun control.

The Left’s lynch mob is not just aimed at gun owners. Since Trump’s election, a female cabinet member was almost physically attacked, top officials are getting a record number of death threats, and women in the administration have been mocked, vilified and berated in a vile manner that is unprecedented. A lunatic opened fire on Republican lawmakers, almost killing one, and a Republican senator was assaulted in his home.

In Federalist 28, Alexander Hamilton wrote: “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government.” We have been betrayed, misled, and ignored while they are feeding the public trough. There is no end to what the ruling class will take away to preserve their power and their paycheck.

Joining the NRA isn’t a solution, but it’s a small act of defiance against those who insist I do otherwise. Consider it resistance against #TheResistance.

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364 responses to “One More for the NRA”

  1. Join the Gun Owners of America, and tell the NRA that you will join when they stop cucking and allowing “common sense” infringements of the 2nd Amendment right.

    If someone is too unstable to own a gun, why are they not in a hospital or prison or other controlled setting. It isn’t as if I will be prefer being poisoned, bludgeoned, stabbed, or killed in some other manner. If they are stable/responsible, why are you denying them the right to self-defense?

  2. “I was open-minded about gun control but joined the NRA because I hate libs” is the perfect distillation of the AmGreatness sensibility.

    • You have an interesting way of showing that you cannot read.

    • I was recently talking to a Mexican woman who said she’s from Juarez ( right across the border from El Paso ). I said that’s a very dangerous place. She agreed and said that last November her niece ( 41 ) and her niece’s daughter ( 26 ) never returned after going out to a restaurant for something to eat while in Juarez. They lived in El Paso but we’re visiting family in Juarez. I said I can remember reading 20 years ago about how women in Juarez would just disappear. She said it’s much worse now. Even 12 year old girls disappear, she said, and the police are totally corrupt so they do nothing.

      So what good have Mexico’s strict gun laws done for women like this niece and her daughter or for their family who will most probably never learn what happened to them? She said the police already called her brother who lives there three times to come and look at bodies of women to see if it’s them. What a nightmare for her whole family.

      If these poor souls had been armed they would have at least had a chance to fight off the subhuman beasts who attacked them. Why do leftists never seem to have any concern for people like this?

      • I lived in Mexico for a number of years, and have family there. There is a lot to like about Mexico, but I moved back with my two young kids and wife because we weren’t comfortable with the security situation anymore. Gun laws are too strict, and the violence is real. We feel way more comfortable and safe in Texas and other parts of the USA where guns abound in the hands of law abiding citizens.

      • Last week a Mexican friend at work was telling me he grew up in a small town near the border. He said it was taken over by a drug cartel about 10 years ago. There were large ranches outside of the town which they used as their headquarters. I asked him if they just told the owners to get out. He said no, they just killed them.

        Many people are down on Mexicans but I like them. Many are good people who work very hard. A Mexican woman ( the same one whose niece and daughter disappeared in Juarez ) recently said to me “We ( Mexicans ) work so hard here ( America ) but when we go to Mexico they see us as Americans and think we must have money so the rob us and kidnap us for ransom.” That was very sad to hear.

      • The dead in Mexico are part of the body count of the inane war on drugs in the US. War is hell. That includes: the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on terrorism, and now … this war on guns. All wars are hell.

    • LOL, I didn’t see any hatred there, leave it to a “lib” to bring hate into the discussion. some things never change. Haters gotta hate.

    • When you use quotation marks in your post, you should be quoting something written by the author, or in a post to which you are replying. Neither is the case here. You are quoting yourself.

    • No, because libs are irrational. This attack on the NRA is exactly how Democrats ended up putting Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

  3. Hats off, and a deep bow from the waist, to Julie Kelly. The followup to this is the insane movement to boycott the NRA. It is important to make lists of those companies that join the boycott, so that We the People can take appropriate counter-measures. Julie’s principles are stronger than theirs. How would you like to run for office this fall against guns, the NRA, and the Constitution?

    • Perfect reply John.. Julie truly deserves a ‘deep bow from the waist.’ My wife and I both renewed our NRA membership today.

    • I won’t be renting Enterprise, Alamo or National again, that is for sure. I’ve already informed my auto insurance company not to set me up with a rental from these agencies and I suggest you all do the same.

      • I told FNB of Omaha to pound sand Friday, although I regret not being nicer to the lady on the phone.


        Enterprise Holdings, Inc. is a private holding company headquartered in the Clayton suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, United States.[1] It is the parent company of car rental companies Enterprise Rent-A-Car,[2] National Car Rental,[2] Alamo Rent a Car,[2] and Enterprise CarShare. The holding company was formed in 2009 as a result of Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s 2007 acquisition of Vanguard Automotive Group, the parent company of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car. The company sells its used cars through Enterprise Car Sales. It is owned by the Taylor family.[3]

    • Well … at least now we can better understand how Democrats managed Japanese-American internment camps during WWII.

      I am a lifetime NRA member. I joined before I bought my first gun. The NRA doesn’t protect guns, it protects our rights. The 2nd Amendment is the canary in the coal mine … and it is the right that protects all others. The right to “keep and bear arms” is God given, and acknowledged by the Founders in the 2nd, but under constant, ungodly attack by the left.

      The wife also became a lifetime member. Bought my kids lifetime memberships as well … and more importantly, I explained to them why.

      Welcome, Julie.

      • The supposedly UNALIENABLE right to keep and bear arms HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM YOU, moron, and you don’t even know it.

      • No human ever under any government control had any unalienable rights. The D of I said we have them. The Bill of Rights tried to limit and slow down the usurpation of those rights. Unalienable rights end up being a negotiation that government eventually wins.

      • I fully agree that rights and morality are social constructs and, therefore, rooted in ideological delusions.

        But, according to the social CONTRACT (Americanism as reflected in the DI & Constitution), we agreed to ACT as if rights came from nature or a creator or whatever rather than government (man’s) fiat.

        That CONTRACT (more than just the SA) has been seriously, materially breached by the government and is, therefore, no longer binding on the citizens. That’s a recipe for chaos and anarchy which is what we are seeing unfold now on an almost daily basis.

      • A Republic, if you can keep it. Doesn’t come without effort.

      • If you will look in the mirror, you will see the MORON!

      • When they wrote the second amendment how many rounds could you put in a magazine? If you have a rifle to protect against your own government shouldn’t you be able to have an RPG, a howitzer, a Stinger, an F18? They are arms too.

      • If you delve deeply enough into the actual history, you will find that at least some of those armaments (F18s get pricey) would have met with the approval of the framers. Personally, as local militias of the time were organized at the company level, I think that anything a rifle company might have would be expressly covered by the Second Amendment.

      • So single shot rifles and cannons would be legal?

      • Most artillery during the revolutionary war were privately owned canon.

      • When they wrote the First Amendment, how long to send a letter to San Francisco?

        There is the Posse Comitatus Act, so hopefully I won’t need an RPG to fire on tanks and I won’t need a Stinger to bring down an F-18. But, when they wrote the 2nd, citizens had guns equal those the military used. And, the AR-15 is not a military weapon. Besides, I expect that when the government comes for us, they won’t attack, they’ll simply fail to defend certain people so we’ll have to defend ourselves. A large capacity magazine will come in handy.

        Right now, thanks largely to Prohibition-era gangsters, it is difficult and expensive to own automatic weapons, so we’ve already compromised. The line is already drawn. It need not be moved.

        This shooting is case in point. The AR-15 is not to blame. The school district, sheriff’s department, and FBI all had a chance to stop this kid from becoming a killer. Enforce current law before asking for new laws. And how did this kid just waltz into the school unnoticed?

        Are you even aware that gun violence is down, even including the Ferguson Effect and mass shootings? Are you aware that most of gun violence is suicide, about half, followed by gang/drug related shootings? A single shot works for suicide. Criminals won’t be impressed by your new laws. Finally, are you aware more people are killed with hands or feet than long guns?

      • Posse Comitatus has been ignored (violated) numerous times throughout US history – most people don’t even know of such illegal events because they are kept quiet. In two of the more glaring cases, US Army troops fired on and killed citizens protesting the draft in NYC in 1863 and, under the command of Douglas MacArthur, WWI VETERANS who were protesting the reneging on their promised pensions in 1932.

      • Yes, both were shocking … in and of themselves … and, as you say, that they were kept on the QT.

      • There are several other such events in US history. The important lesson to be learned is that law enforcement agents and soldiers follow the command structure from top to bottom. Soldiers will always fire on their fellow citizens when the order is given.

      • I’m in Canada. I can own an AR for the range. I can own similar semi auto rifles (vz58 and others) to take wherever I want. I can keep thousands of rounds of ammo and buy those rounds for reasonable cost. I can and do own handguns. The differences here are a 5 round mag capacity for centerfire rifles (typically rendered by a removable pin that could come out in the end times), 10 round cap for handguns, extensive background checks with two levels of ownership and a different mentality. I recall one school shooting a couple of years ago in a distant province. Even given the ten fold difference in population, why don’t these shootings happen here? Note 90% of gun deaths in Canada are suicides.

      • “Even given the ten fold difference in population, why don’t these shootings happen here? Note 90% of gun deaths in Canada are suicides.“

        It is closer to 50% gun deaths are suicides here. As to these mass shootings, I don’t know, but there is more differences between Canada and the US than gun laws. There are several theories here … ADHD drugs, family structure decline, the focus on self-esteem, social media (amplifies anger, envy, bullying and substitutes for personal relationships), violent video games, violence on TV and the theatre … but they are only theories … and I can’t compare any of that to Canada. I would go with over medication and a lack of personal connection leading to depression.

      • It is interesting. The societies really are very similar with respect to media and cultures. One thing I do recall is that the move away from coal gas for heating and cooking in the UK in the 50s lead to a big drop in the suicide rate.

      • It tells you that the cultural variables are not the cause.

      • I would say much of American society is similar to Canadian society. And likely many of the violence stats are similar in those places. I saw a comparison showing the Europeans in the US aren’t very more violent than Europeans in Europe. Not sure whether suicide was included or not.

      • The US murder rate was 4.9 per 100000 in 2015 vs 1.68 per 100000 in Canada for 2016. This includes all methods. Maybe we’re just lazy?

      • No, more rural, less urban. Even with the Francophiles, Canada is much more homogeneous.

        You didn’t have a Revolutionary War to separate from England. You didn’t have a Mexican-American War. You didn’t have a Civil War. You didn’t have Jim Crow or the KKK. You didn’t become a “super power” to confront the Soviets. You weren’t the lone super power after the Berlin Wall fell. You don’t have a military-industrial complex to rival ours. Korea and Vietnam affected us much more.

        Canada is just different … and in many, not all, ways wiser. I still believe it isn’t the guns … or at least not the major factor.

        And … we probably “beat” you in cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, drug overdoses and traffic fatalities, too … not that it is anything to brag about … but it illustrates a point.

        You best be protecting your southern border, eh? Maybe you need a wall, too.

      • Haha you’re always welcome here. Maybe we can hit the range for some target practice! Take care.

      • “…I expect that when the government comes for us, they won’t attack, they’ll simply fail to defend certain people so we’ll have to defend ourselves.”


      • Gorilla warfare. Tyranny knows no bounds once entrenched.

      • Like so many people, you’re missing the point of the SA. Of course the Framers could not have been referring specifically to aircraft & modern weapons because they did not exist at the time and probably weren’t even anticipated as future technological developments.

        The MEANING of the SA is NOT to list the specific arms that one can legally carry around (read the explanations of the Framers), but to enshrine the RIGHT of persons to PROTECT themselves from foreign and domestic enemies – especially OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT!

      • I think this is what makes America unique. We were founded by rebels against tyranny. The expectation enshrined in our founding is that government should be guided by the will of the people and that the people will rise up (and have the right to do so) if the government takes our right of self-government away. The SA provides us with the means to do so, at least theoretically. I don’t know of other countries whose founding documents embed these assumptions and provide this right.

      • That’s a pretty interesting gun. Ian on forgotten weapons has a video I’ll definitely be watching. Thanks for link.

      • Irrelevant — you obviously do not understand the meaning of the Second Amendment.

      • When are you dipsticks going to stop this silly and stupid argument?
        If this is a valid argument on the Second Amendment (hint: it’s not, google the Heller decision), then I expect to see your next post printed on parchment and written using a quill pen.

      • Strawman argument. If you are confronted with someone who is going to rape your daughter I suspect you will either allow her to be raped or pray that your muzzle loader works perfectly the first time, and that you aimed the shot well.

        If it doesn’t by the time your shaky hands can reload the deed will be done.

      • What about my daughter getting blown away by some wackjob at school? I find it difficult to imagine a scenario where someone is trying to rape my kid with me there. Also I have a gun collection.

      • You are the one who wants everyone to have muzzle loaders, not me….

      • I never said everyone should have muzzleloaders. I don’t think they should ban ARs. I think magazine capacities should be limited, people should be well screened and some guns might be limited to range use. I think some classes of guns should be unavailable for kids under 25. I think the CDC should be able to research gun fatalities.

      • “When they wrote the second amendment how many rounds could you put in a magazine?” Answer =1 .. It was muzzle loaders. Now please stop trying to be cute. You can limit your self to two rounds per magazine if you wish, but you have no right to dictate to me or any other citizen what capacity magazine we should be permitted to own.

      • When they wrote the 2nd amendment how many words could you type on the Internet or miles could you drive in an internal combustion vehicle?

        When you willingly allow the “enlightened betters” of the government enact sensible controls taking away your rights to post (after all your extreme stupidity is dangerous to yourself and others) then you can talk about how we should have “sensible gun control.”

        Until then shut the hell up.

      • Ok smart guy you got it all figured out. Your right to live in a violent fantasy world clearly overrides the right of hundreds of innocent kids to live. I wonder what Jesus would think. I’m no bible scholar, but my bet is he’d think you’re a sorry POS.

      • Nope, I live in reality, not the fantasy world that you live in. But come on, let’s do it. There is no right to type on the internet, why would you even defend your right to do so?

        Plus, I am pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t have any opinion about posting on the Internet. Considering it… didn’t… exist… then. For someone who probably considers themselves part of the the “reality based” community, you are petty stupid for not knowing what reality is. Maybe you really should be banned from typing on the Internet as a danger to brain cells from people being subjected to your drivel.

        Actually, I get it. The rights that *you* appreciate must be defended at all costs. The rights that others appreciate? Not so much. You a flipping fascist. Got it.

      • The right for kids to live vs your right to have 30 round magazines?
        I’m a fascist? When you guys are the racist nationalist populists? Haha. I’m certain your fundamentalist friends would love to see how you find Jesus irrelevant. FYI pretty sure Jesus would have valued the lives of those kids more than your right to high cap mags. Like you care. Trash.

      • Wow! 30 you say. I agree THAT IS BEYOND THE PALE!!!! No one need more than 29 right?

        Aranby, you are the national socialist. And a fascist since you are demanding the government work hand in glove to put your social worldview into place.

        Jesus is someone you only bring out as an attack, you certainly don’t live by his teachings for most of his life. I have no fundamentalist friends, in fact I haven’t stepped in a church in a good five years; however, against hypocritical Richards like you I will defend them all day long.

        Trash? Nah. Just pointing out that you should give up your car as people in control of cars kill more people than people in control of guns do.

        Also you must be pro-allowing the government to ban brain cell damaging drivel like yours from the Internet. You have posted the most coma inducing, brain cell destroy, blather I have ever had the misfortune of reading. You do not get any points for your answer. May Gawd, someone that you only reference to cherry pick to support your fevered imaginings, have mercy on your soul.

        Bless your heart Aranby.

      • When the second amendment was written…. the vast majority of artillery pieces used in the revolutionary war were PRIVATELY OWNED canon. So yes, if you can afford a howitzer and the ammo, have at it.

      • Now THAT would be a school shooting! You guys would be having orgasms all over the place.

      • Excuse me, but your gross ignorance is showing…

      • I’m not the one who wants everyone to have access to artillery. So I guess that makes me ignorant.

      • No, you’re the one thinking someone would cart their artillery piece through town just to fire on a school. THAT’s what make you ignorant.

      • Oh, so what would be an appropriate artillery venue? End times? Muslim attack? Cult standoff? Partridge hunt? Boar?

        What about RPGs and claymores? Would they be more appropriate tools for the young mass murderer?

        Fill me in here dawg. I need to hear from a real pro where to bust out my howitzer.

    • I joined yesterday. $140 for 5 years. I consider it a political contribution.

    • The sheriff should immediately lose his magic paycheck and pension, without regard to how much that might damage the lifestyle of him and his family.

      Pour encouragez les autres.

    • I called my agent and told her to cancel my MetLife policies.

    • If anything positive comes out of this at all, it will be if that disgusting Broward county sheriff is driven from office. Contrast his dismal performance, with the Coral Springs cops, the only ones who did their jobs that day. First they were the ones to storm and secure the building right after they arrived, while the Broward Cowards were still hiding. Then the Broward Cowards even let Cruz get away and leave the scene, even though they must have known from experience he was a prime suspect. Then Cruz was finally collared by a lone Coral Springs cop.

  4. I joined yesterday. In my 63 years on earth i’ve never owned a gun nor been an NRA member. But it’s worth the $30 as an act of defiance against an un-hinged leftist mob.

    • To visibly, vocally, via the checkbook support our Constitutional Principals is what ALL of us need to do a lot more of…something we must adopt from what the (minority) Hard Leftisits have been doing for decades, always taking on the role of the `squeaky wheel’.

      Most of us will never be on a school’s staff or become a football coach willing to die for the kids….but, we can wholeheartedly support those who are willing to undergo background check, training and then carry while on the job, the ONLY solution to minimize or stop killers hunting for them. This reminds of the brave souls who brought down Flight 93 in that Pennsylvania field on 9/11…..only the actual targeted victims, in Real Time with seconds/minutes to take action, can do anything AT ALL.

      • That’s the only way to stop killers? We have barely any school shootings in Canada. We don’t have armed guards in schools. So it would appear you lie.

      • That’s because you’re Canadians, and therefore wimps.

        By the way, I’m getting tired of protecting your country under our military unbrella at our expense.

        Maybe we should just annex you.

      • Haha come on up and we’ll see who is a wimp. Going around starting pointless, unwinnable wars in third world countries isn’t a measure of toughness. Who are you protecting its from? We have guns too chump.

      • I’m glad you let us know that. Perhaps all those down here who are afraid of firearms will MOVE to your safe haven and leave us alone.

      • Works out well since we actually welcome newcomers here, unlike our radical right neighbors.

      • Wow, you guys took a whopping 300,000, while we took well over a million LEGAL immigrants. We currently have over 37 million LEGAL immigrants. Not to mention the 11 million or so ILLEGAL immigrants.
        You’re clearly a troll, so you’ve earned the coveted Blocked status.

      • Your Welcomed to them! We’re weary of dragging that anchor.

      • You’ll likely enjoy them! They worked out so well down here.

      • You’re a Canadian? Gee, who woulda thunk it?
        In that case, STFU about the Second Amendment. No one cares what you think about it.

      • Then why even respond? Why bother if you don’t care? I have freedom of speech too, mate. I’m allowed to be concerned when my southern neighbor starts veering to the radical right. Maybe we should build a wall.

    • I let my membership lapse due to a lack of funds. I plan to re-up this week.

  5. “The ruling class cannot be trusted.” That sure is the truth.

    David Brooks: Those of us trying to rebut Trump have the disadvantage that “Our Elites Really Do Stink”.

    • That’s Brooks ONLY contribution since he became mesmerized by Obama’s creased pants!!

  6. “Joining the NRA isn’t a solution”

    Ironically it is. Those who today are part of the emotional mob will one day realize the only way to maintain your safety and security is your right to bear arms. And it is the NRA who is defending that right. Who else do they think is going to help them?

    • YOU BET….and the bible says that “God helps those who help THEMSELVES.”

  7. Here’s an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article called “The Culture of Death-and of Disdain” by Peggy Noonan, Oct. 7-8, 2017:

    “I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful-and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing-our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way-illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens-and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.”

    • Owning guns is a win-win-win. If you need one, you’ve got one. If you are lucky, you’ll never need one. Shooting is fun.

    • Bingo. How much longer can the country decay under liberalism, before it becomes a total collapse?

  8. Did the same yesterday……5-yr. Membership! This is no longer a laughing (at the Loony Left) matter!

    JK: “The spectacle over the Florida school shooting proves the Left will exploit any tragedy, manipulate any victim, and demonize any detractor in their scorched-earth strategy to regain power. Further, its purported solution seeks to empower the public authorities who utterly and despicably failed to stop this massacre at every chance.”

    It is now crystal clear, the Left will use the very best (I sure hope there will NEVER be another better) example of Governmental failures, failure that range the entire spectrum from the nation’s TOP Law Enforcement outfit, the FBI, down to the guy(s) in uniform PHYSICALLY STATIONED, with boots AND GUNS, on the ground of the massacre site, to demonize the NRA and gun-owners across the country.

    I have now been radicalized as totally pro-gun!!! Now, a one-issue voter on this subject!! You’re either with us or against us. Unlike an unborn defenseless fetus, I aim to protect myself and my family (licensed to carry for eyars now)!

  9. I’m a gun owner and CCW holder, but just yesterday became life member of NRA. This article exactly hits why I and I suspect many many more are joining the NRA.

    • People join the NRA because they live in a violent glue dream fantasy and don’t care about dead kids. I collect and enjoy guns. I enjoy my kids more. Right wing radicals lack the basic empathy to understand how losing a kid might feel.

      • Bad old liberal gets emotional about dead kids! So strange.

      • Emotion is fine – but it’s not fine if that’s all you have and you try to use it to get your way because you are sad.

      • Sorry to say emotion isn’t all I have. You check the data on school shootings in the US. Compare the numbers to any other first world country. There it’s a problem with lots of dead kids.

      • But the problem is not in the guns. Data also supports that.

      • No, we’ve lost plenty of kids to ferals in inner cities run by Democrats and imported Dreamers.

      • Well I kind of disagree, but if you have so much empathy I trust you are working on banning the automobile (10,000 deaths annually for kids 20 and younger in the US); perhaps stop aborting the hell out of kids, that would save a few of the children, maybe work on getting drunk drivers off our streets, that could save some kids. And maybe you can work on not assuming what someone else has dealt with in their life, if that doesn’t work for you then just STFU!

      • Worried about abortion? Trump banged a porn star with no condom. Think they were gonna have a little love child? Cars? Well people have to get around. 30 round mags? People have to max out body counts, I guess?

  10. The left is incomprehensible to me. I simply can’t understand them. Most of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese and Hispanic ( mostly Mexican ). I feel I have infinitely more in common with these people from foreign countries than with white leftists born and raised here as I was. How did something as weird as this happen?

    Many leftists say they don’t approve of things like identity politics, open borders and gun confiscation. It doesn’t matter what they approve of though. It’s the far left that sets the agenda for the entire left and most leftists do, in fact, go along with things as appallingly destructive as group rights and Sanctuary Cities and then top it off by supporting gun confiscation which the far left wants.

    Whether or not they actually like such policies is irrelevant. What matters is that they are quite willing to support them. This is why the left is incomprehensible to me and why I feel I have so much more in common with my Vietnamese and Hispanic friends who do not approve of or support such insanity.

      • It is a good article although I don’t think he should have been calling them liberals. They’re not liberals. They’re leftists. Big difference. Liberals are rational. Leftists are fanatics. We can live with liberals. Leftists are fanatics who always claim a Republican president is stupid and is a racist. I blame our universities and the msm for constantly stirring up hate and turning so many rational liberals into leftist fanatics.

        “It is chilling to realize how imperiled we are in the USA. No country is now at greater risk than America, where the young have been warped by state education and the nation intentionally divided along lines of race, class, and sex.

        Our task as conservatives is to speak out against liberalism, with its inevitable tendency toward compulsion and violence. It is to offer an alternative that is truer and more generous. The alternative of liberty and freedom is not the construct of the human mind, but the natural condition of mankind wrought by our Creator.”

    • Liberals are psychotic – you can’t make sense of irrational thinking.

  11. Already a Life Member, but yesterday I donated an extra $100 each to the NRA, NRA-ILA, and NRA-PVF to support defenders of the second amendment and register my disgust at the sick antics of the gun-control activist crowd.

  12. I joined last Monday, just after watching an interview with the New Hitler Youth – that is, the “student leaders” of the March for Our Lives. Interesting how fascists can be so powerful a motivator.

  13. Great another nut job conspiracy monger gives money so that other nut jobs have the right to kill kids with lightweight infantry assault weapons. Well done Julie, you now have future dead kids blood on your hands. #neveragain #fucktheNRA

  14. Julie,
    Allow me to be one of the first to welcome you to the NRA. You are among trusted friends. You made the right decision.

    • Nah she’s an idiot looking for a headline to put into the rabid conservative non reality press.

      • Speaking of people who are only here for the attention ….

      • LOL. Fabulous post, dingus.
        Did your mother have any kids that actually lived?

  15. I just joined for 5yrs and it was $100. Guess I got a deal! :)

  16. You can do whatever you want, and people can debate what the law should be all they want. I”m not going to even get into that. But please, everyone, consider carefully and seriously whether you really NEED to possess an AR-15 or any other assault weapon. There is no law requiring you to have one, and there is no law forbidding you from voluntarily turning it in to the police. I am not talking here about weapons that are suitable for target shooting or for hunting, but rather about weapons that are designed for one purpose: to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Who – besides the military and law enforcement – has any legitimate need for such weapons? Just turn them in, or don’t buy them in the first place.

    (And please don’t claim that your are arming yourself in case you ever need to rise up against a tyrannical government. If that is what you intend, then an AR-15 will be useless to you. What you will need is a really good sniper rifle and scope. If you are extremely lucky, you just might get off one shot before the armed forces of the US blast you to bits.)

    • “Who – besides the military and law enforcement – has any legitimate need for such weapons?”

      Here’s an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article called “The Culture of Death-and of Disdain” by Peggy Noonan, Oct. 7-8, 2017:

      “I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful-and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing-our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way-illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens-and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.”

      • So they are afraid that the US will become Syria? Maybe it will, but I do think we still quite a way from that. I would suggest that trying to be actively engaged within one’s local community in an attempt to shore up one’s local society and institutions as best as one can rather than just assume that the worst apocalyptic nightmare possible is inevitable might actually be the better course of action. In any case, wouldn’t it be much better for citizens to work with their local governments to organize a real citizen’s militia under the control of legitimate government authorities rather than just going DIY, every person for themselves?

      • The fact that your beloved left classifies me as a privileged oppressor is why I consider you fanatics wildly insane and totally distrust you.

        I recently read an article by Andrew Sullivan called “We All Live on Campus Now” about how the leftist insanity in our wonderfully progressive universities is seeping out and poisoning our whole culture.

        “As many of us saw our goals largely completed and moved on, the far left filled the void. The movement is now rhetorically as much about race and gender as it is about sexual orientation (“intersectionality”), prefers alternatives to marriage to marriage equality, sees white men as “problematic,” masculinity as toxic, gender as fluid, and race as fundamental. They have no desire to seem “virtually normal”; they are contemptuous of “respectability politics” — which means most politics outside the left. Above all, they have advocated transgenderism, an ideology that goes far beyond recognizing the dignity and humanity and civil equality of trans people into a critique of gender, masculinity, femininity, and heterosexuality. “Live and let live” became: “If you don’t believe gender is nonbinary, you’re a bigot.” I would be shocked if this sudden lurch in the message didn’t in some way negatively affect some straight people’s views of gays.”

        Does that concern you or any of the wonderfully progressive white leftists commenting here? Obviously not. I think white leftists like you are waging a race war against working class whites like me. I naturally do not appreciate that at all.

    • Stefan, it’s not about assault weapons. It’s about your fundamental right to defend yourself. Can you look a 19 year old young lady in the eye and tell her she should not be able to buy a gun until she is 21? Before answering, consider that she might live in a somewhat unsafe area and does not have family near to protect her.

      • I am not talking about “a gun” – I am talking about assault weapons and those only. And I am not talking about the law at all. I am talking about individual, voluntary choices. I would also point out that there are other firearm choices for personal security, and it is certainly debatable whether an assault weapon would be the best choice in just about any case. It certainly would be appropriate for a person in such a situation to carefully think through all of their options first.

      • I’m concerned where the current gun debate is going. Must be 21. Must have no blemishes on school or criminal record. The next shooter will be a 23 year old and the debate will be you must be 27 to own a gun. The shooter might have a lot of speeding tickets and, therefore, speeding tickets will take away your right. Where does it end?

        BTW, I do think a 19 year old who passes a background check should be able to buy a handgun.

      • The problem is that it always devolves into a debate between those who want to ban all guns and those who insist that there be no limits on any guns. All or nothing. That is why I refuse to even wade into that debate. There is no ground for reasoned discussion.

        I am instead confining my remarks to the realm of individual voluntary choices quite apart from what the laws are or should be. There is no law that requires anyone to own an AR-15 or similar assault-style weapons, and there is no law that prevents owners of such weapons from voluntarily turning them in. I am merely asking people who do own such weapons to reconsider their reasons for owning them, and to consider taking the step of turning them voluntarily,

      • It’s kind of like how the left defends their pro-abortion position. No restrictions at all

      • If people can join the military and be sent to war at 19 it’s absurd to talk about them being too immature to buy a gun at that age.

      • Stefan assault weapon is a media generated term. AR-15s ARE used for hunting and they are used for home defense. There is NOTHING about an AR-15, NOTHING that makes it not a home defense or hunting weapon, other than for the latter it’s not powerful enough for a lot of big game.

      • Table knives are also used for eating peas, but that is not what they were designed for and nobody suggests that they are the implement of choice for that purpose. Weapons that are designed for infantries are designed to kill multiple people quickly. That is their purpose and that is their category. Hunters have other weapons available that are designed for that specific purpose. As for home defense, short of one’s home being under attack by an entire mob there are other, and arguably better-designed, alternatives available. I would humbly suggest that an attack by a mob doesn’t just materialize out of nowhere, and that there are scenarios where an evacuation plan might serve one better than a determination to make a last stand no matter how outgunned and overwhelmed one is likely to become.

      • No military on Earth would use an Ar-15, it’s only a semi-auto. The Ar-15 is not an infantry weapon Speaking of mobs, I work at an outdoor retailer and we sold a LOT of semi-auto rifles yesterday, including the AR. Every time you people focus on the gun, and not the shooter, you sell a LOT of guns.

      • True. Zero was the best salesman-if “man” is the accurate term-the firearms industry ever had.

      • In point of fact, during the colonial period, table knives were the implement of choice for conveyiing food to one’s mouth. To see this, I would suggest looking at the Townsend and Sons videos on YouTube. As a bonus, some of the recipes look pretty tasty.

      • Why did the Fla legislature, in the tank for the NRA, ban handgun purchases for people under 21 but allow rifle purchases?
        Per your point, the 19 year old should be able to carry a handgun, no?

        Or is it the case that even the most rabid pro-NRA legislators realize that the chances of harm from that outweigh the benefits?

      • Allowing 18 year olds to purchase long guns is pretty common, it’s hardly unique to Florida, and it doesn’t suggest AT ALL that the Fl legislature sold out to the NRA. That’s like asking why FL allows 16 year olds to drive. Maybe not a great idea, but its still the norm.

      • When you look at all of the gun laws in Florida, it’s pretty clear that the legislature there is in the tank for the NRA.

      • It’s also pretty clear that places like Chicago are in the tank for the left and just look at how well that has turned out.

    • “There is no law … forbidding you from voluntarily turning it in to the police.“

      Really? I’m leaving mine under my pillow so the Tooth Fairy can take it and leave me $800 under my pillow in exchange. Those people giving up their weapons or destroying them are anti-gun propaganda fairy tales.

    • When the Blacks burned down LA in 1992, they attempted to move on Koreatown. Many Koreans were veterans and possessed the exact kind of weapons you are opposed to. They took their positions on the roofs of their business and once the mobs saw they meant business, moved on to burn down other businesses not similarly protected by their owners. We live in a bubble, technical and social. An extended power interruption caused by say an Electro Magnetic Pulse will bring this society to its knees very quickly. No power, no food, no gas, no refrigeration… yeah, it will get gnarly in a hurry. You better be able to protect yourself like the Koreans or be burned out or worse. There is something more. I am quite concerned by the vitriol and open hatred espoused by the Left. We are fracturing as a society. This is evident to any observer. It seems to be getting worse. Now is not the time to unilaterally disarm and assume the government, which failed so miserably in Florida, will protect you. When the mobs hit the streets, you are on your own.

      • “When the mobs hit the streets, you are on your own.”

        Especially in places like Chicago where our wonderfully progressive white leftists have greatly alienated the police.

        Demonizing police though as crooks and thugs has caused them to greatly back off on policing which has naturally led to more shootings and social breakdown. The city in general and the black community in particular have paid the price for this.

        A couple of years ago I read that millionaires are fleeing from Chicago because they fear crime and race riots. I told a Vietnamese friend at work about this and he said if he was a rich white guy he’d go to Asia to live because white people are respected in Asia and they’re not here.

        I probably would go to Asia to live if I was rich but I’m not so here I stay. What happens though if we do have major race rioting in Chicago? Would cops put their lives on the line fighting well armed street gangs to save a democratic city where a large part of the population consists of people who despise them?

        Last year I read that a feature of living in the modern world is always living with a sense of impending doom. That sure is the truth.

      • You are absolutely correct. The cops in Baltimore have been excoriated by the ruling class so…. they backed off. The murder rate soared ! Chicago, with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, is transformed into a free fire zone every weekend ! Cops are middle class guys with mortgages and kids in school like everyone else. If the ruling class does not have its back, is it any wonder they do not run to the sound of the guns ?

  17. I joined the NRA on Thursday night after I watched part of the CNN Townhall on youtube. I have a feeling the NRA has gained thousands of members because of CNN.

  18. Joy-Ann Reid, paid MSNBC propagandist/liar claims the beginning of the end of the NRA as a handful of companies turn-tail and rescind discount arrangements for NRA members. Meanwhile scores and oodles of people that were never 2nd Amendment enthusiasts nor gun owners are rapidly joining the NRA. I suspect that handful of companies will quietly and rapidly sreverse their decisions….but will they get smart and boycott the democrat national committee???

    Companies to boycott ’cause they boycott us:

    • Read that article just before I came here. It was a good laugh.

  19. “As I opened the CT scan last week to read the next case, I was baffled. The history simply read “gunshot wound.” I have been a radiologist in one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation for 13 years, and have diagnosed thousands of handgun injuries to the brain, lung, liver, spleen, bowel, and other vital organs.

    In a typical handgun injury that I diagnose almost daily, a bullet leaves a laceration through an organ like the liver. To a radiologist, it appears as a linear, thin, grey bullet track through the organ. There may be bleeding and some bullet fragments.
    I was looking at a CT scan of one of the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who had been brought to the trauma center during my call shift. The organ looked like an overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer, with extensive bleeding. How could a gunshot wound have caused this much damage?

    The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different; they travel at higher velocity and are far more lethal. The damage they cause is a function of the energy they impart as they pass through the body. A typical AR-15 bullet leaves the barrel traveling almost three times faster than, and imparting more than three times the energy of, a typical 9mm bullet from a handgun. An AR-15 rifle outfitted with a magazine with 50 rounds allows many more lethal bullets to be delivered quickly without reloading.

    • I see cars in Chicago with bumper stickers that say “Resist Trump!”. If these leftist fanatics were rational liberals ( Someone like the liberal professor Jonathan Haidt ) they’d be putting that energy into trying to save cities like Chicago from financial ruin and social breakdown.

      Last December I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about how gangs in Chicago are increasingly using high powered rifles against each other. Usually AR-15s or AK-47s. Over the past year and a half 140 people have been shot and 50 of them died. These military style rifles are so powerful that the people shot are just ripped apart. Even those who survive are probably often permanently maimed from these horrific wounds.

      The article ( a Dec. 27th editorial plus there was also an article about this ) said “If gangs are using rifles, it means they are emboldened and no longer fear being stopped by law enforcement”. We can thank BLM and their white leftist followers for that.

      One the one hand, leftists do all they can to cripple law enforcement, on the other, they complain about how terrible it is that these weapons are so abundant and so out of control in our society. Will leftists ever come to a place like Chicago and disarm the street gangs? Fat chance of that ever happening.

      • If the AR-15 is banned, it’s banned for gang members as well as school shooters.
        So thanks for joining in the effort for sensible gun regulations.

      • And gang members, given their stellar reputations for respect for the law, will no longer use the AR-15 to commit murder……

      • If guns are banned we’ll be just like Mexico where the politically connected and the criminals can easily have weapons but ordinary people are simply defenseless.

      • Really? Mexico? Why not just like Australia, or Scotland?
        You think the US is more like Mexico than Australia or Scotland?
        You must really hate this place.

      • I don’t hate this place. I hate and totally distrust people like you who are working to make this place as lawless and corrupt as Mexico.

      • 320M people, 300M guns in circulation, and 8 years of government largess and corruption—America is neither Mexico, nor Australia, nor Scotland. With a constitution and a $16T economy, the way forward is the rule of law. And it’s that straight forward.

      • 600 million Europeans produce one result and you can’t realize that sometimes the exception proves the rule.

    • Wow, so I guess it is fortunate that AR-15s, indeed long guns of any kind, are used so infrequently in the commission of crimes. Most criminals prefer handguns because they are concealable. Interesting that a kid just walked into the school with an AR during the school day unmolested. Having been expelled from the school, a feat in itself, I guess he was familiar with the security, or lack thereof … and chose his weapon accordingly.

      • A complete lack of even basic security like door locks and cameras at the school. The district should be held liable.

      • There was at least one camera. Video shows the on site deputy, armed, badged and uniformed, NOT going in to confront the shooter. The students thought they had security. What they really had was a Nanny in a uniform, pretending to be LEO.

    • What does the CT look like when the patient is a feckless police guard, an incompetent FBI agent, or a corrupt government official? Hint: normal!

      • “What does the CT look like when the patient is a feckless police guard, an incompetent FBI agent, or a corrupt government official?”

        The same as it looks to your demigod, Old Bone Spur.

    • The 5.56MM NATO rounds used by “ARs” are designed to cause casualties, not fatalities. The round was designed to tumble as it enters the body and to bounce off bone, not break it. It causes a lot of damage but takes multiple rounds to kill a person. In warfare this is effective because it takes enemy soldiers out of the fight and ties up more people and resources treating wounds.

      This lack of killing power is exactly why the 7.62mm M-14 has returned to popularity in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, and why the Army is now seeking a modern M-14 replacement. The 7.62 round is a killer, the 5.56 is not.

      Another falsehood that needs to be addressed… just because a round leaves the barrel at a higher velocity does NOT mean it has more “energy” than another round. You must also take into consideration the weight of the projectile. A 5.56mm round weighs about 4g. A 9mm pistol round weighs 8g.

      • So you’re saying these doctors are liars?
        Oh, and by the way, energy is measured as mass X velocity squared. Since you’re squaring velocity, speed matters more than weight.

      • I’m saying these doctors have never been in a combat situation and also do not understand history. They’re full of shit.

        Have you been in combat? I have. If I’ve got to put my enemy down and keep him down I want something that packs a heftier punch than the 5.56mm round.

      • I spent 4 years in the Marines but never in combat. I think you’re right although there’s no denying that a 5.56mm bullet can do horrific damage to a person’s body.

      • No one is telling you to go into combat with an inadequate weapon.

        We are telling you that combat weapons are unsuitable for routine civilian use.

      • The first United States Army was private citizens with their personal weapons, most cannon used in the Revolution were purchased with private money. The first United States Navy was privately owned armed ships. A civilian should be able to have any weapon the military can have, for the express purpose of protecting us from that military.

  20. I did the same thing yesterday. Signed up for a five-year membership. I don’t even own a gun.

  21. The NRA is no longer a gun advocacy group but a highly organized political group defending constitutional rights. And we will never prevent public massacres of any kind with incompetent police and FBI, sanctuary cities, and a corrupt government.

  22. Would you guys do comment readers a favor, and make the text under each carousel item above the same depth? This shouldn’t be hard to do. It’s beyond annoying to read the comments while they’re bouncing up and down, simply because one or two of the teasers are three lines deep instead of two. Thank you.

    • It’s so annoying, and so simple to fix, that I sometimes suspect they’re trying to drive readers away. Why else would a proportedly competent website manager allow this to occur?

    • It’s SO annoying and SO consistent — I’d expect them to get it right once in a while just by accident — that I think they do it deliberately. Since I can’t imagine why annoying your readers is a good thing, I’m totally stumped about why …

  23. I just bought a 5 year membership to. We must fight the good fight

  24. Then the next time an innocent person is killed in a shooting their blood is on your hands.

    • Then the next time someone is bludgeoned to death because he didn’t have a gun to defend himself, his blood is on your hands.

      See how that works?

      BTW, most homicides do not involve guns. Leading cause of death in a homicide is blunt force trauma. If you really want to climb onto the self righteous parade wagon, you need to ban hands.

      • Straight out of the alt-right handbook – a lie. Between 1999-2015, the leading cause of homicide was the firearm, which accounted for 198,760 deaths out of a total of 295,343 – that’s 67.3%. That’s double the total of every other cause combined. If you want to get sanctimonious you need to get your facts right.

      • Obvious troll-bait aside, you are correct. My always-fallible memory improperly carried the numbers for homicides involving assault weapons over to homicides involving guns in general.

        The majority of homicides are committed using firearms. However, despite the repeated screeching about “military grade assault weapons” from the left, the fact remains that more people are beaten to death every year than are killed by such “military grade” weapons.

        That’s why the Clinton era assault weapons ban was allowed to sunset: it proved to be a direct infringement of a fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed civil liberty, without providing any social benefit. For that reason, any attempt at legislating a new ban on assault weapons would likely die in SCOTUS: direct infringement of civil liberties + no compelling government interest = unconstitutional.

  25. Says it all. Trump 2020. BTW, the Sheriff needs to do the decent thing and….retire (to his megabuck pension).

  26. Never owned a gun but was so disgusted with the CNN townhall that I joined yesterday.

  27. Has anyone noticed these shootings began right after schools started drugging kids?

    • Actually it all started just after WWII when the Soviet Union SECRETLY & with the ‘unwitting’ help of the ‘deep state’ began inserting FLUORIDE into our water & food supplies. As General Jack Ripper famously stated “they are usurping our essence and precious bodily fluids!” HE KNEW EVEN THEN! That’s how far back this insidious attack on us has been going on! it’s never too late to investigate. Lock SOMEONE up! Lock SOMEONE up!

  28. Thank you Julie. I joined the NRA 3 years ago at age 65. Over the history of my adult life I have become increasingly alarmed by the leftward drift of our country and particularly of the ruling class. They are corrupt and incompetent. I realized that gun ownership and concealed carry were the real options mitigating the risk to which I am exposed by my increasing age and the failure of my government at all levels to even care for my safety. So, I also obtained my CCW license and an assortment of weapons.
    In the article above the RCP link to this one, Joy Reid claims that the recent events are the beginning of the end of the NRA. She could not be more ignorant and wrong! The left’s insane, rabid, ranting stir emotions during the hours of our intense greiving for the victims, but as our emotion subsides and rationality resumes its dominance, the shift back to the well reasoned, time-tested NRA positions will overcome the left’s gun grab. The NRA will gather strength and the stupid corporate protesters will suffer a permanent loss of market share.

  29. I joined two days ago and I have no guns. I firmly support the 2nd Amendment, however, and am in no doubt as to the Leftists’ attempted destruction of America, having watched it deteriorate since the ’60s. They have no morals, no conscience, and reject truth.

    “(They) of (their) father the devil, and the lusts of (their) father (they) will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

  30. I’m going to join the NRA also. I don’t own a gun, don’t plan to own one any time soon.
    But I will join in order to support resistance to the foul attempts at disarming constitutionally protected individuals.
    If ‘progressives’ demand anything with such venomous fury as they do toward disarming us….
    We know standing our ground is existential.

  31. Congratulations on your new membership. Either you or someone in your family must be in the gun manufacturing business because that could be the only possible reason to join. When more than 90% of all NRA members favor enhanced universal background checks and the NRA leadership doesn’t, and 60 % of all NRA members favor banning offensive assault gun and the NRA leadership doesn’t, what other possible reasons for joining could there be? Just remember that what ever profits accrue to you as a result of your new membership might come with some bllod on your P/L statement.

    • I totally distrust white leftists like you. You people have turned our universities into anti-white hate factories and you’d very much like to do the same to our high schools, elementary schools and no doubt even our kindergartens.

      “Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory”

      “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”

      Yet now you say “Trust us. We mean you no harm. We just want to do a little bit more gun control for the common good and then we’ll stop. Just a little more and then for sure we’ll stop. You can trust us to stop. We love you. Can’t you see that?”

      No! I can’t see any love on the left. All I see are fanatics who love to stir their big pot of anti-white racial hate so that they can then present themselves to minorities as the good whites ( white leftists ) who will protect them from evil white devil whites ( conservative whites like me ). I do not trust you fanatics at all.

      • You have NO Idea who I am nor what I am.You just made that up and you know it! Not only that, but with all this emotional ranting, you never directly or evne indirectly responded to my comment. That almost always means that you have NO adequate or rational response to my assertion. If you have one, you would provide it now instead of attacking someone you don’t know with a typical over-the-top display of ignorance and hatered for someone you disagree with. BTW, Not sure where in my comment I displayed “anti-white hatred and fanaticism”. Please point out where I said that. Perhaps you are merely relying on your wishful thinking & vivid imagination for your bizarre response. Till then you should stay away from sharp objects and ALL farm machinery. THAT we can understand. Thank you

      • Many leftists say they don’t approve of things like identity politics, open borders and gun confiscation. It doesn’t matter what you approve of though. It’s the far left that sets the agenda for the entire left and most leftists do, in fact, go along with things as appallingly destructive as group rights and Sanctuary Cities and then top it off by supporting gun confiscation which the far left wants.

        Whether or not you actually like such policies is irrelevant. What matters is that you are quite willing to support them. This is why leftists like you are incomprehensible to me and why I feel I totally distrust you.

      • You have had 2 opportunities to respond to the following statement “Congratulations on your new membership. Either you or someone in your family must be in the gun manufacturing business because that could be the only possible reason to join. When more than 90% of all NRA members favor enhanced universal background checks and the NRA leadership doesn’t, and 60 % of all NRA members favor banning offensive assault gun and the NRA leadership doesn’t…” Will you miss a THIRD chance to rebut or reply directly? Why not give it a shot first and then go on your bizarre anti-democratic, anti-American rant after? Thank you.

      • I’ve seen many comments by you on many articles and you always dodge the issue of what you think of what’s going on in academia which means that you either support or at least have no problem with anti-white bigotry.

        That’s why I totally distrust people like you and totally support the NRA and Trump. I think you’re just a hate whitey leftist. I don’t have to know you personally or have an advanced degree in psychology to understand you.

  32. Last night, the guys in our duck hunting party got together to start planning trips for next year. Two of the guys in the group are Union Ironworkers and have been both NRA members and Democrats most of their adult lives.
    Things have changed for them.
    They are still NRA members. Guess what they aren’t, anymore?

    • So when you guys take your AR 15s hunting ducks, what parts of the ducks are left for you to identify and/or eat after you have blasted them into eternity? But we are sure it was a fair fight for you vs the ducks.

      • Relax. They only hunt white ducks from the north. None of their duckish targets are colored or recently flew across the border. You should be cheering them, not criticizing.

        If you want a fair fight, go back to kindergarten. You’re out of your league here — or pretty much anywhere adults gather.

      • This is good.
        You totally missed the point.
        Hillary still ahead in your world?

      • It would probably be wise to learn something about firearms before posting a comment having to do with ‘power’ and ‘blasting … into eternity.’

    • Ditto, 5 mins ago myself
      Never thought of it before (although I am a gun owner as of last year and do have ccw) but did this afternoon just felt the time was right.
      I don’t believe in leftist, manipulated emotional mass hysteria and bullying people into driving policy and rules and regulations that affect the rights of many millions of law abiding citizens.

  33. New five year member here.

    Fed up with this nonsense.

  34. Julie, You are indeed a member of American greatness. I am 85 and perhaps one of very few who have read the 11 world history books written by the Durants. It was an education that most should long for. Regardless of the time, the climate and the economy, there is a theme that runs thru ALL history and that is that weak individuals look to enjoy power OVER others when they have none over themselves. Eventually I wrote a book myself: The Miracle of SELF Power. So glad that you do not need to read it.

  35. Those that champion gun rights say warning signs were missed. He was stockpiling ammo, he was angry, he was going to explode, he had threatened people in the past. Surely we aren’t going to strip people of their constitutional rights for stockpiling ammo or being angry. The author is angry.

    Are we going to strip people of their constitutional rights for opinions? The shooter had never been convicted in a court of law. There was no basis in law to deny him his constitutional rights. He bought his weapon and ammunition legally. The President said he should have not had access to weapons. Based on what law? The much maligned democratic sheriff wants a new law to temporarily confiscate guns from citizens based on innuendo until a court hearing. The shooter was interviewed by mental health professionals and deemed a low risk. Even crazy people can act sanely for a few hours.

    Any law like that would be used by the police to target their political enemies. Ted Nugent said he wanted Hillary to suck on his machine gun. Are we supposed to confiscate his weapons for political speech. Slippery slope.

    We could do some things to keep weapons out of the hands of known criminals. Universal background checks, registering weapons. These things are opposed by the NRA as overreach.

  36. I had let my membership lapse, and re-upped for five years the morning after CNNs show trial. Molon Labe, ye scrawny fascists!

  37. That’s the same scam that cost my poor grandparents their life savings.
    You should be put in prison.

  38. Unadulterated BS. The NRA is a lobbying group that has fought any reasonable effort to control the sale of dangerous toys to dangerous people. The assault weapons ban of 1994 DID result in a drop in gun deaths. I am a gun owner and a former NRA member. It’s LIFE before liberty and happiness. A child’s life is more important than the right to own a gun. P.S. I am a liberal and more of us own guns than you think.

    • Get off your high horse and join the real world. People have an innate right to defend themselves. The small, the weak, the elderly, the disabled — all would be seriously disadvantaged if forced to rely on their own brute strength. Whose life takes precedence?

      P.S. Amend the second amendment, or stfu. There are precious few of you out there. That’s why your gun-grabbing efforts have failed every time.

      • I’m the one who lives in the real world. You live in your little right-wing bubble. No one is taking anyone’s guns away. That’s BS manufactured by the NRA to sell more guns for gun manufacturers. Gun sales dropped when Trump was elected. Remington is filing for bankruptcy and Smith & Wesson is close. And don’t kid yourself. There might not be many of us liberal gun owners where you live, but there are lots of us.

      • 1). My “little right-wing bubble” covers the entire USA with the exception of metrosexual victim concentration zones such as large cities and college towns. You might want to revisit the definition of a bubble, especially a little one.

        2). No one is taking anyone’s guns away, for one reason: we won’t let them. Leftists try after every event, and are blocked at every try, but all they do is retrench and get even more shrill and hateful the next time.

        3). If you actually believe no one is trying to take away privately owned firearms, you’re incredibly naive. If you don’t believe it, you’re dishonest. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

      • Dear Baloney, if you follow, I doubt you have any idea what the rest of America thinks. You do realize you are in the minority. Those big swaths of red on the electoral map have tiny numbers of people in them. No one except regressive fools would want to live with the likes of you. Fortunately, you and your kind are dying out. Lazy old white men collect welfare and take opioids. They dream about good old days that never existed. They need guns because Viagra isnt working for them anymore. And I’m not giving up my guns because I need them to protect myself from nuts with guns…like you.

  39. seriously? who cares? you way on the wrong side of this one and your half-assed posturing is as self-serving as your ill-informed article.

  40. Interesting that the link to this article comes from RealClear Politics ….and right above the link was another:
    “This Week Is the Beginning of the End for the NRA” – Joy-Ann Reid, The Daily Beast

    The divide is enormous…

    • The sky is falling!! Not hardly. The Libturds are way in over their heads on this one. To sloppy and bum rushing to extremes. This will backfire big time. Remember when USAA boycotted Hannity? Members hammered the company and less than a week later it was business as usual. Remember when Rush lost all his sponsors all at once. Rush just sat back and took it for a short spell until the sponcers found they had severely declining revenues and begged to sponsor Rush again. NRA is going to have a barn burner of a year in membership and donations. Attend a local Friends of the NRS banquets and you will understand why.

    • I’ve seen editorials in the Wall Street Journal that are the exact opposite of editorials in the New York Times. We do have a healthy press. It’s just that the msm says pretty much the opposite of what journalists like Megan McArdle, Salena Zito, Cathy Young, Julie Kelly, WSJ journalists and others say.

      We basically no longer have a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country? When I see the daily, non-stop hate for Trump ( and obviously hate for those who support Trump ) in the msm it sure does look like America has already ceased to exist as a country and is a low intensity civil war. What was once a great nation now just seems to be a big pot of ever more intensely boiling hate. Our society certainly is now sailing in uncharted waters.

      Hope springs eternal. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss.

    • The size of the divide is scary. We really need to be able to live in one country and when our media people pronounce such offensive foolishness it’s hard to see how that can happen.

  41. As with the Sandy Hook debacle this over exploitation of the tragedy will propel the NRA to a never before seen bumper crop of donations and increased membership. After Sandy Hook the NRA netted an additional 92 Million over the previous year for ’93. I predict this will be double this go round. Never overplay the hand dealt. People don’t like to be told what to do by people who don’t value their opinion.

  42. I’m glad you all of you were swayed by this lie-filled drivel.
    “top officials are getting a record number of death threats”
    She’s referring to Tom Price, whose spokesman this week conceded the “death threats” were actually getting yelled at in an airport one time about the environment. So Price now flies First Class only.
    ” a Republican senator was assaulted in his home.”
    She’s referring to Rand Paul, who was accosted by an unhinged neighbor because of Paul’s lawn maintenance. The neighbor’s political views are unknown.
    “The people who used the IRS to harass conservatives”
    Another lie. The Treasury Inspector General issued an audit last August showing that of tax-exempt petitions reviews, tea party groups constituted only 15%; PROGRESSIVE groups were FAR more likely to get their petitions delayed.
    “a phony conspiracy story hatched by political schemers at the top level of our federal government ”
    I’ll end with this one, the biggest whopper of them all. Among others, Trump’s Campaign Manager and his assistant were indicted for “Conspiracy Against the United States”. The assistant pled guilty. Imagine if Hillary had been elected, and her campaign manager was indicted for Conspiracy Against the US. She would have been impeached already, and I doubt if any of you good Americans would be calling her prosecution “phony”.

    • Do you just make this stuff up? I know nothing of Price getting death threats.

      Rand Paul’s neighbor was a hard core progressive lunatic, and last I heard we still didn’t know the motive for his attack.

      The entire IRS targeting fiasco opened with Lois Lerner admitting to an ABA audience that targeting had indeed taken place, in an apparent attempt to get out ahead of an imminent IG report stating that such targeting had taken place, and the targets were virtually all conservative.

      And Manafort and Gates have been indicted for acts committed years before any association with the Trump campaign, and totally unrelated to that campaign.

      Now ask yourself why an independent counsel tasked with investigating possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia, is spending his time indicting Trump associates for unrelated crimes which occurred years prior to Trump even announcing his candidacy?

      What kind of witch hunt tyrannical police state are we living in here? Oh, yeah — it’s Progotopia: the nation where there are no laws, only feelings.

      • A) Manafort and Gates charges included crimes during their position with the campaign, including perpetuating the lie about their money shenanigans – see attached image. And just this week, they now include 2017 crimes. Keep up sparky.
        B) You’re free to submit any supporting evidence to your claim that Rand Paul’s neighbor was a leftist.
        C) Mueller’s charter was to investigate Russian interference, Obstruction of Justice, and any crimes he discovered on pursuit of those.
        C) Here is the Treasury Inspector General’s report on an audit of the IRS review of tax-exempt petitions which disprove your lies that “all the targets were conservative”. Be honest, sparky, you’ve never before heard of it, right?

        And we’re all certaintly proud that you are defending a hostile attack by a foreign nation upon US instituions.

      • 1. Mueller’s fishing expedition cum witch hunt is arguably unconstitutional on its face. I really don’t care what indictments he hands down. IMHO, everyone he interviews should tell him to pack sand —or as Democrats so love to say, “on the advice of my attorney, I decline to answer that question ….”

        2. WaPo published an article in which a local resident described Rand Paul’s assailant as “pretty much the opposite” of Senator Paul, and “basically a socialist.”

        3. Mueller’s charter was arguably unconstitutionally vague. Beyond that, we really don’t need a special counsel to investigate finance crimes by private citizens. If Mueller can investigate Manafort for failing to register as a foreign agent, he can investigate you for failing to curb your dog.

        3 — again, because when you’re a leftist, letters and numbers are hard — the TIGT report you referenced reiterates and reinforces exactly what I said. Your narrowly-constructed straw man argument is simply ridiculous.

        But we’re all so proud that you’re here advocating for more government restrictions on basic civil liberties. Your Mom is especially proud, but she wants you to clean your basement room and do a load of laundry. The smell is becoming noticeable upstairs.

      • Haha — the mother’s basement joke. Really it just never gets old. Seriously. Keep running with it. It isn’t insipid at ALL.
        Now, onto the numbers from the TIGT report. Maybe have someone read it to you next time.
        146 petitions were flagged with BOLO criteria (based on the names related to the causes). See chart on Page 6.
        Now, turn to chart on Page 10.
        Of the 146, 111 petitions were flagged using “progressive” tags (progressive, occupy, emerge, medical marijuana, Acorn).
        Of the 146, 19 petitions were flagged using “tea party” related tags (border patrol, we the people, pink slip, national debt).

        So please lecture me some more about “numbers” being hard.

      • Hey Sparky.
        Your news sources are failing you. Here are links to actual data that supports my claims.
        Why Rand Paul was attacked can be found here: Lawn Maintenance.
        Here is the IG report on IRS targeting. Read it. You’ll find that tax-exempt petitions for conservative groups were only 15% of those being held up. Over 50% of the withheld petitions were from Progressive groups.
        For your comment about “for unrelated crimes which occurred years prior to Trump even announcing his candidacy?”
        Wrong in two ways:
        First: The Manafort/Gates charges included violations of the FARA statutes that took place in 2016, during their time with the campaign (I remind you that Gates was not fired when Manafort left, and was even Trump’s inauguration co-chair). Plus, the updated indictment (last week) include crimes into 2017.
        Original Indictment:
        Updated indictment:
        Second: Mueller’s appointment order directed him to investigate any crime that “may arise directly from the investigation”. So in the course of investigating why Manafort changed the GOP convention platform to remove sanctions, he found the millions from Russia.

      • You are correct about Tom Price. I mistakenly said “Tom Price” when I meant “Scott Pruitt”. Thank you for pointing out my error.
        So, I will now update my remarks.
        She’s referring to Scott Pruitt, whose spokesman this week said this about the
        “death threats”:
        “He was approached in the airport numerous times, to the point of
        profanities being yelled at him and so forth,” Henry Barnet, who leads
        the agency’s Office of Criminal Enforcement, told the news outlet.

        Does being confronted in an airport about the environment constitute “death threats” to you?

    • Had Crooked Hillary been elected, she would have sold America to the highest bidder!

      Thank God for President Trump!

      America First!

  43. hey julie–put a 9 up ur cu & blo ur Fallopian tubes out ur eyeballs—u cracker pos who suck the mango man’s cock and the ARA–ur going down ppl–its simple–the tide has turned and u WILL go down and be buried

    • Speaking of Russian trolls and their obvious lack of sophistication ….

  44. We live in a republic and our government is elected. The 5th and 14th amendments to the Constitution establish due process of law. We also enjoy other unalienable rights under the Constitution, and established by Supreme Court decisions. Our government defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in WW II, then prevailed over the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

    This is not a government we need to fear. Ask anyone who has lived under a dictatorship.

    Those calling for a ‘Second Amendment solution’ option are those who place more faith in unelected corporate and Evangelical leaders, those who are not really accountable to the people except through our laws.

    Speaking of corruption, and you get the Trump administration – a throwback to the Gilded Age.

    As for Julie Kelly, I guess being a well-paid political hack means never having to say you’re sorry.

    • Okay … if you’re going to lead with a reference to civil liberties, you might start by actually reading the Constitution.

      Then you can Google “Pigford”.

      Then learn a little about the debacle in Waco, where our own beloved USAG Janet Reno — who told us parochial and home schools should be outlawed and all children forced into public schools where they can be properly indoctrinated — declared war on a religious cult, killing men, women and children and burning their compound to the ground with them inside.

      We do indeed need a government. We are indeed a great nation. But none of that is a free pass for those who are willing to misuse government power … like, say, Democrats ….

      • Actually I have read the Constitution a couple of times.

        Pigford was intended to address racial discrimination against African-American farmers, then grew out of hand. It was, as the New York Times piece on it, a class action suit that got blown out of proportion. Government as a blunt instrument? Yes. Tyranny mandating the use of firearms? No.

        Your claim about Janet Reno wanting to ban home schools and parochial schools is spurious. Reno did want to more carefully demarcate the line between church and state. That’s about all there is on this issue.

        James Madison believed in a strong national government. This notion is known as republicanism and the cause was called federalism (what the political right likes to call ‘federalism’ is in fact anti-federalism). It is the Democratic Party that advocates republicanism. You may fear that, and there were libertarians during George Washington’s tenure of office that shared your sentiments. Some felt like stockpiling firearms for rebellion. Washington disdained them, calling them ‘banditti.’ Yours’ is an issue as old as the Republic.

      • Because my background is in criminal law, when I see “due process” I immediately leap to “4th amendment.” But your cite to the 5th was appropriate and I was mistaken to call you on it.

        The rest of your reply is simply luke warm apologetics. Whether the Pigford debacle was gross negligence or an intentional back door effort at reparations, it was a (typical) Obama era example of mismanagement of public funds for partisan purposes. And just like all the other Obama debacles, disasters, and in-your-face lies and defiance of constitutional norms, no one was ever held accountable.

        And yes, Janet Reno was openly hostile to Christian education and home schooling; and yes, her DOJ essentially declared open warfare on a civilian religious group, eventually burning their compound to the ground with 60 people, including women and children, still inside.

        George Washington also owned slaves. So, either we should all go buy a few slaves; or we should rename a state, our seat of federal government, a few universities and about a thousand public schools — then tear down a bunch of statues, blow up Mt Rushmore, burn down a few federal monuments, and accuse anyone who disagrees with us of being racists and haters.

        Your call.

    • “Ask anyone who has lived under a dictatorship.”

      I work with people in Chicago who grew up in places like Iraq ( Assyrians ), Vietnam, Poland and Bulgaria who grew up under dictatorship and know it quite well. Most, if not all of these people, particularly the Assyrians, distrust the left which means the democrats.

      I have a Mexican friend at work who says Univision, where many Hispanics get their news, is every bit as leftist and biased as CNN. He actually came here illegally in 1980 but became legal in the 1986 amnesty.

      Why would someone who came here illegally from Mexico have voted for Trump and be a very strong Trump supporter? Because he’s spent more than half his life here, his wife ( Mexican-American ) was born here as were his kids, he is by nature conservative and traditional and totally distrusts the left plus he knows how corrupt and lawless Mexico is and he’s afraid America will end up like that if the leftist democrats are in control.

      Basically, he’s simply an intelligent guy. He has a concealed carry permit and urges me to get one too. He says the more he reads about what’s going on the more guns he buys. He also told me his nephew is a cop in one of the northern suburbs and has a huge gun collection and even a spare bedroom full of 4’ high stacks of ammunition.

      His nephew doesn’t even live in Chicago but fears the worst. All the immigrants I work with are appalled by illegal immigration and want it stopped. One of the many lies of the left is that legal immigrants support illegal immigration. Most of the people in my life, both at work and outside of work, are legal immigrants. None support illegal immigration. All of them strongly oppose it and want it stopped.

  45. I don’t own a gun, and probably never will. I just joined the NRA for a 5 year membership and as of now, will renew for as long as I can afford it. I don’t want to see the 2nd Amendment repealed any more than I want to see any of the others. I deeply resent some of the feelings my fellow Americans express; I am sure the 5th Amendment protects some people we all would rather have behind bars; I would impose some cruel and unusual punishment on Mr. Cruz. And yet, I would not want my children to live in a country where they didn’t have a First, Fifth or Eighth Amendments to our Constitution.

    • I was recently talking to a Mexican woman who said she’s from Juarez ( right across the border from El Paso ). I said that’s a very dangerous place. She agreed and said that last November her niece ( 41 ) and her niece’s daughter ( 26 ) never returned after going out to a restaurant for something to eat while in Juarez. They lived in El Paso but we’re visiting family in Juarez. I said I can remember reading 20 years ago about how women in Juarez would just disappear. She said it’s much worse now. Even 12 year old girls disappear, she said, and the police are totally corrupt so they do nothing.

      So what good have Mexico’s strict gun laws done for women like this niece and her daughter or for their family who will most probably never learn what happened to them? She said the police already called her brother who lives there three times to come and look at bodies of women to see if it’s them. What a nightmare for her whole family.

      If these poor souls had been armed they would have at least had a chance to fight off the subhuman beasts who attacked them. Why do leftists never seem to have any concern for people like this?

      • I understand and agree. I actually have worked in Juarez while living in El Paso back in 2001, while the lost women issue was in full swing.

        My argument, however, is not just about just owning a gun – or not. It is about conceding rights that make us the country we are in every material respect; whether we like the current Administration, Courts and Congress, or not, how does suppressing ANY right help? At the end of the day, suppressing the second Amendment is about imposing a viewpoint over another. What is next? Precluding people from expressing their hate for racists or communists? Or maybe for Catholics or Atheists?

  46. I joined too, though never owned a gun and never will. What sealed the deal was that punk getting in the face of Rubio. I can tolerate ignorance. I can tolerate arrogance. I can’t take both.

    • Me too. Those two in one punk within earshot and my right hand starts to tingle like it wants to start Bitch Slapping…

      • NRA should make a t-shirt or commercial with that punk’s face +caption: “Please Donate”.

  47. I was anti-gun for years until Sandy Hook when a co-worker lost his daughter. I had a total change of heart because one person with a gun could have stopped the horror. I am now a life long NRA member too. Welcome.

  48. Unfortunately this message won’t be getting to the MSNBC or CNN crowd!

  49. I too have been compelled to re-join the NRA…. 5 year membership…
    I let my membership lapse and recent events have convinced me that was a mistake.

  50. Now we know why the cops have SIX police officers outside the FIRST cowardly police officer’s home. They were hoping to keep quiet the BIGGER story that it was not ONE but rather FOUR cowardly cops milling about outside the school.

    Amazingly, this pathetic non-response will still end well for all of them. They may or may not be fired, but it doesn’t matter as they will all file for “stress” disability status, guaranteeing their pensions and making half their pensions income tax free to boot.

    Life is good for a cowardly police officer.

  51. I did the same today. I’ve taken note of the businesses that have chosen to retreat a la deputy Scot Peterson, and will avoid patronizing them.

  52. Got five new multiyear memberships started yesterday. As a life member, the issue has become combatting disinformation by those who were not raised with nor served using firearms safely.

    The left does not understand two fundamental issues which are the Founders’ concept within the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, nor being able to distinguish right from wrong.

    Sic temper tyrannis

  53. I will not patronize businesses that support and defend sheriffs like Scott Israel who should be charged with negligent homicide of 17 students. I don’t see that what he did was any better than what his namesake did.

  54. Just joined a few minutes ago, in part due to this article. Been thinking about it and intended to get around to it. I probably should have done it a long time ago instead of being a free rider for so long. Maybe I should take my tax cut and funnel it to the NRA. What better way to piss of the Commies and the media? And I won’t miss it, right?

  55. The truth is everybody believes in reasonable gun control…the only question is what a person considers to be “reasonable”…for instance probably 99% of the population believe its wrong for civilians to own howitzers mortars, hand grenades, Sherman tanks, Thompson automatic submachine guns…then you work your way downward from there…at various different levels folks are going to disagree…saying no you cant ban that one or yes that one should be banned as well….so you see everyone believes in some form of gun control…its just a matter of where you stand on each given weapon….

  56. One of the outfits to display such magnificent virtue signaling in pulling the plug on their NRA partnerships was First NB of Omaha: the parent corporation of my longtime local bank here in DeKalb, IL . Their system operates in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas…of which only IL and CO didn’t go for Trump…so it seems they’re making a major mis-step here in terms of backfiring PR. The flack that handles this potential sh*tstorm at HQ is Mr. K. Langin. Any of you who actually do business with their subsidiaries is strongly encouraged to tell Mr. Langin your thoughts on this matter .

  57. It’s been many years since I’ve owned a gun but I also joined the NRA yesterday. Never was a member before but I sure the heck am now. I’ll have to go out and wade through the California / Federal muck and mire and obtain my first firearm in 25 years.

  58. The Left has become a raving cyber-media lynch mob. They are slowly but surely working up to a murderous rage that will spill over into actual violence. I’ve never witnessed such bigotry and hatred in my lifetime since the Birmingham police went after civil rights marchers in the 60s.

    • Bigotry and hatred? You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ll just guess that you’re truly bigoted and filled with such hate for others that you’re projecting. I mean you call liberals a lynch mob and describe this a civil rights moment. Are you still bothered by the 60’s, cuz that’s history to most people alive now.

      • The civil rights movement of the 60s as embodied by King was in effect a conservative movement, because it appealed to a rectification of historical injustices under the law and the Constitution. It demanded that established laws and principles be applied consistently, not arbitrarily. It did not demand a wholesale transformation of every traditional belief and moral idea. That is where the left is today, with every subsequent movement riding piggy back on the Civil Rights movement going further.

        And that is why it demonizes people who think in traditional ways and reject this radical cultural revolution. The NRA is their favorite scapegoat. Why, because it is an industry group? No, because it represents gun owners and protects their civil rights, very well too. That’s why you hate it so much.

        You want to see a bigot, then probably you should look into the mirror. The Left has become utterly intolerant and totalitarian. It sees people only by group. It is racist and every other kind of phobia. We saw a brilliant display of that at the CNN scripted “townhall,” just as we have seen it in countless other contexts. Above all it is typified by the whole rage of the establishment at the humiliating loss of Hillary.

        You have no understanding of the Civil rights movement or what it means, or the meaning of what followed, down to punishing people for the high crime of wanting to use a public bathroom of their sex.

        You want Nixon back? How about spying on the opposition party using the FBI and the NSA? That’s beyond Nixon; that’s Stalin. The people responsible for that are going to go down, and my guess is that it will go all the way back to Obama.

      • The NRA holds back any sensible gun laws. The reason it’s tough to buy a Tommy gun, the NRA. The reason it’s tough to saw your shotty, the NRA. Now you’ve just become a pawn to the gun manufacturers.

        I love the reference to the 2016 election, you gonna have those results engraved on your tombstone?

        You say it’s conservative, it is not conservative by a long shot. There’s a reason Wallace’s running mate was LeMay. This isn’t conservative at all it is filled with your whatever BS allows you to hate on libs and Dems. If it were conservative you wouldn’t be so much on the side of WFB, LeMay, George Wallace, Newt Gingrich and the rest of your ragtag bunch of losers.

        Sorry, you do have the right to own a gun for personal protection, but you have no idea on what I think about guns, how I think about minorities or who I voted for. So quit assuming, it makes you look as stupid as your arguments.

      • There you go again. That’s why you’re on yet another round of losing. Ad hominem 24/7. The gift that keeps on giving. You will never learn.

        You are right about one thing: What gun safety there is, is largely due to the NRA, not Democrats.

        Yes it was conservative, even if it did not view itself that way at the time. LeMay and Wallace were not conservatives but reactionaries. Even so, it was mainly Republicans, not Democrats, who pushed through Civil Rights. But you can’t grasp the philosophical point. Today’s radical feminists, queer theorists, and transgender activists have nothing in common with blacks living under Jim Crow up to the middle 60s. They completely debase the meaning of that episode in American history, when they pretend that “systemic” racism today is even worse then at that time. What utter nonsense.

        I know exactly what you think because you are completely predictable. Your screen name says it all. You are a herd animal, probably a CNN bot. You have the spontaneity and independence of thought of the battery bunny modeled on Al Gore.

        You are just another leftwing conspiracy theorist. It’s all the gun manufacturers, the insurance companies, the oil companies, The NRA, Fox news, talk-radio, the Russians, the Russians, etc., etc. etc.

      • Lol, ad hominem? Is that the only logical fallacy conservatives know? You guys are so sensitive. You call me a conspiracy theorist. Yet you don’t see that as an attack?

        So if it is so conservative, why doesn’t the NRA continue on it’s path of responsible legislation. It makes no sense to say back then it was conservative, but now conservatives want nothing to do with any gun legislation. I’d think a conservative now would say it’s my shotgun, so I can modify it however I want.

        You can call it conservative, but that doesn’t make it so. Both LeMay and Wallace were conservative, being reactionary has nothing to do with it. You continue to make points without any evidence to back up these points. The civil rights movement was not conservative. If it were was why was Hoover having the phones tapped of all the leaders? Was Hoover a liberal? Oh yeah, racism is dead. Of course! That’s moronic, ever since the modern conservative movement began, WFB was racist, don’t believe me? Watch him debate James Baldwin.

        Lol more ad hominem from the sensitive whittle guy. Herd animal? That’s hilarious!!

        No conspiracy theorist. That’s funny too.

      • We have enough gun legislation. The Parkland shooting obviously exposed massive government incompetence at every level. Followed up by smug attacks on the NRA by the like of Scott Israel (who should probably be charged with 17 negligent homicides) and by the CNN lynch mob, we have the most compelling evidence we could ever need for a robust 2nd Amendment, the one you are trying to abolish.

        So enough with your irrelevant gibberish, you with the DNA of hereford cattle.

      • You know how many tips the FBI gets? Blaming the FBI is weak. I’m not blaming the memebers of the NRA. I’m blaming their leadership.

        Lol are you dissing on my DNA? That’s ridiculous. This is why you’re gonna lose, always failing into attack mode. Tsk tsk

      • “You know how many tips the FBI gets? Blaming the FBI is weak.”
        What’s REALLY weak is your trolling efforts.
        What’s also weak is this weak-sauce comment. Jesus, you can’t be THAT stupid, can you?
        The FBI had ONE JOB. And they utterly failed.
        Any dipstick with half a brain can see that the FBI shat all over themselves, but you lack even that rudimentary requirement.
        Take a hike, bonehead.

      • Lol whoa troll accusation, plus insults. No it is you sir that’s the insult. I like to discuss with different people different things. So how about you just leave me be and ignore it, or whine about it to somebody else.

      • These were more than tips. Numerous, emphatic tips. Calls for intervention. 39 house calls. 18 phone calls. Social media posts. Local police as well as the FBI. If you don’t see something wrong there but just a problem with the NRA, that’s why you are going to lose the next rounds of elections (we still have them in this country–you haven’t been able to annul them yet). What happened at Parkland is the best proofs that (1) our smugly incompetent higher-ups in the gub’mint are not capable of protecting us, and (2) you need the 2nd for self-protection. That’s the conclusion most people on the fence will draw. Of all the recent shootings, this is the least facially a “gun control” problem.

        All the same, I favor raising the age on ARs, banning bump stocks, and enforcing existing legislation.

      • Hay man, I’m a southerner, so you know I’ve been around plenty of guns. I’m not against guns. I’m well aware of the populace that are safe gun owners. My parents are part of this bunch. It just seems that there is a problem, and the NRA doesn’t want to address it. I’m of the line of thought that we can solve this with compromise, but in these times nobody trusts the other side so we cannot discuss things as easily as it should be.

  59. Welcome Julie! You won’t regret this decision and you are much needed. Thank you!!!

  60. Now it appears the armed deputy who failed to intervene was in fact following orders as laid down in his ‘rules of engagement’ as agreed by the school administration and police authorities.

    He was not permitted to arrest or speak sternly even, to a pupil.

    It seems to me he has been made a scapegoat by those same authorities.

  61. Ya know the NRA was against the banning of the Thompson and sawed-offs in the 30’s? My how far you’ve fallen. You’re just a tool of weapon manufacturers. It’s like taking pills and joining a pharma lobby.

    • You’re just a tool of George Soros and the rest of the greedy socialists.

      • Lol yeah? Well he owes me lots of money than. Aren’t you just a tool of the opposite.

    • Sawed off shotgun ban was upheld on SCOTUS review on the grounds that plaintiff failed to demonstrate such weapons had a valid military purpose. Notice the argument was NOT that there was no valid military purpose. In fact, sawed off shotguns, called “trench brooms”, were widely used in WWI. But plaintiffs failed to present that fact in court, and that was sufficient cause for SCOTUS to uphold a direct infringement of a fundamental civil liberty.

      Kinda makes ya wonder what kind of country we live in, doesn’t it?

      • No not really. Thanks for the WWI fact. I do like learning things I didn’t know. I dunno if I should be sad people don’t have sawed-off shotguns anymore.

      • You should be sad that SCOTUS was willing to endorse a direct infringement of a fundamental civil liberty, on the basis of a superficial and factually false legal technicality.

        Then a few years later came the SCOTUS decree that the commerce clause, designed to stop interstate trade wars, gave the federal government the power to forbid a farmer from growing wheat on his own land to feed his own family.

        It is the nature of government, and of the people who work in government, to constantly work to expand its reach and power. Holding that natural tendency in check is a thankless and never-ending task. “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” That is a law of nature.

      • I’m not really that worried about a government takeover of freedoms. They take freedoms all the time and we peons argue about it. I like to smoke pot, but it’s of legal in my state, I can be put in jail. I’m a professional, I have a family, but I can’t relax how I want. Some people aren’t good with the ladies, they like prostitutes, they lose their freedoms. They already have taken many freedoms. There are many rights that seem to infringe on others. Guns seem to be a problem in many situations, we need to come to a consensus on how to limit access to those that would cause harm with them.

  62. Attacking the NRA because a homicidal maniac shot up a school is like attacking the SPCA after a pit bull mauls a child.
    I renewed my lapsed NRA membership the same night as that obnoxious kabuki theater on CNN. Thanks for the reminder!

  63. Yep, I joined the very day I witnessed the two-minutes hate debacle on CNN. What the hell is happening!? Whatever it is, it clearly has been a long time in the making. And I will join in boycotting any company that boycotts a civil rights organization as important, rational and measured as the NRA.

  64. Tomorrow, I will mail application forms and checks to the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation.

    Then I will go to the range and get in some practice.


    * Train every teacher who wants a CCW for free.
    * Purchase those guns for them, free.
    * Purchase the ammo for them, free.
    * Buy all those hand guns of the same brand and caliber.
    * Teach them to breakdown the gun, clean it, and reassemble.
    * Keep the gun’s locked up in a gun safe in the school office after school each day.
    * Have selected CCW teachers check in each morning to pick up their gun.
    They can return it to the gun safe before they leave for home each day.
    * All of their practice at the range should be free. Ammo included.
    * All teachers who participate should receive annual merit pay.
    * Once a year test those teachers for competency on the range and on shooting safety knowledge.
    * Reward them financially for passing both tests.

    • One more
      * Have assault rifle owners pay for all that

      • You guys always want free stuff paid for by the better off blue states. 64% of US GDP was from counties that voted for Clinton. And we’re tired of subsidizing you guys.

      • Good approach. If you don’t like the fact, call it fake. In 2000, it was 10% less. Which explains a good part of the Trump voter anger. Just too bad that Trumps policies are not aimed at helping them.

        “Our observation: The less-than-500 counties that Hillary Clinton carried nationwide encompassed a massive 64 percent of America’s economic activity as measured by total output in 2015. By contrast, the more-than-2,600 counties that Donald Trump won generated just 36 percent of the country’s output—just a little more than one-third of the nation’s economic activity.”

  66. I am a committed non-joiner. I don’t like being part of any group, especially if it costs money to join. However, I do want to make an exception with the NRA. This right must never be taken from us.

  67. I don’t own a gun, but I joined yesterday on general principle.

  68. Good for you Ms. Kelly. May God have mercy on America. Those of you who pray, keep praying for this land.

  69. I just re-joined. And the left’s hatred of us works wonders as a GOTV tool.

  70. The FBI, the local police and the school all ignored multiple warnings in this Florida case. In addition the officers that were there did not respond. Liberals answer is disarm and trust the government to protect you.
    I’ll keep my guns and I’ll trust myself to respond faster and more efficiently should I be threatened.

    • No, liberals answer is to address assault weapons. Most are fine with Heller, but we don’t pretend the limits stated don’t exist. It’s the conservatives that ‘want the government to protect us’. I guess now the ‘put armed officers in schools’ has fallen out of favor as they are all incompetent. (I thought you guys supported the police) Now we are supposed to arm teachers. Who are government employees.

      • You don’t know the first thing about assault weapons, or you do and you are lying. In either case, we’re not listening anymore.

  71. I would stand up and applaud a GREAT article and someone who actually STOOD UP and TOLD THE TRUTH!
    This “Political Correctness” is, and I said this 10 YEARS AGO, going to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY!
    If I cannot stand and tell YOU the TRUTH and YOU cannot stand and tell ME the TRUTH, then, you know what?
    If we can’t HANDLE the truth SNOWFLAKES, you WILL FAIL!!!!!!!! There just is NO WAY AROUND THAT FACT!!!!!!!!
    IF you HATE me, and you tell me that, MAYBE we can work it out! IF you HATE me and tell me you don’t? We will NEVER work it out BECAUSE YOU LIED!
    FACTS are TRUE, and when you deal wit the TRUTH, reasonable people can ALWAYS work through differences to at least get to a “truce”.
    LIES go NOWHERE but to more lies and more, and more!

  72. I have been a NRA Member since 1958, they were VERY MUCH a part of how we “grew up” out here in the country! Marine Corps training made me “understand” even better how/what a weapon was used and then being a US Marshal for some years made me understand a lot more! Proud of that little card, never even thought about using the “discounts”, the CARD was the important thing to ME! I plan to have that card STILL active the day I die!

  73. “Although I’ve always been somewhat open-minded about gun control, especially high-powered weapons, the current mob mentality of the Left—incited by propagandists in the media—has closed my mind.”

    Sure you have, Julie…sure you have.


  74. A slight edit to reflect what most Americans feel.. “Did you crawl out of that press conference on your hands and knees, begging for forgiveness” for years of ensuring access to assault weapons, and that criminals and the mentally ill have easy access to these weapons without background checks at gun shows.

    • Cruz never would have had access if the gooberment had done it’s job. Nice try, goober.

      • True. So since government employees are incompetent, the answer clearly is to arm more of them.

    • All lies. You miss the point of the article. We’re getting tired of being lied about and lied to by people like you.

      • Lies? More like truths you are ignorant about. Might as well say ‘the sky isn’t blue’ because you don’t like blue.

        “The legislation by Cornyn has 35 co-sponsors in the Senate. The plan would not expand background checks but tighten reporting requirements for military and federal agencies.”

        ‘Not expanding’ clearly refers to this: “Such weapons can also be sold at gun shows by unlicensed sellers, who are not required by law in most states, including Texas, to conduct background checks. A bill to close the “gun show” loophole was introduced in last year but never received a hearing.”

      • So which school shooter/terrorist got their guns from a gun show without getting a background check?

      • None. But they would if they couldn’t otherwise. Kind of like cracking down on teenage drinking by prohibiting some liquor stores from checking ID.

  75. We are having a “Federalist 28” moment right now. The anti-Trump coup has so far been bloodless, but it is a reminder that power always corrupts and we should never relinquish our right to bear arms to defend ourselves against the tyranny that is always right outside the door.

  76. It all stems from their basic dishonesty and complete lack of morals.

  77. The Deep State is completely corrupt and totally incompetent and they demand we give up our right to defend ourselves.

  78. A good article which lays out why a lot of Americans who have been paying attention are furious about the government and media.

    Now that you are an NRA member, congratulations. I hope you begin now to more closely examine the false tropes the gun control movement uses to sway emotions over facts and logic, beginning with your “Although I’ve always been somewhat open-minded about gun control, especially high-powered weapons” statement.

  79. No Democrat can ever be allowed near any position of authority, trust or competence. Especially authority.

  80. “The Left’s lynch mob is not just aimed at gun owners. Since Trump’s election, a female cabinet member was almost physically attacked, top officials are getting a record number of death threats, and women in the administration have been mocked, vilified and berated in a vile manner that is unprecedented. A lunatic opened fire on Republican lawmakers, almost killing one, and a Republican senator was assaulted in his home.”

    People have been carjacked, kidnapped, and assaulted in the streets on their way to political rallies. It is going to get worse.

  81. Our FBI is corrupt and dangerous!

    Dems Want to ban all guns so we can’t Fight back!

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

  82. just another super narcissist in the mold of obama…under qualified and over hyped

  83. FBI fails…liberal democrat school “leadership” and policy fails…Broward County Police fails…

    Hey, let’s use grieving and angry high school students and corporate national media to attack the NRA and it’s millions of law abiding citizens and American Patriots.

    The liberal/progressive mind is truly sick, twisted, and demented.

  84. Much, much better than cutting an AR-15 in half. Kudos to you, Ms. Kelly!