The Russian Indictments: Who’s Laughing Now?

I recall the time when President George W. Bush claimed to have looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and seen a soul. My response: “Whose?”

In 2006, while I warned Putin was a Stalin-wannabe and enemy of the United States, the Swamp’s “sophisticated” foreign policy swells contemptuously chuckled at my antiquated “Cold War” paranoia. Six years later, when Mitt Romney argued Russia was the most dangerous threat to the United States, he found himself similarly dismissed. Two years after that, when House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) sounded the alarm over Russian information warfare against the United States, the Obama Administration ignored his warnings and approved Putin controlling 20 percent of our uranium deposits.

So much for Bush seeing souls and Obama’s reset. Sadly, we were but a few of the many voices over the past two decades derided and dismissed respecting Russia’s aims to undermine the United States at home and abroad.

But what of today? With the Swamp’s political class and the lemming media in full clamor over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s announcement that 13 Russian nationals have been indicted for their attempts to to interfere in America’s 2016 election, one would be tempted to think the true nature of Putin’s revanchist kleptocracy is finally exposed and that those who formerly mocked concern over Russia might finally be ready to do what they can to impede it now.

But one would be wrong.

Given the immense scope of America’s intelligence, counterintelligence, law enforcement, and defense entities entrusted with monitoring the espionage and interference of other nations, why did it take a special counsel to catch this ham-fisted, half-assed gaggle of Russian spooks?

The present “concern” over Russia’s threat to the United States would be a welcome change from the past indifference and apologies from members of the Swamp in the pursuit of profit, if it were sincere. Yet, like fame, infamy is fleeting—especially when founded upon domestic American partisan political considerations. Thus, there exists the distinct danger that the newfound awareness of Russia’s malicious designs on our democracy will recede when the domestic political stakes of “Russia-gate” are ultimately settled.

Once one side is determined right and the other side wrong, both sides will return to attacking each other on the next “crisis” that affords them the opportunity of scoring more political points.

Therefore, in assessing and countering covert Russian aggression against the United States, clearly the current din over the indictments of these Russians is not evidence of a comprehensive solution. These slapdash indictments, in fact, are symptomatic of a larger problem.

In its fathomless hubris, venality and myopia, the swamp remains willfully blind to today’s true contest. The contest is not every four years between establishment Republicans and Democrats tickle fighting over the swamp’s spoils. It is the eternal contest between liberty and tyranny.

Just as in the fight against fascism, Communism, and Japanese imperialism in the 20th century, America and her sister democracies remain engaged in a “bitter twilight struggle” against rival models of governance such as authoritarian Russia, Communist China, and theocratic Iran. Fundamentally, democracy holds that individual liberty is the foundation of prosperity and security; these rival models of governance proffer that individual liberty is the enemy of prosperity and security.

Consequently, America and her allies in liberty must remain ever vigilant against theses rival models of government and their tyrannical brethren. They are playing a long game to win by any means necessary—including information warfare, cyber-hacking, and other covert subversions—all of which and more we must anticipate and counter if we mean to win.

One thing upon which America, her allies, and our common opponents can agree is that the stakes are great and the world is watching.

The world had better see a whole lot more from America than Mueller’s 13 indicted Facebook friends of Fancy Bear ensconced fat and sassy in Mother Russia while Putin laughs his ass off.

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38 responses to “The Russian Indictments: Who’s Laughing Now?

  • 1. Saying that Russia wasn’t our primary geopolitical rival (that’s clearly China) isn’t the same thing as denying that Russia can be a problem.
    2. Obama imposed sanctions against Russia. Trump has declined to do so.
    3. Why is there no mention in this article of Donald Trump’s statements regarding Putin, such as (a) “our country’s not so innocent,” and (b) “he told me he didn’t meddle”?

    • Was handing the Russians one-fifth of our uranium reserves one of Obama’s “sanctions?” Or do you apply the word to that big red “RESET” button?

      Thanks for this missive from the I-Hate-The-Donald Society. You may have noticed (but you probably didn’t) that Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned in the article.

      What bothers you most, I think, is that it’s not only possible now, but sensible, to discuss Russian influence and collusion without mentioning Trump. In fact, it’s becoming more apparent as the days pass that the issue is about to land squarely in the lap of the Democrat Party, kinda like the Boomerang From Hell.

      Me, I’m stocking up on beer and popcorn, to be consumed while I watch history being written as it is revealed, piece by damning piece, that a major American political party actively colluded with a hostile foreign power to influence the 2016 election. It’s gonna be so much fun watching the Democrats duck and run when that Boomerang finally arrives.

      • – “Handing the Russians one-fifth of our uranium reserves” is not an accurate description of what happened.
        – I didn’t go line-by-line, but I did notice the absence of any mention of Trump in the article. I think that fact is very revealing.
        – You have no idea “what bothers [me] most,” because you have no idea of my thoughts on the subject of Russia’s interference in the election. In fact, I’ve generally been skeptical that Trump himself “colluded” with Russia or Russian agents, despite that all of his actions would appear, in a normal human being, to betray guilt. But Trump’s not a normal human being.
        – I’d be surprised if at least some members of his campaign didn’t collude with Russians, although they might not have known who they were dealing with.
        – It’s crazy talk to say that the “Democrat Party” (whatever that is) is the one that “actively colluded with a hostile foreign power to influence the 2016 election.” But if that’s what happened, I say they should be prosecuted. I’m not going to denigrate Mueller or anyone else who performs such an investigation, unlike so many Trump supporters.

      • I use the term “Democrat Party” to describe the national political party that’s chock full of Democrats. It’s the same way that Republican Party describes the party of Republicans, and the Libertarian Party is the party of Libertarians. You get the idea. The parties are populated by people, not adjectives.

        Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it thoroughly pisses off some folks…..

    • -Obama sold 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia, which they likely supplied to Iran
      -Obama canceled the deployment of defensive missiles in Poland and Czech Republic because Putin was unhappy
      -Obama said nothing when Putin annexed Crimea, nor when he tried to overthrow Ukraine nor when Russia shot down a commercial airliner
      -Obama told Medveyev to tell Putin that he could be more flexible after the election
      -Obama supported Russia and OPEC by banning offshore drilling, Keystone pipeline, and impeding fracking
      -Obama allowed Putin to build a Russian base of operations in Syria

      The ONLY thing Obama did he did right before leaving office, which was to deport 30+ Russian diplomats and their families, seize Russian embassy annex property, and apply sanctions.
      Why? To poison the well for his successor and hamper any foreign relations strategies he may have with the Russians. Obama planted an IED for Trump. If he reconciled with Russia, he would again be falsely accused of collusion with the Russians. If he got tough with the Russians, the Left would accuse him of just trying to prove he was not in collusion with them. It was lose/lose, and as scummy a trick as the Clinton White House trashing the place and stealing all the “W” keys off the keyboards.
      Meanwhile, Trump’s military just wiped out 100 Russian mercs in Syria.
      Tell me again how Obama was tough on Russia.

      • – Your statement about uranium reserves is flatly false. The uranium wasn’t permitted to leave the country, so it couldn’t have been “supplied to Iran.”
        – Obama imposed multiple rounds of sanctions in 2014 in response to the Crimean issue.
        – Take a look at US energy production under Obama – it was higher every year under Obama than it was for the highest year under Bush. Oil prices right now are about double what they were 2 years ago.

        I’m not saying that Obama did everything right on Russia, Syria, or anything else. But no one would say if Trump imposed the sanctions authorized by Congress that he was doing so only to “prove he wasn’t in collusion with them.”

      • The uranium wasn’t permitted to leave the country, so it couldn’t have been “supplied to Iran.” You are exactly right that it was transshipped by way of Canada. Who knows what hqppened to the stuff after it was shipped to another sovereign country!!

  • Russia is a white Christian nation. America used to be and still in many ways is a white Christian nation. Jews the enemy of Christ and Christians do not want two great white Christian nations uniting to solve the worlds problems but would much prefer white Christian Russia and white Christian America kill each other. Do you see how the devil works?

  • “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln

  • McCotter is something of a loon on this point. The people meddling in the last election were our allies; GCHQ, MI6 and the rest of the Five Eyes. They put the Steele Dossier together for the benefit of the Clinton campaign; they gave it to Obama’s hacks in DoJ and the FBI and they continue to work against us.

  • “Fundamentally, democracy holds that individual liberty is the foundation of prosperity and security; these rival models of governance proffer that individual liberty is the enemy of prosperity and security.”

    Just about the only country in the West that doesn’t put people in jail for dissent from the approved narrative is the U.S.. and when mass migration puts the left into permanent power they’ll do it here, too. The entire history of the last 50 years in the West is the history of the elite slowly raping democracy, justice, and freedom to death while centralizing, gathering all the power and wealth into their hands and literally putting their own nations to death. This kind of GOPe/Establishment Conservative tripe just won’t fly anymore.

    The left, with pseudo-conservative connivance, has made a pig sty out of the West. Other traditional societies look in horror at what the West has become, and it’s not surprising that they are looking for other, less suicidal, modes of government.

  • Here is what this is looking like. Russia, like everyone else, believes Clinton to be the next Pres. Russians are not unhappy about that, as she has proven quite amenable to serving Russian interests in her tenure as Sec of State. But they do not want a strong Clinton- they want a weakened one, for then she is more easily pushed around. So they support any and every non-Clinton candidate- Trump, Stein, Saunders. They try to sell dirt on Clinton to Trump (no success), and do sell dirt on Trump to Clinton. Once Trump is elected, they support anti-Trump factions. The interest of the Russians is discord. The MSM has aided them in that, big time. This had no impact on the actual election.

    • Too bad we gave too little support to Putin’s domestic opponents when it could have helped.

  • It seems as if many recent legal and intelligence agency leaders have been trying to create a domestic secret police with maximum power and no accountability. Likewise, many federal judges have been trying to enforce their will arbitrarily. Too many voters and members of Congress are still asleep at the switch.

  • I say we dump the totally worthless Western European’s and start working with Russia instead.Putin kills terrorists and is the only world leader besides our’s that stand up for the existence of the white race

  • A simple minded analysis by a simple minded guy. An old fashioned view of the world as full of good guys with white hats and bad guys with black ones. Sadly, we have a world full of MAGA hats, red ones sported by stupid people. This is claptrap that is aimed at tenth graders. America had stumbled around like a drunken slob in world politics since WWII. We tied in Korea, barely, and got our ass kicked in Viet Nam and Cuba. We are going to lose in Afghanistan and have made a total mess out of Iraq. But we handled those Grenadians pretty well. We’ve screwed up Libya, Iran, Chile, Egypt, Laos, and on and on. We should just stay home. This silly guys wants everything to be as clear as it was then. But it ain’t

    • I think if America is clear on their expectations, as President Trump has been, through Nicki Haley and Tillerson and Mad Dog Mateus, the world will be a less messy place. The politicians, like the Clintons and Obamas,and maybe even Bush, who were openly up for bribes and willing to sell out our country for their own enrichment , have entangled us in places we had no business to be and given away power to countries that had no reason to possess it.

      • America should stay home. Our foreign policy is a mistake followed by a miscue, followed by a screw up.

    • More muttering from a bitter, brain dead anti-Trumper. You use the same tired narrative – Trump supporters are dull and not well educated. Really? Do you see us walking around in public dressed as female genetalia? Do you see us supporting screaming at the sky because someone that we support lost an election? Are we the ones who are anti-science and argue that your chromosomes don’t define your gender, it’s your “feelings” instead? Perhaps these examples don’t prove that the left is dull and poorly educated. Perhaps they simply show that leftists are mentally ill.

      • You nearly captured it. Trump lost the popular vote y 3 million and his popularity has fallen a mile since. He is down to his “core”: 50+, under-educated, gullible, vulgar, low-fiunctioning, bigoted, angry, misogynist, pistol-packin, white, male slobs. Plus a few other misfits thrown in. That is exactly what I think. And the stats totally support it. Chromosomes determine sex; not gender. Get educated. And the pussy hrs: I was not impressed, but it must have stirred the blood of many prominent Republicans: Trump, Giuliani, Limbaugh, Mnuchin, Porter, O’Reilly, Ross, and the pack a rabid dogs that surround the Groper in Chief.

      • “Trump lost the popular vote y 3 million”

        Really tired old trope and a canard. In a state with massive population and the largest illegal alien population granted the right to vote winning California by 3 million is irrelevant. Trump won the important vote that of the vast majority of states in the electoral college.

        “and his popularity has fallen a mile since.”

        It’s actually rising and was the same as Obama’s who had overwhelmingly positive press coverage, but was derided for his lack of leadership, a clue, and was found to be a liar.

        “He is down to his “core”: 50+, under-educated, gullible, vulgar,
        low-fiunctioning, bigoted, angry, misogynist, pistol-packin, white, male slobs.”

        I see you are a master of the low intellect juvenile smear we have come to associate with progressives and democrats. All words created by fascists, used by cowards like you to motivate the morons in your base. Nothing more.

        You say get educated, but the reality is the people whop support Trump, participated in the Tea Party movement are for more intelligent and knowledgeable than the garden variety smear merchant like you. The politics of your paranoid hatred is
        the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • I anticipated your response and it really reveals who are truly the stupid, under-educated, slobs and it begins with BCML and it includes a lot of self-righteous progressives who are filled with hate and are establishing themselves as the neo-National Socialists of America. Your comments read like the typical Nazi racial rants and hatreds only you substitute the terms “under-educated, gullible, vulgar, low-fiunctioning, bigoted, angry,
        misogynist, pistol-packin, white, male slobs. Plus a few other misfits
        thrown in.” for Jude, gypsy, catholic, undesirable.

  • More importantly the swamp infests the entire Democratic Party, the global media/entertainment complex and part of the Republican party.

  • This would all have been avoided if we had followed the advice of Jessa Jacksa in 1988: “Stay out the Bushes!”

  • Unfortunately, the goal is to “get Trump,” not protect the country. The FBI is now so lame it can’t stop someone who makes a threat on social media using his real name. You want them to stop international espionage? Fat chance.

      • Why not get Obama and Hillary first? they are the ones responsible for the meddling by Russia and the current state of chaos internally and across the globe.

  • Get over yourself, McCotter. Russia is none of our concern. In fact, if you want to thwart Russians, we could simply empower Germany by withdrawing from NATO. After all, you’re so concerned about Russian involvement in Europe and the USA, but do you worry equally about the third world invasion of white nations? Haven’t heard a peep out of you on that very important subject.

  • “why did it take a special counsel to catch this ham-fisted, half-assed gaggle of Russian spooks?”.The answer to this conundrum lies in the nature of bureacracies in advanced democracies. They are typically run by career bureaucrats who have perfected the art of covering up embarrassing screw ups throughout the bureacracy. Solution: no bureacracy should ever be run, managed, directed by a careerist. Proven, successful business executives from outside government should be prevailed upon to serve their country for several years by taking on responsibility for leading important bureacracies. Tillerson is a case in point. It’s the only solution to mismanaged government entities.

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