Once Again, A House Divided

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. —Mark 3:25 (King James Version)

In the wake of the horrific shootings in Parkland, Florida, shouldn’t the people of this country be united in grief? Apparently not. Innocent victims are not yet buried, but rather than allowing us to mourn together over these senseless murders, the Left chooses to go on politicizing this heart-rending tragedy. The solitary reminder that the entire country is in mourning is that flags are at half mast—but the Left isn’t otherwise known for its demonstrations of respect for Old Glory.

Do I expect Democrats and Republicans to be united in their approach to solving the horror of mass killings? Unfortunately, no. Most likely there never will be agreement among the people of these United States when it comes to gun ownership: how best to interpret and conserve the Second Amendment of the Constitution; or whether, as some wish, to simply discard it entirely. Never has it been more abundantly clear that the left prefers to indulge their hatred for fellow Americans with whom they disagree over constructive discourse on any number of issues—from expressions of faith to the value of human life. Indeed, the context of the biblical reference to “a house divided” is not about issues and beliefs—it is about the hardening of hearts.

Call me an idealist, but I never expected such an atrocity to be the launching pad for liberals to drop f-bombs on anyone who won’t bow before the specifics of their command-and-control agenda. Their salvos further fracture any chance of actual discourse, which is the only means to explore possible solutions to the grave issues that divide us. From news to social media, rather than acknowledge that all persons across the political spectrum are in shock and grieving, the Left uses the horror of these senseless murders to blame and lash out at their political opponents for any number of other issues about which we disagree.

Among many divisive posts on Facebook, one of the more abhorrent I’ve read came from a young woman I once thought I knew. She says “Are you ready to blow up congress yet? Because I am. Those useless fucking asswipes take gun lobby money and chuckle through their ‘thoughts and prayers’ while … children bleed out in the hallway.”

Sorry, lady, but nobody (save, perhaps, the killer and others like him) chuckles when children are killed. Your perverse accusation says everything about the depth of your hatred toward others, and shuts down any meaningful conversation about the Second Amendment—or anything else, for that matter. You already have decided that those who own firearms certainly must intend to kill other people, when in fact most own firearms in order to protect life, hoping they never will have cause to do so. Since you don’t want to engage in discourse that might actually make a difference, you resort to a vile accusation.

And let’s not ignore the special jab ridiculing persons of faith—religion being something that many leftists want to eradicate. It’s not enough for some on the Left to disregard the Second Amendment—why not chuck the First Amendment, too?

A duplicity is inherent in leftist ideology. When President Trump addressed the nation and sincerely offered his “prayers and condolences to the family of the victims,” or when any person on the Right offers his thoughts and prayers, the Left is quick to castigate and ridicule that person—sympathy and prayer are subject to their immediate scorn and derision. They refuse to recognize that in times of great despair, consolation can heal hearts, and prayer becomes the bedrock for action. Those same leftists laud the sensitivity and caring of their idolized celebrities when they tweet phrases such as “my heart is with the students and parents” (Ellen DeGeneres), or “sending light and healing to the students” (Adam Lambert).

Another unconscionable statement now circulating comes from some deep thinker who tweets using the name Nathan G:

So this person admits that the occupant of a woman’s uterus is actually a child? Yet again, a liberal callously uses the shooting tragedy to fling an incendiary comment at the Right to Life movement, and not so subtly implies that those who fight to protect the life of an unborn child don’t care about the loss of life outside of the womb. This is despicable tripe rooted in the false narrative that one cannot be seriously “pro-life” unless one ascribes to the Left’s agenda. It’s yet another heinous ploy to circumvent any constructive conversation about stopping mass killings.

Ironically, a brain-trust respondent to Nathan G suggests:

Wait, what? Funny that when Republicans suggest this very solution—to harden schools against attacks instead of advertising them as “gun free zones”—the Left becomes infuriated that we don’t instead ban all firearms. In any case, President Trump’s adult children have stated they will decline Secret Service protection once their father is out of the White House.

And so the adolescent finger-pointing continues. Lefties hide within the safe-spaces of social media and say that which they would never dare to utter in the face of their supposed adversaries. Their sardonic name-calling includes charges that those on the right and President Trump are mentally ill, that Republicans in Congress are spineless cowards, and that they all have blood on their hands.

Is it not clear who demonstrates a hardening of hearts? Just in case there is any uncertainty, let’s revisit President Trump’s first State of the Union Address, when Democrats conspicuously exhibited their lack of compassion. They hurl vicious and unfounded accusations that conservatives don’t care when school children die, but their behavior was reprehensible—refusing to stand, sitting stone-faced and silent instead of honoring the family whose daughter and her friend were murdered by the MS-13 gang. Not all Democrats stood to honor Steve Scalise after he survived a mass shooting attempt, nor did they stand to honor the patriotism of a 12 year-old boy who placed 40,000 flags on the graves of veterans.

So, while an entire country grieves the deaths of fifteen high school students and the two unarmed heroes who tried to protect them, while this country is still reeling in shock as we learn more about the deranged killer—it is the Left who politicize this tragedy, and who use dead children as pawns as they shamelessly push an agenda demonstrably unrelated to the problem. Theirs are the hearts that are hardened—not because they aren’t in grief over this recent tragedy, but because they believe only they are capable of grief and only they operate in good faith. Meanwhile, they slander and defame anyone who isn’t one of their own.

If this country begins to lose it footing and becomes the house that cannot stand—it will be because the Left willfully divides us, willfully widens a chasm, and has divided the house that represents and serves every citizen in this country. Not even our flag at half-mast is enough to remind them we are meant to be united—if not over certain political issues and beliefs, then at least in our profound grief.

About Michele Bregande

Michele Bregande has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas and did graduate studies in art history and museum education at the College of William and Mary. She is a former arts and museum educator and exhibit designer. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, and artist.

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9 responses to “Once Again, A House Divided”

  1. It’s been evident for some time that we are headed for civil war because the Left will be stopped in no other way. It’s just a matter of time before people wake up to that fact.

  2. Michele, You need to read history, real original source history, not the communist, SJW crap the current crop of “historians” produces. When you do you will find that the leaders of the left always seeks violent conflict. From the French Revolution to today’s antifa is a consistent meme of beating up the opposition and killing them if they win. This is not any different. The leadership of the left seeks power and uses Utopian promises to indoctrinate the ignorant into following them. America’s left leadership has spent 30 years making its mob. Cloward Piven strategy has reduced most Blacks to seeing the world as if they were victims and now the BLM mindset is putting them into the streets to “do battle.” Our young in general have been indoctrinated into self loathing and hatred of their own country to the point they join anti fa. On top of it all they have built a propaganda machine of their indoctrinated to spread discord and hate. Yes, a war is coming. The left wants it because it is their path to the power they seek.

    • I agree with you. Fortunately, I am married to a professor at a conservative university and we are surrounded by true scholars. I am most aware of the revisionist tripe that is churned out by the so called “historians” in liberal academia. My husband and I were just tonight discussing how the French Revolution seems to have set a model and laid the path for the nonsense we endure these days.

      • I do not agree about the French Revolution. What we are seeing today is being planned and executed by well trained mob psychologists based upon the work of Le Bon, Berneys, Lippman and those who have followed them. There is nothing “spontaneous” about any of it. The event that triggers a propaganda campaign is random, but the campaign has been planned for years. The people doing this to us have a goal. The model for the elite planning these actions is found in the German bureaucratic state built upon the work of Frederick and his employee, Hegel. There is nothing cabal like about it. Since Bismarck built Germany based upon the Prussian bureaucratic state model, the bureaucratic state has been the goal of the elite in every country. Their goal of a global bureaucratic state requires the rest of humanity become servants of the bureaucrat. What they do not recognize is entropy, which dooms their goal to becoming a hell on earth, the nearer they come to achieving it.

  3. Intense essay. To me, for quite a while, the country has seemed so very divided, with the divisions being so drastic as to brook no compromise, that our beloved nation must be divided up. And it just remains figuring out the geography. Sad to say I would most likely have to move since my state is aggressive in her leftism.

    Although one amazing thing that remains and gives hope is that our population’s beliefs are split nearly 50-50. Incredible. Especially in light of the left’s dominance in the worlds of academics, entertainment, and news media. Absent that influence, perhaps our nation would turn out to be more conservative, liberty loving, and at peace within herself.

    • Luckily, there are still a few gems in the world of academia – universities committed to a classical education that is a formation and not an indoctrination. I have to believe (and hope) that in these next few years, as we watch liberals run in crazy little circles, the conservatives in academia, entertainment, and news media will flourish. I feel that we will grow our constituency as more left-to-center voters abandon the insanity, and as upcoming young voters figure out that the Lefties are simply vacuous bullies.

  4. When evaluating any public figure or activist calling for major constitutional changes in this country, you have a right to objectively evaluate the source. This young man David Hogg has made himself a public figure and is calling for the removal of elected officials if they don’t comply to certain demands. Though he did mention his father was former FBI he FAILED to mention he CURRENTLY works for a CIA-linked defense contractor that specializes in UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE TRAINING.
    At a time when most Americans want us to play a smaller policing role on the global stage, that kind of family influence on David is important to note. As is his father close association with the CIA.

    From American Everyman Blog

  5. Maybe a lot of people are tired of being “united in grief” every couple of months…