Michael Walsh Has Advice for What Trump Should Tell the Courts

American Greatness columnist and author extraordinaire Michael Walsh returned to the Seth and Chris Show on Friday to discuss his latest essay, “DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the Lessons of ‘Glengarry, Glen Ross’” on how the federal courts have overstepped their constitutional authority and what President Trump (and Congress, if it could find the nerve) should do about it. Listen to the interview and read the transcript.

Chris Buskirk: Hi, I’m Chris Buskirk. He is Seth Leibsohn. Welcome back to the Seth and Chris Show.

We’re joined by Michael Walsh. Michael is a journalist, an author, a screenwriter. He’s a regular columnist at American Greatness. He is also the author, his most recent book is The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, which we have talked about a lot here on this show, and the sequel is coming out in May, called The Fiery Angel.

Michael, how are you?

Michael Walsh: Hey, I’m good guys. Thanks.

Chris Buskirk: Good. Good. So now we know what the, so now we know what the Russian rigging of the election amounted to. It amounted to 13 …

Michael Walsh: Yeah.

Chris Buskirk: It amounted to 13 folks, mostly let in on Obama’s watch buying some internet ads. Are you scandalized?

Michael Walsh: I’m shocked to hear that the Russians are interfering with American elections and I’ve been chocked since 1925 so, yeah.

Seth Leibsohn: No Americans, keep in mind, no Americans.

Chris Buskirk: No Americans, this is the Russians doing what they’ve done for basically the best past century, which is putting some money to try and stir the pot a little bit.

Michael Walsh: And they do it in every election and back in the day, before the internet, they did it through, you know, posters and newspapers that were sympathetic to a communist cause and, you know, disinformation is what they do. It’s what all spy agencies do so, now suddenly we’re all excited about it?

I mean, the whole thing is just ludicrously crazy.

Chris Buskirk: It’s a sham, I mean, this is absolutely ridiculous. Like what, this has never happened before? As you say, this has been going on since the 20’s.

Michael Walsh: Sure.

Chris Buskirk: Not new.

Michael Walsh: No, not new and, you know, what the left has done, this is a very good example of what they do, which is they took this factoid, which we all knew was there and then they turned it into something that implied that Trump had colluded with these guys to throw the elections. So I see the Left is all over this but I’m trying to explain to them nicely on Twitter, you know, what a nice fella I am, but this is just …

Chris Buskirk: You’re here to help.

Michael Walsh: I’m here to help and what I’m helping them with is, it’s not whether the Russians tried to influence the elections, stipulated. It’s—by collusion they mean, whether Trump illegally attempted to spread the results of the election, which even this report, this indictment says didn’t happen.

So, it’s over. But, it won’t be over because they’re too stupid to understand that but, it’s over.

Chris Buskirk: No, it’s over. It ought to be over. It’s been over. Seth and I have been saying this for over a year now but I mean this is just, its ridiculous I mean, it’s not only that they bought some anti-Hillary ads, remember they staged an anti-Trump rally with Michael Moore in New York. That may be my favorite factoid is that they were able to get Michael Moore in and apparently he was colluding with the Russians.

Seth Leibsohn: By the way, Michael, don’t you think it’s a little interesting that Robert Mueller didn’t hold the press conference himself? I was just scratching my head trying to remember a situation in which the special prosecutor of the independent council did not, he, himself lead the press conference.

Michael Walsh: Right.

Seth Leibsohn: I’m wondering if he’s afraid of ancillary questions?

Michael Walsh: Well, Friday afternoon news dump of no import because this, you know, the Left will start jumping up and down but there’s no there there. So why would Mueller embarrass himself with this trivial stuff? That’s my attitude.

You know, it’s a long weekend and like everybody else he wanted to go skiing, I guess. I don’t know.

Chris Buskirk: I want to go skiing but here we are, we’re trying to talk about what’s next for this country.

Michael Walsh: Right.

Chris Buskirk: So what’s your takeaway? I mean, if you’re thinking about this, how would you explain it to somebody that’s been sort of watching from afar but maybe isn’t well versed in all the in’s and out’s of the story, that just reads the headlines?

Michael Walsh: There is no story. That’s the whole point. There hasn’t been a story since this whole thing started because, as the Left often does, they’ve taken something that is vaguely true, but then connected it in meaning to something that is illegal and now they don’t care to make that distinction. But I believe that Mueller’s office just did in print in the indictment.

So they should just shut up and sit down but they won’t so, we’re in this forever, unfortunately guys.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, no, they like to do the . . . you realize Donald Trump wears a size 12 shoes and well, Goebbels wore a size 12 shoes, I’m just saying, you know, you connect the dots.

Michael Walsh: I just read, skimmed because I can’t take it, the Ronan Farrow piece on Trump and various Playboy models and porn girls and whatever and I thought, is this what journalism has come to? Is there anybody, for example, who didn’t think that Trump probably frisked and frolicked with porn stars and super models? Is there anybody to whom this would come as a shock?

Chris Buskirk: Anybody, anybody at all. We’re looking for one person. Yeah, exactly.

Michael Walsh: One person.

Chris Buskirk: Exactly.

Michael Walsh: Oh my goodness, I thought he was Saint Theresa. So, yeah, no I guess not. So, what is the effect of this? But, what’s more important, the New Yorker gives acres of space to what is effectively sniggering gossip and this is where we’re at in the journalism business. It is entirely devoted to sniggering gossip.

Now at least there’s some people on the record here, but I don’t care and I don’t want to read this story and I don’t think it should really matter. It speaks to character, yes. But, hey, guess what? Bill Clinton sorted that out for us, didn’t he? Back in the Monica Lewinsky days.

And we were told that a president’s private life had no impact on his performance in office, and we all should just sit down and shut up.

So, now they’re trying to drag out—this story, itself, is 10 years old and a consensual affair that went on and ended, I mean . . .

Chris Buskirk: OK, right. Next. Not ideal but, does anybody care?

Michael Walsh: Well does anybody care? Is it even news, for God’s sake? Rich and powerful men have mistresses. Hey, so what?

Chris Buskirk: Right.

Michael Walsh: Live with it.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, no, right that’s not, you’re not going to win a Pulitzer for that.

Michael Walsh: Well, no you’re not going to… but why even print it? What does it do other than create more, you know . . . fans the flames of dissension and division in the country and it makes the left who’s and, the NeverTrump Right, you know, cocksure that they are absolutely on the moral high ground.

But, you know, as I asked on Irish radio, yesterday about the shooting in Florida and listen to them all emote about guns: What are you asking for? And we know the answer. You want gun confiscation, but you just don’t have the guts to say it.

So as a result they would rather vent, than discuss any policies in a principled way. This is the same thing that’s going on here with this.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, right, this is the “any-weapon-at-hand” ethic. Doesn’t matter what it is, try and turn it into a weapon to beat your political opponents over the head with.

Michael Walsh: Correct. That’s how the Left operates.

Chris Buskirk: What, I know you’re going to deal with this a little bit in your book but, I’m not sure how much because I haven’t seen the manuscript but, what, just from a tactical aspect, what is it that, what is it the conservatives can learn, what is it that the Left does well that we would want to mimic? There’s lots of things we wouldn’t, because we have principles but, what are the things that we can do better?

Michael Walsh: Well I just think we don’t fall for their stupidity. But they’ve dumbed the country down, so you’re now dealing with this sizable segment of the population that mistakes homonyms for synonyms, and it gets duly exercised over things they misperceived or are too stupid to know what the actual word means.

So, you’re dealing with a very sub-educated cohort, that’s mostly younger—certainly younger than me, younger than you guys—but didn’t get educated properly and so they are therefore, as the Left knew when they started this program to ruin the education system, they are more susceptible to having their emotions manipulated.

So this is where we’re at and, what we have to do is call them out on it. Never accept the premise of the Left. Never. Do not give them one inch. Do not. Because they’ll just come back for more and they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.

Chris Buskirk: You know, I was having a discussion with a younger person just by way of example, Michael, yesterday who was asking me who, just kind of in his gut felt that what he was hearing from the Left, from the media on the shooting just didn’t sit right and so how am I supposed to think about this, you know, there’s been 18 school shooting’s this year alone, they obviously . . .

Michael Walsh: But, there weren’t.

Chris Buskirk: Right. Exactly right. This is the point.

I said, “First of all, the statistic is a lie and was repeated in every place yesterday.” ABC, NBC, CBS. I said, “Go and look at the…” and, I sent a link, I said, “Go and look at what those shootings are. I mean, they’re accidental discharges of firearms by police officers on school grounds are being counted in that 18.”

Michael Walsh: Yes, and some gun stuff that went off in an abandoned school building was counted. I mean, these people are so breathtakingly dishonest and a lot of it comes back to, well, the most famous one: There’s 33,000 gun deaths a year. Yeah well, two-thirds of them are people who eat their .38s, so that’s suicide …

Chris Buskirk: Right.

Michael Walsh: That’s the way … P.S. let’s get really politically incorrect about this, that’s the way men kill themselves. Woman don’t. Woman do not pick up guns and eat them. They stick their heads in ovens, they take overdoses of pills, because they don’t really mean it. So they’re hopeful that someone will find them and rescue them. Sorry, ladies, but this is the truth. When men want it over, they get it over with.

Chris Buskirk: When we come back, Michael, you’ll hear the music, we’re going to go to a quick break. When we come back I want to talk about, I want to talk about the piece that you wrote for American Greatness this week. I thought it was great and you referenced one of the, a movie that I really, really like.

Your article is called “DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the lessons of Glengarry Glen Ross.” Three things I like, or sorry, two things I like, one not so much. We’ll talk about that when we come back.

Michael Walsh is our guest. I’m Chris, he’s Seth, be right back.

I’m Chris Buskirk, he’s Seth Leibsohn. This is the Seth and Chris Show. It is also, Michael, in case you didn’t know, it’s Dolly Parton day here on the Seth and Chris show. All of our bumper music’s Dolly Parton.

Michael Walsh: Well I love Dolly Parton. I once had a very splendid evening with her at a private Beverly Hills dinner party and she was sitting right next to me and we had the most engaging … She’s a wonderfully intelligent, funny, just amazing human being. So …

Chris Buskirk: Seth and I determined that of “the woods,” we preferred Dolly to Holly.

Michael Walsh: Well, yeah, I guess. I’ve never been to Dollywood but I sure like Dolly herself.

Chris Buskirk: Exactly, we haven’t been to Dollywood either but we’re just, we’re just projecting here. We like everything about Dolly.

Last week was Kenny Rogers Friday, today is Dolly Parton. Do you have any suggestions for next Friday?

Michael Walsh: Oh God, I can’t think that far ahead, as the line from Casablanca goes so, you’re on your own there guys.

Chris Buskirk: All right well, we’ll put our brains together and come up with something.

Michael, your piece “DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the lessons of Glengarry Glen Ross.”

Michael Walsh: Yup.

Chris Buskirk: What are the lessons? Tell us about that.

Michael Walsh: Well I mean the lessons of that they’re just a, that’s just a throw away joke because . . .

Chris Buskirk: Second prize is steak knives, we know that.

Michael Walsh: Yeah well this is specifically . . . I was quoting the perhaps-apocryphal-but-who-cares line from Andrew Jackson after he got, you know, reversed by the Supreme Court and he suggested Marshall’s made his decision and let him enforce it. And this is, you know, the latest federal judge telling the president of the United States he can’t exercise his lawful authority as president of the United States because they don’t like his attitude, basically.

So, and you know, the famous line from “Glengarry Glen Ross,” which we can’t repeat on the air is, yeah, what’s your name and Alec Baldwin says, “Bleep, bleep, that’s my name.” So, that’s what the president needs to say to these federal judges. They have zero authority to overturn him or even to enjoin him from doing what is clearly a part of the executive power and he should cite the separation of powers and tell them to go pound sand.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, let them enforce it right?

Michael Walsh: Right, let them, let them. What are you going to do about it, buddy?

Chris Buskirk: Andrew Jackson ethics.

Michael Walsh: It’s about time that the federal—you know that the federal judiciary is a pet peeve of mine because it only exists at the sufferance of the Congress of the United States, except for the Supreme Court. The only court that’s actually constitutionally delineated is the Supreme Court. All other federal courts are subject to Congress creating them and keeping them in creation.

So, Congress could have abolish the entire federal judiciary tomorrow except for the Supreme Court. Not a bad idea, actually, when you think about it. But these judges are way out of control and at some point you just have to draw the line and I guess, you know, all these conversations we have a similar point, which is, at some point we have to say, “Stop. No more. We’re done with you.”

And this is one of the reasons Trump got elected and it’s one of the reasons the first year has been continuously controversial and it will continue to be controversial because at least he actually stands up to these people and it’s about time.

Chris Buskirk: Because they have abused their power, right? I mean, that’s really the point. There is . . . and, the courts, the judiciary have abused their power and the elective branches have let them get along with it for too long.

Michael Walsh: Yes well, Congress is supine and spineless so, like I said, Congress could literally close them all tomorrow and that thing, there was nothing they could do about it.

So, that’s an object lesson in power that they need to be reminded of and, you know, we’re not calling for disobedience of federal court orders, but in this case, the federal court literally has no jurisdiction and P.S., neither does the Supreme Court in any matter that is not articulated in Article III of the Constitution, which, by the way, are very, very few things at which it has primary or secondary appellate authority and if Congress wishes to remove anything from the Supreme Court that’s not listed on the Constitution, they can do it and then what they say is, “Sorry, you don’t get to rule on this anymore. Go find something else to do.”

And Americans have forgotten that because the Left turned to the courts starting in the ’60s to get policy in place that they couldn’t get through the legitimate functioning of government. So they look at the court as the last resort because they only have to come up to one or two or three or five members to their side and then they get what they want.

This is not the way that the United States government is run and the court was always meant to be the least and last of the three branches and it’s about time that we got reminded where it belongs.

Chris Buskirk: How would that, how do you think that would lay out? What would that, what would Congress have to do? I mean, I understand technically what they would have to do but, what, from a practical, political standpoint, what do you think it would take to get congress to act in its own interest and in the interest of its constituents?

Michael Walsh: Well, first of all the president can just say, this is an executive order, which countermands the previous executive order and tough, I don’t care if you don’t like why I did it. It doesn’t matter. That’s not your sphere of adjudication.

So Congress could certainly, as I just said, take certain very contentious elements out of the court system entirely. Abortion could be, for example, one of them. Just say, abortion is now removed from your purview.

Every state will vote on abortion, and that’s it. You like it or you lump it. But, of course, the left managed to find a two Minnesota softheaded judges, the Minnesota twins, under Nixon to vote in a very sappy way and sentimentalizing what they thought was the plight of the women and how many dead babies have we got since Roe v. Wade? Do you want body counts, we can show them to you.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, it’s nearly, what is it, nearly, what is it? 45 or 50 million something like that?

Michael Walsh: Oh yes, and just consider how different the country would be.

First of all, you’d have all those people plus their descendants so you wouldn’t have any need for immigration, A . . .

Chris Buskirk: Exactly.

Michael Walsh: B, you’d have these people working and paying into the, oh, I don’t know, what’s it called . . . ? The Social Security/Medicare system, right? So that wouldn’t be in jeopardy because you’d have a much higher percentage of working people except, they’re dead so, if you don’t think the left knew that going in then, you’re too naïve to function.

Chris Buskirk: I mean the latest numbers that I see are for 2014: 652,000 abortions in the United States in that year. I mean it’s down from its peak, which was 1996, or actually ’93, I guess, 1.3 million—so, that’s a good thing. But this is a lot of potential Americans that were never born.

Michael Walsh: No and it’s corrupted the society. It’s inured the society of what the reality of it is.

I remember one time in the Soviet Union, one of the women reporters there, said, “If you really want to see Soviet medicine at it’s worst, you go into the women’s bath-houses, the banyas, but they’re sexually segregated so, she’d been in there and she said that every women’s body had been butchered and, I asked, “Why is that?” And she said, “Because they use abortion for birth control.” That’s it.

And believe me, Soviet medicine was no great shakes. It was a sobering moment for me to hear this from one of my colleagues over there and, we’ve used abortion as birth control and it’s not and it’s murder and it’s the great moral failing of our post-World War II era.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, look, I mean the Left talks, the left talks about slavery as a stain on The United States. It’s something The United States inherited from its colonial past. That’s number one. Number two, we got rid of it. Number three, are you going to tell me that with abortion legal in this country that somehow we’re lily white?

Michael Walsh: No, it’s a horrible thing and again, that’s something that if Congress wanted, I believe, the lawyer might correct me, to remove that from the jurisdictional purview of the courts, they can certainly do that and then there would be—because remember, Roe v. Wade was handed to us by the Supreme Court. Strip them of that power, it goes back to the states and then if you want an abortion, you can live in California and if you don’t, you can live in Utah.

So, that’s what the American federalist principle was all about, I thought.

Chris Buskirk: Yeah, I think so. Michael, we’ve got to leave it there. Thanks so much, appreciate it. You can get Michael Walsh’s books on Amazon. I would recommend you do. The last one was The Devil’s Pleasure Palace but also pre-order The Fiery Angel. Michael, we’ll talk to you again next week. Thanks a bunch.

Michael Walsh: Okay guys. Thanks.

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  • “Is there anybody, for example, who didn’t think that Trump probably frisked and frolicked with porn stars and super models? Is there anybody to whom this would come as a shock?”

    Exactly. I assume that is why Franklin Graham was so enthusiastic about Trump. What better way to evangelize than to endorse a happy sinner. A very happy and very frequent sinner. Yep, I think the evangelicals all knew Trump cheated often and with vigor and used The Art of the Deal to maximize the conquests. Besides the cheating, there is the lying, which is a vital skill set that Trump proved with his brilliant Rafael Cruz indictment. Lying is how we believed 1) Trump alone could end Obamacare, 2) Trump would force Mexicans to pay for our Wall, which would be built big and soon, 3) the DREAMERs would all be deported, 4) the debt would be eliminated.

    Porn stars and lies. We all knew it. Of course we knew it.

  • if we had a congress with a spine every bit of this could get fixed. republican “leaders” should be reading the constitution from the floor of the house and senate every day.

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