How to Preserve the True Nature of American Greatness

What is it that makes America great? What, really, resonated so much with his supporters when Donald Trump promised to make America great again? What was it that we had lost? Why did so many people perceive the eight years of the last administration as a period of decline? It helps, I think, to take a broad perspective here, and to recognize that the genius of America, as those in the 19th century used to call it, is actually fairly complex.  

There is no single factor that accounts for America’s exceptionalism, but, rather, there is a combination of traditional American values which does effectively differentiate us from other countries, and accounts for the fact that, historically, ours became the richest and most powerful nation in the world.

There are at least four basic principles which have animated our development since the break with Great Britain in the late 18th century. These are 1) an abhorrence of arbitrary power, and a commitment to the rule of law, 2) the belief that sovereignty properly belongs only in the American people themselves, and not in a King or a hereditary aristocracy, 3) a commitment to economic progress and social mobility, and 4) the understanding that there must be limits to the power of our government, and that some space must be permitted for the development of private property, individual freedom and conscience (including morality and religion).  

These four principles lead to particular corollaries. For example, there ought to be a separation of legislative, executive, and judicial powers, to prevent excessive oppression and arbitrary action. There ought to be checks and balances through such mechanisms as dual state and federal governments. No private property should be confiscated without compensation.

Generally speaking, our country has flourished when the four principles are simultaneously operative, and we have encountered difficulty when one or more of the four are forgotten at the expense of others. This is made more complicated by the obvious fact that the four principles are in conflict. Too much emphasis on popular sovereignty (democracy) can lead to arbitrary power, and the suppression of individual rights; too much emphasis on economic progress can lead to dangerous levels of inequality which threaten popular sovereignty, and corruption which threatens the rule of law itself.

That we have generally managed to implement all of these contradictory principles might well be thought to be miraculous, and this accounts for Americans’ longstanding faith that there is a higher power which actually guarantees the success of the American experiment. In God we Trust is not only a national motto but an inescapable reality.

God, it is also said, helps those who help themselves, and whatever role Divine Providence has played in American history, there has been a constant need for Americans to exercise popular sovereignty with vigilance to ensure that arbitrary power has not triumphed and that our government remained limited. Sadly, during the Obama Administration, this vigilance failed, and Trump’s election and the continuing battle between the administration and the media and our two political parties is the result.   

In particular, during the Obama years, the notion prevailed at the highest levels of the federal government that it was the responsibility, particularly of the executive branch, to monitor and to supervise (in Obama advisor Cass Sunstein’s phrase, “to nudge”) all American life, from preschool to grave; thus the takeover at the national level of one-sixth of the economy itself through Obamacare. The conviction that the federal government and the executive knew best was so strong in Barack Obama’s mind, apparently, that he assured us that through the use of his phone and his pen, and through the issuance of executive orders and administrative guidance he could act if Congress failed to do so, and he and his administrative agencies did. President Obama, really, became the exponent of the very kind of arbitrary power our framers feared.

Because the policies he chose to implement—redistribution of wealth, legitimation of undocumented immigrants (particularly children), and a reduction in American military might, among them—were popular with the national media, and because the media was deeply unaware of the complexity and multiplicity of American values, many Americans in and out of the government became convinced that what was being done was proper, even though the means used clearly betrayed our traditions. To this day Obama’s party seems committed to what he did,  and it should be no surprise that we are now beginning to discover that so great was their belief that what they were doing was the only right and proper approach, that so many Obama-era federal officials in the highest reaches of the government, may have believed that President Trump must be stopped at any cost.

This battle continues, with the media carrying on the work of the now disgraced Obama officials, and using any means at its disposal, including slander, innuendo, and salaciousness to seek to turn Americans against the current administration. The latest manifestation, for example, is to use the purported marital abuse of an aide to President Trump’s chief of staff General Kelly as a way to embarrass and remove Kelly, in order ultimately to strike at Trump.  Marital misconduct, is, of course, to be condemned, but we have other institutions, in particular the domestic courts and the criminal process to deal with such matters, and it is irresponsible, to say the least, to seek to undermine an administration through such means.

To struggle against the still dominant politically correct ideology is not easy, since most operating the great media organs, and many still left in the federal government adhere to the pernicious philosophy which dominated during the Obama years, and still dominates in the academy, in much of the legal profession, and in many of our courts. If the progress begun under Trump in restoring limits to the power of the federal leviathan, in restoring the engines of economic growth, in restraining the arbitrary power of federal agencies, and in restoring the implementation of the sovereignty of the people itself is to continue, it is the responsibility of those who wish to preserve true American Greatness to remember what created it and to seek, perhaps with divine guidance, to continue to correct the errors of the prior administration and its accomplices.

About Stephen B. Presser

Stephen B. Presser is the Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History Emeritus at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, and the author of “Law Professors: Three Centuries of Shaping American Law” (West Academic Publishers, 2017). In the academic year 2018-2019, Professor Presser is a Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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139 responses to “How to Preserve the True Nature of American Greatness”

  1. When did america stop being great? What made it not be great? Who made it not be great?

      • Whire? I don’t believe so, but I have no idea what a whire is?

        And why would you assume only rural folk have the insight to see through your post? Surely all them there intelligent college educmacated folk with yuge student loans, and no future, are smart enough to have that insight as well.

      • If you are going to try and insult someone spelling errors look especially silly.

        And you still have not explained why you think only rural folk are smart enough to see through your post?

  2. America is great in spite of Dotard Trump’s attempts to divide us.

  3. The true principles upon which the country was founded are contained in the Declaration of Independence. They emphasize that it is to secure the inalienable, natural rights of the individual that government is implemented amongst men. Popular sovereignty extends only to the legitimate purpose of government, and it only exists because it represents the consent of all individuals to accept a government of that end. No one can vote away the rights of someone else. We do not therefore create some “space” for private activity. We create some limited space for government and popular sovereignty while walling off huge areas of life from politics. That a conservative, and obviously intelligent man doesn’t seem to understand this, speaks to the real problem. The country was not intended to be about politics or popular rule. It was intended to be about individual flourishing. The genius of this system is that it recognized no inherent contradiction between the honest pursuit of happiness – which in a society absent the welfare state means making something of oneself or starving – and the demands of citizenship. It therefore reconciles the individual and national good without inherent contradiction. We only get into trouble when we mix things like “social and economic progress” and the like. Those things are natural consequences of ordered liberty under law, where the rule of law protects individual rights. Attempting to circumvent the latter, for social justice, equality, fairness, popular sovereignty, or morality, invariably undermines freedom, and with it the country.

    • I like and agree with what you’ve written but challenge your condemnation of Presser’s intent and understanding of the situation. He says, “To this day Obama’s party seems committed to what he did, and it should be no surprise that we are now beginning to discover that so great was their belief that what they were doing was the only right and proper approach, that so many Obama-era federal officials in the highest reaches of the government, may have believed that President Trump must be stopped at any cost.”

      I find this sums up pretty well the pathology of the last 26 years (going back to the Clinton administration and including the Bush 43 Administration) that the government’s bureaucracy willfully undermined the Declaration’s proclamation of the inherent and inalienable rights of the individual. Instead they have become imbued with the false belief that they have not only the right but the obligation to determine the path of the American people.

      So I did not find that Presser missed the boat at all. It seems to me that “We only get into trouble when we mix things like “social and economic progress” and the like. “ was precisely his point–that the bureaucrats such as Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and political ideologues such as Rice, Lynch, and Jarrett all bought into the patholthogy that only they knew the proper course of the nation. As such, the destroy Trump at all cost movement makes perfect sense in that he is kicking over their sand castle.

      Jordan Peterson, in a lecture series offered that an existentialist view of truth is not in what one says, rather the evidence is in what one does–one’s acts–that determine the truth of an individual. I find the left spends most of its time examining what Trump has said over what he has done in their determining the truth of who Trump really is. The same appears to be true that they became beguiled by what Obama said over the evidence of what he actually did. So in that they are still holding true to their pathological imbalance.

      As a conservative I did not find that Presser missed anything in this, nor do I find he is somehow incorrectly abjuring conservatism in this. However I found your other points about the foundational principles of this country being derived from the Declaration of Independence precisely on the mark. The Constitution still serves as the best attempt in establishing a governing mechanism to preserve those rights while, at the same time, giving room to promote the public welfare. It is when the ideologues of social progressive-ism assume the reins of power that those systems become undermined.

    • Depending upon what you mean by ‘popular rule’ I could agree or disagree with you. The Declaration of Independence is a manifesto, and states, among many other noble sentiments, ‘Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed’. The Constitution outlines the machinery for governance as an expression of the ‘consent of the governed’. The 9th and 10th Amendments make if fairly clear that the People are the ultimate source of the ‘institution’ of ‘Government’. ‘Popular sovereignty’ is the sole justification for the existence of the government as described in the Constitution.

      As for ‘walling off huge areas of life from politics’, this is not in Constitution. The Declaration make clear that there are ‘unalienable rights’ such as ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ and states ‘That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men’. Thus, through the instrument of the State, the People establish governance over themselves. In the end, it is up to the People to decide what will and will not be ‘walled off’ from law and regulation. Still, what constitutes ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ for each person or collection of persons is not stable. At one time, parts of the People thought that owning other human beings were covered under the rubric ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. But, then, no slave-masters ever volunteered to change places with their slaves.

      I agree that there are many areas of life that, for a variety of reasons (not least the Golden Rule), we should not enlist the State to intervene. But that is, ultimately up to the People to decide. Lately, it’s become obvious that we have a central disagreement as to what should and should not be ‘up for grabs’ for government action. We are not, I think, seeing a backlash against this over-reach, not by the State itself, but by a portion of the People who, for whatever reason, seek to impose their will on the other. What one notices is that most of these interventions have been made without popular consent (though our elected representatives).

    • What a fascinating response by ADM64 and then an equally interesting response by hamburgertoday2017. The central area of disagreement it seems between the two (and Presser) is whether in setting up this country the Framers wanted some internal partitions in, or shape of a social-governing system to prevail (the “walling off…”) or as hamburgertoday claims, whether “it is up to the People to decide what will and will not be ‘walled off'”

      On that issue, I’d have to agree with ADM64 — for as he says, “No one can vote away the rights of someone else.” — that is, there *are* in fact inalienable rights (I prefer the in- prefix versus the un- as apparently, did Jefferson). If we take that to be true, then certainly the Framers had some idea of a rough internal shape for the social-governing system — perhaps similar to the way cartilage (think of a shark) can give and take but roughly maintain its shape.

      And that’s why I think that ADM64 is not as far from Presser as he might think (and in passing, there was no reason for the “…obviously intelligent man doesn’t seem to understand this…” line — it’s a short popular piece of writing, cut Presser a break even if you disagree).

      I get ADM’s point that his wall is to keep government from encroaching (i.e. to contain the government) while he thinks Presser’s wall is to create or define certain private areas — and yes, there is a fundamental difference. That being said however, they both recognize these “walls.” If one then compares the durability of these walls (irrespective of how they got there) to hamburger’s allowing that it is “ultimately up to the People to decide” — I think ADM is closer to Presser than either is to hamburger.

  4. We need to restore, then preserve the great nature of America’s trueness.

    • Show us on the doll BCML where the constitution touched you.

      • Show us your lobotomy scars Brad. You know, where they took your IQ down to 60 so you could squeeze into the MAGA hat.

      • Whoa! Little did I know the president of the high school debate team would show up. Good job BCML. You certainly made your intellectual point.

      • Don’t you know he’s tons of fun at cocktail parties????

  5. This is a farcical article, the kind of self-pandering that keeps Americans in self-satisfied ignorance. There is no such thing as American exceptionalism – not of the good kind anyway. America is exceptional in todays world because of gun violence, opioid deaths, the extreme violence of America police, and short life expectancy. Add the high degree os racial and class stress and there you have it. America is rich because explorers stumbled on a land of massive natural richness. We have the most bountiful pile of natural resources on the planet. European travelers throughout the 17th-19th century commented continually how sloppy wasteful and incompetent America farmers. But the land was endless and they would despoil it and move on. The yields were lower than any European country. And then we destroyed the greatest natural herd- – the prairie buffalo – that the world had ever seen. Just for the fun of it. We’ve been low quality producers ever since. America makes nothing that is not exceeded in quality and design by Asia and Europe – except war machinery. We’re good at that. Any band of Neanderthal could have built a wealthy economy with the land we were dealt. It sure as well wasn’t any particular enterprise on our part – we stole all the technology from Europe. America invented the light bulb; after that we swiped it all.

    Remember: Europe sent over the bottom of their gene pool for 300 years. We received 25 thousand Puritan settlers but 2 commuted criminals for every one of them. We were founded by free boaters, highwaymen, and brigands. Any wonder we have the fanatically materialistic culture and the most economic disparity among the G20. American exceptionalism is bullshit – a self-talk mantra for an isolated and destructive nation of gullible slobs.

    This author knows little about the subject. He just likes to feel good about being an American “conservative” i.e. a caveman. And I didn’t even get to slavery, our most reprehensible policy ever. We live with its legacy today. And the lovers of Jefferson should remember, he owned 600+ slaves; was perennially near bankruptcy, and treated his female slaves as his own unwilling harem. He was, basically, a rapist. And “All men are created equal..”?? The most hypocritical line in the past 500 years.

    • “America is rich because explorers stumbled on a land of massive natural richness. We have the most bountiful pile of natural resources on the planet.”

      Gee there Mr. Downer, perhaps you can explain why Venezuela with the largest proven reserves of petroleum on earth is a complete basket case? According to you they should be doing quite well.

      AND while you are at it, please explain the basket cases of Argentina and Brazil, both blessed with abundant riches as well. Then swing over to Hong Kong and Singapore that have no riches and yet are doing quite well.

      Think you can do it?

      • Don’t need to. Petroleum is 1 commodity. We had land – fertile land in abundance – and water power, and minerals. American economic success if due to our natural resource gifts. Oil meant nothing until the 1850s.

      • Yes, you do. It was much more than just finding natural resources, it was the ability to develop them and maintain a stable society that made America great. Like I posted there are many examples that disprove your statement.

      • Believe what you want. Endless fertile land, stolen form the indigenous people, and imported black slaves. America never was great – powerful yes – great, nope. Add in a dash of American style evangelical Protestantism and you have a witches brew that makes our society into the violent gun-ridden cesspool it is today. American want to believe that everyone wants to come here. They don’t. The only people wanting into the US are from impoverished war torn countries. Ask a Brit, Aussie, Swede, Japanese, Canadian, or Dutch if they want to emigrate to America and they won’t stop laughing. The world sees us as a barbarian nation run by a caveman. About right.

      • Yes, one third of Canadian citizens live in the USA. Another simple point to disprove your rant.

      • “…foreign-born population from Canada has remained remarkably steady, and as of 2012, about 800,000 Canadians accounted for 2 percent of the nation’s 40.8 million immigrants…”

        I was ready for you to prove that you are either disingenuous or ignorant of facts.

        800,000 a year! for over 50 years! Get some facts. We all know Aussies and Brits living here.

      • Indians and others were here for thousands of years before the Puritans landed. Why didn’t they accomplish anything in those thousands of years besides the tribes killing each other for dominance? When the Pilgrims landed there was nothing but trees and Indians. If the Pilgrims never landed that is all that would still be here and you wouldn’t have a computer to type your left wing drivel on nor the electricity to run it

      • They accomplished a great deal. They had an advanced society – democratic – that was in harmony with their surroundings. The wars were really started by the Europeans encouragement. Besides, who says this ecological cesspool we have created is a good thing. The original Jesuit missionaries though the Huron Indians were one of the lost tribe of Israel because they were peaceful, polite, and live in a generous unmaterialistic way. They were perfect Christians in behavior. But we wiped them out anyway – we wanted their stuff. Besides the Puritans didn’t invent the internet – the Brits invented the computer; the Italians invented telecommunications; a Scotsman described electricity. We just stole their ideas – just like the Indian’s land.

      • LOL I love how you leftists believe that the Indians were sitting around the campfire holding hands and singing Kumbaya. It’s laughable. The tribes were always fighting each other for dominance. That’s how it was. And I repeat, there was nothing here but trees and Indians when the Pilgrims landed and that would still be the case. And if you believe that what we have created is not good, then put your money where your mouth is and give up your computer, your house, your car, your cell phone etc etc etc and go and live like the Indians did. If not then shut the hell up and stop complaining. And Americans invented lots of things and it was America that put ideas into useable form. The Industrial Revolution happened here and you owe your modern lifestyle to American know how and ingenuity and pure grit. You leftists wouldn’t be able to walk a few feet in the shoes of those people and how difficult they had it from the Puritans on down. You should be grateful and yet you go around denigrating what they have done. You are truly undeserving disgusting people

      • Last reply. I have a policy; I only waste 3 posts on morons and you are way over your limit. The Industrial Revolution started in England, stupid. And you don’t know enough about indigenous histroy and culture to wipe your own a$$. So go back into your trailer and tell yourself that you are a higher species. And then disappear back into hillbilly America.

      • Awww poor baby is losing the argument and is going to take his ball and go home. And if England is so responsible for our modern lifestyle, then why didn’t they achieve it before America came into existence? They had thousands of years and yet somehow the Industrial Revolution only really got going once America came into existence. Strange isn’t it?

      • They were barely out of the Stone Age while rest of the world was on the cusp of the Industrial Age. The only thing they accomplished was an extraordinary ability to not advance their societies past hunter gathers in 20,000+ year time span. Bravo.

    • Man. Chock full of self-loathing here, eh? You need to move to an enlightened place (I won’t say “nation” as I’m guessing you don’t believe in borders) and get out of this place. Hurry!!!!

    • trump agrees with you on American Exceptionalism:

      Trump didn’t hesitate to shoot down the premise of the question, saying he didn’t “like the term.” He questioned whether the United States was “more exceptional” and “more outstanding” than other nations. He also said that those who refer to American exceptionalism were “insulting the world” and offending people in other countries, such as Russia, China, Germany, and Japan. It is “not a nice term,” he said, maintaining it was wrong to equate patriotism with a belief in American exceptionalism. He derided politicians who use the phrase.

      trump’s own words.

    • Russia is the largest country in the world geographically. They have enormous natural resources – more than any other country. Why are they not rich?

      • They are! The czars lived in gilded places that make our fearless leader drool! That’s what Trump’s wants for himself, absolute power of a czar!

    • Bravo, an educated soul among the “floaters” in this cesspool!

    • You exemplify what normal Americans see as snooty elitists who think they are always the smartest person in the room, just like Barry. Your elitist BS is being rejected by normal Americans.

      • Not really Boris baby, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and his popularity is far lower today. The reality is that there were just enough bigoted Neanderthals in America to hand him an electoral college fluke victory.

      • We don’t hold a contest for the popular vote. It is not something that is won or lost. It is an irrelevant metric that means nothing.

      • It means a lot. It doesn’t elect anyone but it tells you the Madman in Chief is not popular and his approval is far lower today. Zero chance of re-election. Impeachment likelier.

      • Hillary couldn’t win with the media supporting her, DOJ protecting her, Obama spying on her opponents, more money than ever spent, the DNC rigging the nomination and her campaign in charge of the DNC coffers.

        A handful of Russian trolls with a budget smaller then her campaigns bottled water budget and a complete clown as an opponent beat her.

        Yeah, she oozes sophisticated politician, it’s her time.

      • Hillary was a poor candidate. But she was not a rutting dog insane whack job. Trump is.

    • “America is exceptional in todays world because of gun violence, opioid deaths, the extreme violence of America police, and short life expectancy.” Funny how we really didn’t have these issues before the left took over the culture in the 1960’s. Since then it’s been straight downhill. Your side owns these problems as you do everything you can to foment chaos and breakdown of society and the family.

      • Nah. Old problems. America has always been a violent gun-soaked society that loved it wild west vigilante personality. But I do miss this Republican joys: you know: McCarthyism, War on Drugs, and the joys of Richard Nixon. But are we going downhill? We have always been downhill.

      • Hmmm we didn’t have mass shootings in school or anywhere else like we do now until the past twenty years or so. Kids used to bring guns to school for show and tell and target practice. High school kids would drive their pick ups to school and guns would be in the gun rack or in the bed of the truck. No problems. You could go into a drugstore on the corner and buy a gun. Easy peasey. Yes of course there some problems but certainly nothing like now. And now we have terrorism to deal with too. The Weather Underground started doing that in the 60’s and then we started with the muslim terrorism in the 90’s. Kids are on all sorts of drugs both legal and illegal. It was not at all like that before. And now we have kids believing they can change from one sex to another thanks to you people. Talk about messing wit their minds! And a lot of these kids don’t have anyone at home paying any attention to them. Families are broken apart. The mothers are out working all hours. Fathers are absent. All of that is due to cultural breakdown of society due to left wing influence. Sorry hon but you people own all of this. It wasn’t like this in the 50’s and before that – the time period that you people love to ridicule.

      • I recall that Kennedy got shot; the people took potshots at Nixon, Ford, Reagan and so on. This is old news in America. No other country n earth has seen 5 heads of state assassinated and an equal number of attempts. Violence is in our DNA sweetie; always has been. Europe did not send over its peaceable solid citizens. They swept out the slums and prisons. Your ancestors were probably horse thieves and brigands.

      • I didn’t say there was no violence before. I said it was no way near what it is now. No other country has seen assassinations and killings? Well i guess the hundreds of millions of people that Stalin and Mao and Hitler and Mussolini, and Pol Pot killed , the millions killed in Korea, Vietnam, Ethiopia, etc don’t count in your book????

      • And Kennedy was shot in the 60’s. I said things were better in the 50’s and before that. The 60’s was when you people started destroying this country

  6. I understand the point of the article, but what is lost on the elites is that WE are the movement, Trump is just the vehicle. We are the ones that since 2010 have been knocking off Dems and Rinos at election time at the federal, state and local level. The struggle continues and yes, the fake news peddlers are fighting a vociferous rear guard action as we advance.

    AND the fake news peddlers will lose, just like they lost in November 2016. The main difference this time around, which Hillary and the Dems have avoided grappling with, is that the fake news peddlers can no longer suppress bad news, unlike in 1995 when Billie was president.

    • So YOU cheat your partners, YOU break your campaign promises, YOU publicly embarrass your wife and family by affairs, YOU scam the public, YOU brag about creating debt, YOU belittle yourself by bizarre and contradictory tweets?

      YOU do that?

      THIS REAL Republican, like most REAL Republicans, does not.

      • Hahahha! You are one silly person. You forgot the most important NEVERTRUMPER attribute in your rant:

        So YOU lose every election!


      • You’re describing demonicRats to perfection %+)

      • Sounds more like Bill Clinton to me, a real democrat.

      • That’s not what he said. This fact, along with the fact that you know it but posted your drivel anyway, illustrates why conventional Republicans lost the nomination to a populist blowhard like Trump (full disclosure–I supported Ted Cruz until he was defeated).

        This mendacious, go-along-to-get-along mentality of “REAL Republicans” is exactly what enabled the Progressives to shift the country ever leftward while concentrating political power ever further away from the individual citizen in the hands of the burgeoning executive bureaucracy and activist federal judiciary since FDR instituted the cult of the Imperial Presidency.

        Trump is an unpleasant fellow who says unpleasant things. But, like a harsh laxative, he is necessary to counter the constipating culture of PC enabled by “REAL Republicans.” Washington is indeed full of s**t, and “REAL Republicans” are lodged as firmly in the national colon as the openly counter-Constitutional Democrats. Unfortunately, as harsh a laxative as Trump is, this blockage is probably terminal. Heckuva job, Brownie!

      • I remember when HB used to make a reasonable comment every now and then, but ever since he developed a terminal case of TDS, all he posts is gibberish. Too bad.

      • And you were never a true Conservative much less a REAL Republican.

        YOU like all the trumpy lies. Get lost – YOU deserve no respect.

      • Your view of real republicans are snowflakes dressed up as senators and congressman

    • The Leftist Cult Media is obviously desperate. They are losing their monopoly on the narrative.

      • Leftist Cult Media = Presstitution The presstitutes have sold their honesty, objectivity, integrity, body and soul out to the left and leftist ideology. But what have th presstitutes gotten in exchange for servicing the left?

    • In the 2016 elections the GOP lost seats in the House, lost seats in the Senate, and received 3 million fewer votes for president. Minus the quirks of the Electoral College this would have been considered a major loss for the GOP.

      • minus the quirks of the Electoral College this would have been considered a major loss for the USA.
        Clinton/Obama’s corruption would be cemented in place. The IRS, DOJ, DOL, EEOC targeting of political opponents would have put Democrats in power forever, we would never again have anything like a free election.

      • Your corruption delusion can’t hold a candle to the circus we have now. Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos , Paul Manafort, Richard Gates. All Trump administration figures and all under indictment and/or plead guilty to crimes. Is this what you mean by corruption?

      • Any normal candidate would have crushed the living $#i+ out of Hillary — with coattails.

      • 17 of your “Normal” candidates couldn’t beat Trump in the primary. The man who eventually was bested in the general by 3 million popular votes.

      • Most of them would have beat Trump one-on-one. They split the conventional vote and Trump won the early primaries with a small percentage of the total.

        One-on-one against Hillary would have been a cakewalk.

      • Because snowflakes were to stupid to know how to run a campaign. They gave to cheat to win. You lived Barry’s economy for 8 years. Snowflakes don’t know how to run SH-t.

    • You’re full of garbage, rubbish, drivel and malarkey. “WE are the movement”….still laughing,

  7. Obama and his deconstruction crew’s activities were NO Error.

    But as promised by him on soliciting for the job as “the most powerful man in the world” deliberate, planned and engineered.

    For at least the past half century BY the International “incestuous Left and those who cover for them” under cover of the “Democratic” PARTY.

    Obama was Selected in 2008 as the SAFE spokesperson, beyond personal or political criticism, to openly state that INTENT. AS “The FUNDAMENTAL transformation of the nation”

    Reported selected, under auspices of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American.

    THIS Afro – American. Of To date UNCERTAIN , unknown, provenance.

    EXCEPT for the MAJOR qualification that decided his selection. His race.

    Refer to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act / Law of 1964.

    Obama and crew another teaching moment “to be careful what you wish for”?

  8. Huh? WHO is this guy trying to kid?

    Sounds like he advocates for political leaders to have multiple affairs… while ‘the wife’ is at home with the baby… and then mr. presser goes on to say about trumpy:

    “…a commitment to economic progress and social mobility… “

    Tell us how this happens when the Rich & wealthy get far more preferential treatment from ‘trump government’?

    TELL US… mr presser.

    • Another contentless post from the relentless NEVERTRUMPER who somehow missed all the privileges money bought people since the establishment of this nation. The silly fool thinks it only started a year ago.

      • Hehehe, you follow the trumpy claim – the Rich are more important than the Middle Class.

        That caused a revolution in your russia… did it not? YOU trying to do that here in America?

    • mr. mouth, read the article and quit trying to be the azzhole your mouth tells everyone you are. The people spoke and because your side lost you have created one of the biggest scandals that will show the world why America stopped the corruption party led by the biggest slug ever to waste the air his body took in at the White House.

      • So… you like government favoring the Rich… eh?

        Sorry – that is un-american. You must be beyond help.

      • I support the kind of goverment that doesn’t want open borders, let illegal aliens become citizens with applying like every other immigrant does. Also don’t like the democrats play identity politics. I sick of democrats thinking the rich are monsters and their money needs to be spread around. I think snowflakes are just jealous. Now to your stupid post why rich get preferential treatment on taxes from trump. They pay more stupid. I didn’t get what you were meaning about wife staying home. Is that another identity snowflake idea you came up with at one of your circle jerk meetings?

      • trumpy’s rich got TWICE the RATE. If you don’t know what that means, I can’t help you.

        And trumpy lied to you… and of course, YOU believed him… when he said it would take him two years to deport all the illegal aliens.

        How does it feel being a fool for trumpy?

      • FN great loser. How does it feel supporting someone going to jail Snowflake.

      • Scooter lips, how does it feel now you voted for a loser. Beyond me what you will say to make your who’s listening to you so you feel better. Is that why you’re so angry. Is that why you’re still throwing a temper tantrum. They call that snowflakeidus. You are the one that wakes up every morning mad because,of the election not me. I wake up happy and no matter how you think I feel, I want you to know we love Trump because he’s a winner and you’re a loser, loser.

      • Hehehe, spoken like a true trumper troll.

        You are tiresome – Go away, and stop bothering the adults in the room.

      • I work hard for my money and plan to keep all of it out of the greasy hands of snowflake. I like a goverment that supports not penalizing the people with talent to make money and make our country great vs snowflakes view of taking it from them and spreading it out to all you loser snowflakes.

      • Great – YOU pay more.

        The rest of us intend on leveling the playing field for ALL Americans.

        Are you going to pay more by check? Payroll deduction? Or just send it to trumpy direct?

      • You don’t know how tax is paid? Do you? Another low paid snowflake trying to find out how my money can become your money. You are a slig

      • Leveling the playing field is taking from the producers and giving to the slugs like you.

      • I’m having a hard time dumbing down to your greedy level.

  9. America will NEVER be great as long ads we allow the Russians to pick our presidents!

    • Then we should not allow them to start to do that. I suggest that we force democrats to disavow socialism. Right comrade?

    • This is precisely why normal people reject anything unhinged proggies say. ZERO credibility!

  10. This article is completely about Obama and not about Trump. Trump is not the anti-Obama despite what you Trumpkins seem to think.

    • No he is Barry’s eraser. He is eradicating any possible piece of Barry’s legacy.

  11. Outstanding short essay. The Road To Hell is paved with good intentions. Obama set his course upon the same road to hell as have all dictators which come to mind; and would have finished no differently (think Mugabe). Those dictators, to a man and the worst being Mao, also believed in their beginnings that they were the sole font of justice and decency available to their constituency. To a man they evolved to a level of corruption and evil unthinkable in their beginnings. We thank our lucky stars Clinton was not elected. Our deeper gratitude belongs to the founding fathers who in their astounding wisdom first thwarted Obama and second provided a governing means suitable for safely unwinding the decades of insidious bureaucratic skulduggery that Obama perceived and relied upon. We may have been far closer to an inescapable totalitarian event horizon than we realize but… In short, the forces of good are winning here in America.

    • Don’t you find it ironic that the left, which decries any belief in creationism, believes that they could “create” a new man and woman instantly, and were willing to kill millions upon millions to achieve that end?

  12. In 1945 the USA had 55% of the world’s economy. We had it really good up until about 1970. By then the people that we blew to kingdom come in Western Europe and Japan had rebuilt and started to compete with us.

    Surely America was the predominant great power in the world at that time. With the ability to sell oil and gas on the world markets today, sinking the petro-states, we can reclaim the position of leadership ceded by Barry to anyone who was willing to be in front. The world is different, we must compete when in the 50’s and 60’s we had a monopoly. but we still have the most productive workers and the most united population in the world.

    • By then the people that we blew to kingdom come in Western Europe

      You seem a little confused by historical facts

  13. I have NO sympathy for the Republican party as a whole, but Trump is a tough hombre that can hold up to anything including the “On Trumps coat tails” Republican majority Congress. Name another President that has done so well for America, even if his party is full of Democrat moles.

  14. Bureaucracy in America has replaced government–an entity run by bureaucrats, for bureaucrats and ever expanding. Democrats support it because they get votes. Republicans always attempt to use the bureaucracy against itself to reduce it. This rarely works.

  15. Outstanding article. Spot on! It won’t be easy and it won’t happen quickly, but every change Obama made must be reversed. The PC culture must not only be rejected, it must be mocked and humiliated out of existence.

    That is not to say that traditional manners and common courtesy are bad things.

  16. Americanism vs. Leftism…..
    One Picture Equals 1000 Words……

    Building the NEW, ‘Big Tent’ American party……..

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words……

    ‘Americanism’ is the set of values which built the American nation into the greatest power, and source for good, that humanity has ever seen throughout our history. America has a 400 year proven record of vast success, ever since the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620. We forged the greatest nation on earth out of an untamed wilderness.

    Leftism, or the worldwide ‘Leftist Cult Movement’, as I like to, accurately, call it [Leftist ‘true believers’ are actually much like the idiotic Hare Krishnas from decades ago, when you think about it. The Hare Krishnas used to dress in silly robes and chant meaningless words, and shake tambourines. The Leftists today, sort of chant, incessantly, about Global Warming, the normalizing of homosexuality, and now, of course, their next big thing, transgenderism]. They have many ‘chants’, all based on nothing, such as ‘Diversity is our strength’….Really? How is that? In WWII we came together as a nation, and defeated two powerful enemies on two sides of the earth. That would have been quite difficult if we had had the current Leftist Cult Movement throwing road blocks in our war efforts every step of the way, along with force feeding tons of migrants from alien cultures who actually have great amounts of hatred for the American nation, but are happy and avaricious in availing themselves of welfare largess [i.e. Muslims].

    The FACTS are that Leftism has FAILED in every country where it has been forced upon a nation, beginning with the Soviet Union being imposed upon the Russian People in 1917.

    So, here’s the record:

    Americanism: 400 years of incredible success and sustainability

    The Leftist Cult Movement: 100 years [ever since the Communist Coup in Russia in 1917] of total failure, and horrific crimes against humanity. Stalin and Mao alone brutally killed tens of millions through starvation, brutal imprisonment, and shear stupidity……and it is still going on, such as in North Korea, today.

    There are NO exceptions to the rule of Leftist utter failure in establishing successful states of sustainability.

    The Leftist true believers used to cite Scandinavian countries as their examples of success. But, now, the much vaunted state of Sweden is becoming a spectacular failure, as well, as the once beautiful country and people of Sweden are being over run by Middle Eastern and African, savage, young men, who the Leftist Elite rulers of Sweden forced upon the people of Sweden, against their will, and who have now become a lethal criminal underclass, raping the Swedish women, and wreaking lawless havoc across the once beautiful, and peaceable land of Sweden.

    Or, take Venezuela. This new Leftist Dictatorship cannot even feed it’s own people. The Venezuelans have actually lost weight in dramatic fashion [30 pounds or more is typical], not thru will power and successful dieting, but simply because they can’t find enough food to eat in the stores.

    Another spectacular Leftist failure…their record of total failure remains intact.

    • Baloney. Jingoistic, history-illiterate, flag waving, chest thumping crapola. America is a divided, violent, hyper-materialistc, racist, groping, gun-soaked, fast food nation of self-congratulatory slobs. We took in 25,000 Pilgrims at the same time as 50,000 commented British criminals. And then we fed off the bottom of the European gene pool for 300 years. American Exceptionalism is a myth invented by Americans to feel good about themselves. No one else buys the BS.

      • And yet here you are, typing on your computer in your nice comfy house, enjoying a modern lifestyle that you owe to Americans who lived a long time ago for the most part. If you really mean what you are saying and hate this country so much, then give up your nice heated home, your car , your cell phone and your refrigerator full of food and go and live like the Indians or the Puritans did. Go live in the middle of nowhere with no shelter and spend every waking minute trying to find food, trying not to freeze to death and trying not to get eaten by wild animals. If you really mean what you say then that is what you will do otherwise you are nothing but a HYPOCRITE

      • And what comments did those British criminals make?

  17. Obama Spent eight years trying to destroy America! He ran the most corrupt administration in American history!

    President Trump stands behind what’s good for America and we should stand behind him!

  18. You omitted the word ‘white’ before ‘American’ in your headline.

    • Why, you are so racist you believe minorities cannot recognize a tyrannical government without the help of white people? What a small and petty person you are.

    • If this country is so awful because of white people, then why do so MANY non white people from around the world literally risk life and limb to come here?

  19. americas greatness will b back when Trump & family go teh way of the Czar of Russia–Up in Smole

  20. “Because the policies he chose to implement—redistribution of wealth, legitimation of undocumented immigrants (particularly children), and a reduction in American military might, among them—were popular with the national media, and because the media was deeply unaware of the complexity and multiplicity of American values, many Americans in and out of the government became convinced that what was being done was proper, even though the means used clearly betrayed our traditions.” Why is the national media “deeply unaware of the complexity and multiply of American values”? that is a stunning assertion. And is it fair to assume that the national media is still deeply unaware of these values?

    Isn’t our country in danger, yes danger, of having the Obama-media collaboration come around again?

  21. The only concept of freedom that makes any sense is having the freedom to make choices based on one’s needs and wants. Those millions who gained access to better health care through ACA increased their freedom, at least in the area of health care. That fact sort of puts to rest the notion that government intervention always decreases freedom of choice for individuals. The private, for-profit system failed these people; the government stepped in to help. That’s fine with me.

    • Yeah, except that is only your interpretation of what happened. Truth is millions had access to good healthcare and were then bumped into the ACA welfare system where they now have useless health insurance.

    • Pretzel reasoning. By eliminating choice they increase freedom. Spoken like an old line Communist.

  22. The Obama administration will go down as the worst in US history. Their social, economic and foreign policies have been a disaster and the corruption that they have used to infect our most important institutions will take decades to sanitize. We can only hope that the soldiers of this treasonous tribe will be exposed.

    • Lol silly and asinine. “Worst in history,” I don’t think you’re aware of history.

  23. The reality is that the US is nothing like what the Founders intended, and therein is where the weakness lies. The Founders called for personal liberty, responsibility, and independence on an individual level, and we’ve strayed too far into a nanny state especially under Obama since he knew best purportedly. The Hope and Change mantra was change for the worst. Trump is far more American values than the global citizen or international man of mystery that was No Drama Obama, who was more MIA than no drama.

  24. I voted for Trump because if Hillary had won, this country would not have resembled the country my parents legally immigrated to.

  25. Excellent article; however, note to Stephen Presser: You are missing the why of it. Hint: Get the book version of United States Statistical Abstracts and look up 1992: Average cost of Medicare home health beneficiaries as a function of State. This is my favorite table and I believe that on the order of 55 doctoral dissertations could be done on this table including more than one relating to law.

  26. Interesting discussion. What are the principles of the US? Who gets to define them? I suppose if we were looking for words, I’d go with liberty, prosperity, unity, and fealty. “Diversity should be kicked to the curb immediately.