Impeach the Democratic Party!

On February 7th, the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, the epitome of a San Francisco liberal, treated America to an 8-hour lecture on why young illegal immigrants who benefited from President Obama’s (unconstitutional) DACA program should be allowed to stay in this country. Her speech marked the culmination of the Democratic Party’s bizarre pivot from its historical role of representing its constituents and (progressively-minded) U.S. citizens to representing illegal aliens instead. Pelosi reached a rhetorical crescendo when she recalled that her grandson had once declared that he wished he “had brown skin and brown eyes.” Seldom has the House of Representatives witnessed so touching an homage to the beauty and nobility (as liberals see it) of reverse racism.

The Honorable Congresswoman is entitled to her warped progressivism and her fashionable racism, however. This is still a free country, after all. What she is not entitled to, and what no Democrat is entitled to, is the active and purposeful subversion of U.S. laws. Democrats, lest we forget, are itching to impeach President Trump for allegedly obstructing justice in the course of the Mueller investigation into Russian election meddling. Trump’s “obstruction,” however, consists of criticism directed at an inquiry that is demonstrably flawed and biased, whereas his administration has complied with all of its legal obligations and fully cooperated with the special counsel’s office. Democrats, though, should begin to ask themselves: now that hurling charges of “obstruction of justice” is politically en vogue, could they be targeted too? The answer is yes, and the opportunity is close at hand.

The Democratic Party is pathologically obsessed with making excuses for illegal immigrants. Moreover, its reverse racism leads it increasingly to reject even the possibility that a single illegal immigrant could be criminally-minded or in any way “undesirable.” To make this suggestion even as a hypothetical is to invite derision and/or ostracism in liberal circles.

Since illegal immigrants are now officially beyond reproach, Democratic politicians have taken the logical next step: they have implemented “sanctuary city” policies in jurisdictions nationwide in order to frustrate the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. Just recently, it was reported that the NYPD, acting under orders from Democratic politicians, has refused to comply with federal requests to hand over 1,500 illegal alien criminals for deportation. This is but the tip of the iceberg. “Blue” cities, counties, and states have implemented policies that explicitly discourage cooperation with ICE and the Border Patrol, and which in fact punish such cooperation; they have funded legal aid and other forms of assistance for illegal immigrants attempting to evade deportation; and they have given every encouragement to present and future illegal immigrants, promising them sanctuary from federal authorities.

The purpose of all this policy-making and posturing on the part of Democrats is obvious: it is to obstruct the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws! By contrast, President Trump has never suggested that laws against electoral interference, espionage, or treason should not be enforced—he has simply stated that he is innocent of all of these crimes. Democrats, on the other hand, brazenly admit their contempt for the law, and they flaunt their efforts to stymie its enforcement.

It is important to clarify the fact that harboring and giving assistance to illegal immigrants is already a crime in itself (see U.S. Code, Title 8, Section 1324), but systematic Democratic efforts to subvert, even nullify, our country’s borders and immigration laws seem to me like another form of criminality: they represent a conspiracy to obstruct justice much more shocking and elaborate than anything of which Republicans stand accused.

Long ago, I argued that the Department of Justice should prosecute Democratic politicians who openly violate Title 8 of the U.S. Code. The law specifies a penalty of up to 5 years’ imprisonment. If these penalties were applied, presumably the Democratic penchant for obstructing justice when it comes to immigration laws would evaporate overnight. That would be good for America, and it would be great for the Democratic Party, the legitimacy of which might thereby be restored.

Until the Justice Department acts, however, the House of Representatives should consider pursuing the political remedy of impeachment against those who undermine our laws. Judges, federal officials, and members of Congress who seek to obstruct the implementation of U.S. immigration laws should be subject to investigation, impeachment, trial in the Senate, and removal from office (or, depending on the circumstances, expulsion from Congress might be more appropriate).

After all, surely the actual crimes of Democrats deserve as much attention as the imaginary crimes of Republicans. That is not asking for much, is it?

The Democratic Party sorely needs a dose of reality, and the only thing that is preventing Republicans from administering it is the fear of a public backlash. The maintenance of our constitutional system of government demands that we act to preserve respect for the law, however. And let’s be clear: the law is, and always has been, on our side.

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85 responses to “Impeach the Democratic Party!”

  1. Well if impeachment for Democrats is the call, then jail for any lies from elected officials. Who attacks efforts of law enforcement? Who miss handles classified material? Who’s campaign omitted contacts with Russians? Who paid off a hooker? The only way to stop people from wanting to come here is the game plan of the FoxGOP Murdock edition, just make America more of a $hithole than their country.

    • Man did you leave your reasoning ability in bed, how dumb?

      • I might be dumb, but where does that leave you? Why were all meetings with Russians omitted from initial security clearance forms? Maybe one question at a time? Well?

    • “Who attacks efforts of law enforcement?” Barack Obama.
      “Who miss handles classified material?” Hillary Clinton.
      “Who’s campaign omitted contacts with Russians?” Again, Hillary Clinton.
      “Who paid off a hooker?” Eliot Spitzer.
      Did I win? What’s my prize?

      • Anyone can real off BS to cloud the issues. Can You support any of those claims?
        Who has attacked the FBI, Trump.
        Hillary had 3 confidential emails only IDed w a “c” . Not a White House filled with people unable to get security clearance while handling them.
        An omission might be be incidental, but lets count Jared at least 3, Sessions 2, Jr……
        Well we know of at least two Trump’s lawyer paid.
        You did not pass or WIN but have suffered an incomplete` Nice try.

  2. Federal judges who flout the very laws they took an oath to defend and protect are traitors. They MUST be impeached, imprisoned for sedition and replaced by Congress. Write your members of Congress and let them know where you stand on this issue. If they continue to sit idly by allowing the judiciary to be the lawmakers they will also be replaced when they come up for re-election. Time for citizens to become proactive and push back against this deliberate weakening of our country.
    You know, the next step SCOTUS will take is to weaken the office of the President (since the case is before them now to define whether he has the power to make executive orders without Congressional approval at all). Though I don’t see how that can’t backlash on the Dems re: Obumbler’s own sweep of his almighty pen that got us into this hole in the first place. But they seem to be virtual Houdinis at getting out of sticky situations and avoiding accountability.

    • OK. Where to start? First, Arpaio should be in prison. Second, sedition laws are clearly unconstitutional. And SCOTUS and the Congress absolutely should weaken the office of POTUS. The Imperial Presidency, whether held by a republican or by a democrat, is a threat to the Republic.

  3. Right on! Impeach the treasonous judges! MAGA!

  4. The Democrat party is the party of blacks and Jews. Whites do have racial enemies and those racial enemies are blacks and Jews. Importing foreign blacks and browns is the way Democrats have chosen to harm their racial enemies, white Christian Americans.

    • I have no beef with importing blacks and browns, I just want them to very skilled (lots of STEM degrees), not divorced and no illegitimate children. The US is build on the idea of a knowledgable citizen who appreciates virtue.

      • Are you Jewish?? Why is Israel going door to door to round up and expel all of their blacks migrants and why do American Jews think it is okay for the racial character of America to change from white to black?? Racial hatred?? Do the Jews hate white Christian America?? I say YES.

      • Like American and most other liberal democracies, Israel is a multi-racial country. About 50% of Israel’s citizens are of Middle Eastern heritage, 25% White (European and American origin), 15% African and 10% Asian. Religiously, only about 75% of Israel is Jewish. The reason Israel is in the process of deporting approximately 20,000 African “migrants” is not because they are black, it is because they are illegal aliens who crossed into Israel on foot through its southern border between 2008 and 2015 – before Israel completed its southern border wall. (Illegal immigration in Israel is now virtually zero.) Jewish-American racial attitudes have about as much to do with Israeli immigration law enforcement as Christian-American racial attitudes have to do with Polish anti-Semitism (that is, zero). Most Jews in America are racially tolerant, some are racists. Same as Christian-Americans.

      • Israel is the Jew state and Judaism is a racial supremacist religion. The Jews hold themselves as superior to all others and the promise of the Jew religion to all Jew people is the enslavement all non-Jews for the benefit of the Jews. All foreigners living in Israel are regarded as slave labor to Jews and in no way are considered equals. Jews in America are racial enemies of white Christians, hate Christ and are using blacks and brown foreigners as a way to weaken and undermine a strong white Christian nation out of hatred of Christ, Christians and Christianity and to eventuate the destruction of Christianity in its entirety. Only then will the world be prepared for the Jew messiah, Moshiach, the anti-Christ. Why did you kill him, Jew?

      • The Jews had and still have certain expectation of their messiah. At the time of Christs killing the Jews expected their messiah to enslave their enemies, to enslave the non-Jew for the benefit of the Jews. Christ taught forgiveness of ones enemies and peace making. This was blasphemy for the Jews, so they killed him.The innocent Christ was killed by the Jews because he refused to enslave humankind for the benefit of the Jews and you and every last Jew on earth hate him for it to this very day for his refusal to enslave the world for the benefit of the Jews. Isn’t that right, Jew?

      • From a Jew?? How?? When you people are living in the dark. Are you going to apologize Jew?? We are waiting.

      • I apologize for killing Jesus, and promise not to enslave you.

      • Unless you make me. Don’t make me enslave you. Don’t make me do it.

      • When you are my slave, I will train you to make cholent for me every Shabbos.

      • The Jews accused Christ of blasphemy because He made Himself equal with God, not because he refused to enslave mankind. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • No. Christ was the son of God and had the powers of God. Christ did not have to die but chose to die rather than satisfy the Jews and enslaving humankind for the benefit of Jews. That is why the Jews hate Christ and that why Christianity must be destroyed in order for the Jew messiah to arrive.

      • The blasphemy was Christ refusal to enslave human kind for the benefit of the Jews as the Jews demanded and as the Jew Torah foretold. It was a non-action, a refusal on Christs part that got him killed and no other reason.

      • The promise of the Jew religion has not changed. The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the enslavement of the enemies of the Jews, the enslavement of the non-Jew for the benefit of the Jews. How could Christ claim to be the Jew messiah and not place the non-Jew in bondage?? There was no blasphemy and there was no reason to kill an innocent man. And there certainly is no reason to hate him and his followers for 2,000 years.

      • Tell me what is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jewish people?

      • You should get your facts straight before you rant in public. Much of what you say is true of Muslims, but not of Jews — and no, I am not a Jew, I am a Bible-believing Christian.

      • Islam was created by the Pope to win back Jerusalem from the Jews. The Popes plan has been successful for 1,400 years. Are you Jewish?

      • What is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jewish people?? And has this promised changed at all since the time of Christ?? I need to know from you Dan.

      • Jews were given their own country to put an end to their antagonism and hatred of Christ, Christians and Christianity. For what reason are the Jews living among a people they hates as much as do white Christians? Another snide comment will do.

      • So, I’m an atheist-leaning agnostic, but wasn’t Jesus of Nazareth a (gasp!) Jew? Or was he kinda like that “white-hispanic” George Zimmerman? Was Jesus a “white-Jew”?

      • If they are already successful why would they want to relocate here? Chances are they have socialized medicine and gun control. If you look at it, most come here to be educated at our universities, that our kids can’t afford, the burden of student loans is BS.

      • Freedom, lower taxes, and higher per capita incomes. The avg. income in China is 20% of the US average. Their skills would pay more here. Although, there is a trend for Chinese an Indians to work in the US for six years than move back to their nations to start new firms.

  5. What do we do about the stupefied voters? Assuming that not all Democratic votes are fraudulent, we have a lot of people in need of better understanding. Corrupted voters will continue supporting corrupted officials.

    • You need to remind yourself that half the population has a double-digit IQ and average ain’t smart. Then, there are many other decadent traits that are widespread among the folks. Behold democracy! The Framers understood that democracy was a hoax that would not work.

  6. The fact that American leadership at the federal, state and city levels have contempt for and ignore immigration laws proves for all time we are and have been a banana republic for a long while. Only fair and honest prosecution of these criminals at all levels will correct the problem and restore some semblance of integrity to our country.

    • High taxes, protection for criminal aliens, mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, transgender bathrooms, onerous regulations, abortion on demand, hostility toward white people and Christians, and hating Trump, even when he brings the economy back to life. Satan himself could not come up with a better list for his own political party. Unless you’re an illegal alien, a transgender male who loves using the little girls’ room, or a hostile atheist, why the heck would you vote for any Democrat??

  7. The author is correct about USC 8 1324 but there are a few corrections needed as he fails to outline the full extend of this law :
    1.) harboring , shielding from detection are punishable under this law but the law also prescribes the same penalties for the ATTEMPT to harbor or shield from detection , further it also states that any act to encourage illegal immigration is also a crime !

    2.) the 5 year sentence is per count , that means if a city shields 10 illegal aliens thats 50 years , the sentence also increases if any illegal aliens that are assisted or shielded commit a crime than it can be up to 20 years and in the case of murder even life sentences can be handed down

  8. Every criminal alien must be deported and the border sealed from trespassing, drugs and Mexican violence.

    E-verify must be implemented nationwide and employers who knowingly hire criminal aliens must be sent to PMITA prisons and their businesses seized.

    Marxist mayors, state officials, and so-called faith leaders who harbor criminal aliens must be arrested, tried, and jailed.

    So-called Conservatives who put the worship of abstract economic principles over the well-being of their fellow citizens must be hounded first from office and then from public discourse altogether.

    Americas have woken up to the reality of what out traitor-elites have been doing, and it will not go well for them.

  9. Politically, Pelosi’s remarks were not so much about boutique tone-deaf white guilt but about the theatrical beauty of submission to La Raza. She had to provide her “Progressive” bonafides to the radicals who control the (regional) energy of the Democratic base: the Chicano movement and the open-borders constituencies. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, she’s busy fundraising from Hollywood perverts and Wall Street.

    • People with pale skin (and this is who Democrats are racist against) are the world’s minority by far. Pale skin people make up less than a billion of the 7 billion humans on the planet. Speeding their demise by fat cats with pale skin waging war on successful people who share their skin tone is suicide. Discrimination codified by any skin tone should not be allowed. Individuals, regardless of skin tone, facial structure, weight, height, gender, or any other feature should be protected by law to rise to the highest level of their capabilities. LeBron should not be benched because someone who looks like Nanny Pelosi is not represented in the NBA. At the same time Pelosi and LeBron should not use their power, privilege, and wealth to dump on people who don’t have the same because their skin tone is lighter.

  10. The primary constituent of the Democrat Party are criminals. Why? Democrat politicians are themselves engaged in crime in every district they run. Their primary goal is to fleece as much cash from the public as possible. Chicago is recognized as one of the biggest crime capitals of the world for reason. Chicago spawned Rahm Emannual, Obama, Oprah, Hillary, and a rogue’s gallery of corrupt politicians who have used diversions such as flooding illegal aliens into communities to ramp up crime, rape, murder, and more so the communities remain in chaos. This same tactic is being used in California, NY, and many Democratic strongholds to divert attention from the real crimes: theft of public funds by Democrat insiders. Democrats have become the Mafia and they own the local police as well as agencies like the FBI, Justice Department, IRS, CIA, NSA, and more. Until the career criminals in government are cleared out, the public will be used and abused to make insiders rich and powerful.

    • don’t forget lois lerner I’m still po’d she’s not in jail or at the very least gotten her cushy pension reduced in half.

      • There was always something fishy about Oprah. Her billion dollar windfall is more from a gift than incredible talent. Actors, entertainers, singers, and talk show hosts in this era are not about talent. You can find millions of nobodies with equal or more talent. Today, celebrity is awarded by the blessings of the Entertainment Mafia to their children or relatives or friends. The fact that ‘entertainers’ last so long and have so little competition shows it’s a rigged game. Almost every movie that comes out today is a formulistic stew with entertainment insiders which the cattle of humanity will watch regardless of its quality.
        Oprah could do her routine without even being awake. Oprah is now on payback providing political propaganda. Promoting her to 60 minutes and putting her in front of a select, scripted audience is pure theatre. The PuppetMasters pull the strings and Oprah jumps. Another Chicago fraud.

  11. You can’t give Dems (Lib-Leftists) a “dose of reality” – they have no interest in reality – only their fantasies and lies matter to them.

  12. You are living in the past. The fault lines are on legal immigration. On party wants to curtail legal immigration. The other doesn’t. It is just that simple. Conservatives have reasonable proposals. They want to cut legal immigration, but as they frequently say – It will take at least ten years to clear the current backlog in “chain migration”. Those people in line are grandfathered. The party of the Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labor. They hope resistance will die down by then.

    • “The fault lines are on legal immigration.”

      Then why is Chicago a “Sanctuary City” and California a “Sanctuary State”? Why did I just read a Chicago Sun-Times editorial today condemning Trump for deporting hundreds of “undocumented immigrants” who were working in a Chicago factory?

      Illegal immigration is strongly supported by the leftist democrats and very much still a major issue.
      How anyone can vote for something as despicably corrupt as the Democratic Party is a mystery to me.

      • There is no such thing as a sanctuary city. It is a fiction. If someone is convicted of a crime, they are deported. It is not the responsibility of cities or states to enforce immigration law. It is the responsibility of ICE. Any warrant issued by ICE is obeyed. ICE just wants municipalities to shoulder the costs of incarcerating illegal aliens until they get around to picking them up. ICE could pay them for those costs, but they don’t.

        You must be listening to fake news.

      • From the article: “Just recently, it was reported that the NYPD, acting under orders from Democratic politicians, has refused to comply with federal requests to hand over 1,500 illegal alien criminals for deportation.”

      • Fake News. If an illegal alien was guilty of a criminal offense, they would be in jail. Once they had served their sentence, they would be handed to ICE for deportation. Anyone who gets hauled off to a local precinct is fingerprinted, if they have a warrant out for their arrest they are detained. US citizens are detained on bench warrants for unpaid traffic tickets all the time.

        If ICE had the names of 1,500 illegal aliens. They could round them up. If they were guilty of crimes, they could issue a warrant. Evidently they are too lazy. ICE wants municipalities to do a federal job and foot the bill without any compensation.

        Fortunately we have a Constitution. It prevents the federal government from such overreach. The feds could entice local governments with bounties. But the feds are broke.

      • you are fullashitt

        not worth the time:
        User Blocked

      • I wish you’d tell Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel that Chicago is not a Sanctuary City. He seems to believe it is.

        I wish you’d also tell California’s governor and attorney general that California is not a Sanctuary State. They also seem to believe that it is.

        You must be a typically deluded leftist.

        “California AG: ‘We will prosecute’ employers who violate sanctuary laws. … California Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned employers Thursday of legal repercussions if they assist federal immigration officials in an impending crackdown in the sanctuary state, The Sacramento Bee report.”Jan 18, 2018

      • Politicians lie every day. You want me to believe that employers who profit from cheap immigrant labor are going to call ICE and self report. Fat chance.

        E-Verify is the only solution. You hear a lot about the immigration debate. E-Verify is not even on the table. The current ruling party does not want to put burdensome regulations on business. They just posture and preen.

      • Every time I buy something on Amazon, I have to E-Verify. It is not that hard.

      • jstrong365 excretes a paragraph of BS. …errrrrr …..fake news.

  13. The author does not understand the difference between civil(such as immigration) and criminal law.

    • Being in the country illegally is a civil offense. Entering the country illegally is a criminal offense. Both are criminal offenses for the previously deported.

      So, as to your claim, you don’t understand it either.

  14. There are no illegal immigrants in this country. All this talk is just a vast right wing conspiracy!

  15. I get that the average right wing nutjob is a dumbed down partisan but I spotted a factual error in the first sentence, DACA is not unconstitutional which is why it was still in place until trump decided to rescind. More fake news for the drooling knuckle draggers.

    • “Responding in October 2010 to demands that he implement immigration reforms unilaterally, Obama declared, “I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself.” In March 2011, he said that with “respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case.” In May 2011, he acknowledged that he couldn’t “just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself. … That’s not how a democracy works.”

      Yet in 2012, he did it anyway. He put DACA in place to provide pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors, including as teenagers. He promised them that they wouldn’t be deported and provided them with work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits.”

      • On top of that, there is the name itself. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The name acknowledges that action is required by US law, but defers it to later.

        Now is later.

  16. DEM is a lawless brand and that is why they are where they are today. It is a tough sell, although they keep trying..

  17. Never use “reality” and “Democrat” in the same sentence!
    San Fran Nan should be a prime Inner Party member in Oceania rather than the USA.
    Her brand of doublethinik would make BB blush.

  18. I was recently talking to a Mexican woman who said she’s from Juarez ( right across the border from El Paso ). I said that’s a very dangerous place. She agreed and said that last November her niece ( 41 ) and her niece’s daughter ( 26 ) never returned after going out to a restaurant for something to eat while in Juarez. They lived in El Paso but we’re visiting family in Juarez. I said I can remember reading 20 years ago about how women in Juarez would just disappear. She said it’s much worse now. Even 12 year old girls disappear, she said, and the police are totally corrupt so they do nothing.

    So what good have Mexico’s strict gun laws done for women like this niece and her daughter or for their family who will most probably never learn what happened to them? She said the police already called her brother who lives there three times to come and look at bodies of women to see if it’s them. What a nightmare for her whole family.

    No wonder though so many people from places like Mexico and Guatemala are so terrified of being sent back there. She said “We ( Mexicans ) work so hard here ( America ) but when we go to Mexico they see us as Americans and think we must have money so they rob us and kidnap us for ransom.”

    Most of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese and Hispanic ( mostly Mexican ). I know these people quite well since we work long hours together and talk about all kinds of things. I feel I have infinitely more in common with them than with white leftists who seem utterly alien and incomprehensible to me.

    I like Mexicans and I wish we could help Mexico but the total distrust I have for the left doesn’t give me much hope that this can happen. I think our lack of social cohesion and trust is going to make it increasingly difficult to solve any of our problems or even to remain intact as a country.

  19. If you stop and think about it virtually all Democratic policy over the last several years has been illegal or at least partly so. DACA was illegal by Obamas own admission. He said he lacked the power to unilaterally do it….and thn did it anyway. Sanctuary cities are clearly illegal. Obamacare narrowly was declared legal only after certain parts were thrown out, and parts of it’s implementation and funding is under legal review right now. The Iran nuke treaty subverted the treaty process and so is probably nonbinding on the US. In fact, it was more of a personal deal with Obama.

    Legality isn’t s big deal when you’re trying to grow an organization that’s half mob family and half cargo cult.

  20. As a member of the military, I was trained that I could not legally follow an unlawful order. How does this relate to law enforcement in a State? Do they swear similar oaths or are they required to follow ALL orders of their superiors?

  21. Our FBI is corrupt and dangerous!

    DemoncRATS are the party of hate!

    Thank God for President Trump! He stands behind what’s good for America and we should stand behind him!

    America First!

  22. Democrats don’t need anything. They need to keep doing exactly what they’ve done since November 2016 and even before in some cases so that voting them out of office will be that much easier.

  23. there is plenty of evidence that illegal immigrants (which DACA people are) use much more of welfare than natives and have a higher criminal rate. It is bad to our society to have illegals here. We should have properly vetted immigrants. My daughter married a foreign national.

    In order for him to get a green card he had to prove that he was married to my daughter for three years, have never been charged with a crime in his own country, have a reasonable expectation of gainful employment, and agrees not to accept any entitlements for five years. Who doesn’t want this type of LEGAL immigrant? Obviously, someone that vetted will have a very low crime rate.

    Green card holders are about 10% of the population. Their crime rates are essentially nill. What the pro illegals do is add their low rate to the 3% of the population that are illegals which have a very high rate. Just spin is all it is if they say immigrants have a low crime rate. They do, but the illegal part does not

  24. Its great to be an illegal you can own weapons and kill citizens legally and get sympathy for doing so!

  25. The Democrats should be aware of Karma: What Goes Around Comes around.

  26. Not just the elected criminals but the bureaucracy as well. People don’t realize who they are and what they do to run the government.

  27. Whether in three years, eight, or twelve, it’s inevitable that the Democrats will again control the White House, Congress, and/or the Supreme Court. It’s just as inevitable that at some future point thereafter that all three branches will again return to the Republicans. And then, at some future point, it will all be reversed again, and again, and again, and again–that is, unless America repents of what it is that makes this an inevitability.

    This is the inherent volatile nature of government established without an unchanging ethical standard, found only in Yahweh’s immutable moral law. Case in point the United States Constitutional Republic.

    The following example illustrates the disparity between man’s ever-changing standard and Yahweh’s never-changing standard:

    “Two people could have walked down any U.S. street in 1930 – one with a bottle of whiskey under his arm and one with a bar of gold in his pocket, and the one with the whiskey would have been a criminal whereas the one with the bar of gold would have been considered a good law abiding citizen. If the same thing happened in any U.S. city in 1970, the one with the whiskey would be the law abiding citizen and the one with the gold bar would be the criminal.” (W.W. Turner, The Amazing Story of the British Sovereign (Nashville, TN: 1970) p. 4)

    In a mere forty-year period, man’s standard had completely reversed itself. The same transposition of ethics has occurred innumerable times under all governments based upon the traditions of man.

    This volatile propensity is especially evident in the Supreme Court:

    “…Constitutionalists believe the superiority of the United States juridical system is demonstrated in that even Supreme Court decisions can be overturned and made right by either future Supreme Court justices or by constitutional amendment. But history has proven the opposite is more likely. Furthermore, the injustices that often occur in the interim between a bad decision and a better decision would seldom, if ever, occur in a Biblical court.

    “Nothing demonstrates this fundamental defect better than Roe v. Wade, which constitutionally has provided for an endless number of infants to be murdered. While Christian Constitutionalists wait for the Constitutional Republic’s system to (they hope) correct itself, millions more infants are being murdered. Under Yahweh’s law, not one infant would have been murdered.

    Even when wrong decisions are overturned, they can be overturned again by a later court. Judicial records expose this capricious tendency of the United States juridical system….

    ‘The Court had reversed itself in 219 cases by 2000. Of this total, all but seven instances came after the Civil War. All but 28 came after 1913. Over 60 percent came after 1941. This process is accelerating.’29

    “Judicial “standards now change as rapidly as the Justices. This causes an uncertainty for society; and, in fact, often establishes a dubious standard which, in effect, is no standard at all.”30 Unlike the Bible, the Constitution is not an infallible standard. Returning to a more “pure” constitutionalism is not the answer. The answer is found in returning to Yahweh’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments….”

    For more, see Chapter 6 “Article 3: Judicial Usurpation” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”