DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the Lessons of “Glengarry, Glen Ross”

The very least we should expect from one of the two major political parties is a minimal pretense of upholding the laws of the United States. After all, that is what our elected representatives and judges swear to do when they take office. And yet, as things stand now, this isn’t a sure bet. As President Trump attempts to reassert American national sovereignty through the simple expedient of enforcing current immigration laws, the Democratic Party has decided to thwart him at every turn, primarily via its control of the lesser federal judiciary. It’s a move they’ll come to regret.

Take for example, the recent ruling by two federal judges that Trump has no right to countermand an executive order issued by his predecessor regarding the lifelong illegal aliens and non-American citizens the Left has touchingly decided to sentimentalize as “Dreamers.” These foreign-born illegal-alien children of illegal-alien parents were brought to this country at some point in their minority and, while many of them are long since old enough to have joined the Army (and thus have the legal path to citizenship they claim to want), are still referred to as “children,” in the same way that the European media calls “children” the bearded Muslims in Sweden who swear they were only 12 when they gang-raped a native schoolgirl.

The first “order”—as if a federal judge, whose entire job both in its creation and in its continuance, is dependent on Congress’s power under Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution, has any authority to interfere with the proper functioning of the executive branch—blocked the president from ending the “DACA” program, which had been conjured into existence via Barack Obama’s pen and phone back in the founding prehistory of 2012. The second order, issued just the other day, took issue with Trump’s reasoning and motive behind his executively ordered end to the executively ordered program; “arbitrary and capricious,” opined the solon regarding Attorney General Jeff Session’s defense of the order.

The administration’s proper response to this latest judicial power grab should be to echo Andrew Jackson’s possibly apocryphal but apposite retort to the chief justice back in 1832: “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” (Although I prefer Alec Baldwin’s rejoinder to Ed Harris in “Glengarry, Glen Ross.) Like the Muslim “travel ban,” which was held up by a couple of activist federal judges before the Supreme Court allowed it to stand, the end of DACA will eventually be upheld; the administration has fast-tracked its appeal of these delaying tactics to the court, bypassing the Ninth Circuit and barreling straight to the only federal court specifically established by the Constitution.

The Democrats and their “resistance” allies on the poetaster Right keep complaining that we are headed for a constitutional crisis with Trump in office, and in fact they are more correct than they understand. It’s not Trump, however, who’s precipitating the crisis but the Democrats themselves, who have seemingly modified their old motto—“dissent is the highest form of patriotism”—into something even more extreme: sedition as true love of country.

Consider the weakness of their case, which is based entirely on sentiment and linguistic obfuscation. First, the “Dreamers” are de facto criminals, and in no legal sense “Americans.” True, it was their parents who were guilty of the initial crime, but just because you were an accomplice without agency in a bank robbery doesn’t mean you get to keep the money or take up permanent residence in the bank.

As to the complaint that shipping DACA recipients back to their legal countries of origin would somehow be “separating families,” this is nonsense. It was the parents who voluntarily separated themselves from their families by coming here in the first place, and a repatriation of the DACA “children” is simply the delayed consequence of that “act of love.” This is also a point that speaks to the current defense of chain migration, whose partisans complain that by ending preferred-entry treatment for parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and third cousins once removed, the president is somehow “separating families.”

But—as all previous generations of legal immigrants understood—the very act of leaving your own land coming and to America meant that you were voluntarily separating yourself from your family, with little to no expectation of ever seeing them again. When my own immigrant great-grandmother, Mary O’Brien, left the County Clare for Boston around 1880, her family held, as Irish families back then did, a farewell party for her: they called it an “American wake,” because henceforth she would be as good as dead to them. Her brief return visit to Ireland in 1932 with her eldest daughter was a surprise; my acquisition of her birthplace and its rebuilding half a century later was practically unheard of. And today I have an Irish son-in-law and an Irish granddaughter. Full circle—which ought to be one of the models of American immigration policy, so as not to permanently rob poor countries of their best and brightest—has been achieved. Sending the children of Mexicans back to Mexico might just be the best thing for them—and for Mexico, which can use all the help it can get.

The Third Amendment to the Constitution reads: “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” A clever lawyer, such as exists in profusion on the Left, could easily make the argument that the United States is the house, and that the owners, the American people, are being unlawfully forced to provide shelter to the illegal aliens—a stunningly high percentage of whom are criminals and thus could be viewed as enemy combatants in a war on the nation as founded. Hey, creative lawyering worked with Roe v. Wade, didn’t it?

So don’t fall for the sob stories; the whole point of our statue of justice is that she is blindfolded, so as not to be swayed by extra-legal emotions as sorrow and pity, in her weighing of the evidentiary scales. This is, as Jeff Sessions might say, not only a core principle of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence, but goes back all the way to the ancient Greeks.

President Trump will win this battle, as he has won all previous skirmishes with #TheResistance. Further, he’s already made his last, best, and final offer to the Democrats, which also happens to have been his first offer. That was designed to flush out the Democrats’ crocodile-tear compassion and reveal it for what it really is: a full-throated defense of criminality disguised as the moral high ground, and designed to boost their political power at the expense of the nation-as-founded. Why, it’s positively satanic.

We owe the president a debt of gratitude for forcing the seditionists to show us who they really are. Now all real patriots have to do is act on that realization. By putting a permanent stake through DACA—comically but fittingly rescinded by executive order on a Taco Tuesday—America will show the rest of the world that the defense of our national sovereignty is not a dream, but their worst nightmare.

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42 responses to “DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the Lessons of “Glengarry, Glen Ross””

  1. A race war is part of the greater Jew scheme to destroy Christianity. The only way the Jew messiah can appear is for Christianity to be destroyed first. Jews hate Trump because he is screwing up all their plans.

  2. I’m really tired of seeing these 18 year old illegals come on TV with their resist tee shirts and go on to lecture everyone about how they have as much right to be here as anyone else. I have’t yet seen a single one of these “undocumenteds” say anything that remotely resembles a logical argument.

  3. Democrats version of a Constitutional Crisis – the Constitution is old, outdated and needs to be shredded. As long as there is a Constitution there will be a crisis.

    That’s why it’s not a Democratic Party – it’s a neo-Communist Party!

    • It’s not Communist. It is a contemporary hybrid between anarchism and authoritarianism that has no historic precedent.

      • Progressivism is as destructive if not more destructive than Communism, but it is not identical in philosophy.

      • They wear different hats.
        Even the “Communists” wore different hats. The Soviet Union under Stalin was different from what Lenin envisioned which was different from what Trotsky envisioned which was different from what Gorbachev envisioned. And all that was different from Mao was different from Fidel, and on and on.

        But beneath the hat it’s the same old monolithic, totalitarian, “the State knows best” monster.

        Names, perhaps to your point, are important….as Orwell and the Ministry of Truth took care to emphasize. But the Vision of the Progressive Left is remarkably similar to the vision laid out by Marx (Equality & Social Justice, comrades! “Let the racist/sexist/patriarchal 1%ers tremble at a progressive revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen /Oppressed of all countries, unite!

        If it walks like a duck and quacks just like a duck… it just might be a member of the large duck family.

      • I did a little, very little to be honest, digging around to learn about the Frankfurt School. I read Alynsky’s, Rules For Radicals. The concept of Antonio Gramsci’s, long march through the institutions has come to fruition.

        I especially like ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov’s point about doing it to ourselves at about 3 minures 50 seconds, of what may be the best 9 minute investment a man can make.


        George Orwell was able to show the debasement of language. “ Progressive “ ? nothing more BS than that. The “ philosophy “ may not be identical. But it is the same … tyranny

    • The conclusion is one that is becoming increasingly obvious, day in and day out.

      This will not end well.

      • I suspect it will end well. However the process, with which we get to that end, could be a little messy.

        Semper Fi,

      • My guess is you’re correct. Thank you for defending my freedom.

        Civilian puke

  4. What’s all this about separating families by sending “dreamers” back? aren’t we sending their illegal alien parents back too? C’mon guys – these are not hard concepts. The parents were the original illegals – our pal Obama made actions regarding the kids “deferred” – the deferral period is over – this sham is being closed down. I totally agree with the Alec Baldwin response to the judges who seem to think they get to make policy. As we used to say in DOD, FYSLF.

  5. I thought the telephone trumped the Constitution? That is what super schmartz Woodrow said.

    • Obama dragged that concept into the 21st century by adding the pen.

  6. Maybe Mexico and a few other countries should offer a $5,000 bonus to any Dreamer that leaves USA and comes to their country to help solve problems. After all they are educated and have an idea of what the rule of law means and how it would help the countries be a better place to live…if 5 isn’t enough try 10,000 it’s a low cost for 12 + years of education and dual language skills.

  7. How about, oh, I don’t know, applying for citizenship? Or is that too hard?

  8. Okay, I’m thick: what did any of that have to do with Mamet’s play?

  9. I just listened to an interview with Stefan Molyneux where they discuss how the black-led government in South Africa recently declared that the farmland owned by the white boers (who have been there 8-9 generations) is not their property and will be taken.

    South Africa is the canary in the coal mine with a four decade head start: expect persecution and civil war if DACA “children” and the rest of the world are given U.S. citizenship and whites become the minority.

  10. Seems to me the biggest traitors are republicans who ran on strong borders and are now pushing amnesty and anarchy

    • all republicans……seems like another case of the old broad brush.

  11. The only Dreamer I have sympathy for is one wearing the uniform of the US Armed Forces. If he/she has sworn the oath and put on the uniform, I’m willing to provide he/she with a path to citizenship. The rest get a one way ticket “home”.

  12. Ya gotta hand it to the Democrats. Long led by a crime family, they have given us a whole new class of hereditary criminals to Cloward-Piven us with.

  13. Why doesn’t the president immediately ask SCOTUS for a stay against the lower court order pending SCOTUS review and decision?

  14. Soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box.

    Your call. Choose wisely.

  15. Lets start with the one great Truth we learned from Trump during the 2016 campaign:

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

    It’s not just commie Dems who don’t want to see Dreamers (a loathesome term but it’s the common term used to describe children brought to the US illegally and are now adults): it’s the vast majority of Americans. Need proof?

    Let’s go with a poll reported by the New York Post, as we all know the New York Times is, allegedly, in the pocket of commies.


    In case the link doesn’t work for everyone here, what the poll says is the following:

    Voters by a wide margin of 73 percent for and just 21 percent against support legislation that would allow Dreamers to stay in the US legally — including 49 percent of Republicans in favor compared to 40 percent who oppose it, a new poll said Thursday.

    But voters by a margin of 49 percent to 39 percent oppose a bill that combines protection for Dreamers with funding a wall on the Mexican border, the Quinnipiac survey said.

    Republicans support The Wall/Dreamer combination bill by 54 percent to 29 percent, while Democrats oppose it by a 62 percent to 29 percent margin.


    In other words, by roughly a 4-1 margin Americans support allowing Dreamers to stay in the US legally and by 2-1 margin Republicans support allowing Dreamers to stay in the US legally.

    But let’s forget that and mindlessly following this clown here who writes the following:

    “By putting a permanent stake through DACA—comically but fittingly rescinded by executive order on a Taco Tuesday—America will show the rest of the world that the defense of our national sovereignty is not a dream, but their worst nightmare.”

  16. Ignore the rulings and impeach lawless judges

  17. Beyond ridicule, is there no effective penalty for lawless judges? They’re out to jam the Supreme Court docket with appeals of their worthless decisions. The Supremes, including the wuss John Roberts, need a strategy to head this stuff off. Like a doctrine defining the lower courts’ scope to invalidate executive orders.

    As for the President, why can’t he do his proper job and ignore the pesky leftists in robes?