Rush Limbaugh on Trump’s ‘OODA-Loop’ Presidency

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Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Friday discussed J.B. White’s essay, “The OODA-Loop President.”

Rush: The piece is written by J.B. White, and it is published at the American Greatness website, It’s called, “The OODA Loop President.” O-O-D-A. “The OODA Loop . . .” Let me find here what it stands for. I did not underline it. I should have to save some time.

It’s a process by which Trump sizes things up and moves on them and makes decisions that keeps him way ahead of the conventional wisdom and the people that are in line trying to figure out what’s happening to them. Be patient with me here. It was my bad. I should have underlined where the definition of this is, and I’ve got everything highlighted but that. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Well, let me just start with the pull quotes and I’ll run into it, I’m sure.

Because so much of this dovetails with what I’ve been saying about Trump and his technique or the way he goes about things for two years and how they’re way behind and don’t understand how Trump built the bond he built with his supporters. I’ve tried to explain how it is Trump’s still standing. We’ve had Donald Trump virtually assaulted every waking minute of every day from the moment he entered the race and it intensified as he won the Republican nomination, and then the election.

And any mortal would have been destroyed by this, would have been run out of town by this, would have been genuinely defeated by this long ago. And yet Trump uses all of this negative energy and all of these assaults to literally advance his agenda.

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