Rush Limbaugh on Trump’s ‘OODA-Loop’ Presidency

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Friday discussed J.B. White’s essay, “The OODA-Loop President.”

Rush: The piece is written by J.B. White, and it is published at the American Greatness website, It’s called, “The OODA Loop President.” O-O-D-A. “The OODA Loop . . .” Let me find here what it stands for. I did not underline it. I should have to save some time.

It’s a process by which Trump sizes things up and moves on them and makes decisions that keeps him way ahead of the conventional wisdom and the people that are in line trying to figure out what’s happening to them. Be patient with me here. It was my bad. I should have underlined where the definition of this is, and I’ve got everything highlighted but that. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Well, let me just start with the pull quotes and I’ll run into it, I’m sure.

Because so much of this dovetails with what I’ve been saying about Trump and his technique or the way he goes about things for two years and how they’re way behind and don’t understand how Trump built the bond he built with his supporters. I’ve tried to explain how it is Trump’s still standing. We’ve had Donald Trump virtually assaulted every waking minute of every day from the moment he entered the race and it intensified as he won the Republican nomination, and then the election.

And any mortal would have been destroyed by this, would have been run out of town by this, would have been genuinely defeated by this long ago. And yet Trump uses all of this negative energy and all of these assaults to literally advance his agenda.

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15 responses to “Rush Limbaugh on Trump’s ‘OODA-Loop’ Presidency

  • How come Rush is not rushing to defend Rob Porter? I guess when you’re on your 4th marriage you may not feel qualified to discuss interpersonal stuff. Four wives…no kids….Hmmm? Probably a good thing.

    • That would be construed as pragmatism or intelligently not wading into the waters of hypocrisy.

    • Probably true, but falls into the category of a PTBU point – probably true, but useless…

      • Useless? I think not. When you realize what a twisted and misogynist $hit he is, it puts his other fulminations into a negative but appropriate light. The guy is savage. Believe nothing he says. See, hardly useless.

      • When I hear someone describe Rush as “twisted,” or “mysogynistic,” or “racist,” or some other such thing, I know he’s never spent any time listening, and he’s full of $h!t.

        More to the point, the Rob Porter thing is just one more distraction, in the grand scheme, and expecting someone on Team X to rush in and defend someone on his own team is a major feature of politics in our time that turns it into an open sewer and keeps good people out of it.

      • Now that he looking for wife #5 it is safe to say he has a female problem. Ask most women and they find him a pig. I’ll go with that. And ask a black about his NBA comments and other gems, it is clear he is insensitive, racist or both. Most rednecks eat him up and hear his venom from their semi-approving vantage point. I’ve listened and heard: racist, misogynist, and if you don’t hear it, that’s your blockage. Not surprised, most Limbiters haven’t heard his $hit clearly since the cement between their ears hardened. Rush didn’t defend Porter because that would be like Goebbels defending Himmler. But Trump’s band of brigands he calls a staff and a cabinet are going to have a day of reckoning and it will be epic. More perps than the Reagan rabble.

      • Looking for #5? I can’t find any such reference.

        Most women think he’s a pig? Who are these women, and what dark corner of your ass are you pulling this from? Ever heard any of his callers?

        I don’t care what “a black” has to say about his NBA comments, whatever the hell you’re talking about; being one color or another does not qualify or disqualify one from rendering judgement, and the idea is toxic nonsense.

        Again — if you’re using words like “venom,” “rednecks,” “racist” (which is a meaningless word used only by children and emotional cripples), and other such nonsense, I know you’re not listening, and not paying attention. I’ve listened since ’93. I know what goes on there. I know what he did and did not say, and what has and has not been said about him. And I know you are a liar and a troll.

      • Now now Johnny Boy. Words like redneck and racist has very specific meaning. Most non-idiots know what they mean. And color DOES matter – except to redneck racists. I suspect you have a little bigotry in you. Am I right about that? And Rush looking for #5, keep listening.

      • No, sorry, “racist” has no meaning any longer, having been abused into irrelevance by such childish trolls as yourself. It’s just a smear, nothing more, and you’ve got no business insulting something of which you are so manifestly unaware.

        Color does matter, except to racists? WTF? Does this idiocy make sense in your mind before you type it?

      • Good to see you finally caught up. It was pointless before you started.

      • you can talk about Rush’s perceived racism. But at least he didn’t create America’s dependent inner cities. White democrats did.

      • Wow. You really need medication. You don’t like Rush, fine. But ranting about him is childish.

    • I would say probably a not good thing; however, it might also be relevant to be aware of who divorced whom.

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