The Great Homeschooling Freakout

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Home schooling is one of the few activities left in the Golden State that isn’t heavily regulated. Around 200,000 kids are schooled at home in California. Families need only file an annual affidavit with the state Department of Education and register as a private school.

Well, that’s way too easy for some people. The problem, as ever, is “lack of reasonable regulation” (because nobody ever wants the “unreasonable” kind). If only the Turpins had been subjected to regular inspections by qualified state agents, these crimes may never have occurred.

Oh, please.

Blaming home schooling for this atrocity is like blaming trenchcoats for the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 – which, in effect, is what the Denver School Board did. The two killers had worn dusters, so the board banned students from wearing long coats thereafter, as if that would have made a difference.

The Turpins registered their home as a private school. The Turpins abused their children in the privacy of their home. Therefore, let’s erode people’s privacy and call it “reasonable” and “accountability.”

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