Obamanomics Is Dead and Trump Killed It

The world has become transfixed by the historic ups-and-downs of the stock market over the past few days. The schizophrenic nature of the markets is garnering the same kind of notice one might expect from a sports commentator describing a nailbiter of a basketball game in the final, two-minute stretch. Of course, most of these so-called experts simply do not understand how the market works.

More important, many of the “objective” analysts talking about the “Trump crash” are, in fact, Democratic partisans who hope the market will crash—just as Paul Krugman predicted!—so their party might once again reassume power, as it did during the Great Depression and again during the Great Recession. Bad times for America are good times for Democrats!

Think about it: since 2010, the Democratic Party has been crushed politically. The bulk of the DNC’s domestic agenda (i.e., open borders, so-called “free” trade, and Obamacare) have proven mostly unpopular with voters and most of their foreign policies have been exposed as unmitigated disasters. The fact is, the Democrats simply cannot win an honest election under ordinary conditions. So, the Left needs the political “miracle” of chaos in American life. They need something to fundamentally alter the political calculus of the majority of American voters.  

Given recent events in the stock market, it is clear that the Democrats are counting on a severe (and prolonged) economic downturn (in the same way that many were praying for an American military defeat in Iraq). The Democrats are effectively rooting against America (and you) so that they can return to power, and continue enacting policies that harm America (and you). The great former president, Calvin Coolidge, once quipped, “the chief business of America is business.” Whenever the American economy implodes, the American people understandably are drawn to demand fundamental political change to get things back on track.

During the Great Depression, most Americans blamed Herbert Hoover and the Republicans for that economic collapse (since they were the party in power at the time that it occurred). Americans then voted for a man who turned out to be a radical statist named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, though he couched his statism in language that made it seem consistent with American ideas. In 2008, when the markets tanked again during the Great Recession (coupled with the unpopularity of the Iraq War), the American people blamed former President George W. Bush and the GOP for these twin disasters, and elected the quasi-socialist, Barack Obama, to the presidency.

In most cases, the Democrats only do well when America is in dire straits. And, that’d be all right, if the Democrats were the turnaround party that they claim to be. Yet, when elected, the Democrats rarely change things for the better. Instead, they simply exploit the opportunity to further expand the administrative state, enrich their fellow partisans, and further weaken the country. Keep in mind that FDR’s treasury secretary, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., testified to Congress in 1939 that FDR’s economic policies had done little to reverse the Great Depression. Today, many economists believe that FDR’s programs prolonged the crisis.

Looking at what’s happening presently in the stock market, we see a similar thing happening. During the Obama years, we were told by former President Obama to accept the “new normal” of barely two percent growth rates and chronically high unemployment. For the entirety of the Obama Administration, the economy sputtered along with anemic growth such that the Federal Reserve had to artificially induce economic activity through loose monetary policy. The Fed kept interest rates low, allowed for unmanageable levels of borrowing, and kept printing money. This accounts for how the stock market soared during the Obama years in spite of wages being low, unemployment being high, and overall growth lagging. The eight years of Obamanomics benefited a handful of investors and harmed everyone else.

Since Donald Trump’s election, however, the White House has spearheaded an historic reduction in onerous government regulations; the markets reacted to Trump’s election with great exuberance and anticipation; unemployment has reached historic lows; a massive tax cut has spurred the expansion of businesses (and therefore opportunity unlike anything since the Reagan years), and wages have gone up to their highest point in 17 years. Whenever a White House engages in a strong fiscal policy of the sort that the Trump Administration has implemented, the Fed has to step in and raise interest rates.


Because the Fed is signaling that the fundamentals of the economy are very strong, and there is no longer any need to continue irresponsibly printing money or allowing for unfettered borrowing. If the Fed doesn’t step in, inflation could run rampant, and the country would be in an entirely new set of economic crises. The markets are understandably reacting to the Fed’s announcement that they will begin (modestly) raising interest rates around March of this year.

Unlike 1929 or 2007, the economy is strengthening. There is no recession on the horizon (knock on wood). The fundamentals are strong (and getting stronger) under President Trump. After years of being distorted by Obamanomics, it’s going to take the market a little bit of time before it can recognize how a strong American economy benefits everyone. What’s more, a stable market (even if it doesn’t again reach the stratospheric highs that it did in the last few months), can contribute to making the American economy the most competitive in the world again (and it will share the benefits with more people, as opposed to just a handful of well-connected investors).

The Democrats are grasping at straws and hoping for you to suffer through another economic collapse just so they can get elected. Remember that going into the voting booth in November.

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About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at Asia Times . He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower (Republic Book Publishers). His second book, The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy (Republic Book Publishers) is due in Fall of 2022. Weichert is an educator who travels the country speaking to military and business audiences about space, geopolitics, technology, and the future of war. He can be followed via Twitter: @WeTheBrandon.

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87 responses to “Obamanomics Is Dead and Trump Killed It”

  1. The Dow just shat 178 points today, on top on the 3,900 points it dropped in the last ten days! Trump took a great economy, and is turning it to sh;t!

    • First of all your name is a joke. Please if you are going to post show some truth, lol.
      DO you know how much the market has gone up since the election oh honest one? Less regulations and lower taxes are propelling the economy. The stock market is now over bought and interest rates will be rising giving investors more choices besides stocks in which to put your money.

    • Wages rose 2.9% last quarter and about 9% over the last year.
      New claims for unemployment are at a 45 year low.
      Businesses are seeing increases in demand for the first time in years so they’re hiring and investing. Those investments in facilities, equipment, training and manpower generally require capital. Demand for capital drives up bond rates and people on fixed incomes who need to earn returns safely then rotate out of stocks and into bonds.
      Those are all signs that we’re coming out of the Obama stagnation finally. What’s turning into sh!t is Dems’ chances to take back the US House.
      You should be smarter than to claim that the DOW/stock markets is/are the complete and best measure of the largest and most complicated economy on the planet. Should be, but apparently are not.

      • Don’t you know wage hikes don’t matter to the left, unless of course they are enacted into law (a la minimum wage levels) by these imbecilic micro-managers.

      • I was surprised for a minute at how much Dems are hating on pay raises and better benefits not to mention bonuses. Then I realized that we are un-victimizing people as opportunities increase and people’s circumstances and lives improve.
        They don’t care about American workers; they want to create and generate victims.
        Good grief, Dems are some horrifically awful and evil people.

    • Interest rates are finally rising off levels never before seen in the nation’s history. Despite the stock market hiccups as the cost of money rises, that is a good thing.

      But off course an imbecile like yourself will never understand that.

  2. “Obamanomics Is Dead and Trump Killed It”

    I think a better title would be “Obamanomics was surviving on life support and Trump pulled the plug”

    The era of cheap money may have stabilized things but did nothing for growth.

    • or perhaps even a zombie theme?

      “Obamanomics was a corpse reanimated by voodoo and a faustian deal with the devil and kept from returning to the grave by an endless supply of voter brains fed to it by Obama and congress. DJT cut off the brain supply, torched the zombie horde and resealed what was left in a lead-lined crypt and then paved over it with a new freeway. Voters now no longer fear for their brains which they get to keep (along with more of their hard earned money). DJT in a landslide in 2020”

      • The real drug was an unlimited supply of printed money with out wealth creation.

    • But the Obama stabilization is fake, because there was limited underlying wealth creation.

  3. The JV Kenwaiian economics…
    Take From Everyone Else and Give it to My Buds Who Then Give it to Me.

  4. The 8 years of 0% interest rates gifted to Barry caused asset inflation including stock prices. So how much growth must occur under Trump to justify those stock prices? How much more growth to justify the stock run up during the Trump boom?

    The market will tell us, eventually.

    • Somehow the Left thinks we need to continue printing money and keeping interest rates low forever. We have to pay for it sometime, and now’s a better time than ever to do it.

  5. The Democrat/Liberal/Progressive mantra: You have it; I want it; GIMME! Whether its done by a former “college professor” with the slogan of “hope and change” using government or a criminal from the mean streets with a gun or knife. It is still coercive theft of your substance.

    Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism at its best.

    • “a former “college professor” ”

      Part-time lecturer. Very part-time.

    • The GOP is going socialist if you have not noticed. Trillion dollar deficits and no end in sight of printing money. Unless we tackle Medicare spending which can be done by control of pricing of pharmaceuticals without cutting individual benefits, look at 10% interest rates which will kill the economy. And this recession will be owned by the fiscal fraudsters of the GOP. Are there any balanced budget advocates anywhere? Help anybody?

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  6. Companies fund expansion either by selling shares of ownership (equity), or taking on debt (bonds). When prospects for expansion look good, a smart manager funds expansion through debt, since the cost is fixed, and the duration finite. As companies compete for investment, the rates they are willing to pay increase. As rates increase, investment capital shifts from more volatile instruments (stocks). Example: if the man from the future told me the winner of next year’s Kentucky Derby, and that winner paid 10-1 odds – I would try to lay hands on as much money to bet as possible. It would be much better for me to borrow $1-million and pay you 10% ($100K), than it would be to say “give me $1-million and I’ll split the winnings ($500K).” On the other hand, if I didn’t know the future, I would go with option B, as I would be taking on no risk or obligation if I lost. So, the current environment shows that businesses are paying more for debt, and investors are capturing the recent windfall in equities by selling off, so that they can move the money to safer bonds and preserve their wealth. In sum, it all points to a very healthy economy, thanks to President Trump.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if any of these genius pundits has actually taken and passed Economics 101.

    Here’s the thing. When you earn a dollar there are ONLY two things you can do with it – you can spend it or you can save it (giving it to charity is another form of spending it and burying it in the back yard in a mayonnaise jar is a particularly stupid way of saving it). When the return on savings is effectively zero (might as well bury it in the back yard) and you’d like to see some positive return the ONLY choice you have is equities. Now that it looks like there might be a return on savings there will be less into the market.

    There. Explained it.

    You’re welcome.

    No charge.

  8. That’s what makes the recent stock market roller coaster ride so amusing to watch in regards to the media. When it was going up this past year they either scoffed at the notion that Trump had anything to do with it or they said it was due to Obama. Then this past week with it’s downward slide (obviously a correction to offset the imaginary gains reached during the Obama years) they suddenly turned the results back over to Trump’s hands and decried how his influence is destroying the market.

    A market we should remind everyone which was supposedly going to implode immediately after Trump took office. And all this is why no one trusts the media anymore and the label of “Fake News” will not be soon leaving them.

  9. Was this guy drunk when he wrote this? Republicans stood around for 8 years complaining about the debt then the first thing they do when they get the chance is increase it significantly. That makes this idea that Conservative economic policy is anything other than a payoff to rich donors and that they are the party of “fiscal responsibility” totally absurd. If Democrats aren’t the “turnaround” party then who is? Because I’m pretty damn sure they stabilized the world economy the last time “conservative” policies crashed it – while saving the auto industry and killing Bin Laden. In my 40+ years of voting I’ve only seen Republicans do two things; (1) crash the economy to pay off rich people at working people’s expense, and (2) cheat in elections. They’re damn good at those things, but damn sorry at anything else.

    • In economic terms, please explain what’s happening. I’ll get my popcorn.

      • Simple. We’re shifting debt from rich people to working people and eventually our kids by borrowing money from China so the economy can deficit spend its way to a big “sugar high” and eventually crash like it always does when so called conservatives are in charge of economic policy.

      • So, you just described the Obama years. Is this the crash? If you are genuine in your concern for escalating deficits, welcome to the club, where were you when we added 10 Trillion to the debt in the last decade? As for offering a cogent analysis of what’s currently occurring – not so much. Nothing more than moving profits from the stock market to the bond market, which as an indicator of economic health, is finally showing some life. I adjusted my portfolio at the beginning of the year to weigh heavier on bonds as anybody that understands econ 101 could see that we were entering bubble territory as a result of the printed money policy of the last decade.

      • Oh, please. Like he has the first idea about economics. Envy, now, he understands pretty well, it seems.

    • How is life on Mars (or whatever rock you live under)?

      • The Republicans are going socialist ballooning the deficit. Interest rates next year will be 10% unless we start cutting medicare the most socialistic program we have. It would be easy to do. But the Republicans are cowards

    • You are indeed an imbecile of the highest order. Your first idiotic point was a stunner, yet you surpassed it with your second.

      I can only assume your moronic deranged rage against Trump and republicans compels you to ignore the tens of millions of ordinary working class Americans who received bonuses and raises (or crumbs I guess in your world) due to the recent tax policies passed. Employment opportunities abound, generating real wage growth, so of course idiots like you want to do everything possible to put an end to it.

      Please move to Venezuela, they are well on their way to building the Utopia you desire. Those of us here in the US will not be sorry to see you go.

      The only thing your comment illustrated was 40+ yrs of abject idiocy.

      You make me vomit.

      BTW – Your allegations of GOP cheating in elections, a specialty of the left, is so absurd it’s unworthy of debating.

  10. So-called “Trump Rally” is disappearing before his supporters’ eyes. Have to bookmark this idiot’s column; in a few months, when the economy is in recession, unemployment is surging, and the market is down another 25%, this same idiot who wrote “Trump killed Obamanomics” will be writing about the devastation is all Obama’s fault.

    • Increase in bond yields is actually a sign of a stabilizing economy that projects growth. No surprise that investors are selling off inflated stocks and moving windfall to more secure bonds. But if it weren’t for stupid, democrats would be out of business.

      • The stock market returned 250% during the 8 years of Obama’s presidency. They lost 20% during Bush’s. You also don’t seem to understand the fact that when bond yields are rising, it means that bonds are selling off too.

      • Wha??? Bond prices are an indication of demand for capital, which coincides with a growing economy. This is why rates were so low during the Obama years – leaving no place for the printed money that was propping up the economy to go other than the stock market.

      • And BTW, you overstated the growth of the market during Obama’s tenure by a factor of 2. Actually, it was around 116% growth. Nothing to snivel at, but certainly an indication of your understanding of math, and by extension, finance. Now, if you would like to discuss underlying factors – such as printing money to prop up the economy and presiding over the weakest post recession recovery in modern history … I’m all ears.

      • The stock market made it’s low, off the housing bubble crash, on March 9 of 2009. That low was approximately 47% down from the previous high water mark.

        When a market goes down 50%, it has to rally 100% to simply get back to par. The point being, much of Obama’s vaunted stock market rally was simply reclaiming lost ground.

        The idea Obama was a competent steward of the nation’s economy, based upon stock market levels, is absurd. By every measurable economic metric, Obama was a disaster.

    • We literally lost 2 months after gaining for over a year. You’re an idiot if you think this is something more than a correction.

      • No, I’m the guy that quadrupled my net worth betting that the Republicans’ “Goldilocks economy” was going to crash in 2008. The whole time I was averaging in on the trades, right-wing morons such as yourself were saying exactly what you’re saying right now.

        Of course, these days, those same morons are today claiming that the crash was Barney Frank’s fault and that they saw it coming all along. That’s why I like the markets. There’s no “debate” about who was right and who was wrong. Right-wing morons can say whatever they want. I let my brokerage account keep score. If I were you, I’d stick to watching FOX News, reading this rag of a tabloid, and staying out of the market.

      • Except it was the republicans that were sounding the alarm on Barney Frank bubble of the aughts, only to be called racist for not wanting to expand the foolhardy practice of requiring banks to make “no-doc” loans. While I’ll take you at your word that you made money, your comments and demonstrable lack of understanding of how markets work cause me to file your anecdote under the adage “even a blind squirrel trips over a nut.”

      • BTW – you do know that Pelosi was Speaker of the House in 2008, when the crash occurred. Let’s be sure not to repeat that mistake.

      • Old Hairy Reid was Senate Majority Leader in 2007-8 too. Let’s not give Dems another chance to crash the economy again!

      • Republicans were sounding the alarm??? On what planet did that happen? Look, I know all about the unbelievable revisionist BS trying to blame the whole thing on Barney Frank.

        But how did Barney Frank manage to do all of that when the Republican party was in control of the entire federal government, from the SEC to the committees that oversaw the government lenders? You’re not just ignorant of markets; you seem to need on primer on 8th grade civics. I’ll bet that while you can recite chapter and verse of Barney Frank, you do’t even know the name of the Republican who chaired the committee that Frank was on, do you?

        Sure, after 2010, the right-wing media started up with the BS about Frank, but BEFORE the crash, this is was the right-wing media was saying:


        Does that look like Kudlow is “sounding the alarm” to you?

      • What you are is a piece of garbage, like most of the elites on the left. A person who revels in the misfortune of others , while constantly patting themselves on the back, convinced of your own superiority.

        I don’t give a flying f*** whether you make money in the markets or not, you’re post reveals you to be a America hating cancerous piece of chit.

      • That’s pretty funny. Like I said, you probably just need to run along and play with your little FOX News TV and leave the markets to the grown-ups.

  11. In recessions during the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush and George W Bush the GOP agreed with sane economists that stimulus and increased deficits were needed.
    In the great recession that began in 2008 the GOP also agreed with this.
    However, in January 2009, the GOP somehow and for some reason changed its mind.

    The GOP insisted on austerity measures when unemployment was at 8%.

    Now, with unemployment at 4%, the GOP is busting the budget and doubling the deficit.

    This is insane economics, but it will, in the near term, increase economic growth.

    Meanwhile, if you’re 28 years old, the years from your college graduation to now were pretty much lost in no small part because the Republican Party of the United States of America refused to help the country emerge from the worst economy in 80 years.

    • Keynesian economics was discredited over half a century ago. Better to be the leader of a good fashion than the follower of a bad one.

    • I am one of the, it seems, very few sane people who are both conservative economically and convinced that this time, it really is different. That is, Rogoff’s demonstration over 500 years and 7 continents that governments which get 125% GDP into debt experience failure and upheaval, the way that, for example, Venezuela is experiencing now, is not true in the case of the U.S.A. It hasn’t been true since the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve. As long as the Federal Reserve can create the money to buy the Treasury bonds then wait forever for capital redemption, there is no fundamental limit to U.S. deficit spending.

      • This time it really is different? Famous last words. Most countries have central banks which can print money to finance that country’s deficits. It never ends well. Look at Venezuela. How is that policy working out there?

    • I read your post twice, and yet I still have no idea as to what you are blabbering about.

      Are you suggesting that Obama, a man who doubled the national debt in his two terms, did not engage in unprecedented deficit spending? That the evil republicans prevented Obama from enacting the remedies the economy needed?

      Here on planet earth, many of us see the issues quite differently.

      Simply stated, Obama was a disaster. With majorities in both houses, he was given almost free reign in his first two years, yet he did nothing to improve the American economy, in fact just the opposite. His trillions in gigantic government deficit spending seem designed to only enrich his core constituencies, while the broader economy wallowed in never ending stagnation.

      Instead of on focusing on economic growth, Obama decided a government take over of health care was just what the nation needed.

      The man was a cancer upon America, thank God he is gone.

      With any luck, Obama will spend his remaining years rotting away in a prison, a fate he richly deserves for leading the most corrupt administration this nation has ever witnessed.

      Obama made Nixon look like a boy scout.

      • Reagan added175% tobthe debt.
        Bush 43 added 100% to the debt.

        Obama shrunk the deficit he inherited by half, and trump is blowing it back up.

      • Oh please.

        Obama only shrunk the deficit because he came into office the year a trillion dollar stimulus was passed. The truth is Obama increased the debt, in inflation adjusted dollars, more than every other president combined. By every measurable economic metric, Obama was a disaster. Pretending he was a fiscally responsible president is absurd.

        Reagan accepted additional domestic spending from the democratic majorities in the house and senate in exchange for increased defense spending and tax cuts. While debt did increase, economic growth and revenues surged as well. In fact Reagan’s policies set the stage for a 20+ plus yr economic expansion. Does it even bare mentioning that he won the cold war as well?

        I don’t have much good to say about W, I think his record was disastrous. Mostly because he attempted to placate the America haters on the left at almost every opportunity.

        That said, the recession created by the housing bubble was a product of moronic policies, mostly the adjustments to the fair housing act, put in place by the serial rapist, Bill Clinton. Sometimes the destruction caused by idiotic leftist policies takes time to manifest.

      • That’s what happens when you inherit a crashing economy and a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit (which is what Obama inherited).

        Anyone would have added trillions to the debt.

    • “Stimulus”? You mean devaluing currency? Oh yeah, that makes us all richer. You must be one of those who think if we wrote “1 trillion dollars” on a coin it would make it worth that.

      • Devaluing?
        Are you for real?
        Under Obama the value of the dollar went from .65 Euro to .9.
        Up 30%

        Do try to keep up.

      • Are you claiming that printing a trillion dollars ISN’T devaluation? If so, are you a liar or an imbecile? Both?

      • devaluation
        [dee-val-yoo-ey-shuh n]
        Spell Syllables
        Examples Word Origin
        See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
        an official lowering of the exchange value of a country’s currency relative to gold or other currencies.
        a reduction of a value, status, etc.

        In fact, relative to foreign countries, our dollar increased in value under Obama, and gold was steady.
        Under trump, relative to foreign countries, our dollar is being devalued, and gold is up 20%.

        In fact, within our own country, there was virtually zero inflation under Obama (and inflation is picking up under trump).

        That’s the way this works here on Planet Earth.

      • Does moving those goal posts around get tiring? The claim I made said nothing about the 8 year value of the dollar versus the Euro nor did I mention either Trump or Obama.

        You are claiming that adding a trillion dollars did not devalue the dollars already in existence, which is an absurdity. You should do some more hand waving and move those goal posts again. It is really all you can do, isn’t it?

      • Yeah, who needs a lousy dictionary?
        Let’s just say a word means what we want, and name all anyone who disagrees.
        Good move, trumpzo.

      • So STILL claiming that printing money is not a devaluation? Something something something 8 years Obama something something?

        You epitomize the ignorant Left. Public school teacher?

      • Don’t argue with me, and stop making shit up.

        Argue with Merriam-Webster.
        They set the standard.
        You don’t.
        I don’t.

      • So you are a complete and total imbecile. I apologize for engaging you as if you had any of your own thoughts. Truly pitiful. Let me recommend Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics” as you are clearly, abjectly ignorant.

        You should consider suing your school teachers for fraud. You have a great case.

      • You cite an economist who confidently predicted that QE would lead to inflation, and after it’s clear that he was dead wrong you call me stupid for not reading him.
        Well, Marshall, I have read him. In real time.
        And I disagreed with his prediction. And I was right, and he was wrong.

        And rant as much as you want, but words will still have meanings. And, in spite of your drivel, those meanings will still be found in things called dictionaries. And all your ranting, and spittle, and name calling cannot change that.

      • You remain in denial if not ignorance. Truly pathetic. Again, I apologize for engaging you as if you had two brain cells to rub together. It was wrong of me to engage in a battle of wits with a completely unarmed thing.

  12. It’s all pretty obvious in the numbers. The last 2 1/2 years of the Obama administration, the GDP was less than 2%. The first 3 quarters of the Trump administration, the GDP was 2.95%. And this increase is just from reducing some regulations and the vast change in business confidence.

    Just wait until the tax cuts filter through the system. We WILL hit 4% barring any foreign catastrophe. Thank you Pres. Trump.

  13. The Democrats true colors were in full display at the State of the Union address. They can’t even fake it any more they’re so far gone. Trump is a shoe in for 2020.

  14. Obamanomics was pitiful and O’s spreading around fed govt. $ to friends and his supporters. Gm got billions and ven the union, Chrysler got $ but then got sold and went to China and now its coming back to USA. All the solar panels require sun light that s not always there, wind mill fans so to speak REQUIRE a grid to hock up with the US grid. Birds on migration paths were being burnt to a crisp by the solar panels, bald Eagles and birds and zillions of insects including bees were sucked into the fans and ground into pieces. More birds would come to feed and get sucked into the fans. Germany gave up on solar b/c they are so far north the clouds and sunlight just wern’t there. Don’t forget all the fed $ that just went poof and disappeared into someones pockets/bans but were never found. I mean billions and more SHOULD have had audits but O didn’t use auditors, he actually got rid of inspector generals in LOTS of fed depts. So more fed $ just disappeared again into nothingness.

  15. “..and elected the quasi-socialist, Barack Obama, to the presidency.”

    Nothing quasi about the communist Obama.

  16. Lol, Obama and Trump economic policy have the same general tenant, borrowed money. The only thing that’s changed is where the money is funneled… follow the money, choose your side I guess… but it’s all the same from the Birdseye view.

  17. Stock values rose at levels inconsistent with future earnings potential for much of the Obama Administration. When President Trump began making fundamental changes that will increase productivity and profitability stock prices were driven up from already over valued prices. A correction is inevitable and healthy for the long term growth of the economy. Get a grip, people, and expect more rational growth in stock values as the Obama Administration mistakes are continually being repaired.

  18. Fracking undermined Obamanomics. I have never seen a president so disappointed in an economic miracle as Obama was in the development of fracking. The Obama “stimulus” was supposed to be the first of many New Deal type programs that hooked Americans on handouts. Instead Obama got a stimulus and Obamacare and then voters wised up and voted for Republicans in 2010. The job market only started picking up when the “stimulus” ran out at the end of 2013 and Obamacare is more limited than even the most pessimistic prognostications.

  19. Right now all the Democrats care about are illegal aliens being able to stay in the country and continue to come in at high rates. Trump is doing a great job of undoing Obama’s legacy. A legacy of lies and the weakening of America in the world. We tried Socialism for eight years and it obviously did not work.

  20. The author of this editorial betrays his ignorance, spouting Trump’s talking points. He’s out-of-touch with reality.

    The empiricist forms his theory based on observations. The ideologue twists facts to fit his theory. Here’s what I’ve seen:

    There are two wings to the Democratic Party. One stresses liberalism and practices conservative economics. This wing is little different from the establishment Republicans, but differs from them in emphasis: the establishment Republican wants tax cuts and deregulation, and is generally indifferent to diversity and women’s rights. The gentry liberal Democrat enjoys the tax cuts and deregulation, but stresses feminism and to a much lesser extent, civil rights. Both groups practice neoliberal economics. Obama bought into the Republican economic narrative here.

    The other wing is a revitalized version of the New Deal movement. They stress economic and civil rights issues over feminism and want economic reform so that everyone can benefit from economic growth. Their economic stance makes them anathema to establishment Republicans.

    There are a number of factions to the Republican Party. The establishment Republicans are business-people who work toward oligarchical rule. The party is an alliance with this group, white populists, and religious conservatives. The latter consider the Democrats’ commitment to feminism and diversity as anathema.

    The wild card are the white populists. If the neo-New Deal group took over the Democratic Party, white populists may yet back them over Trump, for they would prosper if this faction were in charge of the party. But the gentry liberals threw them away, along with organized labor, back in the 1970s. This is because the gentry liberals want a party of professionals. Not exactly New Deal material.

    • If the white populists align with the neo-New Deal faction and take over America, we will have Venezuela.

      • Nope, what we had here in this country from 1945-1972. I grew up during that era.

  21. Obama’s overarching theme in every facet of his presidency was Cloward-Piven, driven by a deep-seated hatred of his country. I’m glad we survived it.

    • The scandals of The Obama Error make Watergate appear as child’s play by comparison.

  22. “For the entirety of the Obama
    Administration, the economy sputtered along with anemic growth such that
    the Federal Reserve had to artificially induce economic activity
    through loose monetary policy. The Fed kept interest rates low, allowed
    for unmanageable levels of borrowing, and kept printing money. This
    accounts for how the stock market soared during the Obama years in spite
    of wages being low, unemployment being high, and overall growth
    lagging. The eight years of Obamanomics benefited a handful of investors
    and harmed everyone else.”

    Basic economics theories tell us that all this money creation without associated wealth creation has to lead to either inflation or deflation, which has not happened yet.

  23. The recent revelations confirming the politicization of the FBI and the DOU mean the USS Coup d’Etat sank at the pier.

  24. How do bloated Federal budgets help the Fed control inflation now that the private economy came back to life? Seems like the opposite.