Democrats Fold on Immigration, America Wins

U.S. Senate leaders were all smiles Wednesday as they announced an agreement on a two-year spending plan. The House of Representatives passed a similar continuing resolution on Tuesday. Democrat threats to shut down the government are out, bipartisan backslapping is in. So how did this come together?

The Associated Press sums it up nicely: “Senate Democratic leaders have dropped their strategy of using the funding fight to extract concessions on immigration, specifically on seeking extended protections for the ‘Dreamer’ immigrants.

That’s a nice way of saying that Democrats folded. But why? Recall that just two weeks ago Democrats called a DACA-based amnesty nothing short of a moral imperative and “the civil rights issue of our day.” Rhetorical modesty is not considered a virtue on the Left. Neither, apparently, is constancy.

After the Schumer Shutdown turned into a public relations debacle Dick Durbin inveighed, Chuck Schumer threatened, and Nancy Pelosi…well, we couldn’t quite decipher what Nancy Pelosi said but we’re pretty sure it was meant to express Resistance™! They postured and preened for a few days but then Donald Trump offered them a DACA deal that gave them more than they asked for—nearly 2 million people legalized with a path to citizenship in exchange for some modest border security—and they walked away. Apparently, Democrats couldn’t take yes for an answer.

Trump called their bluff. Democrats never really wanted a DACA deal. Their histrionics were just crocodile tears. They really wanted two things: 1) an issue they could use to fill campaign coffers with money from coastal elites eager to signal their virtuous solidarity with immigration scofflaws they meet only in CNN’s hagiographies but never in person, and 2) a narrative of Republican villainy they could sell to credulous Resisters to keep them in a permanent state of hyperbolic outrage until election day.

With the end of Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty less than a month away, neither the House bill nor the Senate agreement contain any continuation of the program. The appetite for such a deal is, perhaps, larger when it comes from the executive than when legislators have to vote on it just a few months before facing voters. Neither the cheap-labor lobby nor the identity politics hacks in the Democratic Party will be happy, but this is a signal victory for Republicans who have, for once, sided with their voters.

The president deserves much of the credit. He led by example, providing Congress with the firmness of purpose and rigidity of spine that has been for so long lacking. And judging by the body language of congressional leaders, they like winning. Republicans are starting to show the signs of self-assurance that accompany victory.

Democrats, meanwhile, look on agog, unsure how to respond to the new script. To borrow a metaphor from Michael Anton, for years they were the Globetrotters—showboating, confident, sure of a win. And night after night the GOP dutifully played the role of the hapless Washington Generals: there for the show, but destined to lose. Not anymore.

Last April, I advised Republicans to “build trust and a sense of momentum within the party based on victories won together. Small victories will beget bigger ones.” It worked, but just barely. Republican Senators confirmed Neil Gorsuch and a slate of constitutionalist judges, they passed a major reform of the troubled Veteran’s Administration, and they reversed a number of harmful Obama-era regulations.

True, they made one major strategic error in 2017 when they tried to repeal Obamacare too soon. But that error may be forgiven. Who knew that John McCain, fresh off the campaign trail where he promised Arizona voters that he would vote for repeal—would torpedo the entire enterprise with what Lionel Trilling might have called an irritable mental gesture?

Republicans led by the president rebounded from that setback and passed a once-in-a-generation tax reform package that is already letting individuals and businesses keep more of the money they earn—and repealed the individual mandate, the most onerous and objectionable part of Obamacare. The tax cuts led to a raft of announcements from Fortune 500 companies of bonuses, wage increases, expanded hiring plans, and the promise of massive investments in the United States. Apple has announced plans to increase U.S. investment by $350 billion. Billion. Unemployment is low, the stock market is high, and there is renewed sense of the possible.

One need look no further than the launch by SpaceX of its long-promised heavy rocket. The reusable rocket takes larger payloads into orbit at a fraction of the cost fielded by competitors and then returns safely to earth, where it can be launched again. Is SpaceX a creature of the Trump era? No. But as investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs follow Musk’s example, pursuing their own projects they now operate in a friendlier business environment.

As the president’s congressional allies get a taste of victory and receive some well-earned kudos for their role in enacting the Trump agenda they build trust and will obtain the confidence to accomplish more. There is much yet to be done. The proposed spending bill includes an unsustainable deficit. That can be fixed by restoring the budget process to regular order. Obamacare still needs repeal and the deep state—unelected, self-interested, accountable to no one, out of control—must be brought to heel. There’s a wall yet to be built and pro-citizen immigration reform that ends chain migration and implements E-Verify yet to be passed. As the proverb says, slowly but surely the bird builds its nest. We’re not there yet, but today’s victory takes us one step closer.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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89 responses to “Democrats Fold on Immigration, America Wins”

  1. I’ll say that people like Ryan are growing on me.

    • The old Ryan was a total crony corrupt globalist loser puke.
      He’s less of all those things but only because of Trump.

      • Ryan’s still fighting to bring in tens of thousands of immigrant workers via the H-1B and related visa programs for his Chamber of Commerce/Koch Brothers et al., cheap labor donors.

      • Yep, he’s still a corrupt globalist crony puke but Trump won’t sign the big amnesty that drunken, lumbering Hilly would have.

      • Yea still don’t trust him but he seems to be working with the caucus and that is really his only job.I will give him the benefit of the doubt now anyways

      • I don’t trust him at all. I just think he’s less slimy when he’s working with Trump. Eternal vigilance is, as always, required.????????

  2. If the Daca/Dreamers are so vital to the USA, imagine how vital they could be to their countries of origin.

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      • SHIRLEY I’m employed by “SUNRISE” ESCORTS an I swallow…..

      • It was one of those adds that said that they made major dollars an hour.. Well these are porn sites.. The one that Shirley was with is in San Diego CA. She still swallows!!

    • But then they couldn’t go on welfare and vote Democrat.

    • but…… they aren’t vital to their countries of origin because their home countries do not have one partner totally focused on “taking away self-initiative through an assortment of dependency programs. In their home countries, it is “work or starve.” In America, it is “come here, sit at the table.”

  3. I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice
    Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
    Listened as the crowd would sing
    Now the old king is dead long live the king

    One minute I held the key
    Next the walls were closed on me
    And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

  4. March 5th, a day that we will be singing “Let Freedom Ring,” as the mass exodus of Criminal Illegal Aliens either self-deport, or be Deported by ICE!

  5. This was one small battle in a very long war. Let’s not get cocky.

  6. McConnell will have to junk the filibuster to gain border security.

    And President Trump should personally, and in person, assure Dreamers that he will take their forwarding address, email, and phone numbers, and will invite them right back in as soon as the democrats agree to make a deal.

  7. Democrats wanted Instant Voters, they could care less about DACA and the Dreamers. But when Trump offered amnesty with a path to citizenship that took years. That eliminated their usefulness to the Democrats.

    Trump continues to play 4D chess with the Democrats.

    Imagine the scenario laid out in this article with any of the other candidates Trump beat and imagine the outcome.

    1. The Wall
    2. E-Verify and stiff penalties for violations
    3. Amnesty to some, with path (5 to 10 years) to citizenship. But you can’t be on welfare and you have to stay out of trouble.

  8. I used to rule the worldSeas would rise when I gave the wordNow in the morning I sleep aloneSweep the streets I used to ownI used to roll the diceFeel the fear in my enemy’s eyesListened as the crowd would singNow the old king is dead long live the kingOne minute I held the keyNext the walls were closed on meAnd I discovered that my castles standUpon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

  9. Man, our POTUS keeps his word !!
    Little by little he IS draining the swamp.
    It’s a beautiful process to behold.

    • I don’t think we quite realize how much is being drained because we never knew how large the swamp was. Unless we get Trump some more help in 2018, it will continue to be like one man and a shovel trying to drain the Okefenokee swamp.

      • Exactly right! The 2018 election is just as, if not more important than electing Trump. If Dems gain control, FISA Gate will be buried, President Trumps agenda will be stalled. We have to get him some help.

  10. Oh schiff, I’m getting tired of winning all the time.

  11. If the left is in favor of something, it most certainly is bad for this country.

  12. God
    Other Citizens
    Legally arrived non-citizens

    Those are my priorities. It is a 5 part list and I cannot add illegally arrived non-citizens to it without knocking something else off.

  13. It isn’t hard to figure out. The whole “Russian collusion” thing is imploding. With a little luck, no one from DOJ or FBI will be pleading the fifth in Senate hearings on tv. Dems are looking to keep the bad publicity reduced. It is going to take a lot of good will to cover the fact Obama colluded with the Clinton campaign to spy on Trump.

    • They will do anything to shield the “Great One”.

    • The IG report is going to result in a grand jury and indictments.
      It’s all going to come out because FISCourts require testimony under oath and lots of supporting documentation. Also someone altered FBI 302s (witness interview forms) or pressured others to do so, and that’s a crime. Screwing around with federal law enforcement power isn’t like fixing parking tickets in Mayberry.
      It’s very likely that people will go to prison, or roll on those above them if they can.
      I keep running out of popcorn ????.

  14. I have to confess here that I’m not a Trump fan, quit voting Republican many years ago (can’t stomach any of them), quit voting Democrat after BO’s first term (can’t stomach most Democrats, could never have voted for Hillary, should never have voted for her old man). But cutting (way) back on immigration is one place I do support DJT. However, you folks supporting Republicans should keep in mind that, despite their words, they’re largely consumed by the cheap labor lobby and have for years been happy to let illegals come here to work and draw government assistance once a kid was born.

    • Have you read about Sens. Perdue and Cotton’s “RAISE Act” that will reduce legal immigration – it is modeled on the proposal that Barbara Jordan’s committee presented back when Clinton was POTUS – it’s aim is to reduce immigration to reduce employment competition and to raise employment opportunities for Americans and their wages.

      • Increases wages without increased productivity are completely offset by increased inflation, basic economics.

      • True, but why assume that productivity will stagnate or decline ? The bigger problem over the last 35 years has not been productivity, which has been rising overall (with some fluctuation of course), but stagnation in real wages at the SAME time that productivity has risen. The latter happens when there is a labor glut, particularly in low-skilled labor.

      • You’re trying to tie productivity to a ‘labor glut’, in other words, the unemployment rate (essentially saying immigrants depress productivity). I must have missed the recent surge in productivity, with the elimination of ‘excess labor’, at 4.1% unemployment. So if I have 5 low skill workers, they’d be less productive if there were 5 guys wanting to take their jobs than if no one wanted to take their job. Doesn’t make sense.

        Republican policies have been designed to limit wage growth, and favor capital over labor. What do you think anti-union and anti-minimum wage policies do? Now, a much smaller wage increase will have miraculous results, not because of economics, but because Republicans supported them.

        Btw, productivity increases have dropped sharply since about the turn of the century.

      • No, did NOT say that “immigrants depress productivity” (although there is certainly general evidence that low-skilled labor–and these days immigrant workers are lower-skilled overall than American workers–is one factor in lowering productivity. The question whether the lower-skills of certain categories of immigrants (for example unauthorized immigrants have much lower education levels than Americans and legal immigrants) in certain industries has been a factor lowering productivity in the last 2 decades in certain industries in the US would have to be examined. I know of no such study).

        I first made the point that your response ASSUMED that productivity WILL not increase if wages go up, and/or that inflation always increases when wages increase. That is not always the case if you mean real rather than nominal wages. On the contrary, real wages historically rose when inflation moderated. Prices determined real wages levels rather than the other way around throughout most of known history.

        Second, I made the point that real wages can increase for at least two basic reasons 1. if productivity increases, real wages generally increase IF–and this is important–labor supply stays about the same or decreases. However, if labor supply increases rapidly, real wages can still stagnate or decline EVEN if productivity increases; the gains of the productivity increase is captured by capital rather than most laborers in that case. This is what has been happening since at least the 1980s for much of the US labor force (due to labor glut caused first by baby boomers entering the labor market and later by increased immigration). 2. Real wages can also increase if labor supply decreases. We know this to have been the case at various times in history (see Ron Lee’s chapter on real wages (Wrigley & Schofield, Population History of England).

      • Some good and well informed comments. Smarter people than me have struggled to explain the stagnation of real wages. I have some opinions.. but these are clearly not ‘facts’.

        Owners of capital have clearly benefited more than workers. (which is one reason I didn’t think they needed a tax cut more than workers). Automation was a big piece of that.. more output from less workers contributed to an oversupply of labor. I saw recently that output per steel worker is up 10 fold since 1980. Also a factor in many industries was the decline of unions and increased manufacturing in right to work states.

        A lot of factors in play, and our politicians have oversimplified so much that we’re not even trying to identify the actual problems, much less solve them.. at least the ones that don’t play ‘nationalistically’.

  15. Anytime the liberal fascist democrats and RINOs lose on a issue, its a BIG win for productive american CITIZENS!

  16. I’ve asked this question on several sites. I’ve been insulted deleted but never answered. With the coming age of robotics about to replace virtually ALL unskilled labor in the next two decades, why is it a good thing to continue to import millions of unskilled workers?

    • Nobody knows the answer to this. Hence, you have not received yours.

      • I’ll answer. It’s good for the Democrats because their slide into identity politics has alienated blue collar workers. They need new voters, they need them bad.

      • Perhaps I should have phrased my response as “nobody has figured out how to properly market the answer yet, so you have not received yours” instead.

    • The answer is that it’s not a good thing in any way. It’s a thoroughly bad, horrific thing and we must be honest about it so we can get it stopped!

    • Because democrats see them, correctly, as D voters, at least in the short/medium term. No one makes political calculations more than one or two electoral cycles in advance.

    • It isn’t a good idea, and after reading several books and articles on the continuing flow of information on the impacts of robotics and advanced automation, it is clear that these machines and processes are eliminating jobs. What I think is happening is a short-term, self-serving mentality by these cheap labor proponents (the cheap voter proponents have a different agenda) – they cry for more immigrant labor as long as the advanced types of technologies are not available or are not cheap enough use to displace workers. When the costs for buying and using these types of machines become economically competitive, expect to see these same businesses shed these workers that they have claimed they so desperately have needed. Then, you and I and the rest of the American taxpayers are going to be handed the costs for the long term unemployment for these low skilled workers, many of whom are more than likely unemployable due to their limited skill sets and the higher level of training and education that will be required as a result of the widespread uses of these advanced types of machines.
      Martin Ford has written a couple of books on this subject, for example. MIT has had articles in their technology journal on this, too. Google robotics or go to look for books on technology, robotics, automation, etc.

    • great point, Mr Tea. Why is it a good idea to import millions of uneducated poor people into our country when we already have “millions of uneducated poor people in our country.”

    • Much of the automation has affected manufacturing and mining. More of those jobs have been eliminated through automation than offshoring (US manufacturing output was the highest it ever was last year, with far fewer workers.) and most of those jobs are held by citizens. Many illegal jobs won’t be affected.. think kitchen staff, agriculture, manufacturing. Coal jobs, for example, aren’t coming back and what’s Trump doing about that?

      • Restaurants are converting to robotics, as are many factories and mega-farms.

        My family is from WV, so I hear about the coal industry. One of the problems is that a lot of the mines closed under Obama. There is a huge amount of federal red tape involved in either bringing them back into production or opening new ones.

      • What else happened around 2009 besides Obama? Fracking. Production of cheap natural gas skyrocketed, and companies switched. And cost of alternate energies plummeted.. a gw solar plant is being built in Nevada, far cheaper than coal.

    • Also, the importation of cheap labor discourages the development of and investment in robotics.

  17. President Trump is negotiating from a position of strength, able to get the wall, end to chain migration, as well as other items on his immigration wish list. Unfortunately, I hear nothing about inserting E-Verify onto this list, which is necessary to stop the demand for cheap labor which drives illegals to seek employment here.

  18. Be careful, be VERY careful when interpreting “democrats” actiions as anything but a “holding action” in their Long March through the institutions.

    To their long engineered, OPENLY asserted in 2008 by their other holding action Barack Hussein Obama, “Intent” to FUNDAMENTALLY transform

    the nation.

    From a Representational Republic into s “Democrcracy”

    in which it goes without saying “The People Who Count” and ONLY those People ARE card carryng, fellow travellerand useful idiot “Democrats”.

    ALL others MUST “go long to get along” AS Vassals, Serfs, OR be “educated” to “know their place” in the Brave New World.

    With caring compassionate tinsults, threats to body and property, and actual assaults from their Brown Shirted, or in the mode de jour, t – shirted Mobs. Sorry troops.

  19. Dreams of DACA have turned to caca. Coastal elites are going bat caca crazy.

  20. Timing is everything in politics. Trump clearly know this. Judicial appointments appeal to ideologically minded people who are politically involved and thus won’t forget. Tax cuts appeal to everyone who likes money and doing tax cuts right before people start doing their taxes was a smart move in addition to being the only time before the midterms that this effect could be realized.

    Obamacare is effectively repealed with the repeal of the individual mandate. It’s zombie still walks, which is great for the GOP because they both get to say they repealed it and continue to run against it. Winner winner.

    The Wall construction will start later in the summer. That will ensure that the tone deaf MSM will be running constant coverage of the resulting outraged protests. This will essentially be free advertising pointed at the flyover country base of the GOP. The MSM in their blue cocoon won’t realize this of course.

    And the legal story has already started to turn in Trumps favor. As more comes out about the corruption in the Obama admin and the Clinton campaign it will only tarnish the Dem brand further among those that are capable of seeing it.

    Trump, and to a lesser extent the GOP are smartly writing off the people they can never convince. They are focusing on those they can, just like they did in ’16 and it is friggin brilliant.

    • Your post like the article above it is extremely optimistic.
      I hope you are both right.
      But you have to realize that the leftist “pro-regressives” never give up.
      They are driven by a fanatical conception of their mission–like Taliban or suicide bombers.
      They control the media narrative, the schools, and arbiters of popular culture.
      And there are still far, far too many useful idiots who are too low-information
      or intimidated to stand up to them.

      Remember, Trump won in a few critical states by only a few ten thousands of votes.
      So we only narrowly avoided Hillary in the WH, and a completely different trajectory.
      Trump is still unpredictable and often steps on his own message and his allies.
      If the Democrats manage to take back the House in Nov. they will go straight to
      impeachment hearings, facts or not.

      The nation is still very much in the balance, up for grabs.

      • Hillary won New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Nevada by the skin of her teeth. Somehow that never gets mentioned.

      • I don’t think I disagree with you. But, if you think that Trump should be trying harder to pull leftist progressives into his camp you miss the point of my comments. Trump seems to have convinced the GOP finally that you can win by ignoring the unconvincable…35%or so of the electorate. Focus on winning over voters who agree with you on SOMETHING, maybe a few things and ignore the rest….except to use them as an object lesson showing how ridiculous their views are. Unmasking leftist progressives for what they are never works out well for leftist progressives.

        If anyone thinks Trump and the GOP will achieve 61

      • We don’t disagree.
        I am not talking about pulling committed leftists into Trump’s camp.
        That will never happen.
        But in order to prevail we need much better outreach to the uncommitted middle.
        I just think you underestimate the power of the left to control the media and culture narrative. That’s where the squishy middle gets its “information.”
        Until we win over those 10-15% who barely pay attention, electoral victories are not certain and can be just as quickly undone.
        This fight is going to go on even long after Trump is gone from the scene.
        Short term will be a big deal if we can just hold the House in November.
        The splits in the Democrat party could then turn into a breakup.

      • I strongly disagree. I think that DT has perfectly continued the tactics that got him into the White House. He’s not going to get the approval of the MSM anyway so he doesn’t try for it. He recognized that while MSM is powerful, they no longer have a monoply on information.

        10-15% is a laughable goal. If DT changed 10-15% of voters to his side it would represent a political earthquake. If you mean that you think 10-15% of the possible electorate that doesn’t pay attention, or vote I think u underestimate their numbers by half, at least. It’s 30% or more. And if the histrionics of political people over the last decade havent caused them to pay attention nothing will.

        DT, and the GOP, are fighting for perhaps 10% of the voting public.

      • Not sure what you strongly disagree about.
        But without what you a political earthquake, there will be no permanent change in the country’s “progressivist” direction, and most of what Trump does can be undone.
        And a lot of people are turned off by Trump’s tone if not his substance.
        That’s the danger of too much optimism.
        If we don’t hold the House in Nov. there will be a real mess ahead.
        And it’s by no means assured.

      • You ought to be working for the President, very sound logic; and it seems like he is doing just as you suggest. MAGA

      • I would offer one caveat – by improving the employment and wage issues for blacks and legal Hispanics, along with white working class Americans, all three groups of whom have been reliable Dem Party supporters, Trump is gaining some traction there, in addition to the base who have supported him.

      • Very true, Latinos have more in common with Trump voters than coastal elites, unfortunately they have their own “fake news” that constantly spins tales which make them hate our president.

    • “. . . it is friggin brilliant.” And my friend so are you, a most excellent summary!

    • Trump favoribility has dropped significantly since the election. Is that part of the brilliant strategy?

  21. Search out American Greatness’ “Shock Therapy – Episode 11”. It’s an hour truly well spent if you want to get a big picture of how dismal the Democrats’ political position is becoming and how bright the future under Trump is shaping for America and conservatives.

  22. The implosion of the Coastal Party began with Obama. They lost 1,000 seats under his “leadership.” Their unhinged TDS behavior is hastening their demise!

  23. Two points:
    1. Anybody that didn’t know McCain would seize one last opportunity to be a “maverick” and win accolades from Pravda didn’t know anything about the ass hat.
    2. E-verify is a horrible idea. How can you think that the same people who run the VA should decide whether you can work? What happens when they make a mistake? How long does it take to fix, and how is someone supposed to support themselves and their family during that time?
    Where does the Constitution give the federal government the authority to decide whether I can get a job?

    • From what I’ve read, E-Verify, while obviously not perfect, does have a very high accuracy rating, and there are provisions that allow someone who has been identified as not having the property documents to work legally does have a grace period in which to provide evidence of legal working status. Without E-verify, the draw of employment for 3rd world people will continue to exacerbate our illegal immigration situation.

  24. I would refrain from seeing this as a victory to prevent an amnesty – there are just too many pro-amnesty people in Congress who are trying to formulate a large scale amnesty, continued high legal immigration, more H-1B and related visas, and doing all they can NOT to stop chain migration and the diversity visa, and to keep E-Verify from ever being widely implemented. This is just one battle in the fight to keep American workers and our nation from being turned into a 3rd world morass.

  25. I have a Mexican friend at work in Chicago who says Univision, where many Hispanics get their news, is every bit as bad as CNN. He actually came he illegally in 1980 but became legal in the 1986 amnesty.

    Why would someone who came here illegally from Mexico have voted for Trump and be a very strong Trump supporter? Because he’s spent more than half his life here, his wife ( Mexican-American ) was born here as were his kids, he is by nature conservative and traditional and totally distrusts the left plus he knows how corrupt and lawless Mexico is and he’s afraid America will end up like that if the leftist democrats are in control.

    Basically, he’s simply an intelligent guy. He has a concealed carry permit and urges me to get one too. He says the more he reads about what’s going on the more guns he buys. He also told me his nephew is a cop in one of the northern suburbs and has a huge gun collection and even a spare bedroom full of 4’ high stacks of ammunition.

    His nephew doesn’t even live in Chicago but fears the worst. Hopefully he’s wrong but I sure understand why he feels that way.

    • So, he came here illegally, but he’s worried about lawlessness.

      • Obviously it would have been better for him to have come here legally but since he didn’t the next best thing for him to have done was to become a citizen when he had a chance and then to vote Republican, to stop illegal immigration, rather than to vote Democratic, which favors illegal immigration which will eventually destroy this country which is now his home and his family’s home.

        Why is this difficult for you to understand?

  26. So here is something to sneak into law: Amend federal civil service regulation to formalize permanent dismissal from federal service for citing the Fifth on work/duty-related questions.
    Also, amend the code to terminate retirement, medical, and any other benefits for any federal retiree who cites the Fifth to any work/duty-related questions.
    There should be exceptions for refusing to divulge classified information, of course.

      • All persons retain the inherent, constitutionally-recognized right against self-incrimination. No one has a right to an inherent, constitutionally-recognized right income on Americans’ dime.

      • Penalizing a person for invoking their Constitutional right is, in an of itself, unconstitutional. Nice idea, but cannot work in reality, unless you change the Constitution.

  27. “The proposed spending bill includes an unsustainable deficit. That can be fixed by restoring the budget process to regular order.”

    One of the most inane things I’ve read in a while. The deficit is now about 30% of all Federal spending. All discretionary spending is a little more than half that. So if they use regular order, Republicans will so some or all of roll back tax cuts, decrease military spending and slashing medicare? The Republican deficits will bankrupt us.