Worse Than Watergate

The FISA Abuse Memo is out and now we know why the Democrats were desperate to keep its contents hidden from the public: it confirms the worst fears not just of President Trump’s supporters but of everyone concerned about the abuse of police power, government corruption, and the sanctity of our elections.

The memo shows interference in the 2016 presidential election by hostile elements within a United States intelligence agency. It wasn’t the Russians we had to worry about—it was rogue actors at the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Justice. Left unanswered is to what extent the West Wing knew about or was complicit in this gross abuse of power.

What we now know:

  1. The FBI’s case to the FISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court was based almost entirely upon a partisan hit-job bought and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. Christopher Steele, the source of the dossier, had “financial and ideological motivations” to undermine Donald Trump according to the Nunes memo. In fact, the FBI’s file records that Steele told Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr that “he was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.”
  2. Ohr’s wife was one of just seven employees at FusionGPS, the firm that was paying Christopher Steele. The personal financial relationship between the Ohrs and the dossier was concealed from the court.
  3. The FBI could not corroborate the information in the Steele dossier, calling it only “minimally corroborated” but did not disclose this fact to the FISA Court thus leading it to believe that the information in the dossier was either FBI work-product or that it had been independently corroborated by the FBI. Neither was true.
  4.  The FBI did not disclose that the source of the information which formed the basis of their FISA application was a paid political operative of the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
  5.  The FBI and the Department of Justice intentionally misled the FISA court in their applications to obtain authority to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. They did this not once, but on four separate occasions over the course of a year, including after Donald Trump was in office. The misleading applications were signed off by James Comey (three times), Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, and Rosenstein. This certainly casts the actions of each of them in a much different light. Recall that Yates was briefly the acting attorney general under Trump before the president fired her when she refused to defend the administration’s travel moratorium in court. At the time she was lionized in the media and claimed that she had to defend “this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right.” Likewise, Rosenstein’s nearly yearlong failure to fulfill his legal obligation to produce a lawful charter as a predicate for the Mueller investigation which now appears, in context, to be nothing more than the continuation of the Democrat’s campaign against Trump using the FBI as willing collaborators.
  6.  Comey lied to the president about the investigation while he was FBI director.
  7.  FBI agent Peter Strozk and his mistress FBI attorney Lisa Page met with Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to discuss an “insurance policy” against Trump being elected president. We don’t yet know the names of all of those who attended the meeting.
  8.  The texts between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page contain, “extensive discussions about the investigation, orchestrating leaks to the media, and include a meeting with Deputy Director McCabe to discuss an ‘insurance policy’ against Trump’s election.”
  9.   The Nunes memo is just the beginning. There is more to come.

What we don’t know yet:

  1.   What role did Hillary Clinton play?
  2.   Was Attorney General Loretta Lynch involved with these efforts to surveil associates of the Trump campaign and, if so, to what extent?
  3.  We know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power were both involved in unmasking the names of U.S. citizens who were being targeted in this surveillance. Were they coordinating with elements within the FBI and/or the Justice Department? Were they coordinating with the DNC and Clinton campaign to give Hillary an electoral advantage?
  4.  What did Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton really discuss during their tarmac meeting in Phoenix on June 27, 2016.
  5.  Did Barack Obama know about and/or participate in a conspiracy to use the police and surveillance powers of the federal government to undermine Donald Trump and rig the presidential election? Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wants to see Obama and Clinton’s emails.
  6. Who else was at the meeting attended by McCabe, Strozk, and Page where they discussed an “insurance policy” against Trump’s election? How often did they meet, where did they meet, and what did they discuss?
  7.  Why couldn’t the FBI, which touts its forensic expertise, locate the Strozk-Page texts but the Inspector General did it in two days?
  8. What is the “insurance policy” Strozk and Page discussed? Is that a reference to the conspiracy itself?
  9. To whom in the media did the FBI leak information about their Trump spying? How long and how extensive was this disinformation campaign.
  10. What discussions took place among Justice Department resisters about refusing to obey Trump’s direction as president?

We now know that almost every accusation leveled against the president with regard to so-called “Russian collusion” actually reflects the actions of what amounts to a cabal of Democratic Party operatives working with FBI and Justice Department fellow-travellers.

Among other things, it has become clear that Rod Rosenstein must resign. He was either complicit in the conspiracy to mislead the FISA Court or he was too dumb to see what was happening. Either way, he’s demonstrated criminality, incompetence, or both and needs to go.

The picture painted by the Nunes memo is one of federal law enforcement officials who believe they are a wholly independent power, accountable to no one but themselves, and able to pick winners and losers in elections.

Based on what we know now, the conspiracy to undermine candidate Trump and later to destroy President Trump may have been limited to the Justice Department and FBI. That would be bad enough—and a serious threat to representative government striking, as it does, at the efficacy of our elections—but it may also have extended to the West Wing where U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, at a minimum, used “national security” as a rationale to insert themselves into the election. This must also be the subject of investigation. And what of Ben Rhodes and his vaunted media echo chamber? It seems to have played a role as well. How many journalists either were duped or were complicit?

Nearly 50 years ago, the Watergate scandal forced a president from office. The Left thought it could do it again. But the Nunes memo—and the millions of documents and hundreds of hours of interviews behind it—makes clear that rogue elements within the FBI and Justice Department broke the law in an attempt to use the police power of the United States government first to throw the election to Hillary Clinton and then to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

This cannot stand. There must be consequences. And they must be swift, public, and severe.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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320 responses to “Worse Than Watergate”

  1. For me this is all pretty simple. The memo states that Mr. McCabe testified in front of the committee that without the Steele dossier, no FISA warrant. Very hard to believe that all 13 Repubs would sign off on this memo if that verbiage wasn’t accurate. Would be great if that testimony would be unsealed.

    The coffin is ready for the nails.

    • It falls under the category of the old Scooby Doo cartoon: “we would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

      • True, but they will continue to resist just like the Germans did at the end of WW II when it was brutally clear they had lost. Socialism and communism are like cancers in remission, always seeking a healthy cell to invade and re-emerge.

      • We need radiation & chemo to eliminate this cancer.

    • It will all come out in the Inspector General’s report as well. But at this point I think the republicans are going to release the testimony after redactions and then they are apparently moving on to the State Dept snake pit which has always been filled with communist sympathizers.

      • Yep, sounds like we’re on the same page.

    • “Would be great if that testimony would be unsealed.”

      McCabe also testified that the FISA court turned down three of Comey’s FISA applications and only granted them when Comey came back and told them Obama was ordering them to approve the warrants.

      If Obama has two brain cells in a row he’ll be in a non-extraditable Mooslim s h i t hole before it’s released.

      • great info…do you have a link to that testimony?

      • I have it from a first-hand source it’s in McCabe’s testimony. That’s why his testmiony must be released.

      • I heard another person say the same thing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  2. The issue is not what they did, they wire tapped somebody, the FBI does this all the time.

    The real question is who got the information and who ordered the wire tap.

    Were more people wire tapped, and who got that information?

    This memo really does not answer any important question, and tells us what we already know.

    • “… tells us what” HAD ALREADY BEEN LEAKED. The difference — that a group of respected congressmen voted to release it based on classified information they had read and the President signed its release is huge.

      • They are legally allowed to do this, what they are nto allowed to do is leak it.

      • Leaking it is how democrats handle classified information

      • … or information they wish was classified … or wish was real ….

        Remember Democrats lining up to screech at heaven that releasing this memo would do grave harm to national security? Remember DOJ warning us about reckless behavior?

        Yeah … it’s interesting how this memo poses a grave national security risk, but Hillary’s email server was just another Republican witch hunt. That tells us all we need to know about who to trust in this affair, and who’s doing everything in their power to obstruct, obfuscate, and confuse.

      • Yes, this, and thank you. They “resist by any means possible.”

    • At the very least it tells us stuff we didn’t know before in the names of the persons who signed the FISC petitions. Thus this article calls for Rosenstein to resign. He must either resign or recuse himself from everything.

    • The memo provides official confirmation to what we suspected, and provides a launch pad (if this hasn’t happened already) since any investigation will move from the people named to their contacts and follow the trails (likely directly back to the Obama White House). This is pretty explosive stuff, since the Obama WH will be confirmed to have been acting like some Third World Dictatorship, and indeed this could lead to the unravelling of many, many other scandals. We know some of them, like “Fast and Furious” and the transfer of billions of dollars to Iran, and suspect a lot of others. Once again, official confirmation will be massively damaging, and how the political fallout is handled could be crucial to the survival of the Republic.

      • Obama is from Chicago, it is not the most corrupt city in the USA, most governors of IL, go right to prison.

        We knew this when we elected him, we knew he had a known mobster buy his home.

        So, I am more surprised how little corruption he did. I would have expected him to use his power much more to attack another that he viewed as a threat.

        It is amazing that Trump is still alive, most likely they would have killed him if they had known he was going to win

      • So, I am more surprised how little corruption we’ve uncovered so far…


    • It’s the difference between a majority report from the House Intelligence Oversight Committee based on months of careful investigation, and rumors based on anonymous leaks.

      That’s a pretty danged big difference.

  3. Yep, and very well said.

    Especially ‘swift, public, and severe.’ I think we’ve had quite enough of treasonous government officers retiring with full benefits.

    That’s not particularly for retribution, though I do think that our country is due some. It is because until we start locking up for decades people who do this sort of thing, new generations of officeholders will follow in their footsteps.

    The minimum for any of the players should be a resignation WITHOUT government benefits of any sort and with a pledge never again to work in law enforcement in any capacity. And that only for the clericals and assistants-to-the-deputy assistant.

    • Death by hanging. Build that gallows in front of Congress and hang them high! These Feral Federal Traitors need to hunted down and burned out..

  4. The FBI decided to spend time illegally spying on Trump for nothing…

    ..while they could’ve been tracking the NYC Truck killer,…..and Vegas Shooter.


  5. Justice will certainly be delayed and only delivered by a mindful electorate.
    Just yesterday the Dallas, TX NPR station proclaimed that many people from the Obama Administration have stepped forward as candidates for offices throughout the land. Find them. Reject them.

  6. So basically, Hillary had the FBI spy on the Trump campaign and convinced them to withhold to the FISA court that she was behind it.

  7. Uh-huh. Democrats weaponized the FBI and FISA against Republicans. Now it’s a fact. Anybody hear Chuck or Nancy say “gee, we’re really sorry”? Of course not, because as far as Democrats are concerned, this is what government is SUPPOSED to do. Apparently no law was broken. End of story.

  8. “Left unanswered is to what extent the West Wing knew about or was complicit in this gross abuse of power.”

    After the ability to unmask dried up, Glenn Simpson’s wife Mary Jacoby visited the White House. Her name is on the visitor logs. Let her explain what she was doing there.

    • “I visited the WH for the Easter egg roll,” an ex-IRS Commissioner smugly told Congress.

  9. All the way to the gallows.. That is the price that must be paid by this cabal.. Including one Barrack Hussein Obama!

  10. Pretty much all the Clinton and Obama scandals are worse than Watergate. You’re setting a real low bar.

    • Nixon would have survived Watergate if he had had the propaganda industry on his side. With the propaganda industry’s hatred of Nixon driving coverage it still took them a year. Now that industry is working overtime to protect the deep state. Without the hateful memes of the Propaganda industry driving the coverage, the deep state would be on trial now. Instead, they are going after Trump and protecting the real crooks. The only reason Trump is still standing is the new anti propaganda industry that gives truth a chance.

      • Or at the least, if there had been a conservative news channel like Fox to broadcast a counter argument to the pro-DNC partisan broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC. I think that we’re seen now that, in fact, these three networks were more or less increasingly nothing but partisan outlets for the DNC and that the famous like by Dan Rather that they were really mainstream in their opinions was bogus.

  11. If no one goes to jail over this, the United States is no longer a lawful country. Period.

    I would suggest one option to every criminal involved, they immediately renounce citizenship to the US and are never allowed to enter this country again. Otherwise I want them serving 25 to life minimum.

    • By my estimation there are 20-30 people that could face prosecution for this and other abuses at DOJ and FBI. And today I learned that the House Committee is now investigating the State Department in the Steel Dossier case.
      Trump is the only one that can fix this. Congress (UniParty) is putting on a good show but will table the whole matter soon as the coverup starts.

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      • 40 went to jail for Watergate so 20 to 30 might be a low number considering the crimes here are much worse.

      • Until HRC and Bill C are indicted, I’ll never believe the Justice system is not manipulated for the haves and not us Tea Party have nots

      • You are falling right into Trump’s hands. You have given the response he wants: that we can trust no one except Trump, and only Trump can save us. I have a friend who was a teen in the 30s in Germany. He is amazed that this is happening, as if we learn nothing from history.

    • Worse, who is going to believe the FBI the next time they say they
      cannot release info because it is “classified”? The only reason the FBI
      and the DOJ did not want this to come out is because it may show
      collusion and election interference on their part. It has all been CYA
      on the part of Comey, McCabe, Wray, and yes even Rosenstein.

      • Now Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oregon, Bundy’s…..a pattern emerges.

      • NO. think about where articles like this take you. This is exactly Trump’s goal: to undermine all sources of information or credibility except him. This is dangerous territory for this country.

      • The dangerous territory is the fact that the intelligence agencies treaded into such territory, until this is corrected and the conspirators DEALT WITH SWIFTLY AND HARSHLY there will be little trust, it is up to them to correct course so that they can manage the public fallout, OR the FBI and etc can be rebuilt… either heads roll at the top levels or this will happen again.

      • And you actually believe the lying POS in the White House?

      • I believe him all day before I would believe one word from the lying POS who was there before him. But you evidently DO believe THAT lying POS, right? We can’t have a world that works if one of us sees a dishonest, unethical, disgraceful turd like Obama as good and true. What you have is called “lack of discernment.” You have to be able to look at 1+1 and see 2.

      • You are confused about what is happening. The FBI is not perfect of course, but this has always been true. (Remember Hoover?) What is happening right now is that Trump is playing on your fear (because you don’t know all that goes on) and creating this facade in which all govt is scary and only Trump is pure and can save us. This is what Hitler did. This is scary stuff.

      • Are you a paid shill or are you really this incredibly stupid? People in the DNC and in the FBI have to go to jail. THEY have put this country in a very dangerous place. If they are left unpunished then we are without our Constitution and the rule of law. We are on the brink of what will become a civil war.

      • I am neither. I read from a variety of sources, study history a little, and figure out who to trust. Trump has lied so often that nothing he says can be relied on. Nunes was exposed only months ago as a lying Trump shill. The timing of this facade is clear: Mueller is getting closer. Trump and gang are scared or they wouldn’t be making shit up that is so easy to fact-check and find false. They are not trying to convince people who know and read and distinguish. They are designed to fool those who are so angry with Democrats and the standard govt (rightfully so in both cases) that they don’t bother to find out the truth. The biggest problem is Republican lawmakers (no, I’m not a Democrat): they think because Trump helps their agenda that he is safe. He is not. If you take a step back, pretend you are not on either side, then read the facts and logic on both sides, and study history, even current history, you will change your mind.

      • As said above by Homeisthehunter – Are you a paid shill or are you really this incredibly stupid?

        And Benghazi was the result of a movie.

      • If you are still on Benghazi, you’re missing the whole point of this conversation. It has nothing to do with Trump’s power grab, except that it created anger in Hillary opponents that blinds them to the horrible possibilities of Trump. If you let it go, and focus on what Trump is actually doing to destroy our basic rule of law, you will see that he is trying to negate all sources of information except himself, and this is dangerous.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever watched CNN. I avoid “news” stations in general. They sensationalize, give us entertainment rather than important news, and are annoying in general. They helped create the Trump phenomenon, by giving him so much coverage because he is so entertaining. The internet offers all of us a chance to view issues from a variety of sources. This is good. The bad is that it also offers us a chance to form into “tribes” of people that all think alike and have no tolerance for other views.

      • There is a major problem with your thinking; you ‘study history a little’, you are dangerous.

      • How so? How could studying history be dangerous?

      • So you know how to read and can distinguish?…..Then you will really want to sink your teeth into this… ““The political origins of the Steele dossier,” which I just described to you: The fact that Hillary Clinton commissioned it, the fact that a law firm acted as the cutout/go-between to funnel the money to be paid for the dossier, that Fusion GPS was involved in the creation of the dossier. “The political origins of the Steele dossier were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials,” meaning they knew everything I have just told you. They knew everything but excluded that when they sought the FISA warrant.
        They did not include in their application that it was a political document. They withheld the political news related to the very creation of this document in their FISA application. In the real world, it verifies that the judge was not told that the Trump dossier, the Steele dossier was a political document. It means that it was presented as counterintelligence. It was presented as an intelligence product created by patriotic American spies and intelligence agents trying to save America from the influence of the Russians in our precious bodily fluids election in 2016.” – Rush Limbaugh

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “a political document”. You may know that Steele started by working for the Republicans against Trump, but still, it is a document that the FBI deemed worthy of pursuing. I don’t see how it matters why Steele put the info together, it was intelligence information. (Focusing on that is as misguided as focusing on the “leaker” when illegal activities are exposed.) If the dossier provides info about Russian meddling, then I want to know about it, and I want the FBI to find out EVERYTHING there is to know about it. This desperate defense of Trump seems to be based on showing the FBI did it wrong, or that Hillary was wanting to discredit Trump, or that Steele did it for money. If all of that is true, it does not diminish the contents of the dossier, and it does not mean that we should ignore the ramifications. To check your own discrimination, ask yourself this: If the dossier, and the investigation, reveal that Trump did collude with Russians, and did lie to us about it, would you be glad for the revelation, or resentful?

      • The FBI deliberately lying to the FISA court to obtain a warrant doesn’t bother you? How about I go to a judge with four corners of a search warrant for your home and I lie about what I want to search for and tell the judge what a scumbag your are? Would that bother you? And then when I get into your home I will turn it upside down looking for anything that I might be able to charge you with….even though it wasn’t mentioned in the warrant. What I really want to know is why Hillary isn’t behind bars for the rest of her sorry life after all the treasonous and felonious acts she has committed. I also think you might be an employee of one of David Rosen’s many organizations whose sole purpose is to lie, distort, and smear for the DNC.

      • I have never had much faith in law enforcement honesty. So I and most people are not surprised to learn someone from the FBI lied. To follow your logic about my home: if you had indications that I was a serial killer, but no solid evidence, so you got info from my neighbor who hates me for other reasons, then fudged a bit to get a warrant, turned my house upside down, then found evidence that I was a serial killer, would your methods negate the fact that I was a serial killer and that people appreciate you finding out? Of course not. No, I wouldn’t like it, and I’d try to use your lies to get off scot-free. …. The problem with Republicans indignation at the FBI lying is that they have known of FBI practices all along, and now suddenly use innuendos to try to protect Trump. This is not about whether FBI lied. It’s about destroying anybody who threatens Trump. Notice that Republicans did not attack FBI lying last year or the year before. …. and Hillary? I hear this constantly when people are defending Trump. Attacking Hillary is an especially weak defense of Trump because Hillary’s sins are not Trumps sins. Your introducing comments about her “behind bars” into this conversation tells me that you are confusing Hillary-hating with Trump-defending. They are not two sides of the same coin. This “deep state” mentality: that the whole govt, security agencies, law enforcement, news outlets, etc etc.., are all evil and conspiring against the people, and that Trump is the only person who can save us….. Is a mindset that negates all facts except those supplied by Trump, and it is dangerous territory for any democracy to put aside the norms that have kept it going for centuries in favor of one “savior”.
        Politics aside, the question for all of us is: Is Trump guilty of something? ….. I still gotta ask: if he is found guilty of something, will you be glad that we know it?

      • It IS about whether the FBI lied. It is also about people like yourself who are being paid by those corrupt individuals to try and distort and distract from the facts. If we are not to be a country of equality under the law and if we are not to abide by our Constitution then we have no laws and anyone can come after you and those of your ilk and you can try to hide. For the record I don’t hate Hillary. I despise her and Obama and most of his appointees because they are elitists and have committed multiple felonies as well as treason. Hillary and Obama’s sins dwarf anything that Trump has been accused of. This is not in question to anyone with half a brain. They need to be held accountable. Trying to shift attention to imaginary misdeeds by Trump isn’t going to work.

      • Please tell me how the FBI lying exonerates Trump and gang. Seriously, this is a common defense, so please say how it is a defense. … It’s clear you are stuck in your thinking, but you’re getting absurd. To say that I’m paid?? What mindset could come up with that? … And you have so much backwards: Hillary has been investigated several times, and we all know nothing meaningful came out. “Imaginary misdeeds” defies what we know so far about Trumps gang. The info is there for you to read, unless you’ve fallen to Trumps attempt to manage your mind via his “fake news” propaganda.

      • “Hillary has been investigated several times, and we all know nothing meaningful came out”….that is a lie in itself. Comey LIED to congress and the American people about Clinton. The fix for Clinton was in from the start. Information that is now surfacing proves that and implicates Obama as well in trying to subvert a presidential election. Comey disgraced himself and the FBI. Obama has been a disgrace and traitor to our nation. It has been proven in public…beyond a reasonable doubt….that Clinton has committed numerous felonies. What the majority of Americans are getting fed up with is the continued efforts of the main stream press and people like yourself to try and take attention away from the crimes that have been committed. Hillary, Comey, Lerner, et.al need to be prosecuted and put behind bars along with anyone in the DNC who had a hand in this. I think you are being paid to try and implicate Trump in anything. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth…right? It would be difficult for anyone to pretend to support your positions unless being paid to do so.

      • Okay, you’re off the charts here, becoming more unhinged with each post. I’m done with you.

      • I’m guessing he’s paid for. There was a study done (I forget where) that said said the comments section can change how people interpet the news. No picture and no real name are classic tells. You can also notice how all of his responces has a copy pasta feel to them.

      • I read a study once that said that people who mention studies they can’t cite are making them up.

      • Horse-sh*t. The dangerous ones are people like you, who look at Obama, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, and all the other law-breakers, and see nothing wrong. A country must be governed by people who can see 2 + 2 and see 4, not 3 or 5.

      • Worse, who in the right mind actually believes what little donnie dumbf says because that POS lies all of the time, day in, day out, about matters large and small?

      • It’s hard for me to understand. I’ve read all I can find about how/why Trump supporters ignore his constant lying, so I know there are reasons……. but I still don’t get it. I know that when your wife says she’s not having an affair, or your kids say they are not using drugs, you might tend to believe them because the truth is just to hard to take. That’s the best comparison I can come up with. What if Trump really is as bad as most people say? That means there is no one to save us. The Democrats seem unable to come up with someone. Bernie could do it. He is much like Trump in terms of calling out the establishment, (big diff is that he is sincere), but he’s just too old.

    • Yeah, and what happens in places like ours that become lawless is not that the criminals get away with everything, it’s that they start getting removed extrajudicially. This needs to be brought under control. Trump has the obligation to restore lawful governance.

      • Trump’s defining characteristic is working within the law.

      • Actually it is. He has used the law and lawyers to settle disputes his entire life. Several of his lawful orders have been challenged in Federal courts cherry-picked for Leftist judges and faced with their obviously unconstitutional interference he has complied in every case with the court’s injunctions and simply appealed. He has not violated a single law since he came into office. Disagreeing with a Democrat isn’t a crime yet.

    • Jail hell. I want hangings. That sends a message. Lots of trees along the Mall.

      • Remember the malamine in baby formula scandal in China in 2008? A few executions put that in the past but quick.

      • The attempted overthrow of the duly elected government is tantamount to treason, so hanging a few of the conspirators is entirely reasonable.

      • Hanging is what should have happened to Obama when he lied to
        Congress and sent cash to Iran in an effort to make sure they get nuclear weapons. Hillary and Bill should be in jail right now awaiting the same end. They are all guilty of Treason. This is either going to be taken care of according to our Constitution or the people will have to. Jeff Sessions needs to be replaced with someone who isn’t trying to show Washington how nice he is….

    • David, I share your sentiments but all these people cover for each other in the end, no one, at least no one major is going to jail. If anyone goes to jail it is always some low end schnookwho can’t afford a big time lawyer.

      • Check the names on Watergate there were some big names there and let’s not forget that Scooter Libby almost went to prison too. Sentence commuted but he was not pardoned. It is time to clean out this mess.

    • Especially because we DO know the answer to these (supposedly) still-pending questions:

      1 – What role did Hillary Clinton play? She and her campaign orchestrated this in collusion with the deep state and the Obama administration.

      2 – Was Attorney General Loretta Lynch involved with these efforts to surveil associates of the Trump campaign and, if so, to what extent? Yes. She was at the very least instructed to look the other way while all of this was being put into action.

      3 – We know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power were both involved in unmasking the names of U.S. citizens who were being targeted in this surveillance. Were they coordinating with elements within the FBI and/or the Justice Department? Were they coordinating with the DNC and Clinton campaign to give Hillary an electoral advantage? Well, duh!

      4 – What did Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton really discuss during their tarmac meeting in Phoenix on June 27, 2016? “Let my wife skate and we’ll reward you when she’s president. How do we know she’ll be president? ‘Cause we’re working with our FBi/DOJ buddies to ensure a Trump loss.

      5 – Did Barack Obama know about and/or participate in a conspiracy to use the police and surveillance powers
      of the federal government to undermine Donald Trump and rig the presidential election? Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wants to see Obama and Clinton’s emails. Of course he did. He actively participated in this conspiracy, which is why his sorority sisters Power and Rice did what they did.

      6 – Who else was at the meeting attended by McCabe, Strozk, and Page where they discussed an “insurance policy” against Trump’s election? How often did they meet, where did they meet, and what did they discuss? Does it really matter, given all that is surfacing?

      7 – Why couldn’t the FBI, which touts its forensic expertise, locate the Strozk-Page texts but the Inspector General did it in two days? Because the FBI is neck-deep in this and thought it would be able to operate with impunity.

      8 – What is the “insurance policy” Strozk and Page discussed? Is that a reference to the conspiracy itself? The investigation is/was the “insurance policy.” Come on, people do we really need to ask this idiotic question?

      9 – To whom in the media did the FBI leak information about their Trump spying? How long and how extensive was this disinformation campaign. Right from the get-go. And we all know that the MSM is a monolithic cabal–so tell one, tell all.

      10 – What discussions took place among Justice Department resisters about refusing to obey Trump’s direction as president? Presidents come and go,but we, the deep state, are a permanent mandarin class, and as such we get to call the real shots…. Also, we can hurt Trump “six ways from Sunday”

      I respectfully suggest that our side stop playing dumb. We know the answers to these questions just as we’ve known how this whole fiasco was set in motion, why, and by whom. If heads don’t roll and MAJOR players in this bananadrama get frog-marched into jail, I will no longer think of the USA as a free Republic.

    • This is just crazy. The memo offers nothing that the author says it does. One can read from many sources to discover that the memo is false in many places, leaves out lots of information, makes conclusions not supported by evidence, and leaves people like this writer lots of room to create something when there is nothing. All of this is just laying the groundwork for destroying the Mueller investigation, and thus destroying the system of balances that have helped us survive. Trump is trying to destroy all forms of credibility except himself, and misinterpretations like this article just help him do it.

      • Just look around, pay attention to who says what. This article is B.S.

    • Stand Down from your IRS scandal, FBI works for HRC so Pay for Play is a given. I want new spies. These ones are broken. Give me 99 or 007.

    • If no one goes to jail over what the trump crime family has done, the United States is no longer a lawful country.

      Oh, wait. The U.S. is now longer a lawful country right now with that criminal running and sinking the boat.

  12. It seems kind of “tin foil hat” thinking, but does anyone else feel like the name Seth Rich is gonna pop up as they start peeling back the layers???

    • The DNC was, desperately, to hide the fact that the DNC leaks came from him and not the Russians.

    • The article seems kind of “tin foil hat thinking” – because it is. Mr Trump has many positive qualities. It isn’t taking a political side to see that ethical behavior and transparency are not among them.
      If it isn’t your first instinct to agree, just take this simple test.
      Read Mr Trump’s twitter feed – and note when he calls something a lie or “fake news”. Then honestly check that subject. With very little exception – it means what he dislikes is real & truthful.
      His porn star affair is a simple example. Ms “Stormy Daniels” spoke openly about the affair in 2011. She passed lie detector tests, and revealed inside info that has proved to be factual. Now, she denies it. After the Wall Street Journal (owned by Fox News owner Murdoch) reported she was paid $130,000 to deny the affair.
      If you like Mr Trump because you like his policies, that is really OK. But don’t pretend he isn’t a daily liar and corrupt. It’s too obvious that is the reality.

      • The subject is Watergate, not sex. Nixon was guilty. Trump hasn’t done a damn thing and wasn’t even in office when the FBI started spying on him.

        Call us when this POTUS gets caught getting oral sex from a 20 year old intern in the Oval Office. Until then, STFU.

      • If that comment was designed to prove if brains were dynamite, you’d be hard pressed to blow your nose – it’s succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

  13. “Left unanswered is to what extent the West Wing knew about or was complicit in this gross abuse of power.”
    Up to his ears deep.

    • Aww, come on, he only found out about after reading about it in the Washington Post.

  14. If Carter Page is a Russian spy, and he was under surveillance for a year, surely the FBI gathered enough evidence against him to charge him with something.

    • I am kinda sad. I have a wonderful friend in the FBI, and I used to think the FBI a great organization.

      It’s hard to have your conceptions stolen by a bunch of thugs.

      • The Federal Bureau of Matters won’t live this down until those of us who have watched its slow motion suicide are dead and gone ourselves. It will be forty years —in the wilderness — before anyone takes them seriously again.

        “Oh, you’re with the FBI? I’m sorry, this isn’t a “political” crime and there are no Democrats here to be protected, so I’m afraid you have no jurisdiction. This was a *real* crime, so we’re going to need *real* law enforcement, to do a *real* investigation.”

  15. Left unanswered also is the role that bitter, crazed anti-Trumper John Brennan and the CIA played before, during and after the election.

    • The “intelligence community” has been against Trump before, during and after. It’s obvious. People trained in secrecy and safeguarding sensitive information do not repeatedly leak accidentally.

    • Schumer said that the intelligence community had “six ways to Sunday to get back at you.” On a newscast, and the video is still floating on youtube. Unless someone removed it. It sounded like a threat then, and it looks like they meant it.

  16. Impressive list of questions and insinuations. Here are a couple questions for you Trump supporters:
    1. How does getting a surveillance warrant on Page a month after he resigned from the Trump campaign in any way “undermine the Trump campaign and rig the election” for Clinton?
    2. Were the FBI and the rest of our counterintelligence personnel supposed to ignore the suspicious actions of Page and Papadopolous?

    • I made a drunk comment about liking White
      Russians in a bar in Australia last year. Is there a FISA warrant with my name on it? Do you know the minority leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark
      Warner made over $6M on his
      Russian investments. Spooky…..

      • I see. No answers to my questions.
        Let me throw something else out there – I’d be surprised if Trump, himself, colluded with the Russians. My guess is that Paga and Papadopoulos did so, and maybe Manafort and Flynn. If that’s the case, why didn’t Trump just let the investigation proceed – he could legitimately have argued that he was a victim, as well. I don’t get it.

      • Is that what it was? I was fooled into thinking it was just run of the mill stupidity. Anybody who looks at the available evidence and concludes that Paga (sic), Papadpoulos, Manafort and Flynn probably colluded with Russia to somehow subvert an election doesn’t need a course in critical thinking — but only because it would be like trying to teach a pig to sing.

      • Yes, he is a concern troll, and also a homework troll (that is, the trolling tactic of demanding you provide information, which he can then find “not good enough”, as if he were a teacher grading your paper).

      • You’re kind of dumb. A commenter wrote that the Page warrant was “part of the undermining,” and I asked what he was talking about. You may not understand how communication works among humans.

      • Thank you for your concern, homework troll.

        It’s good of you to multitask like that.

      • Comey was clearly a liar. The memo supports this fact. Keep trying to undermine the facts.

      • I was not aware the investigation has stopped. The only thing we’ve learned so far is you may spen to much time on CNN and MSNBC.

      • I didn’t say it had stopped, but Trump and his supporters are doing everything they can to undermine it. I don’t understand why.

      • If you understood the facts you wouldn’t be trolling, would you? But I think you do.

      • You and others refuse to address facts and to try to ignore them when they don’t fit your nonsensical narrative.

    • Because the purpose was to establish the conditions for “incidental surveillance”, i.e spying on the people who Page saw and spoke to, and then spying on the contacts and connections of those people.

      When President Trump said he was being spied on in the Trump Tower, he wasn’t kidding, and the Clinton campaign and Obama WH were hoping to uncover financial information, contacts, campaign plans or other information which could be used against then candidate Trump.

      • The Page FISA warrant was less than 3 weeks before the election, when Page had already resigned from the Trump campaign. Why on earth would anyone think that they could get what you describe in those circumstances? It makes no sense.

      • This memo is the tip of the iceberg. Do you really believe that was the only attempt to attack President Trump’s campaign? Once the first round of wrongdoers are exposed (as with the memo), then their linkages be traced and their associates investigated, and the entire putrid operation brought into view. Intelligence work is not like a Robert Ludlum novel or James Bond film.

        Their ultimate fear is there are lines going directly to the Obama White House that will be exposed.

      • It’s pretty hard for me to even try to persuade you of anything when you’ve already constructed an imaginary set of facts that you’re sure are going to be shown at some point in the future.

    • 1. They don’t have to succeed. It is scandalous enough just to try.

      2. They should have understood the nature of their investigation. If they didn’t have an air tight case, they shouldn’t proceeded. It is obvious they were looking for reasons. They targeted Trump like he was Al Capone. All this while they were bending over backwards to exonerate Hillary. This was clearly for political reasons. their biases were driving their decisions.

      • How was Trump targeted in any way? Please tell me specifically what targeted him? Because I’m not seeing it.

      • Mueller has nothing to do with FISA. He was appointed by a guy who Trump nominated for his position, who was approved by every Republican Senator.

      • Leaving Mueller’s name out of it for now, there is this Russian collusion trial that’s been going on for months that may have never been needed to begin with it because it was based on lies.

      • Papadopoulos, part of the campaign, colluded with the Russians. I’ve already said that I doubt if Trump himself was involved. Are we supposed to ignore those Russian actions?

      • FALSE. Rosenstein was not appointed by Trump.

      • You should probably refrain from any more comments if you want to keep from embarrassing yourself.

      • You’re kidding, right? Steele fed bits and pieces of this dossier to many major news outlets, Buzz Feed printed it, and when he was fired by the FBI, Strzok and Page and who knows who else leaked it to the press. They talked about it in their texts, which are evidence now. Every day you have had RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA heard all day long on every station, dividing this nation, arguing and defending among each other while the Russian collusion trial searches for a crime, any crime to get him impeached. They are destroying the country while they try to destroy Trump because Democrats who are not in DC believe the lies that are spewed destroying the reputation of our duly elected president and wanting him impeached. Now do you see the damage and the target? Not at just Trump, but at the nation. And that includes you and all your loved ones.

      • No one is trying to destroy Trump. They’re investigating Russian interference in the election, which happened. If Trump hadn’t attacked the investigation from the start, he wouldn’t have fired Comey and there’d be no Mueller investigation.

    • 1. is a straw man and 2. is a false dichotomy.

      The warrant on Page is not, in itself, the “undermining”, but only part of the alleged undermining.

      The correct action regarding ‘suspicious actions’ was neither to do what they did nor to do nothing, but rather was to follow correct procedure.

      • Oh, a homework troll. How nice.

        Go interrogate someone else, homework troll.

      • Page was laughably branded an agent of a foreign government by the FBI. This designation enabled the FBI to spy on every known associate, including Trump and his people.

      • How is that possible? The warrant wasn’t obtained until after he had left the campaign.

      • It doesn’t matter when the warrant was issued. Page was originally a part of the Trump campaign and that links him to Trump.

  17. This was an attempted coup.
    Third World nations send in tanks and shell the presidential palace; American Democrats forge dossiers and run slow motion prosecutions while pretending to follow the law.
    If the perpetrators are not publically punished, shamed and brought to certain and maximum justice there will be other attempts. The manipulation of the law is a trademark of the Left.
    We can argue now or bleed later.

    • The coup is still ongoing. I don’t even know if Mueller shutting down the investigation will stop it. It stops when someone starts singing to the American citizens and gives names and evidence.

  18. It seems kind of “tin foil hat” thinking, but does anyone else feel like the name Seth Rich is gonna pop up as they start peeling back the layers???

  19. We don’t need a wall on the border with Mexico, we need one on the inside of the beltway to protect the rest of the country from all of the riff-raff in the swamp.

    I think we’d be better off without all of the administrative agencies.

  20. Who forged, and approved forged, unmasking requests for the calls tapped under this warrant? Hundreds were made in Samantha Power’s name. She testified she didn’t make them all. Who did? Why would the UN Ambassador be allowed to unmask even a single call related to this investigation? What possible legal reason would she have for viewing those transcripts as part of her job? Who was the unmasked information distributed to? Were daily email updates with the newest unmasking part of the 30k emails Hillary deleted?

  21. As a general rule, Americans do not believe in conspiracy theories. I hope they wake up. The notion that all this was just cooked up by the FBI without the involvement of the Obama WH is just science fiction.

    • I have much difficulty with conspiracy theories; this however, cannot qualify as a theory, since it is now a proven fact!

      • I have difficulty with conspiracy theories because they’re normally hidden.

        However, it does not mean it’s crazy to believe that conspiracies happen. It is extremely unlikely that this particular moment in history is the first time in all of history when people are suddenly too virtuous and law-abiding to scheme for power.

      • Google Robert Hanssen and especially CIA Director Richard Helms. He and his cronies gave us widespread LSD and God knows what other drugs. The Church Commission videos are on you tube. Our institutions can survive the prosecution of rogue agents when honest men step up.

  22. Mr Sessions, you have a job to do…………….AMERICANS are watching….

    • Yes. it’s time to take the gloves off and do your job, or get out of the way and let someone else do it. Rudy Giuliani had the guts to take on the mafia. He would be perfect now to be the AG or special prosecutor.

    • I don’t think the swamp creature is going to do any draining. Trump definitely misfired on that one.

  23. “We know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power were both involved in unmasking the names of U.S. citizens who were being targeted in this surveillance.” time for a little payback…imagine the lawsuits from just the people they unmasked

  24. I have 2 serious complaints about Trump and his inner group.
    1. He did not fire Comey at the beginning, and assumed that he is a reasonable place holder.
    2. Even worse, he showed lack of judgement in nominating Rod Rosenstein for Deputy AG.

    • I want to know why John Koskinen still has a job.

      • Trump can’t just order Lerner’s pension to disappear; but he could have fired Koskinen a year ago.

        But speaking of our gal LL … you just gotta love someone who tells Congress “I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’m gonna plead the fifth” … then asks the judge in a subsequent lawsuit to seal the court records on the grounds that if the general public finds out what she’s been up to, her family wouldn’t be safe.

  25. Not following it too closely. Seems likely the bastards will weezle out of it and the GOPes will find a way to fail. Just a hunch.

    • If past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, yes. However, I’ve not given up hope totally. In the past, this evidence would never have seen the light of day.

  26. Rosenstein’s not dumb. He’s in this affair hip deep, and among other efforts, his work paved the way for the Uranium One deal which lined the pockets of the Clintons.

  27. Publicly trace the links and show where they lead. Lay out the corruption for the public to see, and have the President do this bypassing the media, so the story isn’t hidden away like other Dem scandals.

    I especially want to have the President list the names of the journalist who were being fed the information from the fake “dossier”. Their carriers and reputations need to be destroyed with no chance at rehabilitation, and their parent companies shattered as well (massive resignations of senior management and cleaning out the boards of directors). Dismantling the media machine is just as important as dismantling the corrupt bureaucracy which carried out this massive breach of the law.

    • Exactly right. If the media has no problem with a weaponized FBI then weaponize the d&$n thing.

    • I’m sure there is like half a million people ready to erect the scaffolding, Just, if it weren’t for those damn jobs and sh*t.

  28. Watergate was Cub Scout stuff compared to this. There has never been anything remotely close to this in American history.

    • The closest thing was the Chicago Democrats engaging in election fraud for Kennedy in 1960.

  29. I’m mystified about Trey Gowdy’s continued, seemingly unlimited confidence in Mueller and Rosenstein. Does he know something the rest of us don’t, or does he just blindly support law enforcement because of his vaunted background as a prosecutor? His statements about this seem to contradict what the memo says, and certainly don’t line up with the analysis laid out in this article.

    • The memo clearly establishes Comey as a liar. The firing of Comey triggered the special counsel. The Special Counsel should disband.

  30. Is there something wrong with asking our institutions to have an air tight case if you are going to interfere in a political campaign. The dossier was a crtical piece of evidence for the warrant. If it wasn’t, why would they insist on using it Why keep it in the application?

    • The dossier is not evidence at all; the ‘tell’ is that everyone had to lie and withhold relevant information about where it came from.

      It is also discredited in that we know it contains allegations that are not merely unverified, but known to be untrue.

    • That dossier has been tossed around to everyone including news channels to add to and peddle. McCain had to go overseas to get his copy to shop.It was given to Buzz Feed who printed it. Everyone acted shocked but they were not, they had already read it. This is either one hell of a piece of evidence against Trump, or one hell of a piece of evidence of a coup against a duly elected president of the United States, therefore treason against American citizens. Present evidence against President Trump or turn yourself into the nearest honest officer of the law in DC. It’s time they showed their hand or shut up.

      • Let me see if I understand your comment – allegations by political opponents against Trump is a “coup.”
        What did you think about Trump sending investigators to Hawaii to investigate Obama’s birth certificate? Was that a coup?
        Are Peter Schweizer’s claims against Hillary Clinton a problem for you? Was the Whitewater investigation of Bill Clinton an attempted coup?
        What am I missing?

  31. And we might keep in mind that the four pages, today, contained just things related to the FISA warrant. There are other things that committee may well release memos about; State Department involvement has been mentioned. Circling in on the ultimate prey. Also, leaving Mueller holding an obviously warrant for his investigation.

  32. What’s amazing is that Trump was able to pull off a victory despite this level of conspiracy against him, and a hostile media who would couldn’t care less that this kind of thing might be going on. Can you imagine what Trump’s margin of victory would be, had the election been a fair one? Can you imagine how many Republicans would be sitting in Congress right now instead of Democrats, if elections were fair?

    • What conspiracy? The FBI – who you think was in the tank for Clinton – undermined her by announcing it was reopening it’s investigation. Trump’s decision to fire Comey was supposedly because that announcement was a breach of protocol. Meanwhile, the FBI told the NY Times that there was no investigation about Trump and Russia.

      All that was before the election, when it mattered. How do you spin that into the FBI trying to sink Trump?

      • They were forced to reopen an “investigation” for appearances’ sake. They had to keep some semblance of credibility. But the result of the “investigation” was a foregone conclusion. It was a setup from the beginning. You know this as well. Time for you folks to get a dose of honesty and integrity.

      • Defenders of the Clintons don’t do honesty and integrity.

      • The reopened investigation caused Clinton to lose votes. It probably cost her the Presidency.

      • None of which contradicts the fact that the investigation was a fraud with a foregone conclusion. Yes, Comey regrets the way he played it. In the end, he was too incompetent to rig the election the way he wanted.

        Again, work on your honesty and integrity. Man up. Be someone people can respect.

      • I’ve been staring at your message for the last 45 minutes. You know, you may not think that your words can get through to the person you’re addressing, but I have to tell you that your suggestions really resonated with me.

        I’ve decided to go cold turkey on the heroin, look for a productive job, and go back to school to get my degree in Women’s Studies.

        From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you for your constructive and life-changing criticism. God bless you and yours, and these United States.

      • Yeah, nothing says undermine like “well, there is evidence of a felony but we aren’t going to prosecute because she is running for President”.

      • Are you seriously arguing that the news of the reopened investigation didn’t cause Clinton to lose votes? Because there are polls that say otherwise.

      • “News of the reopened investigation”? That is an interesting way to describe, “police agency determining for prosecution if there will be a trial”. Sure, sure, Comey is in the tank for Trump. You people really are insane, aren’t you?

  33. Ugh but we are going to have to have another special council. We can’t have rosenstein head it. We can’t have sessions do it because he is still asleep. We also have to make sure it is just as open ended as mueller.

    • Jawohl! Trump did himself no favor when he appointed Sessions. Bad advice from his advisers. You listen to Sessions, it seem like he’d be better selling fried chicken. DJT should have hired an attack dog like Guiliani. Although not Giuliani himself, I don’t trust him.

  34. Rosenstein has got to go. What do we do when he won’t go voluntarily?

    Is anything more destructive to a nation than corruption?

    • What you do is fire him, like any other employee who doesn’t do their job. These people are unelected employees.

      • The President is being WARNED by the corrupt parties not to do that. They will start a civil war. This thing needs to play out. Mueller needs to shut down the investigation. There is no proof of collusion and you cannot have obstruction of justice by firing someone who now obviously should have been arrested on several charges.

  35. They didn’t just want Hillary to win, they DESPERATELY NEEDED her to win to cover their crimes.
    The whole Russian Conspiracy thing NEVER made since on the face of it. Trump is Putin’s worst nightmare. US oil production ALONE would make him 1000% for Democrats. Trump/Russia ONLY makes sense if you consider the mindset of these corrupt operators grasping at straws for any smokescreen because the wrong person won the Presidency.

    • AND won the popular vote, too. There is news that the voting fraud was widespread

  36. I think Sessions is on the way out. Trey Gowdy is quitting by not running for office again…he will be available to step into the head DOJ job. THEN the charges will be levied. Sessions won’t do anything.

    • Mr. Nunes has shown he has the courage, smarts and calmness under intense pressure to make a great AG. I would like to see him or someone of his ability replace Sessions immediately.

    • Trey Gowdy is useless. His appointment to AG would be worse then the entirely useless Sessions.

  37. “This cannot stand. There must be consequences. And they must be swift, public, and severe.” If recent history has taught us anything it will stand and there will be no consequences. And the only thing swift, public, and severe will be the reactions of the bien pensant.

  38. Begins to explain Comey making like a curtain at the sight of DJT.

  39. This was not a scandal. It was a coup attempt. And it wasn’t a Democrat coup attempt. Don’t forget the DWS laptop and the conspiracy against Bernie. This was a top bureaucrat cabal dedicated to secure the election and when that didn’t work, they attempted to take back power from a duly elected President.

  40. The senior management of the FBI needs to end up in the same cell block as Robert Hanssen (ADX Florence). Let them spend 23 hours a day locked in a 7′ by 12′ cell.

    • The Politco’s article’s main premise is that the Nunes memo is incomplete at best because it doesn’t confront the reauthorization requests granted. The author assumes the applicants had additional information/evidence to support application. I, for one, will not give them this benefit from doubt. More harm is being done by keeping everything secret and many Americans are very doubtful about our public institutions, especially after the weaponization of these bodies by previous administrations. Let the Sunshine in, release the FISA applications – it is our government and we don’t need to be protected, which leads me to ask, “who does?”.

      • I agree that the entire FISA application should be publicized. But you’re wrong about the Politico article, which had as it’s main point that the memo doesn’t even make sense from a timing perspective. If the FBI wanted to spy on the Trump campaign, why do it by investigating a guy who had left the campaign a month earlier.

  41. The FBI claimed releasing the memo would reveal their methods. It did. Their method was to file a false affidavit to get a warrant from the FISA Court.

  42. When the attempts to undermine the democracy by the Nixon administration were uncovered BOTH parties realized the importance of full investigation and punishment. The Republicans joined in the effort to root out the corruption even though it cost them political power for many years. Where are the Democrats now? Do they not care about the integrity and preservation of our democracy? Instead of joining in to protect it they continue to try to cover up and thereby participate in the misuse of government power. I am still waiting for a Democrat to step up and show more concern for our democracy than for getting and keeping power. As for the traditional news media, its long demise as a result of the Internet is now complete. It is displaying the death throes of obsolescence as people now obtain their information directly without the need of their bias filter.

  43. I am also waiting for the Attorney General and U.S. Attorneys to do their jobs. There are now plenty of people implicated who are ripe to prosecute and use to obtain evidence regarding higher level participants. The former head of the FBI would undoubtedly turn on anyone to save his skin. Knowing the disinclination of governmental employees to take responsibility, but instead their predeliction to seek approval of superiors before making important or risky decisions, it is almost certain that spying on a presidential campaign was authorized by the head of the executive branch.

  44. “What did Hillary (Screech) Clinton know?”
    Considering the fact that she was babbling (seemingly out of the blue) about Trump and Russia in the presidential debates, she was probably in this from the start.

    • You might consider that there had been news reports over the summer about Russian interaction with the Trump campaign. There was nothing “out of the blue” about Clinton mentioning it during the debates.

      • And where do you think they got it? Clinton. They were shopping it to the press. Pay attention please.

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  46. Why do we ask other countries to arrest their leaders for corruption
    And.we allow blatant sedition. And treason. Its time we put criminals
    Of all political persuasion in jails
    If we dont,stop ,lying about our greatness and justice. We are. no better than tge third world

  47. For over a year now, Democrats have been taunting us to “put the country above party.”

    Now that we have damning evidence of country-damaging corruption in the Democrat/bureaucratic complex (aka The Swamp), will the left take their own advice?

    I won’t hold my breath.

    • What is “the left” supposed to do? Every part of government is controlled by Republicans. Every investigation into Russia and the election is being conducted by Republicans. How are you trying to make this a Democratic thing?

  48. “This cannot stand. There must be consequences. And they must be swift, public, and severe.”
    You haven’t tuned in to the MSM since the memo has been released?
    Cognitive dissonance is making my head hurt.
    Conservative writers and thinkers are aligned with this author.
    MSM people? Well it is as if there were two completely different memos out there. They react 180 degrees differently. They paint this memo as a partisan attack smokescreen to shield Trump from his being exposed by a Mueller’s probe. There is zero FBI or DOJ malfeasance in this memo according to the other side.
    It is as if we live in parallel universes.
    In other words, my thinking is that nothing will come of this….

  49. At this point, we have tried diligently to work within the system. For a YEAR now, Trump has delegated oversight to Congress and given them an opportunity to address the problem. This has been necessary because an illicitly triggered special counsel has held Trump back from acting more directly. The Justice department has obstructed progress every step of the way, and now we have this finding, which in the grand scheme of what happened is actually rather small in scope and restrained in terms of its claims. And, yet, the Justice Department and the media refuses to accept this good faith investigative result.

    It’s time to drop the pretense that the system works. This is our country and our government and we elected Trump to go in and clean it up. It’s currently filled with crap that accumulated over 8 yrs of the Obama administration and it’s now time to end the charade.

    I call on President Trump to act, regardless of what Congress or the media think. Fire the corrupt officials and declassify any and all documents necessary to demonstrate the corruption. Leverage the investigative powers used against you to drill into the lives of these corrupt officials and just let it out. If Congress wants to impeach, that is their prerogative, but they, Congress, should know that right now they are facing a very PO’d set of voters, so they had better act wisely.

    This is ridiculous. Start with getting rid of Mueller, then get rid of Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray and his entire first line staff. Add in anyone else who played any role, large or small, in the effort to prevent election and/or remove Trump after he won. Then start digging into docs and open a brand new, shiny publishing house. Based on what you find, you can decide whether to just eliminate these people from government or to prosecute them. To hell with the impact to national security. The existing system is the biggest threat to national security that exists.

    It shouldn’t take four years to get to the bottom of the current crap pile. The existing approach of working through Congress does not work because they obviously do not wish to fix the problem.

  50. The Coup Train has run off the tracks.

    If Mueller has any sense, or a shred of patriotism and love of country, he will quietly shut down the phony Russiagate “investigation” now.

  51. This sordid tale of a cabal of elected and appointed officials conspiring to overturn the will of the electorate and depose a constitutionally elected POTUS reminds me of nothing more than a junta of colonels (I am thinking Muammar Qaddafi here) overthrowing an elected president and putting one of their own in a dictatorship.

    The Coup Train has run off the tracks.

  52. Calling the Democrat Party “democratic” does injustice to the word. There is nothing democratic about the Democrat Party.

  53. None of this, not one bit, would have come out if Hillary had won the election. That’s what these Sleazy people were counting on. Of course that’s also why they tried so,hard to set up Trump.

    What a bunch of creeps!

  54. The President is doing his job (and quite well).
    House oversight head is doing his job (in spite of heavy resistance)
    Attorney General………..

  55. Yet another example of Obama’s plan to “radically transform America.” Who’s happy with the results – I’m not.

  56. Has anyone noticed nary a peep from either Woodard or Bernstein about this? Where are the two caped crusaders against government corruption; election rigging; malicious use of “national security” a shield to cover malfeasance and abuse of power? Changing their depends I suppose.

  57. I my opinion, this multifaceted scandal makes Watergate look like jaywalking. The bullet points above make it clear that President Obama succeeded in weaponizing many areas within the Executive Branch of government. Given the the conventional wisdom at the time assumed a Hillary Clinton presidency, none of this would have come to light which, of course, is what all the bad actors were counting on. A new special prosecutor (not chosen by Rod Rosenstein) needs to be appointed to clean out the FBI, DoJ, State Department, and IRS of these Obamaites. The forementioned Rosenstein must be removed one way or another. If FBI Director Wray and/or AG Sessions object, they too should resign.

    Furthermore, the weasels in Congress should be taken to task for their efforts to delay and obfuscate information from becoming available to the public. Nancy Pelosi should be scorned and mocked incessantly for her outrageous comments leading up to and after the FISA memo’s release. Additionally, Obama needs to be dealt with such that he gets the full Nixon treatment.

    These actions will go a long way to “draining the swamp”. Of course, the swamp is pretty big, but it’s a start.

  58. I put all this down to the grace of God, which for you non-religious folks means his unmerited favor. Donald Trump has done so many things to Make America America Again, per a post’s title yesterday at American Greatness, that it can only come down to divine providence. Trump is just being Trump, and people all across the political and cultural spectrum (#metoo? Socialist left-wing media? NeverTrumpers? “Establishment” Republicans? Corrupt antinomian Democrats? The “Deep State”?) are being exposed for what they truly are. It’s amazing. Light is being shined in the deepest darkness, and the roaches are trying to scamper away from being crushed by The Truth. No, Trump could never have imagined all this, let alone planed it. God has had mercy on our great land, and it will be very interesting in the days and years to come to see what “we the people” do with this light.

  59. Could the “insurance policy” be an assassination” plot?

  60. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) announced that he will seek the criminal prosecution of FBI and DOJ officials for the “full throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein” who Gosar called “traitors to our nation.”

    Well now, that’s a start but the laundry list as presented in the above article is much longer!!

  61. Rosenstein is the Fox in the chicken house or the weasel in the Justice Department. Out damn spot immediately!

  62. Yawn. This is a total nothing-burger. The only important thing is what did the Trump team do to collude with Russia? Nothing else matters. If the answer is they did not, then so be it. But Donnie is way way too nervous. Jared and Little Donnie are in deep deep trouble. Stay tuned folks. Mueller is going to light up Trump like a firecracker.

    • Disrespectful and deluded. Typical. Probably smells strongly of patchouli.

      • This time next year Trump will be back in Queens bankrupting companies, shafting tradesmen, swindling partners, and hanging around Ladies Locker Rooms looking for wife number 4. Don the Con is going down. His Neanderthal supporters will have to find another caveman to drool over.

    • The only important thing is that Hillary and her minions did indeed collude with the Russians to spy on Trump and then to try and topple a sitting potus. Hillary and her gang need to hang high from the gallows for this.

  63. The memo is a dud, and will not stop or event taint the Mueller investigation.

  64. “…swift, public, and severe.”

    That assessment is, of course, correct.

    Which is why we know nothing will be done if any of what needs to be done must to go through either (or both) of the other two co-equal branches.

    That’s just the reality of our “modern” nation.

    Sad. It might be the product of old age that when I reflect on politics and/or culture, I feel like I’m “the hamster running on his wheel”, if you understand what I’m getting at (but not stating well).

    –by My Greybeard, I’ve had enough of Proggies to fill five lifetimes!

    • Yes it’s amazing the lives that have been ruined, people killed, institutions corrupted all because of this one woman. Thank you God in heaven that she does not occupy the Oval office

  65. How long have these agencies been corrupted? For example Robert Mueller was the FBI head during 911. Was that terrorist attack fabricated to get the Patriot Act passed? At this point I could believe anything. This rabbit hole could go deep…

  66. YOU ARE LYING AND YOU KNOW IT. NUNES DID NOT READ THE INTEL. The memo is complete BS, cherry picked “facts” that do not stand up to legitimate scrutiny. Tell, me, Chris, where will you be when the shooting starts? In the streets with your deluded followers or, more likely, safe at home.

      • Have you ever had an original thought? The memo is obvious baloney, and reeks of desperation. The steele memo was one of many pieces of intel used to obtain the FISA warrant. Page was on the CIA’s radar for years, because he was acting as agent of a foreign power. Conservatives love to talk about law and order, but only when they make the laws and issue the orders. To call the FBI a nest of Clinton supporters is laughable on its face. Trump is a crook.

      • Just curious, who will you be buying hugs from when all your “heroes start falling like autumn leaves, and you finally realize how wrong you are. You are clearly living in a dream world. Maybe you will just decide to entirely and permanently lose touch with reality. I almost feel sorry for you.

      • Take a chance. Read the news from the other side. I do. That’s why I’m here. Think hard about the nature of a conspiracy that would encompass all the world’s press except for the few that agree with you.

      • The Nunes Memo was not as enlightening as I expected, but that alone, if it is credible, and so far it has been affirmed as accurate by the FBI, documents that FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, all signed affidavits for the FISA warrants against Carter Page, based on evidence they knew did not meet judicial standards of evidence.This is felony perjury, and punishable by fines, and up to 5 years in prison. This was just the opening gambit in this investigation. Surely you can’t believe this is the only malfeasance to be found. Then there is the question of the Clinton Email investigation. There is evidence she likely committed the same crimes that service members are doing time in Leavenworth for, and Michael Flynn is under indictment for, but was never charged because James Comey mishandled the investigation. We won’t know until that investigation is reopened, and properly concluded.

      • I haven’t ween any of my replies posted. Hmm…

        Since I strongly doubt that you will find any other news source that offers alternative (real) answers to the questions you and your friends here are asking, here is one:

        “In a pathetic attempt to defend the guy with the legal power to sign off on ripping apart protections for the poor and taxes on their donors, Republicans have sold their entire party’s credibility on a document designed to imply that the entire brass of the FBI and the Justice Department violated the civil rights of an obvious and self-declared Russian agent by putting him under surveillance. Was it really worth it? Is muddying a few news cycles and giving Trump the flimsiest of excuses to possibly fire Rod Rosenstein really worth what this episode will do to the Republican Party over the long term, and opprobrium of history that will befall every single Republican involved in this scheme?”

        The evidence about the origins and funding of the Steele memo WERE presented to the FISA court. Rosenstein DID NOT say that the memo was “essential”. These facts are available to the public, if you care to check.

      • “I haven’t ween any of my replies posted. Hmmmm.”

        Psycho boy, did you really pester me three times!

        “Ween” this:

        If Page is such a bad dude, and they’ve been after him 5 years, why wasn’t he the first Mueller indictment? Hmmmm…. that’s some crack investigating.

        In the space of weeks you cult followers have gone from denying the fake dossier was used to claiming yeah it was and by gosh they even told the judge about its origins.

        You might have amnesia. We don’t.

        We know Fusion was taking money from Veselnitskaya. He will be in a cell with Manafort before this is over.

        Bye psycho boy.

  67. The question that no one is asking is what did the President Obama know and when did he know it? Also did Pelosi and Schumer know how the DNC was spending its money in creating this dossier and did they know what was done with it? How many Administration officials in Obams’s circle knew about this scheme? These are troubling questions about criminal behavior which really cannot be overlooked. What is good for the Nixon goose should be good for the Hillary Obama gander. People need to be prosecuted for lying to the FISA court to start with. ANd why doesn’t the court issue warrants against those who did at this point for contempt of court?
    And finally the big question where is the ACLU on all of this clear violation of citizen’s rights?

    • “What is good for the Nixon goose should be good for the Hillary Obama gander.” Gender mix-up. “What is good for the Nixon gander should be good for the Hillary Obama goose.” BTW, I like your comment, I’m just making the shoes fit the feet.

  68. No!
    “Nearly 50 years ago, the Watergate scandal forced
    a president from office. The Left thought it could do it again.”

    No no no no no.

    Nearly 50 years ago, the Watergate scandal forced
    NOT a president, but a REPUBLICAN, from office!
    The Left thought it could do it again.


    The left was MORE THAN HAPPY having a Democrat
    in office, and doing things far, far worse (to the GOP)
    than the comparative peanuts that happened under Nixon…

  69. Simple solution…just change the FBI acronym to F I B and get it over with.

    Pretty unreal stuff.

  70. Obama and Cankles never in a million years thought she’d lose the election, which is why they got so sloppy.

    Once the election was lost there wasn’t enough time to put all the incriminating toothpaste back in the tube.

  71. Where are the charges for treason and sedition? Is anyone going to pay for this?

  72. If you want to know the true level of arrogance in the people who tried to sabotage Trump and throw the election to Hillary, you need look no further than James Comey’s remark about the memo, and I quote, “is that it”. This memo, which has now totally destroyed the reputation of the FBI and the DOJ, just to name two, and all Comey has to say is, “is that it’. Its absolutely mind boggling. We are now Russia, thanks to Obama, Hillary, and the MSM.

  73. Any FISA judge involved has much to answer for. Those who rolled over for the rogue FBI may have gone rogue themselves. Even more dangerous than judges who try to nullify perfectly legal executive orders by President Trump on wholly specious grounds.

    • He was the sitting judge in the General Flynn case and he has been forced to recuse himself from these proceedings any further.

    • Judge Rudolph Contreras has been recused…they say he did it himself but his bosses held a gun to his head first!

  74. A simple proposal from Trump to the Democrats could validate their sincerity on approving what the DOJ/FBI/DNI has done. He can offer giving the bad cops at the top of the DOJ and FBI a pass if he can have his own members of the DOJ/FBI do the exact same thing to the 2020 Democrat candidate and campaign. Seems only fair. If they agreed that that offer I might believe what they are saying now.

  75. What’s so brazen was the “dossier” might be actual Clinton/DNC “Russian collusion” that they tried to project to Trump. Media complicity near 90% on a treasonous act.

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  77. “Worse Than Watergate”… Hmmm, Ya think? The whole Watergate scandal was about five operatives who broke into the DNC headquarters to gather intelligence on the opponent, and a president who tried to cover it up. Period. Was it criminal? Yes. Was it corrupt? Absolutely, but the bottom line is, it was just street hood style tactics, applied to politics.
    This current mess started when a candidate paid a research firm to to find the worst kind of “information” they could on an opponent. What they came up with was so far fetched as to be unbelievable, but they ran with it anyway. This questionable “intelligence” got leaked to the media where it stirred the the instigator’s base constituents into a feeding frenzy, and then made its way to the FBI and/or DOJ who used this pack of lies to initiate an investigation of the opposition candidate. When that opposition candidate won, in spite of the full weight of corrupted federal law enforcement, and the mainstream media against him, the arrogant cabal doubled down, and tried to destroy to the new POTUS. Worse than Watergate? This makes Watergate look like a bully stealing lunch money on a school playground. This is truly a constitutional crisis involving some of the highest government officials perverting government resources for political gain.

  78. If a Republican did this, I would be irate, demanding to prosecute these traitors to the fullest extent of the law. People like McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Page, Yates, and whoever else was involved in this growing list of traitors, need to be brought to justice. The American people will never trust elections again after this conspiracy. I fear the hysteria over Russia this last year has already numbed most Americans to the severity of this scandal we are seeing unfold here.

    The incumbent presidential administration, along with political appointees, used fake opposition research, paid for by their own political party’s funds to target and spy on the front-running presidential campaign. Then, they continued to cover their tracks by reverse engineering the entire Russia narrative by leaking to the press and doing everything in their power to launch the investigation.

    America is lost folks. People were fed up with Hillary getting off the hook for all her crimes, but this is another level. We’re talking about actually rigging an election from the inside by weaponizing the FBI and DOJ (not to mention previously doing that with the IRS during the 2012 election cycle to target conservative organizations). You couldn’t write this and get it published as a fiction story. It’s just too unbelievable.

  79. Nixon and water gate are the exact same thing Obama and Hillary committed espionage , they tried to unseat a US President elect , far worse than water gate

  80. I have kids in the military. I am wondering what it is they are fighting to defend.

    • They’re fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We thank them for their service.

      We need to do our part at home to help clean out the swamp.

      Trump is helping. What he has accomplished, despite the criminal behavior of the Democrats and media fighting against him, is a miracle.

      The collusion between Democrats and associates in the media, FBI, State Department, Justice Department, etc. is slowly coming out.

      • How are they “fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”? By killing people who pose no threat to the United States in places like Somalia? One of the things I like about President Trump so far is his hesitancy to extend the American military empire. Herself would have invaded Syria by now, and probably started a war with Russia.

    • Lol. Our military hasn’t “defended” the US in a long, long time. Our military is used to project power abroad. You can argue whether that is a good thing or not, but the “Defense Department” should go back to its old name “Department of War”.

  81. The FBI and Obama DOJ thought that they were a part of the Clinton campaign.

  82. This whole mess was perpetrated by Hillary and her e-mail fiasco. The bureaucrats running our country are just doing what they do,….. everyday. Their defense is going to sound like a voice from the past,……” it depends on what the definition of the word “is”, ….is! It is hard to drain a swamp when all that mud,….. clogs up the exit drains. …and yes,… it is worse than Watergate!

  83. Flynn may end up getting millions in a settlement because of FBI and Mueller corruption. These big settlements have happened before because of their corruption. Here are three cases where it happened (with documentation):

    Please read to the end to see what the New York Police Department had to say about MUELLER in 2007. It is REALLY frightening.

    The taxpayers were screwed out of:
    …………. $100 MILLION and
    …………. $5.9 MILLION and
    …………. $3 MILLION
    in JUDGMENTS because of MUELLER’s Criminal Behavior by him & the FBI, causing the courts to condemn the FBI’s and MUELLER’s conduct.

    1) The FBI’s and ROBERT MUELLER’s criminal behavior and corruption COST America …………. $100 MILLION in compensation to the 4 INNOCENT MEN who had been wrongly and KNOWINGLY convicted BY THE FBI.

    MUELLER protected the criminal WHITEY BULGER, and refused to free 4 INNOCENT MEN from prison.


    2) Mueller… TRIED TO FRAME TWO INNOCENT MEN for the ANTHRAX CASE and COST America a …………. $5.9 MILLION Judgment to Hatfill because of MUELLER’s and COMEY’s criminal behavior.

    Anthrax Attacks and America’s Rush to Judgment


    Comey, Mueller Bungled Big Anthrax Case Together


    3) Mueller and the FBI’s conduct resulted in a …………. $3 MILLION award from the courts that condemned the FBI’s conduct.

    New York Police Department Accuses FBI Director Mueller Of A Cover Up November 5. 2007. The NYPD said:
    “One of these days that famous criminal negligence is going to cause such massive damage that Congress is going to break up the FBI over it.

    Keep it up with the stonewalling and cover-ups and see if it doesn’t land you in Congress one day facing prison sentences, for an incident that renders the nation irreparable harm as a direct result of your negligence.”


    Reread the NYPD’s last two sentences. You will get goosebumps from their uncanny prediction!

  84. I can’t wait until the perps are hauled before the FISA judges who signed off on this.

    • Maybe the FISA judges need to be examined also.

      Someone commented:

      Judge Rudolph Contreras has been recused…they say he did it himself but his bosses held a gun to his head first!

      He was the sitting judge in the General Flynn case and he has been forced to recuse himself from these proceedings any further.

      Let’s follow up on that: Justice Department, Congress, FISA Court.

  85. Jim Comey gambled that Hillary would be quite likely be Obama’s heir, and Comey would be duly rewarded by Hillary.
    She lost; he lost. Period.

    • Loretta Lynch won the AG job (with her loyalty).

  86. The Wall Street Journal
    Feb. 3-4, 2018

    A Reckoning for the FBI

    The House memo reveals disturbing facts about the misuse of FISA.
    By The Editorial Board

    Now we know why the FBI tried so hard to block release of the House Intelligence Committee memo. And why Democrats and the media want to change the subject to Republican motivations. The four-page memo released Friday reports disturbing facts about how the FBI and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court appear to have been used to influence the 2016 election and its aftermath.

    We don’t know the political motives of the FBI and Justice officials, but the facts are damaging enough. The FBI in essence let itself and the FISA court be used to promote a major theme of the Clinton campaign. Mr. Steele and Fusion then leaked the fact of the investigation to friendly reporters to try to defeat Mr. Trump before the election. And afterward they continued to leak all this to the press to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s victory.

    No matter it’s motives, the FBI became a tool of anti-Trump political actors. This is unacceptable in a democracy and ought to alarm anyone who wants the FBI to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law.

  87. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/31/fbi-memo-intensifies-battle-gop/


    The Obama administration conducted illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign and admin.

    They had no valid probable cause to legally obtain a warrant.

    If true, the individuals involved committed felony offenses.

    Also, FBI agents are not eligible to exercise the 5th without risk of firing.

    McCabe needs to be debriefed before retiring and will lose pension if pleads 5th to avoid self incrimination.

    This is from https://www.fbi.gov/about/f

  88. The memo changed American history. Those who denigrate it are either ignorant or perhaps have things in their past which they do not want exposed. Chairman Nunes said this ended phase 1; he is on the phase 2. It involves the State Dept.

    A lot of swamp critters are nervous. The water level is dropping and they are exposed.

    Americans have real problems to solve, after the memo. It starts with smart honest government employees who do their hard job. They exist by the millions and some, close to this mess, must be furious. They have been betrayed.

    We need them. They have access to the classified material, which can drive our national recovery and defend our nation.

    I do not think that the special prosecutor should, at this time, be dropped. He was charged with investigating crimes associated with the election. That effort is needed. However, the present guy, Mueller, must now look at his best buddy, Comey, and the former members of his hand picked group. We may need a reorganization of a must needed group.

    And we must look hard at the FISA court, the secrecy, no transparency, the hard places where corruption appears to have grown. Who was hoodwinked? What are they going to do about it?

  89. The problem is that Rosenstein is in charge of everything Russia at DOJ due to Sessions’ recusal. He is only answerable to PDT who should fire him forthwith but the consequences are too difficult to deal with.

    At a minimum Rosenstein ought to be called to testify in open session by the HPSCI for a complete grilling so the entire country can hear his explanation.

  90. Hey, at least we’ve still got BOY SCOUT Mueller.

    Here are three cases, about our boy, with documentation:

    Please read to the end to see what the New York Police Department had to say about MUELLER in 2007. It is REALLY frightening.

    The taxpayers were screwed out of:
    …………. $100 MILLION and
    …………. $5.9 MILLION and
    …………. $3 MILLION
    in JUDGMENTS because of MUELLER’s Criminal Behavior by him & the FBI, causing the courts to condemn the FBI’s and MUELLER’s conduct.

    1) The FBI’s and ROBERT MUELLER’s criminal behavior and corruption COST America …………. $100 MILLION in compensation to the 4 INNOCENT MEN who had been wrongly and KNOWINGLY convicted BY THE FBI.

    MUELLER protected the criminal WHITEY BULGER, and refused to free 4 INNOCENT MEN from prison.


    2) Mueller… TRIED TO FRAME TWO INNOCENT MEN for the ANTHRAX CASE and COST America a …………. $5.9 MILLION Judgment to Hatfill because of MUELLER’s and COMEY’s criminal behavior.


    Anthrax Attacks and America’s Rush to Judgment


    Comey, Mueller Bungled Big Anthrax Case Together


    3) Mueller and the FBI’s conduct resulted in a …………. $3 MILLION award from the courts that condemned the FBI’s conduct.

    New York Police Department Accuses FBI Director Mueller Of A Cover Up November 5. 2007. The NYPD said:
    “One of these days that famous criminal negligence is going to cause such massive damage that Congress is going to break up the FBI over it.

    Keep it up with the stonewalling and cover-ups and see if it doesn’t land you in Congress one day facing prison sentences, for an incident that renders the nation irreparable harm as a direct result of your negligence.”


  91. Look, all i’m saying is that Trump really is obese. I’m not saying that his entire campaign were on the KGB’s payroll; i’m not saying that his attacks on the FBI are beyond stupid. All i’m saying is that he is pretty fat. Can’t we all just get along and agree that Trump really is obese?

  92. The republican leadership needs to remain focused on getting corroborative documents and transcripts released to the public. That, along with the IG report, will be so damning to the corrupt liberal liars of the democratic party that their mainstream media allies will not be able to ignore or sugar-coat or spin-it to their advantage.

  93. If I hear again that we must protect the justice systems sources and processes, I think I’ll scream. That goes without saying.

    Then again when the sources are lies and the processes illegal then they lose the right to have them protected and in fact MUST bring them out as evidence in trials to toss these people in prison so that it becomes a much less attractive option for those who think that we are a banana Republic and can enforce and break the law as they see fit.

    This will leave a stain on the FBI/DOJ for the unseen future as well as the political party that weaponized them but they are deserving of it.

  94. Suggestion for everyone who read this article. Try reading all the other reports. None of this is actually accurate. The time lines don’t match, page was being investigated 3 yrs before the warrant. Last page of their memo says that Popodopoulus and the Aussies were what prompted the investigation, which has nothing to do with warrant, (see Gowdy yesterday on TV). There is no way to know if the court was told who wrote the dossier as they chose to not discuss it.
    Judges assume that whoever reported someone was hostile to them, I mean how many turn in friends. The it was renewed THREE times baed on the investigation being fruitful…..
    But hey, can yell at me now…..but like pointed out at the top……he whole thing was a dud, the author was hoping it would be more

  95. This memo is not going to stand up to basic fact-checking. A guy who got kicked off the Russia investigation for ethics violations writes up a memo, a bunch of Republicans take it in a back room and doctor it up, and people are actually supposed to just believe its claims without verification? LOL, sorry, but I’ll trust the Boy Scouts in the FBI before I’d trust this bunch of partisan clowns.

    Here’s the rub: If this memo is true, Trump will release other files to prove it. All of it. If he doesn’t, the memo is misleading at best and possibly blatantly false.

    • There are classified documents and plenty of them to back up the memo. There are more memos to come. And then we have IG Horowitz’s report coming out next month. No one is buying what you are selling

  96. No arguments from me over this…let’s see what happens, and if nothing, then raise hell.

  97. One correction to the article above: Steele was not actually the “source” of the information in the dossier. Steele’s role is actually quite murky, but apparently the dossier is nothing more than a collection of stories and gossip about Trump that Steele collected from various Russians. In other words, we don’t even know who the real sources are because the dossier doesn’t reveal them. That a FISA warrant was apparently authorized on the basis of such unreliable information is a true scandal even though this country’s press is so full of partisan lickspittles that the gravity of what happened has not yet dawned on many Americans.

    • As has been pointed out in other media, this is second hand hearsay. It should certainly not stand in any court. Anyone who swore a warrant based on that pack of lies is statutorily guilty of perjury, because they knew going in it did not meet judicial standards of evidence.

  98. I am surprised that you leave out the FISA warrant obtained by the FBI to wiretap Page in 2013. Is that because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

    • That is left out because it is legally irrelevant. Warrants are issued for probable cause for the commission of a crime. If there is probable cause, that CAN, be used as a supporting factor, but without probable cause it is completely irrelevant to the case at hand.

      • It may be legally irrelevant, but this column isn’t a court of law. Anyone who wants to make the case that the “deep state” employees of the FBI subverted justice to obtain the 2016 warrant on Carter Page have to explain why they were already after him three years earlier.

      • So, if you wish to cloud the issue with irrelevancies, feel free. Just don’t expect it to carry much weight with people who wish to stick with the actual issue.

  99. Way worse than Watergate. Much deeper.

  100. Obama has sure been quiet lately but then he has a lot to be quiet about.

  101. Man, this spin did not work out the way you thought it would…

  102. Rosenstein and Boente should have been fired already. Sessions is a disgrace.

  103. That picture looks like Obama is showing Hillary his weiner and they are both laughing at how small it is because he’s an estrogen filled liberal fairy.