In Trump, the Churlish Left Finally Meets Its Match

One year into the unlikely presidency of Donald J. Trump and how the political landscape has changed. This Scottish immigrant’s son turned billionaire Manhattan builder, reality-television star, staple of the New York City tabloid press, and bête-noire of his former friends on the institutional Left, who view him, as the Republicans once viewed Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as a “traitor to his class.” To judge from the surly, sorrowful expressions on the Democrats’ faces on Tuesday night during the State of the Union, you might have thought the president had just shot their dog and was taunting them about it on national television.

During most of his pro-America applause lines, including Trump’s announcement of record low black unemployment, the Democrats sat on their hands. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) ostentatiously paraded out of the House chamber near the end of the speech, while Trump was praising the sacrifices of America’s war dead. Afterward, the American Civil Liberties Union complained the president had used the word “American” too many times for its taste.

Could their churlish animosity be any clearer?

But wait! It gets worse. As Trump’s approval ratings have risen in the wake of the stock-market rally, strong overall employment numbers, and the much-vilified tax cut, the Democrats’ pipe dream about a coming “blue wave” this fall looks increasingly like a California marijuana-induced notion. Just prior to delivering the speech, Trump had reversed Obama’s grandstanding, never-implemented executive order to close the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay. By the end of the day, the Democratic National Committee had ‘fessed up some disastrous fundraising numbers, revealing they have only $6.3 million cash on hand and are $6.1 million in debt.

And that’s just what happened yesterday.

The Coming Blowback
In the longer term, the prospects are even worse for the anti-American party. The cultural-Marxist Left, cockily ascendant under Barack Hussein Obama (how many eons ago does his administration seem today?) suddenly finds itself reduced to a rump, coastal party, concentrating its rabid supporters in the same enclaves, and thus weakening the party’s strength in the Electoral College. (As Hillary Clinton learned the hard way, winning the popular vote doesn’t matter if all your voters live in California, Illinois, and Massachusetts.) The prize they had sought so ardently that they were willing to bump Obama over Hillary
“Her Turn” Clinton, and then hope for a 16-year skein in the White House to effect the seditious “fundamental transformation” of the American Republic, has thankfully eluded their grasp. This time.

Their first attempt to derail a Trump presidency came with the creation of the phony “Russian collusion” dossier concocted by Fusion GPS for the Clinton campaign, assisted by rogue elements at the highest levels of the American intelligence services. Later came an appeal to “faithless electors” to deny him certification; lesser-court federal judges illegally blocking his executive orders; and, finally, the “Resistance” in order to stymie him at every turn. All these things have failed.

Now comes the blowback. In short order, the so-called Nunes memo, about possible FBI and Justice Department abuse of the FISA court system, which allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign under the guise of “national security,” will be exposed, as will the list of the compromised journalists on the Fusion GPS payroll. Malfeasance at James Comey’s FBI and Loretta Lynch’s Justice department regarding the Clinton email investigation whitewash is also likely to come—as the sudden defenestration of deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe on Monday so vividly illustrated.

The damage to the already reeling Democrats will be substantial. The Obama presidency was the high-water mark of what might be termed the Woodrow Wilsonian view of government—that it should be run by an elite group of credentialed experts. In their “progressive” view, the business of government is too important to be left to rank amateurs, and their contempt for the Constitution is unmistakable. Although both parties shared the “progressive” fantasy—Wilson’s predecessors, Republicans Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, can fairly be termed “progressives” by the standards of the day—the delusion has found special favor among Democrats: the Vietnam War under John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and the other “Whiz Kids” was one of its most disastrous expressions.

No Lasting Progressive Appeal
It took the electorate more than 30 years to get the stink of “progressivism” out of their nostrils and elevate Bill Clinton to the White House—although, tellingly, he never won a majority of the popular vote in either of his campaigns. It wasn’t until Obama’s arrival that the Democrats were able to fully bury the racist and elitist ghosts of their past and get on with the business of remaking America as a cultural-Marxist, “progressive” Disneyland. True, Obama was another credentialed Ivy Leaguer, but that telling fact was lost in the excitement over America’s first black president; in his wake and on his coattails, Hillary seemed poised to waddle back into the White House.

As it happened, Obama had no coattails, and the Democratic-Progressive message, so enthusiastically amplified by the media, held no electoral-majority appeal. In Obama’s case at least, the presidency really was just a popularity contest, in which the Illinois interloper easily bested cranky old John McCain and milquetoast Mitt Romney; otherwise, at every level, his party took a drubbing. If the Democrats ever want to be a national political force again, the party will need to stage a counter-revolution, toss out the Sixties Marxist hippies whose dying hands are still on the tiller, and regroup as a party of the sensible center-Left.

Patriotism used to be derided as “the last refuge of a scoundrel,” and dissent lauded as “the highest form of patriotism,” but for the modern Democratic Party, the highest form of patriotism now seems to be treason. As the deficits soared, illegal aliens murdered with impunity, foreign nations humiliated us, and the quality of life deteriorated noticeably, Americans gradually came to realize that the Democrats’ position on any given subject is antithetical to America’s best interests, even when it’s disguised in the fiction that hatred for one’s mortal enemies, an intolerance of intolerance, and a patriotic determination to preserve the nation as founded is “not who we are.”

Take the upcoming debate over the DACA recipients and immigration in general. Trump has already disarmed his opponents by putting his most generous offer on the table, one that could have potentially ruptured his hardline base. By upping the number of “Dreamers” he’s willing to consider (with restrictions and conditions) for possible eventual citizenship, but demanding the Wall, an end to chain migration, and an overhaul of the 1965 immigration law, Trump has stripped the Democrats of their fig leaves and laid bare their pretensions to “humanitarianism.” Should they reject it, his next offer won’t be half as good. Which is why Schumer quickly caved on the government shutdown, and Gutierrez slunk out of the halls of Congress like a whipped cur.

And all it took to send them scuttling away was a leader. In Trump—imperfect and perhaps at times a little embarrassing—we may just have found him. The fallacy of socialist Progressivism was that the future could be managed by bureaucrats; the truth of the Western heroic narrative is that one man can make all the difference. It’s far too early to determine whether Trump is, or ever will be, great; what is clear that he has had the offer of greatness thrust upon him. The choice is now his.

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About Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh is a journalist, author, and screenwriter. He was for 16 years the music critic and foreign correspondent for Time Magazine, for which he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. His works include the novels As Time Goes By, And All the Saints (winner, 2004 American Book Award for fiction), and the bestselling “Devlin” series of NSA thrillers; as well as the recent nonfiction bestseller, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace. A sequel, The Fiery Angel, was published by Encounter in May 2018. Follow him on Twitter at @dkahanerules (Photo credit: Peter Duke Photo)

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103 responses to “In Trump, the Churlish Left Finally Meets Its Match”

  1. Great article.

    I hope President 3D knew that his offer to amnesty millions of illegals would be jeered at so he can now say he tried, DACA was an illegal EO and we’re going to enforce existing law.

    He’ll garner even more support and the Hate Meter REgressive’s hold so dear is already pegged.

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    • My blood pressure spiked when I first read the headline last week of his offer, but then I told myself to just calm down. President Trump has consistently outmaneuvered his opponents since his trip down the elevator and deserves the benefit of the doubt. And sure enough, here we sit watching the dems make complete idiots of themselves as President Trump runs circles around them in a Ford GT while they choke on the dust.
      During the primaries I thought the guy was a complete idiot, but I’m starting to wonder if that was all an act. Or is it that he’s not that knowledgeable, but has a cunning instinct that no amount of knowledge can match? I don’t know, but it’s been amazing to watch. His style is going to be studied and dissected for generations to come I think.

      • Just read his Book, the Art of the Deal. It’s been obvious what he’s been doing from the beginning, he wrote it down in 87…..if Progs could read they would have seen the writing on the Wall, so to speak ;-)

      • Read a book written by Donald Trump? They’d gouge their own eyes out first, the fools.

      • I know…that’s why they can’t see AND have been getting blindsided from the gitgo.

      • Trump apparently read Alinsky. And it’s paid off for him handsomely.

      • “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in a hundred battles.”

        Apparently, he read Sun Tzu, The Art of War as well!

      • I suspect that, by the end of Hillary’s book, they had indeed already done that.

      • Me thinks I’m going to have to go buy the book.

      • I looked at that headline and immediately knew that the only reason he would dare offer that was because he knew that either it would be refused (as it was) or that he would get more than enough in return to come out ahead.

        1.8 million spread out over 10-12 years is just not a lot of people per year and they all had to live up to the PR the Dems have been spreading to make the carrots grow. That number would have shrunk by half … easy … they had to do well in school and keep their noses immaculately clean. That hasn’t been their habit.

        So, an average of ~90k per year and all of them proven to be decent people? Yeah … we got that.

    • In this game of 3D Chess, the Left is out of it’s depth, width and height.

  2. Nice thoughts but the fact remains that the Republican winning President the last two times received fewer votes than the Democrat. And as has been noted Trump would not have won with a few more Democrat votes in Michigan. Everything in the article is true, but the author fails to deal with the fact that the Democrat base is still at about the same level despite the good Trump has done, none of which has been reported in the majority of the media. So, this coastal party label Walsh puts on the Democrats would be nice except without much change at all the Democrats can still win Ohio and other middle states. I hope this doesn’t occur but the touchdown dance is premature.

    • I agree. Electoral politics is a struggle that never ends. The key constituency isn’t Democrats or Republicans (because as you say their ‘bases’ are pretty solid), but independents. However, the article does describe the inherent flaws in the Democratic Party’s strategic messaging. This message is unlikely to change, and the flaws are, therefore, likely to continue to adversely affect the Party’s fortunes. As Napoleon is reported to have ‘Don’t interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake’.

      • Agree, this is why Pelosi, Maxine, Schummer are great to keep where they are, they empower the Conservatives to keep on our toes and to keep voting at every election plus backing important new candidates, one I have in mind is John James of Michigan and a few others that would be helpful to our party of Trumpers.

    • Well even if Hillary did receive more total votes, which is in doubt when you factor out illegals and factor in fraud, it doesn’t matter if the dems carry CA, MA, CT, and IL with 100% of those voting.

      It’s going to take time to rinse the brainwashing done to the dem base. For example, a 10% drop in blacks voting dem and they never win another national election. Which is why REgressives are covering their butts trying to import millions of illegals.

      • I take your point, but I still say the celebrating is way too soon. I think I remember the same thing with Frances Fukiyama and the end of history after the Cold War. No more communist and no more socialism and no more Democrats. There is still a huge difference in how Democrats view their fight versus Republicans. One acid test will be conducted soon – how many FBI and DOJ officials will be indicted? Will Republicans pursue the individuals who instructed McCabe and Comey and Page to do their actions in the coup? Will the coup leaders be indicted? If there is not justice against the blatant illegalities of the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign the same group will rise again and they will have many successes. Why? Because they will do whatever it takes? Will the Republicans do whatever it takes to reclaim the law?

      • Good questions all. I wasn’t celebrating, only analyzing. Never stop fighting til the fight is done, as Eliot Ness tells Capone in THE UNTOUCHABLES.

      • I know were not celebrating. I think Michael Walsh was. And a little bit is OK. He has fought the good fight. But I dont think it is anywhere near over. The general population is so uneducated and may be impervious to facts because of the extent of brainwashing that has been done. Anyway, let’s pray Michael is right and I am wrong.

      • On the chance it’s not clear to you, I’ll point out that “David Kahane” is Walsh.

        I agree with you about the cluelessness of the average American citizen.

      • I knew that but I forgot. I actually heard him speak at an event a few months ago that I attended to hear one of my long time favorites, Angelo Codevilla. Walsh was very good. He actually told the story of his pseudonym. Being a future Alzheimers patient I forgot.

      • The nice thing about Alzheimers is that you’re always meeting new people.

        I, too, am an admirer of Codevilla and have seen him speak.

        However, as a PhD physicist who’s worked in the aerospace industry, I disagree with him on one of his pet subjects: defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles. It would be nice to have, for sure, but the notion of creating something that would work against a mass attack struck most of us experimentalists involved with the Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) during the 1980s as a fantasy. It’s hard enough to get simple things to work reliably in the lab with nobody shooting at me. And a system needed for the task could never be tested under realistic conditions. (The Israeli Iron Dome system works but faces a threat orders of magnitude less challenging.)

      • That is one of his pet subjects, but maybe because he knows a lot about it. I would think some real defense, however good, is better than no defense. I saw a story a day or so ago about the Chinese planning to have a super laser in space within the next two years. I wonder what their plans are? Anyway, good to converse.

      • The Democrat flaws in strategy would matter more if there were more Americans with working brains.

    • i agree … just about enough time for two “huzzah’s” and then back to work. Some of us are already back on station.

  3. I concur. This is a great article. This is why I come to this site. I believe trump will triumph. I got an outrageous raise of 18% this year from my employer. It’s because of Trump. He is my president 100%. He has been from the start. He puts God and country first thankfully. It feels good to be an American again. America is a United country except for a few that get all the news. I live it and see it everyday. America is back thanks to Trump. MAGA!

  4. Liberals were miserable before their monopoly of government, during the monopoly, and after they peed their monopoly away.
    Even the most inattentive of Moderates and Independents are coming to the realization that Liberals are, overwhelmingly, miserable people.

      • Anti Americans. America doesn’t like anti Americans.

    • They are leftists, not liberals. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. In any case, they are only happy when they are making you and I miserable. And yes, this is because they are miserable people.

    • Who are happy only when they can make the rest of us miserable.

  5. “…shot their dog…” I love it!
    But, I think it’s more like their dog got run over after they left him out to chase all the neighbors cars and school kids.
    Not to worry:
    There’s a lot more “service animals” where these came from in South America.

  6. Well he’s 1/8th of the way to greatness. His first year has not just been great, but has been exceptionally great. I can’t think of the right adverbs to describe the greatness of the last year. Even if he didn’t do anything else for the next seven years he’s still done a better job than either of the Bushes.

    • I only wish that was a higher bar.
      I supported the Bushes because they said they were Republicans and conservatives.

      They lied to me both times.

      • Yeah, after GW’s preaching today to us about accepting illegals he’s just dead to me. He was better than the alternative at the time, but he can just go slink away back to Crawford now.

  7. Trump didn’t just win the election. He used BleachBit to erase Obama’s legacy of leftist ideology and executive orders.

    What other GOP candidate could have done this, let alone win against the Dem/Media complex?

    And this is what the people wanted and were longing for.

    • Perhaps, but let’s be careful what we wish for. If all memories of Obama’s legacies are erased we will have nothing to compare or mark our progress against.

      • Please!
        Obungles is a pimple on the fanny of history.

      • You are mistaken to take my note as any way flattering of the previous White House occupant. I only mean to say that rather being completely erased from history Obama is more useful as a reminder, along the lines of Woodrow Wilson. To appreciate how far we have risen requires some memory of low we were.

      • There are a multitude of examples to show why bestowing a low life bum like B. Hussein Obama to Commander in Chief of The United States was one of the worst screw ups any civilized country could make.
        Then We need to roll out the wealth of good examples to illustrate that American Citizens aren’t usually THAT stupid.

      • Amen to that. I would add that while we may have dodged one big bullet, until we establish a few more controls over our government (term limits, get the national debt under control, re-establish military preeminence), we’re a national election away from another fascist zealot determined to move us irreversibly leftward.

      • 100,000 votes spread around 4 or 5 important States and Hillary would be well on her way to becoming the world’s first criminal trillionaire.

      • Actually, apparently that title is already secured in the Rothschild family.

      • Like keeping the holocaust crematoriums in Germany as historical monuments?

        I think we will have that. I think Obama’s bookless Library will become another tattered remnant of his inability to get anything done.

      • I don’t think there is any risk of Obama being erased from the history books even if eventually shown to have never been qualified for the office to begin with by reason of flawed citizenship.

    • What other GOP candidate could have done this, let alone win against the Dem/Media complex?

      Pretty much all of them except Jeb, Graham and Kasich, and without the grade school behavior.

      • None of them would have gotten tax reform done or gotten immigration reform off the dime. They would have all withered under the challenge.

      • oh much worse than they, they would have jammed “comprehensive” (i.e. AMNESTY) immigration reform down our throats … and oh yes, the poor, poor “dreamers” would be leading the way. Keep it going President Trump … you are indeed making America GREAT again as the snowflakes melt around us … so entertaining LMAO!!

      • Nope. None of them had the killer instincts needed to beat the Hillary machine. Cruz is married to the swamp. Literally. Fiorina took a dive.

  8. Get yer program! Get yer program! Can’t tell the Dem dirty tricks and scandals apart wihout yer program!

  9. An excellent distillation of the state of affairs. Trump is far from perfect but comparing him to his feckless failure predecessor may unduly enhance our appreciation. It’s still early and we can justifiably marvel at having accomplished so much so fast. If the juggernaut keeps hurtling forward greatness is not only inevitable, but may even be an understatement. Not a fan originally, but I am becoming one.

    • When you run out of cheeks to turn you need a man like Trump to show the way.

  10. “The many millions of Americans who are sick of being called racist, chauvinist, homophobic, privileged or extremist every time they breathe feel that in Trump they have found their voice.”
    -Caroline Glick/JWR

    I concur with Ms. Glick and with Mr. Walsh. Democrats have their knickers in a twist because, unlike Messrs. McCain and Romney, Trump has discovered and Republicans and the American people in general have found they have no more cheeks to turn and they are now fighting back using the same methods as progressives and they don’t like it.

    At the end of the day we know this to be true:

    -Dems voted against your raises
    -Dems voted against your bonus’
    -Dems voted against more jobs
    -Dems voted against letting you keep more of your own money
    -Dems voted for The Swamp and against you.
    -Dems stand against getting relevant information
    -Dems fighting subpoenas for Justice
    -Dems fighting subpoenas for the FBI, and
    -Dems fighting the subpoena for the bank records of Fusion GPS
    -Dems stand against transparancy

    We know what they are against and what they are for and nowhere do I find them standing up for the rule of law and the American people.

  11. “Their first attempt to derail a Trump presidency came with the creation of the phony “Russian collusion” dossier concocted by Fusion GPS for the Clinton campaign, assisted by rogue elements at the highest levels of the American intelligence services.”

    I would remind any cuckservatives who read this that many GOP congresscritters (like McCain, Flake, and Graham) were quite willing to string along with that outrageous material. In fact, I fully believe McCain did not believe it, but was happy to be its facilitator out of personal hatred for Trump.

    • There is a deep problem with someone who will cripple his country over a grudge. That one cannot be called either a hero or a patriot. That one is to be despised and discarded.

  12. Mr Trump has two qualities rare to most national Republican leaders, A backbone and the ability to emotionally connect his base. The backbone is not just the ability to stick to your positions, but the ability/desire to fight back and get as verbally as brutal as necessary to score points. The main failing of most R candidates (as well as Gore, Dukikas, others) is that lack of emotional connection. Trump’s base feel a visceral connection with the man, they know he will fight for them.
    Trump’s communication style is an acquired taste.Only when I started reading Scott Adams and understanding Trump’s type of persuasion did his communication style make sense.
    I have always viewed Trump as a JFK Democrat who is a transaction driven businessman focused on getting things done. I expected him to cut deals with Dems and RINOS to be able to show some results.
    Instead I have been pleasantly surprised to see how well Trump has worked with Conservatives in the Congress and the Senate and dragged RINOS to the table. Mr. Trump has had his eyes opened by the extreme and illegal actions taken by the Dems, the media and their Deep State allies (including parts of Bushworld) to try and defeat him.
    The Democrat Party is now funded and controlled by wealthy coastal elites and globalists who dictate policy and direction.
    Today’s Dems put tribe above country and ideology above reality, data and practicality.
    If Trump focuses of programs that appeal to American’s basic common sense and desire for order, he has a chance to break the Dem collation permanently. He can lock up the working class votes along with Independents and the Republican base.
    I think he is off to a good start with tax cuts and his attempt to rein in the sprawling bureaucracy.

  13. I am 73, and if Mr. Trump succeeds I may live to see what I’ve been hoping for these past 50 years and that is the end of the 1960s within my lifetime.

    • Unfortunately, the siren call of something for nothing will swing the pendulum back at some point. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make hay while the sun shines…..

      • I just want my grandkids to have a decent country to start out with. What they do with it after I am gone is on their heads.

      • This IS a great Country….in spite of what the Blue gated islands of the coasts do with it.

  14. It’s hard for the embarrassment to gain permanent footing whilst our cultural rot (from Weinstein to excising privates) remains unassailable.

    It is a testament to Trump’s early cultural influence that he retains affection for it even as a baby boomer. He’s proud of his parents’ long marriage. Deeply proud.

    President Trump is somewhat like Lincoln in that he can step outside of himself and observe and learn.

    Those whom we’ve been told were Remedy Men are nothing of the kind. They’re politicians who’ve repaired to ideologies founded upon hate and cheap fraternity through cheap labor.

  15. We needed a Hercules and we got one. He tore down both pillars of the establishment. He destroyed the Gorgon and now he is redirecting rivers to flush out the stables. Good Times.

  16. Great stuff.

    We fight the war with the general we have.

  17. “It took the electorate more than 30 years to get the stink of “progressivism” out of their nostrils and elevate Bill Clinton to the White House”
    Jimmy Carter doesn’t count as a Progressive?

  18. Dems can’t be a sensible ‘center-left’ party, because for all intents and purposes that’s really where the GOP is. They are to the right of the dems, but they aren’t right of center.

    • That needs to change and, I think, MAY change if they get it in their heads that they can actually win ENOUGH of the battles from that vantage point.

  19. Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

    When peaceful recourse is denied, violent redress becomes justified, it becomes manifold.

      • JFK said it pretty well when he opined that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

  20. Trump is already great and could easily be greatest President, if you factor in the timing and nature of his election victory. He arrived on the scene almost providentially for America, just as Hillary Clinton was ready to finish it off. where Obama left off. And the opposition and odds that he had to face to get t the White House and in the aftermath

    • “Trump is already great and could easily be greatest President, if you factor in the timing and nature of his election victory. He arrived on the scene almost providentially for America, just as Hillary Clinton was ready to finish it off.”

      A terrific statement. Seriously.

      There’s the old line that “God takes care of little children, drunks, and the United States of America.” I’m an atheist, but if Trump continues to perform, I may have to believe in Divine Providence.

      However, I do have grave concern that although immigration is why he was elected and even though he’s purportedly read Ann Coulter’s book Adios, America!, he has only a shallow understanding of the subject. e.g. If he was playing 4-dimensional chess with the Dems in making that recent compromise offer and it succeeds in exposing them for what they are, OK. But if the “compromise” is actually accepted by the Dems and enacted, the country is finished — the “Flight 93 Election” will have come to a crash, after all.

      • It wasn’t … it was tied to a poison pill that would have killed their long-term goal of immersing the country in immigrants so freshly arrived that English will become their first language … if ever they become literate in any.

  21. Just couldn’t be gracious, could you. Some of us don’t find him the least bit embarrassing. What we find embarrassing is the continuous snobbery and snide mean-girlism of people who should be old enough to know better.

    • Who are you responding to? Who is it you don’t find embarrassing? Obama? No call to be gracious to someone leading something called “The Resistance” to over turn an elected President. No call at all.

      • I thought the author was being deeply ungracious to Trump.

  22. Trump has already established his greatness. We now await the passage of time to determine the extent thereof.

    • Guitar Man acted despicably. But I’ve come to expect that out of that twisted man. He needs a long walk on a short rope.

  23. We hired him because he fights. We are tired of the old way of giving in and being a doormat for the Democrats. Any Republican will be demonized by the MSM. Bush was hammered but never responded. We like a guy who will mix it up and give it back to them. They hate it. Look at their faces. They are pretty depressed. Keep it up!

  24. We CANNOT take the 2018 elections for granted.

    • The caucuses and the primaries are the fights we need to win. If we don’t win them, it makes little difference who we vote for in the general elections.

  25. An excellent article. But why aren’t the anti-Trumpians in the GOPe being called out for their collusion with the globalsts and dems? People like Bill Kristol, McMullin, romney, McCain, the Bushes.

      • I didn’t forget him, I never knew about him. Thanks for the heads up. I checked him out and he is a despicable hater. Another W minion, a coarse and vulgar Dana Perino, who goes on the lame stream media to disparage our President in the nastiest of terms. The upper echelons of the GOPe are employing subterfuge and quislings to attack our duly elected President while they pretend to be above the fray. It’s no coincidence that W had a speech on the inevitability of globalism the same day as obama.

    • I do so with regularity. But since I am not standing in front of microphones with and regularity, there needs to be a lot more of “me”.

  26. He didn’t shoot their dog. He rubbed his success and his survival in their faces and had the gall to do it without humility.


  27. …Americans gradually came to realize that the Democrats’ position on any given subject is antithetical to America’s best interests…

    I think we always realized that. I think what happened was that we threw off the sense of guilt the Left had striven so hard to instill in us about being successful and strong. People will do a lot of painful and unpleasant things if they feel they owe penance for some sin. But take the guilt away, and the willingness to suffer vanishes with it.

  28. Democrats have gone so far left that they have left the country.

  29. Spot on. Another great thing about Trump is he is exposing what a complete doofus George Bush was, and the insanity of the totally out of touch Peggy Noonan.

  30. Great article Michael Walsh, well written, easy to follow and a great summation of events.