Democrats Should Revise Their Hopes for 2018

If there is one thing that the Democrats claim to uphold, it’s the “working man.” Yet when the much-maligned and misunderstood President Trump took to the podium for his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, the Democrats sat silently while he proudly announced that millions of middle-class Americans are seeing pay increases, greater employment opportunities, and record tax cuts.

Think about that: the party of Andrew Jackson refused to stand and clap at the news that millions of working-class Americans have seen their lives improved through a combination of good governance and a revitalized economy. Given the last 40 years of Democrat politics, this is not a surprise—but it is shameful.

When President Trump moved on to praise the removal of the Obamacare mandate, mercifully repealed in the recent round of tax cuts, the Democrats not only remained seated—Nancy Pelosi actually started yelling across the House Floor at the cheering Republicans. Keep in mind that the reason the why the Democrats have lost their majorities in both houses of Congress and lost the White House is precisely because of their overreach with Obamacare. The unpopularity of that legislation with working people, particularly those caught up in having to pay the obnoxious fine associated not choosing to purchase a government-approved plan, did them no favors in recent political seasons.

But Democrats appear to be determined to continue with their obtuse reading of the public.

With all of the recent talk about how President Trump is supposed to be undermining the rule of law and eroding hallowed democratic institutions, the congressional Democrats apparently saw nothing problematic in their refusal to clap when President Trump called on Americans to honor law enforcement. And when the president thanked the military (especially the veterans) for all that they do, the Democrats sneered. This shouldn’t be surprising from the party that presided over some of the worst scandals to have ever rocked the Department of Veterans Affairs, but it was not a good look.

The image in the House of Representatives during the State of the Union address was a snapshot of the political landscape of the United States today. The Democrats sat quietly seething in the corner, while the Republicans stood and cheered President Trump on. They were even reluctant to cheer as President Trump praised Congress as a monument to the sovereign American people. Most Democrats have convinced themselves that Trump’s recent successes are not really victories and that he won’t be able to maintain his political success for very long. They cite his alleged unpopularity (I mean, none of their friends like him) and refer to the same polls that failed them in the 2016 election. Yet they are convinced that they are purportedly going to sweep the midterm elections in 2018.

There are good reasons for them to expect some gains, but their understanding about what will drive those gains, if there are some, is skewed perfectly to suit their prejudices.

Watching tonight’s speech, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Left had totally checked out of reality and focused solely on their echo chamber. Did they really think that marginally Democrat voters would be impressed with their performance? The majority of elected Congressional Democrats were caught on camera tonight sneering at the concept of average American workers keeping more of their pay, bettering their lives, and overcoming stifling government regulations. They were caught in stone cold silence at the concept of honoring the flag and the ideas it represents.

The Democrats are banking on President Trump’s alleged unpopularity to carry them forward in their 2018 campaigns. However, that is a born-to-lose proposition going forward. Tonight’s speech proved that while the Democrats snigger and sneer at the Right, the Republicans—led by Trump—are actually doing things to demonstrate their sympathy with the American people and producing results that people can applaud.  The Democrats are not “woke” if they fail to recognize this fact.

When he arrived at the Yalta Conference in 1945 to discuss how the Allied powers would effectively divide the world, Franklin D. Roosevelt was infirm and weak. Since he could not use his legs, FDR was confined to a wheelchair. Yet, both the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, opted to sit down, beside FDR, and allow for the press to photograph them that way. The power of the image was great: the Allies were united and viewed each other (at least publicly) as equals—what’s more, they would bolster each other when needed (as evidenced by Churchill and Stalin’s decision to sit beside FDR for the official pictures rather than to tower above or in front of him).

The power of the image in politics is everything. Regardless of his low approval ratings, the picture the president painted last night decimated the Left’s narrative going into 2018: he recounted real successes; he pointed the country in the direction he planned on taking it; and he offered hope—real hope—to a majority of Americans who’ve not experienced it for at least a decade. He also offered a vision of American unity while the Democrats showed themselves to be committed to division. This is why the Democrats are so keen to import as many illegal immigrants as possible: when left to their own devices, the American people do not agree with the bulk of the DNC’s platform and they want Americans to come together around shared goals and aspirations. They want to live in a powerful country; the kind that inspires respect around the world and that causes other eminent world leaders to know when they should sit down.

What’s more, as the 2016 election proved, neither the RNC nor the DNC can rely solely on their base to win national elections. Rather than fighting Trump at every turn, the DNC should start working with the Republicans and move back toward the center—otherwise they may be surprised to discover that 2018 catches them just as off-guard as they were in 2016.

About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at Asia Times . He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower (Republic Book Publishers). His second book, The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy (Republic Book Publishers) is due in Fall of 2022. Weichert is an educator who travels the country speaking to military and business audiences about space, geopolitics, technology, and the future of war. He can be followed via Twitter: @WeTheBrandon.

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86 responses to “Democrats Should Revise Their Hopes for 2018”

  1. The democratic sat there stone faced all night just look at her????????‍♂️

  2. He came in with the lowest approval ratings ever. I wouldnt slurp the maga stick too hard.

    • Despite non stop negative news for Trump (reports say 95%) vs. Obama’s non-stop positive slobbering by the media they are nearly roughly the same at this time in their tenure. You stick with the polls and I’ll stick with the results.

      • Per Politico and Rasmussen:

        “Obama, on Dec. 28 of his first year in office, had almost identical numbers,
        according to Rasmussen: 47 percent approval, 52 percent disapproval.
        (In updated results released on Friday, Trump’s approval rating dropped a
        point, to 45 percent.)”

        Having furnished this poll in response I will say you missed the point.

      • President Donald Trump ended his first year in office with the lowest average approval rating of any other US president since Gallup started regularly tracking job approval ratings in 1945

        I got the point.

      • No, you didn’t get the point and your reply simply validates that. Critical thinking not your strong point.

      • This was my point i made 6 hours ago.
        “He came in with the lowest approval ratings ever. I wouldnt slurp the maga stick too hard.”

      • I need no review. I read it and commented. You continue to dodge that point and as I said before please continue to put your faith in polls and an overwhelming negative and biased media. I will put my faith in results.

      • Not very often lose popular vote but win electoral college…what 2-3x?

      • Too bad California metropolis can’t choose our President=(

      • There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
        Trump won 3,084 of them.
        Clinton won 57.
        There are 62 counties in New York State.
        Trump won 46 of them.
        Clinton won 16.
        Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.
        In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan,, Richmond and Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton won only 4 of these counties, Trump won Richmond).
        Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

      • Thats great, im just saying losing the popular vote and winning the electoral college doesnt happen very often, what 2-3 times?

    • Trump had an RCP (average of all polls) approval rating of 38% on the night he was elected. After over one year of non-stop trashing of him by the liberal media – his current RCP rating is 41%, 3 points higher than the night he was elected. So the MSM have not been as effective as they think they have. On the other hand, the media’s trust rating with the public has actually dropped significantly over the past year. So in a very real sense – Trump is winning his war against the MSM.

  3. Looking at the Dems last night, and their propaganda arm’s coverage, combined with 2016 and their behavior since, it occurred to me that the elites (Left and NeverTrump) are really like children who were given too much free reign on the playground (government, media, culture, academy) until they, like children, began to see their fantasy world as reality and, also like children, their egos ballooned.

    The adults saw what was happening and finally stepped in, electing Trump, and now they are behaving like pouty brats who had their toys taken away and were made to stand in the corner.

  4. The Dems only hope is to keep as many people as possible irrationally afraid.

    Last night represents their greatest fear- people seeing the President unfiltered by the media’s prejudiced presentation.

    Last night was a major victory for President Trump- and the American People.

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  5. The Democrats in our country are just a huge, painful pustule that needs lancing and draining. Until that’s done, they’ll be nothing but a dead weight dragging our nation downward. Vote them the hell out and let’s get going!

  6. No!
    Don’t counsel the DemoNcrats on proper etiquette!
    We are enjoying the tantrums and bellowing too much!
    And, We need a decent replacement for the lack of any late night entertainment.

  7. It is NOT the party of Jackson. It is the party of Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    • It’s now the party of Jessie Jackson, Aunt Jemima, Buckwheat and Homey the Clown

  8. There are Americans who are taught, cradle to grave, to vote for the welfare state. We know who they are. They vote Democratic, no matter their personal socio-economic status.
    And then there are hard working Americans whose fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers, etc., have voted Democratic, so voting otherwise for them is not a consideration. Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans and Jewish-Americans come to mind.
    What happened last November is that a substantial chunk of the latter group [regrettably not Jewish-Americans] had an epiphany and voted for Trump, for which I am grateful, because they provided the victory margin. And now, they see that they did the right thing.
    Jewish-Americans are a bit more stubborn. But lightning has struck, and I’m thinking of the Giuliani/Dinkins do-over in 1993, where Giuliani took a sliver of the Jewish vote, people who NEVER before voted Republican. They realized after Crown Heights, where Democrat Mayor David Dinkins and Democrat Police Commissioner Lee “Out of Town” Brown ordered NYPD to setup a cordon sanitaire around that area of Brooklyn while blacks rampaged against the Jews in that mixed race neighborhood, after a Jewish man had accidentally run over and killed a young black boy. And with that sliver of the Jewish vote, everything changed in the city where I was born and raised. Murders went from 2000+ per year, which Democrats thought was “normal”, to less than 600 and is still dropping.
    When people wakeup, which always means vote Republican, things change DRAMATICALLY for the better.

    • greetings from a long time Jewish Republican. I grew up in a very liberal community, but I had the good fortune of reading Milton Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom” in my college economics class. That was a game changer for me. Many of my brethren, especially the Orthodox are conservative. But the liberal Jews are very committed to their liberalism, but not to Judaism or Israel.

      • Exactly, Liberal Jews are Liberals first, second, and third. They are mostly secular and self hating. How else can one explain why they keep voting for the Israel hating Democrats. I am glad at least the Othodox Jews see the light and vote Republican.

      • Leftists, not liberals. There are few liberals left in the Democratic Party. It was captured by the left in the 1970s and they have gradually eliminated most of the liberals who still liked their country.

      • Really, I think it is time you got off the commie bandwagon. They have not been a threat or a problem for years but obviously your thinkin got stuck in some kind of time warp and still view them as a threat

      • Perhaps leftists, but what do you call the fringe of the evangelicals who have eliminated the few free thinking republicans

    • I am a Jew and have voted Republican all of my life. Most Jews are alienated from the rest of the country politically and culturally for over 50 years. They are hostile to gun ownership, abortion restrictions, fracking, immigration enforcement and voter id laws. They support gay marriage, forced unionization, restrictions on religious freedom and much more. Very few of them vote Republican because their values incline them toward the retrograde leftism that has been a cancer on the body politic for the past generation. Today’s Democratic party is a party of the perpetually aggrieved, victimized, entitled and self pitied. Real Americans have no use or time for identity politics or political correctness.

      • Leftism has been a cancer on the body politic since Marx, much more than a generation. If America we’re just coming of age now it could never grow into the superpower it became in the 20th century.

      • I would argue that few SECULAR Jews vote for the GOP. All of these atomized identities are simply a way to create tribal groups that will vote Democrat because they have been led to see themselves as permanent victims. We heard gays speak about Trump rounding up gays, that sort of nonsense.

  9. But Democrats appear to be determined to continue with their obtuse reading of the public and they think they are the sane ones

  10. Hopefully the Democrats will continue with their focus on division, on hate, on identity politics, on growth of government and regulation at the expense of prosperity …. and will reap a complete defeat in 2016 for doing so. That way they will have a chance to actually become a pro-American party again – something they have not been since the 1970s. As the great psychiatrist Karl Jung once said, “there is no coming to consciousness without pain”.

    • There will be a purge in Democratic leadership if they sustain losses or only make marginal gains in the 2018 elections.

      • I think you are right. Looking at the SOTU speech the striking visual was how very old, sour and withered all the Democratic leaders and seemingly most of their members were. Baby boomers, empty husks, with only the hunt for power to give meaning to their lives. There were older Republicans but when they kept scanning across the memberships they looked overwhelmingly in the 40s and 50s prime of life with Ryan as an example. Statistically the average age of Democrats is around 60 and the average of Republicans is more in the mid-50s. Of the newer members there is still about a 5 year age gap. Perhaps this reflects their constituencies – those who affiliate as strongly Republican are about 10 years younger than those who affiliate as strongly Democrat while the gap of leaning Republican is about 5 years younger than leaning Democrat. In any case, the Democrat leadership is long in tooth and desperate for power while we see the Republican leadership tends to be younger and to often leave Congress to do other things while still in their prime.

        The interesting thing about a purge is that primaries are controlled by party zealots and the party zealots of the Democrats are all strongly politically correct, identity politics, neo-Marxist Progressives. If they succeed in pulling the Democrats in their direction, as I think will happen, the Democrats are toast. If the Democrats are decimated in the upcoming election, that may strengthen the hand of the moderates – but it is hard to see moderates succeeding in such a far left party. I think that it will take a disaster in the midterms and then the nomination of a hard core leftist like Warren who loses badly and takes the Congress down with her for them to smarten up – much as happened following the McGovern debacle where the ran what was for then a far left Democrat against a personally unpopular Nixon and got creamed them moved to the middle and put in Carter, a Southern governor who was liberal but ex-military and not far left.

  11. The Democrats behavior during SOTU was just… embarrassing.

  12. That lemon Pelosi was sucking on sure must have been sour!

  13. Their downfall will be, at least partially, on Hillary’s shoulders. When FBI officials are afraid to do their jobs for fear of retribution from a vengeful and vindictive prospective President Hillary Clinton, she needs to be held accountable. She is the source of the cancer eating away at her party.

    • Actually the head of the snake is the fraud who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

    • She is one of the sources. Nancy, Chucky, Barack, Dicky Durbin, Pocahontas, Maxine Waters, etc. are also sources of the cancer.

  14. This is a very cogent argument. The Republicans should feel very smug about their chances and start the party now. There’s going to be such a red wave that most of us can just stay home on election day.

    • We have to, for the sake of the Republic. Trump and us are the true Resistance, fighting off the horrible world the leftist Democrats represent.

      • Poor sarcasm – but yes, sarcasm none the less.

    • You wish… Mofo. We are all going out and voting in self defense.

  15. Don’t look now but the generic congressional poll which had the Democrats up by 16% in December which had the media and other Dems dreaming of a “blue wave”, is now a dead heat!

  16. News websites like this offer ppl a smart alternative to the leftist Trump bashing of the lame stream and as more and more dump cable , network news will become even more irrelevant . Good . They sold their souls and now must pay . And I won’t miss them .

  17. If I wanted to Make America Great Again I would try prove to the WORLD DNC embrace hatred. Yesterday, the DNC volunteered.

  18. The dems er dums have made it crystal clear…like aka Obama they are the enemy of America.

  19. 2018 is going to be a critical election year. We all need to be energized in order to keep the Trump agenda going.

    1. Tough on NK, Iran, ISIS, MS-13.
    2. Compassionately dealing with the Dreamers.
    3. Aggressively pursuing improving infrastructure.
    4. Staffing the judicial bench.
    5. Being an agent of change for economic growth.

    There’s too much on the line. The Democrats are apoplectic because their socialist dreams are crashing down. MAGA

  20. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

    • Keep telling yourself that, slugger. Whatever gets you throug the night.

      • Probably. But is does sound like something Maxine Waters would say.

    • You’re either very clever with you satire or very stupid without it. I’m voting for the former.

  21. “…refused to stand and clap at the news that millions of working-class Americans have seen their lives improved through a combination of good governance and a revitalized economy.”
    Of course they would. If you have employment as a way to pay your own way and future opportunities for advancement, why do you need the Democrat Party? The Democrats don’t believe you can make your own way in this world without their help. They don’t believe you can handle your own money and raise your children. They sow division and grievance. They want the governments hand in all things. Less money to the people and more money for the Democrats. If you won’t vote for them, they’ll import people who will.

  22. My guess is the dems may pick up a handful of house seats (not nearly enough for a majority), but they will lose 3 or 4 net seats in the senate. Sad!

  23. Great article and spot on. Trump’s speech maneuvered the Democrats into a politically box canyon from which their are no easy exits. Their options are to negotiate in good faith or to use the budget negotiations to continue to press for a “clean” DACA bill with no concessions on their part. If they choose the later path they will precipitate another shutdown which they will once again be blamed for.

  24. They are who they are. Let’s drain the swamp on both sides.

  25. The last thing Democrats want is a self-sufficient populace.

  26. Are you going to believe Elizabeth Warren or your lying paycheck about what Trump is doing?

    This is their failure: people can see the rhetoric vs reality in paycheck matters.

    Now abortion or racism is easier to game. You don’t get a racism check every month so speeches trump reality. But a job, a check, an insurance bill?

    Happens every week.

  27. The interesting thing about the speech was that up to the 1990s, it could have been given my a Democrat or a Republican. It was not a particularly partisan speech unless you hate America, as the left and many young people have been taught to do. Even the mention of American is an anathema to them.

    • Is that like being taught that slaves were “workers”?

  28. Hey Joe! Do you like that two-odd grand you are getting in your pay check? Well, the Democrats didn’t want you to have that. Nope, not one of them. And they will take it back, if they can.

    • Ditto for the never Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg.

  29. Mostly agree with you, except about blindly supporting law enforcement. They’ll happily keep killing innocent people if we don’t stop supporting them when they do so.

    • Please show us the statistics that support your smear of law enforcement.

      The police are doing a great job considering the criminalitythey are up against.

      They don’t need your lies and the lies of racist organizations like Black Lives Matter to make their jobs more difficult.

      The website is a great source of data that refutes your anti-police ignorance and the title is apropos.

      Chicago Shootings 2017

      Of the 3,561 shootings, only 23 involved the police.
      Of the 3,561 shootings, only 23 involved the police.
      Of the 3,561 shootings, only 23 involved the police.

      Shot & Killed: 625
      Shot & Wounded: 2936
      Total Shot: 3561
      Total Homicides: 678
      Black 77.7%
      Hispanic 17.2%
      White 2.8%

      The real problem is a subculture of violence, enabled by people like you, that sees young minority males shooting each other because they have not been taught basic standards of human behavior.

      • People like me? Dorky guys who work in tech, vote Republican or Libertarian, never have to deal with the police because we don’t break the law, and we’re the problem? Sorry, but no. You’re an idiot.

        Yes, there is a problem with blindly supporting the police when they do things like shoot that guy in Wichita in that swatting incident a few weeks ago, and face absolutely no consequences for killing an innocent man who was just looking outside to see why there were cops in his neighborhood.

        If you think the only choices are what you are doing, blindly supporting the police no matter what, and what you falsely accuse me of doing, hating the police and somehow supporting inner city gang violence, you’re a fool. There’s a large middle ground that involves patrolling and helping in inner cities, as well as learning to de-escalate situations rather than shooting first and asking questions later.

        Wake up and learn to use your brain.

  30. Just as I suspected, this little temper-tantrum of an article doesn’t actually present any valid evidence that the Democrats should be pessimistic about their electoral chances, like polls or examples from history. Instead it relies on the obviously invalid hurt feelings of the author that members of the opposition party did not sufficiently applaud the most unpopular president in American history at his first state of the union. And they have the nerve to call liberals snowflakes…