10 Things the President Could Say to Drive the Left Even Crazier (2018 State of the Union Edition)

Part of the fun of Donald Trump’s presidency has been watching him strip the thin veneer of sanity away from the formerly “respectable” Left. Then again, how sane can anyone be who insists that the former Bruce Jenner is, in fact, a woman . . .

President Trump seems to understand the fun here. And along the way, it appears that he has taken some of our suggestions:  He has driven the Left nuts by defending Western Civilization, (a suggestion from our second list), and his administration is, in fact, cracking down on discrimination against Asian Americans at Harvard. (A suggestion in our first list). President Trump, meanwhile, has yet to take up our favorite suggestion—from a commenter on our first list, in fact—to “identify as a woman and claim to be the first female president.” Maybe he’s saving that one for Mother’s Day?

Tonight, however, we have the president’s first State of the Union. Even though the speech has been in the works for weeks, we humbly offer 10 very late additions to drive the Left even crazier. Because prime time is the right time. Here we go…

  1. With Democrats expected to have “Dreamers” as guests in the gallery, President Trump should be sure to have a line or two in his speech quoting Democrats on immigration. For example, he might cite Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who once said, “When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers,’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration.” He might also cite Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who observed: “‘open borders’ is a Koch brothers proposal.”
  2. Continuing with the immigration theme, he should note, “It’s not right that the United States should take all of the best and brightest from Africa. That just makes inequality worse . . .”  
  3. He might also highlight the scandal of New York City taxi drivers refusing to pick up black CEOs on Wall Street. And then he should point out that most NYC cab drivers are from immigrant communities. Assimilation, it turns out, is essential for combating racism.
  4. Trump should quote the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson calling abortion “genocide” of black babies, and note the tendency of Planned Parenthood to put clinics in minority neighborhoods. He could also mention that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger once gave a speech to the Ku Klux Klan. (Snopes can explain it away all they want—our understanding is we’re living under a kind of “one drop rule” for associating with racists.)
  5. Propose an “Alternative Maximum Tax” of 25 percent or 33.3 percent of income in any given year. Because some guys need to pay.
  6. Name check domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Ask why President Obama commuted the sentence of the terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera.
  7. Call for a commission of historians to study a century of Soviet or Russian efforts to influence American politics, from Hollywood to the anti-fracking movement and beyond—including Russian efforts to undermine Trump after the election.
  8. Call his infrastructure bill the “National Recovery Act” to “Make America Great Again.” Borrow Roosevelt’s logo from the original NRA.
  9. End Justice Department use of “disparate impact.” Discrimination is terrible, but, as scientists always remind us, correlation is not causation.
  10. Invite Howard Root and victims of John Doe in Wisconsin as well as other targets of abuse by government employees to be his special guests at the State of Union. Then mention that while he is a big supporter of private sector unions, he plans to rescind President Kennedy’s executive order allowing federal government workers to bargain collectively. And, of course, he should quote Franklin Roosevelt’s opposition to unionizing government workers in the first place.

What did we miss? Add your comments! And God bless America.

*The Editors would like to acknowledge the help of our pseudonymous friend, “Freeborn American,” in compiling this list as well as the others we have posted periodically.

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