Left’s End Game: The Scam Remains the Same

- January 26th, 2018
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Step by step, the Left’s siren song and dance routine retains its consistent choreography. The Left’s media sheep bleat recently leaked “bombshells” that Trump considered firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller (as if “Trump Didn’t Fire Mueller!” is news). Picking up the tune, Senate Democrats warn Mueller’s dismissal would be a “red line” the president must not cross and introduce bills to prevent it. Doubtless, House Democrats will harmoniously ape similarly breathtaking displays of constitutional and legislative ignorance.

Tuning out their latest cacophony of inanity, one can see the Left’s projection scam remains the same: the Left ascribes their crimes to their opponents.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) unilaterally leaked to the press the testimony of Fusion GPS’s founder Glenn Simpson, thereby potentially obstructing justice by allowing subsequent deponents in congressional and ongoing legal investigations to get their stories in line with his. Rep. Adam Schiff (a.k.a., “the Pathfinder”) spending a year on TV promoting the Russia-gate lie with empty promises of evidence he—damn the luck!—just can’t reveal; then refusing to release the House Intelligence committee’s memo because Americans aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Feinstein and Schiff hysterically blamed Russia for the success of #ReleaseTheMemo (congratulations, patriotic Twitter users, the Left just “Trumped” you with a false accusation of colluding with Russia). Democrats and their kept pundits are decrying the GOP for waging an abusive campaign against the FBI, while evidence mounts that high-ranking elements within the FBI have been waging an abusive campaign against Republicans.

This charge, ironically, is unwittingly buttressed by the Leftist media sheep arguing that GOP members of the House are obstructing justice by performing their constitutional duty to conduct oversight, which is but a thinly veiled threat that, like Trump, congressional Republicans will also be indicted and prosecuted by Special Counsel Mueller.


The Left’s scam remains the same: use the Russia-gate lie to slow down the president and the Republican majority’s agenda; have the special counsel slander or charge President Trump in time to recapture Congress in 2018 and impeach the president; and, ultimately, conceal the mounting evidence of the Obama Administration’s efforts to corrupt the rule of law by “fixing” the Clinton email case, using FISA to spy on and unmask political opponents, and leaking any classified information it deemed in their partisan interest (if not the national interest).

Whether Mueller and his team know or care that the Left’s hopes rest upon them remains to be seen; however, moving sans leaked fanfare from the Russia-gate lie to “obstruction” is an early indication. Nevertheless, an answer to this question and all others will, for rational minds, be settled, once the House Intelligence Committee releases its majority and minority memos and all underlying documents.

When will that be?

Not soon enough.

Unfortunately, however, members of the president’s own administration are using any bureaucratic canard at hand to slow the tendering to Congress slews of documents and, ultimately, the release of the majority’s memo and underlying documents that could—heaven forbid!—prove the existence of a lawless cabal against the president. This is one of the most inexplicable developments of President Trump’s tenure—and, yes, that’s saying a lot considering how, on the basis of the Russia-gate lie and in violation of Department of Justice guidelines, the Trump Administration appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump and not the evidence of corruption during the Obama Administration.

Nonetheless, the truth will out.

But before it does, those on the Right precipitately dancing in the streets based on (anti-)social media speculation should remember what happened when the roles were reversed. As happened during Watergate, when a Democratic congressional majority accused a Republican president and his administration of corrupting the rule of law, the GOP rightly demanded and deserved evidence. Unlike today’s Russia-gate lie, they got it; painfully accepted the truth; and acted according to the best interests of America.

Thus, all Americans should demand the majority and minority memos and underlying documents be released as swiftly as legally allowed. It’s time for the American people see this and assess it; and for the Left to get what it deserves.

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