Left’s End Game: The Scam Remains the Same

Step by step, the Left’s siren song and dance routine retains its consistent choreography. The Left’s media sheep bleat recently leaked “bombshells” that Trump considered firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller (as if “Trump Didn’t Fire Mueller!” is news). Picking up the tune, Senate Democrats warn Mueller’s dismissal would be a “red line” the president must not cross and introduce bills to prevent it. Doubtless, House Democrats will harmoniously ape similarly breathtaking displays of constitutional and legislative ignorance.

Tuning out their latest cacophony of inanity, one can see the Left’s projection scam remains the same: the Left ascribes their crimes to their opponents.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) unilaterally leaked to the press the testimony of Fusion GPS’s founder Glenn Simpson, thereby potentially obstructing justice by allowing subsequent deponents in congressional and ongoing legal investigations to get their stories in line with his. Rep. Adam Schiff (a.k.a., “the Pathfinder”) spending a year on TV promoting the Russia-gate lie with empty promises of evidence he—damn the luck!—just can’t reveal; then refusing to release the House Intelligence committee’s memo because Americans aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Feinstein and Schiff hysterically blamed Russia for the success of #ReleaseTheMemo (congratulations, patriotic Twitter users, the Left just “Trumped” you with a false accusation of colluding with Russia). Democrats and their kept pundits are decrying the GOP for waging an abusive campaign against the FBI, while evidence mounts that high-ranking elements within the FBI have been waging an abusive campaign against Republicans.

This charge, ironically, is unwittingly buttressed by the Leftist media sheep arguing that GOP members of the House are obstructing justice by performing their constitutional duty to conduct oversight, which is but a thinly veiled threat that, like Trump, congressional Republicans will also be indicted and prosecuted by Special Counsel Mueller.


The Left’s scam remains the same: use the Russia-gate lie to slow down the president and the Republican majority’s agenda; have the special counsel slander or charge President Trump in time to recapture Congress in 2018 and impeach the president; and, ultimately, conceal the mounting evidence of the Obama Administration’s efforts to corrupt the rule of law by “fixing” the Clinton email case, using FISA to spy on and unmask political opponents, and leaking any classified information it deemed in their partisan interest (if not the national interest).

Whether Mueller and his team know or care that the Left’s hopes rest upon them remains to be seen; however, moving sans leaked fanfare from the Russia-gate lie to “obstruction” is an early indication. Nevertheless, an answer to this question and all others will, for rational minds, be settled, once the House Intelligence Committee releases its majority and minority memos and all underlying documents.

When will that be?

Not soon enough.

Unfortunately, however, members of the president’s own administration are using any bureaucratic canard at hand to slow the tendering to Congress slews of documents and, ultimately, the release of the majority’s memo and underlying documents that could—heaven forbid!—prove the existence of a lawless cabal against the president. This is one of the most inexplicable developments of President Trump’s tenure—and, yes, that’s saying a lot considering how, on the basis of the Russia-gate lie and in violation of Department of Justice guidelines, the Trump Administration appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump and not the evidence of corruption during the Obama Administration.

Nonetheless, the truth will out.

But before it does, those on the Right precipitately dancing in the streets based on (anti-)social media speculation should remember what happened when the roles were reversed. As happened during Watergate, when a Democratic congressional majority accused a Republican president and his administration of corrupting the rule of law, the GOP rightly demanded and deserved evidence. Unlike today’s Russia-gate lie, they got it; painfully accepted the truth; and acted according to the best interests of America.

Thus, all Americans should demand the majority and minority memos and underlying documents be released as swiftly as legally allowed. It’s time for the American people see this and assess it; and for the Left to get what it deserves.

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188 responses to “Left’s End Game: The Scam Remains the Same

  • We fought a revolution over less than this. What happened to America?

      • You sure are one arrogant, snotty, snarky character. Sat right at the front of the class & asked for more homework, I bet. Get over yourself. Your self-righteous elitism is dripping from your every post.

      • Where did you sit in class Dougie? At the back, on the stool, with the pointed hat? Until eighth grade when you scarpered.

      • You’re a supercilious arrogant jerk, and … to top it all off… you’re proud of it & display it in every post. You’re the reason Trump won. You & Hillary & Barack are one of a kind. And I know you’re proud of that, too. Incredible malignancy.

      • Lets be honest Dougie (try anyway), Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million, won because there were just enough Neanderthals in America to give him an electoral college fluke victory. And his support has kept dropping ever since. His “core” supporters are down to the dregs: 55+, under-educated, semi-literate, gullible, vulgar, bigoted, misogynist, low-functioning, angry, white male slobs. Full stop.

      • Are you, in fact, Hillary in drag? You might as well be (& yes, I’m making fun of both you & people in drag, a “victimized” minority group I’m sure you love,) What you don’t realize is that those WWII vets you pretend to lionize while “educating” us (thank you, dear professor) would be appalled, disgusted & repulsed by your & your party’s current ideas, agenda, & negative attitude toward this country’s best traditions. And you & your party, as it’s now constituted, would be spitting in their faces. Your preening fools no one anymore. Your schtick is so played. And this is what panics you – you know your BS has been exposed & you don’t know what to do. You’re flailing.

      • Dougie: long on opinions; short on knowledge; and bereft of intelligence. You long for an old, white, heterosexual, Christian, America-on-top world that is long gone and never coming back. You are a fossil.

      • Funny, it didn’t take long for you to whip out the race card. Underneath all that brilliance is a racist Democrat. Shocking isn’t it. But it just goes to prove that neither a tiger nor a Democrat can change his stripes. Racist history, racist to this day. You keep opening your mouth and reinforcing what an America-hating Leftist you are. I love it.

      • “The answer to your rhetorical question, “Do we really want more Venezuelas, North Koreas and Somalias?” is, “yes, they do.”” Recognize those words Dougie, my little bigot. They are yours. I’d say you’re a pretty solid self-confessed racist dawg. And your comments above are totally homophobic. Dougie: look into a mirror. Do you see a white, low-functioning, angry, racist slob? That’s you. Say: “Hi dawg”.

      • You get better by the post; boy, you’re easy to whip into a rabid, racist lather. And when you get there, your comfortable place, you let your racist freak flag fly, big and bright, with nothing but racial epithets from sea to shining see, perfectly consistent with the entire history of your party. And yes, it’s true that you do want more countries like that; that’s your goal. And it’s true that I don’t. You’re a pathetic, self-hating, poisonous reprobate. Again, you are THE reason we got Trump. Your sick, poisonous, anti-American stew. I’m so glad you’re displaying it so proudly; it’s good for everyone to see what’s underneath your “oh so sophisticated” veneer when the surface is scratched. Very very telling. Thank you for that valuable service.

      • I can see you’re typing away. Foaming at the mouth, too, I’m sure. Wonderful.

      • Despite our nasty exchange, and although I’m not particularly optimistic about it, I do hope that in time we Americans can find a way to bridge this deep divide. It’s sad that it’s come to this. You’re a vigorous debater, which I appreciate even though I disagree with you. This is why we have a 1st amendment. I don’t expect you to necessarily express a similar sentiment, nor am I looking for it. Take care.

      • Here’s the thing Dougie. I have a policy. After I have beaten a guy to a pulp I move on. And you’re beaten and badly. You are, as described, an old, dumb, white, homophobic, racist dawg. Debate over. So roll in your own filth, racist doggie. The good think about Trump supporters – old, under-educated, angry, white slobs, is that they don’t live long. Demographics are going to make you cavemen extinct and soon. Bye bye Dougie. Don’t reply. Stay on the canvas and play stupid – shouldn’t be too tough.

    • The British underestimated Americans, the Nazi’s underestimated Americans, Imperial Japan underestimated America, Bin Laden underestimated Americans, the left should think very carefully about what they are trying to do.

      • You seem to think we defeated Nazi Germany. We didn’t. We were part of a coalition that did. And not even the largest part. You need a bit of a history lesson. YOU overestimate Americans.

      • We defeated Nazi Germany. If we’d been forced to do it alone, we would still have defeated Nazi Germany. It would have taken longer, but once Fortress America/the Arsenal of Democracy engaged, the outcome was inevitable. That’s why post-war adversaries choose not to meet us directly in the battle field. Instead, they focus on propaganda and miseducation, using our open society philosophy to engage in political jiu jitsu, convincing brainless leftist a$$clowns that they’re doing the world a favor by undercutting the longest lived, most stable, most prosperous democratic republic on the planet.

      • Sorry. Nazi Germany was defeated by a large coalition. The Brits, Aussies, Canadians, French, and others were in by 1939. We showed up in 1942. WE were critically important but hardly defeated Germany alone. The single largest credit goes to England for hanging in and Russia for winning the Eastern Front – far bloodier and more pivotal to the outcome. We did our bit but give us 30% of the credit against Germany. No more.

        And we are not the longest lived democracy – by about 700 years. We lifted most of our democracy from Britain – read the Petition of Right and Magna Carta, and we bitched it by creating a system that is clumsier and ore awkward. The British Westminster System – used also by MOST of the democracies in the world – is still the best. As for most prosperous, you got that wrong too. American chest thumpers are a joke around the world and you are an sample of why.

      • Wow, you passed eighth grade history troll, very good.

        If Hitler hadn’t declared war on the U.S., the Luftwaffe would have had air superiority needed to counter the USSR’s Infantry-heavy assaults. It’s also unlikely Hitler would have had to keep so much of his military on the west coast of France, as Britain lacked the military to invade France w/o the U.S.

        Kind of like, if the sold out MSM hadn’t created the fantasy that Hillary Clinton could beat Donald Trump, then the DOJ and the FBI would not have had the nerve to obstruct justice in order to keep her in the campaign.

        Now that you’ve proved you know as little about history as you do about politics, follow my advice in your other post, crawl back under the bridge and go to sleep. Stop making a fool of yourself.

      • You’re a poser. The USSR did mike many assaults, weenie, they defended. Their most critical weapon was the T-34 tank, which they designed and built in huge numbers. the aerial assault was conducted by British, Canadian and American bomber – LAncasters, Halifaxes and B-17 among others. As I said, We were vital to victory – so were Britain, Australia, India, Canada and a few more. We get 30% of the credit no more. And don’t try to BS me. You know virtually nothing about this topic except what you picked up at the movies.

      • You moron, you know less about military history than you do about contemporary politics. Crawl back under your bridge. Try again when you have something intelligent to add.

  • Brilliant article, and spot on. I wish every American could/would read this summary explanation.

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    • Yes! Dems may be corrupt, greedy, dishonest and vicious but at least they are transparent and their games never change.

  • Democrats are lost in their delusions. They can’t help themselves and will not stop until they crash.

  • There was a crooked woman and she wore a crooked smile
    She had her crooked emails – stored in a crooked file
    She had a crooked husband and they stole a crooked pile.
    She had the crooked media and the crooked DNC,
    She got the debate questions from the crooked Donna B.
    Yes they all worked together – for their Crooked Hillary.

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    • How about this: Trump is a chump; Mueller will dump, he’ll land in a clump, with his rug on his hump.

      • How about this:
        A boy named BCML
        Liked to use HTML
        For lies about Trump to tell
        About which he’ll burn in hell

      • Fiction’s down the hall and to the right, second door on the left.

    • And before she did that she seconded the selection of the Chair of the 2008 DNC for the PARTY candidate for “The Office of President”/

      A man of many names as Barack Hussein Obama AND Of Uncertain, not to say Unknown provenance..

      The reason reported FOR that selection “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American”.

      A Clearly UNLAWFUL

  • If Mueller were to end this without looking into the obstruction crap, the left could have an even bigger tool for energizing their base. I still believe there’s a good chance this winds down by summer with Mueller correctly citing no collusion or obstruction (after an unarguably exhaustive investigation). This would be fatal to the Dem “blue wave.” I may prove to be naive, but I really don’t see the case that Mueller is “resistance.”

    • Good point and very true. If Mueller digs as deep as possible and tries as hard as the law and his far left prosecutors will allow and still finds nothing, he’ll pull the rug out from under the left and their BS charges. However, I don’t trust Mueller. It’s highly likely that his game is as stated in the article. He’ll drag out the investigation until late in the midterm elections, then come out with some spurious charge. He’ll end the investigation and make his charges in just enough time to do maximum damage to Republicans during the election (same scam the Dems pulled on Moore). Mueller will carefully leak his findings to the press so that they can build their case that Trump’s a danger to the Republic. The Dems and their deep states allies aren’t interested in justice. They just want Trump gone.

    • Look up what he did to Steven Hatfill, who was completely innocent, in the botched Anthrax investigation, and you’ll have less confidence that Mueller puts the truth over getting convictions to pad his record.

  • A lot of fulminations over nothing. Wait for Mueller’s report. It will tell the tale and set the Impeachment in motion. Until then, go practice your chords and spare us any more overheated blather.

      • Mueller is going to slice up Trump like a radish. He is gong from the White House to the Big House.

      • For what crime exactly? He didn’t collude with Russia, he had every authority to fire Comey (and should have done so sooner), and Comey broke the law leaking the memos to get Mueller appointed. It’s the career service people who arranged this sham investigation, and you hope for a coup.

      • And it appears that Mr. Comey lied to Congress about the timing of his decision to not recommend prosecution of Mrs. Clinton.

      • There will be a buffet table of potential charges. The hard part will be choosing.

      • You need to stop misusing the word coup. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      • It means exactly what we think it means. And it’s a capital crime, punishable by death.

      • You’re right; you are baloney. I would all: rubbish, garbage, trash, hooey, malarkey and BS.

    • You sound so sad and so hopeful at the same time. Mueller hasn’t found anything in over a year of looking, and if he had anything substantial, the Media would be running wild with it. Nobody’s coming to save you from your Leftist nightmare. Trump is here to stay and winning big. The 2020 election will look like the 1984 election. Whatever Democrat gets picked to run against Trump will be lucky to win their own home state.

      • Wait for Mueller’s report. Next year Donnie Bone Spurs will be back in Queens looking for wife number 4.

      • I’ve been hearing “wait for it” for a year. What’s your timeline?

        If Mueller had anything, it would be a damn short wait. He’s got nothing.

  • Interesting question. Republicans recognized the abuse during Watergate and were on board for impeachment of Nixon. If the abuse were done by Obama, how many Dems do you think would have voted to impeach? My guess is not many.

    • Look at how many Dems voted to impeach Slick Willy — with 60,000 pages of sworn testimony and a roomful of physical evidence proving beyond any possible doubt that he was guilty.

      The Arkansas Supreme Court suspended Bill’s law license, because he didn’t meet the ethical standards to chase ambulances in Little Rock — But Dems were just fine with leaving him in charge of the federal government because “his heart was in the right place.”

      Apparently, for Dems, the “right place” is Pedo Island. And that’s not his heart.

      • It was “the right place” for Bill, too. And the Lolita Express, as well. Multiple trips with other passengers without last names like “Amber” & “Candy “

  • Good article
    It’s obvious Mueller is investigating Trump for the crime of defeating Hillary
    Actual collusion and obstruction is ignored if it doesn’t point at Trump

    • You either forgot or chose to ignore the fact that the Trump campaign’s connections to Russian interference were being investigated long BEFORE the election of 2016. You also forgot that had Trump not fired Comey there would have been no special counsel appointed and most of all you forgot the facts that there were more than 19 meetings or
      direct connections between Trump campaign associates that were conveniently ‘forgotten’ by them and then magically rememberd by those associates. If you can manage to remember these proven facts and finally stop blaming Hillary for everything that goes wrong with Trump, you will be much more credible in your next posting.

      • Funny. So you admit that even before the election, Obama’s DOJ & FBI were investigating the opposition party candidate. And of course you also know, illegally obtaining FISA permission for surveillance on it based on sensational opposition research paid for by the Hillary campaign. Obama Administration figures including Obama himself were in on it & knew about it & should be charged. Treason, pure & simple. Thanks for your help establishing the corruption & criminality of the Democrats.

      • Anything revealed by the FISA warrant should be thrown out as poisoned fruit

      • Was it collusion when 0bama rescinded the order to put an ABM system in Poland to make nice with Russia? Was it collusion when 0bama and Hillary did the “reset”? and asked American businessmen to invest in Russia? Was it collusion when 0bama made the hot mike comment about “being more flexible after the 2012election? 0bama’s comment to Romney during the presidential debate that the ‘80s wanted their talking point back after Romney pointed out the Russian threat? I can’t tell if Dems lack the ability to think critically or even follow the history of their own policiticans actions. BTW have you asked Sen minority leader of the Intel committee, Mark Warner about the $6M he made off his Russian investments? Thomas Jefferson warned us about voters like you and the threat to our Republic.

      • They don’t care about what they said yesterday or the day before. They only care about pushing their narrative du jour, whatever has to be said this minute is all that matters. They’re purely ends justify the means people just like their mentor, Saul Alinsky.

      • The only actual “fact” in your list is that the corrupt FBI has been investigating Russian collusion since June 2016 — 1 year and 8 months — and they still have nothing!! This is a obviously a seditious sham investigation.

      • And a criminal waste of tax payer money. In the end when there is no proven collusion, everyone involved in trying to bring down trump should be forced to foot the bill.

      • He fired Comey for refusing to tell the media that he wasn’t under investigation, at the time.

        That is not Obstruction of anything.

  • Actually, the evidence is aready pretty clear, especially to Dems in Congress having more access to the facts, and yet not a one of them has stood, with integrity and love of country, and decried what obviously happened on Obama’s watch.

      • If after 9 years you aren’t already familiar with Barry’s lengthy list of crimes and scandals, then you are hopeless and there is no reason to itemize them for you.

      • Dave is a troll. He has asked this exact same question probably a hundred times. That by itself is proof he doesn’t care about the answer. He’s not here to debate the issues, he just gets his jollies by pretending he’s rational and disinterested, while his buddies pee in bottles getting ready for their next Resistance parade.

      • Not to mention crapping in plastic bags to throw at police & people with whom they disagree. Ladies & Gentleman, for your consideration, presented to you … the Left.

  • The new talking point seems to be that Mueller has “moved on” from investigating collusion to investigating obstruction. I wonder what is the source of this lie?

    • I think it makes sense and is probably about right. He couldn’t find any evidence of collusion so now he’s trying to concoct process crimes like obstruction. His goal: get Trump.

      • Everything Mueller has charged so far falls squarely within the purview of the FBI. Do we really need a freakin’ Special Counsel to investigate a private citizen for failing to register as a lobbyist? With sealed no-knock warrants? Anybody who doesn’t smell the corruption in this entire process isn’t paying attention.

      • Wait for the Report. It is going to blow you away. Donnie, Little Donnie, Jared, and a host of supporting cast are in very deep trouble.

      • We all know the end game. Write some pathetic report making benign – totally legal – conduct sound sinister. Are you admitting Mueller is a partisan hack?

      • Move on Freddie. You’re out of your league. Go find a site for slow 10 year olds.

      • Lol, that makes me twice as smart as you Mr short bus, DOH!!

  • (Ive always hated the cockeyed phrase, “the truth will out.”) Leaving that aside, what could possibly give the author confidence that that will happen, that the whole truth will, in fact, be revealed? Under the current state of our politics & especially our horribly corrupt media, I have very little confidence that the whole truth will come out. Little bits of it here & there, most of which gets ignored, distorted &/or buried by the media? Sure. But the entire truth? No way they’ll allow that to happen. Not a chance.

  • The author is complaining about specious accusations against Trump while advancing specious accusations against Obama. Left or right, it seems both have the same modus operandi.

    • There is actual evidence showing all the accusations made in this article against Obama.
      What evidence is there that Trump colluded with the Russians?
      The dossier paid for by the DNC?

      • Bingo. E.g., It’s probable that a big reason Hillary had to be cleared was because Obama himself corresponded with her including classified information via an alias on her home email server. And then lied about it to the American public. Comey whitewashed this from his report, too. Couldn’t very well charge Hillary if Barack was involved, could they?

      • Now that’s what some called sure proof. A direct correspondence from your wishfull thinking and solid confirmation from your vivid imgination. That will certainly hold up in a court in YOUR alternate reality but not here. Keep trying, this time with provable verifialve facts.

      • Try reading the news. Obama corresponded with Hillary on her home brew server under an alias. This was present & then removed from Comey’s report. You shouldn’t even comment if you don’t even keep up with the news, idiot

      • LOL “reality check” is a certified moron, been making a jackanus of themselves for some time now. Looks like you kicked their sorryass already.

      • They spout ignorant “rally the base”’talking points they learn from the DNC like bots. They don’t even read what’s going on. They wait for their friends on FB to deliver it to them, all cooked up & tasty. And then they regurgitate it all, like a baby bird in the nest. Yum yum.

      • There are so many to choose from but here are a couple that you can respond to:
        1. How about the fact that there were more than 19 meetings or direct connections between 9 Trump campaign associates that were conveniently ‘forgotten’ by them and then magically rememberd by those associates. Some would think that all of this was more than series of bizarre coincidences
        2. By Trump’s various incriminating actions and behavior he is constantly giving the impression to the world that he is trying to hide something. The ONLY person in the world that knows exactly what Donald did or did not do is Donald himself. Innocent people DO NOT behave like poor Donald.
        So far there is no proof but there are many causes for suspicion and that’s why there are investigations. Be patient.

      • Love it. “So far” (after more than a year) “there is no proof.” But…. ??? You’re panting for it so hard you think you just provided evidence. Read your post again. It amounts to a big fat zero & you don’t even realize it. Get your head out of Chris Cuomo’s rear end, man.

      • Since “there are so many to choose from” (in addition to the zeros you provided), please list several more. I’ll wait.

      • How about the fact that his first national security advisor has been indicted for his dealings with Russia? How about the fact that his campaign manager has been indicted in America for his dealings with Russia and in the Ukraine for using cyber attacks to manipulate elections? Or how about the constant money trail of money-for-? paid to Trump by Russian interests- everything from his $300 bail-out from the Moscow branch of Deutchebank to his sale of real estate to Russian oligarchs at four or five times market value? or how about the fact that his son was meeting with Russian operatives to discuss e-mails stolen from Democrats’ e-mails?

        Only a brainwashed moron could possibly look at the this long list of well-documented facts and claim with a straight face that there is “no evidence of collusion.” It’s pretty obvious that you have never bothered to read actual news reports about what the FBI and the NSA have on Trump and his people.

        And the idea that the FBI is being controlled by “the left” and is investigating Trump for no reason other than to hurt him politically. Seriously, it’s hard to believe that a grown-up could possibly believe something so unbelievably stupid.

      • You’re swimming upstream, man. No doubt Obama’s henchmen in and out of government may continue to damage Trump (& I agree he’s a juicy tweeter from a PR point of view) but just as your buddy creep Peter Strzok said to his scuzzy lawyer mistress, there’s no big there there. You’re a cancer on this country’s body politic. You belong in one of those “s—thole” countries. Find one & move to it. Please.

      • You think that the FBI is being run by “Obama’s henchmen,” despite the fact the Republican Party controls every branch of government? Pretty silly.

        Just curious, when did you decide this? Was it right about the time that the Trump controlled media started bombarding you with propaganda to this effect? Is that when?

      • Everyone obviously needs to start watching CNN and MSNBC your just so much more informed than the rest of us mere mortals!! Why you’re almost as smart as BCML, Batshitt Crazy Moronic LiBitcheral%-) why in just about 90 days more viewing I’ll bet you’ll be just as smart !! Hey, if you add The View and NPR into the mix you might be able to get that smart in half the time%-) GOOD LUCK!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b9b27bd15989e6677a32a128b07dc22d627c2f364808948528c4cce050cf086.gif

      • Oh, so you think that simply by saying “CNN” and “MSNBC” that somehow it invalidates these facts? Leaving aside the fact that both of those media sites are 1,000,000 times more honest than the right-wing media, it’s completely irrelevant given that those facts stand on their own.

      • What actual evidence is there against Obama. Please list some. As for actual evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia start with Don Jr’s own emails looking to get “dirt” on Clinton that was going to be provided by the Russian government. Or Manafort’s own emails offering to discuss the campaign’s plans with a Russian oligarch. Or Page’s own testimony that he met with Russian officials during the campaign. Or Cambridge Analytica’s CEO’s emails trying to get possession of stolen DNC and Podesta emails from WikiLeaks.

  • If there was any justice in this nation, treasonous liars like Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer would already have been found guilty of treason and seditious conspiracy, and would already have been executed.

    • Really? You think they are “treasonous liars”? Well, Trump colluded with Russian intelligence to steal and leak information from the e-mails of his political opponent. He’s lied about his dealings with Russia; he’s lied about his dealings with Michael Flynn.

      You do realize that you have been completely brainwashed by fairy-tales of the right-wing media. These are the same people who claimed that Obama was born in Kenya and that Hillary Clinton ran a sex ring out of a pizzeria. You are trapped in a simulated virtual-reality of media-created nonsense. You do realize this don’t you?

      • You should stay away from comedy, you’re NO good at it, DOH!!

      • Isn’t it a bit illogical, not to say idiotic, for you to say, “You do realize you’ve been completely brainwashed …”? Just slightly internally contradictory, wouldn’t you say?

      • Well, I suppose that is true. The fact that you are brainwashed, by definition, precludes the possibility that you can realize it. Although, I should point out to you that your belief is one that has been 100% constructed for you be the media. Whether or not you realize it is irrelevant.

      • Both sides view everything in the worst possible light. So I don’t know if you followed the 2008 Democrat Primary but it was very heated and Obama supporters started becoming very paranoid about Hillary’s intentions. So at one point she made reference to RFK still being in the race in June and Obama supporters and the media flipped out. It was at that point in 2008 I knew Hillary would never become president.

    • I watched that “Waco: Rules of Engagement” movie this week. Many clips of Schumer bloviating in Congressional hearings about how dare anyone question the hallowed FBI, excusing their destruction of evidence, etc… It was nauseating, just like it is today.

      • Nauseating is my most mild reflex. He is truly vile scum. The fact that half this country sides with his putrid lying malevolence tells us how far gone the country is. So incredibly sad.

  • Democrats are the enemy of a prosperous America. They must be defeated at the polls in each and every contest.

  • So, the right-wing, pro-Trump media can’t explain who illegally stole and leaked the Democrats’ e-mails. They can’t explain why Trump’s campaign manager and original National Security Advisor have both been indicted for their dealings with Russia. They can’t explain why Trump has so many debts to Russian banks, or why his son meeting with Russian operatives to obtain stolen cyber-goods.

    But they can do what they always do: manufacture a ridiculously false narrative about the boogy-man “the left,” I guess because there is an entire generation of Americans now whose entire understanding of politics begins and ends with some version of this childish fairy-tale.

    • Give it up lefties. Your hate Trump rants are tiresome. If the deplorably evil hag Hillary had won she’d be using the federal government to grind working class whites, the “deplorables”, into the dirt and the hate whitey msm would be cheering her on for doing so.

      Regardless of his flaws, Trump is still infinitely better than anything on the left. Just imagine all federal agencies being run by partisan hacks like Lois Lerner or a leftist like her being appointed to the Supreme Court.

      Hillary totally agreed with BLM that white racism was oppressing blacks which means the hate whitey fanaticism being promoted in our pigsty universities would also be taught in our high schools, elementary schools and no doubt even in our kindergartens.

      “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”.

      That’s what we’d have if Hillary had won.

      • With a vengeance. With the useful suicidal idiots like BCML cheering her on.

      • Dougie! You’re out of your coma. Don’t start into the beers too early now.

      • Just one time why not try to DIRECTLY and RATIONALLY refute,rebut or logically respond to the comments you
        are replying to? It almost appears that you have no actual intelligent response to anything you disagree with. But you do seem intelligent enough to have serious opposing views that would be fun to debate. Or are you just another one of those lost souls who can only regurgitate the stale, irrelevant and obvious talking points that have nothing to do with the subjects under attempted discussion? Surprise us!

      • Here’s a surprise you’re apparently too dense to realize. The subject under discussion is the disintegration of our society due to fanatically deranged leftists like you waging a race war against people like me. We lack a common reality. Your definition of a rational discussion would be me agreeing with you that Trump is a White Supremacist Nazi who’s working for Putin.

        How can I agree with anything you believe though when I consider you and your fellow leftists quite insane?

      • They are. And they hate this country to its core. Many more of them are coming out & honestly admitting it. I’m sure Reality Check does openly admit it to his/ her like-minded friends, though. Kind of like Obama hanging out with Ayres & Farrakhan & Rev Wright in secret, not for public consumption.

      • Which is why in 2008 future Trump supporters were voting for Hillary in record numbers. Then the superdelegates stole the nomination from her and gave it to Obama. For some reason Robby Mook convinced Hillary to turn her back on her supporters from 2008 and embrace Obama’s coalition and the rest is “history”.

      • When you say “the left” I take it that you are referring to some strange caricature created by the right-wing media to get really stupid people worked up?

  • Obama, Hillary, Comey and Mueller are all criminals and should be locked up.

    Is it true Obama lawyered up in the last day or so?

    The Kept Media really deserve stoning.
    If information is as important as the water we drink, we demand purity of factual truth; not the waste of self-serving lies and propaganda.
    The Old Testament tells us to stone false prophets for a reason namely the damage they do is incalculable.

    The hatred of the media for Trump is the exact opposite and inverse of the love, adoration and worship these maggots have for Obamessiah and Hillary.

  • Nunes should unilaterally leak the memo then blame it on a head cold.

  • Why do I totally distrust the left? Here’s an excerpt from an article I just saw on “real clear politics” called “How Campus Politics Hijacked American Politics” by Cathy Young. I see articles like this pretty much every day yet leftists pretend this just isn’t happening. The left is insane. We really do exist in entirely different realities.

    “Not long ago, tropes such as “white privilege” or “rape culture,” which reduce a vast range of social dynamics to racism and misogyny, were seldom heard outside the radical wing of the academy; today, they’ve joined the mainstream. The term “microaggression,” describing statements and acts deemed unintentionally prejudiced, now shows up without explanation even in business publications.

    Opposing bigotry and injustice are noble goals; but the social justice movement, on and off campus, goes far beyond that. It labels people by identity, creating a hierarchy in which being “marginalized” confers status while being “privileged” brings shame. Moreover, given its focus on changing “wrong” attitudes, is almost by definition hostile to free speech: dissent, even counterargument, becomes “microaggression” or “discursive violence.”

    • I read the article too. It’s spot on. Be clear about one thing, though. The Left only pretends that concern over their Stalinist antics is overblown. In reality, they fully know this is happening at colleges throughout the country, & they’re totally supportive of & into it. They just can’t admit it in the open because they know it would make them look bad.

      • “because they know it would make them look bad.” It actually makes them look quite insane. Certainly an unfortunate development. Time will tell what fate has in store for our rapidly unraveling society.

  • It would be surprising if he didn’t consider firing Mueller. The fact is he did not. End of story.

  • I agree with those who say that what happened here is simply that the left traded class for race. Instead of groups like rich landowners being labeled as the source of evil in the world, as happened in Mao’s China, our leftists cast white people as the devil. You don’t have to read much from leftist sites to realize that they consider white people evil. They also consider themselves evil but feel they’re much better than average whites because they at least are willing to endlessly wallow in white guilt and to dedicate their lives to fighting whites who aren’t interested in such a pastime. The left is insane.

    I recently read a book called “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” by ILana Mercer. An excellent book. She also has some very good YouTube videos. I wish she were better known. She’s smart and articulate.

    I recommend reading ILana Mercer’s book and watching her videos, reading up on Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and encouraging others to never vote for the leftist democrats.

    • Trump essentially ran on Michael Moore’s platform to win the presidency. So “Roger and Me” catapulted Moore into fame and the movie was about GM sending jobs overseas and Flint and its people suffered. But sometime in the 2000s the left decided they were fine with foreigners taking American jobs as long as they did it in America!?! And not only would the left roll out the red carpet but they would advocate for their citizenship!?!

  • Trump barely won the election because of two events. The first event was the email investigation that derived from the phony Benghazi investigation. The second event was Brett Baier’ fake news report that Hillary’s indictment was imminent while Americans were early voting. Whatever happens in this investigation is poetic justice.

    • Trump won the election in spite of our wonderfully progressive msm and our wonderfully progressive ruling class elites running a nonstop hate campaign against him. I consider Trump’s victory quite impressive.

      David Brooks: Those of us trying to rebut Trump have the disadvantage that “Our Elites Really Do Stink”.

    • The Benghazi investigation was real. You need to get out more.

      PS: The select committee was set up AFTER and ONLY AFTER it turned out that Barry’s administration had withheld evidence from the Congressional oversight committees and that is a federal crime. Try harder, please..

      • Benghazi was a witch hunt. Ambassadors get free reign in country and Ambassador Stevens should never have gone to Benghazi.

  • Investigation is always worthwhile. Who knew an investigation into a shady Arkansas land deal would end up with stains on Monica Lewinsky’s dress (ew)? Who knew an investigation into Benghazi would end up with revelations about a private server and, ultimately, Anthony Weiner’s laptop (eww)? An investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia–whether or not there was collusion–could lead to obstruction of justice or even the mother lode of Trump’s financial dealings and the Holy Grail of his tax returns. The only way to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes is to dive in.

    • You know pal, Whitewater was a real estate crime. The evidence was obvious BEFORE a special counsel had been appointed and within 12 months people were convicted of the crime that the special counsel was to investigate, not some process crime as has happened here. Benghazi also saw four dead Americans and when the Congress investigated it turned out that Berry’s administration had withheld evidence, and THEN and only THEN was a select committee set up.

      Now what crime is there a smidgen of evidence that Trump did? Just a smidgen. What has been withheld from Congress?

  • Yes, this writer, the brilliantly sarcastic and old slave south-named Thaddeus G. McCotter, is completely right about every single thing. Clearly the loathsome, lying, hypocritical Democrats are at fault and are making something out of nothing because everyone knows what a fine, upstanding, truthful American the president is, and based on his beautiful, inspiring life story, the idea that he would EVER do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical is so preposterous that only “hard left” anti-American louts would even THINK that this wonderful man, this devoted, faithful husband and father who rarely if ever thinks of himself and has spent his entire life selflessly giving to others, could ever plot something as insidious and far-fetched as trying to get help from a foreign government that he and his moderately wealthy friends have a few, meaningless monetary connections with, and which despises Hillary Clinton, in order to beat her in the presidential election or “cover up” (what a laugh!) his, his family’s, his aides, his friends, and his co-conspirators’ attempts to do the kinds of things that criminal traitors like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton get away with every day! Thank the Lord above that we have “truth-tellers” like Thaddeus G. McCotter to expose and counter with truth, objectivity, and rationality the lies and obfuscations of the “hard left” anti-Americans who register as (fraudulent, corrupt, lying, narcissistic) Democrats who, if they don’t like this great American president, who is doing so much for every American and making the light of this country shine across the entire globe, should go back to Africa or wherever they came from (surely not a decent, white Scandinavian country) and take their “s**thole” attitudes with them! God bless this Thaddeus G. McCotter and his brilliantly sarcastic, America First! columns like this one–columns that lead the way toward “American Greatness”!

    • Got enough straw men in there? Having fun slamming them down? Jeepers, you make it really easy on yourself. You’re essentially “arguing” with yourself, you know.

      • And the thing is he/she/it has no idea how that comes off to average people. Most people see or hear that and roll their eyes and say to themselves, “what the hell is wrong with him?”

    • I think you need some more Xenakis or something. Your impotent leftwing rage is rather strident today.

  • Haha, now Toobin over at TNY says it’s now “clear” that Trump obstructed justice. [https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-answer-to-whether-trump-obstructed-justice-is-now-clear]. He fires Comey May 9th, then appoints Mueller 8 days later. Nice try, Douchenozzle. :-D

  • I truly believe that Dems are terrified…. the economy is booming, stock market setting new highs/gains almost daily, people are getting bonus cash, employers increasing their contributions to employees retirement savings, minority unemployment (blacks & hispanics) down to the lowest numbers in decades, illegal border crossings are down and Dems have done nothing to help & everything they can to cripple the progress of Trump’s agenda. When folks start seeing extra cash in their paychecks next month (thanks to the tax cuts) Dems are toast! DWS and doggie doo Nancy are discounting $1000 bonus checks calling them crumbs, not realizing that to many Americans that’s real $$. Lifelong politicians are terribly out of touch with the people they represent, and need to get out of the DC bubble (and hopefully stay out!)

    • They’ve been freaking out for about 15 months straight now. They can’t believe all their best-laid plans went belly up, kaboom, and now they’re stuck in a situation where their ridiculous and poisonous anti-American behavior is being exposed for all to see, and they don’t know what to do about it other than resort to their favorite tactics, which are rioting, attacking people, yelling, screaming, making outrageous claims, acting vile in public, wearing pussy hats, calling everyone names, etc., and then they’re shocked when people continue to reject them. They’re doubling down on the tactics that worked well for years, but now are no longer working because they overplayed their hand. And they’ve got nothing left. Will they learn? I don’t know, but surely not anytime soon.

  • Is thinking about doing something now a crime? Trump discussed firing Meuller, but he didn’t do it, right. I know he didn’t because if he did, there’d be non stop 24/7 coverage on every lyin liberal cable news network for weeks. I’ve had some really dark thoughts in my lifetime, but I never acted on them. It’s like liberals think we’re now living in the “Minority Report” movie reality, where crime is prevented by acting before it takes place (but they only do it to folks on the wrong side of the philosophy.) It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad…..

  • They will. The mountain of evidence against Hillary will also sweep over Obama and dozens of other top Democrats. They hope that their obstructionism works long enough for Mueller to produce a process crime against Trump for not repeating verbatim what was overheard by the now illegal wiretap. It’s more likely that the memo is released first and members of the dem party will mark that day as the moment their party began to fall.

    • Let’s hope so, but Lucy’s held the football for us many times before, and we’ve whiffed. Wishful thinking won’t work. Action will.

  • The delusions are strong. History will not judge you kindly for having given up your morals, integrity, and country to a lifelong sociopathic narcissist and con man who was installed to power with the assistance of the Kremlin. No matter how much obfuscation you try to throw out there, the truth will prevail and history will be recorded accordingly. Donald Trump will be removed from office and become known as the *Asterisk President. In other words: illegitimate in the eyes of history. I for one am very thankful to Bob Mueller, his team, the dedicated men and women of the FBI, CIA, intel community et al. for their dedication in fighting for the safety and prosperity of our country BOTH domestic and foreign. #MuellerIsComing. Put country over party for once; and reason and logic over banal and non-logical non-sequiturs. History and your grandchildren will judge you accordingly as to where you stood at a time like this in our nation’s history.

    • I can tell that the next 7 years of the Trump administration is going to be really hard for you.

      PS: There is a way you replace presidents. I would study up on it if I were you. Name calling and ad hominems do not work, by the way.

    • For the first 3 sentences I was sure you were talking about Barack Obama. But then you went completely off the rails.

  • We clearly exist in an entirely different reality from each other. I just happened to be looking a some pictures from Time online about deepening poverty in America. Guess who gets blamed for this? Certainly not the leftists with their “Sanctuary Cities” like Chicago or “Sanctuary State” like California. According to the left, it’s white devil, racist Trump supporters like me who are responsible.

    This then means that our society is so severely fragmented that we exist in entirely different realities where we are simply incomprehensible to each other. We no longer have the capacity to communicate. So now what? Where do we go from here?

    When I used to read the history of the dreadful twentieth century and read of major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China which became quite insane for periods of time I’d wonder what it would feel like to live in a society that had become insane. Now I know what it feels like. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    • One of the most amazingly insane disconnects to me that no one else is talking about is that the Dems are wrapping themselves in the flag to save the FBI in DC, but is simultaneously endorsing BLM and Antifa. The dems are trying to say that law enforcement in the swamp is as pure as the driven snow, but law enforcement in your local community is corrupt.

      • Last year I read an interview in the Chicago Tribune with Patrisse Cullors who is a founder of BLM. She stated in the interview that Trump is “literally” killing their community so I posted an excerpt from the article where she says this and I said it’s awful and disastrous that she can say such wildly insane things without ever being challenged by the left.

        A leftist responded and said I should not be judging BLM by what those on the radical fringe say about it. I told him Cullors is not on the radical fringe. She’s a core founder who represents BLM which is why she was interviewed about BLM.

        So what did this leftist think of what I told him? He didn’t respond but I’d be willing to bet that what I told him sailed right past him and he still believes BLM is a legitimate civil rights group and that those who disagree are just White Supremacists trying to discredit BLM by claiming those on the radical fringe represent it.

        I see that mentality all the time with leftists. It’s simply impossible to reason with them. It’s weird how different we are but it is what we have to deal with now.

        Chicago Tribune
        August 25, 2017
        A founder of Black Lives Matter answers a question on many minds: Where did it go?

        Trump has called BLM a threat. Is the door open to talk to him?

        “We wouldn’t as a movement take a seat at the table with Trump, because we wouldn’t have done that with Hitler. Trump is literally the epitome of evil, all the evils of this country — be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia.

        He has set out some of the most dangerous policies, not just that impacts this country but impacts the globe. And so for us, the answer is not to sit with him but to resist him and to resist every single policy that he’s implemented that impacts our communities.

        And … if I’m thinking about what I want my children to know in 30, 40, 50 years, I want them to know that I resisted a president at all costs, because this president literally tried to kill our communities, and is killing our communities.”

  • Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article I just saw on “real clear politics” called “The Gay Rights Movement Is Undoing Its Best Work” by Andrew Sullivan. Every day I see articles like this on Real Clear Politics. Certainly leftists also see and read them. Why do they pretend they’re not aware of things like this?

    Probably because articles like this indicate that the left has become insane and is vigorously waging a race war against white people and against common sense. Certainly an unfortunate development for our society. Does America even still exist as a country or have we already tumbled into the abyss?

    “As many of us saw our goals largely completed and moved on, the far left filled the void. The movement is now rhetorically as much about race and gender as it is about sexual orientation (“intersectionality”), prefers alternatives to marriage to marriage equality, sees white men as “problematic,” masculinity as toxic, gender as fluid, and race as fundamental. They have no desire to seem “virtually normal”; they are contemptuous of “respectability politics” — which means most politics outside the left. Above all, they have advocated transgenderism, an ideology that goes far beyond recognizing the dignity and humanity and civil equality of trans people into a critique of gender, masculinity, femininity, and heterosexuality. “Live and let live” became: “If you don’t believe gender is nonbinary, you’re a bigot.” I would be shocked if this sudden lurch in the message didn’t in some way negatively affect some straight people’s views of gays.”

  • No denying we’re all on a sinking ship which certainly is quite a distressing development but this awful world isn’t all bad.

    Here’s a link to a Caroline Campbell video. Such a beautiful church. Such beautiful music. Such a beautiful woman. Some say it’s Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who’s the supernatural force behind our fallen world but if that’s true then at least Satan’s not all bad because we certainly do have many beautiful things in our terrible world that we should be thankful for.

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  • WHAT scam? “Democrats”? ALL Members of “the caring compassionate” tribe / clan of “Democrats” the PARTY OF The People / Demos.

    “Liberal” in their use of “The Public Purse” to achieve THEIR goal. By rewards to their loyal, silent, obedient troupes?

    Beginning and most generously with the PARTY Eminences of the AND Friends.

    Who dismss in the millions, Moreover of ALL races, sexes, religious affiliation and national originals with “affection” AS guns and religion bigots (BIGOTS), racists, sexists, xenophobes and even astro – turf”. Sub text COMMONERS.

    All put together melted down as STUPID citizens. And to make sure the stupids “get it”as “A Basket of Deplorables”.

    And Millions of those stupid deplorables seem to believe, ample evidence to the contrary,THEY are not including in their Libeal Affection by continuing to march to their bands and sing, make that shout, their tunes and lyrics.

    You know the one, WE Are The People TO FUNDAMENTALLY transform the nation of OUR Homeland. Chorus everyone, Rah Rah Rah, FUNDAMENTAL Change.

    THE premise of these “caring compassionate” liberal democrats straignt from W.C. Fields “NEVER give a sucker an even break”.

    With their fundamental team anthem, “It DEPENDS on what the Meaning of the word is is”.

    Scam? Rah, rah, rah.

  • This moment should also be a referendum on the New York Times & Wash Post et all, the self proclaimed arbiters of ethics. If they disregard and/or spin damaging evidence then finally every person should understand that they have been enablers or even worse active participants of this unlawfulness.

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