Anti-Trump Right Turns a Blind Eye to Alleged FBI Misconduct

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We have now reached the “false equivalence” act of the NeverTrump Show. In this episode, we find the president’s foes on the Right equating the outrage of his supporters over potential corruption at the FBI regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation with the outrage his detractors over Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia election-collusion investigation.

For months, many NeverTrumpers willfully avoided any mention of the now crisis-level misconduct that occurred at President Obama’s Justice Department in the months before and after the 2016 election. (I ask you to scan the Twitter timeline of your most reviled NeverTrumper to compare the number of tweets mentioning Stormy Daniels versus Peter Strzok.) Thanks to the exceptional work of Chairman Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee and fearless reporters such as Sara Carter and Andrew McCarthy, we learn more unsettling news each week about how the top players in these two crucial investigations have conducted themselves.

The latest scandal involves retrieved and missing texts between Peter Strzok, a top FBI official who was instrumental in both the Clinton email and Trump-Russia investigations until he was demoted in August 2017, and his mistress Lisa Page, a Bureau lawyer also working on the Trump-Russia probe. Aside from the damning content in several texts between the two, the FBI now claims it did not “capture” messages sent between the lovers’ phones from December 16, 2016—a few days after Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest laid out a long narrative to the White House press corps about the evidence pointing to the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia and suggesting Congress investigate it—and May 17, 2017, the exact day Mueller was appointed special counsel.

This, in addition to last week’s intelligence committee vote to make available to all House members a four-page memo detailing how the politically funded and motivated Steele dossier was used to gain FISA authority to spy on the Trump campaign, has most Republicans justifiably infuriated. Typically mild-mannered congressmen called the memo “jaw-dropping,” “deeply disturbing,” “shocking,” and compared it to tactics used by the KGB. Pundits and editorial boards, including the Wall Street Journal, are demanding the House make the document public. A #releasethememo hashtag even trended on Twitter last week.

Jonah Shrugs . . . 
But this drama is eliciting a big meh in some quarters, particularly on the anti-Trump Right.

In a post Wednesday afternoon, Jonah Goldberg seized the middle ground between what he sees as the MAGA-crazed plebes on Fox News and talk radio, and folks on the Left who are convinced the Mueller investigation will result in Trump’s ouster.

Concerning the new Strzok-Page and FISA memo revelations, Goldberg says, “there’s just too much theatrics and chest thumping involved. Again, there are some legitimately disturbing facts (and allegations of facts) swirling around the FBI, the Mueller investigation, etc. But there’s also an astonishing amount of manufactured outrage, absurd dot-connecting, and near-hysteria.” How dare people be angry about what could be one of the biggest presidential scandals in U.S. history involving our most trusted law enforcement agency! Goldberg  also says the #releasethememo campaign is “obviously a PR stunt” and that it “will look not just absurd but dishonorable if the memo doesn’t live up to the hype.”

To bolster his view, Goldberg misrepresents a Fox News interview Tuesday night between U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and anchor Bret Baier. After discussing a text from Page mocking Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s statement that she’ll accept any referral from James Comey on the Clinton email investigation—“yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw [sic] since she knows no charges will be brought”—Johnson called it “further evidence of corruption at the FBI. And that secret society . . . we have an informant that is talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site. There’s so much smoke here, there’s so much suspicion . . . .”

When Baier interrupted him to clarify “a secret society, secret meetings off-site at the Justice Department?” Johnson replied: “Correct.” Baier: “And you have an informant saying that?” Johnson: “Yes.”

. . . And Misrepresents
It was not a nebulous claim from the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee. Johnson isn’t exactly a firebrand or rabid partisan. But here’s how Goldberg assessed the interview:

But when Senator Ron Johnson got over his skis last night asserting not just bias but “corruption” at the FBI and hyping claims from an “informant” of a “secret society” scheming to do . . . something, I got a bad feeling. Asked by Bret Baier to clarify what, exactly, the senator was insinuating, Johnson responded with little more than a shrug and a statement that the matter needs to be dug into.

That is an intentional distortion of the context of Johnson’s comments. Furthermore, Johnson isn’t the only one making the “secret society” reference. House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) told Fox News’ Martha McCallum on Monday that “the day after the election . . .  there is a text exchange between these two FBI agents, saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.” Rep. John Ratcliffe also tweeted about a “secret society” text he viewed:

Sara Carter, an award-winning journalist who has helped expose much of this scandal, also backed up the “secret society” texts. So it’s not as if Johnson pulled it out of thin air.

Other NeverTrumpers took a break from bashing evangelicals and pushing the Stormy Daniels smut to give an assist to Trump foes on the Left to discredit the FBI scandal. Here’s Bill Kristol with a masterful non-sequitur:

Death of Expertise author and serial tweeter Tom Nichols bit down hard on the Russian-bots-are-pushing-the-release-the-memo ruse authored by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.):

Over at MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace couldn’t even get through an interview with NBC News reporter and suspected Fusion GPS mouthpiece Ken Dilanian without calling the missing text uproar “bat-bleep crazy” and then, “let me do the loons justice and play the secret society sound. Let’s roll Ron Johnson.”

Mounting Evidence of a Genuine Conspiracy
So the NeverTrumpers on the Right can keep trying to push a false balance—or worse, stare intently at the shiny swaying Democrat pendulum—and equate the Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation. Here’s the main difference: There is little evidence so far that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election. Even the Democrats have largely abandoned that narrative,
pivoting to Trump’s health, obstruction of justice accusations, and the laughable offense of Trump asking FBI Director Andy McCabe who he voted for.

On the other hand, more evidence emerges every week of how the Clinton investigation was politicized at best, corrupted at the very worst. Overlooked by the NeverTrumpers this week is Andy McCarthy’s explosive revelation that officials removed any reference to President Obama’s correspondence with Clinton on her unsecured server: “All cleaned up: no indictment, meaning no prosecution, meaning no disclosure of Clinton-Obama emails. It all worked like a charm . . . except the part where Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency and the problem is never spoken of again.”

That is only the latest bombshell—and proof—that there is more to the FBI “conspiracy” than there is to the Trump-Russia “conspiracy.” Goldberg again declares a pox on both houses: “It’s as if everyone who shouts about the other side being conspiracy theorists needs to have a conspiracy theory all their own as well,” and warns the GOP that “if you go all in with this conspiracy mongering, the only way to be vindicated is if the conspiracy is 100 percent verified. How often does that happen?”

But, to crib an old political adage, everyone is entitled to his own conspiracy theory but not his own facts. This “side” might not be 100 percent verified yet, but we are much closer to it than the other side. NeverTrumpers often accuse Trump supporters of being so blinded by loyalty to the president they purposefully ignore his flaws and shortcomings, but we continue to see how they are vulnerable to the very same myopia.

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About the Author:

Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to American Greatness.


  1. Alti January 25, 2018 at 12:27 am

    I’ve been watching this – disgusted – all week. Glad im not the only one.

  2. sandslug January 25, 2018 at 7:21 am

    No more Cruse Ships. All they have left is cry parties with their liberal friends on the belt way.

    • Gallifet January 25, 2018 at 8:35 am

      Boom! I just love looking at the number of comments on NRO. I remember seeing 200-400 comments on most articles…now…maybe 12 of the liberal ‘regulars’…except for Victor Davis Hanson and Andy McCarthy.

      • BanBait January 25, 2018 at 12:26 pm

        NRO doesn’t allow comments anymore.

        • Haydn Fan January 25, 2018 at 4:42 pm

          Yes, they do – but only Facebook comments (which take a second or two to load).
          You’re not missing much.

  3. rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 7:41 am

    Birthers? Check. Jade Helmers? Check Pizza Shop? Check Alex Rich? Check Deep State? Check Secret Society? Check.

    Dam you trumpkins are f’n gullible.

    • Truth Gun January 25, 2018 at 7:47 am

      Potty mouth + ad hominems. Gee, you are super smart and should be taken seriously.

      • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 7:53 am

        Please tell me you didnt believe the pizza shop story. That one is ridiculous, save for the dumb white boy who drove up from nc blazin.

        • Truth Gun January 25, 2018 at 7:57 am

          Pizza shop story? Nope.

          Growing up, my Father told me to believe nothing of what I hear and only 10% of what I see.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 7:59 am

            Good, that one was a doozy. How about Jade Helm? That one had a Greg Abbott sold.

          • Truth Gun January 25, 2018 at 8:13 am

            See my previous statement.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 8:16 am

            So you cant believe in this “secret society” or conspiracy theory that the fbi is out to get donny, right?

          • Truth Gun January 25, 2018 at 8:21 am

            Now that actually has teeth and does not strain credulity. I’m sitting back and watching the evidence as it rolls in. No branch of the government is above scrutiny and/or reproach. Remember when people were rolling their eyes over the IRS scandal? Well, as you know, the IRS has admitted it’s wrong doing years later. It seems the last administration had tendencies to weaponize various Washington institutions against its political opponents. Only the sycophants are still trying to deflect this fact.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 8:23 am

            Teeth? Says who? Evidence from what source? So we can put you down for one conspiracy theory.

          • Truth Gun January 25, 2018 at 8:28 am

            Says who? Right now about 10+ politicians who sit on appropriate committees.

            Ahh I get it. If you don’t like what you are hearing, you smear anyone who is merely “following it” as a conspiracist. I was hoping you were more than that. How disappointing.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 8:31 am

            How do you know they are credible? You can believe in santa clause for all I care. Do they have more than “I say so thats why”?

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 9:35 am

            It conclusively demonstrates that PETER STZROK is “out to get donny”. Since Petey was a lead investigator on both the Hillary and Mueller investigations, this is a problem. Whether this is limited to Pete and his ho, or is a more systemic problem remains to be seen …This assessment would be a lot easier if the FBI could only stop losing stuff.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 9:41 am

            According to whom?

          • DarthProphet January 25, 2018 at 10:06 am

            according to released text messages from the tool to the fool ho . Oh you are so uninformed it makes you like a child oh wait you voted hilibeast didn’t you

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 10:08 am

            ABC News has obtained the “secret society” text…

            It’s a stand alone message from Lisa Page:
            “Are you even going to give out your calendars? Seems kind of depressing. Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society”

            You still believe in santa claus?

            You arent one of those barely made it outta high school trumpers are you?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 10:14 am

            Ron Johnson, who raised alarms this week about the FBI agents’ “secret society” text, just told me: “It’s a real possibility” the text was written in jest.

            You can get off the ship, its ok.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:13 pm

            According to Mr. Stzrok and his bimbo. Unless there is another interpretation of the dozens of hate -filled texts regarding the president?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:14 pm

            So its your interpretation of the text?

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:58 pm

            This is the worst kind of obfuscating sophistry. Any reasonable person with a fair grasp of English would recognize hostility to Trump in the text exchange.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:02 pm

            Again, just cause you think your boss is a retard, doesnt mean you are unable to do your job.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 5:19 pm

            If an investigator has apre-existing bias against the target of his investigation, that’s a big problem.
            Otherwise, why does Black Lives Matter exist?

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 4:14 am

            Youll have to prove the work was compromised to claim that.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 7:09 am

            Unfortunately, there’s more “proof”of that than there is of Russian collusion.
            And no, there’s no need to prove that. If there was, then no discrimination case could be won, ever.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 7:11 am

            So all you got is “i believe it so it must be true”. So where is your proof homey?

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 9:05 am

            You keep bearing down on this point in the quasi-legalistic manner of someone who’s watched too many episodes of “Law and Order”… but in point of fact, it is the precise opposite.
            The law always errs on the side of caution in these matters.
            For example: It comes to light that half of the members of a jury are cousins of the plaintiff.
            The result is an immediate mistrial. The mistrial is followed by a major investigation into the judge and prosecution as to how such a thing was allowed to occur.
            Saying “You must prove the bias was having an effect in the outcome” would get you laughed out of court.
            If bias exists, it taints all future proceedings. The prosecution had no choice but to start from scratch or go home. If the bias is shown to be systemic, firings and even prosecutions should result.
            It’s time for a second Special Counsel.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 9:07 am

            I dont want your analysis or guess, I want proof.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:14 am

            Proof of bias has been provided. Proof of result is irrelevant.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:15 am

            We went over this, just cause you think your boss is dumb as a brick doesnt mean your work is biased against him.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:23 am

            And we went over this. The American legal system does not tolerate bias in court officers.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:29 am

            According to the “farmer” on american greatness?

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:44 am

            No, according to the American legal system.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:45 am

            Citation needed.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:57 am

            You need a citation to demonstrate that clear bias in the legal system results in serious sanctions? Can’t use Google?
            Are you Asian?

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:59 am

            Yes, I dont trust your opinion. You make the claim, you prove it. You have to prove just because they think donny is dumb as a brick that their work was compromised. All you got so far is “I read some shit”.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 11:07 am

            So, according to your “logic”, the very investigation that started all this trouble shouldn’t exist, since there wasn’t even a specific crime to investigate….merely a bunch of Hillary partisans feeling hinky.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 11:59 am

            Bunch? You mean two people said daddy maga is dumb as a brick. That doesnt mean its some “deep state” conspiracy theory out to take down daddy maga.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 1:48 pm

            No, I mean the NINE of seventeen who made campaign contributions to Democrats. That’s more than half. More than half qualified as “a bunch”.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 1:49 pm

            So? That doesnt mean the others will make sure daddy maga gets inside info. And where did you get that info to confirm that claim?

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 11:31 pm

            It was national news for several weeks.
            In a country with 1 million lawyers and 1 million law enforcement professionals, it stretches credulity to assert that The Bestest Investigator Ever couldn’t find 17 that weren’t Democrat donors.

          • rel0627 January 27, 2018 at 8:44 am

            Still not prove the work is compromised. You sound like daddy maga that only trump voters can do work on daddy.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 9:08 am

            You farm dude, you aint sniffing a law degree.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:13 am

            Do you have proof of that? Is that your inpretation? Can you prove that involvement in agriculture reduces likelihood of possessing a law degree?
            See how obtuse that sounds?

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:14 am

            You could prove it. You should change your name to angrylawyer then.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 10:24 am

            If you think that would prove anything, you are uncommonly stupid.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 10:29 am

            It was a joke, who the f knows if you really farm or not.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:02 pm

            They aint even on the team anymore anyways.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 5:17 pm

            They were “on the team” for just abouta year. How did they get “on the team”?
            A) Mueller failed to vet his staff…making him incompetent.
            B) Strzok lied, and fooled him. Since we are being told that lying to a special counsel is automatically perjury, why is he not in jail, and still employed?
            C) Mueller knew about the anti-Trump bias, and considered it a feature, not a flaw.

            Pick the one you like.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 4:14 am

            Cause they are pro.

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 7:11 am

            Should a cop who is a Klan member stay on the force because he’s a “pro”?

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 7:12 am

            Is it proven he wears his moms bedsheets?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:04 pm

            Fox & Friends mentioned the term “secret society” over 20 times on Tuesday and Wednesday … now that the text message shows it was a joke, silence.

            Not one mention of secret societies on today’s show. Not a correction, not a clarification, nothing.

            Fox’s next program, America’s Newsroom, aired the term “secret society” 10 times on Tuesday/Wednesday (For example, anchor Sandra Smith hyped “explosive new claims of an anti-Trump secret society”)

            Just like F&F — today there’s been no mention, no clarification, nothing.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:15 pm

            You might think your boss is dumb as rock, doesnt mean you are “out to get him”.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:43 pm

            Most of those posts were before he was their boss.
            An analogy: Let’s say a police inspector is investigating a black man in a racially-charged case.
            Emails come to light saying, ” We should start a Klan chapter to put this guy in his place.”
            Would you accept “only joking!” as an excuse?
            Would it matter even if it was “only a joke”?
            How is this “secret society” business any different?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:47 pm

            Right, someone who might become your boss you can still think will be dumb as a brick, that doesnt mean you cant do your job.


            Dude check the news, that secret society thing was another dc pizza shop farce.

    • FVCKDEPLORABLES January 25, 2018 at 8:07 am

      Don’t forget the Walmart tunnels and chemtrails

    • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 9:25 am

      Considering that you people have spent the last two years blaming your every political setback on spooky spies, you’ve got zero credibilty.
      Asking why both the Hillary and Mueller investigations were stacked with anti-Trump partisans is not “f’n”, Or any other kind, of gullible.
      NOT asking would be.

      • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 9:29 am

        You can ask sure, better to get the answers then cry wolf. Now if your resume already has jade helm , birther and deep state on it, well……

        • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 9:37 am

          Never heard of Jade Helm.
          Deep State is a fact.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 9:41 am

            Facts are able to be cited….ill wait.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:20 pm

            Fact 1: There are millions of unelected federal employees in dozens of 3-letter agencies.
            Fact 2: Many of those employees have the power to meddle in politics via leaking, stonewalling or “losing” things.
            Fact 3: Many of these unelected functionaries have a vested interest in political outcomes, whether they be ideological or practical (e.g. Politician A will cut out department’s funding, so let’s undermine him).
            Fact 3: The world’s premier counterintelligence and investigatory agency just “lost ” 5 years worth of critical data.

            Which of these facts do you disagree with?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:24 pm

            Facts have citations. You cant use “i dern say they are a fact”. Sorry.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:39 pm

            This is not a scholarly journal…and self-evident facts (e.g. “The sun is yellow) require no citations.
            The facts I stated are all self-evident.
            So which do you disagree with?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:41 pm

            You would have to prove “deep state” cause person a to not get elected.

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 5:22 pm

            Are you serious? You could never prove ANYTHING caused a person “not to be elected”. Too many variables. Please Google “sophistry”, then stop doing it.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 4:14 am

            So wtf told you it was real? The time share guy?

          • AngryFarmer January 26, 2018 at 7:07 am

            Al Capone sells you a new iPhone for $10. Says it fell off a truck.
            “I had no proof” would not fly in your trial for recieving stolen goods. There’s such a thing as “common sense”.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:25 pm

            Do you believe in deep state?

          • AngryFarmer January 25, 2018 at 1:37 pm

            Sure. And I just defined it for you: Unelected bureaucrats can become quite powerful, and end up running the day-to-day operations of government. In many ways this becomes the “real” government, existing parallel to, and often in tension with, the elected government. This forms a “deep state” or “shadow government” or “The Blob” or whatever coinage you prefer. These people can form quite a threat to representative government if not periodically purged.
            We are about 40 years past due.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:38 pm

            So you came up with deep state yourself or did you hear it somewhere first?

          • Steve Eric January 25, 2018 at 3:21 pm

            You really are an idiot. If I see a car driving down the street it’s a fact. I don’t need a citation. Or do I? Same as I don’t need a citation to know the email investigation was a cover up to protect an entitled lying corrupt empty suit. We all saw it as it happened. If you refuse to acknowledge the obvious it’s time to return to your left wing bubble.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:27 pm

            Depends on what you are claimimg.

          • Steve Eric January 25, 2018 at 3:38 pm

            Obviously I’m claiming the FBI and DOJ in the cases of Clinton and Trump are acting politically, not fairly or ethically. Same way the IRS used its power to hurt political opponents and no one was held accountable. Call it deep state, call it the Obama effect, call it whatever you want. It’s a obvious as the car driving down the street.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:39 pm

            Thats your opinion.

          • Steve Eric January 25, 2018 at 3:40 pm

            You really a idiot and a waste of time. I’m done.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:45 pm

            So its not your opinion?

  4. Ridonkulous101 January 25, 2018 at 8:15 am

    I personally wouldn’t worry too much about anything Jonah says…his last gasps at relevancy are cartoon fodder. His employer waved their Marxist flag for all to see when they banned over half the population from commenting on their articles.
    Trump is correct…these people ARE stupid.

    • Gallifet January 25, 2018 at 6:55 pm

      Chuckle Head.

  5. David Rao January 25, 2018 at 8:24 am

    There is literally nothing Trump could do to please the Jonah Goldberg’s of the world. His reputation is in tatters and he will never admit he was wrong on Trump. Is the man perfect? No. I want him to be my president, not marry my sister or my daughter.

    Jonah is a fraud of a bygone political world. To still espouse the “gentlemanly” qualities of GW Bush II (who set the Middle East on fire) while hammering Trump and ignoring his success is clearly evidence of editorial bias by Jonah and that clown Kevin Williamson @ National Review.

    • DarthProphet January 25, 2018 at 9:39 am

      Lets see Donald doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t use drugs. as compared to our last 2 both coke heads and one alcoholic . What they don’t like about Trump is how he talks , bad news for them we love his straight talk no PC speak. And I would love for Donald Trump to be in my family who doesn’t want a God fearing clean cut man in their family?

    • mrbiswas January 25, 2018 at 12:45 pm

      the author of Liberal Fascism, presented with evidence liberals in government may well have behaved like fascists, chooses to sit on the fence. Pathetic. He’s become a sad, whiny, ridiculous figure. His reputation will never recover

  6. chatmandu7451 January 25, 2018 at 8:42 am

    The liberal/progressives, the democrats and the “Fake News” media are willfully ignoring the wrongs committed by the FBI in hopes of finding evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice.

    • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 8:54 am


      • TooTall7 January 26, 2018 at 12:43 pm

        Just like another conspiracy theory we keep hearing about.

        • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 12:51 pm

          Stormy Daniels? Nah there are bank records of the payoff from LLCs.

          • TooTall7 January 26, 2018 at 5:25 pm

            Lol!!! Like that interests anyone. It’s only a mere affirmation of the new America brought to us by Bill and the dems back in the day. You really are as weak as they come LMAO!!!

          • rel0627 January 27, 2018 at 8:45 am

            So you admit its true, no more battle cries of family values then.

          • TooTall7 January 27, 2018 at 11:40 pm

            Admit what’s true? That you guys didn’t care then so why should we care now? Or is it that you guys have decided to adopt the family values platform because you don’t like the way Trump parts his hair?

            Old American saying: what goes around comes around.

            Bon Appetit!

          • rel0627 January 28, 2018 at 4:51 am

            Stormy daniels.

          • TooTall7 January 28, 2018 at 11:06 am

            Since you’re so hot on her I’m sure that with a large fee she’ll fix you up. So pony up your plastic dude, you only go around once lol!!!

          • rel0627 January 28, 2018 at 11:50 am

            150k from trumps llc.

          • TooTall7 January 29, 2018 at 6:28 pm

            Lol!!! I guess you’re going to have to settle for a cold shower…again!

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 6:29 pm

            How about a spanking with a forbes?

          • TooTall7 January 29, 2018 at 6:35 pm

            Lmao…Whatever floats your boat dude. I’m sure that’s a good deal more affordable! You’re alright guy! It really is a treat coming across someone sporting a genuine sense of humor. I’m still laughing!!!

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 6:36 pm

            You know that is what stormy did to donnie… for reals….

          • TooTall7 January 29, 2018 at 6:37 pm

            LMAO!!! YOUR KILLIN ME DUDE!!!

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 6:41 pm

            Put it in google….for reals. You think i made it up?

          • TooTall7 January 29, 2018 at 6:44 pm

            Dude, whether you made it up or not isn’t the question. Your fixation with the subject is what I find humorous.

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 6:46 pm

            Payoffs to porn stars while married from daddy maga is fun to trigger trumpkins.

          • TooTall7 January 29, 2018 at 7:31 pm

            Fun to trigger trumpkins? Read your own posts guy. The only one triggered around here was you. Furthermore you did it to yourself. I guess that’s all you’ve got lol!!!

  7. Ebonyraptor January 25, 2018 at 8:48 am

    Jonah Goldberg is a putz of the lowest order who hitched his wagon to NeverTrump luminaries like George Will. A mere pawn on the losing side. Better to pay him no mind.

  8. R&B Baker January 25, 2018 at 8:48 am

    The false conclusion that Comey “helped” Trump by opening back up the Hillary email case couldn’t be more wrong. Bill Kristol is willfully not thinking. Comey and the corrupt FBI group had the Hillary email matter under control. That is until a separate investigation, led by agents outside the corrupt FBI group, into Anthony Weiner turned up Hillary emails. Now it becomes a containment and control issue for the corrupt group. The news was going to come out. Comey needed to get out in front of it and regain control of the evidence and make sure the Weiner agents didn’t see anything damaging. Once it was contained, what happened in almost record time? Comey cleared Hillary again and nothing to see here.

    • Gallifet January 25, 2018 at 6:54 pm

      Billy Kristol should have stayed with his stand up routines and the odd Academy Awards Program. I can’t imagine what qualifies him to discuss politics.

  9. Gorgar Tilts January 25, 2018 at 8:48 am

    NeverTrump is nothing more than a handful ZioCons and Mormons unhappy with a President who is putting the interests of the American people above their own in-groups.

    Why the AG bunch cannot speak this publicly should call the integrity of their enterprise into question.

  10. Epstein's Mother January 25, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Wait … 2 FBI agents holding political views is a “false equivalence” to potential collusion with Russia, and obstruction of justice?

    Why, yes. Yes, that is “false equivalence.”

    • DarthProphet January 25, 2018 at 9:42 am

      evidence of collusion is where?

      • Epstein's Mother January 25, 2018 at 9:56 am

        Well, we’re still waiting for the definitive report, aren’t we? I imagine that won’t be done until Flynn is finished singing his canary song.

        But are you asking for circumstantial evidence? You know, something like Donnie Jr. admitting it in an email?

        • hamburgertoday2017 January 25, 2018 at 12:11 pm

          Flynn has already been charged with a ‘process crime’. He’s said what he is going to say. Furthermore, there’s a fair chance that his plea agreement will be nullified as ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ due to problem with the Mueller investigation’s not being properly initiated under DOJ regulations. The fun has just started. When the OIG is done with the Hillary shills, there will be nothing left to hear of the ‘Russian’ thing except the weeping of Hillary shills (and maybe the clicking of handcuffs).

          • Epstein's Mother January 25, 2018 at 12:22 pm

            Let me guess — you’re not a lawyer, are you?

          • hamburgertoday2017 January 25, 2018 at 12:56 pm

            No. But Andrew McCarthy is, and he’s of a similar opinion. McCarthy’s view is that if Flynn had more to give, there would have been no plea agreement and that seems like a plausible interpretation of events.

          • Epstein's Mother January 25, 2018 at 1:20 pm

            You mean an opinion he’s been paid to have.

            Because that never happens with lawyers.

            Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Mueller is about as good a lawyer as you get. He hasn’t made a single move without it being solidly supported from a legal perspective. You might wish that’s not the case. You might hope that’s not the case. But those wishes and hopes are misplaced.

          • hamburgertoday2017 January 25, 2018 at 2:00 pm

            An ad hominem on McCarthy isn’t going to change anything. Mueller is no less ‘paid’ for his ‘services’ than McCarthy. The difference is that Mueller is looking less ‘clean’ every day and McCarthy seems to more right than wrong in most of his analyses of the situation. Whether Mueller is a ‘good lawyer’ in mostly irrelevant. The question is whether he’s done his jobs at the DOJ properly. It may turn out that everything he did was ‘legal’ but my suspicion is that some of the things he’s done are not going exhibit good judgement. Rosenstein and Mueller will likely both be on the hotseat before the end of the year.

          • Epstein's Mother January 25, 2018 at 2:09 pm

            Seems to you “more right than wrong” — because you’re a lawyer? Or because he agrees with what you believe should be true.

            Also, no, Mueller isn’t “looking less clean”. Just because Trump’s supporters keep your inbox full of claims doesn’t make any of those claims true. You need to find yourself an independent source of opinion, instead of just repeating the talking points you’re fed.

            And just FYI — that claim that “Rosenstein ad Mueller will both likely be on the hotseat before the end of the year”? Yeah, we heard that last year, too.

          • hamburgertoday2017 January 25, 2018 at 2:13 pm

            Being a lawyer does exempt you from problems of psychological bia or errors in judgment. Experts get things wrong. Whether those experts are lawyers or political pundits. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

  11. JohnnyClams January 25, 2018 at 9:14 am

    The neo-cons are just shameless.

  12. DarthProphet January 25, 2018 at 9:34 am

    I have never like crystal. when he would be on fox I would change the channel

  13. mike077 January 25, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Never trust nevertrumpers. They have been revealed as who they are — people who crave the approval of the NY Times-left and don’t want to win. We have supported them for decades, thinking they were true believers, while they took our money and our time and “led” us into defeat after defeat.

  14. rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Just a reminder that “top level” Stephen Boyd is a Republican appointed last summer by Donald Trump…a conservative former Jeff Sessions aide from Alabama, who was not in the DoJ when the FISA application in question was filed.

  15. MidCali42 January 25, 2018 at 10:42 am

    One of the more interesting aspects of Trump is his ability to drive people, once thought to be reasoned and intelligent, stark raving nuts. Every Trump detractor is trying to full-court press Trump. Yet, in realizing this, Trump lets the opposition overplay, then makes an easy lob right over their lagging, weak, ill-advised “defense”. Every time it seems Trump makes an easy score…all at their expense.

    For example, Schumer thinks another government shutdown is a great bargaining chip in getting a deal for illegal alien “DACA” abusers. Trump will destroy Little Chuckie again. In truth, it will be Little Chuckie’s fault for playing a game where his wits are overmatched.

    Doubt me? Ask Goldberg, Lowry, and French how things are going at NRO. They made a shallow, impertinent choice to go all in against Trump. Not against the sick leftists who have been destroying this country for decades, mind you. In the vacuous minds of these small people Hillary was preferred over jobs, tax cuts, regulatory drawback, cuts in administrative fat (personnel), border control, illegal aliens gobbling up benefits meant for poor and elderly American citizens, bonus checks for millions-upon-millions of American blue collar workers, economic growth, smart trade, etc., etc., etc.


  16. GALTean January 25, 2018 at 10:47 am

    IF NRO had not killed the discus comments on its website, they would be MUCH more in tune with the conservative world. Instead they “monetized” the comments with Facebook and now they have a handful of liberal loony tune characters spewing batcrap crazy left wing agitprop. The conservatives are gone as is the voice of NRO, Enjoy the libtards NRO, you earned em.

  17. rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 10:55 am

    Missing text messages between FBI officials Strzok and Page have been recovered – Dept of Justice Office of Inspector General

    As your grandkids would say you trumpkins got got.

    • Alti January 25, 2018 at 11:58 am

      “Some” of them 🙄

      • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:04 pm

        One is about a gullible white boy who drove from nc to dc to shoot up a pizza shop.

        • Alti January 25, 2018 at 2:15 pm

          Heard that guy was a democrat actor. He had an IMDB account and everything.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:18 pm

            That is dedication, where did you hear that tidbit?

          • Alti January 25, 2018 at 2:22 pm

            It was reported many places in the days after the event. And I looked it up myself on IMDB, and he was there.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:24 pm

            I dont know about that, but hey if you got a link ill read it.

          • Alti January 25, 2018 at 3:30 pm

            That was a long time ago. Google now hides info that makes Dems look bad. Not worth my time, sorry. But I’m sure if you find his name (I forgot it), you can search for yourself on IMDB.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:32 pm

            You know you dont have to use google, but dam son you full of conspiracy theories.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:39 pm

            It was like 2 yrs….huh

    • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 12:04 pm

      We’ll see who “got got” when the text massages are examined. The Inspector General seems to be the only competent adult in the mix, He may not be helpful to the cause of the FBI “resistance”.

      • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:05 pm

        Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, in a letter to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), said the Republican push to release a memo they say reveals political bias at the FBI and DOJ would be “extraordinarily reckless” without a review by those agencies.

        Birthers got got.

        • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 12:14 pm

          You digress. On purpose? Why would Nunes ignore the fox in the chicken coop at the fox’s request? Were you a “corner boy” on The Wire” ?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:17 pm

            Who said it was a fox? Nunes?

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 12:19 pm

            Metaphor alert. If you are “playing dumb” you’re a great actor.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:21 pm

            Just a reminder that “top level” Stephen Boyd is a Republican appointed last summer by Donald Trump…a conservative former Jeff Sessions aide from Alabama, who was not in the DoJ when the FISA application in question was filed.

            Now you woke, as your grandkids would say.

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 12:41 pm

            My grandchildren don’t speak “corner”. Another diversion. Why would Nunes drop an issue at the request of the target? It’s about a lot more than the FISA application.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:43 pm

            Do they speak honky tonk? Because they are more qualified than nunes is? How do you know?

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 2:07 pm

            Another digression/diversion. Why do you keep trying to make this personal ? Do you just want to avoid the issue by blowing smoke?

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:11 pm

            The person said they dont speak “corner” so i thought they might be rural and might speak “honky tonk” instead. I am asking maybe the DOJ is more qualified than Nunes is. How do you know its about more than the FISA, what is your source to the “other”?

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 2:34 pm

            “The person”??Why are you making this personal by involving my grandchildren? You still haven’t answered, you only offered a weak excuse and refer to me as “the person”. You are very strange. The Nunes investigation is about the “dossier”, possible upper echelon FBI collusion against a candidate and then an elected President, illegal and unauthorized leaking of official documents , possible perjury by FBI officials, etc, etc, etc. Have you been napping? I’m content to wait for the release of further documents to gain further knowledge.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:36 pm

            Sorry wasnt sure if it was you, geez I guessed that you were that old, good guess. Nunes doesnt have an investigation fyi. He made a memo that he wont share with the fbi or the doj. Nunes is a trump lackey so remember that part too.

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 2:49 pm

            “Sorry, wasn’t sure it was you “??? Who else’s name and picture is attached to all the posts? I am as old as I look, your guesses (?) are as good as your arguments. He does have an investigation , as a House committee chairman. The famous “notes” are a result of the investigation .Are you still napping? Calling him a “trump lackey” really makes your case. If I worked for the DOJ, I wouldn’t want those notes published either. Just because he was appointed by Trump doesn’t mean he’s proud of what went on under his watch.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:51 pm

            Sorry homey, didnt see the thread. It is not his alone. Remember why he had to recuse himself, remember when nuney had the press conference on the wh lawn?
            Sen. Lankford joins Cornyn as another Republican on Senate Intelligence suggesting Nunes should allow for a review by IC before releasing memo. Lankford urges caution: “If Chairman Nunes wants to release the memo publicly, he should follow proper declassification procedures.”

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 3:05 pm

            He recused himself because he was accused of improper conduct. The House ethics committee cleared him. issue over. SENATOR Lankford is not a member of the House of Representatives and his opinion is as pertinent as your’s. The memo has no classified material, according to Nunes. This is another attempt to pull the secrecy wool over the eyes of the American public. I am confident that the memo will be damaging to some members of the U S government, which is what the DOJ claims. I see no reason why they should be protected by procedural secrecy. The protection of wrongdoers is not in the national interest.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:07 pm

            Good luck with nunes.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:52 pm

            Are you offended by “honky tonk”? But you use “corner talk” disparagingly, right?

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 2:54 pm

            More digression.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 2:54 pm

            You got mad though.

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 3:08 pm

            I’m a grandfather. I know better than to get angry at dumb childish behavior. And I try not to make stupid assumptions about people I don’t know.

          • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 3:12 pm

            White kids do corner talk, right?

          • rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 4:03 pm

            Mine don’t.I can’t speak for every body.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 4:14 am

            Thats a yes.

    • odys January 25, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      Truly stoopid comment. It was not the Trump that claimed the emails were missing, it was the “cover your behind” FBI. They got got. Turns out they recovered them from their phones.

      • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:36 pm

        The president has fumed about the missing messages and has said they represent “one of the biggest stories in a long time.”

  18. rwisrael January 25, 2018 at 11:30 am

    If Jonah Goldberg really accepts the FBI’s “the dog ate my homework” story, he doesn’t deserve to be called a conservative or a journalist or anything else but a gullible fool.

    • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 11:57 am

      Read below.

  19. moderate Guy January 25, 2018 at 11:38 am

    The FBI is corrupt and conspired against duly elected POTUS. It must be held accountable.

    • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 11:57 am

      Is your bunker almost finished?

      • moderate Guy January 25, 2018 at 12:48 pm

        Considering my POTUS is in charge, it is you who will need a bunker.

        • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 12:49 pm

          Why? I dont believe in jade helm or deep state, or get mad about ruby ridge.

          • moderate Guy January 25, 2018 at 11:33 pm

            You believe in “collusion”, “global warming” and “Russia dossier”. LOL

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 4:10 am

            Those are real, they arent just on alt right websites.

          • moderate Guy January 26, 2018 at 2:26 pm

            It is customary to identify sarcastic posts with the /sarcasm tag, son.

          • rel0627 January 26, 2018 at 2:33 pm

            If you got a .gov site proving deep state is real please advise.

          • moderate Guy January 26, 2018 at 7:52 pm

            So you’ve got a site from a government that makes money off the climate change hoax “proving” that climate change hoax isn’t? Wow, now get a scientology site proving they are a religion.

          • rel0627 January 27, 2018 at 8:44 am

            That doesnt prove the science wromg.

          • moderate Guy January 29, 2018 at 10:41 am

            It calls it into question. Skepticism which is a bedrock of actual scientific thought.

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 10:42 am

            When nasa and noaa change their stance please advise.

          • moderate Guy January 29, 2018 at 4:40 pm

            When they stop depending on peddling lies for their funding, please advise.

          • rel0627 January 29, 2018 at 6:30 pm

            Prove that. No daily caller.

          • moderate Guy January 31, 2018 at 3:19 pm

            And no CNN, ABC, CBC, NBC, NYTimes either.

          • rel0627 January 31, 2018 at 3:24 pm

            Use science.

          • moderate Guy February 1, 2018 at 11:31 am

            I did. That’s why I don’t buy into the “climate change” cult BS.

          • rel0627 February 1, 2018 at 11:46 am

            Which scientific organization provided that analysis to you?

          • moderate Guy February 1, 2018 at 8:12 pm

            Real scientists; organizations are bureaucratic not scientific. Even you must have some inkling of that.

          • rel0627 February 2, 2018 at 3:52 am

            Link to one, there are hundreds of organizations and socities.

          • moderate Guy February 2, 2018 at 1:11 pm

            All full of bureaucrats pinning for the next grant from the government.

          • rel0627 February 2, 2018 at 1:16 pm

            So where do you get science? Did this conspiracy theory work in high school science class?

  20. And How to Get It January 25, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Great article Julie.

  21. BanBait January 25, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    I’m convinced that this whole Russia farce was cooked up. That said, I’m real tired of the “we can’t show you the memo” crap.

  22. odys January 25, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    The only way to settle this nonsense is to have Trump declasssify the relevant materials and release all memos, texts, emails, schedules and timelines so we, their employer, can see what they have been doing on our dime.

    • rel0627 January 25, 2018 at 1:37 pm

      I cant wait to see what rudys boys did in the nyc fbi office.

  23. Haydn Fan January 25, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    Trump has proven that he can get the job done.where Never Trumper’s have proven they can’t – and won’t.
    Never Trump egos can’t handle being as exposed as the impotent blowhards that they are. Don’t expect them to see past their petty resentments any time soon.In the meantime., trump will continue to do more for the Conservative and Libertarian causes than they ever did in all their years of pontificating .

  24. LiberalsRracists January 25, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    These dish*t Never Trumpers are hypocritical liars. I would encourage you to look at the GOP platform, lauded by these people, during the last 2 Presidential elections. A short version of the issues is: strong defense, tax relief, reduced regulation, strong economy, energy independence, and control of immigration. The 2008 boneheads were thrilled have trade with China because it would lead to them becoming more democratic. Bush did not want to nation build and then proceeded to launch a multi-billion dollar adventure in Iraq. All of these Never Trump clowns were on board for these platforms. Let us see what Trump has actually done: 1) a real conservative Supreme Court justice as opposed to a dope like Roberts that Bush nominated: 2) tax relief and a lowering of corporate tax rates, rather than a prescription drug benefit, which ballooned the budget under Bush, regulation has been decreased, Trump is incentivizing energy producers to make the US truly energy independent, he has proposed real control of immigration, rather than the usual fake Republican Gang of Eight version, he has destroyed ISIS and built up our defense and has regained the respect of the US that Obama lost, he has supported Israel (which you would think would thrill a guy like Kristol )., So essentially, the Never Trumpers who said that they believed in all of these things, don’t seem to know how to react when they get a President who actually delivers on their platform. That is called incredible hypocrisy. Now these douchebags can be found on liberal networks bashing the President! They supported Hillary, they say that they hated Obama’s policies, but now are joined at the hip with the networks that praised him. These are the most despicable human beings on the face of the earth. They claim they have “principles”. Really? What are they?

  25. Doctor Bass Monkey January 25, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Goldberg, et al are pompous asses. They’re nowhere near as smart as they think they are which makes them particularly susceptible to being blind to any reality in which they would have to repent of their arrogance and admit they were wrong.

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