The Shutdown Victory

Under normal circumstances, shutting down the government is not a good idea. It presumes of course that the government is doing good things. But what if the opposite is true? What if the government is doing things that undermine the stability and security of the nation and its people?

In this latest drama, it’s the Democrats who precipitated the shutdown. But maybe, however unintentionally, the Democrats have given the Republicans and the president a big win.

What if the stakes are even higher than pay for our troops? What if they’re even higher than funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program or keeping IRS bureaucrats on the payroll? What if the stakes are nothing less than the survival of the country?

As is now universally recognized, the Left’s massive social engineering project to fundamentally transform America has been proceeding practically unabated for the last four decades. The result is the United States is now populated by the highest foreign-born population since the founding of our great nation. 

Off the Cliff?
Witness what is happening in California. The place is Balkanizing before our very eyes. The governor and attorney general of California are openly advocating nullification of federal law in fiery, subversive talk that we have not heard since the darkest days of segregation or even earlier, since the events that led to our bloody and apocalyptic Civil War.

Many astute observers worry that we have already passed the tipping point—and like Wile E. Coyote—are already way off the cliff without yet realizing it.

The Left, which took control of the Democratic Party a generation ago, is determined to replace the descendants of the American people (of all ethnicities, races, and religions) with a new, improved population more to their liking, imported as quickly as possible, from the four corners of the earth. 

Already, concurrent with facilitating this mass migration, their program of indoctrination of the resident American population proceeds apace—enforced by political correctness, public shaming, race baiting, identity politics and the subversion of the public schools. 

Just as with the utopian Left’s other previous projects: the Soviet Union, Cuba, Angola, China—a prerequisite is to turn children against their own parents. Witness the modern American college campus. 

As of midnight January 19, continued funding for the government failed to pass in the Senate. Although on the surface we see a government shutdown—what happened was the Republican Party finally and at long last found its cojones. (As admirers of Spanish culture and language, we acknowledge a good word when we see one).

Thanks in great measure to the patriotic instincts and tough guy character of Donald Trump, the American people finally have a president who is putting America and its people first.

Compromise? Not Possible
Contrary to calcified establishment bromides, America is not “just an idea.” America is the embodiment of its people—generations who have been and continue to be wired with the founding principles, who through decades and centuries of tradition and sacrifice hold these shared ideas, narratives, and experiences in the hallowed corners of their hearts. 

In short—America is its people. If you subvert the American people; if you overwhelm the American people with the sudden influx of millions of foreign nationals; if you transform America from E Pluribus Unum to the Tower of Babel, then you no longer have America. 

In this Leftist dystopia, the founding documents are reduced to nothing more than historical relics in a museum; you dial a number to hear instructions in a language you understand; the United States becomes just another socialist state.

We’re in a defining moment, even if like Wile E. Coyote most Americans don’t yet see it as such. 

American patriots on the Hill, in the media, in think tanks, in academe, in politics or the private sector must seize this moment. 

“Compromise” is not an option with this adversary; any more than it was possible with the Bolsheviks who seized power in St. Petersburg in 1917. Lenin and Trotsky sounded like reasonable guys until they assumed total power. Today’s American Left is just as implacable, determined, and ruthless as was Russia’s a century ago.

Understand this: The Left will never trade DACA for border security, an end to chain migration, and the visa lottery. Why? Because they need to perpetuate the immigration status quo to achieve their fundamental transformation of America—to cement their total power over the destiny of America. 

The will use every subterfuge, agitprop, rhetorical device, or parliamentary maneuver. The Democrats will never agree to the abolition of chain migration and the visa lottery. These immigration policies are their principal means of conquest. The fate of 800,000 or 900,000 so-called “Dreamers” is useful to them only insofar as it advances their agenda. They will never trade these hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” already in the country for the tens of millions not yet in the country; those who can be imported to America via chain migration and turned around quickly into Democratic voters.

No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal
The Left knows what it is doing. They see the end game. It informs every decision they make. But do the Republicans understand what is really going on? Do they understand this is nothing less than an existential issue? Does the president?

The president’s America First agenda threatens the Left’s continued ascendency and ultimate take-over of the American nation-state. As a natural born deal maker, the president will be tempted to “make a deal” to appease the duplicitous Left. American patriots who have his ear must help keep him relentlessly focused on his core principles, instincts, and electoral promises.

The argument that Donald Trump could not possibly understand the issues until he assumed the responsibilities of the Oval Office is nothing more than propaganda from those who would nullify his presidency. Trump’s patriotic instincts were right when he campaigned in 2016 and demonstrably in sync with those of the American people. He is not required to modify his views. He’s required to stick to them.

As the recent shutdown shows, no deal is always better than a bad deal.

The looming danger for the president, however, isn’t Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) or Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). As history teaches time and again the greatest dangers are always those that come from within. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and his fellow traveling useful idiots must be ignored or, better still, publicly censured. 

The weasels, cowards, and appeasers in the Republican caucus must be prevented from further influence in the Trump White House. Almost without exception, they were NeverTrump right up to Election Day in 2016 and, in some cases, all throughout 2017 as well. Why should the president take any of their advice? The only result of their constant meddling is to sow confusion, cast doubt, provide political cover for the Democrats and, in sum, to undermine the president’s commitment to save and protect our country. 

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, at this point, “Quoting Emma Lazarus is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

The Left’s government shutdown is a surprise victory for the American people. It means that for once the Republican Party is unified and standing firm against the Left’s destructive tide. Now we’ll see if, as is their very bad habit, Republican leadership snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

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8 responses to “The Shutdown Victory”

  1. I think the key problem is that the Senate too strong and the House is too weak. The House’s only great power is the power of the purse in that all revenue bills must originate in the House. Then both the Executive and the Senate can accept or reject a House revenue bill. However, the filibuster rule in the Senate allows a 40% minority in Senate to avoid even considering a spending bill unless the minority’s demands are met.

    Trump is right, the filibuster has no place in revenue bills because it violates the idea of separation of powers which is a core Constitutional principle. As it is, the House has no role in selecting the Judiciary, which is a grave defect in the Constitution. The consequences of this are now blindingly obvious as the Judiciary has become the most arbitrary, authoritarian and least representative branch of government. Accordingly, any Senate rule that significantly burdens the House’s institutional power, such as use the filibuster rule when considering revenue bills, is clearly unconstitutional.

    It is interesting that in judicial nominations, in which the House plays nor part, the Senate has gotten rid of the filibuster.

    • The filibuster should be removed entirely for all bills. It is directly counter to the explicitly stated way the Senate is supposed to work as laid out in the Federalist Papers by Madison and Hamilton. It’s a mistake of history that never should have been allowed to last this long.

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  2. No deal is best for both sides. Trump cements his majorities. Democrats cement their minority. Voters are happy and energized and cash pours in.

  3. Yes! Finally an essayist who gets it. The ‘question’ of immigration is not about public policy, but political dominion. Unfettered immigration followed by amnesty is an attempt by the ‘fundamentally transform America’ crew to establish a Thousand Year Democratic Majority and, ultimately, the complete erasure of the Republic.

    The Republicans with spine need to stand fast against those outside and inside the Party against ‘compromise’ on establishing full-scale immigration management, and, hopefully, immigration reduction.

  4. Somewhat ironically, McCain, like Graham, is proving to be a cancer on the Presidency.

  5. Well written! Agree with every word! Big, industrial-sized third world immigration is the core program for the communist democrats. That is job number one and they and their fellow criminals in the media have been trying to hide this for years and dupe the American people that they are ‘racist’ for not wanting their nation to be transformed into a 3rd world banana republic shithole. The democrats can live with any other policy change but an immigration moratorium. that is the one issue on which they will go down to the mat and pull out the knives and brass knuckles. It is the one issue that Trump absolutely cannnot cave upon. Very well stated by the author — Mr Trump has “deal making” in his DNA but there can be no “deal” on this issue if we are to preserve what is left of our nation.