Crazy Talk: Dems Lose Health Battle with Trump

Now that Donald Trump’s physician has declared the president to be in “excellent” health and mentally fit for office, let’s lay to rest yet another dead #Resistance narrative.

“Dangerousness can be assessed without using formal diagnostic categories,” wrote Ilene A. Serling for Psychology Today in an article titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” Dr. Serling argued that President Trump’s “attraction to brutal tyrants and also the prospect of nuclear war,” along with his “pit of fragile self-esteem” is indicative of “a crucial impairment of sanity.”

Dr. Serling zigzagged between pathologizing the president and candidly associating his administration, and constituents, with “swastikas, Nazi salutes, and Confederate flags.” The article concluded with the declaration that “Donald Trump is the most dangerous man in the world” and features a direct link for your convenience to the Duty to Warn Organization, whose mission it is—was—to “advocate Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment on the grounds that he is psychologically unfit.” So much for that.

That tirade was just one of a myriad of desperate overtures for Americans to heed the tidings of their bookish betters. Morgan Baskin of Splinter took it upon herself to compile an abridged list of diagnoses from afar by mainstream media as to the mental health of Trump. James Hamblin for The Atlantic insisted a telltale sign of the president’s neurological instability was found in the way “Trump had stared at [a] Fiji bottle as he slowly brought it to his lips” during a speech in November. Hamblin argued he knew best and held no bias in his assertions, after all, he went to Yale.

Vox argued the “case for evaluating the president’s mental capacity—by force if necessary,” kicking the soapbox to Bandy Lee, “an assistant professor in forensic psychiatry” speaking on behalf of the Yale School of Medicine. Yalies sure did have a bone to pick with Trump, though they found he wouldn’t go as quietly as Yale faculty does when under assault.

Trump is a fighter. He was elected to fight and win for Americans, not mollify petri dish progressives and establishment Republicans. The incessant and absurd attacks on the president’s psyche were the outgrowth of a warped worldview come crashing down. For so long, Americans were told there was one acceptable, cosmopolitan direction for the country—Trump’s ascendancy and expeditious success is a bona fide wrecking ball to that narrative.

The president, his constituents, and the America First agenda represent an unconditional rebuke of the quintessentially anti-American crusade that has been waged on the nation in its schools, in its streets, and in its courts. It makes sense that the opposition should utterly lose their minds and project their anxieties onto Trump, and they have every reason to panic.

Earl Hutchinson writes for the Huffington Post that “withering criticisms” of the mainstream are tantamount to a “wolf howling in the wind” because “Trump is winning.” The president’s popularity has spread throughout the whole of the GOP electorate, in fact, an “overwhelming majority” of Republicans back the president, made evident by a recent national poll which found 70 percent of GOP voters want President Trump to run again.

CNN conceded that Trump is the “keeper of promises,” while the New York Times acknowledges the president is taking back our nation’s courts with “deeply conservative judges.” The president’s first year was nothing short of an historic success, even as the New Year has just begun, no fewer than 1 million Americans are set to receive a bonus, pay raise or retirement increase as a result of Trump’s tax reform. Trump’s victory was supposed to be an exclusionary one for white Americans, yet black and Hispanic Americans have been reaping historic benefits under the president. And this, too, is reflected in his poll numbers.

As the “mentally unfit” narrative dies alongside the “Russian collusion” angle, the opposition is being pushed further to the brink. The insufferable establishment Republican Senator Jeff Flake practically broke down on the Senate floor, pleading with mainstream media against the president, calling Trump’s proddings of media “repulsive” and akin to Stalinism.

No longer can we compound attacks on truth with our silent acquiescence. No longer can we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these assaults on our institutions.

Maxine Waters couldn’t have said it better. In light of the tryst Trump allegedly had in 2006, conservative pundit Siraj Hashmi whines that until Trump proves “that he is a man who atones for his sins and misdeeds, it’s difficult to say that he has the best interests of the country in mind and is wielding his power in good faith.” Trump has the unique ability to make so-called conservatives seem a lot like the progressives they’re ostensibly against.

Trump is driving his opposition insane because his first year in office has been one marked by their rapid obsolescence. He is accomplishing more than his detractors was possible, despite having no political background whatsoever. Progressives have entrenched themselves in self-destructive identity politics, the GOP establishment is scurrying under the light, and mainstream media has shot itself in the foot, over and over.

As the opposition churns out flimsy polemics embellished with psychological projections, all pushed by partisans of the same homogeneous progressive persuasion,  observers should relish the fact that this is the symptom of a sustained grassroots American victory. Americanism is making a comeback and yesterday’s losers have lost their minds trying to figure out what happened.

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