View from Britain: Bonfire of the Pieties

Liberals haven’t taken the election of Donald Trump in stride.

No, the seemingly grown adults who’ve spent the last 12 months donning pussy hats, then deeming said hats “transphobic,” and next screaming at the sky and weeping madly at every salt-mining Trump tweet, haven’t quite progressed to the acceptance stage of grief.

Not a day goes by without one of the undoubtedly well-adjusted victims of “Trump’s Amerikka” issuing a virtue-signal professing their opposition to the president. Of course, Donald Trump is “vile” and “divisive” while they are “tolerant” and “inclusive.”

One doesn’t need a Twitter account to know exactly what is written on Twitter on any given day. Donald Trump will say something, his detractors will oppose what he said.

Bathing in 280 characters of faux virtue is a favored pastime of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who, it is allegedly written on Mars, is the son of a bus driver.

Khan tweeted last week that the world’s most powerful man had “got the message” after he cancelled a trip to London. He would be met by “mass peaceful protests,” said the mayor, referring to, presumably, the black-clad hordes of ironic “anti-fascists” who busy themselves violently for the neoliberal status quo.

No doubt, the mayor will have something gilded to say about the president’s recent comments. Trump allegedly called some countries, which are, let’s say, verifiable clusters of scatological import, “shitholes.”

Predictably, those the president plays like a fiddle, have foamed and frothed into organs of piety. “That’s not who we are!” they cry. And they are right. Most of us are not like them.

Trump, the man, may not be too popular on this righteous isle, but his policies are.
A reputable study has shown a majority in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland would block all immigration from Muslim-majority countries. In the UK, 47 percent supported a ban, while just under a quarter disagreed.

Slightly older figures in the UK showed 70 percent wanted all immigration tightened, a sizeable 21 percent wanted to cut immigration entirely. I guess that is who we are.

Liberals direct their fiery vitriol toward the president’s off-color comments so as to distract from and paint mainstream the Marx-inspired policies they adore. But their minority opinion is amplified by establishment media assumptions that all outrage is born equal. It turns out, however, that what enrages them doesn’t quite animate the swathes they routinely disparage as know-nothing yokels, too coarsened and too bestial to comprehend much beyond NASCAR and the titillations of reality TV.

Yes, the president’s now disputed comments are beyond the resuscitation efforts of PR lackeys and focus-group finesse, but, and this will surely shock: Trump’s voters do not care.

A candidate who gleefully pillaged elite sensibilities before grousing a path to the White House, did so by saying things uttered across dining tables and between bar stools across America.

Donald J. Trump, it has emerged, has quite the mouth. Who, after being stuffed with outrage like foie gras, knew?

Even those hayseeds, in their flyover hovels, knew the score. But surely, they cannot muster the intellect to decide whether or not mass immigration from the Third World is good for them? Well, 60 percent of them recently declared they wanted legal immigration to the United States halved. Another 57 percent said they wanted illegal immigration curbed by forcing employers to use E-Verify.

Of course, Democrats cannot allow the rubes to decide who comes to the United States, nor do they think there’s a difference in likely contribution between a Norwegian or a Somali, because, as they admitted in a leaked memo, amnesty is vital to their future electoral prospects.

Hence their obsession with the current DACA fight, a.k.a. the Future Democrat Program. Evidently, socialism is so superior an idea that one needs to import the world’s poorest people to vote for it, then one needs the threat of firing squad to stop people escaping its Edenic wonder.

Would those oozing geysers of Democrat photo-op compassion still flow incessantly if the tired and huddled masses tended to vote, by 8-1, for Republicans?

That’s right. The election of Donald Trump has been met with such unmitigated anger because it was he that finally removed the mask from those who claim compassion while plotting a total victory in which their demented fantasies can flourish undisturbed.

But liberals have a major problem. Given the choice, Americans will, with grimace, sooner vote for an unalloyed bloviator with their interests at heart, than for the votes and moats lobby and its nefarious commitment to social, economic, and cultural typhoid.

Speaking of typhoid, perhaps liberals and Mayor Khan could refute the president’s “shithole” comments by taking a vacation in Somalia or Haiti. After all, it’s been a long 12 months. They could use a break.

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18 responses to “View from Britain: Bonfire of the Pieties

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    • These were the same geniuses who thought themselves so clever by calling TEA Partiers “tea-baggers” even on live primetime TV.

  • So if I get Mayor Khan right he would prioritize relations with Somalia, Haiti, etc. over one with the US . There’s a guy doing what’s best for his city … he’s a butt hurt liberal who would burn London to the ground before he went against the optics of his ideology.

  • From what I have read, much of London is a “shithole”. Largely because of the influx of worshipers of the illiterate pedophile priest, eternal damnation upon him.

  • When Trump used the words “S**t hole countries” it was a sad day in the history of the English Language. Great men and women who were leaders, thinkers, writers and theologians never stooped so low as Trump did.

      • Maybe but When Trump used the words “S**t hole countries” it was a sad day in the history of the English Language. Great men and women who were leaders, thinkers, writers and theologians never stooped so low as Trump did.

      • This was a closed door meeting.

        It’s not like it was in the state of the union speech.

        You are being oversensitive

      • Yeah right. Did you say the same when Obama did similar (as reported by Victor Davis Hanson today on this very website)?

        Don’t be such a sanctimonious asshole.

    • He is ALLEGED by Dick Durbin and one unnamed Democrat aide to have used the term. Let us start from there.

      • Since then Commentators have enthusiastically used that term regardless if Trump used it or not. That is bad enough but if he did use that term Americans are treating him like their child. Being simply grateful a child does good often parents simply overlook the bad.

  • I think Mayor Khan needs not just a vacation in Haiti, but a hiking/camping vacation there. That way he could get maybe a couple weeks intimate acquaintance with the cultural wonders of the area while enjoying the scenery. Maybe could bicycle around the country?

  • We’re supposed to believe that Western nations, who alone helped (partially) civilize the Third World, are to blame for that world’s continuing woes. Absent past colonization, some of these “states” would now be fully stuck in the dark ages. As it is, they have achieved levels of corruption and inefficiency Hillary Clinton couldn’t dream of. No wonder their people want to go somewhere else. But only those willing and able to be productive should get the chance.

  • Everyone from Blair to Schumer are telling everyone that the the citizens of their own countries have no say about who is allowed to live and work there. I’m hopeful that we are now just witnessing the beginnings of an awakening in both countries. However, the UK seems to be slightly more masochistic so I believe hope there is fading.

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