‘Shithole’-gate and Toxic Double Standards

In the wake of President Trump’s “shithole” comment (which may have been misreported), CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked a predictably leading question of Republican “strategist” Ana Navarro on his show Thursday night: “[I]s there any other way to interpret this comment other than being just racist?”

Navarro was happy to oblige. After taking a few potshots at Trump’s alleged “pattern” of bigotry, she unloaded: “We have a racist, a shameless racist, who has hijacked the Republican Party, who has hijacked the Oval Office, and this country needs to stand up against this and tell him that we will not let him divide us by color, by race, by ethnicity, by class . . .”

Don’t hold back, Navarro. Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox Quesada, sure didn’t!

Navarro likely hasn’t given much thought to the implications of what she said, let alone examined her premises. But if she’s so outraged and offended by Trump’s alleged divisiveness, she might want to have a look around CNN’s studios or the greater Beltway area. Division is rampant, and its source isn’t the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or the Right more generally.

Does not the modern Democratic Party—the vehicle by which the seditious spirit of progressivism infects the American polity—traffic daily in such talk? Where is the Republican “strategist’s” outrage about that? NeverTrump? Bueller?

Is not division “by color, by race, by ethnicity, by class” the modus operandi of today’s progressives?

Is not the Left’s entire reason for being to draw attention to, inflame, and amplify such divisions for the purposes of stoking intra-national feuds (which—trust them!—will lead to “equality”)?

Can you even listen to a speech by a prominent Democratic Party official or presidential wannabe, or read anything by leftist activists that doesn’t shamelessly and vapidly emote in the language of identity politics, of identity-obsessed bean counting, of epistemic siloing wholly cut off from Truth?

  • The Democrats: “Let’s elect [insert your preferred flavor of woman here so long as she’s a woman, never mind if she’s qualified].”
  • Were there any gay characters in the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Sure, but that isn’t good enough. Why? Because there were no trans characters, of course.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: “[Romney’s] gonna put y’all back in chains.”
  • Universities across the country and their ridiculous (and very expensive) quests for diversity for diversity’s sake—anything but intellectual diversity.

And on and on ad nauseam.

When the Left spews such despicable, divisive language, hardly anyone seems to care. Certainly “strategist” Navarro doesn’t. But as soon as a deplorable right-winger makes a simple and obviously true observation—its crass wording notwithstanding—the political class and smart set lose their marbles. Why?

It’s because we’ve been duped. We’ve come to implicitly accept that leftist racism and bigotry is “enlightened” and, further, that even when offensive, it’s directed to the greater good of a “post-racial” society, so it’s inappropriate to criticize it.

But when the Right decides that it’s finally had enough of being held to different standards that serve only to its political and cultural disadvantage, only then the linguistic cudgels that the Left has happily wielded for years are finally denounced. Why? Because the Right is appropriating them to even the odds, and it’s working. Third Reich redux!

The reflexive horror at any “icky” sentiment from the Right while similar filth from the Left elicits only haughty derision, moral gaslighting, and knowing looks (“What rubes!”) shows how deeply the rot of cultural Marxist Antonio Gramsci and the German Frankfurt school runs, how deeply it has penetrated the social fabric of America and damaged our ability to relate to and understand phenomena like bigotry and foundational concepts like citizenship.

The current state of affairs is utter nonsense. Bigotry—whether it be Antifa’s terrorizing UC Berkeley’s campus to stop a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos or white supremacists’ rallying at Charlottesville—is always to be condemned. But what many people have now come to realize is precisely how foolish it is to disarm unilaterally in the face of the Left’s steady, rules-of-the-game-be-damned advance. They offer no quarter. No mercy. No understanding.

With or without Trump, anyone on the Right is a priori a racist, regardless of what we do or say, or how we act. Of course, we condemn white supremacist neo-Nazis! But is similar pressure from media complexes and societal forces brought to bear to compel the Left to condemn Antifa? Even when Democratic National Committee deputy chairman Keith Ellison tweets out an approving picture of Antifa’s field guide which advocates the use of violence? It is outrageous beyond words that only members of the GOP could be found raising concerns.

Worse, many feel it isn’t even necessary. Why? Well, because Antifa and the new deputy chairman of the DNC (?!) don’t “represent” the Left, but a few misfits with tiki torches and button-down collars represent the entire GOP, supposedly. Because “social justice” isn’t real bigotry because … reasons, but anyone to the right of them clearly is a bigot because … reasons. Because the Left’s nastiness is just the price we must pay for a better world—one in which it makes sense to punish a white girl for her “racist” “microaggression” (offering to help her sick dorm mate) but it’s never appropriate to question whether a person of color who takes offense at the smallest slights is justified in feeling offended.

Thus, the fierce counterattack that started on November 8, 2016, and hasn’t halted, explained. Trump, for all his faults, has awakened a sense of the stakes for certain of us on the Right. We now realize that to win this war of ideas—this struggle for the very soul of America—we will have to grind the Left down and fight them to a draw. Because it’s only after we have forced a stalemate that we will be able to sue for peace and set the terms of a liveable truce, a truce within which ideological poison, no matter its pedigree, dare not be uttered.

About Deion A. Kathawa

Deion A. Kathawa is an attorney who hails from America’s heartland. He holds a J.D. from the University of Notre Dame and a B.A. from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. He is a 2021 alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s John Marshall Fellowship. Subscribe to his “Sed Kontra” newsletter.

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45 responses to “‘Shithole’-gate and Toxic Double Standards”

  1. “Of course we condemn white supremacist neo-Nazis!”

    That hasn’t proven to be automatically true with the president.

    • But I do appreciate AmGreatness distilling “whataboutism” down to its essence.

    • The white supremacist neo-Nazi who appointed the daughter of Punjabi Sikhs as his UN Ambassador, who adores his Jewish daughter and grandkids, and who just argued for increased immigration from *ASIA?*

      Well played. SMH.

      • I didn’t say he WAS a Nazi. I said he hasn’t automatically condemned them. Look at the public record. It’s true.

      • ” I think the driver of the car is a disgrace to himself, his family and this country. You can call it terrorism. You can call it murder. You can call it whatever you want. I would just call it as the fastest one to come up with a good verdict. There is a question. Is it murder? Is it terrorism? Then you get into legal semantics. The driver of the car is a murderer. What he did was a horrible, horrible, inexcusable thing.”


      • That was his third statement. Which he had to make because he couldn’t get it right the first time.

      • Whether or not it is, he hasn’t walked it back… anything but. Do you really think his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his support of the move of the US Embassy in Israel to that city was a bit of dogwhistling for, erm, skinhead support?

        Btw, I also oppose the removal of statues of Robert E. Lee, and I’m a Jewish northerner. Taney’s statue, if there even is one, I wouldn’t lose sleep if they took that down.

      • The Republican governor of Maryland did have Taney’s statue from the State House.

      • Good.

        Btw, Taney is not as evil as he has been portrayed; he manumitted his own slaves early on, IIRC. But his Dred Scott decision was, is, and perhaps forever will be a stain on the nation.

        On the fence about Calhoun. Tough call there, and I know there are statues of him all over SC, one with the legend “Truth, Justice and the Constitution”– horribly ironic now.

        My dad served at Fort Bragg, but that one could stand a renaming, probably with the avid consent of the South. If all southern generals had been like the appalling Braxton Bragg, the war would have been over in about 3 months.

      • Then you’ve said nothing except to attempt to smear.. the usual leftist.

  2. Two points:

    First, your description of Ana Navarro is faulty: The scare quotes should go around “Republican”, not “strategist”.

    Second, you are wrong about fighting the Left to a draw. Nothing less than total victory eliminating them as a political force will do. Once you understand the cardinal rule of the Left, that nothing is settled until it is settled in their favor, and once that happens it is settled forever, you will recognize this.

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  3. “we will have to grind the Left down and fight them to a draw”HA HA HA HA HA HA… no.

    That is not how human conflict works, or has ever worked. The commentariat on both sides needs to understand that the war they started has one conclusion, and that is not “…and then the winners sued for peace, and everybody lived happily ever after!”

    Jesus… fkn intellectuals.

  4. True.. The right has unilaterally disarmed in the face of the leftist onslaught. Worse, our political establishment actually agree with them on much of this and have thus far helped to arm them and to shelter them – because they hate the republican base and even much of America, as badly as the progressive left does.

    Passivity will not work. This has continued apace for my entire life and if something isn’t done soon to call them out on their tactics and their hypocrisy, loudly and from the top of the party to the bottom, I fear they will have finally installed a generation who will utilize the power of government and their positions in corporate America to stifle our speech for good. Or at least for the rest of our lives, which may as well be permanent.

    Thank God Trump won, or Hillary would be crafting a Supreme Court to begin this process even now and America would join the ranks of the thought controlled states in Europe and elsewhere.

    • As soon as the left retakes the white house, and has a congressional majority, the rule of law in America is over, and it’s the gulag archipelago for us “insert-the-latest-scarlet-letter-insult-du-jour-here” right wingers.

      The pajamaboy aristocracy may not understand how Trump happened or what he means, but you can bet your pocket constitution that they are not going to make this mistake again. So enjoy this little interim period while you can, because it is not going to last. “Property is theft” comrades!

      70% of millenials say they want socialism. We have *maybe* ten years before they turn into Jacobins and do their disappearing trick on us.


      • Oh, I agree.. The first casualty will be the filibuster Mitch seems intent on defending.

        They’ll wipe that away in a stroke. They won’t even give it a second thought.

      • They will drop the supposedly fashionable pose once they have jobs and kids.

        “”Not to be a socialist at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

        — Clemenceau

      • If you think everyone with a job and children vote conservative, you may want to think it out again. Unless all of those people just virtue signal in public and do the opposite when no one is looking.

      • I think you are addressing a point I didn’t make.

        Did you know Trump was a Dem since, like, forever, and that he’s been slammed endlessly at National Review (and elsewhere) for his, erm, non-conservatism?

        I have voted for centrist Dems — Bill Clinton, and, much to my shame, Al Gore. I consider Truman perhaps the greatest president of the 20th century. But as between identity-politics crypto-socialists and the other guy to the right, working folks will generally choose door #2.

  5. Ana Navarro is such a Republican strategist that she announced publicly she was voting for for Hillary. Common CNN ploy is to tag their commentators with an affiliation like “Republican strategist” to fake listeners into thinking even Republicans agree with the topic being being discussed (always anti-Trump stuff). She and another “Republican strategist”, Rick Wilson was on Don Lemon last week at the same time last week. Wilson is vehemently anti-Trump


  6. No. We don’t grind them down and sue for peace. We destroy them utterly, use them as the animals they are, then laugh at the lamentations of their half men and women. Forget peace.

  7. It is the most unchristian thing to do is to call poverty and wretchedness places that are “s**t holes” . Christ would never have done that. To see a beggar woman, crippled, dirty, half starved begging on the side walk and passed by most as a “s**t hole” by some well to do White man is more a reflection of the cruelty and callousness of that White man than this old woman.

    What Trump did was officiate the crudest term for poverty and suffering now eagerly embraced by the populace and only too eager to use it on anyone they see comes from these “s**t holes” with no care or concern of the pain they will inflict.

    • What Trump did was officiate the crudest term for poverty and suffering now eagerly embraced by the populace…

      I have a different opinion. At first I was somewhat taken back by Trump’s (alleged) characterization.

      But then I realize why it is necessary – The totalitarian left have practically criminalized so much thought and speech with their baseless, idiotic, memes about race and sex, that the Overton Window needs yanked back to the center so sensitive subjects can be discussed seriously again.

      As it is, we can’t speak without threats, labels and yelling obscuring the argument to the point that it is fruitless. No one can oppose unlimited immigration from the third world without instantly becoming a racist, bigot, sister marrying piece of neo-nazi trash, etc, etc.. On and on. This is the price America has paid for the politics of political correctness, and the left have been only too happy to fan these flames till physical violence itself has been rationalized away as necessary and proper.

      So, I thank the president for staking a claim in the opposite direction, so polite discourse can continue in the center.. Where it belongs.

      • I just read your comment and I have seen versions of it before. The shock of it created a ripple effect where some took it to mean that using this term is right, others like you have taken it to mean a correction and just an hour ago I made a comment that it is America who has contributed to the decay of the world.
        looking at it this way the “sht hole nations are by and large the product of a sht hole factory called the US.

      • others like you have taken it to mean a correction..

        Yes, and that is a fair assessment of what I wrote. Our dialogue is suffering because of partisan acrimony, and that bothers me greatly because we have so many important issues before us right now.

        And I don’t feel responsible for Haiti being in the condition it is. I wasn’t consulted and the decision wasn’t mine. Somewhere between screaming “Hitler!” at one another and just throwing the borders open to 7 billion people, there is a place for Christian charity and honest dialogue about places like this and the unfortunates who dwell there.

      • JXH
        “And I don’t feel responsible for Haiti being in the condition it is. I wasn’t consulted and the decision wasn’t mine.”
        The problem with great powers like the United States or say the British Empire is that often people are happy to take credit of the good we have done but turn a blind eye to the wrong. Greater the power the more influence it has over the world. “The American Century” is a term given to that influence. We shaped the modern, so did the Colonial Empires. both good and bad.
        Also keep in mind the nations in Africa, Asia and the Non European world were born in the mid 20th century. That includes their governments. Before that they were parts of Kingdoms or Empires, Some were simply open space. Our capacity to control and shape them was and is immense.
        Tragedies like Union Carbide which killed 22 thousand in India is easily put aside by us as some callous act by Indian authorities. “their problem not ours” even though it is our company and we chose a nation with lax laws to low taxes for our advantage
        we have the power to oust Qaddafi, Mubarak and Saddam for personal reasons while we prop up the mos corrupt and cruel governments when it serves corporate America. We can do all of that and still have the luxury to claim it is not our concern.

      • Respectfully, F___ all that..

        I am one guy in this place and time. My life is a finite thing and, while I have made mistakes, I refuse to accept a “blood guilt” label of any type for things that were done before me and over which I had no knowledge, and certainly no control. If the argument is that someone did something bad, so I am not somehow obligated to import a bunch of violent people from the third world to live among my own children and my countrymen? I demur and I will point out it is the same line of reasoning that was used to justify chasing Jews around, forever blaming them for the death of Christ. The US has also been a force for good in the world, and these other people and these places have their own sins to account for.

        But, beyond that.. Even if you accept the argument of blood guilt, I am not sure it would be appropriate to attach the label to every layman in the United States today.

        I’m GenX and I am old enough to remember what it was like before the tech revolution. I don’t know if you are, but I can tell you for a fact that our media was the window to the world for most Americans. It wielded so much influence it was dubbed the 4th Estate.

        If you believe in the blood guilt scenario, there is much reason for optimism because the time we live in is unique. The people who came before us weren’t evil, they were largely misinformed. Their view of the world around them was very opaque and it was the job of the 4th estate to edify them because most of what they knew came from a handful of network news stations and a handful of newspapers.. And that was about it.

        Examples of why this is important and how it changes things going forward:

        1) Even in my youth, during the run up to the Iraq war, Americans were assured that Saddam was a threat to our safety. The intelligence agencies said so. The President said so. The Secretary of state was before the United Nations presenting depictions of weapons of mass destruction. Most of the media agreed. When America learned the truth President Bush’s approval ratings fell into the 20’s and his reputation never recovered from that.

        Mistake or not. Good faith or not. He erred and innocent people on the other side of the world were made even more miserable as a result, and he was not forgiven for this. The internet played an important role in informing America just what had been done in their name and they were horrified.

        2) I didn’t agree with President Obama on very much, but one of the best decisions he ever made was walking away from the “red line” in Syria. He was hammered for it, but thanks to the tech revolution and the diverse media we enjoy today, Americans weren’t fooled. They knew it wasn’t about Assad and chemical weapons. They knew that decapitating his Alawite regime, bad as it was, would kick off a humanitarian catastrophe they would be responsible for. They knew he was the “moderate” and the only thing keeping a bunch of people’s hard lives from becoming hellish. They acted accordingly, stood up and implored Obama to back down, and he assented.

        I believe Americans would have acted properly at most any time in our history if they had been properly apprised of the facts, and I think in many of the times their behavior didn’t perfectly comport with our own that historical context is being overlooked. Sometimes deliberately.

        In my mind the people responsible are the people who made these decisions when they were in possession of the facts. Facts they deliberately obscured from average Americans they knew were too ignorant to call them out.

        Regardless of any of this, we can’t atone for every sin. We don’t have the ability to change the past. We do have the ability to change the future, but if the argument is we should destroy the culture and the country we bequeath to our children, than that is too much to ask and I don’t think it will help anyone, anyway. I don’t think it will ever be enough for the perpetually aggrieved and I think it will be more than our heirs can bear.

        And that is what I think.


      • I’m not going to be very interested in charity OR dialog until I hear a hint of how these places can become OTHER THAN S..TH0LES without taking positive action themselves. In other words, without their accepting the fact that they ARE WHAT THEY ARE and the the responsibility for fixing that lies first with THEM.

        They shat what stinks up the places they live. They do it again daily. I CANNOT FIX THAT. I regret that they choose to live as they do, but that choice is theirs alone.

        Get back to us about ‘Christian charity’ when you can report the leadership of one or more s…holes announcing that his country IS one and he’s going to do something about it. Or when you have a plan to do modern prosperity and public health TO them, whether they want it or not. And don’t bother saying they should be colonies again because ‘white man’s duty.’ Been there, done that, don’t need another of those tee shirts.

      • As I wrote in my subsequent post: I don’t feel an obligation to “fix” the world, and I don’t think we’re solely responsible for its sorry state. In fact, I think the immense power of the US would have been handled much more poorly by some of these other countries we are accused (rightly or wrongly) of victimizing..

        However, when you have an event like the Haiti earthquake, for example.. Christian charity is the proper response.

        When a country is backward and wishes to improve its lot, we have a lot to offer them. And not just in monetary terms. We have some of the finest universities in the world. We have technology they can avail themselves of. We can help them process natural resources they may possess. We can provide them a degree of protection if they require it. We can train their farmers and their doctors. Etc.

        There’s a lot we can do to help struggling countries that want to improve without writing them a check directly or importing them all. And, generally speaking and within acceptable limits, I’m fine with that.

      • Wholly agree. But that wouldn’t be a change from current policy and cannot fix the fact that the money they need to provide sewer systems and universal education is already going there — but is siphoned off by elites for their own enjoyment.

      • Yeah, we can’t just print money and throw it at cronies the world over.

        It’s like the guy who prayed every night to win the lottery.. He prayed and he prayed and he prayed and finally the almighty became frustrated with him and said: “Bro.. At least meet me halfway and go buy a ticket first..”

        So, any help from America should be contingent on a good faith effort by those requesting the assistance. After all, we have needy people too and a concrete obligation to try and assist them when they ask of us and act in good faith.

    • Expressing a brutally honest assessment of conditions in benighted countries while having compassion for the suffering of the people in those countries are not necessarily mutually exclusive emotions. However, that still doesn’t mean the U.S. is obligated to invite everyone into OUR country.

      America sends billions of taxpayer dollars in aid to countries all over the world, and we have a vigorous network of private relief organizations that selflessly deliver humanitarian assistance. Americans do more than any other single country to alleviate human suffering around the world … we have nothing to be ashamed of on that score. Crude words are meaningless when compared with the reality of our generous actions.

      • Expressing a brutally honest assessment by either one of us using the crudest language is allowed and in some cases encouraged but never so with leaders. They represent the nation. they are public figures and their words carry weight. That is why President Trump being the President cannot call African nations “s**t holes” since he speaks for America. The role of leaders is well written up by Romans to Europeans and Americans. Language is central. We have to hold our leaders to a better level than let them use the crudest words to describe other nations and people
        as or our generosity I assume you base it on the amount of Charity. I do not. Charity is one of the biggest scams. It is a write off where the Director often makes a 6 figure salary, overhead costs and every expense becomes a tax write off and we the people end up paying for the money spent by that Charity. It does not earn, as money is donated. Rule of thumb usually is that for every dollar spent around 10 cents really goes for the target , the rest goes to pay advertising, rent, salaries,perks etc.
        Another to judge these Charities is that the billions they earn and spend little is shown. and the world is not transformed. It is the height of hypocrisy for it paints America as a caring nation of the true poverty and suffering.
        to make a comparison non of those Charities equal the work of Mother Theresa.

      • Private charities are answerable to their donors. Savvy donors who truly care about their causes only give their money to organizations that are efficient at helping the ultimate recipients. That’s the key difference between government welfare and true personal charity, or corrupt NGOs funded by passthrough funding from the UN or phony “charitable foundations” like the one run by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

        Which reminds me, despite the manufactured outrage over his crude language and the unfounded libel that he’s racist, Donald Trump directly funded surgeries that restored the eyesight of blind Haitian children, and Senator Rand Paul, in his capacity as an ophthalmologist, performed the surgeries. Trump, when he was a private citizen, was also lauded numerous times by Jesse Jackson for his commitment to helping “underserved (AKA black) communities”.

        My point is, that while we can be swayed or soothed by graceful rhetoric from our elected leaders, the same words can also dupe or lie. Although I love stirring speeches as much as anyone, I’ve learned that empty notions dressed up in pretty words can be deceitful and I’ve come to value results more.

        President Trump promised to unleash the power of our economy, protect our sovereignty by restoring immigration laws, restore America’s standing in the world, and drain the swamp of entrenched Washington elites ( it’s the last promise that’s causing the hysterical backlash to everything else he does). He’s keeping his promises so I couldn’t care less about crude words.

    • Calm down sparky. The comment was directed at certain countries due to the economic and physical conditions of the country. It may not be an elegant description but Haiti and Somolia are hell holes. Neither country provides education to its population. There are no roads or sewer systems. The government is corrupt and not functional. Neither country is improving. Instead of enabling corrupt and ineffective governments to continue to inflict misery on the population, why not call them out for what they are?

      • When I made that comment It was based on personal reflections of dealing with Americans who do not know or care about the world outside America and Europe. Trump’s comment made it harder for me. but since then I realized (and commented) that these problems are the result of America

      • Actually these countries have people who have made significant contributions to the disasterous states that their countries are in. Government officials have looted money that could have built schools, roads and sanitary systems. That is very much the fault of the thieves.
        You have a very narrow “American is the only actor on the stage” view of the world. The truth is that there are many actors and many of those actors have bad intent and motives. The Mid East is a mess, but Iran is a significant contributor to the destabilization. Iran want and intends to build a caliphate that encompasses Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iran, Iraq and Israel. It is hell bent on destabilizing and wiping out those governments. God help the religious and ethnic minorities should they succeed.
        Don’t get me wrong, the U.S. never should have invaded Iraq. It was a mistake that has had terrible consequences. But some of the U.S. failure can be attributed to the Iranian guard and Iranian efforts at destabilizatin.

        Haiti has been a mess since its inception. Some of it was created by hostility of other countries who refused to trade or do business, but much of it has been home made. Do you remember Baby Doc and his father who ruled for several decades? Do they not bear some responsibility for the country’s failure to progress in any way during those decades?

        Do you blame the U.S. for the mess in Venezuela? Are Maduro and the military hands clean?

  8. Nobody has really commented on the truth of Trump’s comment (alleged or otherwise).

    During my deployment to Desert Storm, I was stationed at a tent hospital in al Jubayl which was literally located on the waterfront of that town. We were not allowed to swim or bath in the water because of high coliform counts since the raw sewage of al Jubayl was dumped directly into the leading to the Persian Gulf. So, for the month I was there, I literally live next to a shithole.

    The real controversy is Trump merely pointed out the pink elephant in the middle of the living room that we as politically correct progressive were supposed to ignore. Trump is merely shocking them with the truth.

  9. Simple solution has been created. All the countries that Liberal IMBECILES are stating are NOT “sh*tholes” and are “offended”, should get to the airport to greet their ILLEGAL DACA and refugees returning back home.