#MeToo is a Moral Panic—That the Left Deserves

In 2018, it already appears that the Left will have to reckon with a famous lesson from a book that most of them have likely never read. I refer to the famous line “Live by the sword, die by the sword” from the Gospel of Matthew. Or, to make it more current for the Left’s travails: Live by the sexism accusation, die by the sexism accusation.

At least, such would seem to be the lesson of the Left’s kowtowing to the #MeToo movement, which has transformed accusations of sexual harassment into the nation’s foremost political weapon. In fact, so successful has #MeToo been, that many are now beginning to fret that the movement has the makings of a moral panic, or a “warlock hunt.”

In most cases, I believe they are right. The vagueness of the idea of “sexual harassment,” combined with the movement’s “listen and believe” ethos, is a recipe for eventual ugliness and abuse of power by activists involved. I say this both as a man and as a longtime critic of sexual Puritanism in American culture, of which #MeToo is a prime example.

Silicon Valley is Decadent and Depraved
However, for now, there’s just one problem: You can’t argue with a warlock hunt until it accuses someone who isn’t a warlock. And based on what has come out about the cultural Left’s most precious industries as a result of #MeToo, I would say that the activists behind #MeToo are either spectacularly lucky, or possess the most efficient warlock hunting guide since the
“Malleus Maleficarum. Just look at what has emerged in the past year about Hollywood, the news media, Democratic politicians, and—recently—Silicon Valley.

Anyone in doubt about the Valley’s warped proclivities need look no further than the recent publication of an excerpt of the book “Brotopia” by Emily Chang. As reproduced at Vanity Fair, the excerpt details endless, orgiastic sex parties that take place within Silicon Valley: parties that are sold with the mantle of progressive-minded boundary pushing, but that actually involve large amounts of professional and personal coercion directed toward relatively powerless women by very powerful, and apparently very entitled men.

Not to mention, the lurid details of the parties themselves, which apparently involve ubiquitous drug use and bondage, and are kept secret to avoid compromising the reputations of their participants, are hardly flattering optics in any way. And no, before you ask, it’s not just random men you’ve never heard of participating in these affairs. Elon Musk himself apparently attended one and “left early.” Which is to say, he left at 1 a.m.

For me in particular, this story is both horrifying and disgusting. Years ago, I argued that the panic over sexuality among socially awkward but rich young men of the type the story describes had all the overtones of not just a moral panic, but one motivated by very old and very troubling prejudices. Now, I am not so sympathetic.

The fact is, in the past few years, it has become clear that the titans of Silicon Valley are not the put-upon, harmless nerds arguing for freedom in every area of expression and life that they portrayed themselves to be around 2013. Rather, they are opportunistic, predatory, and entitled would-be tyrants who believe it is their right to sanitize the Internet of anything that falls short of performative wokeness (or just hurts their business model) at the very same time they flagrantly and viciously flout their own professed morals in private.

And—and this is the worst part, which applies to more than the tech sector—by making such monstrous hypocrites of themselves, these Leftist-dominated industries have cast doubt on everyone who engages in the otherwise noble tasks they originally set for themselves.

Vindicating the Bullies
It is monstrously unjust and wrong that Hollywood titans like Harvey Weinstein (and
his brothel madame Oprah) tainted all artists with the brush of potential sexual predation, in this era when so much art seems to need to seek permission from the Puritans to exist. It is horribly irresponsible that a few partisan scumbags in the ranks of journalism have cast the pall of potential rape on everyone else who might seek to ask inconvenient questions and ferret out the truth.

And, by acting like the very sex-crazed and callous overgrown teenage boys that their critics at first only imagined them to be, the men exposed by Chang have vindicated the very worst of the feminist bullies who would resent their success and maleness regardless of guilt, while simultaneously empowering those feminist bullies to seize control of the lives and livelihoods of countless innocents.

So yes, #MeToo’s overly restrictive sexual ethics and its contempt for doubt and evidence are likely to sink it in the long run.

But for now, the people who it snares appear to be the very people who not only let those toxic ideas run wild, but shut down anyone who questioned them. They are hypocritical fiends, drunk on power, and just as they lived by the sword, they will die by the sword. With any luck, art, journalism, and technology will survive this corruption by so many who seek to hide their own flaws behind the karma offsets offered by the woke Puritans, and are now facing the fact that those Puritans will rightly expose them when they no longer need them.

About Mytheos Holt

Mytheos Holt is a senior contributor to American Greatness and a senior fellow at the Institute for Liberty. He has held positions at the R Street Institute, Mair Strategies, The Blaze, and National Review. He also worked as a speechwriter for U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, and reviews video games at Gamesided. He hails originally from Big Sur, California, but currently resides in New York City. Yes, Mytheos is his real name.

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6 responses to “#MeToo is a Moral Panic—That the Left Deserves”

  1. I agree with the article. My late second cousin grew up in Brooklyn in the ’60s. She was put on the Pill at 14, by her Mom who was a Jewish Communist. These people have always been around. Her folks were both “intellectuals”. They were Stalinists, until he was denounced. They used to have sex orgies at their home. They were drawn to the Soviets by the antisemitism ban and the existence of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. They were not religious. But their circle, according to my Mom, was more driven by things French. Money and the open presence of atheism permitted them to go wild. My cousin would intimidate employers by pulling up her skirt. She did not wear underwear. If she were alive today, she would, no doubt, be tweeting at #MeToo. By not teaching Christianity, we have given the Devil’s religion, materialistic humanism, the last word.

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  2. The article says the participants aren’t actually techies but rather the “guests and hosts include powerful first-round investors, well-known entrepreneurs, and top executives.” In other words, the Weinsteins of Silicon Valley. Of course the women need only be young and pretty and plentiful. “At normal tech parties, there are hardly any women. At these kinds of party, there are tons of them.”

    This trope is ancient. Such things have always happened at the intersection of money and power. In the old days, the vice squad would raid one of these affairs from time; photos would be splashed on the front pages of the tabloids, deeply concerned editorials and opinion pieces would appear in the broadsheets and the ministers knew what next Sunday’s sermon would address..

    Now, the vice squads have faded, the MSM is too jaded and too often a participant to care and the pews are empty.

    Yet the people have found a way to obtain the same result. As Mytheos points out, #MeToo is over the target on this one and so it is too early to criticize them.

  3. Odd coincidence that this entire witchhunt of such noble ends started within about a month of the Alabama Senate election. With the Senate in a near deadlock, with amazing timing, women began coming forward to Washington Post disinterested objective journalists with no partisan interest in the outcome of the Senate race, and began telling wild stories of Roy Moore, all from about 40 years ago, and how he engaged in “inappropriate” behavior that all these women had stored in their memory banks until the final three weeks of this election campaign 40 years later. Roy Moores accusers were all judged credible and Moore was judged a liar by all the right disinterested media types, including many Republicans who don’t like politicians who disrespect the deity of federal judges. There was zero evidence against Moore. There were zero charges made against Moore at the time of these supposed terrible crimes against girls. None. But, Moore lost which was the goal of this who exercise. And the man who won. What do we know of what this former baseball player did during his many road trips and with you college girls? Nothing. Nobody cared to ask.

  4. Honestly. All these silly people looked like were a join-up gaggle of screeching old crows. Too late for y’all to be so indignant and self-righteous, isn’t it? Think that train has left the station …. about 30 years ago. You should’ve complained then.