Of Home Truths and Shitholes

It is curious how close certain seemingly contrary emotions can be. Consider, to take just one example, the feelings of glee and outrage. At first blush, they seem very different. Glee occupies a positive register in the metabolism of human emotions. There is such thing as malicious glee, of course—the German word schadenfreude captures that perfectly. But by and large, I believe, glee is a sunny, allegro emotion.

Outrage, on the contrary, is a dour beast. It glowers. It fulminates. It glories in moral indignation, which it eagerly manufactures whenever it is in short supply.

And it is there, in the manufacture, affectation, the pretense, of moral indignation that that outrage shades in smarmy gleefulness. You can see this in operation right now, today, by the simple expedient of turning to CNN and watching commentator after commentator explode in gleeful outrage over Donald Trump’s alleged comments about the relative desirability of immigrants from countries like Norway, on the one hand, and countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and various apparently unnamed African countries on the other. (I say “alleged” not because I doubt the substance of the report, but simply because the president has disputed some details of the reporting.)

Two questions: Were all those commentators at CNN (and the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other purveyors of sanctimony)—were they more delighted or unhappy about the president’s comment? Think carefully before answering.

Sometimes, the experience of outrage, and its accompanying moral indignation, is essentially a feeling of displeasure—at a wrong done or suffered, an injustice or cruelty observed, etc.

But sometimes, outrage is but a patina of indignation whose chief motive is incontinent delight. Which is it for the talking heads at CNN? Are they genuinely morally offended by the president’s comments? Or are they really absolutely delighted by the opportunity he has given them to say “shithole” over and over again while also running endless chyrons reminding viewers that the president referred to (if he did refer to) Haiti, El Salvador, etc., as “shithole countries” from which we should not seek immigrants?

I think it is the latter, and I believe there are two parts to the delight. One is the natural expectation of a ratings boost in the wake of all that potty-mouthed commentary. The other is the prospect, once again, of being given free rein to lay into Donald Trump and deplore how horrible, uncaring, racist, and vulgar he is. Maybe, just maybe, this exhibition of political incorrectness will turn the tide of public opinion against this most improbable president. Maybe, just maybe, it will administer the coup de grace against a man who is the walking embodiment of everything enlightened progressive opinion loathes.

Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it.

Which brings me to my second question: Was the president right to question the desirability of accepting immigrants from places like Haiti? Let’s leave his colorful language to one side. That was just a bit of rhetorical salsa on the burrito. The coarsening of language in the public square (and the private hearth) means that virtually anyone not cloistered hears and/or utters much ruder language almost daily.

The real issue is whether we justly prefer immigrants from some places over others.

I would say that the answer is an unequivocal Yes. Of course we do. Not only was the president correct when, some time ago, he said that we should favor immigrants who knew English and brought with them marketable skills, he is also correct now when he suggests that someone from Norway, say, is more likely to bring those desirable qualities than someone from Haiti, El Salvador, etc.

He is further correct that the Haitis of the world are conspicuously undesirable places: crime- and disease-ridden trous de merde that we may pity and may endeavor to help but that are not necessarily good sources of helpful immigrants.

And here we come to a second curiosity in the preening and ecstatic outrage over the president’s comment. Everyone, near enough, knows that he was telling a home truth. It was outrageous not because he said something crude that was untrue. Quite the contrary: it was outrageous precisely because it was true but intolerable to progressive sensitivities.

In other words, the potency of taboo is still strong in our superficially rational culture. There are some things—quite a few, actually, and the list keeps growing—about which one cannot speak the truth or, in many cases, even raise as a subject for discussion without violating the unspoken pact of liberal sanctimoniousness.

Donald Trump, of course, does this regularly, delightedly. Hitherto, his brazenness has only endeared him to his base and driven his critics mad. Perhaps it will be different this time. Maybe the angry censors will descend en masse in effective indignation and drag him from the stage. Again, though, I wouldn’t count on it. Trump’s Haiti moment is cut from the same script as Trump’s “Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig” mot. Uncouth. Crude. But was it untrue?

We live in a surreal moment when it becomes ever harder to tell the truth about sensitive subjects. Donald Trump has strutted across our timid landscape like a wrecking ball, telling truths, putting noses out of joint. The toffs will never forgive him, but I suspect the American people have stronger stomachs and are up to the task.

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426 responses to “Of Home Truths and Shitholes”

  1. My new motto for evaluating any current media topic is, “but is it true?” I don’t care how anyone wants to portray the sensitivity of it . . but is it true? I have been to Haiti, and it is a shi!thole.” I have been to sub-Saharan countries, and they are sh!tholes. If it is true, it can (and perhaps must) be said.

    • …and El Salvador has the highest intentional homicide rate of any country in the WORLD.

      Even the predictable Outraged Leftbot Blowback on this has been somewhat muted, because the homicide capital of the world and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere emphatically ARE shitholes, which is why so many people from these nations are HERE (and often prospering). Is there nostalgia among expat Haitians for the thuggish Duvaliers, or for the coups that twice unseated the elected Aristide?

      I notice that some of the early reportage on this stressed that Trump argued for immigration from Norway, while omitting the rather telling datum that he also argued for more immigration from, yes… ASIA. This of course cuts the legs out from under the Trump Tha White Supremacist Racist narrative.

      Bravo, Roger Kimball.

    • Irony of ironies is that the people in these countries want to go to Europe and the USA not to their neighboring nations – they, themselves recognize these deplorable conditions in these countries which is why they’re crossing the Mediterranean and the Caribbean to Europe and the USA respectively. Finally, Trump pulled back the curtain to reveal the false narrative that the Left has been using to intimidate the rest of us for decades.

    • But note this. Is there ANY Muslim that you, as an American, would feel safe in? Would you be beheaded? Would it be filmed? How long would it take? Ruminate on these questions. Now, ask yourself the question: Why should we allow unfettered un-vetted Muslim immigration into this nation as promoted by the Democratic Party?

      • Albania and Bosnia. Borat jokes aside, Kazakhstan.

        I was in Egypt during the Sadat era and I felt quite safe, and generally was.

      • That was a loooooong time ago. Granted it was not long after the Iran hostage crisis, but it was well before the rise of global jihad and radical Islamic terrorism. Truthfully, until we were attacked on 9/11, I thought of followers of Islam as “just folks”, adherents to a different brand of religion. Having since read enough about their beliefs and rules to comprehend that they are commanded to conquer rather than convert, to overthrow rather than assimilate, and to slaughter any who can’t be turned, there are now very few Muslim people that I would trust as far as I could see them.

  2. Whether Trump said that or not is not really the point. The point has two sections revolving: The first finds that saying such vulgar words about a place like Haiti is beyond the pale; the second agrees with Trump’s alleged assessment and wonders what the fuss is all about.

    Which of these will win? To get literary, one is a glass menagerie, the other is full of real animals.

  3. It is phony outrage as evidenced by the hypocrisy that the Left had no problem with these things being said by their own. To them, it matters not what was said, but who said it. When confronted with their hypocrisy, their only response is to scream, “Whataboutism!” as if that made their insincerity vanish faster than their evanescent principles. These fragile, wilting dandelions wouldn’t have lasted long in the Jacksonian era when JQA could accuse Jackson’s mother of being a traitorous whore, Jackson of being a murderous halfbreed, and Jackson’s wife of being an adulteress and bigamist while Jackson accused JQA of pimping out American girls to the Russian ambassador.

  4. Was the president right to question the desirability of accepting immigrants from places like Haiti?
    Pardon my plagiarizing Milton Friedman, but the unlimited welfare state and open borders are incompatible.
    Trump said the same as Friedman, albeit in Queens street language.
    Both are correct.

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      • I’m sure that Google became an economic juggernaut by paying members of the proletariat $97/hour. Please take this drivel to the ghetto and other manifestations of Google’s liberal/progressive policy. The denizens of those places MAY be stupid enough to believe it. Or broadcast it at Harvard. They certainly are.

      • I’ve never seen this type of scam in the Guardian comments section. They must be making money off some of you very stable geniuses! Proof is in the pudding, my white-and-proud friend.

    • With due respect to the great economist, let’s take this up one level: open borders and democracy are incompatible. If we get to the point that for every well-functioning American voter there are 20 illiterate, low-IQ peones–from countries in which corruption is a feature and not a bug–we can kiss our 3,000-year-old civilization goodbye. And as per the now-infamous Palmieri memo, that’s exactly the Democrat party’s stated wish: let’s turn the country into a shithöle; sure, it will be a shithöle, but it will be *our* shithöle ’cause we’ll be in charge.

      With this single comment–which reflects at least 50% of what Americans have been thinking for the last half-century–Trump has reframed the issue and taken a jack-hammer to the pretty lies we’ve been forced to think, even as our white-picket-fence neighborhoods are turned into squalid wastelands of trash, Taquerias, petty crime and junk dollar-stores. And the use of that term (a brilliant move by our Pres) has suddenly catapulted the core of issue to the forefront: no more pussyfooting around “lowering wages” and “costing taxpayers’ dollars”–immigration from shithöle countries is turning OUR country into a shithöle. Period.

      Building a civilization takes millennia. Tearing it down only takes a couple decades. Thanks to Trump, hopefully more Americans that have been conditioned to “think pretty” will now be forced to address whether the core of his statement was true. They can do so in more polite terms, but he’s muscled the Overton Window wide open for them: no more excuses to look at this timidly and keep on lying to ourselves. Bravo, Mr. Trump.

      • Excellent comment. Succinct and to the point. America is being destroyed by politicians in both parties who put their greedy campaign contributors desires for cheap labor above the needs of the people of our country. They are aided by the media who only care about the money they earn from high ratings and will say anything to get it. We have been sold down the river by our own leaders and it is time we put a top to it!

      • I have a different take with ref. to the Uniparty/Globalist/Elitists. I think they understand the Third World is a sh**hole and they understand that in such sh**holes NOBODY is safe, that there isn’t enough money to protect them. So they have set out to impose a “one world” government on the planet in which they elevate the sh**hole countries by shipping American factory jobs to said countries thereby lowering the living standards of the West and elevating the living standards of the Rest just enough to keep THEM safe in their gated communities. They’re not worried about terrorists blowing up commercial jets; they take private jets. They’re not worried about being gunned down in their nightclubs; their clubs are private and heavily guarded. They’re not worried about their kids getting mugged in school because their kids are in private school. Open borders are necessary to keep wages low and ensure a permanent servant class to clean their houses and manicure their lawns, but so far as dumping all the residents of sh**hole countries into the USA, they know THAT is a recipe for disaster. Donald Trump is like Toto in the Wizard of Oz. He constantly pulls back the curtain so we can see what’s really going on.

      • I am glad to see that are people like you who clearly understand what is going on in our country and who is responsible for it. Too many of those who post their so called opinions can’t see the forest for the trees. Thank you.

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      • Very well said, with excellent, yet potentially negative insight into an ever – growing America.

      • Excellent.

        If I tattooed myself, I’d find a shoulder, or maybe even a neck for that one.

      • So true. After the slave revolt in Haiti and slaughter of every last white person, how long before the roads, hospital, pretty houses etc were trash? A fascinating book on the subject of Black rule in Haiti is Where Black Rules White by Hesketh-Pritchard one of the first Englishmen to travel in Haiti some century or so after independence. It includes an interesting passage on voodoo practices that are still prevalent in those West African origin blacks. This is all as it should be as long as it stays in your lands, but to import this culture into white civilisation is criminal of our “elite” class.

      • Look at the Island nation from a satellite, and the mismanagement oh Haiti versus its island sharing neighbor, Dominican Republic, is readily apparent.

      • Here’s a real-world proposal that avoids all the hand -wringing: Let’s simply stop accepting immigrants from nations with a homicide rate more than 50% higher than our own.
        Who could disagree with that?

      • That would work, except that those countries will soon learn to under-report homicides, if they aren’t already. Those reports of mass graves of cartel victims might keep seeping through from Mexico, perhaps, but officialdom would fake the numbers.

      • The CIA is tasked with fact-checking those numbers. Many failed states do not even attempt to keep track of things like homicide rates, and the numbers given are WHO estimates.
        Finally, UN aid and other foreign aid flows to dysfunctional nations…so these countries have a greater incentive to play UP their homicide rates rather than down.

      • I just noticed your reply. Here’s mine: While some tend to believe the CIA is all-knowing, all-seeing and honest to a fault, particularly in reporting facts to the world, the truth may lie elsewhere (so to speak). I doubt if the CIA spends much time counting and cataloging violence against ordinary citizens in the third world, unless it is in their interests (and, secondarily, the USA’s interest) to do so. Even in the civilized world, there are many “missing” persons whose fate is unknown, but whom we may presume have perished in some unspeakable way. Every mass grave in Mexico supports the idea that the true murder rate is higher than reported. I think the CIA “goes along to get along” with the official line in those countries., and I doubt seriously that any Third World government would conspire to inflate their murder rate statistics in hopes of getting more money from the civilized world.

      • The CIA has no reason to lie about foreign homicide rates.
        Fact -checking these rates in order to pursue a policy of avoiding immigration from high-crime nations is why they exist. Attempting to undermine such a policy by lying would seem to serve no purpose. I suppose rogue, open-borders supporters within thr agency could seek to sabotage such a policy, but this is farfetched and could be true of anything.
        We don’t stop discussing policy alternatives simply because we fear functionaries won’t do their jobs.

      • ” I suppose rogue, open-borders supporters within the agency could seek
        to sabotage such a policy, but this is farfetched and could be true of

        I’m not going to fall into Deep State conspiracy theorizing, although many probably would go there. But is it so far-fetched to believe that the CIA would have favorite governments, and would downplay their failures in order to help keep them in power — not necessarily for malicious, anti-American purposes, but because they perceive those governments as necessary to achieve US aims, and/or because they belief the status quo is preferable to some alternative. CIA has had a long history of backing despots and incompetents because, to paraphrase, “they are OUR despots.”

      • Sure…but we are talking about something specific, not generalities.
        An intelligence agency has little to gain by lying about something like foreign homicide rates, and much to lose if they are caught, which is far more Iikely than you might think (see: Larry Wooten).

      • Caught by whom? A “select committee” which somehow gets inside info that the books are cooked, then confronts the agency, which cites bad sources or “undertakes a reassessment”, or cloaks all in “national security?” Or maybe a whistleblower who thinks his career is worth exposing, say, a gross under-reporting of the murder rate in Chad or Niger or (pick one)? Or the ever-vigilant press, devoting ever higher percentages of their dwindling budget to Third World issues? Is that the kind of exposure you mean?

        Either way, the vast general public would probably never learn of it, and thus would go on believing that “(Country X) is probably a pretty good place, considering all the damage white people have done there. We should send them more money and pay attention when they rant at the UN”?

      • Once again…Agent Wooten had no reason to blow the whistle on his fellow agents…yet he did.
        These agencies are largely made up of honorable patriots. Deep-state swamp creatures tend to be the political appointees at the top.
        Realism devolves to cynicism and finally shades into defeatism.
        Let’s stop expending huge amounts of mental energy finding reasons to do nothing, and instead find creative ways to move things in our direction.

      • Yes, Wooten found something to snitch about, and did. That’s good, I guess, but it only indicates that there are people that need to be snitched on. How many more get away with it?

        Moving things in our direction, let’s start by regaining control of our borders, and charging those failed countries to our south for dumping their undesirables on us. I’d like to see Mexico pay —forfeit aid — for every Mexican national incarcerated here. Make ’em pay for that Wall! How about a tax on all money orders or other cash remittances sent out of the country?

      • All wonderful ideas…and all non-starters unless we can shift the Overton Window significantly to the right on immigration.
        The way to do this is to alter the langauge and thought processes surrounding this issue AWAY from childish notions of “fairness” and “kindness” and TOWARD a realistic assessment of help vs. harm.
        One way to do this is to force the other side to defend the idea that immigrants from high crime nations are desirable additions to this country.

      • That doesn’t rule out as many countries as you think it does.

      • It ruled out Haiti, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Guatamala, Honduras, and (drumroll please)…MEXICO.
        That would be a heluva good start.

      • more bigotry on parade! Why is it good to prevent good people from bad places to come to America? Everyone who is a citizen, non Native American, is descended from someone from a bad place, or is someone from a bad place. That’s why people come to America! Because it’s better! I think your bigotry made you forget that.

      • Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry. You idiots sound like retarded peecee parrots.
        Here’s a hint, dope: “bigotry” does not mean: “people who say true stuff I don’t like”.
        And there’s so much wrong with rest of the feely-feely idiocy you typed after your whine sandwich, that I don’t know where to start.
        First: No, “everyone” is not from a”bad place”. England and Holland, in the 17th century, Germany and Scotland in the 18th, and Ireland and Italy in the 19th were all perfectly fine places, as places go. None were failed states by the standards of the day. They came because THEY RAN OUT OF ROOM. Too many people for the extant social order, resource distribution, and technology to support essentially froze them in place. And that’s what will happen here if you open border goons get your way.
        And how do you know you’re getting “good people”?
        They are completely unvetted, and that’s the problem.

      • Well done!
        We have come to a tipping point. The fat’s in the fire.

      • Very well said !! Would you not think this is by “design” put in place many, many years back with the 100% goal to KILL our culture FOREVER !! It has happened in Europe and gaining a ton of momentum in the USA. Thanks to Trump, just maybe we will put and end to this delusional BS !!

      • While I agree with what you write, and with the sentiments of Mr. Natoli, it’s good to recall that with any observation posed as a dichotomy, reducing either factor eliminates it.

        If open borders are in conflict with a welfare state, one can either eliminate the welfare state of eliminate open borders. In your up-level discussion, again, America may either eliminate open borders, or eliminate democracy.

        The progressive mind is to save both (at either level), and that’s where the failure of rational thought lies, but it seems clear that in the progressive mind the question of the welfare state vs. democracy is orthogonal. They incorrectly believe a welfare state can be democratic but would openly sacrifice democracy to save it and, in fact, every historical example of socialist states has been autocratic.

        Progressives will sacrifice democracy, but the welfare state is a crowd pleaser they won’t give up.

    • Not only are open borders and a welfare state incompatible, but to continue to support, as the open borders/amnesty crowd do, quasi 19th century immigration policies that favor low skilled, poorly educated individuals when the advances in technologies like robotics and automation are eliminating tens of thousands of jobs that these individuals with these skill sets possess is insane. This continued influx is going to exacerbate the tension in the employment situation in future decades, not to mention the costs that we as American taxpayers will bear to support all these unemployed and unemployable individuals. We are literally importing people who will be the future Antifa rioters when they have no jobs, no job prospects, and the government can no longer provide the benefits to which they believe themselves entitled due to our hemorrhaging nation debt.

      • To be Progressive you must progress. Beyond unworkable 19th century
        Immigration policy. To liberals the Constitution is a ‘living document’ which they
        change at will. But the ‘give us your tired…’ add on must last forever.

      • You have to keep in mind that the Progressive Utopia calls for paying folks that mow lawns as much as PhD. Bioengineers.

        Think Star Trek. “We don’t use money…”

    • Ask your liberal friends these questions:

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. increase or decrease the literacy rate?

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. increase or decrease the rate of unvaccinated children and disease?

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. increase or decrease the average wage?

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. increase or decrease the percentage of the population on government assistance?

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. make it more or less like a third-world country?

      Does immigration from dysfunctional countries make the U.S. more or less stable?

      Fairly certain you will find that if you consider it honestly, immigration from dysfunctional countries to the U.S. is mostly negative for U.S. citizens.

      Not because they are bad people, but because they come from dysfunctional countries.

      • Yes, but the real big question, and the only question that actually drives this whole issue is:
        Does immigration (legal and illegal) from dysfunctional countries increase or decrease the Democrat voting base?

      • My childless sister is in favor of adoption of foreign babies. She asks why a Bangladeshi baby should have to live in a s***hole (her actual word) just because they were born there?
        So, it isn’t just the cheap labor, there are plenty of bleeding hearts who believe in magic dirt. If they have no progeny, they don’t seem to care about the future of their own kind. They don’t even want a “kind”.

      • If your sister is a bleeding heart liberal, she’d raise any child the same way.

      • I want a kind. I want a kind kind.

        May the bleeding brain conservatives and their endless ignorant racisms disappear into the dustbins of history.

      • It seems it’s always about race with you folks isn’t it? The hot button. Never about culture.

        The problem is, it’s very difficult to point to a sovereign nation composed of Neanderthal descendants (Europe, Asia, Native Americans, etc.) that qualifies as a “sh*thole”. Why is that?

      • Well, I imagine that if Africans had moved to Europe, enslaved the local populations and sold the Europeans in a trans Atlantic trade as non human workers in the new world, the wealth of nations might look a bit differently today.

        Why do you think this is??

      • That whole ”slavery built this country” is nonsense. In the first place virtually every shithole in this hemisphere started with slave economies as well as most of the middle east. The wealthiest parts of this country were those that abandoned slavery first. While slavery greatly benefited the planter class in the south it held back the region’s overall prosperity. In any case the civil war wiped out most of the accumulated southern wealth.

      • Slavery was never only an economic system but a psychological one.

        White people never wanted to admit that slavery was an inhuman, viciously cruel way to treat fellow human beings. So they created myths of race (these people with this skin color here aren’t truly human like me and my family are human–even if they are in fact blood relatives…) that generations after slavery have still not fully gone away.

        Trump’s parents had problems with him as a child. His dad was a member of the klan who openly discriminated against black people in his rental properties. Trump was raised with the belief system that white people are racially superior, and he’s never given it up.

      • You said slavery didn’t build this country…but it built the psychology of our current president.

        And it literally built the White House and the origins of white European wealth not only here but around the world.

        Take away the stolen wealth of slavery and colonialism and the banks of Europe would be much much poorer.

        Sh–holes are most often countries that have been robbed blind. Haitians were forced to repay France for their right not to be slaves.

        Look up this history.

        Yes, it matters how and why this all happened.

      • You are a moron, not even a dangerous moron simply a moron.

      • And you’re demonstrably worse than that. An inarticulate racist who can’t conduct an argument without incoherent name calling.

      • “You said slavery didn’t build this country…but it built the psychology of our current president.”

        And this is bad in what way J? It built the psychology of our last president and the ones before him as well, all the way back to and including Lincoln. In a very real sense it’s built the psychology of an entire nation. The 13th amendment formally outlaws slavery and we all learn about it in grade school. It hasn’t just “built the psychology” of a President, it’s built the psychology of a Nation.

        And it’s worth protecting against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s been burned into our collective conscience. Why is that a problem?

      • Are you the alt right?

        Because what you just wrote kind of made me want to throw up all over the place for so many reasons.

      • Am I “alt-right”? What the heck is “alt-right” J? From my reading it’s just another term Progressives have made up to describe undesirables. The Deplorables. I isuppose you’ll need to decide whether or not my opinion on the subject of cultural diversity, both desirable and undesirable, are acceptable for yourself. I’m not a member of any political organization and usually just speak for myself. I may agree with some, but I don’t carry any cards if you know what I mean?

        It’s pretty difficult to believe anything I’ve written might evoke a physical desire to vomit in a normal person. My guess is you’re easily triggered.

      • The current president is a moron who clings to his imaginary racial superiority while he waits to be indicted for money laundering and other crimes.

        The president is more of an enemy to me and to my values than the average African in Africa is.

        There is one race of human beings..the human race. Skin color is cosmetic. That we are still shallow enough to torture and kill over melatonin brings endless shame to our species.

      • “The president is more of an enemy to me and to my values than the average African in Africa is.”

        J, I’m afraid you’ve managed to go way off the reservation on this. The subject of the article is “shitholes” of the world. Whether or not Trump even uttered that phrase is questionable, but it is nevertheless true there are “shitholes” in the world. Not all are in Africa but there are a few. Remember Idi Amin? “Idi, Idi, Idi Amin! Meanest Muderf*cker da world ever seen!” Yea. That one.

        My concern is simply protecting my culture and you’ve turned that concern into a racist commentary, which is frankly typical of the average college educated liberal arts Bachelor. I resent it. Right up front. In my opinion it’s not at all about race, it’s about culture and I refuse be labeled a racist simply because I recognize the difference between civilization and barbarians.

        There are shitholes in the world J. It’s a demonstrable fact. I’d rather not collect them as neighbors. I don’t really care what color they are.

      • I have more culturally in common with the average African than I do with a cruel racist billionaire who lives in the Oval Office.

        I don’t want him for my neighbor or my president.

        I like living in a culturally diverse place. I live in California. I would hate to live in an all white country.

        Neighbors from all over the world make my life better every single day. White people food and white people music would never be enough to culturally satisfy me.

        My appetite is for a block party with spice. With people who know how to dance.

        I could never live in a gated all white community without hating myself. I will never see the appeal of living in fear like that of communities of color.

        What makes America great for many of us is the melting pot. That is OUR culture. The bland white guy with a toilet mouth in the White House with Saddam Hussein’s taste in home decor can’t destroy the beautiful complexity of our piece of the world.

      • Strange, you and I are actually on the same page. As long as you don’t label me or anyone else a racist because we prefer the culture we live in, which doesn’t cater to racists, gangs, violent drug cartels and trafficking in human misery.

        As I said, there really are shitholes in the world. I don’t want them as neighbors and support the idea we should be careful about the people we bring into the country.

        I’ve traveled the world myself. I’ve been to block parties in Dominica, eaten jerk guinea pig and danced to local bands. I’ve also attended the opera in Vienna and been delighted by Austrian pastries and coffee. Weiner Schnitzel is a favorite of mine.

        A diverse culture is desirable. But importing random folks from shithole societies doesn’t suit me, nor do I think it promotes diversity. Some types of diversity are best avoided in polite society.

      • Some parts of America are sh–hole societies too.

        I don’t judge the quality of a culture by geography. Individuals who come here are often drawn to our pop culture. They picked this country because they like us. I have close friends born in Iran for example. They came here because they aren’t religious extremists and didn’t want to live under a repressive regime.

        America is greatest in my mind when the immigrant dream and vision of this nation is alive here. It takes nothing to be born American. No effort. But to struggle across the world to be here. That takes strength and grace and some heroicism.

        For many of us when the president trashes immigrants he trashes all of us and a dream of America that we cherish.

      • It’s been a struggle historically, open borders change that. Now it isn’t the struggle it once was.

        I agree with being selective. On that point we probably have irreconcilable differences.

      • J, sometimes it’s good to find you’ve absolutely argued an opposing point of view into the dirt. In this example I think I’ve succeeded.

        It’s never been about race, unless you want to take it all the way back 700,000 years to the division between the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnon, in which case it might actually be about race. But I’m not personally willing to go there; too little data based on way too much speculation.

        It’s just about culture, as I wrote in the beginning. Nothing more. We don’t want folks who’re racists, child molesters, or traffickers in human misery. It’s that simple.

      • J, it was “white people” who made slavery illegal. Remember? It’s still practiced in certain “sh*thole” countries in Africa.

      • There are slaves in the United States as we speak. Sex slaves and laborers who are kept without pay and subdued through violence and threats of violence.

        What was your point again?

      • “What was your point again?”

        That “white people” made slavery illegal. That would have been mine. What’s yours? People still shoot people in western countries too. That’s also illegal.

      • The percentage of capital in the United States accumulated through slavery is estimated to be around 300 billion of stolen labor from a population that was never repaid. And the United States perpetuated one of the worst systems of slavery in which the white drop rule meant that men could rape their slaves and sell their own children legally.

        So if your point was to assert that white people are morally superior to Africans because we outlawed slavery…Africans have never practiced slavery in the one drop caste system way that white people did.

        So, no, white people are not in any way morally superior to African people.

        Have a nice day.

      • You know what J? I never made a claim of racial superiority, I asked why you thought the debate was racial instead of cultural and you proceeded to launch into a set speech about the evils of slavery. I then pointed out that it was in fact largely northern European culture that outlawed the practice of slavery, and that 150 years later, the only cultures that still accept it are in Africa.

        As to arguing reparations? How does one manage that? When slaves were purchased in Africa, their captors were paid, those captors being African. Exactly what they were paid I don’t know, one can only assume it was a fair market price.

        If you want to make an attempt to “balance the books” so to speak, I believe you’d need to discover that price and adjust it for inflation, as you’ve apparently done with the figures you quote.

        Who is libel for those reparations? The people who sold the slaves (African tribesmen) or the people who paid fair market for them? I’d suggest the former.

        But again, unlike you, I wasn’t arguing the economics of a long defunct and illegal market activity, nor was I advancing “racial superiority”. Those are your arguments. Mine is that cultural preservation is good, and that it’s completely separate from any discussion of race.

      • BTW, if you’re truly against slavery, you should be very much for enforcing immigration laws in the US and other countries, including the EU.

        So called “undocumented workers” are the “slaves” of the 21st century. They come illegally to “first world” industrialized nations to labor at below market wages under the constant threat of deportation if they fail to please their “masters”.

        But that’s another conversation, one about slavery, which seems to be your pressing concern. It wasn’t mine. My concern was in the perpetual and seemingly fashionable attempt by western “liberals” to re-cast any conversation on the subject of cultural preservation as racism. It isn’t. In extreme cases there may be a racial component, but the desire to preserve ones culture and national identity isn’t racial and it hasn’t been for at least 3 generations.

      • “Have a nice day.”

        J, if you’d like to have a mature discussion, cut the arrogant snark. It’s unbecoming.

      • J, Africans did move to Europe and some of them successfully interbred with the native species. We have genetic records to support that claim.

        As to slavery? Africans apparently invented it, then successfully exported it. Do you read history at all?

      • Africans did not enslave the inhabitants of Europe nor colonize them. Marriage and children with individuals in Europe is not enslavement nor colonization.

        Not only do I read history, I have a degree in it. White supremacists have alternative histories in which they keep only the facts that support their bizarre narrow minded ideologies, throwing out the whole tableau that works against it.

      • Africans enslaved each other J, and then sold themselves into slavery. Come on.

        I should have expected a degree in history I suppose. You know what that is J? It’s a directed reading list prepared by people with an agenda. Reading history is something anyone who can read does and they, unlike you apparently, read texts that aren’t on the Progressive Propaganda Book of the Month list.

      • If proggies dealt in facts and honesty, they would not be proggies.

      • Point is ask them anyway.

        Liberals on the news regularly lie about the economic impact and lie about the use of government services by illegals.

        The questions I posed force them to deal with the fact that illegals lower our standard of living in every fashion.

      • Liberals on the news don’t really have jobs, either….unless it’s a real job to be paid to play somebody else.

      • What is so hilarious is that the objective answers to all your questions is exactly the opposite of what you think they are! You are an illiterate idiot. Your last sentence is complete nonsense.

        I challenge you to answer one question, instead of 6:

        If they are not bad people, then what does it matter where they come from?

  5. Do we really need socialists from norway coming here ?

    • Well, how cute are those Norwegian gals?

      Asking for a friend.

    • The socialists will be the ones at home there. We’d get their highly educated, highly motivated entrepreneurial types fleeing an oppressive tax system, not the sheeple. Take them.

      • Several hundred Norwegians have become US citizens in the last few years. Not a lot but not 0.

      • What is being missed here is that Europe is doomed to an Islamic future. Maybe some in Eastern Europe will keep the Muslims out, but Western Europe is doomed. Demography is destiny. Western Europe twice stopped the Muslims at the Gates of Vienna because they felt that European civilization had a culture and values that were worth preserving. They no longer have those feelings. This is why they vote for leftists who are flooding their nations with un-assimiliable Muslims. It is civilizational suicide. Lemmings. Norway and all of Western Europe will slip below the waves in a decade or two.

      • Norway does not appear to have that problem as it has a very strict immigration policy. Also, it is not subject to the EU’s refugee quota system. Apparently, with no ill effects. Take note of that, anti-Brexiters.

      • So it will be left to the Poles to save Europe from the Mohammadeans, again. For the sake of the future of Europe, let’s hope that they are up to it.

      • Why should they come to a country rapidly turning into a shithole due to unbridled immigratiom from shithole country’s?

      • Perhaps they aren’t taking into account that enough people are unhappy that they kill themselves. It ranks 2nd in the world for suicides.

        Maybe if they weren’t making people so miserable with socialism that wouldn’t be the case. Or maybe if it was easier for them to immigrate to more capitalist lands they would be happier. Who knows, but your premise is flawed. As is your source. CNN is a joke. So is WaPo, but an admission against interest is more reliable than pure propaganda.

      • That is so true. I always said that about the Greeks. The ambitious ones come here, open diners and work from dawn to midnight with the 80 year old grandfather on the register and the kids bussing tables after school. The ones left behind in Greece are in school until they are 30 and retiring at 52 and then blaming the Germans for the collapse of their economy.

  6. Great article. Faux outrage does quite literally make the Totalitarians f/k/a Democrats gleeful – lots and lots of endorphins released as soon as they start raging against the President. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a phenomenon grounded in neuroscience.

    The article does raise an interesting question: to what extent and with whom is truth a defense?

  7. Mealy mouthed garbage from Mr. Kimball.
    Trump is wrong using such demeaning language.

    • Yes, but answer the question. Why are we letting people from undesirable countries move here?

    • Trump was correct to speak directly and forthrightly. It is the Orwellian language police *filth* who are wrong. Destroy the language police. Destroy them utterly, to the last one.

    • Yes, Trump’s such a bullshi++er* for using such language.

      *B. Obama, may 17, 2017.

      Tom Perez, head of the DNC, could not be reached for comment, but it would likely be “s#it”

    • No, it’s awesome. Whether Trump intended to have this effect or not, everybody is now focused on which countries are shitholes just as the immigration reform fight is being joined.

  8. The Magic dirt theory is a fantasy of leftists and cuckservatives. America is its people not the land. The flow of incompatible cultures is ruining it and assimilation is dead.

    Diversity is bûllshit. Everyone knows it, but they too cowering to say it.

    Why are only white areas forced to be more diverse? Everyone is afraid of that question.

    I never heard anyone say Zimbabwe Haiti isn’t diverse enough.

    • America IS its respect for the life and liberty of the individual … not “magic dirt”.

      Enforced “diversity” is just as corrosive to that respect, as declaring people “irredeemable” on the basis of skin color/ethnicity/origin.

      But, even if we deported every illegal and sealed our borders, we’d still have almost half of those left lacking such respect, and many of the rest embracing policies that work against it because those policies bring some token benefit to them.

      THAT, if it continues, will eventually turn America into a sh!thole, because without respect for liberty, the secret sauce of human advancement – the responsible exercise of individual initiative – will not be able to flow, either dammed by the force of law or dried up in dependence upon our “betters” to do our thinking FOR us.

    • America is a geographical powerhouse. We have diverse climates that allow us to grow a host of different foods, vegetables, etc. It’s not magic, but there’s a reason it was so ripe for settlement in a way that Zimbabwe or Haiti aren’t. (same with the Middle East, and sub-Saharan africa, etc…)

      It is as much its people as its land. Both are great. Diversity isn’t our problem. Our lagging behind in education, 21st century jobs, etc. seems to be.


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  10. Pretty much what leftie in New York city and Hollywood think of Mobile, most of West Virginia, and swaths of New Jersey.

      • Yeah yell at Wallethub for putting a pretty thorough documentation together. Again, maybe it’s time these states start contributing. Happy to invest in them long-term if I’m seeing a good ROI and efforts to minimize my tax dollars going in a sinkhole. Coal is not the answer. What else we got?

      • WalletHub is a credit card rating site. Their study was a base on a weighted scoring system. Plus the majority of their spending is required by federal law and was never expected to generate an ROI. Not sure what coal has to do with question?

      • Federal spending is not “aid”. They include military bases and expenditures to distort the actual welfare numbers.

      • California has about 12% of the nation’s population but has 33% of welfare takers. California is no longer an American state due to this. This is what unfettered immigration from non-white nations as promoted by the Democratic Party will do to the entire nation if not stopped.

      • I’m less concerned about California and how they handle their affairs. They tax the sh1t out of their residents which is why I’d never live there. But if people are willing to live there and pay, that’s none of my business. State has a right to do what they want to do.

        Now, what I am concerned about, are the freeloaders: https://taxfoundation.org/states-rely-most-federal-aid/ … 40% of Mississipi’s revenue comes from federal aid. YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Taker states gonna take. Now….the next Trump move should be slashing this in half. I want to see these states *contribute* something. Where is the burgeoning tech sector coming out of Mississipi? Where is the next HyperLoop coming out of Louisiana? MAKE SOMETHING.

        lol aren’t you all just as frustrated?

      • Well, next door Alabama just got a new Toyota/Mazda plant and already has a Mercedes plant. Not sure why Mississippi and La are lagging. BUT about 50% of the nation pay NO taxes, and they form the basis of the Democratic Party. They vote Democrat so that they can live off of the other half of the nation that pays taxes. Blacks and Hispanics are hugely disproportionately welfare TAKERS. What needs to happen is that EVERYONE needs to pay some taxes. We need to take away the vote-buying capability of the Democratic Party, and this is how that is done.

        It is like leaving food out and bread crumbs all over the floor – it attracts cockroaches and ants. Take the free stuff away and the Democratic Party can no longer lure voters from third world nations. That’s how the Democrats destroyed California – all those Hispanics there who vote for Democrats and pay NO federal taxes.

      • Better be careful here. If one overlays the demographics of these so-called “taker” states, he might find a racist element in your assertion.

        Also noticed from provided link that federal taxes paid gets triple the weight of federal wages/salaries, with no mention of an offset of state taxes from high tax states deducted from the federal taxes. Alabama has several military installations and a large NASA installation. Military employees pay taxes to/through their home states, not where they are stationed. Saw no adjustment for that, either.

      • Nor will you for retirees (from blue states) and their social security and Medicare.

      • Of course they do. When the lefties retire they flee their home states and move to the south where it is more affordable. Since they are on social security and Medicare it skews the numbers.

      • I am not going to look at your link but if military bases are included in “federal taxes paid out” then it is propaganda and not enlightenment. Welfare paid to the worthless is hardly the same as federal tax dollars spent on defense.

      • There are military bases all over the country also included in federal taxes paid out. And these aren’t bases that staff 50,000 active duty soldiers. All active-duty military COMBINED (Army, Navy, Air Force) in say, Alabama, is less than 9,000 soldiers.

        This is a taker state that needs its budget closely analyzed and then slashed.

      • You and they are lying. Or perhaps you are simply a useful idiot. Either way your stats are the classic Leftist bait and switch. The numbers you are using claim in the title “federal aid”. The graph then has a definition at the bottom in small print which says “intergovernmental revenue”. Military expenditures and, say, transportation, are not “aid”. They are, however, “intergovernmental revenue”.

      • Whoa calm down. The chances of me being far more conservative than you are all but guaranteed, particularly due to your defense of spending. Unneeded spending is unneeded spending, regardless of what it’s being spent on.

        But I can help bridge the gap between your numbers though. Intergovernmental revenue definitions are here (from the Census website). In no way is that number inclusive of military: https://www.census.gov/govs/www/class_ch7_ir.html

        Standing firm on this point. Until these states start MAKING and adding value, let’s take large scalpel to this aid.

  11. He should have called them “deplorable” countries. The resulting Div/0 error for the left would have caused the spontaneous combustion of both US coasts.

    • You’re that smart though. He’s not. This would have been the strongest, tactically efficient response.

      • That’s retarded.
        Trump’s too smart to equate his proud Deplorables with the dirty rabble from third world sh*tholes.

    • What if he didn’t call them anything. It was all just a Dirty Durbin lie. A wonderful lie that is backfiring on the losing Democrats.

      • I think he said sh*thouse countries, basically outhouses with a flag. Tough language and Durban is still the brazen liar he always is.

      • It blasted open the Overton window on the whole process. The Democrats just keep digging a deeper hole.

      • Oooo…Graham. A weasel backed up a jackal’s lie.
        That changes everything!

      • So your ad hominem argument against Sen. Graham carries the day? I think not.
        Durbin and Graham as backed by Scott say Trump said his reprehensible remarks. Cotton and Perdue are too cowardly to “recall” what was said. McCarthy and others won’t say. I score that 2 that he said it and none against it. The only person denying the statements is the liar in chief, and he’s not even explicitly denying what he said, just that different (unexpressed) words might have been uttered.. http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/12/politics/senators-trump-comment-tom-cotton/index.html

      • As hominem, blah blah.
        A little knowledge makes a liberal stupider.
        Learn the implications of a terminology before you throw it around like a wittle baby with a new toy.
        Ad hominem is a “bad” thing if one is pursuing an argument from logos.
        That’s not what was going on.
        Sen. Grahamnesty’s WORD was the entire substance of the argument.
        Therefore, Lindsey’s CHARACTER is the whole argument.
        Therefore, it is perfectly sound to impugn that character.
        Get it? No, you can’t.

      • Oh dear! The deeper you dig, the more you cover yourself in dung.
        So, let’s begin again. An ad hominem argument attacks the speaker/proponent (here Graham). Ad hominem attacks are among the weakest forms of argument.
        Now, you are going to apparently limit your (unfounded) attack on Graham to his character for truth and veracity. Otherwise, your character evidence is both unfounded and inadmissible. Unfortunately, you cite no evidence of Graham’s untruthfulness. Again, you’re out of court.
        More to the point, Graham as a Republican wants to support Trump whenever he is able. Therefore when he makes a statement contra to Trump it is an admission against interest, entitled to extra weight. Additionally, Graham is supported by Durbin and Scott. Alas, your position is unsupported by anyone.
        Accordingly, your ad hominem argument fails. And your evidentiary argument fails.
        You are left flailing away trying to justify the statements of a pathological liar. Or perhaps you are pathological as well?

      • Dummy. There was no “argument”. ONLY Graham’s word exists. Therefore, Graham’s character is ALL that matters.
        “Al Capone was supported by Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky.”
        See? But all you lefty scum can do is repeat the talking points you are spoon fed by that Harry Potter looking chick on MSNBC, so why bother talking to you as if you are a human?

      • So,all you are left with is more ad hominem, comparing senators to gangsters.
        You failed to address my points I suppose because you have no rational response. Sad!
        So now you admit Graham’s word exists. You fail to present facts attacking his character for truth and veracity. Since you can not confront him on the facts you call him a gangster? Does that work for you? Not for me. If there are gangsters here they have names like Trump, Manafort, Gates, Kushner, Page, Flynn, Putin, et al. Sad!
        And in your desperation, you resort to some scattered ad hominem attack against me that does not add up. Sad!
        Maybe you should just go back to your fields, Angry Farmer. You aren’t growing anything here.

      • With all the bullshlt your kind provides, it will surely be a bumper crop.
        And I’d never compare senators to gangsters…gangsters at least have some semblance of honor.
        Graham is an open-borders shill. It’s in his best interests to reflect the wise words of our president in the worst light possible. So his “word” is irrelevent.

      • Well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let’s review the evidence. On one side we have POTUS who says those weren’t my “exact words.” But he won’t say what his exact words were.
        On the other side, we have Sen. Durbin who says Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.” We have Sen. Graham who told Sen. Scott that that is what Trump said and that he dressed Trump down accordingly. We have Sen. Scott saying that’s what Graham told him.
        Then, for some odd reason we have some Republicans who mystically can’t recall what was said or won’t offer a statement on what was said (too embarassed?).
        So we have witnesses who say what Trump (a documented liar) said. On the other side we have Trump giving a non-denial denial.
        Guilty as charged Angry Farmer. Guilty as charged by a preponderance of the evidence. (Sorry, your ad hominem attacks are inadmissible.)
        Here’s some reading for you on denial. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/13/opinion/sunday/heartbeat-of-racism-denial.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=opinion-c-col-left-region&region=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region

      • You missing the entire point dumbass…and just wasted a bunch of time typing.
        There is no jury.
        I’m fact I HOPE he made the shlthole comment, exactly as reported…I was in a small rural dinner when it was first reported, and the whole place literally cheered. DJT got elected BECAUSE he says stuff like that. The Emperor is indeed nekkid.
        The point is, only a tone-deaf goofball would think “Lindsey Graham said” is going to carry any weight with immigration skeptics.

      • So you voted for a bigoted loudmouth who is picking your pocket while you are cheering him on. Doesn’t seem like the wisest choice. If you want to give him your money, that’s your privilege, but don’t try to give him my money.
        We need young immigrants to come here and pay into Social Security so that there will be money to continue paying my benefits and yours.

      • Better him than some foreign parasite who will stop “paying my benefits” the second he obtains the political critical mass to do so. I’ve got 4 kids, 200 pigs, 3000 chickens, and 400 fine American acres. I won’t be needing your job-stealing wetb@cks to take care of me.
        You know the difference between us REAL Americans and you fern – bar types?
        We serve in the military. That’s why Trump won the active duty military by 20 points and veterans by 30 points. We’ve SEEN the countries in question. I was in Haiti in 94 when Rapist -in- Chief Clinton sent me there. Somalia too. And I’ve been to REAL Mexico, not Cabo.
        These places are indeed good-and-true SHlTH0LES. Do you really believe people who poop in the street are going to take care of you when you’re old?
        If so, you are even stupider than we think you are.

      • First, allow me to congratulate you on your farming successes.
        Ironically, you raise the issue of military service. You realize that your coward-in-chief had multiple deferments and ultimately developed a phantom bone spur to avoid service?
        Did it occur to you that folks who travel hundreds or thousands of miles from underdeveloped countries to get here are highly motivated to succeed?
        I guess the good news is that we have at most 3 more years of Trump. And if we’re fortunate in the midterms, the damage he can do in his final 2 years will be minimized.
        Finally, you need to upgrade your insults. Fern bars haven’t been a thing for 25 years.

      • Don’t care if he served or not. You people really believe your PR about us, don’t you? No wonder you still managed to lose despite controlling the news media, the universities and entertainment industry.
        “Highly motivated to succeed!?!” Are you serious?
        Can you do anything other than regurgitate catch-phrases and bumper -stickerisms that “focus-grouped well” with “the right”???
        These people are “highly motivated” to come to a place where single welfare check puts more in their pocket than they’d make in 5 years back home.
        Here’s a proposal…we let everyone in who wants to come…but the first time that ask for ANY public assistance, including medical care, they are instantly deported. Shouldn’t be a problem for a population “Highly motivated to succeed”.

      • PR? Catch phrases? Focus grouped? You need to drop the alt-right jargon.
        38.8% of the people receiving welfare benefits are white (the largest of any racial group).
        Think about what you are saying/believing. If someone is here illegally, they can’t get welfare. To get here legally, they have to meet various requirements, e.g., having needed skills, bringing a ton of cash to start a business, etc. Yes, there are some refugees, but that’s the kind of folks who founded this country of ours.

      • Soooo…38% of the people receiving welfare are white in a country that’s 75% white…Hmmmm…something about that math…..
        But your argument is irrelevant, anyway.
        The fact that I have native rattlesnakes in my backyard in no way constitutes a good argument to release imported cobras.

      • Actually, 61.3% of America are non-Hispanic whites. So you might want to take a closer look at the math. Trump was a popular vote loser. You can play your voter suppression games, your gerrymandering games, your immigration games, and your electoral college games, but pretty soon the tyranny of the GOP minority is going to end. We’ll see how you do when the heads are cut off your snakes.

      • Ohhh…so nonwhites “only” consume 60% more welfare than expected, rather than 80%.
        With stats like that, you don’t need enemies.
        Trump “lost” the popular vote to illegal Californians and dead Chicagoans.
        There is no gerrymandering besides the simple fact that the modern is incapable of competing outside of a few urban centers. Hillary won only 15% of US counties. With that sort of performance, gerrymandering is rather besides the point.
        And “voter suppression”? Bwahahaha!
        Like uniformed thugs hanging around outside of polling places in Philadelphia?
        Oh wait…that was you guys.
        Face it. Your programme of socialism – lite LOST.
        Trump has produced the best economy in a generation. Walmart just have their biggest raise ever. Most Americans are about to see $3000K more in their bank accounts. Your dopey victory fantasies are about to fall flat, just like they did last November.
        I hope you deranged fools start a civil war when you lose this time, so we have an excuse to finish you.

      • What is $3000K? If you mean $3 million dollars, show me the money! If you mean $3000 dollars, that’s peanuts (and only for a few years before the bill collector comes calling). Meanwhile Trump and his money laundering cronies make the big cash grab. Wake up!
        The economy is doing pretty well due to steps taken by Obama over massive GOP resistance. Walmart had already decided to give the raises so Trump had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Walmart is closing Sam’s Club units and laying off 10,000 workers. Nice touch.
        I suspect it was your ancestors who started the prior civil war. Gee thanks!
        Illegal gerrymandering has been struck down in Texas and N. Carolina. More to come.
        You have no support for your claim of votes from “illegal Californians or dead Chicogoans.” Koback came up with absolutely nothing. No competent observer agrees. This is just another of your demented alt-right talking points. If you want dishonesty, just stay with Breitbart and Fox.
        You seem surprised that whites receive somewhat less in welfare benefits than non-whites. Odd, the whites have been here longer. They had the advantage of being able to build up their assets with slavery. They had the old boys club advantage for generations. And yet with all these advantages, they still need welfare. They still get addicted to opoids. What’s wrong with them?
        I hope you don’t drown in the WAVE!

      • Silly people. Your bubble is about to pop. For good.
        And good riddance.

      • You’re projecting. Come November we’ll see whose bubble is popping.

      • How many times have you made this prediction since the Golden Escalator?

      • You do realize that “The NY Times” carries less weight than “The Onion” to people who aren’t self-hating, brainwashed turds, dontcha?

      • Oh…so now you are using another fair-minded, non-partisan “source”….drumroll please…Vox.com!!!!
        No wonder you are such a regurgitating, doctrinaire idiot. You’ve never read anything outside of comfort-zone dogma.
        My Amish neighbors are less intellectually hidebound than you.

      • Speaking of living in an echo chamber, back to The Daily Stormer with you.

      • Can’t. Your kind have got it shut down. You know, because you believe in free speech and all.

      • You just can’t stop quoting, can you?
        Have you ever had an original thought?
        Stupid question…if you had any semblance of intellectual curiosity, you wouldn’t be a leftist.

      • You just can’t stop with the insults, can you? Here’s (for you) an original thought: try reading the links I send instead of dismissing them with your closed mind. Now, back to your silo. Wouldn’t want your “thoughts” to be threatened.

      • When you send a link that isn’t from a lefty propaganda rag, maybe I’ll read it. But let’s face it: that ain’t gonna happen!
        Do you even know what a silo is for?

      • factcheck.org and wikipedia are neutral sites. You are just operating under confirmation bias.
        Silos can be for grain. Solos can be for missles. In your case, you are in an information silo which you think “protects” you from reality. You lose.

      • How many thousand lies has Durbin told in the past year? And your Turnip Lord? Lies are your bread and butter, the foundation of what you are. Without them you are nothing.

    • The truth is, many small-town, mostly-conservative places IN THE USA are commonly referred to as ‘s-hole places’ in liberal circles. If Roy Moore was elected (which he almost was), wouldn’t many liberals be calling the entire state of Alabama a ‘s-hole’?

      • Oh, absolutely.. I completely agree.

        There’s a bit of a myth there also – The progressive’s high density cities don’t perform nearly as well as they might imagine. Joel Kotkin (a liberal and an urbanist) writes extensively about this.

        But charges of hypocrisy are quickly rationalized away by the left. Not only is it a charge they do not answer, it is a charge they don’t even seem to recognize.

        They live in a self reinforcing feedback bubble.

  12. In times of universal lies, ([Trump] telling the truth is revolutionary.
    Mis-attributed to George Orwell.

  13. I hope Trump did call a shithole a shithole, and if he did I hope he defends it. What is certain is that the people who are calling such comments racist are the ones who are racist. Calling Haiti or Somalia or El Salvador a shithole says nothing about the cause of it’s being a shithole.

    The left, in declaring criticism of these countries racist are the ones who are asserting that the reason these countries are shitholes ( and they are in fact shitholes) is because the people are from inferior races. There is something wrong with the people themselves is what the Democrats are saying when they declare that the shithole characterization must be racist. They allow no other explanation for these nations’ shitholieness than that the people there are black.

    Conservatives vehemently disagree. We believe that the reason these countries ate shitholes is because they are run, in effect, by Democrats, and that if they were run on conservative principles they could be model societies, just as we believe about the many shithole black sections of many American cities. Chicago’s south side is a shithole, Baltimore is a shithole, because they are run by Democrats.

    Trump wants to bring America’s black areas into alignment with the rest if the country by the simple expedient of allocating law enforcement by crime rate. That is the great racial disparity in America today, the one that spawns all the others: the relative dearth of police protection and crime control in black areas. Allocate law enforcement by crime rate and blacks will finally be able to live as safe as other people, and Democrats will never win another election.

    That is why Democrats are so insistent on calling criticism of black areas racist. They are trying to deflect attention away from the real reason why these places arr shitholes. It is because tgey are run by Democrats and if blacks ever figure it out they will abandon the Democrat plantation and the Democratic Party The party of slavery and Jim Crow, will finally die. Ironic that blacks of all people are the ones who are keeping their centuries long oppressors on life support.

    • The left, in declaring criticism of these countries racist are the ones who are asserting that the reason these countries are shitholes ( and they are in fact shitholes) is because the people are from inferior races…

      …Conservatives vehemently disagree. We believe that the reason these countries ate shitholes is because they are run, in effect, by Democrats

      This makes no sense. You cannot assert that the way the country is run is inferior without asserting that the people are inferior.

      Poor governance doesn’t emerge magically from the soil like a vapor. It comes from the poor decisions of an inferior people — the people of a nation are responsible for how it is governed. To assert otherwise is to deny them agency.

      • Please explain why not. A political belief is all that is needed to cause a country or a city to be run in an inferior manner. Look at old Detroit. The party in power was corrupt and greedy. Had nothing to do with the people of Detroit. Had to do with the politics and makeup of those in power.

      • Its greed and power lust. Democrats do not believe in nation states, so they want to destroy the nation from within. They only want power. They think the nation is unjust and illegitimate and so use class warfare to destroy the nation from within. They believe in tribalism to do that as they oppose nationalism. The Democratic Party is the American Communist Party, it is the party of Imagine a world no countries nothing to kill or die for.

      • Detroit has everything to do with the people of Detroit. There is a reason Democratic San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle are wealthy cities while Democratic Detroit is a shithole.

      • Detroit has fallen because it’s reason for wealth went away. Democrats require enormous amounts of capital to fund their schemes.

      • The reason for cities such as Pittsburgh PA, Charleston WV and Huntington WV also disappeared — steel & coal, yet they manage to be far more pleasant cities than Detroit.

        Detroit is more than 80% black. That’s why it is non-functional.

      • Are you aware that Mexico has been governed, almost exclusively, by white men of Western European descent?

      • Holding to pernicious political beliefs for decades, going on centuries says something about the political of a nation. People bring their beliefs and politics with them when they migrate. We have no obligation to full our country with people who have spent centuries establishing a corrupt, failed system in their own nations.

      • The problem with people like Vizzini is that to the extent they exist, they tend to prove the idiot Progressives’ point that there are idiots on the right.

        The Romans said the same thing about the Brits when they invaded as you do about those you today consider “inferior,” albeit they were Celts, not Anglo-Saxons. So, let’s send all the Irish back. Oh, I forgot, when the Irish got here, they WERE labeled as inferior.

        If the great white race is so great, why is it losing the population war to Chinese and Indians? Why didn’t those great white South Africans prevail and still rule the others there? Most important to YOU, since you have a Confederate Flag avatar, if the South was so superior, why did it LOSE? Why did the great Aryans under Hitler LOSE? That’s a lot of losses for the master race.

        Using your logic, since population (population control aside) tends to go up exponentially, soon, the whites will whittle away, proving they are inferior. Or, surely Asian missiles will someday top ours and we’re all dead that way. In the short few thousand years of history, there have been many top dogs. There will be many more as history proceeds. But, who is on top will not be a function of the false idol of race.

        Trump made a point, in his usual Trump way, that needs to be debated, which is who do we want here and why.

        That debate, however, should be race free, and not only because science does not actually recognize the political construct that is race, since there are no “races” but only, as religion points out, the common brothers and sisters descendants of Adam and Eve.

      • But just recognizing a certain country is a sh8th0l doesn’t mean it’s because of the race or ethnicity of the population. President Trump is not a racist. He’s not a diplomat. He’s a plain-speaking man who has no interest in implementing an immigration policy that does anything except enhance the country and the citizens of the nation he was elected to lead.

      • Trump is a racist and a pathological liar. He lies daily.

      • You made an awful lot of erroneous assumptions there, but no doubt your largest was that science doesn’t recognize race. It is a biological construct, not a picture not a political one, and it is undeniably real.

      • If true, you evidently belong to the one on a long losing streak who might get a Class AAA slave status instead of a mere BBB, which means work in the mines, if you surrender to some other race now.

      • “You cannot assert that the way the country is run is inferior without asserting that the people are inferior.”

        Soviet Union. Solzhenitsyn, Sharansky, Pasternak, Belyaev, among untold others… geniuses and giants.

      • In the words of John Derbyshire, “If you cannot distinguish between a statistical statement about a population (‘On average, men are taller than women’) and a statement about some one particular member of that population (‘Sally’s real tall’), then … how intelligent do you expect me to believe you are, actually?”

        If you know nothing else about two people except that one is Russian and one is English, then, on average, the Englishman is a better bet to accept as an immigrant.

        Meanwhile Russians are, on average, a better bet than Liberians.

        Also, as evil as the Soviet Union was, it was one of the great superpowers of the 20th century. It put men in space. It built advanced ships and nuclear weapons. It’s hardly in the class of the places Trump called shitholes that can barely manage a flush toilet.

      • The Englishman is a better bet than the Russian, on average, because he *has the language* already. But the Soviet Union, I seem to recall, somehow lost 20 million people, many if not most in a gubmint-induced famine. This far eclipses even Haiti and El Salvador (percentage-wise, obviously, as well as numerically) for sheer, full-on shitholitude.

      • It does suggest we should be cautious about accepting Russian immigrants what with their culture of communism and authoritarianism.

      • Yeah, Sergey Brin is quite the Communist. What do you think, Russia’s sending us dummies? Does the phrase “Ashkenazic Jews” mean anything to you? “Highest IQs on earth,” perhaps?

      • Which can be directly linked to the capture of media and academia by socialists and the rule of a governing class firmly committed to the task of importing a new class of voters who will support the leftist agenda forever.

        As leftist as Google is, I am certain Brin is a firm supporter of much of the socialist agenda. People like him just always assume they are going to end up running the Politburo.

        I’d send Brin back in a second.

      • Ahh, the Protean Jew meme re-emerges… he’s the ***13th richest man in the world,*** but he’s also a wild-eyed socialist anarchist who’s going to dispossess the kulaks any day now.


      • I didn’t make any assertions about Jews. We were talking about Russians. Google is self-evidently highly leftist.

        It’s absolutely common for the economic elite to support socialist policies they don’t think will ever come back to bite them.

      • Is Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin a Finn? A Belgian? He was born in some place called “Moscow”, which I don’t think is in Sweden or Portugal.

        Jonas Salk was the son of a Russian-born mother. Sabin was born in Bialystok, then part of the Russian Empire. Is the polio vaccine somehow Communist?

      • I think the general crappyness of North Korea vs. the first-world
        status of South Korea disproves Vizzini’s assertion. Same
        people, same culture and history (at least before the nation
        was divided) — yet vastly different societies. One is socialist,
        the other is a capitalism-friendly democracy. We all know which
        is the shithole.

        Similarly, East Germany was a shithole by any metric. West
        Germany was not. Again, same people, language, culture,
        history– and very different societies. Which one was run by
        leftists? Oh, yeah– the shithole.

        Costa Rica is a prosperous, well-run, decidedly non-shithole
        nation in a region where most countries are badly governed.
        Broadly speaking, Costa Ricans share a similar racial and
        cultural background as El Salvadorans, Panamanians, etc.
        Someone looking to pin the economic and social woes of
        that region on some supposed racial inferiority of its people
        cannot then explain Costa Rica’s success.

        Despite what Vizzini might say, pointing out that a nation
        is badly governed is not also an assertion that its people are an
        inferior race. Rather, it’s as Alec Rawls said above– badly
        governed nations are shitholes not because the race of
        the people governed, but because of the leftism of those
        doing the governing.

      • See that? This is why you have a post with ****825 upvotes****. Who ever heard of such a thing? :)

      • 825 came as a bit of a shock. Seems like I hit a nerve with that one.
        Rawls is right. Vizzini, on the other hand, … not so much.

      • LOL. I felt so *insignificant* adding my one upvote. :) But the 825 upvotes were deserved, and then some.

      • Nonsense. i will always value the thoughts of someone like yourself,
        someone with a good head on his shoulders, even on those few occasions
        when we disagree. It’d be a foolish man who ever dismissed you as

  14. Haiti is a shithole. El Salvador is a shithole. Every country in Africa is a shithole. All Muslim countries are shitholes or rapidly reverting to their historical shithole status.

  15. The phrase “Shithouse Newspapers” was coined for a very good use … I see that much of the Mass Media still qualifies itself to be torn into useful squares!

  16. Since when has it been the holy duty of civilized countries, such as those in the Anglosphere or Western Europe, to destroy themselves by allowing an unfettered intake of barbarians who are coming for the welfare benefits?

    To slightly mangle to old Polish saying, not our monkeys, not our problem.

    How about they get their acts together and clean out their own shitholes instead of importing their shithole values to our countries?

  17. There are many “unspeakable truths” in the Land of the Politically Correct. Often they can be seined out by observing the contradictions that surround them. In the case of shithole countries, this one stands out: Liberals have repeatedly asserted that the U.S. has a duty to improve such countries, usually by sending money.

  18. An attack of the vapors

    In describing the butt of a horse
    Do you say rump or something more coarse
    Is it shit hole they hear
    If you say ‘trous de merde’
    Faux outrage the Libs ‘tour de force’

    Illegitimi n0n carborundum

  19. Rather than take the tack that Senators Cotton and Perdue, who issued statements that they “do not recall” whether Trump made this comment, have taken, American Greatness celebrates the “$hithole” comment as “a home truth” — that it was outrageous (in the eyes of liberals) precisely “because it was true.”

    There’s too much to fully unpack with this defense of Trump’s remark upon in a single blog post, let alone a single reader comment but we can state with confidence that there is no risk whatsoever that Trump’s most recent comment will play badly with his base. There is a widespread belief held by Trump’s core supporters, confirmed in this blog post, that individuals from non-white countries “lack marketable skills” and “desirable qualities”. Nothing can be written here that could possibly change their mind.

    The belief that only white individuals, or at least individuals from countries with a majority white population, possess “marketable skills” and “desirable qualities” is a belief has been an important strain of American thought since the 1850s during the rise of the Native American Party that was in large part a reaction to mostly Irish and German immigration. There was a strong anti-Catholic element to “Know Nothingism” as well. It was argued that Irish and Germans brought with them un-American values, an argument that later used against the Chinese and Japanese. It was argued that individuals of African descent did not possess the inherent intellectual capacity to become genuine American citizens, that slavery of blacks was ordained by God, and that they should be denied the right to vote and the legal right to marry whites — a view which was widely held within certain quarters until the 1960s. Similar arguments have been made about inherent deficiencies of Hispanics and Native Americans.

    There isn’t sufficient space here to prove or disprove the theory of the inherent “lack of marketable skills and desirable qualities” of non-white human beings, but it is a theory that most Americans do not believe. I would like to caution the various contributors to American Greatness against embracing such arguments in search of new defenses for President Trump. Donald Trump is the President of the United States and his critics can do nothing about that but his defenders would be well advised to choose their defenses of him much more more carefully that what was written in this post.

    • So why did you change this whole discussion into a matter of skin pigment? Do you have a sixth sense and “see” racists everywhere?

      • Trump and his strongest supporters have been clear in their claim of the intellectual superiority of the white race over other races and take comfort in the conclusions reached by Professor Murray.

        I’m not in a position to affirm or refute the findings of Professor Murray regarding the intellectual inferiority of non-white races, nor can I or any of us here conclusively deny with the conclusions of the “great truth” Mr. Kimball wrote on his praise of the s-hole remark, but it is the case that most Americans disagree with the narrative that Trump and his supporters would have us believe that America should only allow people from countries with large white populations such as Norway to emigrate to America.

      • You are making this up. I have never seen any immigration discussion by the Trump administration that even once mentioned skin color. If I am wrong, then please provide a link or a reference. As far as I know, Norway is a country and not a pigment based race.

      • He said Norway *and Asia*, and if you think Asians, especially Eastasians, have low IQs, I have a nice bridge to sell you.

    • Every Muslim nation on earth is a failed state or soon-to-be-failed state. Islam has had 1400 years to fix that. How do you explain this? Look at the black nations on this planet. Do you see any success stories? How do you explain this? Put whites on an island and you get England; put Orientals on an island (not Muslims) and you get Japan; put blacks on an island and you get Haiti. How do you explain this?

      Look at all large cities that are predominantly black and have been run by decades by Democrats. Like Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. etc. These cities are to the nation like large sores are on someone’s body. If Democrats and their policies are not to blame for this, what is? Do you think blaming this on racism and bad cops is going to fix this? Do you understand that between 16 and 22 trillion dollars of taxpayer money has been thrown at “the War on Poverty” by Democrats and that the verdict is in for the War on Poverty: Poverty won. How do you explain this? Do you think that blaming it on racism and bad cops will fix it?

  20. Once again I am with Trump for speaking truth to power (swamp dwellers). Trump is doing what should be done to do the best he can for America, period.

  21. Of anything he [Trump] could, would or should speak the truth about immigration is the topic that is least likely to turn the stomach of the plurality of the American people. We have an absolute right without equivocation, remorse or guilt to prefer to allow people into our country to join us as citizens whose presence is in our national interest. At it’s basest of course the Dick Durbin Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans are not acting morally or non-racially in their DACA, Haiti fake outrage at this notion. Instead they are acting in their self-interests over my self-interest and the interests of the majority of Americans. This we know. This is why many of us voted for Trump. This is in fact the sole reason many first jumped on the Trump train. We gave you Trump, not the Russians. You should also know, if you don’t, that we chose Trump precisely because if he didn’t say Haiti is a shith**** we wonder why not since it is. There’s a reason people are willing to die to come here from some places, and those places aren’t Norway.

    • It is simply a fact that non-whites vote Democrat. The Democratic Party seeks to destroy the sovereignty of this nation by taking down its borders. This is for the benefit of the Democratic Party at the expense of the sovereignty of this nation. The Democratic Party is “Imagine a world no nations no religions (except Islam) nothing to kill or die for.” Letting non-whites into this nation will lead to that. Racist or not, this is so.

  22. And the tell is that the same people who are feigning outrage at the notion that Haiti, Somalia, some parts of Mexico etc are described as shithol*** are the very same people who are telling me that it is my moral imperative to allow these people en mass into my country, pay for their health care and other benefits and basically put up with the transition of parts of our county into third world shithol** because after all we deserve that because of colonialism or imperialism or white privilege or some such bulls***.

    • I mean I agree with the sorry state of affairs in so many parts of detroit, but let’s not act like the opium dens in the heartland are looking like refrigerator magnets…

  23. Trump spoke the unvarnished truth behind closed doors (allegedly) and some weasel ran to the press. Yawn. The only people with a problem will be people who hate him anyway. The people fleeing those countries know they are sh!tholes or they wouldn’t be leaving. Everyone here knows they are sh!tholes too – even the leftists trying to gin up false outrage. BFD.

    • More importantly, they wouldn’t be crying about being sent back.

    • The problem is that the Muslims who come here want to turn this into a Muslim s***hole like they left. Just like the leftists who leave states that their votes have destroyed like Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, and California, want to turn their new states into leftist s***hole states that they helped destroy.

      • Not just Muslims. The stupid idiots from central and south American sh*tholes are every bit as bad at turning the US into the sh*tholes they ran here from.
        NO MORE!!

    • It also reminded the American people about the s holes and made them wonder if that is what they want.

  24. Trump campaigned against political correctness. Politically correct people are polite and quietly dishonest. Trump wears his thoughts on his sleeve.

    • There is nothing at all tolerant or polite to react to all you don’t like with aspersions of racist, bigot, xenophobe, homophobe, redneck, deplorable, gun-clinger, bible-clinger and on and on and on.

  25. The term and concept could be extended to every city and state run by Democrats – Chicago, Detroit, California (other than the sometimes nice weather and a few every expensive communities clinging to cliffs and hillsides on the coast, the state is largely a shithole).

    • Spoken like someone who has never lived in California.

  26. Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are sh1tholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not sh1tholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion,and broken culture. Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top. Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans—witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a sh1thole if ever there was one! It takes caution and skill to separate the good from the bad.

    For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive. They can lead to the sort of poor choices that create a Rotherham. Trump’s suggestions—to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country—are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented.

    So, when it comes to the Great Sh1thole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little.

  27. The real point is not that these countries are shitholes and others are not. The point is that we should only allow truly outstanding individuals to come to America. Smart, healthy, educated, hard working, independent, willing to adapt AMERICAN culture and laws and social mores. IF yes, then who cares about country of origin. IF the answer is no, we don’t want you period. I also propose that for every black african we take in, a useless black american gets sent to africa. same for every brown, yellow, white. One good on in. One shitty one out. Now that’s fair…right World?

  28. Mr. Trump routinely out maneuvers the media and the pundits on the left…every time! His “coarse” language is the antidote to politically correct speech and liberalism!

  29. Roger, you sycophantic pimp, the buffoon is destroying your party and you’re too stupid to see the next election coming.

    • Bob, the only destruction going on is the mind-numbing monotony of totalitarian liberal political correctness.

  30. The sensitive point here is that not one great black culture, country, or civilization can be named–not one. Not so for whites, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Mediterraneans . Why? An just why is it that Haiti is a sh!thole? And why is poverty the norm between the Sahara desert and South Africa? And exactly what world does Obama imagine that we live in?

  31. If you want to infuriate a conservative, tell him a lie.
    If you want to infuriate a liberal, tell him a truth.

    I agree with this authors assessment. There is more schedenfraude in this storm in a teapot that real outrage. It’s a perfect “gotcha” moment for the media, but as always they can’t deny the truth. The best they can do is bring some exception to the rule (ie Mia Love) to counteract the argument. The worst of course is scream “racism”.

    When facts on your side, use the facts. When law on you side, use the law. When got neither, rant, have a tantrum, kill the messenger.

  32. The Lord says, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The horizons of the neighborhood I live in include all my neighbors. Those beyond the horizons of my neighborhood are someone else’s neighbors. Obscene Leftists and pseudo-religious do-gooders who peddle guilt for my not feeling neighborly compassion toward unfortunate persons beyond the horizon are gaming the good news of Christ’s gospel. Clean up your own back yard. Biblical Greek definition of neighbor: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G4139&t=KJV

  33. THE LAW OF RESISTANCE: [From The Sly Mind by Dr. Talib Kafaji] Carl Jung came up with the concept of resistance. Whenever we experience discontentment or are unhappy, there is inevitably something we are resisting. All suffering is caused by non-acceptance of a thought or a feeling, or an emotion or a situation. You suffer when you want things to be different from what they are. Unfortunately, what you resist, persists. Often, it is not the experience itself that causes pain and suffering, but rather the resistance to the experience. How we label the experience determines how we feel about it.
    From a young age, we are conditioned to categorize our experiences into good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable. For example, if you feel down, the mind unconsciously labels the feeling as bad. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, unless the mind says so, and it produces statements about what is wrong with us. If you say yes to the experience, it will persist. This is the law of attraction.
    Whatever you are trying to fight against will continue to be present. Albert Einstein said “energy can never get destroyed, it can only change form,” so you cannot just delete parts of the universe, you can only change it into something else. To put into terms of a law, if you resists something, its only option is to carry on as it is, until it is given the option to do something else. For example, if you keep telling your friend, do not keep eating large portions of food, they will keep eating, even if there are dire consequences. Until there is an alternative way to eat different or healthy food, and you are no longer resisting, you are moving in the other direction.
    What you resist not only persists, but will grow according to Jung. Society has taught us that to get rid of whatever we do not want, we must never show weakness and never lose focus. This thought and belief has been responsible for and has caused much pain to individuals and societies. The best example of preaching to people, do not do this, but do this, is in the Arab world. Eventually people tire of hearing preachers all their lives, become numb, and do not pay attention. Often they do the opposite of what they hear. In the Arab world, preaching has paralyzed the mind of the people and given them a bad taste about the message and the preachers.
    A far better and more peaceful approach is to consciously offer no resistance, as what you embrace, dissolves. Negative states persist because we give them energy and importance, through giving them all our attention. When we offer no resistance, they will wither and fade away, and you will have a sense of peace.
    MY OBSERVATION: The resistance to President Trump has strengthened his support, and continues to do so. If the President is actually flawed in any significant way, he will “wither and fade away” if embraced and offered no resistance.

  34. The media is gleeful as it allows the dems to shut down the government and blame Trump for it.

    • The Republicans control all 3 branches. They should be able to keep the government open without Democratic assistance.

      • You would think, but apparently you need 60 senatorial votes to appropriate the money to keep the government running and you have to do it for 10 different budget categories.

      • Thanks. I should have known that. Guess we’ll see who blinks.

  35. Seems that the Dems need to go offshore to fully implement Cloward-Piven: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward–Piven_strategy – or some other Marxist endgame – why else would they cling so stubbornly to bringing such an element here?

    Also seems that if Trump had been leaning in their direction during the discussion, none of this would have been leaked. In other words, I believe Trump’s colorful description of third-world countries has been brought to national attention because the dems were not getting anywhere with him. Also seems that if anything, Trump’s words have not changed anyone’s opinion of him.

    That the left is acting totally outraged over something that would have been totally ignored had one of theirs uttered it, is just their usual hypocritical SOP. “Shocked, shocked…”

  36. The depths to which trump toadies will descend to defend their demented god-emperor should be recognized for their being imaginative. Obsequious, bootlicking sycophant Roger Kimball avers that those disgusted with his lord and master’s vile racism actually like it. It’s too inane to rebut, and Kimball doesn’t believe it either. Simply put, Kimball is a shape-shifting coward, desperate for recognition and willing to whore himself for a creature whose rise to power leaves little men like Roger Kimball cowering and scurrying like the rodent he is to offer hosannas to what he now perceives to be the strong man in charge. Some of the best arguments against trump have been made by none other than Roger Kimball. Readers of this column are well-advised to remember what the small, feckless, craven Kimball not too long ago had to say about trump. When other vile sycophants attack my post, please start with disputing Kimball’s claims about the worth, or lack of it, of the man to whom Kimball now genuflects andprays. Read this, and get back to me:
    You’re a small and contemptuously cowardly little man Roger Kimball. You’re a soulless toady and a shameless fraud. The vile menace, once despised by you, has assumed power. And with the reflexive response of a spineless organism. you, Roger Kimball, adapt to the toxicity of your environment and make the poison you once disdained your life’s blood.

    • Only two types of people continue to want to be in djt’s orbit. People like Kimball who see an opportunity to ingratiate themselves to djt so that they can be in the shadow of power and people who are closeted bigots. djt has proven himself to be a bigoted conman with low self-esteem and zero desire to invest himself in the hard work of leading this country in a positive direction. Alas, he is not the root of the problem. He is the manifestation of two habitual American problems…discontentment and intolerance. Many Americans want to revert back to Jim Crow and segregation. A time when those of us with brown skin were openly diminished and subjugated. Mind you this is not because they inherently hate minorities but because it made then feel better about their own short-comings and failures. The same people that claim to be proponents of hard-work and boot straps, look for the nearest colored person to blame when they fail.

      • Most Americans don’t give a damn about your skin tone, but the literate ones will note, perhaps with a shake of the head, your hyphenation of “shortcomings” and “hard work.”

    • So, do you think Kimball is… *small?*

      How about “little?”

      You seem to have missed “tiny,” “minuscule” and “microscopic.”

      Great rant. Really.


  37. Interesting, I hear Texas referred to as a shithole or worse almost daily in the comment section of “The Hill” and WaPo.
    And these are the people who are the most gleefully indignant about Trumps alleged comment

  38. There are 5 billion people in the third world and rapidly increasing. Ask the nearest Liberal just how many people we should admit into the US. Five hundred thousand? One million? Ten million? One hundred million? Go ahead, Democrats, make my day-answer the question.

    • Read Paul Collier’s ‘Bottom Billion’- or watch his youtube presentation. The number in absolute poverty is shrinking. Your questions are yet valid, however.

  39. While I wish POTUS Trump would become a bit more eloquent in his speech, that’s not who he is. Sometimes the best way to communicate is to speak the blunt, harsh truth. POTUS Trump absolutely does this & folks on the left have no idea how to handle it. I would point out that he spoke of countries not people, so how is this racist? We are the only country in the world, to my knowledge, that allows anchor babies. Recent news articles have reported that hotels are hosting pregnant women to stay here so their babies will be born as American citizens. Australia has a much stricter immigration policy than our country, yet you don’t hear them being denigrated or denounced. Twitter recently reported that the third most popular baby name in Austria in 2016 was Muhammad. I’m not sure how their culture is fairing but it would be interesting to know their views. Some folks immigrate here and they assimilate into the culture and contribute something positive to our country, and I’m glad to have them here. Others do not, and this is, I suspect, what POTUS Trump is trying to correct. At the end of the day, our stock market is up, illegal immigration is down, tax cuts were passed and when people see a larger paycheck in February the Dems are terrified the 2018 election won’t be the repudiation of Trump they so desperately want. Candidate Trump was not my first choice for POTUS, but I did vote for him as the lesser of two evils and I would vote for him again if the election were held today.

  40. For the liberal/progressives, the democrats and the “Fake News” media it’s all about Trump’s words.
    For President Trump it’s all about his actions. And actions speak louder than words.

  41. Inconvenient fact:
    Every American agrees, they are $hithole countries.
    Most of the world agrees , too.
    Truth ain’t mean, it’s truth.

    Dick Durbin & progressive-fascists want to distort a private conversation into public racial hatred, and so they demean all of America in world opinion for their own personal gain.
    That’s what is truely despicable.

  42. Excellent column…. a simple problem of a semantic choice among words meaning “dysfunctional”.

  43. Assuming Trump actually said it, my take is this: The more Trump speaks the truth, the more the Democrats and the leftists protest. This highlights one political party’s aversion to the truth, which is always a good thing in an election year. Expect more politically incorrect truths this year (and I hope they are as highly entertaining).

    • City journal carries “It’s OK for police to kill black people because they commit so many crimes” Heather MacDonald. I would not expect truth there.

  44. Very true. Trump is not a racist, not a KKK supporter, not a Nazi. He is not polished, and sometimes uncouth. He was elected largely for this reason: people are tired of polish without substance. Yet what he stated here is correct. One should hear the rants of HRC at some of the backscene campaign rallies for some really spiced up language.

    The bigger question is why that countries are such holes? The answer is lack of accountable governance, lack of free market capitalism, lack of the rule of law. So people want to leave and come to a place in which these factors are in evidence. Some immigration from these countries is good- who knows but that some who come here will be educated and return to make a difference. But we should not tilt immigration policy to far in that direction.

  45. The number of people willing to protect djt and not call him on his behavior is more shocking than anything djt can do. We teach our kids to be respectful, considerate, productive, hard-working and competent, yet djt is given a pass for being none of those things. You can bury his words in some elaborate game of semantics but some of us know the truth. djt is and always has been a bigoted, self-centered and crass individual. The people that refuse to acknowledge that are complicit. Many people thought djt was the exception but the truth is that many Americans support him because they don’t have the guts to represent that crap in the open. They live an ignorant, hateful, egotistical life vicariously through him.

    • Trump is who he is and always was. The sad fact is that without the enablers that somehow manage to defend and explain away all his bigotry, misogyny and racism he would crumble & melt just like the wicked witch in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. These poor suckers have put their fear of somehow losing their “white culture” to those brown and black folks who they fear will overrun them and take away their heritage. If that were true, which it certainly isn’t, then that ‘white culture’ was not very strong in the first place, was it? They have put this irrational fear ahead of the patriotism and love of country and all that it stands for. SAD!

      • Unfortunately, the use of black and brown people as societal scapegoats is not new in America.

      • Brown people (Indian-Americans) are our highest-earning demographic.

        1962 wants its Angry Young Man Worldview back.

  46. FACTS are racist these days. We are in utterly amazing times. I look at Trump as the little boy who told the emperor he had no clothes, except Trump is telling us the left has no clothes, has no common sense, has no backbone, has no real love of country, has no concrete ideas, and really just runs on emotion. If, and it’s a big if, this country and the out of control government gets straightened out, we may look back at the time of Trump as a “right man for the right moment”, kind of like Churchill during WW2. Time will tell…

    • “I look at Trump as the little boy…”

      I agree 100%. I would only add that he needs to spanked and put on restriction.

  47. People like “truth tellers” when it is convenient. If Trump made the fat pig comments about Mr. Kimball’s wife, would he take offense? And if Trump is a “truth teller” why is he denying the comments? This is a meeting with the leaders of the Congress trying to make serious legislation and he talks like an ignorant janitor.

    • Most of the people I work with in Chicago are from places like Vietnam, Mexico and Iraq ( Assyrians ). Yesterday at work I asked some of the Vietnamese, Mexicans and Assyrians what they thought of Trump saying Haiti is a sh*thole country. They all said he’s right but that Trump shouldn’t have said it.

      Did Trump even say it though. The left feels that Trump is a Nazi so taking him down is the top priority and the facts are a distant second. I totally distrust the leftist msm. They’re not journalists at all. They’re just partisan hacks waging war against Trump and his supporters.

  48. The same people who constantly squeak about how dangerous Trump is to our country have no problem at all with California now being a “Sanctuary State” which means that anyone who makes it past the border will be welcomed and protected from deportation.

    I have a Hispanic ( from Peru ) friend at work in Chicago who took a road trip with his family out west a few years ago. They first went to the Grand Canyon and then to see Los Angeles. He said he was surprised to see it was mostly Mexican and looked so poor. No doubt many are illegals.

    Why do leftists see this as something wonderfully progressive? I’ve read that people are now coming to Mexico from as far away as India and Pakistan and then simply crossing into California where they’re warmly welcomed and can then travel to other “Sanctuary Cities” like Chicago where they’re also warmly welcomed.

    If the evil hag Hillary had been elected she probably would have made the whole country a “Sanctuary Country”. The left is insane.

    • I award your whataboutism maneuver a 5/10. The best whatabout maneuvers do a better job of using similar verbiage and wording of the present discussion and incorporating some alternative facts. Instead of saying, ” I’ve read that people are now coming to Mexico…” throw out some numbers and unimportant details about the whatabout statement. The more detailed the whatabout the better. Its hard to explain in this limited venue but I would suggest watching Paris Bernard, Kellyanne Conway or Stephen Miller. They are experts.

  49. Righteous indignation gone amuck. If said, it was a mainstream comment made in private that Durbin or some other dope, leaked. I have heard worse words said on-air from the Marxist Mass Media buffoons (usually about President Trump). These Leftists are so disingenuous, let alone destructive to the country and the useful idiot lemmings who are fooled by them.

  50. Give it up lefties. Your hate Trump rants are tiresome. If the deplorably evil hag Hillary had won she’d be using the federal government to grind working class whites, the “deplorables”, into the dirt and the hate whitey msm would be cheering her on for doing so.

    Regardless of his flaws, Trump is still infinitely better than anything on the left. Just imagine all federal agencies being run by partisan hacks like Lois Lerner or a leftist like her being appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Hillary totally agreed with BLM that white racism was oppressing blacks which means the hate whitey fanaticism being promoted in our pigsty universities would also be taught in our high schools, elementary schools and no doubt even in our kindergartens.

    “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”.

    That’s what we’d have if Hillary had won.

    • White people are suffering at historic levels…GTFOH! Wrong is wrong and right is right. Black, white, brown, yellow or polka dot should not matter. No one should be surprised at this point that djt is a bigot but don’t defend his wrong-doing. Also, hrc lost so she is not relevant. You really should practice your whatabouts. They need a lot of work.

      • The inability to transition to a new government after an election is a classic sign of a failed state. Half the country refuses to accept Trump as president. Is America now a failed state?

        I recently read an interview with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who said we really don’t have anything in common anymore in this society. Isn’t commonality a necessary ingredient for a country to have? How about things like social cohesion, trust and a common reality? These are all essential ingredients for a functional society. We no longer have these ingredients in our society.

        Does America still exist as a country? Can we coexist without a country? These are questions I often wonder about. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • Are you stupid? You seem to know nothing at all about history or current events. Many people like you believe America is simply too big and too powerful to collapse but many people also believed that about the Soviet Union. No one in 1985 would have believed that the USSR, the mighty “Evil Empire”, would be a disintegrating mess in 10 years.

        I told that to someone last year who said “But the Soviet Union was a collection of separate countries”. What we have here though is a collection of separate realities which is a much deadlier situation.

        America was extremely fortunate to have avoided the raging insanity that ripped apart so many countries during the dreadful twentieth century. It does seem that our luck has run out.

      • If you believe the US will implode, you have three options:

        1. Move to another country.
        2. Buy a decommissioned silo out west and a cache of nonperishable food items.
        3. Jump off a really tall building.

        Dude you can miss me with all of the doom and gloom end of the world talk. If you really believed it, you would not be wasting time in the comments section you would be hard at work on an exit strategy. I will say, this was by far your best deflection from the current topic. Your initial question made the deflection more attention grabbing. I’ll give you a 6/10. Keep trying and you might get a 10/10.

      • Dummy. As if it’s a simple matter to move to another country or buy a decommissioned silo out west. What I see is a severely fragmented society boiling with hate. Believe it or not, those are not the ingredients of a functional society.

        Hope springs eternal. My hope is that we can avoid social breakdown and a shooting war even though we despise each other and have nothing at all in common.

      • Just make sure your tin foil hat is on straight. I’m sure Xenu is coming to beam you up soon.

  51. “… A man that should call every thing by its right Name, would hardly pass the Streets without being knock’d down as a common Enemy…”
    George Savile
    1st Marquess of Halifax

  52. I have an Assyrian friend at work in Chicago who once told me of an honor killing in his town near Baghdad when he was a boy ( He’s in his mid fifties and has been here for 35 years ). He said there was a family living a block away where the daughter was having an affair with a neighbor boy.

    Both families were Muslim. The girl had an older brother who was a butcher. When this older brother found out about his sister’s affair he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the house into the street.

    The neighbors heard her screaming and when they went outside to see what was happening they saw the brother using a butcher knife to cut his sister’s throat. When she was dead he dipped both hands in her blood, went to her boyfriend’s house and smeared her blood all over their front door.

    I asked my friend what the police did about this. He said the police considered it a family matter so they didn’t get involved. Trump says Muslims from cultures like this should be banned from coming here. Trump’s critics say he’s a racist. I think Trump’s critics are insane.

  53. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad”. (Aldous Huxley) The truth, spoken profanely or diplomatically, is still the truth. Had Trump used the term “third world countries” there would have been far fewer negative responses, since that term is widely used to describe the countries to which Trump was referring. No country can be expected to import all the poor, unskilled, illiterate, uneducated,oppressed people from other countries without eventually replicating them.


    All you have to do is look at Europe today to see the rot caused by allowing millions of immigrants or refugees from shithole countries into your country.

    But at least their folly is ruining that c()nt Merkel…

    • I think it’s horrible what Merkel did to Germany. I have a Vietnamese friend at work in Chicago whose wife is Vietnamese-French. His wife’s family still lives in Paris. He said that they say it is quite true that the suburbs of Paris are full of Africans and Muslims, are extremely dangerous and are off limits to other French. They’ll most likely end up with the same situation in Germany.

      Many of the people I work with are Assyrians and they all say Europe is finished due to this influx of Muslims. They grew up under Saddam’s rule in Iraq so they know the Muslims quite well and are simply awed that Europe could be so insanely stupid.

      I constantly read that due to the rapid advance of things like artificial intelligence and robotics, jobs will be rapidly disappearing so all these European countries have done by importing third world poverty is to create a huge underclass of unemployable and alienated people who will always be on public aid and be an endless source of crime and terrorism. Europe will pay dearly for leftist stupidity. I’ve read that Merkel is a conservative but she certainly acts like a leftist which is which she’s so admired by the left.

      The problem isn’t diversity. It’s the type of diversity that matters. I’ve never heard of the Vietnamese rioting in Paris or doing drive-by shootings in Chicago.

  55. Next on the list: calling out America’s Democratically-controlled shithole cities! Let’s start with Chicago.

    • I totally agree. Last February I read an article in the Chicago Sun Times about a naturalization ceremony for 25 new citizens at City Hall in downtown Chicago. The article said that our mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, encouraged these new citizens to vote democratic to help protect illegals from deportation.

      The article is “New citizens urged to get involved to help undocumented.” Not so long ago a naturalization ceremony was used to promote an American identity. Now it’s used to promote a leftist identity. Just imagine how hysterical the left would be if a naturalization ceremony were used to encourage new citizens to support Trump.

      Yet it’s the left that does things as bizarrely destructive as this and then talks about what a grave danger Trump is to our democracy.

      The Democratic Party is the party of the left. How can anyone vote for such an appallingly destructive political party? The article is worth reading though. It’s a good example of how extremely bizarre this situation has become.

      It’s also a good example of how corrupt our media is. They very casually and boldly report this. Even the headline makes it perfectly clear what was going on here. I’m quite certain the reporting would have been vastly different if these new citizens were being encouraged to support Trump.

  56. The left regularly calls red states sh–holes. Still waiting on the outrage over that.

  57. Hypocrisy thy name is Democrap. If it weren’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

  58. The Democrats are starting to remind me how it is with negotiating with the Palestinians. The Democrats never were going to talk in good faith. Trumps comment was showing the frustration that happens when the people at the other side of the table continue to insist on unfettered immigration even though that is what most Americans are against. Trying to capitalize on a crude remark in a private meeting is a sad testament to the unwillingness of government to reach reasonable compromises. Meanwhile the economy is thriving from being unshackled from Obama taxes and regulations. This Democratic strategy caters to the base but ignores the general public’s #1 concern “It’s the economy stupid”.

    Running on phony moral platitudes in 2018 mid terms is a loser.

  59. Those old White racist Conservative men at the UN ranked Norway #1 on the UN Human Development Index while Haiti is #163. Where is the Leftist outrage against the UN for daring to rank Countries by how much of a “sh*thole they are??

  60. There is NO RIGHT for anyone to immigrate to the United states as some of the left try to suggest !

  61. Kimball knows Trump knows El Salvador has
    one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the world and Nigeria
    has to hire American and European roughnecks to work in their off-shore
    rigs in one of the largest oil deposits in the world. Nigeria has one of
    the highest GDPs in the world due to its oil reserves, but also one of
    the highest unemployment rates in the world.Fly over Hispaniola and observe the wasteland that is Haiti and the piles of trash that are called cities. But then observe the division midway in the island like a new world: trees, homes with land, crops, thriving towns and beaches filled with tourists

    • I wonder if the Dominicans happily throw their border open for the Haitians?

      Probably not. I imagine that they are smart enough to know that if they did that, they would become a sh–hole, too.

      • For many years the word has been that Haitians are shot if they are caught entering the DR illegally. The fact there is no Haitian neighborhood in Santo Domingo speaks volumes… and Haitian restaurants???

  62. There’s some merit in bluntly speaking the truth in a *private* negotiation. The blunt language sharpens the point to ensure all parties don’t miss it. Most parties to private discussions know that privately made comments are meant to remain private.

    It’s sad when someone on our own side feels like they need to earn morality points through feigned and then publicized outrage, which is more than likely just anger over failing to prevail in the negotiation.

    And, predictably, as Simon points out, the Trump-hating media gleefully pile on, also trying to win morality points. We know they’re craven enough to kick their own mothers in the head for a few more.

    But, the true dung at the bottom of the heap are the sh!thead never-trumpers who side with the media in deference to just staying silent.

    • There were four people in that room, and Dick Durbin was the only one who heard what Trump said?


      • Republicans there didn’t deny it. In Washington speak, the essentially flew a plane with a banner saying ‘he said it’. ‘I don’t recall’ always means ‘absolutely yes’. But you are a provocateur rather than a speaker )or knower) of truth.

  63. The Founders of our nation did not pack up and leave because of the oppression of England, they revolted and created a new nation with the constitution that they agreed upon. That is what must happen in the “s**thole countries”. Their own citizens must create their own nations.

    • Exactly. But why do all that work when the progressive idiots will let you come here and suckle at the great welfare teat?

  64. Jake Tapper

    Replying to @jaketapper
    “The president did not refer to Haiti as a “shithole” country according to the source familiar with the meeting… though he DID say it about countries in Africa…

    What happened, the source says, is there was a conflation of two different remarks by the president.”
    8:52 AM – Jan 12, 2018

    “Media was set ablaze Thursday after President Trump reportedly responded to the ‘gang of 6’ immigration proposal with some fiery language.President Trump went on a tweet storm Friday morning and said the reports of the language he used is fake news. It didn’t go down the way it’s being reported. Shocker! POTUS denied having said anything derogatory about Haitians. “Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said “take them out.” Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings.”

    So, there’s that..

  65. The sanctimonious Left feigns outrage over Trump’s accurate assessment of Haiti but doesn’t register so much as a twitch over the Clinton Crime Cartel stealing Haitian relief money. Millions upon millions donated by concerned Americans. Nor does the Left appear to be concerned that Hillary handed her brother Haitian gold mines to rob.

    • I see that you can only criticize Hillary (who isn’t president) and can’t defend Trump (who is). Congratulations voting for a total doofus!

  66. I don’t know where Trump gets off calling any place a s**thole after the abominable condition he left Puerto Rico in. Over 3 million American citizens abandoned to third-world conditions. Let’s just hope this “success” doesn’t spread to the mainland.

    • PRs Socialist policies rendered PR a s*hole long before Trump became POTUS.

      • They had electricity, running water, and roofs on their houses before Trump became POTUS.

      • Nope. The electrical grid in PR has been dysfunctional for quite some time. PRs Marxist powers thT be routinely pocket the billions in welfare that We, the People send every year.

        Any decent people left PR many years ago.

        If the place weren’t useful as a strategic launching pad, the USA would have nothing to do w PR

      • And leaving these people in a third-world state is your sorry definition of “making America great again?” Sorry, but I didn’t think the United States was incapable of so little…

      • And he can’t fix their roofs? Or their water? What a joke of a “president!”

      • It’s not Trump’s job to fix people’s roofs or their water. We, the People have sent tons of money, provisions, equipment and personelle aid to PR. Now it’s up to the Puerto Ricans to help themselves.
        Seems like they’d rather keep their Marxist ‘leaders’ in power and remain gimmecrats than to actually become functional.

      • It’s not the president’s job to look out for the well-being of American citizens?!? Looks like you don’t want to see Trump get reelected! That’s Ok. He doesn’t want him to be reelected either.

      • Unlike you, I don’t think making people helplessly dependent on Big Govt is on anyone’s best interest. Unless, that is, one is a Dem politico enriching himself off of other people’s miserable dependency.
        Moreover, the main function of the. POTUS is to keep our country safe from foreign invasion. Trump is doing so on all fronts- not the least of which is by dismantling the Globalist agenda of neocons like Hillary, McCain and Obama et al

  67. The Left routinely refers to the vast middle of the county as “fly over “ aka sh*thole where “deplorables” live.

    The truth is, Hollywood, Haiti etc actually Are s- holes.

    • So insted of feeling sympathy for others unfairly maligned, you need to feel superior, and it helps they’re black.

      • Where’s your sympathy for red staters who have been unfairly maligned?
        It doesn’t exist, because you need to feel superior, and it helps that they’re white, Christian, and conservative.

        Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

      • I don’t begrudge the red states. If fact I support the social safety net that is disproportionally funded by blue states.

      • As President Lyndon B. Johnson said in the 1960s to a young Bill Moyers: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    • Source? Where do “The Left” ever refer to the middle of the country as “a sh*thole?” Awaiting your response. With references

  68. An AMERICAN president is too scared to go to England! George Washington killed red coats for a living and would have walked through London like a boss!

    Who still supports this chicken?

    • Any man who has the stones in this PC environment to call a progressive sh–hole for what it is has my vote.

      • As long as calling things sh–holes takes stones most of the country is visibly tired of the endless sh–hole of the president’s mouth and heart and brain.

    • What makes you think he’s scared? After all, he put the Churchill bust back where it belongs in the white house after Obama with his hyper racist proclivities had removed it.

      I do and proud of it.

      • Putting up a bust doesn’t take courage. He would have faced massive protests which would have dominated the news. He couldn’t handle that, so he made up a story. In fact, Bush initiated the move due to poor security at the old location. I for one, support keeping our people safe.

      • Neither does your juvenile commentary, it just requires hate and ignorance and you’ve got that in spades.

    • I don’t think you understand what England really is today. It is not the England of old, and it is dying. I. S. L. A. M.

  69. Kimball changed Trumps argument. He didn’t say ‘let’s take educated, vetted people from Haiti’. He said they all had AIDS. Huge difference. Kimball has no morals.

    • Putting words in someones mouth for the purpose of a smear is the last resort of the ignorant haters.

      • I don’t have to put words in his mouth:
        “They “all have AIDS,” he grumbled, according to one person who attended the meeting and another person who was briefed about it by a different person who was there.
        Forty thousand had come from Nigeria, Mr. Trump added. Once they had seen the United States, they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, recalled the two officials, who asked for anonymity to discuss a sensitive conversation in the Oval Office.“

      • Yes, you do and you did by attempting to quote anonymous sources. Again, the truth is what animates your hate.

      • When you don’t have a good response, flowery, sweeping language has to do. There are decades of racist statements and actions by Trump. Why do you defend that? Do you agree? Or is it OK to let some slights pass so that we can get conservative judges? Where’s the line? What is too much? For most decent people, that lines been crossed.

      • Numbskull hackery and witless stupidity does not require a response let alone wasting time on a good one. What racist statements? If your entire world view is based on gonads and melanin and judge everyone and everything through the prism of race then it becomes obvious your obsessions are a form of innate self-hatred that manifests itself in projecting your dysfunction onto others.

        “For most decent people, that lines been crossed.”

        A great example of the classic progressive two-faced straw man political argument. Obsessive and dysfunctional people like you are seen by “most people” as the last person on earth who should be the arbiter of what is decent.

      • I determine what most people positions are by poll results. You must do it by what your media says apparently. Or your gut? Or your buddies? Otherwise cite polls where Trumps character is rated favorable by a majority?

  70. Can’t wait to hear libs calling out their own for referring to southern red states as sh–holes. They’ve been doing it for years. Glad they finally got woke.

  71. this truth we hold self-evident
    the true sh–hole is Trump’s fat mouth

    • Poor baby, the unvarnished truth gets your panties in a twist.

      • Trump doesn’t reveal truths about the world.

        He reveals truths about conservatives. You think it. He says it. The endless cesspool feedback loop.

      • The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • Children in Puerto Rico going to sleep without electricity wish that the president cared about them as much as he cares about white people.

        People in Hawaii wish he cared about Hawaiians. Instead of leaving them to be terrified for over thirty minutes without a word while he was hauling himself around the golf course.

        Remember when your president lambasted the last president for playing too much golf?? He plays golf way more often. His supporters have no sense of accountability. Even if he brags that Americans from the sh– hole states voted for him you would praise him for his honesty.

        Trump is a cartoon coward unworthy of hate. I feel contempt for the ugliness that put him in the highest office in the land, and the hatred of his supporters that matches his daily and keeps him there.

      • The truer history would be Trump embraced racists and white supremacists and that’s how he won a first and a second term in this racist sh–hole of a country.


      • Like you, I also aspire to be a Social Justice Warrior. In 2018, I plan to trade my dingy American children for a couple of shiny new Dreamers. I will march with Black Lives Matter, but only after they transgender. I will join with the Palestinians to fight Islamohomophobia, which is the irrational fear of Muslims who kill gays. And I will vigilantly fight Climate Change by advocating policies that throw blue collar Americans out of work. Down with White Privilege! Workers Of The World Unite!! If you feel the need to reply, please remember: absolutely no microaggressions.

      • So I’m assuming you still live in mom’s basement along with the rest of our sjw hating brethren, and I’m sorry to hear it.

        Being a white guy isn’t an automatic pass to the good comfortable easy life anymore and that must make bitterness all too easy.

      • I see you have trouble recognizing satire. When you mind is encompassed by hate and rage subtleties and nuances fly right over your head. Please feel free to reply with more of your juvenile smears. I am impervious to your insults and I revel in your witless stupidity.

      • You aren’t denying that you do live in her basement though.

        Lol. At least I have my own place and care about other human beings. Two marks of maturity you might never attain.


      • You are free to believe whatever floats your dinghy however; I believe it was H.L. Mencken who said, “The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.” I hope that works for you and I say that in the most positive way.

        FWIW, “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.”
        -Eric Hoffer

      • You flatter yourself if you think I bother to hate you or trump.

        I pity you both. I’m guessing neither of you has a lot of happiness in your life.

        I’m off to go running in the park.

        Have a good day quoting Mencken to strangers.

  72. For as much as I dislike platitudes and cliches, a spade is a spade. Trump was no angel coming in, he never denied it, and frankly, the nation doesn’t need an angel. HRC has said far worse to the Secret Service, but it’s not in MSM for some odd reason.

    • Looks like Trump is trying his best to leave Puerto Rico worse off than Haiti. Yuge failure!

      • Last I heard, there are places that won’t get electricity until May because of the extent of his “aid.” But nice try spinning it.

      • PR did not happen overnight. Leftists destroy everything, and PR was destroyed long before DJT became President. He actually helped PR, but of course the Democrat networks spun it otherwise. They are but a smear machine, pretending to be journalists. This is obvious to all but cult progressive drones.

      • Hurricane Maria wrecked the island, and he did nothing. Fact.

  73. What results from a failure to acknowledge the truth and speak it? One example can be gleaned from England, where in the city of Rotherham, at least 1,400 non-Muslim girls, some as young as 11, were brutally raped by Muslim immigrants over a period of years in the 2000s. Police and other officials worked to keep the facts hidden because, according to multiple reports, they were afraid of being called racist. Think about that: police officers did not want to seem racist, so they stood by and let their city’s children be raped. it’s just not nice to tell the truth. It’s just not done. Give us Trump and more Trumps.

    • It continues there today. The worshipers of Mohammad are mostly illiterate pedophiles just like he was. They should be given the choice of renouncing Islam or death.

  74. Last week I read that the State Dept issued it’s highest “Do Not Travel” warning for 5 Mexican states, “putting the regions at the same level of danger as war-torn Syria, Yemen and Somalia”. One of these states is Guerrero.

    “Guerrero has suffered from a long history of violence. In 2014, 43 students were abducted and killed in Guerrero state. Last week, a police shootout left 11 people dead. In the travel advisory, the State Department warns that, “Armed groups operate independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero. Members of these groups frequently maintain roadblocks and may use violence towards travelers.”

    I have a good friend at work from Guerrero though who grew up very poor but he’s smart, hard working and a good family man with traditional Catholic values. Once he told me there are at least 20 drug cartels in his state, endlessly warring with each other and so powerful that they hire foreign mercenaries to come to Mexico, carry out hits on their enemies and then simply go back home.

    Some would say countries like Mexico, Vietnam and Iraq are sh*thole countries but most of my coworkers are from these countries. I know them quite well since I talk to them every work day and they’re really good people. They’re definitely an asset to this country so I think we should just have careful vetting instead of a complete ban on people from these countries.

  75. This article by the inestimable Roger Kimball is of a piece with one recently by Andrew Klavan who wrote that…

    “[T]he Left has co-opted our good manners and our good will in order to silence our opposition to their bad policies. The idea is to make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious.
    “Enter President Donald Trump. He is a rude and crude person. He speaks like a Queens real estate guy on a construction site. And because he does not have good manners, he thoughtlessly breaks the rules with which the Left has sought to muzzle those who disagree with them.
    “For all the bad language, for all the loose talk, I would rather hear a man speak as a man without fear of the “Nurse Ratcheds”
    [of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest fame] in the press and the academy than have him neutered and gagged by a system of good manners that has been misused as a form of oppression. Better impoliteness than silence. Better crudeness than lies.
    “We have seen the effect of uncontrolled immigration on Europe. It is very, very bad. The fact is: some countries are shitholes. I don’t want this to become one of them.”

    Exactly right. Thank you, Messrs. Kimball and Klaven.

  76. For conservatives saying racist things = honesty.

    Your gross lack of love for non white people has been noted for all eternity.

    Also, civilized people no longer share your bigoted upholding of these “truths.” We find you morally nauseating.

    • I used to work with an Asian Indian from Guyana which is a small South American country near Venezuela. It was once a British colony and is about half black and half Asian Indian. The blacks were brought there as slaves and the Indians went for a chance at a new life. The British government would pay for their passage and the Indians would then pay back the loan when they got established there.

      He once told me though that every member of his family and all his relatives left Guyana to get away from the blacks. I asked him what the blacks there were like. He said “Ah, you know. Same as here.” He also said the Indians in Guyana were far more prejudiced against blacks than were the whites ( the British ) because the whites had their own separate area whereas the Indians actually had to live with the blacks.

      Are people like the Vietnamese, Hispanics and Asian Indians appalled by black behavior? The ones I work with in Chicago sure are. Last January a Vietnamese friend at work in Chicago sent me a horrifying YouTube video called “The lost streets of Chicago-BBC News”. He lives on the southwest side and I live on the northwest side. The video is about the severe social breakdown on the south and west sides of the city.

      Watch the video or check out the site “Homicide Watch Chicago” and you’ll quickly understand why they feel that way.


      • White men are responsible for most mass shootings in the US. Maybe it’s that they have sh–hole racist values.

      • Why not go live in Haiti? Very few white devils in Haiti.

      • Why not go live in norway? Wait. I’ve heard they have socialists there who probably wouldn’t take well to Trumpian bigotry.


      • I think most civilized countries prefer taking in Haitians to white American MAGA racists.

        I know that I do.

        Does it ever occur to you that racists are going to be treated the same way they treat black people in the end?


        Trump’s contempt for Obama is being paid back in full with the contempt that most of the country has for Trump. Trump is not owed one more ounce of respect than Trump gives to black people.

        Look–admire my honesty! Trump has a sh–hole for a mouth. We are all thinking this. Don’t you admire me for saying it outloud?

        Racists are lazy thinkers. It’s easier for them to think that injustice exists in the world because xyz race is inferior. Than to admit that 1) there is only one human race…get a DNA test for God’s sake 2) countries like Haiti have been oppressed and abused for centuries by racist colonial powers that wanted them to fail that still want them to fail… 3) that racial “inferiority” is a myth created by those who are lazy and cruel and want to be assumed better for their melatonin instead of working for it…like the Orange hues man in the White House…

        I could go on. But most racists are semi-literate at best. Like the president. It’s useless to try to get through. Sadly. Because this issue is tearing this country apart yet again.

      • America no longer exists as a country. We’re in a low intensity race/civil war rapidly heading for far worse. I recently read a comment, apparently by a foreigner, who was gloating about the disintegration of America. He said we deserved it.

        The disastrous failure of the American experiment though is going to send shock waves all over the world and have a profoundly negative effect everywhere, even where he lives.

        Certainly one obvious effect will be to discredit the idea that there’s something wonderful about “diversity” which is a shame because for the most part it did work quite well.

      • If America fails it doesn’t discredit diversity.

        It discredits racism.

        Our founding fathers said “all men are created equal…” while owning slaves.

        It seems like America will never recover from our founding hypocrisy in racial discrimination.

        This president is tearing us apart by being a leader of racists.

        Not a leader of the better angels of anyone’s nature.

      • Actually all of Western Civilization is imploding due to Cultural Marxism. The single most important reason: The woman vote. Women vote left, and that means Democrats and their EU counterparts prevail, and that means rot from within, and that includes Islam. Western Europe is being devoured by Islam, and will slip below the waves in a decade or two. Probably France first, then Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands…The. Woman. Vote.

      • Women vote left more than men but there still seems to me to be a great many leftist men and how about the incredible damage done by men like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot? Some say that it’s Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who’s the supernatural force behind our fallen world and when I read of the nightmarish history of the twentieth century I can understand why some people would believe in Satan.

        Many countries seem to be disintegrating all over the world. Places like Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Venezuela don’t even seem to be countries anymore. Too corrupt, fragmented and lawless.

        I work with two Indian Muslims from Gujarat where many Indians are from. Last year I asked them what they thought of the rapid rise of Hindu nationalism in India. One said Christians and Muslims are being persecuted but Muslims are better off because they have more areas where they’re the majority.

        The other said the same but also said that tensions between India and China are very bad, that he hopes there’s war and he hopes India “gets whipped”. I told a Hindu woman ( I think from Mumbai ) about this and she said the media in India constantly stirs up trouble by turning even a minor incident into a major issue. She also said it’s a bad situation and getting worse.

        Last year I read that a feature of living in the modern world is always living with a sense of impending doom. That sure is the truth.

      • American leftist men are not real men. They are girly guys. The same thing is happening in Europe. Feminist guys are more likely to vote for redistributionist leftist politicians. They are more likely to want to virtue signal and to feel good about voting for Democrats who will use taxpayer money to pay for do gooder social programs.

        Hitler was a nationalist, Stalin was a Marxist but used Russian nationalism to beat Hitler. Now it is Socialism/Marxism that is ascendant, and that is allied with Islam. Socialism/Marxism destroys Western nations from within, and that is why they pander to non-whites. Muslims are non-white. Marxists seek to destroy Christianity, and nothing destroys other religions like Islam. Islam destroys everything it comes into contact with, and it uses the womb as a weapon. Muslims have the highest birth rates on the planet, and every Muslim nation on earth is a failed state or soon – to – be – failed state. They cannot even feed themselves. That is why they are flooding Europe. They do not go to Europe to become Europeans, they go to out breed the natives and then take over. They are ravenous killer parasites. If Democrats prevail in the U. S., the same thing will happen here.

        China, India, South Korea, and Japan have the brightest futures. Western Civilization is imploding – Hispanic and Muslim immigration will destroy the U. S. if not stopped; Islam will swallow Western Europe. Only those four Oriental nations mentioned above will survive Islam, although India is the most threatened by it. The other three keep Islam out because they know better.

      • I’ve always gotten along quite well with Hispanics so I can’t be down on them. The Indian Muslims I know at work seem to be good people so perhaps it’s the fanaticism of the Arab Muslims that gives all of them a bad name.

        No denying we seem to be on a sinking ship but I think the wild card here is science. People base what they believe the future will be like on the past and the present which is understandable but I think this time is different because of how rapidly science is moving.

        Last year I read that there’s been more progress made with artificial intelligence in the last 3 years than in the last 3 decades and CRISPR, the new DNA editing technology, is also moving ahead very fast.

        Perhaps things like artificial intelligence and fiddling around with our DNA will just cause us to tumble out of the frying pan into the fire but at least there is the possibility of a bright future. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

      • Overwhelmingly so, although the Democrat networks try to cover this up.

      • Caribbean and African blacks do not have the same pathologies that American blacks have. They perform better academically than American blacks when they come into this nation. American blacks are worse than other blacks due to the inculcation of racial hatred by the Democratic Party for the last several decades. The Democrats have also destroyed the black family with their vote – buying welfare program. American blacks now feel entitled to the wealth of others due to being taught this by the Democrats and so no longer have any work ethic. Young black males become feral monsters due to being raised in single – mother homes. The source of American black decline is the Democratic Party, and all who vote Democrat share the blame. You young people, you women, and you minorities, stand up and be recognized for destroying American blacks by voting Democrat.

  77. Just Name The Jew and get it over with. The cognitive dissonance must be killing you.

  78. We should welcome the media mouthpieces to move to any of those countries, since they are not sheetholes….WHAT your NOT moving? Wonder why?

  79. What Trump said of Africa works both ways. There are “s**t holes” and then there is a “S**t Factory” . America is that Factory. Being the sole super power of the world America, her culture and her products are crpping on the world big time. America’s legacy has poisoned the world but does not want to claim it. Some of the products include:

    -Export of Cultural Marxism
    -Export of the culture of processed food
    -The death of tradition across the planet
    -The killing power of Multinational corporations
    -Washington DC’s support of corrupt regimes at the cost of billions of lives.
    -The evil nexus of the UN, World Bank, and the IMF
    -America’s Federal Reserve and our death debt of 20 trillion-global effects.
    -Hollywood values
    America is a nation of 320 million who consumes 25% of the world resources. Our impact on the planet is massive and growing yet Trump severs our role from the rest of the planet and places the blame on 3rd world “s**t holes” we created.

    -The world needs to dump American culture, kick out Americans and return to traditional cultures where ever it is possible

    • You are deranged and dangerous. Please don’t vote.

    • Cultural Marxism was driven from Germany to the U.S. when Hitler came to power. It came from the Frankfurt School, or the “Institute of Social Research.” Its ideology, Cultural Marxism, is now the ideology of the Democratic Party, which is the American Communist Party, or CPUSA. It is the Democratic Party that created Gomorrah – on – the – Pacific aka Hollywood. Correct on processed food, but off base on these things.

      • The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism is larger than the Democratic party and I would connect it with the “45 Communist goals to bring down America” . those goals came out of a book titled “the Naked Communist” written by a former FBI agent. If you google these goals from # 15 on down have already been met.
        Do you mean I am off base on the rest of the list? not so. Nations like Iceland have booted out the IMF. World bank, IMF loans have no transparency. Billions have been loaned with almost nothing to show. extreme corruption. Same with UN especially UNHRC, UN Peace Keeping force,
        DC ousts Saddam, Qaddafi, Mubarak for personal reasons.while doing business with Mao when He was around. We support regimes who show no regard to their nations usually for personal reasons.
        Multinational corporations do business where laws are almost absent. They maintain misery for profit. Outsourcing is to bypass pension plans, health plans, and other perks for sweat shops. Union Carbide and 22,000 dead would never have taken place here without Union Carbide shutting down permanently.

  80. It was sickening to see Anderson Cooper shed his fake tears for Haiti, while deep down he was gleeful for another chance to bash and undermine the president as he’s always done.

    • Phoniness and sanctimoniousness are hallmarks of leftists.

  81. Jews came to America from one of the most hellishly brutal and backward countries: Tsarist Russia.

    The Irish came from a famine ridden island.

    Italy was dirt poor when most Italians came here.

  82. Afghanistan Travel Advisory (U.S. State Department)

    “Do not travel to Afghanistan due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and armed conflict.

    Travel to all areas of Afghanistan is unsafe because of high levels of kidnappings, hostage taking, suicide bombings, widespread military combat operations, landmines, terrorist and insurgent attacks, including attacks using vehicle-borne or other improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Attacks have targeted official Afghan and U.S. government convoys and compounds, foreign embassies, military installations, commercial entities, non-governmental organization (NGO) offices, hospitals, places of worship, restaurants, hotels, airports, and education centers.

    Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Afghanistan. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, public gatherings, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities.”

  83. Chad Travel Advisory (U.S. State Department)

    “Reconsider travel to Chad due to crime, terrorism, and minefields.

    Violent crimes, such as armed robbery and mugging, have been reported.

    Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting foreigners, local security forces, and civilians. They can easily cross borders, including in the Lake Chad region, and borders may close without notice.

    There are minefields along the borders with Libya and Sudan.”

  84. Haiti Travel Advisory (U.S. State Department)

    “Reconsider travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest.

    Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common. Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents or emergencies. Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and often spontaneous.”

  85. I for one was THRILLED when I heard the comment! That is the Trump i voted for and yes these places are crapholes and yes why are we the world’s toilet?

  86. Tear down that blasted Statue of Liberty!!! The “golden door” has got all its gold foil rubbed off and we’re tired of taking in somebody elses’ WRETCHED REFUSE! We’re becoming the wretched refuse and nobody’s gonna take us in or give us a free ride like we’ve done for the rest of the world.

  87. Once again an article that can be boiled down into one sentence:

    If you are from a bad place, you are a bad person.

    Trump endorses this bigoted idea. The author of this article spends hundreds of words rationalizing this bigoted idea, which can more clearly expressed in the 12 words above.

    This is the definition of bigotry. And that’s what all the comments echoing here are as well: rationalization of your own ignorant bigotry.

    • You people are butchering the definition of “bigotry” until it is meaningless.
      It is not “bigotry” to point out that:
      1) Some nations are dysfunctional.
      2)That dysfunction is, to some degree, caused by the behavioral patterns of the people who live there.
      3)That they will most likely continue these behavioral patterns even after leaving their native shi…er…countries, to come here.

      • I agree. Reminds me of how leftists say that the best way to turn a bad student into a good student is to take him out of the bad school and put him into a good school. Many a good school has been ruined and turned into a bad school by such leftist social engineering. The left is insane.

        How it is that people who consider themselves so extremely intelligent can be so horrifyingly stupid is truly one of the great mysteries of our time.

      • That’s pretty textbook definition of bigotry you have just posted. Just admit to yourself who you really are. You will feel better.

      • The only “bigotry” on display is your unreasoning hatred of real Americans.

  88. Hey I have an idea. For ONCE, let’s just all agree that there are indeed “s**tholes” around the world, and that none of us would dare enter them willingly out of an objective and well-placed fear of, among other things, decapitation on video, violent armed robbery, kidnapping, ebola, dengue fever, TB, Hepatitis, and rampant violation of basic civil rights. In other words, the feigned handwringing is just more partisanship masquerading as noble outrage.

  89. Well, we’ve got that big ol’ statue in New York Harbor proclaiming….”Give me your poor, tired….wretched refuse from your teeming shore…” TEAR THAT MOTHER DOWN! It’s a big neon sign to every wannabe/wannahave/gimme/gimme in the world. They think the “land of opportunity” means their ship has come in and they are suddenly entitled to Publishers’ Clearing House Jackpot without having to do anything for it. We’re tired of supporting your two-legged vermin.

    As for characterizing Haiti as a @@##hole? IT IS! How many billions of $$$ has the U.S. spent there trying to help them get back on their feet? Have they? NO! Why? Their higher-ups have been too busy partying on your dollar to give a C4aPP about their own citizens…..sorta like here. Chop up the old gal in the harbor and sell her for scrap. Exile the U.N. and its terrorist-supporting freeloaders to Switzerland…or Brussels and bring back the American exceptionalism culture.

    • The poem was added to the Statue by Emma Lazarus a few decades later. The statues original intent was to only celebrate America’s 100th anniversary. It had no poem. The poem changed the meaning of Lady liberty. It was a gift from France when France had a Colonial Empire.

  90. I have a Mexican friend at work in Chicago who’s from the Mexican state of Guerrero which the State Dept considers to be as dangerous as places like Syria, Yemen and Somalia and warns against going there. He’s a good friend though and a good person. Smart, hard working, stable family man with traditional Catholic values.

    The values though that he came with which give him a purpose in life and make him so stable are considered contemptible and fascist by the left which works to undermine such values.

    And what does the left replace those traditional values with? They replace those values with a sense of grievance, victimization and group identity. They want him to feel he’s a victim of institutional racism and to feel a sense of identity with other victimized groups in general and his in particular.

    They want him to stop being a Christian who thinks of himself as an individual and start thinking of himself as a member of an oppressed group. This then is why our society no longer has the capacity to turn these people from bad countries into good Americans. Does America even still exist as a country?

  91. Democrats hope uncivilized immigrants, instead of integrating and contributing here, will make America like their pitiful home countries.

    • You could also say, rednecks want to make the cities built by immigrants into sh–holes like the states that they live in.

      Big cities like LA and New York prefer hardworking, humble immigrants to uneducated, arrogant, mean Trump bumpkins. This is the truth. We prefer people from Ghana and Myanmar to angry, entitled racists from Mississippi.

  92. 26% of people in Haiti and Somalia have access to toilets because there are no sewer systems. This is true all over Africa. So these countries literally are shitholes.