Of President Oprah

Some of those whose Leftist schemes have been shattered, by DJT,
To a million little pieces, have fled from reality.
Lately, they have been  indulging in a daydream of perfection—
A populist plutocrat to whom they’d have no objection.

Her talk show has been popular, her magazine is slick;
Best-sellerdom attends her every literary pick—
And best of all, believing sob stories—well, it’s “her thing!”
Where she’s the Queen, you just know that compassion will be King.

This cheers them in their sorrow, comforts them in their despair—
They snuggle the idea as though it were a teddy bear.
As darkly, through a glass, they glimpse a vision of bright days
Of drama, weeping, self-esteem and joyous giveaways.

Hollywood lauds her loudly; yes, she certainly impresses
All those whose Golden Globes threaten to spill out of their dresses.
And the news media ponders, how the grand and noble She
Would be uncartoonable and (by their fiat) “scandal free.”

Surely this is the candidate to take the White House back—
Once, she was nearly cast as the Almighty (in “The Shack”….!);
So pass their days (and, perhaps, hers), in pleasant speculation,
Which does no harm; let them indulge—while we rebuild the nation.

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2 responses to “Of President Oprah”

  1. Thin skinnie. Gotta laugh at right wingers. Flag wavers who hate people.

  2. One of the people MOST responsible for foisting Obama on America is herself ‘foisted’ in turn. And we are to ignore THAT else we’re ‘racist’, ‘misogynistic’ or ‘fascist’. Right. It won’t work this time. Not like last time because we’re stupid but not THAT stupid.