Michael Wolff Did Trump a Big Favor

You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but President Trump is emerging from the furor over Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” as the winner. For all the seemingly damaging headlines coming out of Stephen K. Bannon’s disclosures to Wolff, the book represents a political victory for Trump, one that could improve his party’s prospects heading into the midterm elections.

The reasoning underlying this counterintuitive conclusion is simple: Trump’s disavowal of Bannon, his former campaign chief executive and White House strategist, and Bannon’s ensuing contrition, reminds fractious Republicans that this is Trump’s party now. Political leaders must be either feared or loved. Trump showed that he should be feared by his rivals. This demonstration will help hold together the nascent congressional consensus that formed around the Trump agenda late last year after months of grumbling and inaction. The burgeoning sense of the possible and the politically necessary facilitated a long-sought tax bill that included a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate.

For Bannon, receiving a public excoriation at the hands of the president he once served must be excruciating. But for the president, it is liberating and politically beneficial.

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9 responses to “Michael Wolff Did Trump a Big Favor”

  1. Anyone who still continuing underestimating does it on one’s peril.

  2. Wolff has taken Harfing to a whole new level. His book is so patently stupid that no serious person would be caught reading it in public.

  3. Criticizing President Trump is not good for one’s career.

  4. Trump got ravaged, savaged, eviscerated, and poleaxed. The author is farcical to spin this as anything other than a rout. Trump will never recover. He is doomed.

    • I seem to recall similar inevitable assertions about DJT’s imminent demise at every juncture of the primaries, the election and every day since his election. How about “Pussy grabbing”? Yeah, he’s finished. Undoubtedly. Never coming back. etc etc. Same old broadcasting of fantasies in place of dealing with the reality that the workers who once voted for Dems finally realized that Dems do not give a FF about workers (or US citizens or the unemployed or African-Americans etc etc).

      And here’s some news – they ain’t coming back. They will be voting for DJT in 2020 in even greater numbers. But dealing with that would require a wholesale abandonment of progressive orthodoxies such as DACA and open borders and economy destroying regulation and red tape. Much easier to take pot shots at someone they do no get and have no intention of trying to get. Yet further examples of taking DJT literally but not taking him seriously. The typical result? DJT plays the elitist PC brigade for the fools they are.

      • Here’s the thing, Arlo, my unobservant friend, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. So be it. But before you start popping champagne, remember this: there were just enough Neanderthals in America to give Trump a fluke electoral college win. Nothing more. The GOP was so effective at mobilizing the trailer parks of America that they only lost by 3 million. So before you start making vacuous political observations, take a reality check. Trump is gone. Mueller is going to slice him up like a radish. This time next year he will be back to bankrupting companies, shafting tradesmen, swindling partners and hanging around Ladies Locker Rooms – if he is not in the Big House. His core supporters all share 1 characteristic: they are incredibly gullible, to the point of being stupid. His “core” 30% are the bottom feeders of America: 50+, bigoted, vulgar, angry, misogynist, low-functioning, white, male slobs. You?

      • If the election had been about the popular vote he would have operated a campaign designed for that, His campaign was designed for the actual election that had to be fought. It’s like the WOrld Series. You don’t win because you score the most home runs,. You win be winning best of 7 games. No point doing brilliantly in one game and poorly in all the others. And that is what the electoral college system is all about and why that is the model and not a first past the post system. Because the framers of the Constitution knew that the large population centers could produce populists who were not supported by a plurality but only with a vote concentrated in one place. Fortunately to win an election you have to appeal to a very broad range of people across a broad range of constituencies. DJT did precisely that. HRC ignored states she throught were rusted on Dems states whereas DJT concentrated his relatively meagre resources more broadly and won some of those key Dem states, In 2020 the RNC will have the sort of money Obama and HRC raised for campaigning and will again fight a campaign based on the actual contest that has to be fought. And if the economy has continued in the same trajectory as recently he will be a shoe in.

  5. Interesting spin, although Buskirk has the benefit of truth. Bannon had become a PR liability for Trump.
    Whatever ideas Bannon brought into Trump’s campaign will remain as much as they are true and have widespread support. His presence is unnecessary and actually a distraction.

  6. All a distraction to keep Shillary rodent out of jail.