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Taking America Down

- January 8th, 2018
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About a century ago, the Progressives got busy in America just as the Communists got busy in Russia. For a moment, the Progressives were in the lead. By 1917, the year of the Russian Revolution, President Woodrow Wilson had already put in place the fundamental changes that had to be made if the Progressives were going to succeed in eventually replacing the American Republic with the Progressive State. (For more on the Progressive transformation, you may find this of interest.)

Conditions in Russia enabled the Communists to seize power in a revolution and set to work creating the Marxist utopia all at once. America at that time was not ripe for any kind of revolution. In fact, America had already had its revolution, and the American Revolution and the American Founders were still revered by most people. Consequently, the Progressives were forced to advance their cause incrementally, progressively. But it was clear where they were headed. In March 1919, Progressive journalist and Wilson advisor Lincoln Steffens visited the Soviets and reported: “I have seen the future, and it works.” In a little over a year, the Russian Communists had already created the future, according to Steffens and his fellow Progressives.

By an astonishing coincidence, the Progressives were poised to arrive at their longed-for future precisely 99 years after the Russian Revolution. Vladimir Lenin led his revolutionaries to power on November 7, 1917. On November 7, 2016 the Progressives believed they were on the verge of their final victory in America.

And a final victory it very likely would have been. Even four years of the Clintons back in the White House would have been enough time to secure one-party rule by the political party of the Progressives for as far as the eye could see. The remaining Americans who want to continue living as Americans would have been overwhelmed in an unceasing flood of people from the Third World.

As for the Constitution and the rule of law, forget about it. In the first place, the Clintons have been operating a criminal enterprise that is more brazen by orders of magnitude even than Vladimir Putin’s looting of Russia. The Clintons’ evident kleptomania keeps them obsessively stealing when, as Obama has said of others, they already have enough.

And please ponder this thought: Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama.

The Progressives were certain they had final victory in their grasp, but Trump’s election spoiled everything. It simply can’t have happened; it defies “the arc of history” Obama enjoyed referring to so often. November 7 can’t have gone the way it did—and yet it did go the way it did. That is the reason for the madness on the Left.

The strange parallels don’t cease with the date of November 7. When the giant Soviet red star imploded in 1991, what was left behind was a shrunken political black hole, a kleptocracy. The collapse revealed that the Soviet system all along was what dictatorships always are: rule for the benefit of the rulers who enrich themselves by taking from the ruled. So much for “the future”; that kind of rule is the oldest racket in the world. Relying perhaps too much on the arc of history, the Progressives got a bit ahead of themselves when they chose a kleptocrat to establish the Progressive dynasty and finally put an end to the Republic of the American Founders. American voters whose common sense preserved them from being blinded by Progressivism were offered a too-revealing glimpse of the future the Progressives planned for America—and they recoiled.

Blinded by Progressivism, Lincoln Steffens saw what he wanted to see when he visited Russia, although there was already plenty of evidence of the horrors the future had in store for the people living there under Communism. Communism may be on the “ash heap of history,” but Progressivism lives. In the last election, Americans blinded by Progressivism voted for an obviously corrupt kleptocrat, while believing they were about to establish a Progressive utopia in America.

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