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The View of the Blinkered

Sites like Vox, the Daily Beast, and the Weekly Standard have long praised the dossiers of Robert Mueller’s legal investigative team. The essays prove mostly the same. They often employ the same superlative nomenclature: “all-stars,” “dream-team,” “army,” and “professionals.”

The hagiographies list the legal CVs of various lawyers and investigators now employed (usually on loan either from the FBI, Obama or Trump Justice Departments, or prestigious East Coast firms). The reviews often hint that such “firepower” may mean a one-sided legal bloodbath ahead. The mere names spell “very, very bad news” for the White House.

Yet the Mueller legal team’s dossiers also turn out predictably similar. We are supposed to be awed by past employment in a blue-chip Washington or New York law firm—all the better if the same as Robert Mueller’s own.

Ivy League law school degrees supposedly signal competence. Power couple bumper stickers (He is married to this judge, or she is wedded to that federal attorney) offer added insurance of excellence.

Insider baseball gossip that attorney A was a whiz in the courtroom, or attorney B prosecuted so-and-so villains are supposed to assure us in Nowheresville that Trump is in real trouble.

But lost in all the gentry hyperbole are the two criteria, at this juncture and at this age, that matter far more than post-LSAT credentialing:

  1. Does Mueller’s team display a diversity of legal training and experience—which would insulate it from charges of New York-Washington corridor blindness?
  2. Is his team also immune from charges that it appears politically slanted?

To avoid the appearance of ideological bias, Mueller could easily have applied to potential hires a few simple standards that anyone in Des Moines, Bakersfield, or Reno would have insisted upon.

In such a supposedly independent and autonomous investigation, avoid hiring those from Mueller’s law firm.

Avoid hiring any attorneys and investigators who in the past have been involved in an investigation, trial, or lawsuit involving either the Clintons or the Trumps.

Avoid hiring those who have given more than $100 to national political campaigns.

Avoid hiring those whose spouses have received money and compensation in any form (legal fees, campaign contributions, jobs) from either Clinton-affiliated or Trump-affiliated campaigns or operatives.

Avoid hiring those who in the past have represented high-profile members of the Clinton, Obama, or Trump family, political team, or their foundations.

Avoid hiring anyone involved, even in a peripheral way, with the Fusion GPS dossier or its use to obtain FISA orders.

Avoid hiring those who have voiced their dislike of the current object of their investigations.

But do hire federal attorneys or FBI career officers from outside the East Coast. Do hire investigators not trained in the Ivy League law industry. Do hire attorneys that have no known background of political activism. Do hire attorneys that were not in some way involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

There are thousands of qualified attorneys nationwide. Hundreds have worked in the past at DOJ or FBI offices, who now live, operate and think in a way quite distant from the status quo in New York and Washington.

Far from being sources of reassurance, the résumés of the Mueller team are what explains its current lack of public confidence.

Oddly, after the 2016 election one would have thought all the old rubrics of excellence would have become suspect—given that the polling establishment, political grandees, and the East Coast punditocracy had little clue about how or why Donald Trump had a shot at winning the presidency.

A Trojan Horse Revelation
In an Esquire essay, journalist Sam Tanenhaus described a recent Washington book party hosted by political analyst and former Bush speechwriter David Frum. According to Tanenhaus (who, in Trojan-horse fashion, was weirdly invited in—only to write an essay full of schadenfreude), the gathering also served as an occasion for shared commiseration among NeverTrump, and often former, Republican intellectuals. Tanenhaus wants us to know that past hostility to Trump (“European-style blood-and-soil nationalist”) and an inability to even envision his supposedly absurd election victory, have orphaned (“uprooted and displaced”) some neoconservatives from power, influence and income, the touchstones of Eastern corridor elite success.

Another theme of the Tanenhaus profile is that it appears the most influential NeverTrumpers seemed to gravitate in the same East Coast social circles, share the same tastes, suffer the same outrages about a Trump presidency, and enjoy similar educational pedigrees—and thus were particularly ill-suited to see how insidiously over the last decade their brand of Republican conservatism had both alienated a large number of red-state traditional voters and failed to appeal, on matters of class interests, to key working-class Democrats, so necessary to swing the purple states of the Midwest.

We do not know to what degree Tanenhaus was fair, or wished to be fair, in his description of the Frum party (the article, echoed, in a similar moth-to-flame vein, the self-incrimination methodologies of David Rose’s 2006 Vanity Fair piece “Neo Culpa,” in which former Project for the New American Century Iraq war supporters were apparently given a liberal venue to blame others for the pre-surge Iraq quagmire).

But if Tanenhaus’s portrait is just 25 percent accurate in capturing the mood of the gathering, it may serve as a reminder of why the Republican Party on the national level does poorly (until 2016 it had lost four of the last six presidential elections, and has not achieved a 51 percent winning margin in 30 years)—even as it has scored impressive wins on the state, local, and congressional level.

The Varieties of NeverTrump
There is also a new genre of NeverTrump revisionism that goes something like the following: Supposedly less-principled NeverTrumpers now call balls and strikes, and thus wrongly end up praising Trump’s first year of governance.

In contrast, the assumed more principled NeverTrumpers insist that that Trump’s accomplishments are canceled out by his character flaws. Thus they are not sustainable, given that character is destiny. Nemesis is still waiting for the most ironic moment to pounce on Trump hubris.

Other NeverTrumpers argue Trump has done little good himself. His team, or the Republican Congress, is instead to be credited with his successes. Trump himself earned his setbacks such as his initial travel moratorium, failure to repeal in toto Obamacare, and stasis on building the wall or moving forward with a DACA resolution.

Still others sense Trump’s crudity has sparked self-introspection about the entire conservative project. Thus they are now more or less becoming, or re-calibrating themselves as, Democrats. To paraphrase Cicero, they would prefer to be wrong with Hillary Clinton than right with the Donald Trump crowd.

Trump’s efforts to reset the Iran Deal, to move the embassy to Jerusalem, to get out of the Paris climate accord, to arm the Ukrainians, to take off the gloves in Afghanistan, to hector the hypocrisies of the United Nations, or to urge Iranian dissidents to keep protesting now risk becoming reminders why these formerly good ideas were always bad and tainted.

Trump’s Culture is Our Destiny?
But are any of those accurate assumptions?

It seems unlikely that any in the 2106 Republican field would have won swing voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. A President Rubio would likely not have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord—any more than a president Jeb Bush would have clamped down on illegal immigration. In the past, a President Romney would likely not have talked of “our” farmers and “our” miners.

Like it or not Trump’s very rambunctiousness set the tone for and gave the latitude to his subordinates to risk doing the unorthodox—whether James Mattis recalibrating U.S. policy in Syria, or H.R. McMaster crafting a new deterrent strategy toward North Korea, or Nikki Haley reprising the role of Jeane Kirkpatrick at the United Nations, or a Neil Gorsuch appointment ensuring another Antonin Scalia rather than an Anthony Kennedy.

What Trump critics seem to resent most about Trump is not his politics, agenda, or record, but his culture.

More specifically, Trump is oblivious to traditional criteria of Washington-New York merit and comportment. In Trump’s wild world of scramblers, the proper credentials do not always result in the proper results. Someone can be a “loser” who won a Pulitzer Prize, went to Stanford, or is a contributing editor of a prestigious journal. In his world, an Ivy League degree does not keep you from being fired on “The Apprentice” any more than it proves a guide to who will know the most facts or quickest recall on “Jeopardy” or “Wheel of Fortune.”

Trump has turned topsy-turvy all the usual rules of success, prestige, reputation, and esteem. He did this mostly by his victory over a candidate, who by traditional norms of education and public service, by the rules of discourse and comportment, and by the networks of the well-credentialed, was supposedly far superior and preferable, and thus the sure winner.

Trump is perfectly willing to hire the best and brightest and has, but not necessarily because they are assumed to be the best and brightest. One of the strangest experiences watching the 24/7 anti-Trump media is to take in the invective from a New York or Washington pundit, pause, and then recall something like, “Wasn’t this the very person once caught plagiarizing, inventing fables about his own reporting, fired for sexual assault or substance abuse, colluding with a political campaign, leaking or subverting a debate question, or let go for faking the news?” Journalists are not presidents, but it is hard to take moralizing from the so often immoral.

No CVs in the Arena
Saying that one now understands the Trump phenomenon, does not make it so. Most Americans do not give a hoot about where one of Mueller’s lawyers went to school. They couldn’t care less under whom an investigator once served—if he cannot avoid the simple impression of bias and unfairness. They do not equate where one lives or whom one knows with the assurance of ethical or intellectual excellence—if what they do is refuted by facts and logic and imbued with emotion or obvious prejudice.

When a director of the FBI admits he deliberately leaked to the press the contents of his own private notes, written on government time, of a confidential conversation with the President of the United States—a possible criminal offense—for the sole purpose of eliciting the appointment of a special counsel (a gambit which resulted in the selection of his friend Robert Mueller), then most Americans have no compunction about seeing FBI leadership as ethically compromised and something gone terribly wrong at the highest echelons of the once hallowed agency.

That is not “bashing the FBI,” but admitting that the current generation of leaders at the FBI and the Justice Department by their very behavior have bashed their own agencies and loyal and professional subordinates.

All the brilliantly degreed economists of the past decade could not craft policies to achieve even 3 percent growth. All the wittiest and “in the know” advisors had little clue about how to radically reduce illegal immigration. All the supposedly empathetic and moral crusaders more or less wrote off a broad swath of America as clingers, deplorables, and irredeemables—losers in a preordained global world—whose lack of the right stuff earned them deserved oblivion.

The result is that the deities of Washington and New York still do not quite know how and why Trump was elected, or why he well might be reelected—the result of half the country’s profound lack of confidence in the morality and competence of the coastal and gentry managerial classes. And to the degree our elite think they know why many Americans believe that their reputations are undeserved, it is a revelation so disturbing that they are not by background, education, and experience capable of understanding, appreciating, or responding to it.

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546 replies
  1. Doctor Bass Monkey
    Doctor Bass Monkey says:

    Anyone who thinks Mueller has any credibility left needs to read up on how he railroaded Steven Hatfill, who was completely innocent, when Mueller botched the anthrax case.

        • BCML
          BCML says:

          What point? That Trump won and the “conservatives” are celebrating like hillbillies at a hoedown? Got it. He might win again: will never happen.

          • nowaybigguy
            nowaybigguy says:

            Nice cocoon you live in. What is the Dom strategy that is going to win them Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan? So far they have doubled down on STUPID in that area!

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            “Hillbillies at a hoedown” — see, you can’t be intellectually honest. You have to create caricatures to assuage your fallacious beliefs.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            I am a little intolerant. I don’t like bigoted, hate-mongering, nativist, misogynist, groping, bombastic, vulgar, incompetent, corrupt, lying Presidents. And I don’t like the people who vote for them.

          • Disturber
            Disturber says:

            So, I guess you don’t like the people who build the cars, the planes, the locomotives; that install the power stations and string the power lines; that build the highways and the railways; cut the trees and mill the lumber; make all the materials that go into your fancy homes; raise the wheat and the cattle and the corn and all the rest of your food, etc. Well, they don’t particularly think much of you and your ilk as well.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            Unionized voters strongly supported Clinton. But the anti-immigration nativists were Trump all the way. They just forgot how their own ancestors got here.

          • Disturber
            Disturber says:

            You are correct about the Teachers’ and the Government Unions. You are incorrect about the unionized workers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and in all of the other states that Hillary lost. Remember, if you may, she lost the election and had it not been for the 3.5 million illegals that voted in California, she would have lost the popular vote as well. The traditional Democratic constituency is gone and I might add that is probably true of the traditional constituency of the Republican Party as well. Things are reforming and with a booming economy [“Its the economy, stupid], the realignment is not going to favor the socialists.

            By the way, I have practiced law for nearly 50 years and your confidence in the results of Mueller’s investigation is way too optimistic. If he had anything, we would have learned about it by now.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            With Watergate it took 2 years from the beginning of the scandal to the start of prosecution. Lots of time left. We have learned that very close aides have co-operated with Mueller. Far more to come. Jared and Donny Jr. as a minimum – are in the cross-hairs. Its gonna be great. We’ll see in the mid-terms. Prepare for a big disappointment.

          • Yoda0060
            Yoda0060 says:

            Let’s face it, only 10.7% of all working class Americans are union. Of that, an overwhelming 36% are government employees. As a direct and indirect result, Democrats in general, favor big government control over the masses and their monies. So, of course, unionized workers (in general) strongly supported Clinton and her Democratic Party.

            As for immigrants, Trump and the overwhelming majority of his supporters ARE NOT opposed to LEGAL immigration. But rather the hordes of ILLEGAL immigrants that are criminally crossing into our sovereign nation (the U.S.) on a daily basis. There is a rather distinct difference, that some, such as yourself, may not have the wherewith-all to fully grasp the realities of it all.

            You BCML, seem to have fallen well into the darkened depths of obscured and self-imposed political denial – for which you are unwilling or unable to recognize the truth, no matter it’s worthiness to mankind.

          • sotto voce
            sotto voce says:

            Conflating immigrants with illegal aliens … typical liberal trope (or maybe I should say “tripe). Your list of those you “don’t like” tells us a lot about your high opinion of yourself. You’re just the kind of person all those icky Trump voters were protesting against when they cast their ballots.

          • Freddie King
            Freddie King says:

            Guess what, dipstick, neither do we like you or your despicable ilk. So do the world a favor, go out back into the alley with some rope and hang yourself from the nearest lightpole. Pompous, arrogant jackwagons like you nauseate me.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            Freddie: Whats a jackwagon? Should I feel bad about that? Sounds kinda cool. Is it like a dune buggy?

      • rhadagastt
        rhadagastt says:

        You should keep promising yourself that little nugget of information. In fact trying holding your breath because I’m sure the indictments are just around the corner. Just as they have been for the past year and a half.

      • Brian W. Loss J.D.
        Brian W. Loss J.D. says:

        Mueller has had time and resources with no real results. This may be the most expensive, time consuming slicing that never happened. You must be one of the blinkered that Hansen is talking about.

        • BCML
          BCML says:

          A couple if high level indictments and a couple of guilty pleas. Not bad. But the big news is coming. Stay sober long enough to watch. There will be more charges than under either Reagan or Nixon.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            You’re right – because of the mountains of evidence of dereliction, incompetence, and lying, Hillary & Obama were let off the hook.

          • DCW left coast
            DCW left coast says:

            Mueller is done like dinner . . . two prominent Dem lawyers have said he likely used the Fake Dossier, created by Steele and the Russians and paid for by Hillarious Klinton and the DNC to get FISA Warrants to spy on Trump and his team. ALL evidence is tainted & FAKE !
            Hillarious though could be indited for using “Foreign Actors” in an election campaign, which is a FELONY !

          • Yoda0060
            Yoda0060 says:

            Robert Mueller hasn’t even gotten a nibble. Yet, you’re babbling about him reeling in the “big tuna”. What a laugh.

          • CommonSenseIsNotPC
            CommonSenseIsNotPC says:

            Yep, the reassignments of Strzok, Ohr, and Page and the proliferating contradictory responses in the press from Obama regime members about use of the Steele dossier and about George Popadopoulos are sure-fire indications that “Trump is in serious trouble.” ????????????????????

          • Kathy
            Kathy says:

            Well 4 Americans died due to DoS incompetence and then tried to cover up their dereliction so….
            Heads should have rolled in the Obama admin. Instead a film maker was jailed. But many people now see how unaccountable and corrupt that presidency and admin was; there was never any accounting or justice for those 4 Americans or their families.

            I suppose for you “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

          • scott meek
            scott meek says:

            hey sparky, I know its impossible….but Kathy just gave you a giant mushroom stamp…how did it feel?

        • BCML
          BCML says:

          Yep. Along with 90% of qualified scientists. You don’t believe it? C’mon, your uncle told you it was a crock? The only people who don’t believe in global warming are oil company executives, evangelicals, and morons.

          • Cyber Space
            Cyber Space says:

            There is another group of scientists who believe that we are now entering a mini ice age and that we will have colder than normal temperatures . But I thought it was all settled science? ROFLMAO!!!

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            And, there is huge number of RIGOROUS scientists who recognized from jump that the warming notion was based on methodologically flawed studies that amount to nothing more than pseudoscience.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            There it is folks ^^ — reality inversion – another of the triad of core signs that characterize Liberal Psychotic Syndrome.

          • Cyber Space
            Cyber Space says:

            From Hominid-And, there is huge number of RIGOROUS scientists who recognized from jump that the warming notion was based on methodologically flawed studies that amount to nothing more than pseudoscience.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            I’ll stop now – I’m not sadistic enough to kick an unconscious street psycho lying broken on the ground.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            Nice try. Your lame frothings could not defeat my hamster. You’re a bigmouth, content free, blowhard. Go find a site for slow kids.

          • Yoda0060
            Yoda0060 says:

            “Go find a site for slow kids.”

            If that indeed, were Hominid’s desire, why would he feel compelled to go any further, when he already has you in his sites?

          • Joe Spooner
            Joe Spooner says:

            You obviously don’t know science, BCML, although you surely think you do. I use that question to see if I’m dealing with a leftist True Believer a la Eric Hoffer ( read it, educate yourself) AND see if the person has any scientific sophistication—you obviously don’t—bluster, yes, but that’s about it. Try educating your with Dr Roy Spencer and You know physics, right? That helps…finally, you’re a bore…

          • Joe Spooner
            Joe Spooner says:

            Got ya BCML! I use that question to see how gullible the person is , how easily they can be True Believers a la Eric Hoffer, sucking up to lefties like obama AND it’s a test of the person’s scientific sophistication—you obviously don’t have any…you have invectives against your betters in this blog via your insults…but what you think is between your ears, ain’t there…try and Dr Roy Spencer. I’ll assume you know some physics, but that could be a stretch for you…and grow up…

          • minowe
            minowe says:

            Wait! I thought it was 97.3% of all peer reviewed qualified excellent all-knowing scientists. What happened, some of them drop out?

          • CommonSenseIsNotPC
            CommonSenseIsNotPC says:

            Have we experienced global warming over the past century? Absolutely! Is human activity the primary cause of that global warming? Probably not. There are periodic temperature variances in global temperatures. Variation in the earth’s orbit around the sun, variation in solar activity, variation in the moon’s orbit around the earth all have impact on the climate. Indications from the Greenland ice core GISP2 are that temperature exhibits millennial (1000 year) cycles. We had the Minoan warm period 3,000 years ago, the Roman warm period 2,000 years ago, and the Medieval warm period 1,000 years ago. We are right on schedule for another warm period. Temperatures were higher in all of those periods than they are presently. In fact, despite the increase in temperatures since the end of the Little Ice Age, global temperatures are still on the low side for the Holocene.

            Come back when you can explain all of those previous temperature cycles and how the biodiversity thrived through all of those periods of higher temperatures.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            No need. I listen to experts. And there are many and there is a remarkable consensus. To do otherwise is arrogant and reckless.

          • CommonSenseIsNotPC
            CommonSenseIsNotPC says:

            Yes, there is a remarkable consensus – that there is money to be made by pushing the AGW narrative. You get funding if you adhere to the party line. You don’t get funding if you go against the party line.

            BTW, once upon a time, there was consensus that:
            1) The earth was flat
            2) The earth was the center of the universe
            3) There was spontaneous generation (complex life arising from inanimate sources being a commonplace occurrence)

            All commonly believed by the “scientific community.” All false. Apparent consensus does not equate to truth!

            And, BTW, you dodged responding to the observations from paleoclimatologists who have demonstrated that global temperatures are still well below average for the Holocene and that biodiversity responded quite well to higher temperatures. SORRY, NOT GONNA LET YOU DUCK THAT SO EASILY!

      • Don't Call Saul
        Don't Call Saul says:

        Mueller, along with Comey, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, Bath house Barry, and the rest of the Obama criminal cartel will all be scurrying like the criminal rats they are once the Inspector General releases his report soon about the FBI/DOJ corruption under Obozo.

      • Kathy
        Kathy says:

        Good Lord BCML! You really are obsessed with Pres Trump. Back at it showing us all how unhinged you are. Lol…you’s a no-life loser.

      • taek kenn
        taek kenn says:

        BCML is a poster with a fetish
        It caused him to turn rather reddish
        His bottom he will feed
        With carrots if you please
        But understand he prefers to do it with a radish

      • Max Flasher
        Max Flasher says:

        Give it up lefties. Your hate Trump rants are tiresome. If the deplorably evil hag Hillary had won she’d be using the federal government to grind working class whites, the “deplorables”, into the dirt and the hate whitey msm would be cheering her on for doing so.

        Regardless of his flaws, Trump is still infinitely better than anything on the left. Just imagine all federal agencies being run by partisan hacks like Lois Lerner or a leftist like her being appointed to the Supreme Court.

        Hillary totally agreed with BLM that white racism was oppressing blacks which means the hate whitey fanaticism being promoted in our pigsty universities would also be taught in our high schools, elementary schools and no doubt even in our kindergartens.

        “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”.

        That’s what we’d have if Hillary had won.

      • MidCali42
        MidCali42 says:

        To he fair, it is looking more like a lot of swamp creatures are about to get sliced, a la Lorena Bobbit.

      • MMinLamesa
        MMinLamesa says:

        Really? Yamean he’s been holding back for all this time, sharpening up his knife? HAHAHA good one-keep plucking that chicken loser

        • BCML
          BCML says:

          Poor silly nobody. Trump will be back in Queens next yea bankrupting companies, shafting tradesmen, swindling partners, hanging around Ladies Locker Rooms and getting bone spur treatment so he can resume his groping career. That’s a fact Jack. And, little fella, you may want to pick a fight you have a slim chance of winning and this ain’t it.

    • Solido
      Solido says:

      Meuller is the radical democrats’ last great hope to get President Trump out of office or at least slow down his agenda. Thankfully hillary is not president.

    • doug masnaghetti
      doug masnaghetti says:

      Liberal fascists don’t really care about facts……facts are just nasty disruptions to their pursuit of delusional narrative and slander.

    • Bobbi60
      Bobbi60 says:

      Or check out his ‘top aide,’ Andrew Weissman, whose case against the accounting company of Arthur Anderson fell completely to pieces…after the company itself had already been ruined.The company’s conviction was unanimously overturned by the SCOTUS, mostly on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. They now employ 200 workers, down from a high in 2002 of 85,000(worldwide). Gee, thanks, Weissman.

      • Anika
        Anika says:

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    • Danny Alt
      Danny Alt says:

      Indeed.., only a perfect “Investigative” record, conducted by an Investigative Bureau, run by an FBI Director for 12 years, employing thousands of investigators, conducting thousands of investigations, makes for a credible Director.

  2. hamburgertoday2017
    hamburgertoday2017 says:

    ‘Credentialism’ is part of the fabric of the elite world. Having the ‘right’ degree from the ‘right’ school is very dear to the elite. They don’t like to see all the money they (or their mommies and daddies) spent of Ivy League tuition suddenly not worth the paper its printed on.

    Jane Jacobs, in ‘Dark Age Ahead’ foresaw the crisis of the legitimacy of ‘the professions’ long ago as it was obvious that they had become far too self-serving to be able to sustain their status. The Deplorables admire accomplishment, results, not pedigree. A ‘meritocracy’ that is solely the result of the name of the school or degree on one’s sheepskin is really just another form of aristocracy. Ivy League parents begat Ivy League children who begat more Ivy League children.

    • Carolyn
      Carolyn says:

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      • The Halversons
        The Halversons says:

        Call it what you will Hominid but there are a whole lot more of us “pedestrians” than there are Ivy Tower Types and once the curtain is pulled back and the short, squat little blow-hard operating the controls is exposed… his power is lost forever.

      • Peta Johnson
        Peta Johnson says:

        I have an SJD from an elite school and I think he is right. We are paying tuition for people to be brainwashed by cultural Marxism and Deconstruction. I could teach both in two days. If you deny that watch one of Professor Jordan B. Peterson’s videos on the Internet – a former socialist.

    • Venril
      Venril says:

      Euro-Progressivism, seeking to secure hereditary position and power from the bourgeoisie middle-class who they see as despoiling ‘their culture’. The genesis of the Fabians a century ago in Britain who spawned the Progressive movement that’s with us today. Before the Industrial revolution, the Aristocracy ran the show. Everyone else begged for leave to do just about anything. Then the industrialists became wealthy in a way they couldn’t understand but resented the hell out of. And sought to return the upstarts to their proper place in society.

  3. BCML
    BCML says:

    I favor a simpler explanation. Most of Trump’s supporters are stupid and they bought a load of bull$hit from a consummate bull$hitter. Most of Trump’s supporters are too dumb to realize that Donnie and his Pirate Crew are plundering the American Treasury through their Tax Heist and will endanger their long term healthcare and well being. Maybe, as the author postulates, this is an anti-elite movement, but it is fueled by provincialism, bigotry, nativism, and anti-intellectualism. In other words by under-educated, low-functioning, left-behinds who don’t know what is in their own best interest. A vulgar, sewer mouthed, coarse, groping, macho barbarian is what they wanted; its what they got.

  4. JHX
    JHX says:

    VDH is correct, of course.

    These people created all the problems Trump inherited. At the height of their power, these NeverTrump neocons held tremendous sway and had the ear of the president, but their book celebrations, power marriages and degrees from prestigious universities didn’t save them from destroying the party. It didn’t save Pope Bush the second from 20% approval. It didn’t stop us from being fired, twice, and setting the stage for Emperor “I Won!” and a democrat congress to serve him. Ironically, Obama himself saved the party fortunes by reaching too far, too fast. If he were the black Bill Clinton he campaigned as? We would still be in the wilderness.

    Where I disagree is, I don’t think they’re incompetent or that they don’t understand the people who elected Trump or their culture.. I think they’re one half of a bipartisan crony class that essentially peddle laws and policies for personal profit, and if that means waging socioeconomic war on middle America? They’re happy to oblige. I don’t think they do not understand. I think they understand perfectly, and they don’t care because they are evil.

    • inyouri
      inyouri says:

      Yes when it comes to Hillary I’m reminded off the line from Cool hand Luke :”She knows exactly what she’s doing” but with an entirely different context.

        • Hominid
          Hominid says:

          When one uses terms like “NeverTrumpers,” he’s appealing to emotion, not reason. When one cites failures of educational “elites” on “Your Fired” TV shows, he’s dealing with anecdote not reality. It’s nothing more than spin and rhetorical tricks in an appeal to emotion.

    • SmartProf
      SmartProf says:

      The truth is:
      The self-styled “elites” aren’t very elite.
      If they were truly smart, then they could have stopped Trump.
      They have all the attributes of an intellectual, except–intellect.

    • Jerome Barry
      Jerome Barry says:

      Perhaps so. Consider also the shocking realization that Trump’s 2017 GDP growth likely to be over 3% was achieved with Obama’s taxes and budget. That means, the only think Trump has done so far ‘for business’, has been to cheerlead. All American businesses needed to bestir their animal spirits was to have a cheerleader. We will see now if 2018, with the addition of 14 easy points of profit to every bottom line, shows an actual increasing velocity of money. That, reported only by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, showed how dead money was during Obama’s term. Toward the end of 2017, it ticked up slightly. Will 2018 show money coming back to life? If so, the wave of 2018 will be R.

      • Dave781
        Dave781 says:

        An increase in the velocity of money coupled with trillion dollar deficits = hyperinflation. It will not be pretty.

        • sandslug
          sandslug says:

          Well then we need to audit the Fed, get rid of the Dept. of Education, HHS, cut back the GSA, build
          the wall, really go after fraud, and continue to clean up Government.

          • TrickleUpPolitics
            TrickleUpPolitics says:

            I agree. The CBO and all of the Democrat hand wringers made predictions about the tax cuts based on the premise that there will be no reduction in spending. I am sure Trump does not agree with that premise and his first proposed budget is going to be a zinger. Can’t wait.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            Entitlements account for MORE THAN 70% of all government spending. Trump has vowed to protect them.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            How? You people with your ready solutions never say HOW to accomplish those things. “Let’s just do it” are the words of a fool.

        • Peta Johnson
          Peta Johnson says:

          Not if there is growth. Growth in the private sector increases the supply of goods and services and economies of scope and scale take effect.

  5. Wayne Lusvardi
    Wayne Lusvardi says:

    Victor Davis Hanson has put his finger on the Never Trumpers: culture. Mainly, Never Trumpers are drawn from the Knowledge Class (as opposed to the Business Class) and depend on centrist conservative think tanks for their livelihoods. Typically, none of them have even spent so much as one summer working on construction, moving furniture or stocking a warehouse. And the funding sources for the think tanks they work for typically depend on the globalist “free market” corporations (“free market” is a euphemism for trade with communist funded monopolistic foreign corporations that employ near low wage labor). Some of the Never Trumpers may quietly be supportive of Trump but they know who butters their bread and pays their mortgages. So someone like Jonah Goldberg, wrote a book on political correctness (“The Tyranny of Cliches”) but when Trump comes along and busts those cliches Goldberg has opposed him mainly on the grounds that Trump is uncouth. What Trump has done has removed the notion that “kindness” or not fighting back against adversaries is some form of higher moral legitimacy. But any shrewd political player can use kind and forgiving rhetoric while acting in a totalitarian way. Trump’s legitimacy is based on his actions not on the civic religion of “niceness”. Moreover, because the Working Class understands tough talk, even profanity, Trump can talk on their level even though he never raised his own children on such obscene language. For right now no Never Trump candidate can win at the ballot box in Red States. So the Never Trumpers and their Neo-conservative clones cannot gain power except through the Working Class.

    • odys
      odys says:

      VDH has also explained clearly why the GOP is kicking butt and taking names in state elections but spinning its wheels in DC. The state GOP are regular folk, likely Trump supporters, while the Rinos in DC are, well, Rinos.

      • Hominid
        Hominid says:

        Exactly the opposite. The state Repubs get elected because they support the marxist ideology of the Lib-Leftists.

    • odys
      odys says:

      So, in other words, you cannot refute one point made in the article and must resort to ad hominems. Got it!

          • Name
            Name says:

            wordy. it’s not what he says it what he doesn’t say that must be responded to and it would take more time than most of us who work have time for to respond oncomment boards.

          • odys
            odys says:

            Seems pretty straight forward. The regular folk are suspicious of the elites so staffing the investigative team with elites was a mistake, but worse it is a mistake that the elites are blind to. And this blindness extends to Democrat and Republican in DC alike, and it explains why the federal GOP, which is chocked full of elites, while its state parties are stuffed with regular folk, cannot do well at the federal level although it is kicking butt at the local level

          • Washington Nearsider
            Washington Nearsider says:

            He didn’t just staff his team with elites. He staffed his team with out-and-out liberal power players who have – for years – vocally and financially supported liberals.

            Expecting those people to leave their inherent biases at the door is simply unreasonable, and people know it.

            That’s how you got Trump.

          • Name
            Name says:

            VDH needs to work a piece showing how the bannon/trump relationship and the choice of bannon by trump for national security council is really such a great historical milestone and real good for our country. its what VDH doesn’t say. and that is dishonesty.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            If you can’t read for comprehension, it’s easy to follow. If you see what he’s doing, you have lots of questions.

          • jerseymark
            jerseymark says:

            What a BS comment. You are exhibit A of what he was writing about as you have no clue about Trump’s election and what is actually going on in this country and others. You must be Ivy League educated.

      • Brian W. Loss J.D.
        Brian W. Loss J.D. says:

        But that is how the ignorant must function; if you cannot make a legitimate case, throw mud.

      • bilahn
        bilahn says:

        Read today’s Washington Post, if you bear to move your eyes away from your right wing propaganda. Everything you need to know is there, today. Why should I repeat it?

        You supporters of Trump are so incredibly stupid. Ad hominem? You deserve it.

      • Vallum Hadriani
        Vallum Hadriani says:

        So he’s a nationally read and respected figure and you’re a nobody that no one knows and you’re he has inferiority issues. Got it.

        • Hominid
          Hominid says:

          He’s an opiner, nothing more. A mouth-runner with a bullshiite degree in a humanity who’s never produced anything in his life except words. A man who makes money for composing essays that pander to the widest audience possible.

    • John Willson
      John Willson says:

      Interesting. Typical and predictable ruling class toady making assertion. No reasoning, example, or proof. But then, snotty cosmopolitans need only assert, and sniff.

  6. odys
    odys says:

    The inability to understand Trump is hard to grasp. Barry said of the deplorables: ” you can see how they cling to their guns and their religion and have antipathy to those not like them.” So, no the swamp denizens know the middle Americans exist and they even get that they are opposed to the swamp denizens’ goals. But as you say for some reason the GOP swamp critters cannot grasp it.

    With all their “edumacation” and experience, the federal GOP reminds me of that Oscar Wilde quip:

    “Earnestness is stupidity with a college degree.”

  7. inyouri
    inyouri says:

    With all the Russia talk you would think the anti-Trump brigade would realize they are bringing us closer and closer to 1917 Russia on a daily basis. One might conclude they want it that way.

  8. Joyful LaRue
    Joyful LaRue says:

    The patsies that Mueller hired are the BEST ‘n BRIGHTEST ONLY in their own addled, political minds.

    Mueller woulda done a whole lot better with a team of ‘civilians’ randomly picked out of the phone directory—-if there’s one that exists anymore!!

    The ‘highly educated’ Ivy-Leaguers have proven themselves over the past few decades, to be the most-ignorant, closed-minded educated fools to populate the earth, and thus nearly destroy our world—as proved throughout the whole 20th Century and well into the 21st!!

    Those of us educated at the rough ‘n tumble state universities could run rings around these elitist boobs who think they should continue to RULE THE WORLD. Funny what the REAL WORLD teaches those of us who’ve lived it!!

    ENOUGH of these faux, high ‘n mighty elites!! We deplorables are much better at MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

    • odys
      odys says:

      To your point, can you think of the last time a Harvard engineer made a big tech break through? Most all the Harvard prestige goes to those who worked as government hacks, not as productive citizens.

      • inyouri
        inyouri says:

        You’re anti-edumacation. Just because the Ivy League has trashed the country doesn’t mean they are not smart. /s

        • odys
          odys says:

          IF I wanted a top notch engineer or scientist I would go to MIT, or Stanford, or Caltech, or RPI or Carnegie Mellon, or…….

          If I wanted a top notch government hack I would go to an Ivy league school.

      • Dave781
        Dave781 says:

        When is the last a Wharton engineer made a big tech breakthrough? Oh right – there aren’t any.

      • BCML
        BCML says:

        But you would find that Harvard graduates and faculty have made huge contributions to arts, literature, history, etc. Those count. We are not just a world of people building stuff. There is an intellectual life, you may want to try it.

          • BCML
            BCML says:

            Rubbish. CalTech’s endowments aren’t taxed either. And when they tax universities they will tax churches – now there is a GOOD idea.

          • jerseymark
            jerseymark says:

            As if the two are similar in any way! The establishment clause works for Churches not universities.

        • jerseymark
          jerseymark says:

          Ahhh, they are good at satisfying the elite of society. Yup, that is their whole purpose – that and ruling over the rest of us. Let’s do it this way – they can focus on the Arts, literature and “history” – just leave politics to those who have commonsense and an efficient view of reality.

    • Dave781
      Dave781 says:

      Mueller’s investigators don’t have to be the best and brightest, and they don’t have to be unbiased. They just have to be competent, and let the facts speak for themselves.

      • Washington Nearsider
        Washington Nearsider says:

        In theory, you’re right.

        Look to Duke Lacrosse though. In that case, the DA was massively biased, and extremely well-credentialed. The evidence though, wasn’t allowed to speak for itself. Nifong intentionally withheld evidence which he knew would exonerate those he was prosecuting.

        Bias can very easily lead Mueller’s team to simply bury a few facts while selectively releasing others. That would shape the narrative and would not be letting the facts truly speak for themselves.

          • Vallum Hadriani
            Vallum Hadriani says:

            So hiding the Strzok’s outrageous behavior from Congress for several months is an example of ethics? Having hired him in the first place shows a complete lack of common sense.

          • BayouKiki
            BayouKiki says:

            The Feds are hardly immune from prosecutorial misconduct. See USA v Cliven Bundy. Andrew Weissmann, a member of Mueller’s dream team, was director of the Enron Task Force that destroyed the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen (that employed 85,000 people) dragging it through a trial riddled with prosecutorial misconduct that was ultimately reversed by a unanimous Supreme Court. That task force ruined quite a few lives.

          • Ray Runge
            Ray Runge says:

            Mueller was the lead man for the Uranium One deal coming to fruition for the Clinton Cartel to the tune of $150 million. Nothing illegal there.

      • jerseymark
        jerseymark says:

        How will you get the facts unless you are looking for them and a biased and prejudiced search will not allow you to look for them if they contradict your bias and prejudice. People see what they want to see.

  9. ata777
    ata777 says:

    Is there anything more over-rated than an Ivy League “education?” And is there anyone with his head more firmly planted in his rectum than a coastal-dwelling, New World Order elitist?

    • DisgustedwithElitism
      DisgustedwithElitism says:

      It reminds one of the in-breeding among the crowned-heads of Europe and hemophilia (the modern version of which is the intellectual poisoning of political correctness and groupthink).

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            Me too – a son of poor, hourly wage-earners who grew up in a midwestern urban ghetto and joined the military after high school. My so-called “elite” classmates came from all across the country, from every socioeconomic stratum, from every race and a multiplicity of ethnicities, and from foreign lands in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. What we all had in common were excellent academic & standardized test performances and a strong desire to learn and achieve.

    • jerseymark
      jerseymark says:

      They propagate themselves starting with the elite universities followed by the ivy league Law schools instilling in them their rightful place to rule over everyone else. In this age of the “expert”, there has been a complete loss of good ol’ commonsense as well as an efficient grasp of reality. They have all been impregnated with Progressivism viewing reality as what they want to see as opposed to what is. As a result, their efforts are always thwarted by unintended consequences that are fairly obvious to those who exercise commonsense and have an efficient grasp of reality.

      • Hominid
        Hominid says:

        That’s just a Hollywood movie version of reality intended to appease you third-raters. Who do YOU think should be in charge – coal miners and nail bangers, poets and celebrities?

  10. rtcdmc
    rtcdmc says:

    I agree with VDH’s general analysis, but would add an observation. The elite are mad that they’re being told that the emperor (they) have no clothes. Neither side of the elite have had correct answers to the problems of the middle/ working class for over 30 years.

  11. Jerome Barry
    Jerome Barry says:

    Damn, Vic, you’ve gotten vicious. Nevertheless, there’ve been no leaks from the all-star team of ivy league legacy lawyers to whisper of even the tiniest evidence of criminal electioneering found in the cooperation of Flynn or the computer drives of Manafort. If any such evidence had been found, it would have been burned into the eyes of the world before sunset.

    • Dave781
      Dave781 says:

      There have been no leaks because they are professionals. Be patient and what for the results of the investigation.

      • jerseymark
        jerseymark says:

        Yeah right! There have been leaks of non-substantial matters such as what they are looking at next but none relating to any evidence or basis for the investigation in the first place. If there was such evidence, it very definitely would have leaked out.

      • TrickleUpPolitics
        TrickleUpPolitics says:

        There have been no leaks about FISA warrants and the dossier because that incriminates them.

      • Jerome Barry
        Jerome Barry says:

        They are professionals who know how to leak for greatest effect, a la James Comey with his top secret notes to himself.

        Therefore, little old me in flyover country knows that when the hound is not barking, it has nothing to bark about.

  12. stevewfromford
    stevewfromford says:

    Bad judgement is, potentially, the most costly trait in a politician. Bill Clinton had generally good judgement. Hillary Clinton had almost universally very bad judgement. Trump has exhibited good judgement.
    If one were electing a President on the basis of being fun to hang around Bill C would be the man although you definitely wouldn’t want him as a neighbor if you had young and nubile daughters!. Hillary or Obama would be the death of a good party while Trump would be put on a very fancy party but would probably act boorishly. Fortunately we are not electing a best friend or a neighbor, we are electing someone to exhibit good judgement.
    It appears from the policies enacted over the last 30 to 40 years that the elites we have allowed to run things have very poor judgement and, when push comes to shove, will sacrifice the well being of the people for the opportunity to feather their own nest.
    A bull in a china shop is just what is needed when the china needs breaking.

      • Hominid
        Hominid says:

        Yeah – “a bull in a china shop” who does as much damage as he does good is far better than a surgeon in an operating suite who removes a tumor leaving organ function fully intact. You’re brilliant!!!

  13. Gabriela Garver
    Gabriela Garver says:

    Thank you, VDH, for explaining what on earth is going wrong with this country, with such moral and intellectual clarity. We have rot at the top, and we in the Heartland are hoping and praying to God that Trump can drain the poison from the body politic before septic shock sets in and the country comes crashing down around our collective ears.

  14. William Westchester
    William Westchester says:

    The imbecile “Down with Trumpers” regarding him as a “blood and soil European nationalist” are so blinded that they cannot see the paradigm shift that has occurred since 1/20/17.

    Trump is a nationalist, but he also raises the spirits of those in other countries that a new wind has been blowing. His major international speeches have raised a new theme that isn’t strictly nationalist in the sense of the 1930s, and it is certainly far from 0bamunist globalism.

    I’m waiting from some brilliant conservative journalist to invent a term that accurately describes this fusion of nationalism and internationalism that Trump has been trumpeting.

  15. Reformed Trombonist
    Reformed Trombonist says:

    > it may serve as a reminder of why the Republican Party on the national level does poorly

    Or, as Dean Wormer might say, “Smug, stupid and treacherous is no way to go through life.”

  16. pakelag
    pakelag says:

    Mueller’s record suggests that he is utterly lacking in moral courage. He was head of the FBI and was ultimately responsible for the non-investigation of the IRS scandal which targeted conservative fund raising organizations. In regards to the latter, Mueller claimed not to know the status of the investigation, and could not even recall who had been assigned to lead it. The FBI was also involved in an investigation of the Russian company involved in the Uranium One sale for extortion and bribery. This information should have been shared with CFIUS and Congress prior to the Uranium One sale, but Mueller did nothing. And how about his current investigative tactics. Breaking into the Manafort residence and possibly frisking Mrs. Manafort in her bedclothes for weapons, as has been reported. Grabbing Presidential transition documents without seeking the appropriate permission. Ignoring the possible illicit use of the dossier, and the implications of Russian involvement in trying to undermine Trump. The possible conspiracy of high-level FBI and DOJ officials in attempting to undermine a Trump administration. Mueller is not someone I would want my kids to have as a Sunday school teacher.

  17. cedar rebellion
    cedar rebellion says:

    One thing for sure. Trump understands that Mueller is a lightening rod and the lefty Mules he’s assembled only will help Trump destroy Mueller. Mueller will never be directly touched by Trump but all the minions, from Holder to Lynch to Obama to Comey to Hillary and their minions, will be “Trumpered”. Actually, Trump may not even want a special counsel since it’s easier to attack the minions while they’re out of jail.

  18. Reformed Trombonist
    Reformed Trombonist says:

    > Trump’s accomplishments are canceled out by his character flaws. Thus they are not sustainable, given that character is destiny.

    General Grant was a drunk. General Patton was a megalomaniac. Abe Lincoln was prone to melancholy — or, as we might understand it today, severely depressed. Henry Ford was a complete a**hole.

    As Lincoln said about Grant, I’ll say about Trump: we cannot spare this man. He fights.

  19. ResilientSrDem65
    ResilientSrDem65 says:

    The Repub lineup for the Presidency in the primary elections was like a menu of 16 haute cuisine dishes and the Blue Plate Special of meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy.
    We already had the cuisine and didn’t like it, we just wanted something to eat that tasted good, and reminded us of Mother.

  20. Peta Johnson
    Peta Johnson says:

    Exactly right. It is reminiscent of the hate of Richard Nixon. It is to be remembered that Nixon was the second GOP president since 1932, when he was elected in 1968. General Eisenhower had been approached by Democrats and the GOP to run. It also needs to be remembered that but for the election of Nixon, who was no conservative, the country would have gone social democratic. He was deeply hated for that. DJT has proved far more effective than Nixon.

    At another level, it reads like the history attending the election of Andrew Jackson.

  21. Ray Runge
    Ray Runge says:

    Another broadside directed at the morally and ethically bankrupt Parlor Republican intellectual bunch. Pedigree is simply another term for inbred.

  22. Reformed Trombonist
    Reformed Trombonist says:

    > “Other NeverTrumpers argue Trump has done little good himself. His team, or the Republican Congress, is instead to be credited with his successes. Trump himself earned his setbacks such as his initial travel moratorium, failure to repeal in toto Obamacare, and stasis on building the wall or moving forward with a DACA resolution.”

    In other words, they’re saying Trump deserves no credit for putting together a pretty decent team, and gets cut no slack at all for being a rookie.

    Let’s put it another way: if Trump had assembled a horrible team, think NeverTrumpers would be blaming Trump? I do. And he’d deserve it. But he gets no credit for assembling a good one.

    Speaking of rookie errors, even the great Ronald Reagan succumbed to the pressure to raise taxes. Reagan called himself out on that one, saying it was the worst mistake he made. NeverTrump Republicans like to sing Reagan’s praises, but I’m old enough to remember how much the mainstream GOP hated Reagan at the time.

    Here’s what it looks like to this DC outsider: it looks like NeverTrump Republicans think it’s their job is to lose the policy wars, and are upset that Trump is making them look bad. It looks like NeverTrump Republicans have just been wearing Reagan masks and mouthing the words for thirty years, with no intention of fighting for what their voters have wanted. It looks like NeverTrump Republicans have been pretending to be incompetent because they figure their voters will forgive incompetence more than they would treachery.

    One of Trump’s accomplishments, thus far, is that he has revealed the Republican Party and numerous “conservatives” for what they are: ideological Quislings. Trump is hoisting them on their own Petain.

    ARMSTROB says:

    I think Mr. Hanson should have added the National Review Online to his list of those praising the Mueller Investigation cronies. That group is a joke and the NRO defends them at every opportunity. In my eyes, Mr. Hanson lost some credibility for not including NRO.

    • Hominid
      Hominid says:

      The “best and brightest” don’t go to work for the government regardless who their boss might be.

  24. jakee308
    jakee308 says:

    Self awareness has to have a foundation in reality if it is to be useful.
    The elites don’t have it as they grow up in and are employed in and surrounded by a bubble that reinforces their own opinion.

  25. Thomas Carter
    Thomas Carter says:

    As usual, Mr Hanson has it right. I think he understands and elucidates the Trump phenomenon better than anyone. The evidence of corruption at the highest levels of the FBI keeps mounting and is not being contradicted.
    I thought from the beginning watching Comey that he was too slick and sticky sweet to be authentic.

  26. BanBait
    BanBait says:

    Some of the biggest morons I’ve had in my medical practice have been Ivy League grads. Not a lick of common sense in any of ’em.

  27. Dajake
    Dajake says:

    To paraphrase the marxist filmmaker Michael Moore, the election of Trump could also be described more succinctly as the biggest “f*ck you” in American political history.

  28. HAPPY
    HAPPY says:

    I know this, after having been politically & financially aware and having raised a pair of kids, say roughly half of my 4-decade adult life…..I pretty much despise most “pedigreed” types. These are the Style-over-Substance folks who waste public resources and time but are quite skilled at enriching themselves and their circle of clingers while keeping the lower 1/3 of Americans totally in the dark and continuing to vote against not only their own interest, but that of their children!

      • HAPPY
        HAPPY says:

        Actually, Au Contraire…….I have done exceptionally to extremely well, and have
        exceeded my financial goal, thanks to Obama & Bernanke/Yellen.
        Reagan gave me a good start, Bush was so-so, but it’s Obama who took me
        to the mountain top. I bet that Wall St. bought the right President and
        it paid off Bigly!!

        • Hominid
          Hominid says:

          Good golly, could you be more self-absorbed? How well YOU did is all that matters in assessing the success of presidents.

          • HAPPY
            HAPPY says:

            LOL!! Typical……you render the grand opinion that I am “envious” and then run for cover in your favored `Cave’.

          • jerseymark
            jerseymark says:

            You are the one who suggested he was envious of the “pedigreed” types. You are the one who made it personal. His response contradicts your conclusions so now you change him with being focused on himself . You think you are so smart and so cute with your comments but your self delusions are not shared by others.

          • Hominid
            Hominid says:

            Read his post, moron – it’s all EXCLUSIVELY about himself and how “well HE’s done.” He may have thrived under Obama as he claims, but how many others suffered under Obama. You Obambots are disgusting.

  29. reality check
    reality check says:

    “Trump is perfectly willing to hire the best and brightest and has, but not necessarily because they are assumed to be the best and brightest.” Does Trump’s list of the best & Brightest include Micha

  30. mistermcfrugal
    mistermcfrugal says:

    I like Hanson. The foolish, self serving Never Trumpers can’t argue with him. They lose every time.

  31. kevin mitchell
    kevin mitchell says:

    The inability to understand Trump is hard to grasp. Barry said of the deplorables: ” you can see how they cling to their guns and their religion and have antipathy to those not like them.” So, no the swamp denizens know the middle Americans exist and they even get that they are opposed to the swamp denizens’ goals

  32. afhack62
    afhack62 says:

    Exactly right. Like the so-called elites on the east and west coasts, Mueller and his team do not have the respect of a majority of Americans. But the joke is they’re incapable of comprehending this simple fact and, therefore, will continue helping Democrats dig an even deeper political hole in which they can all bury themselves.

  33. rlhailssrpe
    rlhailssrpe says:

    We are learning. Trump is an iconoclast, breaking the mold, different from what came before. Dr. VDH starkly depicts it in one counter attack, the Mueller investigation. It is notable, with an extremely hostile press, that nothing specific has come to light on the essential raison d’être of Meuller’s “special” organization, the collusion between candidate Trump and Russia.

    What has become obvious is the drain the swamp theme of Trump. He is anti Washington D.C. culture. And we have insight. Fox News, the hated Fox News, has just reported “Mapping the Swamp”, released by government watchdog group OpenTheBooks, that nearly 30,000 rank-and-file federal employees out-earned each of the 50 state governors, We know that the wealthiest counties in the US ring Washington D.C.

    The swamp is filled with rich alligators. And alligators get unhappy with anyone who drains their swamp. These alligators are paid for 10 federal holidays, 13 sick days, and 20 vacation days per year. They live well. They hold unbridled power. All Presidential directives are never implemented as orders from the boss. Each is instantly litigated, normally with an injunction to withhold action pending ponderous judicial review. Decisions which once were made in Idaho, by normal citizens, are now overturned by nameless creatures in the anthill, none of whom have any direct responsibility to accomplish any goal by next week, e.g. OK to build a pond on your property?

    We only learn of purposely slanted news, via selected leaks. This technique, used by FBI boss Comey, accomplished its goal, the creation of an all powerful special prosecutor, his buddy, created to destroy the duly elected President of the United States. Crudely put, we are in a civil war between the blue states and the red states over government authority, who holds power, which is external to our system, three branches of government.

    This can not end well.

    • sikologik
      sikologik says:

      it’s certainly gonna get uglier before it gets prettier.

      and the stink is going to be just about overwhelming.

  34. Dave
    Dave says:

    The collusion was between the DNC, Hillary Campaign, Fusion GPS, and B.O., to use a fake dossier to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to conduct illegal surveillance against a political opponent. If Mueller was smart he would have already shifted gears and taken the investigation in this direction, because it is going to happen whether he likes it or not.

  35. Marty Johnson
    Marty Johnson says:

    I long for the good old days of tar and feathers. There is something about instant justice for one’s peers that clears the mind and focuses attention.

  36. PaulinMadison
    PaulinMadison says:

    Who is blinkered? Today, Trump attacked the Department of Justice, called to jail a political opponent and/or the former FBI Director, attacked the free press, claimed he stopped airplane crashes, tweeted at TV shows, claimed to have “a big button”, and threatened nuclear war… ahhh the dignity of the Presidency.

    • gda
      gda says:

      What, you’d rather the “dignity” of Obama coupled with his complete disregard for the law and constitution? So you’re into superficial outward appearances over actual character?

    • jerseymark
      jerseymark says:

      All of which is duly warranted. The DOJ leadership under Obama was corrupt, Hillary definitely belongs in jail, as does Comey, the press is no longer free but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, there were no plane crashes on his watch, responded to Rocket man in their ongoing confrontation but did not threaten nuclear war. So you would choose “dignity” over truth.

  37. Iris Lynch
    Iris Lynch says:

    Ahh, the power of a ‘belief’, gets em all…politicians, Muslims, politicians, Muslims, pol…….

  38. Danny Alt
    Danny Alt says:

    “Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately.”, said Trump supporter Steve Bannon about Donnie Jr.

  39. alainny
    alainny says:

    we deplorables know that we are just as good as the Washington-New York elites. We lack the pedigree but our common sense and educational achievement is in good working order. We know that they are not better than us, and that our inferior status does not render us blithering idiots. We rebel against the rule of the elites in the same way that the Iranians are rebelling against their theocratic elites. May the elites be defeated and replaced by a government by and for the people.

    • jus1drun
      jus1drun says:

      “Better” is in the eye of the beholder but that notwithstanding is irrelevant. This is our country as much as anyone else’s and we owe no explanation that we have come to believe that the USA has come too closely to resembling George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” We want the “pigs” measurably reduced in their influence. Let’s try a government less directed by career politicians, bureaucrats and MSM. Trump is a good start.