Ken Masugi on Trump as a “Coarse Correcting Compromiser”

American Greatness contributing editor, Ken Masugi, recently delivered a lecture at the Ashbrook Center of Ashland University to a group of outstanding students in the school’s Ashbrook Scholar Program. The lecture was based, in part, on an important article Masugi published here in June titled, “Coarse Correction: The Real Significance of the 2016 Election” and was later developed into a piece published last month called, “Donald Trump and the Meaning of Com-Promise.” Both pieces examine the ways that President Trump’s unorthodox methods, often criticized as intemperate or immoderate, have a moderating influence on our politics and seem to push it forward to workable settlements. Both pieces are commended to you as is the lecture mentioned above and posted below.

For readers unfamiliar with the work of the Ashbrook Center, do stick around to the end and note the caliber of the questions and the level of intellectual engagement demonstrated by the students as they discuss the topic with Professor Masugi. The Ashbrook Center offers one of the best programs available today for serious students of politics. Be sure to check it out.

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  • First sentence: “student’s” should read “students” – plural instead of singular possessive.

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