Encouraging a Migration Explosion

Are they doing it on purpose? Of course they are.

America’s progressive elite has disdain for Americans who refuse to embrace their globalist, “borderless world,” and anti-American agenda. Consequently, the progressives have decided to replace the American people with people better suited to help enact their ambitions.

For a glimpse into the future they have planned for you, watch the  video below of a stroll through an American mall—not just any mall, but the Mall of America—where you can contemplate that future where it has already arrived.

Or consider what the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times had to say about the University of California/Janet Napolitano scandal. A state audit found UC President Janet Napolitano hiding a $175 million slush fund both from auditors and from the UC Board of Regents. But according to the Times what she did should be overlooked because of the good she has done: “She has been a strong leader for the university during troubled financial and political times, resisting efforts to weaken the university’s independence with a welcome level of toughness and dedicating herself to protecting the university’s undocumented students.”  In other words, Napolitano deserves a pass because she protected university students in this country illegally.

Before her selection to head the University of California, Napolitano  occupied the office of secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama Administration. In that role, she demonstrated her fitness for her new job at the university by working to enact the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and encouraged “prosecutorial discretion” (meaning they were free to break our immigration laws with impunity) for so-called “dreamers.”

Speaking of California, a jury in San Francisco last week acquitted the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle. His acquittal sent a clear message to people living in America illegally—and to American citizens, too. It shows that a particular class of noncitizens have privileges beyond those of mere American citizens. As an illegal, “forced” as the progressives say “to live in the shadows,” Steinle’s killer was an oppressed person. He therefore deserved the mercy of being permitted to live in a “sanctuary city” like San Francisco, even though he had been deported five times before, because he was oppressed by the “white privilege” of Americans like Steinle and her family.  

Many, perhaps most, of the Americans who voted for Donald Trump have, I believe, decided that all this is being done on purpose. Simple incompetence can’t explain what Janet Napolitano and the other progressives are up to. Mere political ignorance cannot explain what those Americans who take their cues from the progressive elite are doing. They have contempt for our common sense belief that the laws and borders must be enforced. And they prefer to disregard us than to exclude potentially hostile foreigners. Indeed, these elites want a country composed of more people who owe their entry to folks like them.

What is going on is easy enough to understand, though it is also at the same time incredible and unbelievable.  America’s progressive elite and their followers are fed up with the failure of ordinary Americans to get with the progressive program. Americans who want to continue to live as Americans have no place in the future the progressives are determined to create. Those Americans must be submerged and driven to the margins in the country that once was theirs. In a country where the people are sovereign, progressives have decided that if they can’t persuade the people to go along with them, their strategy will be to replace them with new people.  

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22 responses to “Encouraging a Migration Explosion

    • Dear sony_dc,
      You betchum–really scary!
      With best wishes…

    • Dear Christopher Gage,
      Thank you for your friendly comment.
      Wishing you the best…

    • Dear Peonie,
      Thank you.
      It’s just common sense.
      Would you please consider courageously spreading the word about this terribly important issue?
      Wishing you the best…

  • After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

    Surprised no one noted this poem by Bertold Brecht yet.

    • Dear sestambi,
      Yes, good one, thanks for your contribution.
      You are right on target. I had the Brecht poem in mind writing this. I didn’t find a way to put it to work, but thanks to you here it is!
      Wishing you the best..

  • This is all true enough. What is to be done about it? I fear that we are headed for a civil war because the left has made it clear that it considers all other views illegitimate and will not voluntarily change either its thinking or its policies.

    • Dear ADM64,
      Spread the word, engage your circle of influence, support those who will make a difference on this.
      According to the Founders’ design when the American people decide, it gets done.
      But time is of the essence. Before long it may be too late.
      Wishing good fortune to us all…

  • It’s been a long time since I was last at the Mall of America, but that video is unrecognizable from the place I visited. We’re through the looking glass.

    • Dear Doctor,
      The video really is astonishing, isn’t it?
      I have never put a video link in an article before but this video needs to be seen by every American who cares about our country.
      With best wishes for us all

  • I’m afraid the only solution to thwart the progressives is for Americans to invoke their 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Hi Robert, thanks for the article. Too bad this kind of deliberation doesn’t appear in MSM. I fear you are only preaching to the converted, as it were.
    On another note, a pet peeve of mine, please refrain from referring to the ‘progressives’. They are anything but. In fact, they perhaps more rightly should be referred to as neo-progressives, much as the neo-progs labelled neo-liberal and neo-conservative movements of the last century.

    • Hi AtTheTable,
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      And you also raise such an important issue. What to call the American enemies of American liberty, the enemies of the Constitution and the idea of America in the Declaration of Independence is a question with a lot of moving parts. It has quite a history, one which I trace in “Common Sense Nation.”
      Briefly, in the beginning they called themselves Progressives. However, the Progressive policies of the Wilson administration created a backlash against Progressivism. So FDR changed the name. He stole the name of liberty (“liberal”) and got away with bestowing it on the party of the state, the party that rejected root and branch American liberty. That is how we now have “liberals” (Progressives) proposing policies that are in plain speech “illiberal” (the power of the state used to force a baker to bake a cake against his conscience).
      If we had truth in political labeling the party of American liberty might be called the Liberal Party. What then to call the American party opposed to American liberty? Why the Socialist Party of course–but I also like your suggestion of neo-progressives.
      The confusion about what to call the anti-American political movement in America has always given them a powerful advantage, the advantage of doing what they do under the cover of a misleading label ( progress, liberty).
      The reason for calling them the Progressives (or perhaps neo-progressives) is that “Progressive” was the original misleading label they picked for themselves before they compounded the confusion by chosing a second misleading label by stealing the name of liberty for the enemies of liberty.
      Wishing you the best…

  • “But according to the Times what she did should be overlooked because of the good she has done.”

    Racial socialist morality: One of her felonies should be overlooked, because of all of her other many known felonies.

    • Thanks for your comment, nicholasstix.

      Meanwhile, speaking of felonies offsetting felonies:

      Sandra Mendez Ortega, 19, was convicted of robbing Lisa Copeland of her engagement and wedding rings, but the jury paid her $60 fine after feeling sorry for her. (Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office )
      Theft Victim Furious That Jury Paid Illegal Alien Thief’s Fines
      A Virginia homeowner was furious when the jury pooled donations to pay the court fines for an illegal alien convicted of stealing more than $5,000 worth of jewelry, a report says.

      by WARNER TODD HUSTON16 Dec 2017, 11:18 AM PST3088

      The jury felt the illegal alien thief “was a victim too.”

  • DOJ Releases New Numbers: One-in-Five Federal Prisoners Are Foreign Born, Most Illegal Aliens
    Katie Pavlich

  • Illegal migrants “embody the best of our nation,” says the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

    by NEIL MUNRO21 Dec 2017, 10:59 AM PST296

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