Sarah Sanders is Above the Shame Game

Mika is mad.

Mika Brzezinski, otherwise known as the future Mrs. Joe Scarborough, went ballistic Tuesday on her MSNBC morning show over comments by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who had responded to reporters’ questions about President Trump’s “Pocahontas” jibe the day before.

“What’s wrong with her? How can she do that job?” an exasperated Mika rhetorically asked the head-shaking panel. “How can she look in the mirror every day and say, ‘I am doing the right thing for the American people’ because you are not.”

Mika’s voice shook with anger. “Unbelievable. This is the president and that is the spokesperson for the president of the United States, sitting there, defending his racism. His bigoted language. His stupidity. This is where we are.”

Her sphincter-faced betrothed sat next to her, amused. But that wasn’t all. The woman who divorced her husband last year to hook up with her twice-divorced co-host amid years of cheating rumors continued to slam Sanders’ integrity:

It’s sick. The whole relationship [between Trump and Sanders] is sick. You have taken the oath. You are raising three children. Stop.

Set aside for a moment the audacity of one professional mother (Brzezinski) using the children of another professional mother (Sanders) as a way to shame her. But since Brzezinski is a liberal and Sanders is a conservative, no one bothered to call her out on it. Also set aside for a moment the fact that Mika’s tirade occurred a few days after she and her co-hosts were busted for pre-taping their Black Friday morning broadcast and passing it off as live television. This included “Truth Goddess” Mika informing viewers of how she cooked the turkey with the guts in it and how “it was still a little frozen.”

So, what got Mika mad? It was Sanders’ answer to a question from ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl, who had asked about Trump’s “offensive” taunt, directed at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren:

I think what most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.


NBC News reporter Kristen Welker pressed Sanders, asking whether it is appropriate for the president to use a “racial slur” in any context. “I don’t believe it is appropriate for him to make a racial slur, or anybody else. I don’t think that it is, and I don’t think that was the president’s intent.”

That was it. Hardly justification for Mika’s morning meltdown. Perhaps nuptial-planning has Mika in a tizzy. She’s already told us how it has affected her cooking. The pressure on brides these days…

But Mika was just piling on to the harsh media criticism directed at Sanders over the past few weeks. Unlike her easily-mockable predecessor Sean Spicer, who was often flustered, emotional, and tongue-tied, Sanders is unflappable. Despite her youth and inexperience, Sanders picked up on Washington’s media game quickly—and she’s beating them at it. She’s much better than Spicer at pivoting back to the White House’s central message or deflecting to another issue (i.e., Warren’s deceit about being Native-American) and this has the anti-Trump mob in a huff. (I’ve have written about other recent attacks on her here.)

Later that day, self-described GOP political consultant Rick Wilson—who should thank God every day that Trump is president because, without Trump, there would be no audience for this toad’s profane, anti-Trump rants on cable news—also went after Sanders on CNN:

The reason she does that is because her job is contingent on her being a serial congenital liar in defense of Donald Trump’s latest outrages. I mean, she probably has some tiny shriveled up husk left in her soul where she realizes this is the wrong thing to do but she does it anyway because otherwise, they’ll replace her.

Wilson went on:

Few presidents go out and sling racial overt code words like that, few presidents go out and crap on the dignity and legacy of people like these code talkers, these heroic veterans, and then send their press secretary out to answer questions in a way that isn’t saying, ‘Wow, the president regrets what he said today. He made a mistake. He truly wishes he had not said that.’ Instead she goes out and tries to bury people in an avalanche of horseshit everyday, because this is her job.

Wilson also accused Sanders of defending something that is “demonstrably racially charged.” Pretty rich coming from the guy who created the 2008 ad tying Reverend Jeremiah Wright to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, wouldn’t you say? Fending off criticism, even from the McCain campaign, that the ad had racial overtones, Wilson defended his video, telling The New Republic a few days before the election that he is “of the philosophy that you wage a campaign of full engagement and you use every tool in the toolbox.” Wilson also bragged how the ad helped raise more than $5 million for his pro-McCain PAC and later said the attack against Wright was an effort to rally the “ethnic Catholic median male” behind McCain. Seems like this should be the last guy to lecture about race-baiting politics.

Even Thanksgiving didn’t stop Sanders’ detractors from acting like turkeys. Sanders tweeted out two photos of her with the ceremonial White House turkey and referenced an episode of “The West Wing,” when the fictional press secretary had to deal with the bird:

Two of the show’s actors exchanged some embarrassing tweets about Sanders’ shout-out to the show:

Ok, I hate to be the skunk at their “Fantasy Island” garden party, but, guys: You didn’t really work in the White House. Sarah Sanders is no C.J. Cregg because C.J. Cregg is a television character and Allison Janney is an actress who read lines other people wrote for her and who dealt with fictional reporters and a fictional president. Sarah Sanders, on the other hand, is a real person with a real job in the real White House.

Fictional presidential aides weren’t the only folks lacking in holiday spirit. CNN/American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan, apparently in a foul mood on Black Friday, unleashed a social media conspiracy complete with #piegate and #fakepie hashtags, about the Sanders family holiday dessert. After Sanders tweeted a photo of a pie, saying she “managed to make this Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm!” Ryan’s Spidey senses were aroused: She posted more than a dozen childish tweets, questioning the authenticity of Sanders’ pastry (yes, I just wrote that):

The New York Daily News couldn’t resist getting in on Ryan’s fun:

Sanders seemed to take the insults in stride, but Ryan couldn’t even graciously accept Sanders offer to bake her a pie the following week:

Considering how Sanders is getting under everyone’s skin, she must be doing something right. And it’s unlikely these personal attacks will stop anytime soon. Maybe they will tell her children there is no Santa Claus? At this rate, it’ll be interesting to see how low they will go.

Look: it’s not “whataboutism” to contrast the harsh interrogations and personal, mean-spirited criticism Sanders now faces compared to how her two male predecessors in the Obama White House were treated. After all, these were the mouthpieces for an administration that lied about Obamacare, the Benghazi terror attacks, and the IRS scandal, just to name a few whoppers. Until his final day, Josh Earnest forcefully and facetiously peddled the Trump-colluded-with-Russia fable, even citing the dossier and helping legitimize Buzzfeed’s initial story on the document. It’s too bad Earnest and Jay Carney did not get the Sarah Sanders treatment.

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76 responses to “Sarah Sanders is Above the Shame Game”

  1. She is doing a great job, much better than I anticipated. Kudos!

      • In parts of the Eastern time zone and all of the Pacific time zone, yes. All other time zones, no.

        All other time zones realize men can also give/take a floor mopping too. The others are just angry and their hate has nothing to do with anyone mopping anything.

  2. Rick Wilson is the festering boil on the ass of the GOPe

    • The GOPe has so may dingle berries hanging off its butt, a boil is lost in the brown mess.

      • That’s pathetic. That’s the left defending. That’s the sum total of college loans you can’t repay?

  3. Ah Sarah, you are kicking their asses on a daily basis. I am no fan of your father but you clearly learned a thing or two.

    How you can read that exchange and come away thinking that Mrs Ryan is anything but a total bitch, I can’t imagine. What a truly repulsive creature. No bitch, we don’t dislike the press, we just dislike entitled propagandists posing as press which is what you are.

    • She’s just virtue signalling to her followers, pretending she’s some sort of revolutionary hero. In reality she’s just some some hack. Honestly as society looks down on the Romans as Hannibal was at the gates, historians will look back at this episode in history and go “sources please”. these guys are fools. actual duplicit fools.

      • The hacks are on the other side of the podium, in case you haven’t noticed. Should be called the White House Hack Corps.

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  4. Compare the punks Obama-Mao hired to do this job against Sarah (then recall Tony Snow).

    I’m getting tired of these “red meat” articles…

  5. The more unhinged the left and their media sycophants become the more voters realize they can never let those lunatics have power ever again.

    • Absolutely Bootsie, the hypocrisy of the liberals , “it’s not misogyny if the women is a conservative or republican,” just shows how far they will go….

  6. Sanders is like the plantation owners wife who watches her husband beat the slaves then tells the children the Bible says it’s okay to do that.

    • Wow, Trump as a slave owner….is that you Joe Biden??? Puhleeze. What?? Couldn’t come up with a handy Hitler comparison?? Now, stop bothering the adults and go get your shine box…

      • You don’t understand metaphors very well do you? Now don’t you wish you hadn’t dropped out of school?

      • I get metaphors just fine sport, even cringy gratuitous ones. Did you spend all day in your mom’s basement thinking it up?? I mean despite the inane pretentiousness of “Carl Sagan” as a user name you don’t come across as particularly bright…just petty and vindictive.

      • Well Art, I will say this; you have a President who has the emotional intelligence of a 15 year old boy supported by Communications Officer who professes to be “Christian” but doesn’t do a thing to challenge his lies, his deceit, or his immoral behavior. Aren’t you tired of “winning” yet?

      • Considering the alternative , Felonia Von Pantsuit the Contessa of Chardonnay….F@CK NO!!!!!!!

      • Okay Art, let’s cut the crap and the pejoratives. I have looked at your bio and you seem like a reasonably educated, intelligent man. Explain to me how you feel that Donald J. Trump and his administration are good for the future of the Country. What kind of an America do you expect your grandchildren to inherit from Donald J. Trump et al. Let’s talk. Give me an honest conversation based on your knowledge of history.

      • With the appointment of Gorsuch and an avalanche of like minded constitutionalist judges courtesy of Harry Reid, for the first time in many a year I actually feel pretty good about the Republic’s long term prospects. Ditto ending the tsunami of open borders illegal immigration and a firm middle finger to the “Global Climate Change” hystericsts. Rolling back Obama Malcare sooner or later…icing on the cake. As someone who has dealt with govt run “single payer” for 16 years…the VA; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. ABTW, corporate taxes ARE consumer taxes merely passed on to the end user. I would personally prefer a flat tax in conjunction with a federal sales tax. I also favor bilateral trade deals AND punitive tariffs on countries with “closed markets” to our products that feel free to dump their subsidized in ours. As a combat vet 82nd ABN INF NCO, I traveled extensively. Much of the world consists of hell holes. As it always has and given human nature will tend to remain. Western civilization ie. Us, has alleviated and raised billions from the all but inevitable short, nasty, and brutal deaths that without our intervention would have been their future. We, with all our flaws IS THE SUPERIOR CULTURE BY ANY AND EVERY STANDARD YOU CARE TO NAME. PERIOD. FULL STOP. Hillary Clinton and her ilk do not believe this. They are cultural relativist. I have actually seen at nose in the dirt level these “alternative societies”. From Central America to North Africa, to the Middle East, THEY ARE ALL SHIT SHOWS ON SKATES. I am a born and raised American exceptionalist with the real world experience to THANK GOD FOR IT. Trump wasn’t even in my top 5 choices, but between him…and her and all the lies and 25 years of thrift, graft and absolute corruption she represented… Well, apparently a shit pot full of other old tired ass Americans felt the same way. No question, he’s FAR from perfect…BUT HE’S NOT HER AND ALL SHE REPRESENTED.

      • I’m not ignoring your post, there’s just a lot to digest. I will say this much, you impress me as an warrior, you lived the life of a warrior, you think like a warrior and it appears that you give the most credence to those positions that support a warrior point of view. I have looked at a few of your posts and your writing is generally elegant, you come across as an educated man. It appears we have different ideologies and neither one of us “fell here”, that is to say, we are the products of our upbringing and our environment. I, like you, am a Vet; U.S. Navy 1968 to 1972 with two Viet Nam tours although they were not in country but rather working on Aircraft Carriers in the Tonkin Gulf. From your descriptions you sound like you were boots on the ground and therefore probably exposed to some serious danger. My experiences were not without hazard, working on a flight deck during night ops with a squadron full of pilots who were just learning how to land on a carrier has it’s own set of perils few of which include being shot at (although I did have a 20mm cannon go off literally between my legs when I was working on the side of an F-8, but that’s a whole other story). I too have traveled quite a bit, while in the service I made it to the Philipines, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Singapor, and Japan to name a few. My daughter is a Foreign Service Officer currently serving with the State Dept. Mission to Nato in Brussels but spent a year in the Sinai dodging IED in support of the Camp David Accords. My wife and I have visited her in posts around the world including Chile, Oman, UAE, and other places so I’m not ignorant of foreign cultures. But I digress… Let me ruminate over your post and I’ll respond over time. I will say that I am center left, a fiscal conservative but a social liberal. In the meantime, thank you for your service.

      • Let’s start here; My experience with the VA has been fairly limited. I’ve never use them but my brother has and he has. He has had routine appointments and surgeries with them and never had any problems. My question for you is; if you don’ t like the healthcare that is provided to you free of charge by the taxpayer, why don’t you opt out and pay for your own healthcare? Secondly; you are correct that Corporate taxes are paid for by consumers but it does beg the question; can we expect prices to drop for the goods and services sold by Corporations because they are going to be paying less in taxes? Is there anything in the tax bill that demands that they increase wages or invest in U.S. located businesses because they are going to get a tax cut that is permanent while you and I get a tax cut that will end in a few years?

      • Your assertion that the VA BENEFITS I EARNED, represent some sort of tax payer gift for which I should be grateful or ” buy my own” is complete and utter BS and as a veteran quite frankly I’m deeply disappointed. Surely you can’t be unaware of the “death lists” and other acts of malfeasance and malpractice endemic to the VA system. Are you aware that the VA can’t even be sued for malpractice unless they essentially agree to it. Or try finding an attorney to take a case when total fees are capped at 20%. I know all this because several years ago they knocked two of my front teeth down my throat while intubating me for one of the MANY fistula surgeries I had caused by severe diverticulitis they refused to treat. THAT cost many THOUSANDS of dollars for treatment at the Cleveland Clinic and eventually my colon and a complete is Tony. Three ten hour plus surgeries later and all according to the doctors at Cleveland Clinic completely preventable with the most obvious elementary diagnosis. The problem is that EVERYTIME you go to the VA hospital, after waiting MONTHS for an appointment, you get a different doctor with neither the time or inclination for more than a cursory examination of your medical history. THAT IS THE REALITY OF SINGLE PAYER. Two years ago I spent 3 months in VA Cleveland Wade Park. The first two weeks in agony slowly dying from an abdominal poison filled abscess the size of a baseball. While my VA surgeon or long time pain doc remained ignorant I’d even been admitted. It was only by sheer chance they discovered I’d been mis-assigned to Ward 4B instead of 5A that I survived. It was a full month in hospital before after emergency surgery to drain it and massive antibiotic therapy that I was strong enough for 11 hours on the table to repair the damage followed by six weeks of recovery. At one point in Ward 4B I laid in my own shit for 16 hours with a leaking is ostomy no nurse was “available” to change, or more accurately, couldn’t be bothered. Do you actually believe for even an instant this would have occurred in a private hospital??? Without ANY CONSEQUENCES??? And yet NO attorneys I contacted would take the case because as one put it honestly, it wouldn’t be financially renumerative. Here is a brutal truth my pain doc who has since moved on shared with me…EVERY VA hospital has a Ward 4B. A place where they assign patients deemed too resource intensive to treat with anything other than palliative care. It’s also he told me where the worst of the nursing staff end up, ditto the aides and ordered. It also has an overwhelming tendantcy to take on a strong racial component, ie. God help you if you’re white. AND THEY CAN’T BE FIRED. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE HARD REALITY OF GOVERNMENT RUN SINGLE PAYER HOSPITALS. I was within days of death. Period. Full Stop. And according to that same attorney he turns down case after case that would be slam dunks if it were a private hospital so ineptly and corruptly run. It is a fact that VA Hospitals provide a home to a certain percentage of staff that no-one else will continue to hire. And in the end, it’s the Vets who pay the price. The whole system should be scrapped and converted to universal vouchers.

      • I’m really sorry you had such health issues and that the VA seems to have added to your burden. My thoughts on the VA might offend you but, as a Veteran myself, I think I’m allowed to “touch the 4th rail” if you will (the third rail being Social Security). Frankly, I think VA health benefit eligibility should be severely restricted and should include those who have service related disabilities and to those whose positions in the military put them genuinely in harms way. “In harm’s way would include people who were actually in combat or in combat zones where they were actually at risk of being wounded by the enemy. Just because someone was in a Military Band or provided logistic support from a site in the States or in another safe haven should not automatically qualify them for a life time of health benefits paid for by the taxpayer. I would have thought differently a few years back but my daughters experience in the Foreign Service has changed my thinking on the issue. She has been in extremely dangerous situations as part of her job, spend days riding around in an armored vehicle force to wear a flak jacket, and had the base she was living in in the Sinai attacked by Al Qaida forces and she wasn’t even allowed to carry a gun for her own protection. She was living in Santiago, Chile when an 8.0 earthquake hit and she had to take the apartment door off in the dark by herself to be able to get out of her apartment building where she lived on the 6th floor. She not eligible for any health care benefit as a result of her occupation and wouldn’t be, even if she were injured on the job. If we remove those veterans who were never even in harms way we could use the savings to improve the system for those that really need it.
        Regarding Corp Tax;
        My objection is that the tax bill is being sold as a “job creator” bill and the people are being lied to about that. There is absolutely nothing in the tax bill that will ensure that jobs are created or that wages will be increased. You want to create jobs? Institute an infrastructure rebuilding program that will hire workers all over the country to build an improved railway system across the U.S., one that could be used for public transportation and as a commercial highway to increase the flow of goods across the Country. To paraphrase Will Rogers, if you put money into the hands of the working people, the Corporations will get it in the end but at least it will have provided some measure of quality of life improvement for the people down below, guaranteed.
        Regarding “the government’s money”; I think the Government has a responsibility to collect and use tax money wisely. Corporations are the beneficiaries of my (our) tax dollars in ways you can’t even imagine. Here’s an example: The basic research for an genetic engineering technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR for short) was paid for, in large part, by Federal Grants to Universities. This process is directly responsible for huge medical innovations, from rapid diagnostic techniques used to identify diseases, to genetic engineering to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical production. In the very near future these processes will be used for treatment of genetic diseases such as Sickle Cell,. Corporations are allowed to use these techniques that we helped pay for then turn around and charge exorbitant amounts for their products and services. So I don’t have a problem with Corporation paying taxes.

      • To qualify for 100% VA Benefits I thought it had to be service connected or financially related. People get various levels of coverage complete with co-pays etc. As 100% disabled combat and service connected physical injuries I never see a bill and am covered 100% for any non VA emergency room visit or admission and treatment through an ER in ANY civilian hospital as well. I also don’t begrudge the Ft. Dix cook injured when his jeep/Humvee rolled taking chow out to the field etc.AND YET… there is a distinct though subtle difference between the way veterans from Combat Arms view the VA as opposed to the far more numerous regular service members that are far more common. Especially vets of “elite units” who almost immediately recognize each other and tend to self-segregate as a result. We’re also constantly on the look out for the all to common fakes. “Stolen Valor” posers that we run into fairly frequently. This does cause a certain level of resentment and I’m sorry to say there is significant racial component involved. This is because while large numbers of blacks serve in the armed forces overall, other than artillery ( at least in the army); as a % they are severely under-represented in say, the infantry. In elite infantry units, paratroopers, air-assault, Rangers etc. their participation rates are vanishingly small. This isn’t to say their jobs weren’t important…you can’t have a spear without the shaft, the gear comes from the rear…etc. Yet the result is a high degree of racial self-selected segregation. This becomes blindingly obvious in the “smoke shacks” at any VA facility you visit. Throw in the fact that historically the US (non draft) infantry has more than a mild “southern” flavor, or at least it used to. Cavalry units both armored and air used to be distinctly western, go figure…LOL. All of this plays out in how groups congregate, commiserate and socialize to this day. The VA is at least partially aware of this and goes to some effort to discourage the wearing of clothing caps etc more detailed than “branch of service”. It’s all intended to be very egalitarian. And of course no-one is fooled for an instant. The best analogy I’ve come up with is that of a pro football team. The combat COMBAT vets are the guys that were actually on the field taking the hits etc. BUT a pro team has a front office, vendors, parking lot attendants, janitors etc. All of them getting their paychecks from the same source and all of them to one degree or another, “on the team”; if not on the field. I can only imagine the political firestorm if EITHER party tried to modify or change the current system. It’s one thing to constantly tinker with education benefits; it’s whole different kettle of fish when it comes to healthcare. Yet the system while scruplessly egalitarian is still deeply flawed and provides spectacularly uneven standards of care. Perhaps in the course of transitioning to a universal voucher system you MIGHT be able to make some small incremental change, overall the American people view veterans, ANY veterans healthcare as a sacred trust. AS WELL THEY SHOULD.

        As regards your daughter’s FSO experience….quite frankly I don’t know enough about the branch to cogently comment. A few thoughts do come to mind. Clearly some postings are FAR more dangerous than others. Those I would think should be reflected both in the pay AND enhanced benefits during that tour of duty. The military receives “Combat Pay” and even Fed tax exemption during a full combat tour. Special Forces assigned to 4th world hellholes get outrageous per diem supplements they invariably use, after their first deployment, to purchase a Rolex. So it only seems fair civilian FSO officers should receive similar “perks”.

        While infrastructure spending always “sounds” great; recent history, ie. Obama tends to indicate it’s abuse as a political slush fund that rewards political allies or disappears into black holes like “Midnight Basketball” etc. I’m not strictly against them per se. Given the current and anticipated long term price of gas I’d rather see a hike in the Fed Gas Tax and the revenue used for much needed bridge repair etc. That I think would provide large numbers of jobs across the country at good pay. Overall Fed spending on jobs, in my opinion, is like feeding corn to sparrows after running it thru a horse first. The sparrows don’t get much and it tastes bad to boot. Well, take care…gotta run. Let me know any further thoughts…

      • I appreciate the civility. Unusual in a joint like this.

      • Here’s hoping a safe and Happy Holidays to you and yours….or to be less than politically correct.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…Regards, Art

      • Let me add that I hope you are one of those people who makes less than 75K a year so you can wake up a few years from now and find you got screwed over by your beloved President and Congress so Corporations could get their permanent tax cuts.

    • Well, no. Unless you were there to personally witness it, that’s your febrile imagination at work. And it refuted nothing in the article, but rather proved the author’s point about the Left’s hubris. Well done.

      • So, are you saying that the Bible was not used to justify slavery?

  7. The author forgot to mention all the whingeing, foot stamping, and outrage against Sanders for asking those from whom questions were taken to cite something they were thankful for during a briefing right before Thanksgiving. This, from Newsweek, is an example. “The White House turned its Monday press briefing into a kindergarten game, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking a room of reporters to say what they’re thankful for before asking her a question.”

    Thankful? They don’t have to be thankful! They’re THE PRESS! They’re entitled! They have rights! How dare Sanders ask them to be thuoghtful or humble or grateful before they ask a question!

    I read an article this week where the author noted that those of us in flyover country don’t merely distrust the press or dislike the press. Because of their reckless and relentless dishonesty, we have come to actually hate the press. I know I have. Another important part of our culture spoiled by vermin.

    • They are under siege and they are bitter. Nevertheless keep punching. Never forget they hate us.

      • Not as much as I despise them and I am prepared to meet them, trading atrocity for atrocity. They are no longer my countrymen. They are the enemy.

  8. Bottom line: Sarah repeats, or tries to justify, Trump’s lies. Ms. Kelly is one of the enablers.

    • Thanks for making Ms. Kelly’s point. Where were you when Obo’s press secretaries were covering for their boss?

  9. They, the liberal media eunuchs, marching in lockstep with the anti-American liberals, hate her because she and Trump are playing them like a Stradavarius.
    She is heads and shoulders above them, both morally and intellectually, and they are too self-absorbed to realize it.

    No wonder people no longer trust the faux-media!

    They reap what they have sown: misery!!

  10. The ‘practice’ of one sleaze ball (Sanders) becoming excusable due to the presence of another sleaze ball (Brzezinski) is getting tiresome.

    Sanders is the daughter of a so-called Baptist Minister. Her lies seem to belie this background. Sanders should be greatly ashamed.

    • Give it up HB. Your hate Trump rants are tiresome. If the deplorably evil hag Hillary had won she be using the federal government to grind working class whites into the dirt and the hate whitey msm would be cheering her on for doing so.

      Regardless of his flaws, he’s still infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey left. Just imagine all federal agencies being run by partisan hacks like Lois Lerner or a leftist like her being appointed to the Supreme Court. That’s what we’d have if Hillary had won.

      • Nonsense.

        You are just deceiving yourself that ‘if not trump’… there is only hillery.

        Utterly wrong.

  11. The press is the enemy. Treat them as such. Never forget this. Here’s to their irrelevance and a great new year! #MAGA

  12. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” recognizes ridicule as a powerful tool when facing a foe. PRESIDENT TRUMP has it down, pat.

    “How sweet it is!” Jackie Gleason

  13. Since I was young, I have been jealous of the brash, mouthy
    kid who serves up heaps of chop-logic to the world so smoothly and gets away
    with it. Don’t we all want to be her – getting under the skin of those we don’t
    like so easily and with total impunity? Her boss loves her. Does yours love you
    as much? I bet not. She’s in clover.

  14. She seems to be mostly on point, the point being to present and defend the President’s policies to the presstitutes who make up the White House press corp(se). Another effective Trump appointee and more Winning!

  15. From Mika Brzezinski to the mere mention of television characters who appear to think they are important, to the pitiful April Ryan and Rick Wilson, the left has shown themselves to be unhinged beyond redemption. Mika has blonde hair and is not ugly; beyond that she is an embarrassment. To mention Josh Earnest and Jay Carney only reminds us of the lying liars of the Obama administration and the lies they told incessantly while claiming to tell truth as press secretaries. Sarah has more integrity than any of the critics mentioned here ever hoped to have.

  16. Mika, your an immoral degenerate and that is all you will ever be.

    • Another illiterate loon, it’s “you are or you’re” rch dirt.

  17. Hahahaha. Mika the alut with scarborough the scumbag. What a combo. As for the stupid and racist april ryan, just more proof of what we all know to be true.

  18. Trump should not call Warren Pocahontas – he should call her Lieawatha instead!

    Sarah makes liberal heads explode by telling the truth – and that’s a good thing as well as being quite entertaining.

  19. President Trump & his spokesperson living rent free in Mika & Joe’s empty skulls!

  20. There is a difference between a real press secretary and a fake press secretary and C.J.Gregg your no press secretary and Josh Lyman is a fraud like the rest of Hollywood.Sarah Sanders keep up the good work,it eats at them every day when you do and I love it.

  21. Who would you prefer as a guest in your home? Sarah or Mika? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  22. “Her sphincter-faced betrothed sat next
    to her, amused. But that wasn’t all. The woman who divorced her husband
    last year to hook up with her twice-divorced co-host amid years of
    cheating rumors continued to slam Sanders’ integrity:”
    (I think she meant to say Sphinx faced betrothed nor sphincter faced but on the other hand maybe rectal sphincter faced is a good choice?)

  23. What in the world is wrong with these people?!? They’re stupid, obnoxious and useless. These are the types Goebbels fooled, leading them around trying to pin the tail on Adolf and win a cupcake. My God, what bags of trash.

  24. I love Sarah!! She’s the best that ever held that job in my lifetime. HUA!!!

  25. “…they parade their sin like Sodom.” Isaiah 3:9

    They are the enemy and shaming the likes of Mika and Joe (et cetera ad nauseam) is the only respectable option.
    Hurrah for Ms. Kelly’s analysis and for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ terrific performances under withering enemy fire. She deserves the first Presidential Medal of Journalistic Integrity (an award that might well be awarded posthumously to Tony Snow.)

  26. The number of people Mika and her moron boyfriend Morning Joe are talking to keeps diminishing. No one cares about them and their opinion. They are no longer relevant and precisely because they can no longer interpret reality much less comment intelligently upon it.

  27. Sarah Sanders is one of the biggest “stars” of the Trump White House! I’m a fan!!

  28. What I love about Sarah is her evident optimism, which is the hallmark of the true conservative. Mika’s ugly negativity is the polar opposite, the M-O of the typical angry prog who couldn’t spell hypocrisy let alone define it. Sarah shares her father’s smooth unflappability, and she is a better, more articulate pro than any of the press corps talkers. She gets them to undermine their own integrity when they post trivial, openly biased and partisan comments, which is genius.

  29. Wright IS tied to Obama. Or vice versa. Is that racist? Two half-black dudes who hate America and, when not running for anything, don’t care who knows it. Whatever.