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3 responses to “Ned Ryun Joins Tucker Carlson to Defend Masculinity

  • If you’re Defending Masculinity esp by Intellectual Argument congratulations you’ve walked directly into Leftist Enemy’s prepared Ambush. They are not purging Masculinity. Anymore than Increase Mather did in Salem. They are weaponizing Female Hysteria to purge internally and seize the power from the defeated Old Guard.

    They are weaponizing Female Hysteria to purge internally to seize power.
    After and even as part of power consolidation the Left will now armed with Tribunals on the surface to purge masculinity and in fact all the awesome powers of the Statist/Leftist coalition to destroy Right.

    The New Left destroys the Old Left -that lost – to seize their enormous powers and resources.
    They then will proceed to destroy their enemies on the Right, alt-Right, Trumpers and ultimately Trump and the people who elected him as their Champion.

    Being Intellectuals who don’t understand Power unlike the Left which does you are missing the main point.
    This presently would be your Valediction.

    Politics is Power – not morality. Or truth. Or facts. Or the slippery and self serving tool of reason.

    • Way to stand up for sexual predators and child rapists. Your parents must be proud.

      • So comrade now masculinity is officially child predation and rape?
        Well perhaps I’m Muslim. That would trump your SWPL-ness BTW.

        By the way if you’re against pederasty your Homophobic. Just saying.

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