Anger at Elites is No Reason to Write Off Their Support

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once remarked that you “go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have.” That’s good advice if war is thrust upon you, but it’s poor advice if the combat is elective and you’ve gone in with an army not large or well-equipped enough to win. Yet that increasingly is what self-proclaimed conservatives and Trump backers want to do, as events in the last week have painfully demonstrated.

The recent votes in Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were not the Republican debacles the mainstream media makes them out to be. Republican gubernatorial candidates lost in Virginia and New Jersey because those states are now largely Democratic, not because of some massive movement since the 2016 election.

But in those states and in some local races in Pennsylvania, one sees the same worrisome trend that emerged last year: highly educated, upper-middle-class voters are shifting towards voting Democratic up and down the ballot. If this trend continues, it will wipe out most if not all of the political gains President Trump’s shift towards blue-collar populism made, leaving conservatives even worse off than they were before.

Scrutinizing the Numbers
The data are incontrovertible on this point. In Virginia, Republican nominee Ed Gillespie was slammed by Breitbart and television host Laura Ingraham for not fully embracing Trump’s agenda. Of course, that is an odd thing to say a GOP candidate should do in a state that Trump lost by five points. But one would be hard-pressed to see how they could say that given Gillespie’s focus on cutting taxes and attacking illegal immigration. Gillespie did just about as well as Trump among non-white voters and whites without a college degree, losing the former by 61 points compared with Trump’s 62 point deficit, while winning the latter by 46 points compared with Trump’s 47. The difference between the two was among whites with a college degree: Trump won those voters by a 49-45 margin while Gillespie lost them 51-48.

Larger Democratic voter turnout surely didn’t help Gillespie. Enraged by Trump, Democrats have been turning out at higher than normal numbers all year. But that doesn’t tell the full story, as many of those “Democrats” were Romney voters just five years ago. The larger story is that these former Republicans voted Democratic for all offices, whereas just a year ago most of them voted Republican for Congress and other races. That is why Democrats won 14 Republican-held Virginia State House seats last Tuesday, all but one of these seats in districts carried by Clinton and six of which had been carried by Romney.

Republicans control the House by 24 votes—and Hillary Clinton won in 23 districts where the GOP holds seats last year. If voting patterns don’t reverse by next year, most of those representatives will lose, putting control of the House in play. Republican chances to pick up Senate seats in the most favorable map for them in recent times will also be threatened as many GOP-held or GOP-target seats contain lots of these sorts of voters.

More Voters Choose the “Devil They Don’t Know”
The ongoing Roy Moore saga in Alabama further deepens this problem. Perceptions of racism and sexism are two reasons college-educated, well-off but not rich, voters are souring on Republicans post-Trump. Gillespie, for example, ran well behind Trump among college-educated women, one of the few demographic groups that was true for. These voters simply do not cotton to aggressively religious, conservative, or populist candidates and are increasingly open to voting for a Democrat if they don’t like the Republican.

The polls show these trends were at work even before the breathtaking charges leveled in the past week. Moore’s primary opponent, appointed Senator Luther Strange, ran best in educated, well-to-do areas. In Moore’s previous statewide race for Supreme Court Justice, he ran well behind Romney and other Republicans in areas dominated by these voters. The polls pre-charges showed him doing poorly among these voters, and those taken post-charges show even more erosion. For these voters, the devil they don’t know—the Democrat—is preferable to the GOP devil they do.

These facts make the ongoing primary campaigns to purge elected members preferred by these voters highly suspect. Conservatives and populists have legitimate grievances against a business-dominated Republican establishment that has ignored their priorities for years. But it’s folly to think a conservative-populist alliance doesn’t need college graduates’ votes. The truth is all three sets of voters need each other to create a stable, working majority. They need to build a team rather argue about who coaches it.

Toward an American United Conservative Party?
Conservatives who don’t think this is necessary should look north to Canada. Canadian conservatives have split along these lines twice in the past quarter-century. In 1993, the ruling Progressive Conservative Party split in two as more populist, Western conservatives flocked to the Reform Party. This split allowed Canada’s Liberal Party to rule for over a decade until the two conservative factions reunited as the Conservative Party of Canada. More recently, conservatives and populists split from the ruling Progressive Conservatives in Alberta to form the Wildrose Party. Even though they won 52 percent of the vote between them in the 2015 election, they split the vote so badly that the social democratic New Democratic Party swept to victory, the first left-leaning party to win the conservative province since the Great Depression. The two feuding parties have since created the United Conservative Party, which is easily thrashing the New Democrats in the polls.

An American United Conservative Party would also easily win most national elections, and state elections virtually everywhere but the bluest of states. Such a party would include social, liberty, and populist conservatives in union with less conservative, business-focused voters and suburban moderates who just want competent, effective government. Keeping the union together would be hard work, but keeping any marriage of equals requires hard work and open communication.

Conservatives and populists who want to go to war against all their potential adversaries with the army they currently have will soon find their forces routed on the field of battle, and the consequences of such a rout too painful to bear.

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47 responses to “Anger at Elites is No Reason to Write Off Their Support

  • In short, these upper-middle class, collage educated women are afraid they might lose the services of their illegal alien nannies and gardeners.

    • I think it is more than that. I was at the inauguration, in the crowd, but there was a collective insanity down the road. Don’t ever forget Ashley Judd and her recitation of the “Nasty Woman” poem. There were doctors, etc. in the Women’s March. Northern Virginia is D.C. and it is rabid.

      • Yup, this country is in trouble.

        Such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.
        James Madison

        Could this be the reason he wrote a constitution for a republic ? As Mark Levin wrote, it can be improved upon, however.

        Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams

        I suppose it is a good thing these dead white guys are unknown to the current crop of SJWs. I wonder if anyone would buy a hip t shirt with their profile on it a la che ?

      • I find that NOVA has become part of the swamp. (I live in Central Virginia). The only things they care about is the quality of the Schools in their neighborhood, the number of low income students in the schools so they look as though they care, yet are scoping out potential nannies and Gardner’s. The only money they care about is how much they can get back in fed taxes, why do you think they are so worried about deductibles such as mortgage interest, property taxes etc. I honestly say that gross income with no deductions, is what should be taxed. That way everyone really pays their “fair” share.

  • I once would have agreed with the article. I am a woman with an SJD. But I think the wickedness and contempt lies on the GOPe side and they need to be taught a lesson. For years, deep blue states have been overrepresented in GOP primaries. These states have not supported a Republican for president, Reagan’s second term apart, in living memory. They are truly “rotten boroughs”. Yet we have “sucked up” the nominee – McCain and Romney. Both of whom are dopes. Romney let Obama tag him as a murderer and let the debate moderator walk over him. McCain treated Obama with kid gloves, when if the boot were on the other foot, Obama, through surrogates, would have flayed him as a white hating, homosexual Muslim, whether it was true or not. Where was Jeb!’s endorsement for the president?

    The GOPe is royalist in its pretensions – born to rule.

    I actually don’t like Judge Moore, but frankly, if we discount the charges for hyperbole and criminality, because the limitation period has expired, and generally every witness who is a victim unconsciously exaggerates and it becomes worse with the effluxion of time, and the people taking the statements want sensationalism, Moore is just a redneck hillbilly, like the late Hugo L. Black, even so far as his taste in women goes. If you think I am wrong in that assessment of the nature of recollection, then G.H.W. Bush is a child molester. Thankfully, unlike “New Dealer”, then Senator for Alabama and then Supreme Court Justice Black, Judge Moore does not appear to be in the KKK.

    I don’t think Doc’s having married Holly Golightly is a hanging offense and nor did she [see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”]. I am certain, hillbillies being hillbillies, that marriage was on the table. When I read attacks like Radosh’s on Moore, I am disgusted. Radosh says that Moore is against the rule of law, because he does not hold homosexuals to be fit parents.
    I don’t think that anal sodomy should be illegal, but the idea that 5 gowned men and women get to decide that for all 50 states is a judicial usurpation and if you don’t think so, then Roe v. Wade is perfectly good law.

  • It’s probably true the ongoing split within the Republican Party/conservative movement can only benefit the Democrats and the left, and that it would be better for both sides to work together. But that means that the establishment wing of the party and the movement need to change. It was the establishment that decided, once Trump had won the primaries (and it became apparent that the establishment was not going to be able to steal the nomination from him at the convention), that it was going to support Clinton. It has been the establishment candidates in Congress who have decided to block every part of Trump’s agenda, even those parts, such as the repeal of Obamacare, that the establishment claimed to agree with the populists about–lest we forget, one of the criticisms that the establishment had of Trump as a candidate was that he was insincere about repealing Obamacare. The populists only started the effort to primary establishment Republicans when it became apparent that that was the only way to pass any part of the populist agenda. In other words, a compromise between the two wings of the Republican Party/conservative movement in order to combine against the Democrats/left would be a fine thing, but that means that the establishment is going to have make some concessions too.

    • Look at the internal revenue code and regs. 75,000 + pages.

      We have the best congress money can buy.

  • Anyone who votes Democratic at this point is completely blind to evil, in which case you vote for Orwell’s boot stamping on your self-adoring whining little faces.
    Go Trump !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let’s see if the Republican-controlled Congress passes a real immigration restriction bill,, such as Tom Cotton’s Raise Act. If not, we Trump supporters might as well give on the Republican Party as a vehicle for MAGA. No point in supporting Republican elite on anything unless they give up the open borders suicide pact with the Dems.

  • I see no evidence above that Olsen listened to these “highly educated, upper-middle-class voters”.
    Because if he did, he’d hear that the women value their right to kill the most innocent and most defenseless above all other issues, which plants them firmly in the Democrat camp, all other issues that Olsen mentions being irrelevant.
    And he’d hear a litany of all other social issues, issues that a few decades ago had zero relevance to federal law, but now dictate tens of millions of votes.
    And he’d hear the open borders chant, everybody deserves a chance [to draw on the increasingly bankrupt American welfare state].
    And as for “do not cotton to aggressively religious”, that’s because they were raised atheists and “do not cotton” to anyone who believes there is a Great Judge who ultimately enforces His right or wrong, not theirs.
    Just what kind of “education” do you think these voters obtained, Mr. Olsen?

    • While I agree with you, trying to defeat abortion in this country nationally has little prospect of success. There are too many women who’ve had abortions to get traction.

  • We’ve won every election but lost every battle until Trump.
    Leaving Obamacare alone is conservative?
    Funding Planned Parenthood is conservative?
    Imposing far left secular values by the courts is conservative?
    We tried fighting together, and when one of these elites gets into office, they surrender and retreat!
    We know at best they are all cowards, and at worst traitors in our midst. I think NR wants transgender bathrooms and Abortion for all 9 months, open borders, and single payer.
    We have to go to war with the army we have. And one of Lincoln’s first acts was to imprison the Maryland Legislaure lest they vote to secede. We have to similarly purge the Cuckservatives and RINOs and then we can go to war, confident we won’t be bayonetted in the back by virtue signalling cucks that don’t like true conservatism.

    • We MUST vote for GOP candidates, or risk losing the Senate and House.
      A Democrat controlled Congress, can and will reverse things Trump does, and will likely impeach him.

  • the faces of the wicked Elite
    Soros, Weinstein, Weiner, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates. These faces represent wanton abuse of power, perversity and intolerance. I cannot accept this.

  • Virginia was lost not because Democrats “changed voters views” but “changed voters”. Unrestricted immigration, legal and illegal, has resulted in the populous counties of Northern Virginia to becoming a Democratic stronghold which can only be overcome by turning out the vote in the rest of the state. Milquetoast Gillespie was not the candidate to do that.

    The GOP establishment has been complicit in the demographic replacement of the United States for 50 years. People are finely waking up but it may be too little, too late.

    • Also, thousands of felons’ voting rights restored without the proper review by the governor and allowing non-resident college students to vote which has flipped Montgomery and Albemarle counties.

      • Montgomery county flipped from a 3-term local republican to a young ex-TV newsreader from Philadelphia who established residency in Blacksburg by living in the basement of 2 Tech professors. His financial backers are liberal and out of state. These Democrat voters never considered any of the important issues besides the “D” after this candidate’s name.

      • There was also a sentimentality at play as he was the boyfriend of the local reporter murdered on air a while back

  • Perceptions of racism and sexism are two reasons college-educated, well-off but not rich, voters are souring on Republicans post-Trump.

    Those hallucinations are not the reason this post-college educated, well-off but not rich voter has soured on the Republicans. He has soured on them because they are a risible fraud of a party, consistently refusing to use their majority status to reverse the Constitutional and other predations of the Democrats. Forget about “cutting taxes.” They need to cut spending, yet won’t. They are nerveless cowards and the only reason I might still hold my nose and vote for them is because they won’t remake the federal courts into so many Star Chambers quite as rapidly as the Democrats will.

    In the GOP’s defense, 99% of American voters do not want federal spending cut, they only want the other person’s federal spending cut, never quite grasping that they are the other person also. Since most of Congress’s action consists in divyying up the tax windfall among 535 different donor bases, a Republican Party that cuts spending is a unicorn.

    As for Moore–he is just a convenient distraction from Clinton, Weinstein & Co.’s domination of recent news cycles.

    Finally, whenever the GOP “cuts taxes,” they somehow manage to raise mine. So from my own selfish perspective, in that area they are as bad as and perhaps worse than the Democrats.

  • As much as I admire Mr. Olsen as a result of ‘The Working Class Republican’, I feel as if, in this article, he may be missing the forest for the trees. Until the Republican Party elite reforms itself and begins to cease its support for radical trade regimes and immigration policies, Republican populists are not obligated to go along with their preferred candidate recommendations and the populists will continue to try to reform the party one candidate at a time. Republican populists — conservative and otherwise — are not obligated to support candidates who do not support them. This is the essence of the Bannon/McConnell struggle. Perhaps the result of this struggle will be significant electoral losses in the short and medium term. But, if so, the Republican Party elite has no one to blame but themselves. They could support populist policies, but they don’t want to. As Mr. Olsen made clear in ‘The Working Class Republican’, the formula of ‘conservative + populist’ is a winning combination for the Republicans, of which Ronald Reagan was the standard-bearer.

  • Just shows how the “frog has already been boiled”. The post-modern, neo-marxists, alynskyites succeeded so well at moving the center so far to the left that now traditional constitutional conservativism is percieved as radical.

    • I agree. “Crossing the aisle, finding common ground” usually results in more government and spending-more socialism.

  • The longer the GOP clings to its bible and its guns, the worse the future will be for them, especially since neither one offers any real answers to life’s problems.

  • Less than half the electorate showed up in VA. Enron Ed didn’t excite anyone.

    • And the point is that if people continue to stay home because a candidate doesn’t excite them, GOP will lose Congress. Dem Congress will destroy Trump’s agenda, and begin impeachment.

  • “We” aren’t writing the elites off, so much as the “elites” are writing US off.

  • I think you ignore the deciding factor in VA that explains your numbers and changes the calculus as you described – growth in NE VA from Dems moving in from DC. That, with the increased turnout in general of Dems, provided the numbers you quote. So the deck was not the SAME deck as last year in VA.

  • Strange how nobody mentions the fact that Obama added hundreds of thousands to the government. If they didn’t live in the area certainly moved closer, banks give out easy mortgages to those that do.
    Also was there a released prisoner thank you to Mcauliff; to get those votes was the only reason to allow them to vote again. How many in that crowd?

  • But that doesn’t tell the full story, as many of those “Democrats” were Romney voters just five years ago.

    No, I think those Romney voters became “stay home” types.

  • “highly educated, upper-middle-class voters are shifting towards voting Democratic up and down the ballot.”

    Translation: Democrats = smart, Republicans = dumb.

    A masters degree in “underwater basket weaving” (a.k.a.”liberal arts”) does not mean you are smart – in fact, an exceptionally strong argument could be made that the opposite is true. Most liberals derive their political opinions based on emotions. Hate and guilt are their two primary motivators. Logic and common sense are NO where to be found.

    “The larger story is that these former Republicans voted Democratic for all offices…”

    Bullshit. It’s not uncommon for a liberal to finally wise up, and join the conservatives (a common event after they’re mugged) the opposite is exceptionally rare…

  • Then perhaps these incompetent “elites” should surrender.
    They’ve had lots of practice. But somehow they become ruthless when it comes to putting we peasants in our place.

  • There is an important point that “political experts” always leave out, and that is that no one really know who votes and for whom. All that is actually known is the final vote tally (which is whatever the local election officials turn in to their county.) So-called “demographics” are actually guesses, with the only data being polling data taken at the polls. In my case, I’ve been voting for over 50 years in towns and suburban areas and not once has anyone ever stopped me after I left the polls and asked me (anything). It is commonly assumed that “well-educated,” (a superfluous term if there ever was one because it only refers to one kind of education – formal in a university) vote for Democrats because they are believed to be “progressive”, and they probably are since Marxism has held sway in most US colleges and universities since the 1960s. In Virginia, there is no doubt that Charlottesville and it’s island of academics vote Democratic but “well-educated” are not necessarily just in college towns.

  • Well, Mr. Olsen, maybe we could start by not having the highly educated suburbanites and the self-described elites that live and work all around you not call us a bunch of racists because we object to illegal immigration or the importation of terrorists from failed states under the guise of compassion. Because quite honestly, more than a few of us are convinced that the best thing that could happen for this country would be for God to smite the Beltway with an asteroid about 1 mile in diameter and that the resulting nuclear winter would be worth it.

  • Total hogwash. See you in 2018. Gloria Allred refuses to say, if her evidentiary yearbook signature, the single bit of corroborative evidence in this entire media driven, political based, character assassination of Judge Roy Moore is a forgery, or not. She will not submit it for independent examination by forensic experts. Really? And Fox cable is owned by the Mudock family, News Corp. globalists with an ax to grind, or an America to deconstruct. If anyone thinks they don’t have a political agenda, or that profitability and share holder value aren’t intrinsically tied to globalism, or more specifically their own global, news empire, then I would advise them to stop reading this right now and proceed directly onto the sports page. Things such as opinion polls and Sean Hannity shows don’t occur in a vacuum. Media events don’t just happen. They aren’t acts of nature. They are produced. The question is what drives the production? Is it news, or is it political operatives and media firms constructing more dossiers spun entirely out of Russian whole cloth? And well we might ask as discerning daily consumers of establishment propaganda, misdirection and erroneous information.

    An especially alert, social media commentator caught my eye this morning. He had taken notice that Fox’s Sean Hannity seems to have “Flipped” back, now suggesting he may yet support the now infamous Judge Roy Moore against accusations of pedophilia, but then that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. You see, Hannity has always been something of a caution and, this time he simply got caught in the frame. I’m guessing what he saw was both his ratings and his base disapprove. Maybe the grass roots, social media opposition to his “Set up,” the fake show where he lent promiscuous credibility to the unvetted charges and seemed only too willing to throw the Judge under the bus became too threatening? That would have been the show at the beginning of the week, when the story first broke, the show with Geraldo and the serious, woman guest no one had ever seen before. I noticed they tend to go to the “Back bench” for the nefarious, “Hatchet” work. Established television personalities aren’t going to put it all on the line for some no name producer who happens to get an assignment on a high profile, political assassination. Why should they? Would you?

    Remember how they set Judge Roy Moore up? I do. Geraldo, always the liberal, village idiot, Fox’s own, industry answer to the Senate’s John McCain claimed the Judge was simply beyond the pale and straight off the blocks too. He came right out of the gate with heartfelt, strong opinion as only he can do. Anyone who preys on adolescent girls is a predator. Geraldo really ought to be an embarrassment, but hey, he’s an easy tool and like McCain, he’s always available. He’s one of those guys who made a good thing out of open borders and in the interest of truth and full disclosure that’s how he came to the Murdocks. For some reason, I happened to be on the Fox channel. Maybe I was incapacitated by indigestion as often happens, or maybe I was just too drunk to change the channel? In either event I seem to remember immediately following Geraldo’s opinion of predators came the completely unsupported accusation. By now we all know that Geraldo thinks such behavior is disgusting.” If it’s true, Geraldo for one, will lower the boom on the Judge. Geraldo’s outrage and disgust is palatable and frankly, low booms are where Geraldo has the home court advantage. Therefore, ergo the Judge is as good as guilty. I mean, he must be guilty. We’ve already established it’s disgusting and everyone knows about men and women and young adolescent girls, human nature in general and of course it’s all of it, a rather dirty business unless you’re a Democrat like Bill Clinton and then it’s dismissed as just sex.

    Pedophilia, which by its very definition doesn’t apply to adolescent girls is even worse, more salacious, so salacious that it’s unmentionable. Hello, I’m the resident, network, clown and my name is Geraldo. It all follows logically, well sort of, or after a fashion and anyways, it all moves so fast on television, but the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s indecent to prey on adolescent girls. Now observe my ignorance, or mustache. It doesn’t matter.

    You know I can actually remember the video of some guy breaking Geraldo’s nose on TV. Ouch, poor Geraldo got “Chumped,” sucker punched and right on his own TV show. I wanted to tell him from the corner. You’re suppose to give them angles Geraldo, angles, not “Spin.” Geraldo was doing a segment of day time, reality TV when, despite what might be considered overwhelming odds as well as network, security staff he actually formed a passing acquaintance with the real world. So how ironic is that? Sometimes television can be amusing and entertaining in spite of itself. Whereas Sean Hannity on the other hand, ever the sly one was all phony face and distressed by the awesome, distasteful business before him. Even as he introduced his good friend Geraldo he remained dedicated to going slow and to getting to the bottom of it all. He seemed to be apologizing even as he pulled out the long knife.

    The emotional pain was evident by his repetitive assertions, which are his hallmark after all. He stressed the necessity to go slow in our condemnation of the Judge. As unpleasant as it all was and he certainly looked for all the world to see, distraught even saddened, he was going to go slow making sure to give the Judge a fair trial before we hanged him. And still, he was over and over, very careful to exonerate himself in front of the audience, who are after all his bread and butter, the conservative base for Fox’s ratings. Did I mention how repetitively, as in over and over Hannity stressed how important it was to go slow as experience had taught him, these sort of things (accusing someone of pedophilia from 38 years ago and 30 days out from an election) could really negatively effect someone’s life? It isn’t as, if Sean, or the rest of us haven’t been here before. What is surprising is just how often all the claims are proven to be false.

    It was serious business alright and we were advised as to the same and clearly, Sean was visibly pained and then came his other guest the woman who dutifully told us, what we will characteristically see with cases of sexual, abuse allegations. She was there to tell us, exactly what it was that we should expect to see, if the allegations were to be believed, were to be allowed to have any credibility. That’s what she was there to tell us. One can only imagine she had been around the block and had loads of experience about such matters. And dutifully did she instruct the viewers to watch for more accusations, more women to emerge, more shoes to drop. Hey these guys had a real dog and pony show going on. My understanding was the standard necessary to negate all presumption of innocence was the number of allegations made. Really? It seems victims, like bananas and buses come in bunches. Political operatives were like Polo players. They had to have a string of ponies, if they wanted to be taken seriously. One allegation was just that, but get a few of them going and well, then we can all pretty much make up our minds at home. And all of these claims are well over 30 some odd years old and none of them come with any collaborating evidence, much less a wittiness although, we are now beginning to find plenty of inconsistencies.

    And here’s the funny part. Sure enough, just as we had been instructed, there were other allegations and accusations, which followed and immediately, the very next day, least anyone forget their jury instructions and the new allegations were presented to the accompaniment of a media deluge of salacious, sensational coverage. Simultaneously, McConnell (why does “Pop Goes The Weasel” come to mind?) declared the Senate simply wouldn’t seat the Judge even, if he were elected, which there seemed to be little to no chance of that happening now and then, as, if even that weren’t enough, the next day he promised to put the Judge before the ethics committee even, if somehow he were seated. As plussed as we all were to hear that the Senate still had an ethics committee, I mean who knew, or maybe I should say, how could anyone tell, I couldn’t help, but wonder why we should even bother to have an election, if the RINO establishment could just negate the people’s will? So you see when Hannity, on Fox sounded the alarm supported by Gloria Allred, of all people I realized we already had our answer. It would be suicide to try to defend pedophilia, a Judge who preyed on underage girls.

    The whole thing was a set up from the very first and, for things still to come. They were telegraphing their punches and the only piece missing was the ex-British spy, Christopher Steel. Someone had better get Geraldo out of there quick before he gets his nose broke again. Oh, they intended to bury the Judge all right, but I’ll tell you what has yet to surface and it’s called proof, or any credible evidence even. There’s still no proof and no corroboration of these totally unsubstantiated allegations and now, the Judge’s attorney is demanding to see the yearbook, which strangely enough isn’t being presented as quickly as a victim’s advocate might expect. Hannity is reading the audience reaction, ever quick to review the ratings and as ever, he’s showing what a hypocrite and prostitute television personalities really are.

    You see, in the end it’s the establishment’s ranch after all and the money is awful good, the food, the bunks, the warm stove, yeah the perks are all that and right there in the heart of the “Big Apple.” When it’s time to do the master’s bidding, they shuffle to the tune of “Yes masder.” So yeah, Hannity flipped faster than a Gloria Allred victim in deposition and under oath.

    So why might you ask, seeing as it’s only just the same as ever it was, why would a famous writer take time out of his busy day to write about something as mundane as a Democratic, RINO, establishment conspiracy to remove a popular conservative Judge from contention for a Senate seat? Well the answer is, armies roll on victories and not on their stomachs. That’s a common mis-perception. It’s victories that make armies invincible and McConnell’s political establishment is desperate to break the populist revolt that keeps rolling on like the good ship Columbia.

    The people are gathering up a head of steam. The 2018 elections are coming, right around the corner and we the people intend to be there and Mitch appears to know it too. We want our government back. We intend to take control of our nation and of our destiny and Donald Trump is our, newly elected President by God, and not Rupert Murdock’s son. We may literally have to take it back, because these billionaire globalists aren’t about to cede anything to fair and democratic election outcomes. That bit of rhetoric was only in effect when they controlled the outcomes, fixed the elections like the proverbial, lead pipe cinch. Now that the cat is out of the bag and the people are awake and paying attention the rules are changing. They always were their rules and we always played by them and then they betrayed us, treated us as though we were disposable. They thought they didn’t need us anymore and maybe they didn’t, but then they made the big mistake. They thought they owned the country because they controlled the title to the land, but the land belongs to the living as Thomas Jefferson once noted and the country belongs to its citizens and the citizens of America receive their rights from God and not any corporation board room.

    And then too, it was the insidious nature of the conspiracy to railroad this Judge and steam roll over the process and roll the good people of Alabama, their free choice and conservative, common sense as, if they were some dumb, country, “Rubes” and that really got my Irish up, rubbed me wrong. I think about the original revolution when the British first tasted, I mean really tasted rebel fire power at Bunker Hill. The Continental officers walked the line behind the men worried they would break and run when confronted with the advancing, Hessian bayonets. They kept repeating to their men, to remember, it was only two volleys that was all they were asking. “Just give me two volleys boys, and then we withdraw.” And they did. The line held, they stood and delivered and the British generals paid awful high for that charge and they never forgot it either. They always though twice before coming across any field at a Continental line after Bunker Hill. And then too, I think of the other twelve colonies rushing to send supplies overland, through the wilderness against the British sea blockade of Boston. We refused to see our brethren starved into submission and then I thought of Alabama and that carpetbagging, prostitute Sean Hannity trying to “Set up,” the Judge that way, do him dirt using the likes of an “Open borders” Geraldo who made tens of millions of dollars selling out America.

    Well, I just got to feeling downright “Churchillian,” if you get my drift. I decided I’d fight them on these pages with the power of the written word because the truth will set us free just as the bible tells it. And then we’ll fight them in the polling booths, at the ballot box in 2018 because political power is the prize and we will fight them in the streets too, if it should become necessary and in the fields and, even needs be retreating back into the hills, but we will never give up and surrender America. We will never stop fighting. It was God who made us free and not some “Dadburn,” federal bureaucrat and certainly not the GOP, RINO leadership. I simply can not imagine the likes of a puppet such as Mitch McConnell, or a shyster like Gloria Allred, or any Sean Hannity standing there with his pants down around his ankles being able to run off anybody south of the Mason Dixie line, much less the voters of Alabama. It simply isn’t going to happen. I don’t believe it and I don’t believe any skewed and “Cooked” Fox polls. Stand tall Alabama. Stand and deliver you “Bama Boys.” Take us home, sweet home Alabama.

  • Mr. Olsen writes about the election results without mentioning the chaos caused by the DNC and the left since the November 2016 elections. After eleven months of violence and vandalism from the DNC and the left it is clear that election results alone are no longer valid for those who lose.

    If the Democrats win the 2020 elections and a new Left wing President is elected I deeply doubt if that President will be accepted by the right with calm repose and instead may face far more intense street violence and vandalism including militant secessionist actions.

    The violence the Left began in January 2017 because they lost an election will simply not disappear. It maybe magnified by the right if Trump loses in 2020. The Left has made it clear that elections alone are no longer the final word when it comes to the transition of power.

  • Personally, I want the entire class of elites destroyed and replaced. Why we continue to tolerate their control over us when a simple insurgency could topple them in weeks is beyond me.

  • “Yet that increasingly is what self-proclaimed conservatives and Trump backers want to do, as events in
    the last week have painfully demonstrated.”
    This is the typical attack on Trump and his supporters. The GOPe has been betraying their base for decades, but ot’s our fault for turning our backs on them,. The GOPe are running dog lackeys of the global plutocracy who oppose putting America first. They were repudiated in the 2016 primaries but still want to tell us what to do. If they want our votes they should have accomplished some of our agenda. Instead they Delay, Obstruct, and Sabotage our President. The GOPe has destroyed the repub party, they want to blame us for their fecklessness and lack of honor. Blame us for “excessive expectations” of their broken promises. Before Trump we only have an unibrow party focused on implementing the globalist agenda of the donor class.

    “They need to build a team rather argue about who coaches it.”
    This is more BS. Trump is the coach and the GOPe should get behind him. Instead they supported hillary in the general.
    The GOPe would rather the dems win than supporting the America first candidates. The GOPe in Congress have done nothing but oppose Trump. Ten of the GOPe Senators publicly opposed Trump in the general and another dozen opposed him in private. They all need to go.

    The GOPe supported hillary because they wanted to continue on with their money making scam, “repeal and replace”. They were devastated when Trump won because it exposed their duplicity. Now they want to blame Trump and his supporters for their failures.

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