Sex, Politics, and the Judiciary: We’ve Seen This Movie Before

A claim of sexual harassment of any kind is now the nuclear option in American politics. It was most famously (although unsuccessfully) deployed against Clarence Thomas, 27 years ago, near the end of his confirmation hearings, by a former subordinate, Anita Hill. To this day, Justice Thomas’s detractors believe Hill, but Thomas has always denied Hill’s charges; and while, in my opinion, the evidence supported Thomas’s version of the story, when it is a matter of “he said; she said,” it is usually difficult, if not impossible, to know who is telling the truth.

No doubt, women are often subject to horrible abuse by powerful men. When the abuse is recent, continuing, and well-documented—as it was and is, for example in the case of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein—it is only right that the full force of the media and society, and perhaps even criminal prosecution be used to punish the perpetrator and secure justice for the victims. But it is also true that fabricated charges of sexual harassment are difficult conclusively to rebut, and it is nearly impossible to repair a falsely besmirched reputation, as we learned, for example, in the case of the Duke lacrosse players or the more recent incident involving the University of Virginia fraternity.

So what are we to think about the recent bombshell allegations against Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore? The judge—known as the Ten Commandments judge, for his defiance of the federal courts when he was a sitting Alabama jurist and ordered (wrongly, it could be argued) to remove representations of the Decalogue from his courtroom—has been accused by three women of engaging in inappropriate sexual contact. One of those women reportedly was only 14 (the age of consent in Alabama was 16 at the time), when Moore was 32, almost four decades ago. Moore flatly and vehemently denies the allegations, published in the Washington Post, a liberal newspaper that endorsed his Democratic opponent.

Moore, a Republican, had been comfortably ahead in the polls in a state that has now been very red for some time. The U.S. Senate is nearly evenly divided between the two parties, and if the Democrat defeats Moore in the election a month from now, the Democrats would have a much better chance of defeating the legislative initiatives of the Trump Administration. The stakes, in other words, could not be higher, and this is one of the most chilling examples in this country of politics as a blood sport.

If the then-single and adult Moore did the acts of which he was accused with a minor, it is not clear that his conduct was necessarily criminal (since his conduct, while clearly immoral may not have violated any statutes). But if illegal, it is also clear that he would now be immune from prosecution, since the statute of limitations for any such crimes would have passed long ago. A statute of limitations forbids the government from bringing any charges regarding acts that occurred far in the past because of the risk that memories will have lapsed, corroborating witnesses may no longer be available, and any supplemental forensic proof would likely no longer exist.

Ours is a system of jurisprudence in which the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty; it takes proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict one of criminal acts, and even in a civil court one cannot prevail without a preponderance of evidence. Thus, “he said, she said” matters, in court, are losers. In the court of public opinion, however, slander, calumny, and unscrupulousness can prevail, which is why, strangely enough, America’s Founders used to say there were only two ways to ruin a republic: an excess of luxury and the licentiousness of the press.

Is it licentious of the Washington Post to publish these allegations, which, even if they were true, occurred more than four decades ago? The founders probably employed the word “licentious” in its older connotation to denote behavior that went against established rules or practices, rather than the new meaning of sexually illicit or promiscuous. Even so, these days sex sells and not only is it politically potent, in our prurient age a charge such as that levied against Roy Moore is likely to be trumpeted to the four corners of our country by every conceivable media outlet.

There was a time when there were customs of restraint regarding sexual innuendo and rumor, perhaps because of the difficulties of proof and the radioactive nature of the charges. That time is now gone. Current misconduct ought to be exposed, but is it asking too much once again to secure some sort of statute of limitations or standards for sexually sensational reportage?


About Stephen B. Presser

Stephen B. Presser is the Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History Emeritus at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, and the author of “Law Professors: Three Centuries of Shaping American Law” (West Academic Publishers, 2017). In the academic year 2018-2019, Professor Presser is a Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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736 responses to “Sex, Politics, and the Judiciary: We’ve Seen This Movie Before”

  1. The evidence supported Thomas’s version of the story, when it is a matter of “he said; she said,” it is usually difficult, if not impossible, to know who is telling the truth.
    This is true, however in any dispute one can always fall back on the social contract. You say to yourself who do I trust in this complicated mess. I for one do not have a problem with this.
    After all, we have to trust something even if it comes down to our own judgement.

    • Anita Hill’s accusation that it started when they were working at location A, and continued after Thomas was transferred to location B, and Hill willingly followed Thomas to location B makes her completely untrustworthy.

      Either she enjoyed what Thomas was doing (and lied about it), or she’s fabricated the offenses (and thus is a liar).

      • Sure, it is the womens fault, and the women are lying, but only when they accuse a conservative.

      • In the case of Anita Hill, to me it was not that I did not believe her, it was only that I don’t think that what she was charging Thomas with rose to the level of any type of sexual misconduct. Let me see if I can recall – he was persistent in asking her out on dates, he made remarks about a porn star, and made a joke about a pubic hair.

      • So I guess if someone molested your daughter you’d encourage her to follow that someone to a new job so she could be molested further. Typical liberal logic, absolutely no critical reasoning ability.

      • As I said, it is always the womens fault….
        As I understood the story, he played nice with here at the first meeting, then lured her to another place, where he could go after his sexual goals (typical strategy of sexual predators).

      • Plus, Anita Hill said the reason she followed Justice Thomas from one job to another is that she was worried about her employment prospects. She was a graduate of Yale law School and graduated with honors. She is just a flat out shameless liar.

  2. It would be interesting to know how long the Post has had this story and how it came to them.

    • The reporters clearly explained that yesterday.
      Do try to keep up.

      • So why not inform instead of snark? Is everyone expected to feverishly read every article for every detail? Some of us have a life apart from politics.

      • Word about Moore has been circulating in Alabama for years.
        They took the time to track it down.

      • BS, if this were true it would have been found out years ago. For me, rubbing the genitals of a 14 year old girl 38 years ago is not disqualifying. Why wouldn’t anyone vote for him? What do they think he is going to do in the Senate? Juanita Broderick would happily change places with the alleged victim.

      • If Juanita Broderick had come forward at any time during the 8 elections that occurred between what she alleges and when she said it, you’d have a point.

        Fact remains that she failed to come forward until Clinton had run his last race in 1996, so no one ignored her when voting.

        now, Alabamans, go vote.

      • But you miss the whole point as it is on the top of your head. Bill Clinton was elected and did serve and so should Justice Moore. Its only fair after all, wouldn’t you agree?

      • “Broaddrick,” but thanks for playing. Howw abbout Paullah Joanes?

      • That’s the problem though. The moral outrage from the left is fake. I don’t believe for a minute that you would be so strident if it was a D senate candidate under accusation. After all, a famous D left a woman to drown in a car and lawyered up, only he went on to become “The Lion of the Senate….” So what happens is that while many on the Right don’t like what Moore did, they are no longer willing to commit seppuku every time an accusation arises.

        BTW, have you posted outraged posts about Biden’s creepy, grabby behavior?
        I didn’t think so. See? Fake outrage.

        Remember, Bill Clinton took advantage of a young woman and lied about it under oath–and it was “all about sex…” That was and is the D line. The line is different when it is an R. Only then must women be protected from unwanted behavior. I don’t think that works any more. These are the rules the Left has made, and now they have to live in that world like the rest of us.

        So, I don’t take your outrage at face value–though I do not go so far as to assume you are lying or being deceptive. You might just be rabidly partisan and not realize it.

      • Would you say that a 32 year old man rubbing your 14 year old daughters genitals is cool? That is the standard you should apply. Time passed is not a factor.

      • I live in Alabama and the only folks that believe the stories are desperate. Democrats.

      • Except, of course, for Moore’s evasive non-denials about chasing teenagers when in his 30s.

        Alabama: The Creeps for Senate State.

      • So you still have nothing. Like always with you. You should get a better writer for your posts, these ones are truly lame.

      • Well, it wasn’t illegal to date teenagers in Alabama. So the only relevant accusation is whether he broke the law–that would be the 14 year old. Conflating the two is dishonest.

      • Sorry, not illegal. Conflating legal and illegal behavior is dishonest. And I am sure you are outraged by Joe Biden’s grabby behavior, and you have left a trail of outrage somewhere on the Internet.

        Or perhaps not; hence, fake outrage on your part.

      • Maybe. But in any case, you could simply have said that. Instead you more or less assumed everyone follows every aspect of every story. An assumption like that is merely a rhetorical ploy.

  3. The accuser with the most outrageous claim (she was 14) has a history. “Blaming the victim” is a current complaint but I do wonder. Has anyone interviewed her three ex-husbands to determine her reliability and honesty ?

    • I’ll do that as soon as I finish interviewing the three ex wives of Rush Limbaugh.

      • Hmmm, Rush Limbaugh had three ex wives, so we should not interview ex husbands of the one accusing someone of a crime? Sorry, but non-sequiturs are not a real argument.

      • Didn’t know Rush was running for the senate. Liberalism is such a horrible disease. I do hope we can cure it in your lifetime.

      • Try to be a little less stupid. The adults are trying to have a conversation.

      • Rush Limbaugh is not claiming he was taken advantage of at 14 so what is your point?

      • As a voting citizen of the Great State of Alabama let me clue you in…the Accuser??? Worked for Hillary and Joe Biden.There are now multiple pics of her social media pages showing this.She has also been in the tank for Judge Moore’s (D)imwitted opponent almost since he first announced his run(also with pics from her social media and shared across this state). What you are looking at is a classic hit piece from the (D)imwitted Party. After all the contentious elections that Judge Moore has run in it is unbelievable at this point in the race for these accusations to pop up.I hope that Roy Moore pulls a Donald Trump and offers to sue the crap out of anyone presenting allegations without proper physical evidence.

      • But do you believe the scam will work? Imagine if the judge loses and then the woman says, ‘OK, I lied.’

      • So Limbaugh’s credibility isn’t important to you?

        Thought so.

      • It is irrelevant to the subject at hand. Your’s is a weak attempt to distract from the issue at hand but I am sure the DNC will pay you the usual 8 cents per post.

      • If having 3 ex spouses is a reason to doubt credibility then Limbaugh’s credibility should be at issue as well as some woman from Alabama.

        And if it isn’t, they why raise it?

      • Limbaugh is irrelevant to the topic – he did not make the claims about Moore. If he did, you would have a point. As it stands you are just being obtuse.

      • Not in this case. You are just using Rush as a deflection. Rush had nothing to do with this woman’s 40 yr old claims. She is the only one that can be judged on her own credibility. The timing of this being most suspicious.

      • It’s not suspicious at all..

        It was well timed…
        Just like the accusations against Trump…
        Well timed…
        Don’t think the citizens of Alabama will fall for it…

      • who cares what limbqaugh says or doesn’t say , he is not running for office nor does he hold an elected or appointed office
        no sane person gives a rats rear end

      • Agreed that no sane person gives a rats petard about what Limbaugh says.

        Indeed, those that do should probably lose their right to vote.

      • I place that on ALL talk radio and ALL cable or non cable news and opinion shows , includes msnbc and cnn
        so stop using him as an example to fit your twisted narrative

      • Are you the person who said that Moore’s accuser is not credible because three divorces?
        That’s the person I addressed with Limbaugh.
        If you’re not that person, don’t ask me to stop talking about multiple divorce = not credible.
        Criticize him.

      • Hmm,
        Two divorces
        Impregnates girlfriend while married
        6 bankruptcies.
        Lies about the height of his buildings, and the number of floors in them
        Claims to be a “small businessman” to get federal aid after 9/11.


        You must really think that Old Bone Spur is a massive, massive liar.

      • you are a left wing fool
        divorce? so f**king what
        innocent until proven guilty
        now go away loser

      • Innocent until proven guilty.
        Just like you said when future federal prisoner Mike Flynn said “lock her up.”

        I really admire your consistency.

      • hey mohammed, again I don’t give a F**K what Flynn said, or you or anybody
        get a grip on reality and do it soon

      • you don’t seem to get it. I was talking to someone else. you butted in. If you don’t care about something, then don’t butt in.

      • As should those who voted for Crooked Hillary but unfortunately it is not a perfect world.

      • “You better put some ice on that.”

        — BJ Clinton, after biting Juanita Broddrick’s lip while raping her

        So a presidential rapist isn’t important to you? Noted.

      • As I noted previously, none of this came out until AFTER Clinton’s reelection in 1996. Clinton went through about 8 elections at State & Federal levels between the alleged occurrence and the accusation.
        Had she come forward earlier, you’d have a case.

        But the FACT remains that NO ONE voted for Clinton in spite of a rape allegation.

      • That’s beside the point.

        Your double standards are duly noted, Regressive.

      • I could have a more intelligent conversation with a bag of hammers than with you Paul52.

    • Lets’ interview Lyin’ Donnie’s ex wives while we’re at it.

      • We don’t even need to interview Ivana. Her rape by Donald over his rage about hair plugs is public record already.

    • The statute of limitations has expired, and she can’t even prove the allegations. Its cheap, and its desperate on the part of Democrats.

    • A woman whose brother dated the alleged 14 year old the same year that the purported incident with the judge occurred said her brother was dating a 17 year old, not a 14 year old. Let’s see her birth certificate.

      • Wouldn’t it be absurd, if the WaPo didn’t even fact check her claim to be 14?

      • Fact checking is when one is interested in the truth. Regarding Republicans, there is no interest. And regarding Democrats, there are no inquiries. That is the MSM way.

      • Or maybe she told them she was 17 … to get around the age of consent laws.

  4. Well, Mr. Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History Emeritus at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, you are a pimp. That was not rumor and innuendo, it was a circumstantial account that was repeated to friends and family at the time. Moore is a lying toad and you’re no better.

  5. I remember reading something like this in American Greatness when the issue was Hillary Clinton.

    Oh, wait…

  6. If we can hamdle the Clintons, we can handle a Senator. I am sure Juanita Broderick would happily trade places with the alleged victim. Rubbing genitals through clothing 38 years ago??? This is what we are getting angry about. We have gone off the deep end!

    • I’m sure you were losing your bowels over reports of Hollywood “elites” rubbing one out in front of a woman a week ago. Why the different standard now?

  7. There should be a statute of limitations! Accusations should be made immediately—-not years later—-or they should have proof!

    Bless her heart, Monica had a stained blue dress!

    America First!

    • There is a statute of limitations for criminal charges, but the statute of limitations on whether you think it’s wrong is up to you. If the majority of Alabama voters feel this is an offense worth sidelining this already problematic senatorial candidate then so be it. Will you accept it?

      • I remember Clintonistas asking Trump voters if they would accept her win. How did that work out?

  8. “it is only right that the full force of the media and society…be used to punish the perpetrator”

    I disagree. The “Court of Public Opinion” –aka “media and society” is a wholly owned subidiary of WaPo, NYT, and CNN. As such, those who reside on the wrong side of the aisle are pilloried, while those on the left fawned over. Entrusting justice to media and society puts us in the same realm as a third world dictatorship. USA must adhere to the Rule of Law.

    • I whish you had the same opinion about press an articles when they are written on this page. Just check how AG threats sexual allegations against liberals, and those against conservatives.
      See a patern?
      Then go and check how CNN writes about Weinstein, Spacey and Co.

      • I’m not sure what you’re saying in your comment, but literally no one in the supposedly left leaning non-Fox/AMG media is defending anyone in Hollywood accused of sexual abuse or harassment. The only people defending or making excuses for pedophiles and sexual predators are among the GOP.

        I’m not saying the GOP supports sexual abuse or pedophilia, but they are completely consumed by a “win by any means” ideology that is destructive to both themselves and America. If you can’t even couch your support for Moore on a protective “if true” regarding the allegations, you have a major problem.

      • The Democrats are the desperate ones! If you have to go back FORTY (40) YEARS to find something on your opponent, and you can’t even prove it…..

      • If he was a sexual harasser/predator it would be continuous throughout his life, like Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s accusers started back at Oxford and all the way through his career, to the White House.

        Its different than making a mistake, realizing it was a mistake.. and Never repeating it again.

      • John Edwards knocked up a campaign groupie in 2008 while he was running for president, and while his wife was dying of breast cancer. The National Enquirer, of all publications, broke the story. The Demokkkrat Ministry of Truth known as the “mainstream” “media” had to be dragged kicking and screaming into covering what was literally a current affair. Roy Moore’s so-called transgressions, which cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt, occurred four decades ago.

        It’s nice to see Demokkkrats still have double standards, else they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

      • He deserved to pay the price. And he did.

        And so will Judge Moore. If he’d stuck with “I thought she was 16”, he might have gotten away with it. Instead, he went for the “I didn’t even know her”. Big mistake, Judge.

      • So when the big actors and actresses did not come out and protect their sisters from being sexually abused and remained quiet for 20-30 years that is acceptible to you? Thanks for the lesson in Dem morals.

      • An offense almost as cruel and self-serving as the acts themselves. “Everyone knew!”. No one DID ANYTHING! Profiles in Entitlement!

      • That was NOT Ok. Weinstein, Spacey and others are now paying the price. And so will Judge Moore. If he’s smart, he’ll disappear on a long fishing trip…

      • His accuser will recant when he’s elected.

        The WaPo will print the retraction of the story on page 14 of advertisement section.

      • Thanks for the lesson in being an irrationally prejudiced dumbshit.

      • Wow – the stupid is strong in you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the clowns in your echo chamber love you, having any influence on adults, not so much.

      • Innocent until proven guilty! That includes all Democrats, Republicans, etc… If you cannot square that then you are hereby redirected to US Civics class!

      • This isn’t about a trial of law, but whether the creep is worthy of a position in the Senate.

      • You don’t know anything and neither do I. You trolls make a judgement based on

        nothing other than an allegation made by a left leaning, Trump hating newspaper. You are sad!

      • If he is innocent then he isn’t a f** creep, so WTF is your point

      • You must not have been paying attention. He is most assuredly a creep, his taste in little girls aside.

      • That is sort of an idiotic argument. In a criminal case? Sure, you’re correct. In a civil case? Sure…the burden of proof would be on an accuser. But that is NOT the situation here.

        Here is a hypo: You have young kids and are looking for a babysitter. There is a kid down the street who would like to earn a bit of extra money doing this and offers his services. In the meantime, 4 different families tell you that this kid sexually touched their own kids.

        Now, you have a choice. One: You can say to those families, “This kid is innocent till proven guilty. I AM going to hire him to be around my kids while I and my spouse go out for several hours.” Two: You can say, “This kid has never even been charged with a crime. But that does not matter to me. . . there is NO WAY IN HELL that this kid will ever be left alone with my young children. The risk is not worth it to me.”

        Now, 1stAmend, you are of course free to take the first option. But I doubt most people would do that. Your mileage may vary, of course.

      • So all someone has to do to get someone they don’t like fired or out of a political race is make an allegation that is pretty much impossible to disprove. That isn’t setting a dangerous precedent is it? You make it sound like you actually believe people wouldn’t make s*** up, you cant seriously be that f stupid can you. You cant seriously think everyone should be assumed guilty as soon as an allegation is made. F I hope some lunatic makes an untrue claim about you one day, you might f** learn something.

      • You still need proof or at the very least circumstances that leave no doubt in your mind. I could easily accuse you of anything without any proof if I had a bully pulpit like the WashPost. Now go ahead and prove me wrong after I have tarnished your life!

      • They ENABLED Weinstein for 40 yrs. That is awfully close to defending.

      • And yet it is the dhimmiKKKrats who forcefully espouse the philosophy that “The ends justify the means.” One has to to go no further than Hairyass Reids calumny against Mittens Romney.

      • I laugh every time I hear a progressive lib whine that the GOP has a “win at any cost” attitude.

        Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the RED DONKEYS that carry this strain of DNA.

        The GOP carry a better message and plan for American but are very poor at being political, running campaigns, etc.

        The RED DONKEYS are a poll-tested focused, smooth, calculating and cunning public relations machine with virtual full backing from the MSM, whose message is quite poisonous to America, and yet most voters know it. Yet they somehow remain relevant in American politics. Silver-tongued devils are the Democrats, whose primary skill is deception.

        If the GOP were only half-as skilled at ‘politicking’ as the Dems, there would be no national DemoKrat Party, and all the RED DONKEYS would go to the glue factory.

      • OK, then prove it. Say, “If Judge Moore did this, he has no business being in the Senate” and we’ll leave you alone.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much the opposite of the truth. Issue by issue, the public agrees with Democratic policies almost two to one, almost across the board.

      • Bottom line: Do you believe careers and lives should be destroyed based upon unsubstantiated accusation? Or should our culture demand a higher standard?

      • Depends on whether the accused in a Democrat or Republican.

      • You’re addressing someone who is probably fine with the people’s tribunals during the Cultural Revolution, where a mere accusation was better than a guilty verdict in a court of law.

      • The accusations are not “unsubstantiated”. The Post found about 30 people who knew the women/children involved and supported their stories.

      • Oh? Who violated the law and saved her actual ballots? More hearsay.

      • Why do you get off on defending child molesters? You think all these people made this stuff up? Really? When asked directly by Hannity, Judge Moore stumbled through his answer that he generally didn’t date teens without their mother’s permission. Immoral. And a moron.

      • And what happened to due process, including innocent until proven guilty?
        I think you hear what you “want” to hear.
        Stumbled through his lanswers with Hannity?

      • Hey, what the hell is a lanswer?

        Read the WashPost article like McCain and Romney did and then come back and defend this immoral, hypocritical, jacka$$. He’s doubling down. “I didn’t even know her.” That’s a lie too far Judge.

      • Since voting records do NOT record who any particular person voted for -you do not know that she actually did vote for Trump. Not saying she didn’t- just that there is no way for anyone but her to actually know.

      • How convienent!
        Not hard to find plenty lyin leftys ready and willing to destroy the opposition.

        If so many people knew, the guy would have been nailed years ago, your point gets destroyed before even saying it.

      • Corfman is a Republican. She voted to Trump. She and your family had nothing to gain in telling this story now. They are clearly not out for the attention – I don’t think she’s done a single interview.

        The Judge could clear his name right now by taking a lie detector test. He says he didn’t even know her. Just answer the one question, Judge, and we’ll leave you alone.

      • Trump was against Moore, but no one can prove how they voted. Tall tales are easy, you only believe tales when it’s about a righty, if it’s a lefty yous defend and deny. I wouldn’t believe this if it was about anyone, timing is everything.

      • The woman who was 14 at the time voted for Trump. She at least might have PTSD for an excuse.

      • Please prove how she voted, you can’t, she can’t. Also, Trump was against Moore, so the case stinks all the way around.

        Gullible much?

      • Please stop supplying facts. Do you really think fringe-right voters here have an open mind about this? If they did not care about a person bragging about multiple sexual assaults ON TAPE, why on Earth do you think they will care about this?

      • When TF did he brag about multiple sexual assaults you lying dick. Firstly, He said they let him which isn’t assault, secondly it was a private tape of someone bragging about his sexual prowess, are you that naïve that you don’t think guys exaggerate there sexual conquests? Especially egotistical ones, which trump obviously is, and especially in private which the conservation was, it was never meant to be taped and go public.

      • A question for you: how do you know that someone is “letting you” grab their genitals? Do they hold up a sign or something?

      • At this very late date, these allegations are far too convenient to be believable.
        Especially given the motivations of the Washington Post.
        In any case, “innocent until proven guilty” should still rule the day.

      • The 14 year-old is a Trump supporter and has corroborating witnesses from back at the time. Do you REALLY think she made this whole thing up and convinced a bunch of people to go along?

        She is coming out now like hundreds or even thousands of women around the country. No Republican or Democrat who molested a girl or sexually assaulted a woman is safe.

      • I do. I think that, when she told friends (and, at age 16, told her mother, I believe), she was secretly plotting: “Ha, ha, ha . . . I have made up a fake attempted rape allegation about a nobody DA, risked ruining my reputation by doing so. And now I’ll sit on the story, for decades, JUST IN CASE he runs for national office some day. Now, of course, if this guy is like the 99.99999973% of people who do NOT run for national office, I’ve risked all this for no reason at all.”

        That’s the sort of logic like, “I’m Barack Obama’s mom. My son has been born in a different country. But I will plant a false story in a Hawaii newspaper about my son being born here. JUST IN CASE he someday runs for president–40+ years from now. Bwah hah hah. GENIUS!!!!”


      • Are you really that gullible? How do you KNOW she told her mother that when she was 16, rather than the mom simply claiming it now to support her daughter? Oh, gee, that’s right, you don’t.

        Your bit about Obama is every bit as stupid. IF Obama wasn’t born here, there’s a very very obvious reason to put the notice in the paper back then – to get the child American citizenship. In fact, that was notoriously common in Hawaii back then and for many years after that too.

        You make utterly stupid claims like that, failing to see the obvious flaws in your claims, and then try ridiculing others for supposedly not being so bright? Pathetic.

      • “Do you believe careers and lives should be destroyed based upon unsubstantiated accusation?”
        I understand that this is a difficult topic. The other side of the story is, should we call our daughters liars, if they accuse somebody of sexually assaulting them? “Or should our culture demand a higher standard?”

      • There is really only one side–the law, which is the only standard for justice in USA.

      • “There is really only one side–the law, which is the only legitimate standard for justice in USA.”
        So why conservative media brings up Clinton-Levinsky? this was not against the law.
        With Moores case, we have one case with illegal conduct, and some other cases that were legal, but they make the illegal case more credible (if he goeas after 16 and 17 yo, why not also a 14yo?)

      • Refreshing. A Clinton supporter who acknowleges the tawdriness of Bill and Monica. Made my day!

      • Why do you assume that I am a Clinton supporter? I just showed you, that conservative media seem to take different standards for liberals and conservatives.
        And while most liberals seem to be a bit ashamed, that one of “their side” acts inappropriate, the conservatives just go on the counterattack and smear the accuser.

    • The MSM has become incompetant at smearing… or conversly, american have become wise and sensative to lies and distortion.

      Let all dirty secrets air out, oncludine the MSM treachery

      • Roy Moore has been a public figure for over 30 years. Had there been any validity at all to Gibson’s accusations, it would have surfaced and been dealt with long ago. Alabama conservatives are already PISSED at McConnell and the GOP for trying to deny them their favorite candidate, and now they’ve unleashed that “rebel spirit,” which means Moore will win in a landslide. As for the Democrat Socialist Bigots, they should have used their “sexual accusation” gimmick in a closer, purple-state
        election where it MAY have worked. Now, we all know to expect these dirty, false charges. Just like Trump’s “grab her” tape, which Hillary was depending on to win, all these cheap, dirty tricks are doing is firing up conservative voters.

      • Yeah this smear has to fail. It’s just not believable that his political opponents who live there couldn’t find these women but an out of town WaPo reporter was able to. And one is a former Hillary campaign staffer? No way. Just like the women who accused Trump and then vanished.

      • Have you not heard of #metoo?

        These women are now comfortable speaking out for the first time ever. And down goes the Judge…

        But to be fair, nowhere in the 10 Commandments does it say “Thou shalt not molest 14 year-old girls”

      • But it does say love your neighbor. Id like to point out the hollywood/DC hypocrisy here.

        I bet you didnt wring hands over ted kennedy or robert bird.

      • So, it’s OK if Moore does it because Kennedy, Byrd and some Hollywood types did it? Weird.

      • That #metoo campaign was ridiculous. Once it became clear that I had multiple friends posting #metoo who had clearly never been sexually assaulted (hell, some of them had never even been sexually approached!!), it lost all credibility and therefore, all meaning.

      • It’s a vicous Lie designed by dishonest political operatives to be impossible to prove either way. They’re desperate to prevent a conservative who isn’t corrupt from winning the seat. Just like they staged a meeting between the Trump campaign and the Russian lawyer, with Obama clearing her visa, so they could cook this whole collusion nonsense up.

      • The 16 women who publicly accused Donald Trump have not vanished, as you state.
        Simply because.., LOL.., they have not informed “you” of their respective present address, that is not to be logically, intellectually, common sensibly, interpreted and then publicly articulated as having “vanished” – LMFAO!

        Donald Trumps accusers can easily be located by the Investigators, working for the attorneys, representing the most powerful man in the world, after Putin of course.
        Those very same crack Investigators employed to track down Obama’s real Kenyan Birth Certificate, then the 16 accusers can be subpoenaed to appear in the long awaited Civil Libel Trial, publicly promised by Ray Moore’s protege, Donald Trump.

        Oh.., and BTW:
        It was newspaper journalists that found and revealed most of the Catholic Priests doing their respective version of “The Roy Moore” at High School Football games.

        Thanks for the opportunity to humorously reveal core ignorance. Well done!

      • Danny – Okay. So tell us the names of these 16 women and their PUBLIC allegations of Trump’s supposed sexual abuse. After all, if their stories are in fact valid, then there shouldn’t be a problem for them to further elaborate on them – publicly or otherwise. RIGHT?

      • I think you posted the wrong guy. I’m laughing at senor Alts post. It really doesn’t get more humorous than one of “Danny’s” rants.

      • You can look it up on Google, but of course, you won’t.

      • Are you not able to research their names yourself, using “Google” and specifically referencing “sexual allegations, against Donald Trump”, which were publicly and specifically elaborated on in the summer of 2016, just days after the “Access Hollywood” tapes were released. Given you obvious level of intellect, that tip should make it easy for you to conduct your curiously desired quest for the Trump Sexual Assault Victims Names. You must have missed the various televised interviews of the victims at the time.
        And.., I clearly see you are an expert in the knowledge of the manifestations of traumatic emotions typically experienced by victims of sexual assaults.

        That became abundantly obvious when you definitively and empathetically stated:

        “After all, if their stories are in fact valid, then there shouldn’t be a problem for them to further elaborate on them – publicly or otherwise. RIGHT?”

        All righty then, we’re done here !

      • Then why hasnt romney paraded them???

        You’re full of it.

      • Your poorly punctuated and not intellectually articulated question begs an obvious three (3) questions to help clarify your curious point (s):

        What has Romney to do with my specific rebuttal to the notion “Trump’s accusers” have “vanished”, as falsely asserted by “Mcbain”, and adequately refuted by me (carefully read my above post).., in conjunction with “ecbains” assertion being refuted in very recent press accounts of a pending lawsuit to be lodged against Trump, by his so called “vanished” accusers ?

        What parade are you referring to, The Thanksgivings Day Parade ?

        And finally..,when you, parrot an adolescent style response to something you can not unpack and specifically counter.., and [instead] intellectually utter “you are full of it”.., can I assume you are referring to my being “full of it” – “it” being “facts” ?

        Thanks I enjoyed this!

      • So, you are a Never Trumper with a grammar fetish.
        Let me guess a retired English teacher.
        I read your screed on tribalism and justice. One thing was odd. Did you really think the impeachment was over Monica? If so, you may wonder why comprehension is so important as you have lauded in your invective.

        I fear you are also misunderstanding the recent Mueller indictments as related to Russian collusion as well.

        So sad.

      • Yes, I am a proud “Never Trumper”, putting me on the “right” side of history.
        Yes, having written many investigative and arrest reports, subject to a defense attorney’s witness stand scrutiny, accordingly I work on my grammar in a fetish fashion.
        No, I am not a retired English Teacher, but your guess reveals much about your quick trigger assumptions, deductive skills and inferiorities.
        No, I believe Clinton was impeached and temporarily disbarred for Perjury.
        Yes, I believe the recent Mueller Indictments has much to do with conducting a proficient investigation into Russia’s interference in our election process, you might call it Investigation 101.
        Yes, It is sad to have a con man in the presidency with 34% of our population not knowing it..

      • You seem more stable than most liberals. Not a high bar but still might be able to answer a question. Why is it wrong for Trump to be six degrees from Putin but not wrong when Hillary has directly benefited from Putin cash and had her team generate the dossier smear with Russian help? A dossier that was then used as an excuse for a democrat administration to spy on private citizens.

      • I hope you didn’t try holding your breath for an answer. Shows just how much of a hack Alt is!

      • Simple. Hillary isn’t president. She doesn’t count. Trump is president. He counts.

      • Laughable response. She was Secretary of State at the time of her Russian shenanigans.

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      • Yep.., in defense of Trump.., deflecting questions are by far the best.

      • Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
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      • Your first unsubstantiated assumption is wrong, yet, quite revealing.
        In-fact.., I’m your worst nightmare. I’m a Conservative, recently withdrawing from the Republican Party.., and I firmly believe Donald Trump is manifestly pathological in a variety of psychological ways, making him unfit for Presidential Office.

        Having said that, my stated opinion of Donald Trump and my longtime view that Hillary Clinton is a Career Un-Indicted Criminal, are certainly beliefs “not” Mutually Exclusive to each other.

        Thereby..,making your dubious question.., regarding Hillary’s alleged culpability.., as it comparitively relates to Trump’s alleged culpability, simply irrelevant and a mere convenient deflection from Donald Trump’s obvious flaws.

        Your 2nd expressed false assumption, regarding Trump being six degrees from Putin, is contradicted by the evidence known to the public to date. For example.., this afternoon’s reported Wikileaks colaborating e-mails with Donnie Jr. during the campaign.

        Yet.., not affecting my already poor view of Hillary are the unproven and unsubstantiated accusations you and others (Trumpets only) make regarding her benefiting from “Putin cash”, or the unclear (at this time) validity of some, none, or all, of the so called “Dossier’s” revelations.

        And finally.., regarding your 3rd false assumption..,I have seen no evidence, nor have you, that any FISA warrants sought by the FBI.., or granted by The FISA Court.., were sought and/or granted “solely” on the basis of a [still] unsubstantiated so called “Dossier” – an action in direct contrast to common professional practice.

        If that [in-fact] occurred.., every criminal case brought to court will be immediately thrown out of court as required by law. A fact known to Criminal Investigators, while seemingly unknown to you.

        My decades long experience with Law Enforcement around our country, particularly The FBI, tells me that is not a practice employed by professionals – The Honorary Robert Mueller III being the epitome of integrity and professionalism in the field of conducting investigations.

        Thanks for giving me the pleasure of answering questions formulated by mere assumptions.

      • Apparently my “worst nightmare” is a self-important bloviating gas bag. Not exactly Wes Craven material.

      • I’ll take that as an adolescent mind’s concession to my comprehensibly articulate facts.

      • Putting in that little thing about Putin..makes you an anything else you stated..was a waste of my time..thanks for playing..

      • My post was “not” intended for the likes of you. It was meant for one with more than a two digit IQ score and [merely] a reasonable ability to specifically argue the merits of his/her point of view – in writing.., while refuting the specifics of the opposing point of view – once again, in writing.
        So.., you see.., the waste of time was all your fault, not mine. You would be equally at fault.., if when strolling through Washington Square Park in NYC on a nice Spring Day, upon eying the resident (skilled) Chess Players, you.., knowingly armed only with the skills of an 8th grade checker player, nevertheless you chose to sit down and engage in the game of brains.
        That would be a waste of your time as well. LMFAO !
        Anyway.., all is not lost.., you will know better in the future.., stay away for games of intellect.., and as for me.., I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for the opportunity.

      • WELL WELL…little snowflake…my post was meant for you…and it worked…you melted…RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…this has been your liberal mantra since the 1960’s…the only thing that has changed…as of only 1 year ago is that libtards now think RUSSIA is baaaaaddddd…Libtards…go figure…

      • If your illiterately written post was meant to engage with a “libtard”, as you childishly state, you inadvertently bumped into a Conservative, newly former registered Republican.
        A Republican Party trend you may want to pay more attention to.
        Any way.., you confirmed my original contention that you are simply bumbling idiot. LMFAO!
        You are the gift that keeps on giving, thanks again. So f##kin funny!

      • LOL..I will go with my first thought..You are a typical LIBTARD with a very acute case of TDS….Words of advice to you…Don’t own a gun..and don’t jump..

      • Very funny, you certainly don’t disappoint this Conservative.

        A simple rule of thumb:
        You can call an apple an orange, but that does not make it an orange.

        But.., do continue to go with your so called “first thought” – if that’s what you call it – LMFAO !

        Regarding your ironic, while ignorant “advice”, to wit “Don’t own a gun”.., I was given the “authority” to carry “concealed” firearms from 1973 to 2016.., and thanks to H.R. 218, passed by Congress in 2004, that authority continues today.

      • People with mental disorders shall not carry…TDS is a mental condition…Don’t jump

      • Clearly, the “Alt” stands for “Alternative Reality.”

      • That’s all you can intellectually conjure and articulate, a typical adolescent style response.

      • “Civil Libel Trial”….Now you know what the incentive is for people to make false claims of sexual harassment. The same people who ask “Why would she make something like that up?” had no problem impugning the motives of the women who came forward on Bill Clinton.

      • This whole system of threatening to vilify men by threatening to sue as a way to make $$ seems wrong. What if I killed your sister and would pay u not to charge me.

      • As it specifically relates to Trump, Moore and Bill Clinton accusers only, I’m not clear “what the incentive” was for those women to come forward, and subject themselves to the expected scrutiny, particularly from those supporting their respective – sexual perp – “Tribal Chief”.
        Unlike you, I can not see a definitive “incentive” in those cases.

        However, those Liberals defending Bill Clinton, despite “numerous credible” sexual allegations, in the 90’s, have more in common with those “so called” Conservatives defending Trump and Moore, despite “numerous credible” allegations publicly lodged in 2016 and today, respectively.

        Both political opposing tribes are willing to ignore the obvious moral flaws in their respective Tribal Chief.
        Both tribes display severe “hypocrisy” by complaining of the other tribes severe “hypocrisy”, as you have done, while ignoring their own “hypocrisy” – as you have done.
        To wit.., the “hypocrisy” in “only” recognizing the credible merits associated with the accusations lodged against the opposition Tribal Chief, while ignoring the similarly credible accusations lodged against their own Tribal Chief. Both sides argue the allegations are decades old, politically motivated, a he said-she said, and to be ignored.

        Unlike you and your tribe, unlike the other, “Lib”, tribe, despite political affiliations or affinity, I remain consistent in my assessment of seemingly credible sexual accusations made by numerous women against one man.
        I believed Anita Broderick and all the other Bill Clinton accusers..,
        I believed the “Trump 20”..,
        and I believe the Moore accusers. Objectively, all are [equally] credible.

        For reasons directly related to a specific Oval Office sexual allegation between a 49-year-old President and a 22-year-old Intern, and the resulting perjury, I.., a registered Republican at the time, enthusiastically supported the Bill Clinton Impeachment effort.
        Yet.., those seemingly on my side of that issue, take a different view when it is their beloved Tribal Chief on the wrong side of the credible accusatory finger. The larger number of accusers to be ignored, the greater disparity in age to be ignored.

        And that It is the epitome of “Conformational Bias” and severe “Hypocrisy” – period!

      • In summary, you do not believe in either due process or innocent till proven guilty.
        Every dog has his day, but this one has has no teeth.
        The MSM has turned social justice into a suitable replacement for actual justice. It must be annoying to need to look for allegations older than the reporters to invoke the necessary social justice on those with whom they disagree.

      • I do believe in due process in all legal matters. I have spent decades professionally supporting due process in legal matters, to include abiding by the notion that while inside the court room, while participating in the due process, the defendant is to be treated as innocent – until proven guilty.
        However, if I have suspicion that my neighbor is a pedophile, and I have a young daughter, I do not treat that neighbor the same way I would treat other neighbors. My daughter would be permitted to enter my neighbors homes, but not the home of the “suspected”, not convicted, pedophile.
        The law doesn’t prohibit us from using our own judgment in matters outside the court room, to include the personal judgement employed to select members of either House of Congress. Your contention that I should treat Roy Moore as innocent, until he is proven guilty in a court of law, is simply silly.
        But, do feel free to allow your daughter to go on a date with him, since he hasn’t been given due process and proven guilty in a court of law, obligating you to treat him as innocent. To f##kin funny!
        And it is not the MSM that is accusing Roy Moore it is three (3) women. So, attacking the MSM in this matter is an irrelevant gesture, possibly designed to deflect.

      • You are one left-wing-nut. When did kissing become sexual abuse, or touching a girl’s hair sexual abuse? The world has gone mad.

      • Nope.., I’m actually a “real” Conservative, not a bastardized Trump version, and I recently withdrew my Republican registration. In addition.., I’m more than familiar and quite expereienced with Sex Crimes Laws.
        There are presently two (2) women who have publicly articulated specific acts of “Sexual Misconduct” having been similarly perpetrated on each/both of them, by Mr. Moore.
        So.., your reference to “kissing and “touching a girl’s hair” is more than confusing.
        Defending anyone credibly accused.., and one subsequently admitting to not dating minors without first getting permission from their parents, is proof, as you say, “the world has gone mad”.

      • I read this bull out of you trolls continually. I think you are so in to your delusion, you could pass a polygraph. All I’ve heard so far out of the accusers have been non-abuse moves which can’t be verified by anyone. If any of the girls went on dates with Moore for real, it wouldn’t be strange to be kissed on a date! This isn’t Pakistan. There is no crime in dating a minor. The crime is statutory rape, and no one has claimed

      • You argument is specious. He is either able to be adjudicated or their is no criminal path.

        Regarding the neighbor analogy and personal judgement.that is not germane to a legal principle, or parents would be permitted to mete out sentencing in crimes against family.

      • Wow.., it took several of your posts for me to finally realize the very distinct likelihood, I am actually engaged in discourse with an individual who lacks [even] a mediocre level of English reading comprehension/interpretation skills, complicated by poor English articulation skills, ever so enhanced with poor English grammatical skills..,
        you are giving it your best shot from your cold work desk at 55 Savushkina Street in St Petersburg Russia.

        Either way.., we’re done here !

      • We are done because you are pompous and admit that you will judge someone and not require due process.

        I hope you are neither in law enforcement, nor a code enforcer as you have a bias against our system of justice. You must be a drone of some type.

        Good day from good old CONUS,

      • If you did not have ta brain the size of a walnut you would have recognized that “vanished” indicates the women after gratuitously stepping into the media limelight with wild accusations, then just as quickly stepped out of the limelight to be no longer heard of again.

        Oh.., and BTW
        Comparing Catholic Churches conspiracy to hide pedophiles with this Roy Moore incident wins the stupid of the year award.

      • You know what is really stupid.., you not reading enough of current events to know “Trump Accusers” are presently being heard from again, as recently as 14 to 30 days ago.
        They are [in-fact] lodging a slander suit against Trump – which he is trying to stop from procceding.
        You know what else is really stupid.., the inability to recognize and cognitively digest the curious absence of the Trump initiated promised “Civil Suit”, alleging slander against “The 20”.
        Ha, ha, ha.., “walnut size brain”.., indeed!
        You know what else is stupid, your adolescent style assertion..,
        that an opposing view,
        specifically comparing the Catholic Church sex scandal to Roy Moore’s present sex scandal,
        “wins the stupid of the year award”..,
        without intellectually and comprehensively articulating why they are definitively not similar..,
        and how the opposing argument, that they are similar, warrants such a childishly conceived award.
        Let me guess.., you work with your hands. LMFAO !
        Thanks for giving this “walnut sized” brain the opportunity to feel like a “Grapefruit size” brain, because Mr. Magoo we all know:
        “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”
        LMFAO.., again!

      • You have to be super dumb to allow yourself to be manipulated in such a manner. You need to learn how to think critically. Take Trump for instance. A billionaire. A prime target for lawsuits. Yet nobody ever claimed he did anything until he ran for President. Does that seem likely? None of them ever sued, despite Trumps deep pockets, and despite having a top lawyer like Gloria Allred. Does that seem likely to You? All of them vanished. Despite your attempt at hyper literalizing my use of a common figure of speech, they’re gone from the public eye. Does that make sense? You know I’m right, you’re just being deliberately obtuse and intellectually dishonest. I would cut you some slack for being stupid, but not for being a Liar.

      • It’s am oxymoron to associate “Washington Post” and the word “credibility.” One WaPo reporter on the story (McCrummen) was prosecuted in North Carolina for fraud for trying to pass a fake check off as real, and also was the author of a discredited October 2015 smear piece against Gov. Rick Perry. And the other (Beth Reinhard), in the course of her “investigation,” offered $1000 to an Alabama woman to smear Judge Moore. The Etowaw County woman had the presence of mind to discretely take a photo of the reporter and tape the conversation on her cell phone. She reported it to the local District Attorney, who sent a Marshall out to take the cell phone into custody.

      • The credible source to which I refer are the “credible accusers”, not some of the news reporters associated with printing the articles. Unlike you.., I know and can fairly evaluate the nuances and differences between the two, just as I was able to separate Bill Clinton accusers from some of the writers, some, similarly of dubious character, reporting those allegations in the 90’s.
        There too.., I separated the writers from the accusers and I believed the accusers.

      • I live here, and I can tell you now, Moore will win by double digits.

      • As one who wants both Houses of Congress to flip in 2018, a Roy Moore win next month would be greatly aid that effort. From your lips to God’s ears.

      • well at least your honest, which is more than I can say for the RINO Republicans. As long as we’re being honest let me you question, and no its not a trick question. Who do you think knows Judge Moore best, those of us who live here in Alabama, or a bunch of outsiders who have probably never even driven through our state?

      • It is my view, having professional experience in such matters, as a general matter those persons closest to an individual will likely know him better than “outsiders” would.

        However.., in matters of sexual liaisons, and most particularly in cases of sexual deviancy, such as a proclivity toward sexual assaults, very few really people know that individual’s dark side.

        In fact.., quite often, those closest to the individual are blinded by the natural emotions typically garnered and accumulated over a period of years of that closer relationship.., and when accusations are made, they, those closest to said individual, are generally the last to accept the notion of said individual having such a “dark side”, without their knowing all along.

        Regarding the specific matter of who really knows Roy Moore, this outsider does not know him
        Yet.., I have no reason to doubt the very credible accusations lodged by his accusers, particularly the alleged victim who came forward yesterday.., and I have never been to the beautiful state of Alabama.

        Nevertheless sir, Alabama should elect the individual they desire to represent them. That action will speak volumes for Alabaman’s moral and/or political priorities.

      • The People in Alabama are the only ones who have the right to pick their elected officials, not a bunch of Swamp Rats in Washington DC.

      • I don’t disagree and have not disagred. In fact, that notion is my closing statement in my previous response to you.

      • I know, I didn’t mean that as a knock towards you, I was just saying people who don’t live here in Alabama, like McConell, the WAPO, and Gloria Alred, need to STFU and butt out of our business.

      • That will simply make Alabama even more backward, even more contemptible, even more embarrassing to this nation, and it won’t at all be unexpected for such a loathsome state.

      • Lol…after 8 years of President Obama, how could this nation be even more embarrassed?

      • Let’s see.

        Obama. Honest. Earnest. Peacemaker. Respected by his cabinet and staff. Faithful and steadfast in his love to his wife.

        Trump. Narcissist. Pathological liar. Bully. Self-confessed sexual assaulter. Cabinet and staff in shambles and under investigation by the FBI and DOJ.

        You people are so delusional.

      • Good one. OK. You convinced me. Trump is a good man and a good president.

      • Compared to what would have been the alternative?
        No question.

      • I’m not on here to defend Clinton. Only to point out that Trump and Moore are birds of a feather – an embarrassment to our country and to humanity in general.

      • Oh come on. What’s a little sexual assault and/or child molestation between friends? Far better to have a Republican child abuser in Congress than a Democrat who earned his bones by prosecuting KKK members who murdered children in churches. After all, now that Moore has denied the child molestation AND admitted to dating 17 and 18 year olds while he was in his 30s . . . move along now! Nothing to see here. Some might think people from Alabama would shy away from our reputation as sexual perverts and country bumpkins. Nope, we embrace that reputation. And we’ll vote for a sexual deviant–unless he’s a Democrat, of course!!!

      • Uh, huh. You mean like Dems who staunchly supported known rapist, serial sexual assault and harasser Bill Clinton for his entire career and right up to the present day? And who utterly lionized Kennedy, who’d left a woman to drown in his car and proceeded to have a long career of assaulting women?

      • Rational
        1. Well, the Democrats I know were saying, “Bill, what you did was repulsive. But I don’t think you should be impeached/convicted for sex with an adult or for lying about it.” Bill Clinton is an accused rapist, rather than a known rapist. (I tend to think that there’s enough evidence of sexual assault to convince me. But as a lawyer, it’s important to use the correct words.) I am 100% certain that he WAS a sexual harasser, at the very least.
        2. I suspect that 90% of active Republicans and Democrats today were not alive (or, at least, not of age) when Kennedy did his horrific, cowardly, and shameful acts at Chappaquiddick). I’m not aware of later accusations of him sexually assaulting women, although he of course was widely known to have a Trump-like disdain for honoring his marriage vows of fidelity.

        In other words, I know lots of Dems who have the integrity to politically support someone AND also loudly criticize that same person.

        Why are conservative posters here having such difficulty showing that same integrity? Why not say, “I like Donald Trump and his policies. But it really bothered me when he bragged about grabbing women by the pussies. I like Judge Moore. But it really concerns me that a woman claims he molested her when she was 14 and she told people about it at the time. And it bothers me that he was dating teenagers when he was in his 30s.”??? Why on earth do we not see more comments like this from conservatives here?

        Do people really think that others will say, “Wow, you’re coming out strongly against sex abuse. That means you’re not a real Republican!”? God, I hope not.

        [Disclaimer. I financially supported only 2 people in the last election cycle: Trump and Ted Cruz. And I voted for Trump in my state primary. And, somehow, I am still able to be repulsed by Trump’s assaults and by the accusations against Molestin’ Moore.]

      • A boatload of Dems (both that I know and even more in online articles and comments) contended over and over that there was no problem because it was “just consensual sex between two adults.” Never mind that she was an unpaid intern and he was the most powerful man in the world and her boss, not to mention more than twice her age. Never mind that he didn’t just lie about it to the entire nation, but perjured himself in court trying to get out of culpability for sexually assaulting another woman. Never mind that he was the top officer of our entire judicial system and he was trying to totally block a citizen’s right to due process and subvert the rule of law, all for his own personal benefit. Never mind that being so desperate to cover it up made him a serious national security risk (blackmail – and this would get anyone’s security clearance pulled in a heartbeat). Never mind the illegal use of taxpayer funds trying to shut her up by giving her paying jobs in the government that she wasn’t even qualified for.

        They didn’t care less about the actual facts – it was all tossed off as ‘nothing to see here, move along!’ and a ‘Republican witch hunt over nothing.’

        It’s true of course, however, that Clinton was never convicted of rape. Just accused of it several times.

        Kennedy has been accused not only of sexual harassment, but also sexual assault: Ted Kennedy: The Senator of Sleaze who was a drunk sexual bully… and left a young woman to die

        I think your estimate that 90% of active Dems/Repubs weren’t alive/of age when Chappaquiddick occurred is too high – it was 1969, and active/voting people tend to be older rather than younger. But I’ve no idea what the actual number is. Even so, it doesn’t excuse all the support he got or not knowing about that utterly vile act.

        “In other words, I know lots of Dems who have the integrity to
        politically support someone AND also loudly criticize that same person.”

        I’m sorry, but how is there possibly even a shred of “integrity” involved in supporting known rapists/murderers/sexual assault/sexual harassment?? How about they support someone who does NOT have such well known actions to their name? THAT would be displaying some integrity. Supporting such people politically but criticizing them for such egregious behavior seems a prime example of hypocrisy to me, not integrity. Granted, it’s even worse to support such people and not criticize them, but that certainly doesn’t make those who support but criticize even remotely have integrity.

        “Why are conservative posters here having such difficulty showing that same integrity?”

        Ok, now that’s an utterly pathetic claim. Either you’re wearing willful partisan blinders, or you’re just lying. REAMS of Republicans/conservatives have very loudly castigated Trump for his flaws and crass behavior, even while supporting him because of his policies and campaign promises. Others go even further into outright “never Trump” positions. I sure never heard of a “never Clinton” movement in the Dems/liberals/progressives/socialists when it came to Hillary’s thousands of slam dunk felonies, Bill’s egregious womanizing and worse, etc.

        “But it really concerns me that a woman claims he molested her when she was 14 and she told people about it at the time.”

        Yeah, it concerns me and a lot of other conservatives/Repubs too – but many of us believe strongly in the rule of law and innocent until proven guilty. At this point, it’s a highly questionable he said/she said. Oh, and for all your “careful to be accurate” with claims above, why are you just blindly assuming that she actually DID tell anyone back then? For all you know, that’s a lie also. Maybe it’s not, maybe it is – the point is, you have NO way of knowing. The timing of these claims is highly suspicious – as is the fact that at least one of the accusers worked for Hillary Clinton and is a Dem activist.

        Since you mention who you supported, I’ll do the same. In the primaries it was the only fiscal and Constitutional conservative – Cruz. In fact I pushed back hard against Trump by posting all sorts of negative factual information about him. In the presidential election, however, I’d have supported a dead dog or bit of slime mold over Hillary “Felonie von Mao-suit” Clinton any day. And now I post positive things about Trump where he deserves it, negative where he deserve it, and certainly also defend him against clearly false claims too.

      • Interesting, you left out why now?
        You also left out due process and motivation.
        This is why people are incredulous at the assertion now.
        Forty years is a long time and the motive to allege this is mainly a politically expedient attack.

        How does this benefit the alleged victim?
        Was some form of enticement made by a reporter, or was the testimony and recollection coerced?

        Maybe, the hypocrisy is not in the derision you expect, but in the believing this was to help an alleged victim and not harm a political race which is not establishment approved? Clearly the Washington Post is not truly an arbiter of justice unless it is their political justice. The accusation is not purely driven by an even slightly credible published source..

      • Dumb sh*t. Now you’re saying you support a pedo? Your post sounded like you were against sexual assault. I guess it’s fine as long as it’s an R who does it. What a fuc*ing cretin.

      • You’re doing a fine job of proving you’re the cretin. Prove he’s a pedo. Oh, gee, that’s right, you can’t. Not even remotely. But hey, why should you care about facts, the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, due process, our Constitution, or anything like that? Nope, for you, you’re happy with mob rule witch hunts, knee jerk assumptions, and utterly infantile cursing and name calling. Grow up already and get a clue.

      • I can’t prove that you’re a douc*e bag, but it’s readily apparent to anyone who reads your post. Innocent until proven guilty is a concept for a court of law, not the court of public opinion. Otherwise you’d continue to be wondering how Sen. Larry Craig might vote on an issue. You’re a pedo apologist and doing it for nothing more than craven politics. Spare me your phony moralizing.

      • Innocent until proven guilty isn’t even remotely just for a court of law. It’s a concept that anyone with a brain understands – it’s the difference between witch hunts and turning innocent people into the SS for their slaughter versus having a civil society that doesn’t fall for false knee jerk assumptions. And for you to proclaim that I’m somehow a “pedo apologist” is the height of stupidity. Pedophiles belong in jail for a very very long time – and not a pleasant one. But obviously you couldn’t give a rip about facts, guilt and innocence, or anything other than your little knee jerk assumptions no matter how false. It’s pathetic.

      • Face it. You’re a pedo apologist. Plain and simple. You will ignore any sin as long as the sinner has an R next to his name. You’re disgusting.

      • One quick look at your profile and it’s clear you’re nothing more than a pathetic troll who’s not even worth bothering with any further.

      • Another lying con. What a surprise! My profile is private, so you don’t know what I post. You fight like a pansy, when you lose you run away. Run away Nancy! Faster!

      • More false accusations from you – I haven’t lied about anything. When someone’s profile is private, and they can’t even manage to average one upvote per comment, and they post utter nonsense along with infantile name calling, as you do, it’s pretty darned clear that you’re a troll. A rather pathetic one at that.

      • Wait a minute…You want me to pay attention to someone who is so alone in the world that they have over 44,000 posts on these boards? Jesus man, do you have a life outside of the net? Can an obvious shut-in like yourself put down the Cheetos and actually make a difference in the world? Nah, you’ll just keep hiding behind the keyboard and telling yourself that you’re making a difference. BTW, thanks for bothering further. You cons make it too easy!

      • You really are an idiot. That’s over YEARS – and it only works out to a few minutes a day on comments. Gee, how horrible! Get a clue already, and stop with the idiotic knee jerk assumptions.

      • So easy to trigger! This shut-in pretends that 7,000 comments a year is nothing. Sounds to me like your whole life revolves around getting worthless upvotes from people you don’t even know. As a famous five time draft dodger once said, “sad!”

      • Once you separate Clinton & Trump though, any criticism you make against Trump is pointless for probably 80% of his voters, since the vote they cast was in the context of Trump vs. Clinton. Trump could have been as despicable as the WaPo and the NYT wanted everyone to believe, yet even still, he was nowhere near Hillary’s level of putrid filth.

      • The delusion is yours. Obama: had no-growth of the GDP for eight years, traded a traitor, Bergdahl, for the release of five dangerous terrorists, engineered the Benghazi disaster and lied about it, conned Americans with “If you like your plan, you can keep it”, undertook apology tours abroad to our embarrassment, directed corruption and illicit politicization of IRS, FBI, CIA. A terrible president. He made Jimmy Carter look like George Washington. Trump: oversaw 3% plus GDP growth in only 9 months, inspired a booming energy industry, booming stock market, and booming employment, pushed NATO members to finally pay up, got out-of-control illegal immigration down by 70%, put lousy trade deals under the gun, and at last took on the corrupt media, exposing the press as fakes and fools. He may well go down as one of our greatest presidents accordingly.

      • See above. Thankfully about 70% of the country now agrees with me and not you delusional morons. Trump’s approval rating is only going down. And after America realizes that he has raped the middle class and our kids and grandkids with this massive tax cut for corporations and the ultra wealthy, maybe even you’ll wake up to reality.

      • You can’t even manage to get basic facts right. Trump’s current average job approval rating is at 39%, not 30%. What’s more, that figure doesn’t even remotely support your claim that “70% of the country now agrees with me” – all it reflects is their view of his personality, not his performance. In fact, when polled on his policies and actions, a far higher number support his positions.

        The same was true of Obama – a large number liked Obama personally, but thought his policies and actions were utterly dismal. So his “approval rating” was far higher than that of polls about his actual actions and policies.

        Also, hate to break it to you, my dear, but our corporate tax rate is currently the highest in the world. ALL that does is drive corporations to move their corporate headquarters out of the USA, taking their capital and jobs with them, and pass the taxes they still owe along to their customers – all of which hurts America, and every segment of the population across the board, including the poor who can least afford it, and the middle class too. What’s more, historically every time there’s a large tax cut, it boosts our economy and within just a few years the government takes in record high revenues. In other words, it benefits EVERYONE. Perhaps if you actually learned some basic economics and history you’d understand these well known facts.

      • Polls of non-voters mean nothing when they are measured by liberals with a hate-Trump agenda. Only likely voter polls matter–and they favor Trump in all the states he won in 2016. Besides, your talking points make no real sense. You can’t have high corporate rate taxes and still expect their jobs to stay in America. The high rate is why Democrats fueled outsourcing and lost the Rust Belt. Lowering rates is just common sense. Lower the rate and jobs will return and ordinary Americans will prosper. Trump voters know this. Marxist Democrats don’t.

      • “Thankfully about 70% of the country now agrees with me”
        No, you can say you have a similar opinion as they most likely do not know you , nor care if you share their opinion. Yet, you may also believe the sun revolves around your world, or does it. Lets take a poll.

      • Boy, whatever you’re taking is some very powerful stuff – you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and are speaking to us from Wonderland. Obama was an utter disgrace as president – grossly corrupt, couldn’t open his mouth without lying or making false statements, horrifically narcissistic and thin skinned (Trump’s got those two things in common with Obama, except Obama is even worse than Trump).

        Obama totally corrupted every single cabinet level department from the very top and weaponized them against his political opponents and the American citizen. Scandal after scandal – Benghazi, Gunwalker/Fast & Furious, IRS & other depts. targeting conservatives, massive NSA illegal surveillance on American citizens and using that information against his political opponents, multiple Cabinet heads perjuring themselves to Congress, his Attorney General guilty of Contempt of Congress for over 3 years, not one single year with a GDP of 3% or higher (a record), blatantly interfering in local law enforcement, his Secretary of State guilty of literally thousands of felonies for mishandling national security documents and obstructing justice, his other AG having a grossly unethical and possibly illegal meeting with the subject of and husband of another subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, the utter disaster of Obamacare, $20 trillion in federal debt (added more debt than all presidents prior to him combined), made a laughing stock of the United States world wide, cozied up to our enemies and alienated our allies, the Iran nuclear deal and all the dirty secret deals he cut with them while lying to America and the world, illegally paying off Iran to ransom our citizens while lying about it to the nation and world, , inviting an ILLEGAL alien to be guest of honor at the State of the Union address, multiple constitutional violations overturned by the Supreme Court (often unanimously, and more times than ANY prior president), making excuses for his top appointee’s major Hatch Act violations rather than firing them (at least Sebelius, Hilda Solis, Ken Salazar), condoning Hillary’s illegal private server when she was his Sect. of State (then lying his behind off about it), his refusal to release his birth certificate for years or explain his fake social security number, lying to every citizen and the world virtually every time he opened his mouth, saying all citizens who dislike him are racists – and bitter bigoted bible and gun clingers, insinuating himself into local law investigations where he had ZERO business and his statements were grossly improper, telling Russia secretly that after the election he’d “have more flexibility” to negotiate on missiles (caught on hot mic), laying down a “red line” for the world then refusing to act on it when it was clearly crossed, and on and on and on. The list is nearly endless.

        But you’re so grossly deluded or blatantly dishonest that you’ve sainted this utter disgrace of a former president. It’s beyond pathetic.

        Barack Obama, Ex-Narcissist-in-Chief

        Can’t spell:

        OBAMA Misspells RESPECT Honoring Aretha

        Team Romney calls out Obama for misspelling ‘Ohio’ at campaign stop

        Can’t pitch:

        Grossly high and wide, while wearing wrong baseball team’s cap: Obama’s 2010 First Pitch vs. Bush’s 2001 First Pitch

        Bounces ball before the plate while wearing “mom jeans”: Man vs child or Bush vs Obama First Ceremonial Pitch

        Can’t play basketball, throws 20 bricks out of 22 consecutive tries:

        Can’t bowl, but can insult special Olympics:

        Rides a woman’s bike: bush vs obama bikes;

        Can’t shoot skeet (note he’s shooting horizontally, not at approx 45 degree angle necessary for skeet – and he’s got the rifle pressed up hard against his cheek – recoil doesn’t feel too good that way!):

        Can’t life weights any better than a little kid:

        GQ, with leaked video of Obama’s geeky wimpy workout – devastating! Does President Obama Even Lift? Yes…Just Not Very Well

        Can’t speak without a teleprompter:“What they’ll say is, ‘Well it costs too much money,’ but you know what? It would cost, about… It…it, would cost about the same… as what we would spend. It… Over the course of 10 years, it would cost what it would costs us. All right. Okay. We’re going to do it. It would cost us about the same as it would cost for about… hold on one second. I can’t hear myself. [there wasn’t much audience noise, however] But I’m glad you’re fired up, though. I’m glad.”[54] I’m inspired, aren’t you? /sarc

        He’s got flipping people off on national television down to an art, however:

        Obama Flips off Hillary at Raleigh, NC campaign speech – crowd very noticably both boos and cheers – and Obama can’t help but grin.
        Obama Flips Off McCain during speech in Jacksonville Florida.
        Obama flips the bird to audience 8-28-13
        Obama Flips Off Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Crowd cheers.
        Obama Flips the Bird to Republicans while speaking at House Republican Retreat in Baltimore.
        Obama Flips Off NBC Reporter in Israel

        And he’s got the narcissism down pat (and this is a very abbreviated list of only a few of his narcissistic pronouncements and actions):

        Inserted himself into official government website biographies of almost all past presidents

        Likens himself to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela

        Compares Himself To Ronald Reagan

        Inserted himself into official government ‘Fact Sheets’ about other nations. This is unprecedented, and nation Fact Sheets are supposed to be directly and only about factual information regarding the specific nation.

        Created version of American Flag with stars replaced by the “O” Obama campaign logo, and sold for $35 on campaign website. Then deleted the Obamerican flag from a campaign tweet after complaints were received, but continued selling it from the campaign website.

        When we lost Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon 8/24/2012, as a tribute to Neil Armstrong, Obama posts a photo of himself taken several months before. The Ego Has Landed. Irony: The man who gutted the space program and directed NASA to implement a new mission; to improve Muslim relations, posted a picture of himself under a crescent moon in tribute to the first man to walk on the moon…

        Similarly, Barack Obama Marks Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama…

        Barack Obama Wishes National Park Service A Happy 100th Birthday With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama…

        Thinks the way the nation should celebrate Easter is by viewing a photo of the Obama family.

        President Obama honors Rosa Parks Anniversary with… a photo of himself

        Even once out of office he just can’t help himself – publicly celebrates diversity with…. you got it, a photo of himself. At least the babies in the window were cute, but not so much the big one standing outside looking in at them.

        Used fake Presidential Seal during his pre-presidency campaign

        Said he’s the 4th greatest President of all time

        “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,” Mr. Obama told Patrick Gaspard, his political director, at the start of the 2008 campaign, according to The New Yorker. “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

        He has mentioned more than once that he cooks “a really mean chili.”

        He has impressive musical pitch, he told an Iowa audience.

        He said he is “a surprisingly good pool player, so if you ever see me in a pool hall, don’t just think that you can, uh,..” [interviewer inserted “don’t walk up and throw money down”] “that’s exactly what I’m sayin, cause, I might end up cleaning your clock.” he informed an interviewer — not to mention (though he does) a doodler of unusual skill…When he reads a book to children, he starts out by telling them he’s going to do “the best rendition ever.” He constantly talks about being the best.

        Further, Washington Democrats say he is all too eager to offer unsolicited advice — on handshakes, writing, and parenting, among other topics. At one of his farewell meetings for White House interns, Mr. Obama dispensed some life advice. “When you all have kids, it’s important to let them win,” he said with a smile. “Until they’re a year old. Then start winning.” So he competes against infants?!

        At the 2004 Democratic convention—Mr. Obama explained to a Chicago Tribune reporter that “I’m LeBron, baby. I can play at this level. I got game.”

        Pictures himself as a member of “some of the best basketball players on earth. ”

        With a group of basketball legends sitting nearby, Obama said: “It’s very rare that I come to an event where I’m like the fifth- or sixth-most interesting person,” Aug. 22, 2012

        For the year 2009 alone, by Sept.: “Obama loves to hear himself talk – about himself. In just 41 speeches so this year, not including this week’s big speech at the United Nations, Obama has talked about himself nearly 1,200 times – 1,198 to be exact. (That breaks down to 1,121 “I”s and just 77 “me”s.)” Imagine, at that rate, how it’s added up over his full two terms….

        As a formal official gift, President Obama and First Lady gave Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II an ipod uploaded with his speeches, photos of his inauguration, and show tunes, plus photos of her visit to the USA.

        Obama, after being sworn in for his second term, said, “I did it”. No torches passed to a new generation, no morning in America, just a simple three word speech in the first person singular. Brevity is the soul of nit.. , oh, never mind. Pity all his speeches can’t be so to the point.

        Obama’s formal official gift to Britain’s Prime Minister, who is well known to have vision problems? A set of DVDs of classic movies that most movie buffs would already have, in a format that can’t play on typical European DVD players.

      • Look me up in heaven and let’s compare notes based on a common reality. Obama came into office and bailed us out of GWB’s terrible policies and the absolute collapse of our economy. From there he did nothing but produce economic growth and relative global calm for 8 years. Now we are living in a daily circus…

      • You really are delusional. Bush implemented the first half of TARP is widely credited with ending the recession. In fact the recession ended only 5 months into Obama’s first term, long before any of his policies had any effect. In fact Obama’s entire economic record is utterly dismal – first president EVER to not have a single year of 3% or higher growth rate, longest period EVER recorded of over 7.5% unemployment rate, added $10 trillion in debt, totally destabilized the Middle East and left it in flames, including making all our sacrifices in Iraq almost worthless when Bush had left an Iraq that was relatively stable and well on it’s way to a democratic system. ALL of your claims about Obama are in fact utterly bogus.

      • Wrong. It was Marla, his second wife, who was caught cheating, not Trump. He has never cheated on Melania. Ironically, both ex-wives have nothing but good things to say about him. You need to stop reading fake news sources.

      • Everything the anti-American Marxist Barack Hussein touched turned to crap.

        Hussein was the worst president in American history.

        Spare us the drivel. You have beclowned yourself.

      • You wont be in in heaven, will be hard to look you up were your going

      • Nice comeback. You refutted zero of their points and facts. They used known facts and you come here with feelings. Go hang out with Weinstein where you belong.

      • Ed,
        You forgot: Trump cheated on every single wife he’s ever had. Obama–not even a whiff of infidelity. And it wasn’t just that Trump confessed to sexual assaulting women . . . he actually bragged about it.

      • Yeah, except the people he knew back in Chicago, who reported that he frequented the most popular gay baths and partook of other men there regularly – while he was married.

        “And it wasn’t just that Trump confessed to sexual assaulting women . . . he actually bragged about it.”

        Never even remotely happened. Little hint – when women consent, it’s not sexual assault. Trump’s crass locker room talk was that they LET HIM because he was wealthy. Not that he ever assaulted anyone. But hey, why let actual facts get in the way of your partisan bigoted Trump Derangement Syndrome?

      • Trump was talking about women who stalk celebrities. Sure men transgress. But so do women.

      • Well, at least women who are open to advances from celebrities anyhow. And yes, clearly there are some women who transgress, although obviously men do so far more commonly when it comes to this arena.

      • It was Marla, his second wife, who was caught cheating, not Trump. He has never cheated on Melania. Ironically, both ex-wives have nothing but good things to say about him. You need to stop reading fake news sources.

      • You’re a moron – he was cheating on Ivana with Marla. The tabloid headlines were full of that story for ages.

      • Bornstein wrote, “Trump cheated on every single wife he’s ever had.” I correctly pointed out he didn’t cheat on Marla and he didn’t cheat on Melania. Like the fake news people like you consume, you distort the whole issue.

      • Obama: hom0s3xual, licker of azzssholes, teen male prostitute, hates the USA. Trump: Successful businessman, patriot, loves his country.

        You are so delusional.

      • Honest? HONEST?! Barack “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” Obama? Dude, go back to ActBlue.

      • Honest?
        Obama may go down as one of the most crooked Presidents in American History, EVER. Weaponized IRS, Using Intel Agencies to spy on citizens, threatening and spying on conservative reporters, it goes on and on.

      • “Obama. Honest.”

        Ed Turnbull. Delusional or dishonest; I’m not sure which.

      • “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
        “It was a Youtube video.”
        “We mostly negotiated with Iranian moderates.”

        These lies are far more consequential than anything Trump has said. I know you have the intellectual capacity to figure that out, just not the honesty.

      • Ha ha ha ha! What state are you from teenager? You sure employ an unconvincing way of making your juvenile point(s).

      • It is sad, but this is the typical caricature of the state of Alabama that demagogues like Roy Moore produce. The majorities that Republicans hold in the state are not a true representation of the broader population. Alabama is a diverse state,

        Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Alabama ranks:
        32nd in its percentage of Whites
        7th in its percentage of African Americans
        43rd in its percentage of Hispanics
        44th in its percentage of Asians
        26th in its percentage of American Indians
        48th in its percentage of people of Mixed race
        47th in its percentage of males
        5th in its percentage of females

        see article here

        As a native Alabamian, I am ashamed to be represented by the reprehensible Roy Moore. The man is an embodiment of all of the worst caricatures of the backward Alabamian. He is hurting Alabama businesses that are competing in the broader national market places and shaming us with every rictus grin. Roy Moore and his ilk must be denounced.

      • Hillary absolutely believed that the “Hollywood Access” video would be the final nail in Donald Trump’s coffin. When that did not happen, she absolutely believed that Trump supporters were deplorable.

      • And it proved that they are. No surprise at all that they are now defending Judge “Feel-em-up-when-they’re-14” Moore…

      • So, you’re just a tad upset that Alabama voters aren’t falling for this smear job.

        BTW, to this day, I’m quite sure you defend Bill Clinton.

      • “Roy Moore has been a public figure for over 30 years. Had there been any validity at all to Gibson’s accusations, it would have surfaced and been dealt with long ago”

        Yea, kinda like the “sexual accusation gimmick”, “curiously” delayed for decades, employed against other well known, long time public figures.
        Allegations that clearly “surfaced” and were “dealt with” early on in each of their respective careers.

        Bill Cosby, Dennis Hastert, Jerry Sandusky, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and numerous Catholic Priests, Bishops and Cardinals, to name [just] a few.

        Yep.., you are on very solid ground with that proof positive point.., a “rebel spirit” indeed!

      • Well, then, maybe Moore’s accuser should have thought to fabricate evidence of hush money / quid pro quo / intimidation having been paid/given/perpetrated at some time during the last forty years – which has been the case in many of the others you cite. I’m sure she can get in contact with Obama’s pet artist to create a photocopy of a check or agreement, though.

      • Hillary Clinton guilt and Roy Moore’s guilt are not “mutually exclusive” notions. Your effort is to deflect.

      • There were complaints about Sandusky, but they were swept under the rug by Penn State.

        Weinstein’s conduct was no secret, in Hollywood he’s only the latest in a long line of sexual abusers….how many young actresses left Tinseltown over the years when the major stdio heads routinely had “casting couches?” That was no surprise or fabrication.

        As for the Catholic Church, the hierarchy has long been infiltrated with homosexuals, who knew of complaints concerned sexual abuses of parish priests, but covered it up. Cardinal O’Connell in Boston had a scandal in the 1920’s when his nephew (a priest) was found to be embezzling church funds and also had a secret marriage with a woman in New York. O’Connell couldn’t defrock or discipline his own nephew because the nephew extorted O’Connell by threatening out “out” O’Connell as a homosexual. Only when complaints circumvented the Archdiocese and went directly to the Vatican with evidence did Pope Benedict step in and O’Connell’s nephew was removed from the clergy by order of the Vatican. (Read “The Faithful Departed” by Phillip Lawler regarding he collapse of the Church in Boston and the causes and consequences of the Catholic clerical sex-abuse scandal there.) This cancer in the Church was very similar in order dioceses. In other situations, some Catholic prelates didn’t know how to handle the abuses, not understanding the nature of sexual abusers and the recidivist rates for repeat of abuses; therapy and Confession / penance were meaningless. Instead of handling the multitudes of claims and internal charges from a secular legal standpoint or criminal prosecution, or even applying Canon Law and turning over investigation and internal prosecution of abusers to diocesan tribunals which had the power to remove and defrock abusive priests, the bishops naively or arrogantly substituted their own judgment in dealing with sexual abuse allegations, and passed off the abusers after ineffective counseling or other slap-on-wrist measures.

        With heinous results, but such was not the same as the blind-siding character assassination tactics the partisan leftist press have employed against Judge Moore.

      • They dont have our sense of proportion and priority about issues vs dirt.

        They’re hedonists. Nuf said?

      • This is poor logic. Dozens of Cosby’s alleged crimes happened decades ago, and have been corroborated by the dozens of other women coming forward with similar stories. He committed rapes in the 70s and wasn’t found out until 2014.

      • That’s why on December 12th your going to see Moore win by one of the most lopsided victories in political history.

      • Blaming it on the messenger or Hillary seem to be all you folks have. Sad.

      • This Roy Moore smear job is one of the most incompetent that I have seen in a very long time.

        It’s outright laughable.

    • Any open-minded, rational person can recognize that WaPo, NYT, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC deal in facts using traditional journalistic methods and standards. It is Fox News and all the fact-challenged, conspiracy-obsessed Breitbart-derivative online sites that have veered dramatically right of center over the past decade. Why? Because anger, fear and hatred capture the imagination and views and clicks of the stupid and the bitter. And the American oligarchs are happy to ride this GOP sham at the ballot box (they laugh at you behind closed doors, don’t you know) so that they can enact massive, massive tax cuts for corporations and the ultra rich. It’s THE one piece of legislation they are passing. Not immigration. Not healthcare. Not trade reform. Not abortion or gay marriage. Not infrastructure. Most of you people reading this comment are getting played by Trump, McConnell, and Ryan as a bunch of suckers.

      • HaHaHaHa… oh wait, you were being serious. That is so sad.

      • Unless you’re clearing over $1M a year DriveBy, your Republican congress is about to rape you and your kids and grandkids on behalf of corporations and the ultra wealthy. But keep voting for them because they really are against immigrants and gay marriage. No, really, they are. No, really.

      • OH FM, they have being caught out telling so many lies and using unnamed, unconfirmed sources its ridiculous and you still believe them? LMFAO. That doesnt mean they arnt still right on occasions, but HTF do you know when? Why don’t you actually try listening to the other side of the story on fox and other sites and then doing some research and making your own informed decision. No of course you couldn’t do that, sheep cant think for themselves. By the way pretty sure it was the democrats caught on tape saying that voters were fkg stupid and ignorant sheep they needed to take advantage of that.

    • One of the accusers is a Trump hater and former campaign worker for Democrats including Biden. And another claimed Moore ordered her a drink of alcohol, which is quite a feat in what was a dry county at the time.

      This stinks of the typical Democrat MO of getting someone to make sexual allegations against their political opponents, at the last minute. I’d bet an investigation of them and their communications would show they colluded with Democrat operatives.

      • And one of the main accusers is a reliable conservative Republican and a Trump voter. Why you would accuse a fellow Trump supporter of lying to help a dreaded Democrat is repulsive.

      • What is most telling is the amount of time and effort that you, WaPo and your ilk put into virtue signaling about Roy Moore and one 40-year old unprovable accusation. Yet you completely ignore that a sitting US Senator is currently under investigation by the FBI for having sex with underage prostitutes among other felonies.
        I’ll save you the embarrassment. It is Bob Menendez D – NJ

      • Perhaps he is talking about Moore instead of Menendez because this article is about Moore, not Menendez. Just a guess.

    • “Innocent until proven guilty” is another way of saying “the benefit of doubt goes to the accused”.

      There may be different standards in politics, for the only jury that matters in politics are the voters. However, after 38 years, multiple highly public elections, and a lifetime of honorable living, I maintain the benefit of doubt in this case, STILL and especially goes to the accused.

      I think Moore is making a mistake by talking about this on Hannity, or to other media. Deny the accusation, stand on the facts and your honor, and ignore the issue until after the election. The day after the election, sue the Washington Post for slander. Discovery will prove if the reporter “over heard this” as she claimed, or whether she was specifically crafting a slander by searching for “witnesses” to support her politically favored meme in support of her political party.

      Oh, and file that suite in an Alabama court, with an Alabama jury.

      • Read the Wash Post article and all the corroborating witnesses. He did it. No doubt.

      • Yeah, the wash post never prints anything unless its factual LMFAO, you dhead

      • Nope. No evidence at all. Forty years after the alleged incident anyone can claim “She told me the day after” That has exactly zero evidentiary value- simply because there is no evidence from the time the alleged incident happened that ANYONE said or did anything about it..

      • So, you are saying that no amount of evidence would convince you. Got it.

      • No doubt – in the progressive mind. No cooperating evidence necessary (i.e. “testimony” of friends or a mother, given not under oath, 40 years after the fact, is not “evidence). No grand juries required, nothing is required to prove, but the political interest of partisan Democrats, in the progressive’s system of justice.

        If the Democrats win that Senate seat, all will be right with the world, regardless if Moore did it, right? In your mind, the fact that he’s a mindless Christian is enough to disqualify him from holding any office.

        Heck, just being a Christian is probably grounds for a death sentence, proof positive if ill intent, in a “fair minded” progressive’s world right? However, let the President of the United States sexually corrupt an 18 year old intern, while working, while in the White House, and hey, that’s all cool with you and yours, right?

    • Harry… you left out the “important” part of that sentence, i.e., “When the abuse is recent, continuing, and well-documented—as it was and is, for example in the case of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein”… yikes!! big difference between recent & 40 years… he said, she said stuff is hard, and 40 years makes it even harder…

    • I find it interesting that you don’t include Fox News in your list of media. I agree that a criminal trial should not be tried in the press. This is investigative reporting on a public figure running for office. Whole different scenario. Remember, it was major papers that brought down Spitzer and Weiner.

    • Which side of the aisle is Harvey Weinstein on? Do you read the news??

    • Exactly, I can tell you now Moore will win here, and it will be by double digits.

    • and now, of course, Gloria Allred makes an appearance.

      Did anyone NOT see that coming?

    • She’s backing his opponent?
      What a surprise!
      You’d vote for your molester?

      The man’s a creep:

      “Moore said he doesn’t “remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” but admitted that he “dated a lot of young ladies” when he returned from the military, though “not generally” 16-or 17-year-olds.”

      • So you at least agree that Moore did not date underage girls. And so he is in the clear by your own admission.

  9. George Takei was just accused of sexual abuse. It is once again 1692.

  10. Moore admits that he dated underage girls when he was in his early 30’s. Moore says it was OK because he always asked the girls’ mothers first.

    Now why would a man in his 30’s be seeking dates with underage girls?

    • “Moore said he doesn’t “remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” but admitted that he “dated a lot of young ladies” when he returned from the military, though “not generally” 16-or 17-year-olds.”

      That is the closest I can find to your charge that he dated underage girls and as you can see he makes no mention of underage girls. You have a source?

      • Yes, it is, and there it is in my post and yours below. Since the age of consent was 16, he has said absolutely nothing about underage girls that I can find and it seems no one else can as well.

      • I was not the person who posted that he dated underage girls, YOU ARE!

      • But you are a person who is defending that it’s OK for a 32 year old guy to be seeking dates with 16 year old girls. What kind of 32 year old guy does that? He’s either seeking easy prey or he’s too creepy for and therefore rejected by girls his own age.

        That behavior is not normal.

      • Unfortunately, it happens more than you think. A lot of older guys hit on younger girls. The only question is the 14 year old. If that is proven, then he should be convicted.

  11. President John Adams to his friend, Dr. Benjamin Rush:

    The Bible contains the most profound philosophy, the most perfect morality, and the most refined policy, that was ever conceived upon the earth. It is the most Republican book in the world, and therefore I will still revere it. The curses against fornication and adultery, and the prohibition of fornication or libidinous ogle at a woman, I believe to be the only system that did or ever will preserve a Republic in the world.

  12. The hypocrisy is so ripe. The religious right and cultural conservatives will continue to support a man accused of child molestation. Why? Because he’s one of their own. Pathetic.

    • Accused is just that, not convicted. People can say a lot of things that may or may not be true. If this lady is telling the truth, convict him-then he is guilty. That is the foundation of our Justice System. We do not force our accused to prove their innocence-that is for third world dictatorships. Here the burden of proof is on the accuser & the state to prove his guilt.

      • This isn’t a criminal trial, this is an election. In an election only the court of public opinion matters.

  13. A conservative is a sexual predator? Can’t be true. The story is made up, and the women are telling lies.
    Well and even if he did it, that was a long time ago.
    Compare that reaction in the conservative media, to the one when someone from Hollywood is accused.
    Do you really think that it is always fake when it is a conservative, and always true, when it is a liberal?

    • But do you really think that it is always true when it is a conservative? My guess is that it is impossible to tell in many cases. So, if it’s suits your fancy, do you want Moore strung up based on he said, she said stuff?

      For me, I suspect a lot of lying by accusers. Liars can stand to make millions or be famous. I don’t think anyone should be hung in the absence of solid evidence, be they liberal or conservative.

      • Tell me about one case where a woman made millions of falsely accusing a man of sexual misconduct. Usually, there is some truth behind the story, and usually there is more than one woman who accuses the man. (in the Roy Moore case there is only one women who is interesting from a legal standpoint, because she was underage, but there are other women who accuse him of the same, just that they where a little bit older).

    • When Democrats are not only accused but proof is incontrovertible, when the offenses run on for years with multiple victims as with Clinton and the Kennedys, Democrats never ever criticize the guilty but instead slander the women. Democrats defended the Hollywood predators for decades, until finally it has become too hot to touch.

      Try and reconcile how Democrat feminists responded to Clinton and the Kennedys with how they are screeching today. They attack or defend depending on the political affiliation of the perpetrator.

      • “When Democrats are not only accused but proof is incontrovertible”.. what proof? it is mostly the same he said, she said in these cases.
        The big difference is, that conservative can count on conservative media, to protect them; running stories smearing the accuser, doubting the stories, and protecting the predator. While on the other hand, the mainstream media do not care about who the predator is, they care just about the facts.
        “until finally it has become too hot to touch.” so you think, you still have some time to protect conservative predators.
        “They attack or defend depending on the political affiliation of the perpetrator.” They ones that are protected the most are conservative politicians in the alt-right media at the moment (Trump going after women and even bragging about it, no problem at all when you read Breitbart, Fox or Infowars; Roy Moore, no problem, it was nothing, and it was a long time ago…)

  14. Also, if you made these allegations in the time of our Founders, you could be called upon to defend them with your body. That is why Andrew Jackson fought multiple duels. People made “untrue” allegations about his wife. I believe that people were more restrained previously because running their mouth could literally be risking their life. Now, anyone who makes a false allegation can destroy someone else & not even be prosecuted when they show it is a complete lie. See Rolling Stone VA story & multiple false reports of anti-Muslim hate crimes etc.

  15. I love seeing that inbred cracker hoisted up like a piñata. Let the whacks fly!!

    • And let the same tactic now be used freely against Democrats. Its so easy–no need for proof, deliver the charge just before the election, then later quietly go silent. Turn-about is fair play.

      • You stupid white trash, 4 bitches are on the record. How the fuck do say there’s no proof?

        Schmoe?? LOL!!

  16. Thank you Mr. Presser. This is exactly what I have been suggesting (though this is much better stated) since this story broke. It seems to me that at one time that the news media would have required far more corroborating evidence before reporting on something from 38 years earlier.

  17. This woman has made very serious allegations but, to my knowledge, has not filed any legal complaint or suit. Unless there is a court case she will not be compelled to produce her proof.

    Roy Moore is a loose canon and wacky but no one deserves to have their reputation ruined by the press or by someone who has produced allegations but no proof–particularly 40 years later during a pivotal election.

  18. Teddy Kennedy, the lion of the Senate, bill Clinton awarded father of the year, Moore can still serve in the Senate. He’s been given that pass by previous others. The press has lost so much credibility, among Repulicans, any smear of a Repulican just gives him more votes.

    • Let’s not forget Hillary’s mentor, Robert Byrd. The Grand Wizard of the Senate. Democrats loved that guy. How did they explain that away? Oh yeah. It was a long time ago. People change.

  19. We need parameters set regarding sexual harassment allegations. “Harassment” is a very subjective term, too vague, needs to be defined.
    When someone comes forward 4 wks. before an election with a serious accusation about something from 40 years ago– which cannot be proven…. this is Irresponsible, and should be exposed & condemned.
    Allegations hurt many people, destroys families, destroys marriages, careers– and even results in suicide.

    • Expose and condemn it all you want, the tactic will work. They only real recourse is to use it against the Democrats. That is the only way to end its use altogether.

  20. Of course this tactic will succeed. The Democrats are pushing it to the furthest limits–four decade old accusations, zero corroboration, no illegality alleged. The mere accusation, delivered on the eve of the election, does its damage.

    Do the Democrats think that they are immune from turn-about? They all circled the wagons to defend Bill Clinton from far worse, but in the current atmosphere, do they think that hypocrisy will work? Hollywood is finally hoist on its own hypocrisy; do Democrat politicians think they are immune?

    Democrats cynically thought they could hype up a baseless “Russian collusion” investigation, and only Republicans would suffer. They will and are learning otherwise. It isn’t wise to grab the tiger’s tail and then poke the tiger. This tactic too will cause them problems.

    • Democrats used to use sexual impropriety against Republicans to demonstrate the hypocrisy of social conservatives who promote “family values”. They would excuse the same behavior if it happened on their side.

      After Weinstein, the Left is now holding their side accountable. We’ll see if it lasts. In holding their side accountable, they seem to want to change society’s norms, mores and broader culture. I’m fine with it. Provided the rules are applied to everybody and not just on one side for political gain.

      It’s been a wild ride the past 50 years. We’ve gone from ’50s era monogamy being replaced by sexual promiscuity in the ’60s and ’70s. Now you almost need a notarized consent form before a man can touch a woman (at least in the middle and upper classes, the lower class people are still bed hopping freely); to normalizing homosexuality to such an extreme that homos can now marry.

      I don’t think it is healthy to change attitudes about permissiveness so frequently. Nobody will ever know what the “rules” are and people will get hurt. However, I think it is a good sign that the Left finally appears to be serious about holding the creeps on their side accountable. This is a good sign.

      • HPV virus, especially if its one of the strains which causes cancer… will force people to change their ways.

  21. Where was this girl’s mother when the girl was asked out by a 30-year-old single man? Or, for that matter, why didn’t the girl discuss the “dates” with her family? If the girl had told anyone, and/or if her mother knew, why weren’t charges brought then? Was it OK with the girl and her family as long as the “accused” was just an ordinary guy and not running for public office? Why wasn’t this used politically in Moore’s previous elections?

    • Yeah, he said he did not date any girl without mom’s approval so that shoots that whole ine of reasoning to h!ll.

  22. the new Sci fi spoof Orville just ran an episode that details what is happening in this country.

    People are subjected to others voting on everything, and guilty, truth and anything else is based on voting,

    Facts be damned.

    and what we are getting is a political hi tech lynching, by a so called media outlet who detests republicans.

  23. What a bunch of shameless nonsense.

    – Touching a minor for sexual gratification is illegal, and there is no statute of limitations.
    -These arent rumors. These are claims by the people who experienced them. Rumors are second hand; these are first hand accounts.
    -For a Trump supporter to complain about the political use of old accusations that havent been proven in court is a truly unbelievable level of hypocrisy.

    • Why is it hypocrisy? You guys always say Hillary lost and it it time to move on from her criminal behavior.

    • I didn’t see where the writer said he supported Trump a year ago, or supports him now. Could you point out the passage where it says this, please?

    • Where’s the evidence?
      So you believe any & every woman who claims to be sexually harassed/assaulted?
      Ever hear of Duke Lacrosse case? University of Virginia Rape Case?

      • What would you consider evidence? Pictures? Movies? DNA? What would it take?

    • It is so typical of false accusations that a single incident is morphed into the plural. A claim becomes “claims”; an account becomes “accounts,” and a person becomes “people.”

      Dead giveaway.

  24. 90% of the news media is liberal and fake i don’t believe the liars.

    • In 2015 only 20% of Americans trusted their government and its institutions. 19% trust the MSM. This is not good for either the culture or the country.

  25. I’ve seen this all before with Clarence Thomas, but unlike the Beltway Republicans, I think the same standards should be applied to everybody, not just those people that I like. I think George Takei’s politics are abhorrent, but I don’t think he did what was accused of him either.

  26. Harry Reid, while still a U.S. Senator, set the standard when he accused Romney, just prior to the 2012 presidential election, of not paying taxes for ten years, a blatant lie.

    Later, a liberal writer for the liberal Washington Post wrote this of Reid’s action:

    “Romney didn’t win, did he?” Reid said in response to Bash’s question of whether he regretted what he had said about Romney.
    Think about that logic for a minute. What Reid is saying is that it’s entirely immaterial whether what he said about Romney and his taxes was true. All that mattered was that Romney didn’t win.

    Democrats have set the standards bar so low that virtually anyone of them can crawl across it.

      • And yet he still received three million fewer votes than Hillary.

      • Still cannot get over that most of those votes came from the land of fruits and nuts, LOL! Why should one state sway the entire election? The electoral college is the law of the land get over it snowflake!

      • Trump won the Vast Majority of States and counties in the U.S.
        Most of Hillary’s votes came from a handful of coastal states & definitely does NOT represent the majority of the country.

      • It’s still disingenuous to count illegal alien votes from Mexifornia as mattering.

      • ….and you have posted almost 3k times in less than a year and still have zero point.

      • Well we can’t all keep track of how many comments people post on the internet. You’re doing god’s work, champ.

        Some people would call you a pathetic loser. Admittedly they have a strong argument.

      • Lordy you are an idiot, JubJub… we can click on your profile and find out in 5 seconds that you are nothing more than a paid-poster here. 10cents x 2700 posts… not a really big payday there…but keep tryin!

      • You must be part of the one third of the country who supports President Effin Moron. Don’t feel bad, he loves the poorly educated ????

  27. Allegations completely debunked last night. C’mon sheeple!!!

  28. I have to believe that eventually republicans will grow tired of defending child molesters and sexual predators.

    Just kidding, that’ll never happen ????

  29. The ends justify the means…the dems want this guy destroyed…if they can turn 5-10% of the electorate against him he will lose…in a tight race, that’s all it takes…and the 35-plus year-old sex allegation is often effective…we shall see.

    • It isn’t only the Dems who want him destroyed. Witness the piling on of the GOPe.
      Today it is reported in several places, including the Gateway Pundit, that an Alabama woman was offered $$ by one of the WA PO reporters for sexual harassment “statement” against Judge Moore. She recorded the offer and turned it over to her local DA’s office.

      • Totally agree…the GOPe and RINOs are now part of the problem and have joined the DC Uniparty/swamp.

  30. I am not a Judge Moore fan, but as was pointed out in this article, we practice jurisprudence. Innocent until proven guilty!
    So what we have here is MSM publishing unproven allegations to serve their political purposes. If nothing else, the MSM is dangerous with it propensity to exaggerate, manufacture, and lie. Yes, innocent or guilty, Judge Moore is the victim of a disingenuous MSM who will do anything to hurt POTUS Trump and his supporters.

  31. A core principle of our legal system is that it is better to let the guilty go free than to wrongly convict the innocent.

    Our political system does not operate on this principle….or any principle that I can perceive, except win at all costs.

    That reality causes me to doubt everything that is not backed up by hard evidence.

  32. The right has lost it’s collective mind. I had to click through to this story to see if it was on the Onion. Holy smokes folks! You are all so holier than though and the holiest of the thouest, Roy Moore, is the biggest hypocrite who maybe ever lived, yet here you are defending him, because… tax cuts. Are you all beyond help?

    • Yet when it was Bill Clinton, the left told us it was a “private matter,” and Hillary blamed in on the vast right wing conspiracy.

      • As they say in the middle east one’s terrorist is others freedom fighter.
        The truth is WP has no credibility. Second be suspicious of anyone who tell a story after keeping it secret for 40 years.

    • Innocent until proven guilty lefty! It is called jurisprudence or did you miss US Civics class!

      • 4 women, 30 sources in total, all against this one man – who yesterday admitted yesterday he dated teenaged girls while in his 30’s. That’s the guy you want in the US Senate? (You have lost your minds)

      • What century are you in? Between the left’s advocacy of every manner of sexual perversion, LGBTQ rights, sodomy, anal sex, gay marriage, pornography as free speech, glory holes, and an overwhelming empathy for HIV victims contracting the disease through homosexual anal intercourse, etc. and yet you are appalled and incensed that a 30 year old finds eligible teens attractive whose very own mothers approved of dating. Melania, our first lady, gives up 23 years to the president. Clinton was was more than 25 years older than Monica, and the French president’s wife is 15 years his senior. No sex, rape, assault, or aggravated assault is alleged. There is no crime here, just the 40 year old ‘recollections’ of creative minds working for a political opponent. Grow up! This is slander at its finest without even any crime alleged. The timing smells, the allegations smell, the reporting smells, and the WaPo is KNOW for its smell and useful falsifications for political expediency.

      • What century doth I reside? in earnest, mine own sides, those art splitting.

      • You still need proof or at the very least circumstances that leave no
        doubt in your mind. I could easily accuse you of anything without any
        proof if I had a bully pulpit like the WashPost. Now go ahead and prove
        me wrong after I have tarnished your life Gavin!

      • I see what you did there. Did you see what he did there? He threatened me. And so it goes, those with the weakest argument, at the end of the day, resort to threats. I also notice you go by an alias. Very “freedom of speech” of you that you have to hide behind a fictitious name. Regardless, you are on the team of a “man” who is almost certainly a molester of children, and at the very least a freakin’ weirdo.

        Go you I guess?

      • You obviously don’t like being falsely accused, especially without any reason for doing so except for someones gain in this case political gain. Just keep asking yourself how you felt before you point your finger without proof or evidence!

  33. Listen closely to Moore’s interview with Hannity and you can hear Moore hedge his answers. The man sounds guilty. Moore will likely win. though. Not sure what mental and moral somersaults Alabamians will go through to get there but they will vote for him and he will be seated in the Senate and play patty-cake with the rest of them. America will be the worse for it.

  34. Well…

    On the one hand, we have allegations going back decades but which, unaccountably, went unmentioned for all those decades, and, on the other hand, there’s little or no truth ever to be found in politics. Following the principle of parsimony–Okham’s Razor–it seems unlikely that the allegations are true.

  35. Apparently, Gibson worked for the Hillary Campaign. These allegations stink to high heaven – WHY NOW? – and the RINOS who are abandoning Moore because he is not one of them – he is NOT LUTHER STRANGE, a man they can “count” on to do whatever – is another example of the RINO SWAMP we voters have to drain.

  36. Where to start? Presser seems to want a new sedition act. Sorry Presser, freedom of the press is unfettered.
    Next you need to understand how the Washington Post gathered their information. These women did not go to the Post – the Post went down to Alabama because they heard that rumors of Moore’s predilection for young girls when he was in his thirties had been floating around for years. The Post spent a month tracking down the rumors and then went to the women and gathered corroborating testimony from her mother and her friends who she told what Moore had done to her shortly after the encounter. They have 30 affirming testimonies. They then asked the victim to speak out and she agreed to. The Post did the seeking and the due diligence. The woman courageously agreed to come forward.
    But Presser does not let facts get in his way.

      • Contemporaneously – and it wasn’t 30 best friends. Why don’t you read the Washington Post’s article and see for yourself? Scared of what you might learn?

      • JDL, read the story and then come back here and defend this child molester.

    • The stories of the 17 year old, and the 18 year old mean nothing. There was no crime. Did the 14 year old have corroborating evidence?

  37. Have you even read the Washington Post story? 4 different female accusers with over 30 corroborating sources. These women have nothing to gain by coming forward. This is not some anonymous hit piece. The girl was 14 years old! What is wrong with you and all the people defending this disgusting man? You are willing to cast aside your ethics, your sense of right and wrong, just to win.

    Still in denial? If these women were accusing Bill Clinton or some Democratic congressman, would you likewise defend him? I think not – you would be calling for his head. In many ways, you are just as disgusting as Judge Moore.

    Amazingly there are still a few moral, decent Republican leaders out there who have looked at the facts and made the right decision to disavow Judge Moore as unfit for office. Mitt Romney and Senator McCain are two of the first. And I expect many more will be coming forward over the next couple of days after spending the weekend discussing with wives and daughters….

    • You kill and grill neighborhood dogs in your back yard.

      See how easy it is to make baseless allegations?

      • 4 women. 30 corroborating witnesses. Nothing to gain. You can return your head to your ass now.

    • And yet you had no problem with Bill Clinton inserting a cigar into the vagina of a 23 year old intern in the oval office, having oral sex with her, ejaculating onto her dress, and then smoking the cigar. Wow!

      • 1) That was consensual, 2) she was 23, not 14, and 3) I had a huge problem with it.

      • Many have argued that there is no ‘consensual’ between the president of the USA and an intern.

      • I seem to recall her quote “I’m going to work in the White House to get my presidential knee pads”. Not defending Clinton, but that’s very different than molesting a 14 year-old girl. Wouldn’t you agree or are you part of the Joseph and Mary crowd?

      • Totally agree. 14 is off limits. Although didn’t Jerry Lee and Chuck Berry marry 14 year olds? The old south was a bit different.

  38. Another “son of maccacca” , G W Bush DWI, what can we push on the public to confuse and rattle them.

  39. Don’t forget the media double standard that sweeps any allegation against a Democrat under the rug, while beating the drum of any against a Republican.
    The Democrat crime gang is wanton and thoroughly corrupt. Cilivil society is not a suicide pact where decent people are held to one standard while Democrat scum flaunt their power.

    • Yeah, like Democrats Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey? Both those guys are ruined and the mainstream media did not hold back. But nice try.

      • Harvey is in a $37,000/mo rehab. He will return cured and with every penny he started with and all his very cherished memories. He will live happily ever after without another peep. After all, Bill and Hillary after their debacle went on to ‘earn’ a cool $250M and Bill never needed his law license anyway.

      • Yeah, and Judge Moore can buy a little house on the bay in Mobile and go fishing. None of us nasty liberals will bother him. Promise.

      • After a long, storied career in the senate, of course. Anybody want to roll the dice and press charges? Oh yeh, for WHAT???

      • JDL, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe you have a thing for 14 year-old girls yourself. I’d certainly be surprised if you have a daughter.

      • The mainstream media didn’t hold back? Did it take 30 years to collect the evidence?

      • Yeah, Weinstein and Stacey allegations go back decades. Just like Judge Moore. What’s your point?

      • What are you talking about? It was wall-to-wall Harvey Weinstein for like a week. Welcome to the hot seat Judge.

      • But they did hold back.
        Weinstein was the subject of an article by an NBC employee Ronan Farrow whose employer refused to go with the story. Farrow had to find another publisher. Just like Isikoff was refused by Newsweek and like multiple news outlets refused to print stories exposing Edwards during his Presidential run.

  40. Doesn’t help Moore that he doesn’t exactly deny dating 18 and 17 year old girls when he was 32. Gotta ask yourself what’s the guy doing

    • What was wrong with dating 17 and 18 year old girls? If there is something wrong, they should change the law.

      • The issue is the 14 year-old. Read the Washington Post article if you dare. It’s very credible. Romney and McCain read it and both believe the girl and her family. Moore doesn’t have to be convicted in court to be deemed not worthy of the Senate.

      • Romney? The bully who cut the hair of a gay kid, causing him to commit suicide,
        and gave the workers at his company cancer? He carried his dog on the roof of his car? He has the audacity to criticize the judge? And John ‘Keating’ McCain?

      • ONLY the Alabama voters will decide the merits of the case. That Romney and McCain believe a girl reporting through the WaPo is laughable beyond reality! Both these incompetent, arrogant @ssholes lost the presidency and their bitterness, jealousy, and poor judgement follows them like a shadow.

      • Here’s the good news. The truth always finds the light. Judge Moore is saying he didn’t know and never even met the 14 year-old. That lie will not hold up over the next 3 weeks and even the great voters of the great state of Alabama will not be able to hold their noses and vote for a liar and a child molester. But you go on defending him, JDL.

      • Then why do you keep going on about his choice of dates? Jealous?

    • Don’t come sharing facts on here….

      I think his quote was “I didn’t generally date teen girls”.

    • So what? I dated a 19 year-old co-ed when I was 32. She was great and real cute and went on to become a pediatric oncologist. We had fun together.

  41. I really want to believe that it is a hit job, but theses women are risking their lives to get their stories told! Why now? I think that the way we handled the Harvey Weinstein scandal inspired them to come forward!! Call it the Weinstein effect!

      • Well, we’ll just see won’t we? Now he’s saying he never even knew or met the girl. That’s likely to be a lie to far for the Judge. Much easier to prove that he knew her than that he molested her.

      • They were 14 and younger!! Any sexual activity, even “just touch it” are strictly out of bounds and criminal!!

    • The two/three other women CLAIM NOTHING beyond consensual kissing.

      Why now, you ask. I’ll tell you WHY – dems will do what they must (aided by the rinos btw) to flip the state four weeks from the special election which Moore was leading by over 10 points

      • With what? I didn’t say they should; I merely corrected the statement made in this article that said they couldn’t.

      • I agree it would be a difficult charge to prove. The fact remains, however, that despite what this article stated, the legal possibility of such a charge exists.

      • I just said they could still prosecute him. From the description I’m hearing, whatever happened did not involve the use of force, but if Moore had inappropriate contact with someone under the age of sixteen, that was illegal under AL law, and there is no statute of limitations. If a D.A. examined the evidence and found probable cause, Moore could still be tried and punished for the crime.

  42. Where these women solicited almost 40 years later by the likes of Larry Flint, Jeff Bezos, and Tom Steyer? Was there a promise of payment for the information that would cast the bright light of outrage on Judge Moore, it’s totally and completely plausible and within the black magic Democrats work to swing elections!!

    • I’d stick with the Joseph and Mary defense – much more credible…

      • And your prosecution is credible and based solely on your politics?

      • Weinstein and Spacey are both Democrats. I was very happy to see them punished for their transgressions. Should Roy Moore go to jail? I don’t know. Should he be voted into the Senate? Hell no!

      • My politics says, HEII yes he should be in the senate as a bulwark against deceitful and corrupt Democrats, the useless howling bums!

        You a [D]? I bet you are! I’m a proud straight ticket voting republican and whatever happens to [D’s] is greatly deserved for the damage they’ve done to America! Examples: Chunk Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hussein Obuckethead, all Democrat voters in general, etc. et. al…

  43. As soon as I think the “Christian”, “values voter”, “moral majority”, right wing has gone as far off the deep end as is possible, something like this happens. 4 accusers, one under 14 with multiple sources and nothing to see here???? Do any of you have 14 year old girls? We are talking about pedophilia and sexual assault of a minor!!! She was 14!

    There is absolutely no question how history will judge the current right wing echo chamber.

    • Would you believe a 14 year old trollop?

      What is the charge in the other 2 cases?

      • 14 year old trollop?!?!? Man you are a true sicko. What about her mother and multiple friends corroborating? What about the other three women under 18?

        You are defending pedo-frickin-phelia .

      • The age of consent is 16 years old. Why didn’t the mother complain at the time?

      • She was 14!!!!!! pedophilia and sexual assault. Holy crap, I never thought I would have to argue that assaulting a 14 year old girl sexually is a bad thing. Wow.

      • Don’t know, don’t care. Moore is filth, lots of corroborating evidence and accounts. Read the WP story.

      • I didn’t see any corroborating evidence. Don’t you have any?

      • Plenty of corroborating witnesses from the time. But, no, these small-town Alabama Republicans are all making this up for kicks…

      • He was a powerful man. She didn’t want any trouble. Her daughter wasn’t raped. It happens ALL THE TIME. But probably a lot less now in this post-Weinstein world. Thanks Harvey.

      • This is what is called a “straw man”…thus far there is NO EVIDENCE of pedophilia and/or sexual assault other than an ALLEGATION.

      • As does her mother and multiple other sources. Read the story then get back to me.

      • You’re talking to these people like they are rational.

      • He picked her up when she and her mother were in court that day and wash post confirmed that they were indeed in court. She is republican who voted for trump.

      • He claimed on Hannity that he didn’t even know her. He got flustered and confused his lies. He’s a sicko and a moron…

    • And you believed Hussein Obonehead when he told you, you could keep your doctor and current plan, right?

      • Yep. And I believed Trump when he said he could just grab any of them by the pu$$y. He was famous. He could get away with it.

      • Politics influence my opinions, as they do yours! Trump won, Hillary lost!

      • Sorry, but it’s Hillary that’s up to her chin colluding and conspiring with Russia, please pay attention! The coming indictments will soon remind you of the Clinton’s corruption and criminal malfeasance!

      • The Mueller noose is not tightening around Clinton’s neck. Manafort, Gates, Papadapoulos, Flynn. He’s getting closer and closer and closer….

  44. Leigh Corfman was 17 at the time according to an acquaintance from her childhood, making her a year older than the age of consent in the state back then. Corfman has likewise accused several pastors of sexual misconduct, has several misdemeanors on her record, and is desperate for money. No doubt WaPo, who endorsed Moore’s opponent, is paying for her story – probably coached her. With control of the senate hanging in the balance, the weaponization of willing women is not a surprise. The same people who feign horror at Moore are the ones who wanted everyone to just “move on” after Clinton’s rape and assault accusations.

    • WaPo confirmed that she and her mom were in the courtroom when Leigh was 14 and Moore was there as well. Multiple friends and her mom corroborate.

      If it makes you feel any better that your candidate is a pedophile, I would agree that Bill Clinton is POS.

      • WaPo confirmed Russia hacked a North Eastern Electrical Grid last year….only to find out Russia didn’t… also very telling that with 557 posts…your only issues with sexual abuse accusations have been Moore…not one about Weinstein, Louis CK, or any other Liberal predator.

      • Rumpelstilskin is one of those Trump supporters who would still be with him if he shot someone on Madison Avenue, assuming it’s a blacky or a browny…

      • WaPo is confirming their own story and anonymous “witnesses”…got it.

      • A+ Robert Hoffman.

        These Moore defenders wouldn’t know the truth if it felt them over their underwear.

    • Sources? Something legit – not a right wing site that constantly peddles conspiracy theories.

      How do you know? Did they ever claim Obama was born in Kenya. That should clue you in.

      Moore said he never knew or met the girl. Wrong lie, Judge. That one will bring you down.

      • So if he didn’t know the girl, like he said on Hannity, then that means that she (a Republican and Trump supporter) convinced her mother and friends to invent this story about what happened when she was 14. And they all go on the record and tell lies. Why? What for? Does that make any sense at all to you?

        Who do you believe? All rational people looking at this, including many, many Republicans, believe Corfman.

        But go ahead and return your head to you a$$.

      • If I were the Judge, I’d take a lie detector test and clear myself. :)

  45. Facts are important. Why does the Main Stream Media not prominently mention the fact that one of these women, Debbie Wesson Gibson once worked for the Democrat National Committee and actively campaigned for Democrat Doug Jones? What about the fact that two of these women said Roy Moore bought them drinks in Alabama’s legally “Dry” Etowah County?
    What about the fact WAPO reporter, McCrummen, was convicted of writing a bad check in 1992 (CR00654 North Carolina) and also smeared Texas Governor Rick Perry as a “racist” for leasing a hunting Camp in a place called “Ni##erhead”?
    But far more egregious is that our Media failed to mention the facts about the main Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, whose repeated bankruptcies, divorces and problems with the IRS describe lifelong inconsistencies and an unfortunate woman who would be a disastrous witness in any Court Of Law. Also, has anyone bothered to check that Gadsen, Alabama High School Yearbook for those critical years? Was she really only 14? Would she lie about her age?

    • Judge Moore said he never even met her or knew her. Would he lie about that?

      So let’s play out your story: This woman Corfman goes to her Mom and all her friends and says, “I’m going to invent this story about Judge Moore, who I’ve never met, that he molested me when I was 14 years old and here’s what I need you to tell the WashPo to back me up. It’s going to make all our lives hell for a while, but come on, it will be fun.”

      • Another person claims to have been offered money for allegations by a WaPo reporter. This person also claims to have recorded the offer and taken the reporter’s pic with her phone. The phone has been turned over to LOCAL authorities for the obvious reason – to avoid destruction of evidence. Let’s see how it plays out.

      • Hahaha. And they’ve got Obama on tape confessing he was born in Kenya. It would be funny except you people can never look back and realize your news source was completely full of $hit.

      • It’s also on the Author’s Biography Page, in his first book: The Audacity of Hope.

        Look it up.

  46. Seems like any longer, these Mindless GOD! / America Hating liberal Snowflake COMMUNIST Democrats know, is to PLAY Down & DIRTY Politics PERIOD. I know I personally for one shall never ever agin vote fer any Candidate who has the BIGLY YUGE “”D”” behind their name on my Ballot!!!!

    • Hey Captain Caps. We don’t want you on our team. We prefer civil, intelligent citizens who are outraged by someone who molests a 14 year-old girl.

  47. I am sure that you right wingers would give a democrat in this situation the presumption of innocence.

    I know that I would not tolerate this from any politician, right or left.

    It’s freakin sexual assault of a 14 yo girl! Pedophilia!

      • Where is the evidence? Is there a stained blue dress? Did the mother have tests taken at the time?

      • Do you believe one crooked old judge or 30 people with nothing to gain by speaking out?

      • He denied knowing her on Hannity. That’s a lie too far Judge. That one is going to take you down. A child molester and a moron.

      • Do you have evidence that he knows her? After 40 years, I am unable to remember the names of people I use to work with.

      • If he took her out in the bushes and felt her up at age 14, I would hope he remembers her. If he doesn’t, maybe that means there are dozens of others? What do you think?

      • Can you name every woman you felt up 40 years ago?? I can tell you the name of the individual who felt me up — we have been married for almost 50 years.

  48. My understanding is that a total of four women have claimed inappropriate (at least) behavior BUT THREE of them claim NO SEXUAL behavior. This leaves ONE claiming sexual behavior.

    So, for forty (approximately) this woman just couldn’t find the time to make this claim/these claims public? REALLY NOW, she’s found enough spare time to blab to WaPo – a notorious RAG. The mother of the “victim” claims she left the “victim” w/ Moore while she, the mother, attended some type of court hearing. REALLY…Then, later, the mother disapproved of the “victim’s” “date” with the much older Moore but did NOTHING to prevent it…REALLY And, apparently, this disapproving mother condoned the “victim’s” multiple “dates” with Moore. REALLY The mother, a three time divorce, claims she didn’t make these allegations earlier to avoid embarrassing her kids. REALLY

    There are counter claims that the “victim” was PAID by WaPo reporter. Another person approached by WaPo with an offer of money for allegations claims to have recorded the offer and taken a picture of the reporter (Beth?) with her phone which has been turned over to LOCAL polic

    • The 14 year-old voted for 3 Republicans in the past 3 presidential elections, including Trump. She has multiple corroborating witnesses from 40 years ago who back her story. Moore said on Hannity that he never knew her. That was a dumb, dumb lie. The correct lie to save himself would have been “I thought she was 16 and her mother said it was OK at the time”.

      • Thank goodness the “victim’s” schedule FINALLY freed up enough to bring these allegations to the public’s attention JUST IN TIME for the election. She’s been JUST TOO BUSY

      • Lots of women speaking out after Harvey Weinstein. Ever heard of #metoo? Democrats and Republicans are both going down. Nice knowing you, Judge. I’d suggest a nice 10 year fishing trip.

      • Exactly. “Lots of women” are accusing Weinstein of molestation. Only one is accusing Moore.
        Makes all the difference. Thank you for pointing that out.

      • Yeah, if he only molested one 14 year-old girl, that’s not too bad, right? Joseph and Mary and all that stuff. Can’t believe you’re actually taking the time on here to defend a child molester.

      • ALLEGED child molester, according to ONE accuser. That’s the difference. Don’t be obtuse.

        And Are you “taking the time on here to defend” a libelous accusation? Because for all you know it could very well be.

  49. Notice that Presser doesn’t claim Moore didn’t molest the girls.. He says it can’t be proven. That doesn’t matter in the voting booth.

    • Moore made a huge error. He said on Hannity that he never knew the 14 year-old. That will be disproven and he will be judged both a liar and a child molester in the court of public opinion, even in Alabama.

    • “Girls?” You mean girl. There is only one allegation of molestation here.

      Keep your facts straight– if you’re capable of that.

      • maxbert: You stand corrected: In an interview with Sean Hannity, Moore denied knowing Leigh Corfman, though admitted to having dated “a lot of young ladies” including Debbie Wesson Gibson (who was 17) and Gloria Thacker Deason (who was 18). When Hannity asked Moore if he has ever ever dated teenagers when he was in his 30s, Moore replied “Not generally, no.”

        After the Post article was published, a former colleague of Moore’s who also served as a deputy district attorney said: “It was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird. We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall … but you really wouldn’t say anything to someone like that.

      • Corrected on what? Don’t say the “girls” were molested, when only ONE GIRL claims she was molested. The others don’t.

        Singular does not equal plural. Grade school concept.

        And if you just don’t like 30 year-olds dating teenagers (jealous maybe?), then pass a law against it. Otherwise, don’t conflate dating with molestation.

      • maxbert50: Are you a lawyer? You’re arguing a technicality that isn’t true and wouldn’t matter if it were. Answer this question: Would you let your 16 year old daughter go out with a 32 year old man? BTW, I like older women. The three most overrated things in life are young pussy, micro-brewed beer and the Republican party.

      • maxbert50: You stand corrected. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Moore denied knowing Leigh Corfman, though admitted to having dated “a lot of young ladies” including Debbie Wesson Gibson (who was 17) and Gloria Thacker Deason (who was 18). When Hannity asked Moore if he has ever ever dated teenagers when he was in his 30s, Moore replied “Not generally, no.”

        After the Post article was published, a former colleague of Moore’s who also served as a deputy district attorney said: “It was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird. We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall … but you really wouldn’t say anything to someone like that.

  50. There are people who defend and try to justify the behavior of pedophiles. I wonder why? I would cast doubts on any person who does not condemn unambiguously this sickening behavior. Moreover, I would start digging in their own past to see if they themselves are not pedos. Because it is just not normal trying to normalize a child abuser.

    • It’s only normal if you’re a win-at-all-costs-socially-conservative Republican

      • That dog don’t hunt!
        The left are going crazy with “win at all costs”.

        Are you confined to the middle of the band wagon where you can’t see reality?
        Yes, I think!

      • The left just kicked your a$$ last Tuesday. Sting a little?

      • Yeah. They beat us in a Blue State that let’s its ILLEGALS, and it’s CONVICTED FELONS, Vote.

        You must be so proud.

      • lol

        You do know the VA Gov. guy voted for W. Bush both times right?
        And the guy in NJ is a lefty dreaded Goldman Sachs guy right.

        Ya, way to go Dems.!
        You beat us good, lol

  51. When the left is losing they play dirty, actually they are dirty and that is why they are losing.
    Sooner or later this will backfire.
    The demise of the left is done and they know it, they are going to try to take anyone and everyone down with them.

    Look at the timing and situation Alabama. Roy more was on his way to easy victory, he is hated by both sides, that means he is the one for the job. Don’t let them win, especially in this way. End this game now or it will be used over and over.
    IMO, the Hollywood thing, which was known and hidden is a set up, sacrificial lambs of real scoundrels to be turned on good people.

    I’ve been lied about and even in court by people under oath. Also out of court that made my life and important others very tough and damaging, they just made up crazy stuff. People have no shame.
    In the end truth won, I, we, won but it prolonged a situation and hurt vulnerable in the process.

    • You are the perfect spokesperson for the Judge. It’s all a Hollywood set-up. If he ends up elected, I’m sure there will be a job for you on his staff. God bless America.

      • It’s common sense!

        Have to be able to see the big picture, leftys rely on ignorance that can’t do that.

      • Don’t worry. Mr. Bull did not emerge from last year’s election with his sanity intact.
        Only sour grapes.

      • You must be so proud of Trump. Zero legislative accomplishments and the lowest presidential approval rating in modern history. What a prince.

        But wait, he and the Republican congress are about to do something: rape the middle class and our kids and grandkids for massive tax cuts for the ultra rich and corporations.

        You chumps put him into office – congratulations.

      • Talk about “sour grapes”.
        The new definition is lefty.

    • In my experience– given any medical malpractice case, educated “experts” can be found for both sides. So your experience of being “lied about” in court is common.

  52. Accusations from 40 years ago do not pass the smell test. Obviously timed to hurt the man politically.

    • Yes, it’s pretty obvious – even for the WaPo.
      What a rag it has become under the auspices of Jeff Bezos. (!)

    • Obviously a confession that came out following all the similar #metoo stories about Weinstein, Spacey, …

      What did she and her family and friends have to gain by speaking up? She voted for Trump.

  53. There was a time when newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post were considered to be the gold standard in journalism, and tabloids like the “Star” and “National Enquirer” were trashy and irresponsible. I thought I would never live to see the day when these default positions would reverse, but now the tabloids and the so-called “legitimate media” are just about all the same, with the National Enquirer probably being the more responsible.

    Sean Hannity said it best, and did so 10 years ago, “Journalism in America is dead.” He was right then, and right now.

    • Yeah, I’m sure you were making this same point when the national media was covering the Clinton Lewinsky scandal. That was all over “mainstream media”.


  54. Why does this kind of accusation always use the same suspicious tactic? Pluralization.

    WaPo conflates Moore’s harmless dating of two teenagers, 40 years ago, with a single, alleged incident of molestation, enabling them to throw around the word “witnesses,” when by the accuser’s own admission, there were none. Thus does one accusation become “accusations,” one incident become “incidents,” and one person become “people.”

    Smells like a hit job to me.

    • So you’ve got no issue with a 32 year-old man “dating” 16 and 17 year old girls, but I’m guessing there are more than a few conservative Alabama women who do…

  55. Roy Moore is a disgusting pervert.. Along with being a bigoted ,religious zealot.

    • Clinton too was a disgusting pervert, was President for 8 years, then made $250M to boot! What a country.

    • I’m glad that you and the other 11 members of the jury were able to weigh all the evidence at trial and come to a fair and thoughtful verdict.

    • Judge Moore does not believe Muslims should be able to serve in Congress. But he does believe underage girls should let him play their privates. Fine, upstanding Southern gentleman.

  56. If these are false allegations (and he has admitted that he did date teens “with their mother’s consent” – I’ll repeat that – he admitted to dating teens when he was in his 30’s), why hasn’t he filed a lawsuit for retraction and damages for defamation? Isn’t that the first thing any rational person would do? Or does he not want to have to swear under oath that it didn’t happen?

    • Because in this country, unlike Britain for instance, and especially if you’re a “public figure,” it’s almost impossible to prove the “malicious intent” which is required for verdict of defamation.

      • Hulk Hogan against Gawker, Jesse Ventura against American Sniper Chris Kyle, Kiera Knightly, and Cameron Diaz are all public figures who won major suits for defamation and false light. It’s not impossible, but I’m sure it’s a tad more difficult when the allegations are true. Time to step up Judge Moore. I’m sure God wouldn’t let you fail, if you are innocent.

    • Or just take a lie detector test immediately, Judge, to clear your name. :)

      Trump should like that. He should do it on live TV. Good ratings. Tremendous. Best ratings ever.

    • He’s a politician, defamation of a public figure are hard to sue.

      • But if it’s God’s will, and he’s righteous, how can he lose?

  57. This automatically meets the Clinton rule for sexual assault accusations.

    It’s old news.

  58. America just loves dirty laundry. Someone is lying in this he said she said drama. Believe as you wish.

    • Do you believe the crooked old judge who has been removed from the bench twice in recent years?

      Or the 4 women with 30 contemporaneous, corroborating witnesses who have nothing to gain out of coming forward?

      JDL, I know you’ll take the crooked old judge.

      • We will never know the truth. Human experience might predict that the good judge had a roving eye and liked sex. It also might predict that the opposition knows that political destruction is best accomplished with unprovable and unknowable allegations of sexual misconduct strategically launched just before an election but after the primaries, and immediate, wide-spread calls to step aside thereby giving the Democrats a strategic senate seat with which to stop Trump. NOTHING even alleged rises to the specter of Clinton’s PROVEN atrocities or Kennedy’s PROVEN second degree woman-slaughter. Calls for a large write in vote are also a transparent attempt to throw the election to the Democrats. In the end, only the politics count for the control of our country. Through this lens, the story is best denied and then ignored.

  59. Let’s see what develops regarding the story that a Washington Post reporter named “Beth” offered a woman in Etowah County, AL $1,000 to smear Judge Moore. (One of the WAPo reporters on this story is named Beth Reinhard.) The woman who was propositioned had the presence of mind to covertly take a photo of the reporter and record the conversation on her cell phone. Reportedly the woman contacted the Etowah County District Attorney, and the DA sent a Marshall out to pick up the phone.

    Other pertinent information to consider: one of the other “journalists” who wrote this piece, Stephanie McCrummen, was not only prosecuted in North Carolina in the 1990’s for a crime involving fraud, for passing off a fake check as real (a question of integrity for the defendant), McCrummen’s professional ethics are in question be cause the was the author of the smear job in October 2015 against Gov. Rick Perry for a piece which was rife with dubious innuendo and grossly exaggerated claims.

  60. The nastiest trick in this escapade is to goad voters to write in an alternative insuring a Democrat victory making the Trump agenda tougher to enact.

    • Yeah, who doesn’t want massive tax cuts for corporations and the ultra wealthy while we run up $1.5T in debt for our kids and grandkids?

      What’s that? 80% of our country doesn’t want that? Then why the f*** did they vote that narcissistic bully into office? They thought he cared about immigration, creating jobs and protecting good Christian values? Ha – that’s hilarious….

      • It seems that he is doing that — he pushed DACA back to Congress. Unemployment has dropped and the market is setting records. Where have you been?

      • DACA is a trojan horse. Noone is sending these immigrants back who were brought here as little kids and who only know this country as home. That may get Trump some headlines but it’s a nothingburger. Not even the Republican congressmen are that cruel.

        Unemployment and the stock market are just continuing the exact same trends as under Obama. Not impressed.

        Nice effort, though.

      • You didn’t worry about debt when Obama was running up $10T…and raised taxes too. We see that didn’t work.

      • Ed, you completely miss the point. Trump was elected for only one reason: to rebuke Obama. Progressive liberals loved the Obama years, but conservatives hated every minute. Obama had a majority; Trump won by the electoral college. Moderates never make it through the primaries. It’s our system.

  61. What is it with pedophiles and you people? Milo, Trump, Hastert, the Duggar clan, and now this loser.

    Donald Trump Quips About Little Girl On ’92 Tape


  62. RCP is having to scrape the bottom of the barrel these times, trying to look “objective”. Even Moore’s own party can’t stand him.

  63. If Hillary gets away with saying “What does it matter at this point” about the death of four Americans, why does it matter about something that happened 40 years ago. There is no proof other than he said, she said. There is no history that this continued to occur. It seems that WaPo did little to verify the facts other than to smear Moore. They found three other teens, none of whom indicated that he made any sexual advances. Seems that WaPo is using the GPS approach to win an election for their candidate.

  64. I do not believe you Press! You have been proven time and again, when it comes to Christians and Conservatives, to set up extensive, well thought out, well scripted LIES !! secondly, I do not care a whit what he did or did not do 40 years ago ! I and all of his supporters care what he does now and what he has represented faithfully recently. Now, that said, it is past time to make these “journals and journalists accountable. Yes, I know the Government can’t, but we, the People sure as H can !!. The 4th “That” in the Declaration gives us the right accourding to those that wrote it, signed it, and fought for it. As well as these “newspeople” who constantly subscribe to it and tout it !. So read it, see that they (the 4th estate of Government ) are bound by it, and we, the People, have a right to hold them accountable to it as WE SEE IT !! DC

  65. To some people all criminality should be ignored if the perp has an (R) behind the name!

    • I think you mean (D) and are referring to Hillary, whose crimes are as fresh as the your horse manure.

  66. It’s worth noting that the famous charges against Justice Clarence Thomas were not made, as this article claims, “near the end of his confirmation hearings”, but in fact only surfaced AFTER his confirmation hearings had concluded, AFTER the full Senate Judiciary Committee had met and voted his nomination for confirmation by the full Senate, and AFTER the full Senate had debated his nomination for several days. It was only at the moment that the Senate was ready to proceed to vote on the final nomination of Justice Thomas, on a Friday, that Sen. Metzenblum of Ohio rose to request a postponement of the vote until the following week. That allowed time for journalists who had been speaking to Anita Hill to break the story before the full Senate voted on final confirmation. The Senate instead agreed to refer the matter back to the Judiciary Committee in order to hold a separate hearing to determine the truth or falsity of Hill’s testimony. No further confirmation hearings were held.

  67. They are damning accusations. But given the legal aspects of the issue, the time that has passed, and above all the stakes of control of the Senate–look at what the Democrats were willing to do to smear Trump with Russian collusion, colluding themselves with Moscow–one has to give Moore the benefit of the doubt absent conclusive proof of a violation.

  68. the trouble with moore and this writer of this article is they need a 1 way fed ex ticket to another world with a bullit in their head and u crackers that believe that moore is innocent need to have a tiket 2 along with ur cracker wives–american greatness–lol–american thievery –america should burn to teh ground

    • Wapo is not a believable source. It’s another version of Gawker.

      • ur an idiot–when u divide u die–u don’t survive–trump goes 2 hell

    • Buckwheat, go back to Nigeria and get your GED. You’re lowering the bar even for thugs.

      • put a 9 in ur mouth and one in ur wifes cunt and take a trip to another world u racist fat pig

  69. Nothing is stopping Moore from suing the women accusing him. Unlike the Post they would not have a defense of good faith. Their only defense, since the charges are per se libelous, would be truth. So let Mr. Moore sue them for libel, and we can hear him and his accusers respond under cross examination, and a jury will decide the truth of the matter.

      • If he were going to sue the Post or some other newspaper, you’d be right. In that case, Moore would have to prove “actual malice” to win a libel suit. That means he would have to prove not only that the accusations were false but that the newspapers knew they were false. However, that would not be true if he sued the women accusing him of molesting them. In that case he would just have to prove they lied and if he did he would win.

  70. Now Theresa Jones, a former colleague for Moore’s has come forward to say that Moore did date teenagers while he was assistant D.A. Keep up the excuses all you want. Sounds like Moore has a case of ephebophilia, attraction to pubescent youths.

    • She came in after Moore left. Dating a teenager of legal age is not against the law. She didn’t name her sources or know Moore he had left.

      • My understanding is that she worked as an attorney for the town at the same time as Moore. Neither I nor Jones said it was illegal, but that is was weird and inappropriate that he was interested in teenagers at his age and level of accomplishment.. Sort of like Bill Clinton and Monica, except that Moore was the persuer. Persuing the 14 year old was illegal. Again, it sounds like ephebophilia.

      • Look up her bio. She became a city attorney in ’78, assistant DA in ’85 when Moore left. Their tenures in the city overlapped by at least 5 years. The town was about 40,000 so she would have known him.

      • LOL That, sir or mam, is what we called deflection. Nice try.

  71. I was looking for some errors of fact in the Wapo story, but the writer here didn’t come up with any. Like it or not, the Wapo piece was thoroughly researched by 3 journalists, and is clearly no back job. Judge Moore has some answering to do. His blanket denials sound hollow and fake.

    • Well, 3 journalists. Now it’s never been known in the entire history of journalism for a journalist to lie. Especially if said journalists are members of the Democrat Party or have voted Democrat in the last seven Presidential elections. These “journalists” reports sound hollow and fake.

      • Did you even read the Wapo article? Does it read like fake news, cut from whole cloth? All those people named, do you think they are fake too? Hint: they are real people that others could talk to also, to verify the facts.

      • The Wapo is not the be all of truth. In fact, it has played fast and loose with the truth for decades if it advances the liberal agenda. Just because 3 journalists tell me something is truthful, does not mean that it is truthful. I don’t know a journalist today that I would trust at face value.

      • Translated: Good for you = “I don’t suffer fools easily, fool.”

      • If you feel flattered you are sadly mistaken. If you feel like a fool, then you’re in the right ballpark.

    • That would have to have been the law back when the crime happened or at least before the previous limitation period passed

  72. Not even Roy Moore himself denies any of the allegations, except those concerning the 14 year old. Bottom line, if the Author wishes to say that he doesn’t care if Roy Moore did what he’s accused of, he still supports Roy Moore, he shouldn’t be a coward, he should come out and say it.

  73. Lets pick at random one politically powerful democrat and go back and troll and see who has the biggest dossier

  74. Actually, libel law says that journalists and their outlets may be sued if they publish slanderous allegations without taking appropriate measures to validate information. In Moore’s case, as a public figure, the standard rises to a purposeful publishing of false and defamatory information or putting out the report without caring whether it was false or not. I would say he has a case under the last, as there is no proof of the veracity of any of the allegations, and only one person – the then-14 girl – accuses him of anything remotely criminal. And gee, doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious no one has said anything ever, and now, four decades later and one month before a key election, this is alleged? This trend of evidence-less charges by our ethics-flaunting media must stop, and now. I have been a nationally award-winning journalist of many years, but I call for lawsuits for libel to begin so my field can return to sound practices.

    • He would have to sue the woman, not the WP. They only printed what the woman stated. Then there is the matter of evidence to prove libel. After over 38 years where would he get that evidence?

      • Presser nailed it and you a-holes have no good rebuttal: if he was doing this and getting away with it, why would he stop?

      • Whatever happened to the “Bill of Rights” Oh wait that doesn’t apply to political officials or candidates, There tried by the media??

      • Exactly, unless it’s a Demoncrap. Demoncraps are never guilty, even when a jury convicts.

      • That’s the beauty of this little nuclear wonder — no one can prove a negative. All someone has to do is make the allegation and then sit back and watch the damage. He can never prove it didn’t happen. How brilliant! Hope it never happens to you

      • It’s not the allegation as much as how people respond to them

      • What’s more important: is that it shouldn’t happen to you too? There needs to be a defense against this.

      • Unfortunately the defense is/will be that people quit paying attention to these sorts of allegations thanks to the liars. Then those who are truly victims aren’t believed either.

      • No, newspapers and other media have to check out what people say, and if they do not do due diligence, they may be sued. Few people outside media know this. What Moore needs to do is show the WP intentionally didn’t follow journalistic standards in researching and posting the story or simply didn’t care whether it was true or not. I think it’s possible (perhaps not probable) he could win. Insofar as proof of claims being off, his calendars from those days, phone records, etc., could be used.

  75. You can be sure, if Moore had been the Democrat in this race, this article would not have been printed. Now that things are starting to come out about the accuser the story is going to be a little more difficult to support. The Republicans are proving once again, why we call them the stupid party. I’m expecting quite a few of these Senators to be gone next year.

  76. The GOP never meet a pedophile they didn’t like, he’s as good as elected already.

    • Well, than the Democrat Party has never met a sexual predator it didn’t like since it elected Bill Clinton twice.

  77. Hello, Judge Roy Moore has NOT denied the allegations. He has said nonchalantly that if it happened, then it did; he just doesn’t remember. But the women do. Why didn’t they come forward before? Because the perpetrator wasn’t about to enter the US Senate before. Now is the time to stop him. Why is Roy Moore the only possible option? Because some people like a Senator who is against the first amendment and rabidly for the second. That’s it.

  78. As President Bill Clinton turned the White House into a whore house and the WaPo yawned. He flew on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” more than a dozen times and the Clintons were the toast of the town until Hillary imploded in 2016.

    Now the WaPo’s hair is on fire because Roy Moore dated a teenager 40 years ago? At this point what difference does it make?

  79. This is clearly a hit piece against Roy Moore. One of the women has been a long time Democratic operative. In fact she is pals with Joe Biden, who also has trouble keeping his hands to himself when it come to women. As for the 14 year old, what proof exists other than her flawed memory of some 38 year ago? Of is she now getting a hefty payment from some Democratic operative?

  80. roy moore’s a decent christian who misinterpreted the church song “Jesus loves the little children”

    • What little children are involved here skippy? Legally pedophilia and “child” means under 10 years of age. Who was under 10?

      • Some quick research doesn’t turn up any statute that defines “pedophile” as a legal matter, or specifies that a child must be a specific age or younger. Absent a correction by you, it appears “pedophile” is a clinical diagnosis. So if the allegations are true, Roy Moore (1) legally is a sex offender, and 2) may very well be a sick #)!#*.

  81. roy moore’s action with the four high school girls was not that bad, but he is hampered by his own high moral image, and his poor skill in wriggling out of a tricky situation (remember bill clinton arguing about what “is” is?); he does not have what it takes to hold high office

    • You are right Bill Clinton doesn’t have what it takes to hold high office, but he did anyway.

      Seems to me it is highly moral to only date women whose mothers give permission. What is your interpretation of moral?

      • I believe all but one were of legal age. And conveniently only the one under the legal age of consent claims to have had some sexual encounter. What a coincidence.

      • Comments like these are emblematic of one of the things that I most despair of in the Age of Trump. The moral and ethical bar for public servants has been set to the lowest point possible: “It’s not illegal.” Is this the standard to which we should hold ourselves in the course of our daily lives, or that we should encourage our children to follow? “Cheating on a test isn’t illegal, so go for it.” “Lying to your spouse about where you were last night isn’t illegal, so lie away.”

  82. Another poster asked this question: If Moore is a pedophile, why did he only “kiss” the other girls very briefly and tried nothing at all improper? In fact, according to their own statements, they agreed to the dates, told their mothers, and had a pleasant time. It just doesn’t make sense. It could be that this particular girl was a hussy and encouraged him to play – and that’s IF he even dated her at all. There’s no proof of that.

    Women and men lie about that stuff all the time. Twana Brawley (Spelling ?) ring a bell? Duke Lacrosse team? It happens every day – women lie, and this woman was an employee of the DNC. She has a reason to lie, if she is lying, and it’s a political reason. I hope Moore wins that election and steadies up the R’s in the Senate. Note to libtards: NAMBLA, NAWGLA, or BUTTERFLY KISSES ring a bell? They are pedophile organizations and part of the dem constituency, so STFU.

    • A pedophile involves children under ten years of age. Most people seem to be completely ignorant of the meaning of the word. They also do not seem to understand that a “child” in these circumstances means someone under 10 Years of age.

      • Unless you think it’s perfectly fine for a 32-year-old man to hit on a 14-year-old, in the context of this discussion this is a distinction without a difference. Second, where are you getting these definitions? The DSM 5 defines “pedophilia” as having “sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children.” Nothing about age. Where are you getting a technical definition of “child”? “Child” seems to mean, well, child. (INdeed, the DSM 5 definition suggests that “children” can be post-pubescent, and presumably would include all 14 year olds.) You don’t consider a 14-year-old a child?

      • You are correct about the definition. The correct term is ephebophilia, attraction to pubescent youths.

    • “this woman is an employee of the DNC.” That is one big charge you are making, that she is being paid to commit slander by the DNC. It would make major headlines around the world. I sure hope you get your evidence to Fox News.

      • Don’t have to notify Fox, the videos and pictures are on numerous websites and I think theirs. She was an interpreter in the ’16 campaign for Hillibilli and Biden. Just google it, easy to find.

      • I did find accounts on line that one of the women who accuses Moore owns a translation services company, that once had a contract with the H. Clinton campaign to provide translation services. That woman was not the 14-year-old who is claiming she was molested. She was one of the older teens that Moore dated when he was in his thirties. So, your statement that the woman was an employee of the DNC was somewhat distorted from those on-line accounts. The details matter!

    • A 14 year old girl who might flirt with a grown man is a hussy, but their is nothing wrong with a man responding to that flirtation? That thinking is at the core of this issue, and one of the reasons why women don’t come forward. They are afraid they will be blamed, even if they are believed. BTW, the reporters were pretty thorough in their investigation.

      • I’m not claiming the man used good judgement in seeking out these young girls, and really the 14 year old is the center of the controversy. What happened with her bothers me. The rest were consenting and legal. I’d leave you with this and I’ve said this before – I worked in the recording industry for a short time and saw young teen girls draped all over middle-aged famous rock stars, and those girls would have done, or did do, anything those men wanted. It isn’t always the men that start those relationships. Those girls were pushy and looking for some famous names to drop, and for a back door into that industry. Point is, it’s goes both ways.

  83. Alabama voters don’t read, th WoPo, NYT and they don’t watch CNN., nor do they respect their editorial opinions

    • Actually, this Alabama voter does read WaPo. It is sad, but this is the typical caricature of the state of Alabama that demagogues like Roy Moore produce. The majorities that Republicans hold in the state are not a true representation of the broader population. Alabama is a diverse state,

      Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Alabama ranks:
      32nd in its percentage of Whites
      7th in its percentage of African Americans
      43rd in its percentage of Hispanics
      44th in its percentage of Asians
      26th in its percentage of American Indians
      48th in its percentage of people of Mixed race
      47th in its percentage of males
      5th in its percentage of females

      see article here

      As a native Alabamian, I am ashamed to be represented by the reprehensible Roy Moore. The man is an embodiment of all of the worst caricatures of the backward Alabamian. He is hurting Alabama businesses that are competing in the broader national market places and shaming us with every rictus grin. Roy Moore and his ilk must be denounced.

  84. One gets the impression Professor Presser could not be troubled to actually read the WaPo piece in question. The descriptions and details, coupled with Judge Moore’s clumsy response, lead me to three conclusions:

    • The alllegations made by these four women have merit
    • Many of Moore’s supporters recognize that
    • They are willing to look the other way for the sake of political expediency

    • – There’s only one accusation of illegality; three of the women were legal adults when they allegedly dated Moore.
      – The statute of limitations on the single relevant accusation from 1979 has expired.
      – Moore supporters recognize that the timing of this accusation has the distinct stench of a Democratic dirty-trick.

      • Hmm, what would you think of a 32 year old lawyer wanting to take out your high school age daughter? I would think he was a dirty old man and tell him to stay away.

      • Bingo. [I’ve posted the following elsewhere, but damn, I think it bears repeating!]

        In the Age of Trump the moral and ethical bar for public servants has been set to the lowest point possible: “It’s not illegal.” (Even worse is LRJ3’s dodge: “It may have been illegal, but they can’t prosecute.”) Is this the standard to which we should hold ourselves in the course of our daily lives, or that we should encourage our children to follow? “Cheating on a test isn’t illegal, so go for it.” “Lying to your spouse about where you were last night isn’t illegal, so lie away.”

    • Willing to look the other way? You ignore that Moore has run statewide three times already, twice for chief justice and once for the nomination, and he has run multiple times in more local elections and not ONCE did that 53 year old woman step forward. She did not do it at age 38 when he ran for chief justice the first time, she did not do it at age 49 when he did it again and she did not do it at age 53 when he was running for the nomination. Where was her whole supporting cast that knew all about these incidents for 40 years but never bothered to support her coming out about it decades ago?

      And you think she has credibility? You do know her story has no sex, no activity that leaves any evidence of any type of saexualk activity, no blue dress with a stain. How convenient for the Dems.It is you who need to re-examine your position, no one else.

      • None of the women stepped forward on their own. They were found by the Washington Post’s reporters.

      • Which, for Moore’s defenders, is evidence the Post is engaging in a hit job. Thus with all conspiracy theories: Evidence one way (the women only came forward now) is evidence of a conspiracy and evidence the other way (the Post found them) is evidence of a conspiracy. The only question is whether the real conspirators are Liberals or the Establishment GOP (as many Moore supporters besides odys maintain). Hey, wait! Has anybody started looking into whether the GOP and the Dems are actually colluding?!?!

  85. Seems these accusers do pop up at opportune times (like just before an election).

    • Well when it comes to timing you must admit making these accusations before the election is better than after the election:)

  86. More fake news from the swamp:

    I noticed that the press is touting a poll that was held and published in less than 24 hours from when the story came out showing that Moore is tied with his opponent. Leave aside the shoddy work that needed to be done to get it out there so quickly, there were 4 polls taken so far in this contest: two had Moore tied, and two had Moore leading by 11 points.

    Where is the Realclear average? They do that every other time there is an important race like for president or governor, so why this time are the fake news peddlers conveniently not averaging them and presenting that?

  87. The Washington Post story wasn’t about sexual harassment. It was about the most sanctimonious Bible-thumping politician in America groping an underage girl, forcing her to touch his erect penis, and dating other teenage girls when he was in his thirties. Former colleagues of his are now coming forward to say that this behavior was widely considered creepy and inappropriate at the time. And since when did conservatives start objecting to the sexual pasts of politicians being dredged up to attack them? They continue to indulge in that kind of smear against Bill Clinton many years after he left office.

    • Actually it sounds more like a FUSION GPS story to me.

      One of the accusers has been outed as a Democrat operative…

      I for one will NOT jump on Hit Squad bandwagons, until the truth comes forward…..

      “Innocent until…”

    • Connie: Bill left behind a blue dress with a stain, or did you miss that?

      • I don’t know about Connie, but this liberal voted third party in Bill’s second run. Three reasons: I found Jaunita Brodderick as she was a reluctant witness, Bill shouldn’t have gotten involved with an intern even if she made it clear she was interested, and I was appalled by the way Clinton’s crew and feminists went after the women who came forward. I am happy when investigative journalists find out the truth.

      • Ditto, on all counts. During the Lewinsky episode, this San Francisco liberal participated in a debate organized and published in the S.F. Chronicle, in which I argued he should resign. I couldn’t believe how many of my fellow panelists and how many other readers went on record that they were willing to give him a pass.

  88. It appears McConnell is a significant part behind the opposition, at the expense of diminishing Republican votes in the Senate.

    WE should ALL call our Senator’s offices and be VERY CLEAR that if McConnell stays in leadership, WE will collectively primary ALL Republicans in 2018.

  89. A woman makes an accusation of something that happened four decades ago and the man accused is now supposed to lose his career and become a scourge of society.

    I do not like this trend whether it happens to the right or left. It’s a plague the left wing started but is now out of control even eating it’s own. An executive at VOX, a hyper liberal media outlet resigned due to allegations, and Kevin Spacys career is in the toilet. And yet the idiots still double down on using sexual assault allegations as a political tool. Political debate is now about which side can come up with the most sexual misconduct allegations, even ones 40 years old.

    This has to stop. Sexual assault is a crime and yet none of these allegations could ever stand up in court. Bill Cosby’s trial is the closest and that resulted in a hung jury and mistrial. There are certainly women who are sexually assaulted and abused, but it is reprehensible that frivolous, politically and/or financially motivated allegations are built upon their suffering.

  90. It’s way to easy for women to accuse men of sexual assault/harassment and to ruin their lives (I am a woman) I HATE it that women who have truly been abused hold a burden of proof but it should be that way..if there is no other evidence. WaPo knows this and that makes me suspect to their motives.

  91. If the accuser had come forth during the Senate primary, Moore vs Strange, then probably Strange would have won the primary and then the general election next month.
    If the accuser had come forth after the general election next month, there would be no electoral consequences.
    But for the accuser to come forth now is much too conveniently timed to provide maximum assist to the Democrat candidate for Senate.
    Which makes the accuser totally unbelievable.

    • You have made a mistake in logic. When the information was released cannot tell you anything about whether it is true or not. I agree, WaPo might have waited to release the information until it would do maximum damage, and that would not be fair or good journalism, but that does not say anything about truth or falsehood.

      It’s like this. Suppose that you saw your liberal neighbor throw trash on the road. You could call the police, but you just pick it up because that is the Christian thing to do. This happens several times. Then you learn that your neighbor is going to run for a position on the city counsel, promising to “clean up the city”. Wouldn’t you tell the truth to the local newspaper? I know I would. When you told the truth had no relationship to whether the neighbor was trashy or not.

      • Ok, but what if you threw trash in the road also? Or were running for the same council seat? Motive and timing matters. The fact that you waited forty years to report him tells me you weren’t too concerned about his throwing trash in the street in the first place. For the sake of argument, let’s guess it wasn’t any big deal, probably a can turned over by a racoon, but NOW you bring it up? Motive matters.

  92. This smearing late in the game is a pretty standard tactic. Remember when they accused Romney of being mean to a classmate in HIGH SCHOOL! I couldn’t agree more that politics is a blood sport and anything is fair game. Don’t know if he did it but like the Dems and Bill Clinton, I DONT CARE!

    • I agree that anything has become fair game. Yet, Romney was never accused of sexual misconduct because he was squeaky clean in that department. We shall see about Roy Moore. He might be proved innocent.

  93. As is so often the case these days, BOTH partisan wings are stretching things to a ridiculous level.

    I have read several liberals claim that the various Republicans preface their disdain for Roy Moore with the words “If true.” What are they saying? a) That charges of s*xual misconduct are always true? That this is the one single accusation where the accused is presumed guilty? or b) That we should treat Roy Moore as if guilty even if he is not, because that is what we do nowadays to our political enemies? or c) That Roy Moore is so despicable that his mere identity is proof enough of his guilt? (Yes, I know that a fair number of people did this regarding the last president, and a fair number of others are doing it to the current president, but a third wrong does not make a right.)

    But now, if I am hearing Mr. Presser correctly, it would be wrong to publish these charges against Roy Moore, EVEN IF THEY ARE TRUE. That strikes me as just as crazy as the liberal claim I outlined above. We cannot possibly, possibly believe that the only misconduct which can fairly be reported upon is misconduct which can result in a successful criminal prosection!

  94. I would rather withhold judgement on the Moore story because I expect more information to come out. However, the Trump story seems very clear to me….. we have him on tape admitting that he is guilty of grabbing women’s genitals without permission. Now, I have long wondered about something that maybe someone in this forum can explain. I have never understood the Evangelical Republicans’ position on Trump, even though I was raised in a very religious, Republican, Evangelical family. The Evangelical church claims the higher moral ground yet gives Trump a pass on his “pussy grabbing” boast. Having studied the Bible very thoroughly, it would seem to me “what Jesus would do” is to loudly and unambiguously condemn the sins of both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Yet, that’s not what I see and hear. What is it that I do not understand? How could any follower of Jesus vote for either of those two men?

    • Trump is testament to the sleazy opposition put up by the Democrats. Demand better of your party. If you aren’t simultaneously demanding Menendez resign, YOU are the hypocrite as well.

      • Why do you assume that I am a Democrat? I have never been a Democrat, I have never dontated money to a Democrat candidate. The last candidate that I donated money to was Ron Paul. I am proudly independent. If you want, I will go on record here and now that I think Menendez should resign.

        Now, what do you think about Trump grabbing pussy? He said it on tape. What more do you want as evidence that Trump is sleazy? If that is the type of person you want to represent our country, more power to you.

      • I agree that Hillary was a lousy candidate. In the case of Menendez, it is being handled by the courts. And BTW, I am a liberal turned on WJC when Jaunita Broaddrick made her claims, reluctantly. I felt she was credible, with nothing to gain.

    • I don’t think “I grab ’em by the p*ssy” is an actual admission of guilt. Its hard to believe that was a serious statement.

      • Why do you find it hard to take his boasts seriously? We heard it, and heard it in context. We heard tone of voice and delivery.

  95. To those who ask why now, look at the Weinstein Effect which has emboldened dozens of women to come out of the shadows of shame and report sexual assaults by men in high places. The same press which was used to highlight the unsavory activities of a donor to liberal causes now spotlights a conservative candidate and the right yells “foul”.

  96. It is irresponsible for the Post to publish an article of this nature without proof! The “Left” will do anything and everything to undermine those who they don’t like; “whatever it takes”! Time for all subscribers to discontinue your subscriptions.
    That is the only way the Left Media will get the word! GOD Bless The Republic!

    • They reported the story as told by these women. That is what the press does, or should do.

      • The press has the responsibility to verify that what they publish is the truth. The story as told by these women is hearsay without verification.

      • Wrong. They interviewed the women and a number of people who said they had been privy to the stories years ago. They then reported what they found without claiming it as absolute truth.

        Now, I am curious what you think of Trump and Fox News spending time on Obama’s supposed Kenyan birth. There was no proof, or even solid evidence. Did you have a problem with Fox, Brietbart and Drudge Report reporting on the Seth Rich story and implying that Hillary had him killed? If you didn’t find that repugnant I think you protest too much.

      • Those stories prove my point. The press has a responsibility to verify that what they publish is the truth. Otherwise it is libelous and should be treated as such.

      • We have to agree to disagree about the first amendment. SCOTUS has been lenient on libeling of public figures and people running for office. I don’t like Fox’s low standards for reporting, but I support their rights. You might read the Slate article that goes into the WP’s reporting on this in detail. They did a good job, which is one of the reasons many Republicans want Moore to step aside.

  97. The mainstream press will ultimately pay $$ for their devious ways. I hope some of these people are pilloried for their arrogance.

  98. I just like how many on the right are complaining about this, as if the right wing media wouldn’t do the exact same thing with a Dem politician if they had dirt on him. It is amusing how much party affiliation dictates the reaction of partisans… Moore is automatically guilty in the eyes of liberals and automatically innocent in the eyes of conservatives. But if Moore was a Dem instead of a Repub, both sides would be singing a different tune.
    As for Moore specifically, he is still innocent until proven guilty, and it is doubtful that he will lose the Alabama Senate race because of this. The AL voters aren’t going to give the seat to a Dem just because of some unproven allegations.

    • A lot of truth in what you say. Fox news gave Trump and Hannity a podium to question Obama’s place of birth, as well as the claim that Hillary had Seth Rich murdered. I didn’t see many conservatives complaining about that. The right convicted Hillary for Benghazi in their press. Human nature I guess.

  99. “some sort of statute of limitations or standards for sexually sensational reportage?”

    What started as a trickle with Weinstein became a torrent as victims become emboldened by the accusations of other victims. It is not the isolated act that brings down the powerful but the obvious and ongoing. Perhaps Moore gave up his immoral actions but perhaps more will come forward. Clearly to find out we must publicize when there is sufficient evidence. The Post seems clearly to have worked to establish such evidence.

    Second, Moore presents as an ultra-conservative and religious figure. It is clearly news to provide evidence which impeaches that self-described reputation. In such a case, one expect a reduced standard as the person has invited public scrutiny.

    • Define “sufficient evidence.”

      Twitter has no evidentiary standard beyond mere hearsay…and that, good sir, is the problem.

    • [I tried to post this separately, but don’t see it above, so am trying here. Sorry for any duplication.]

      Presser contends “America’s Founders used to say there were only two ways to ruin a republic: an excess of luxury and the licentiousness of the press.” Presser concludes by wondering if it is “asking too much once again to secure some sort of statute of limitations or standards for sexually sensational reportage?”

      I’m no historian, and I’m sure there are plenty of counter-examples, but for what it’s worth, in 1798 and 1799, in opposing the Alien and Sedition Acts, James Madison railed against the “sophistry of a distinction between the liberty and the licentiousness of the press.” In Madison’s view, such distinctions too often were drawn by persons with an “ of power” for the purpose of “converting the Constitution” from an instrument to protect freedoms into an instrument for abridging them.

      Madison acknowledged that “It is vicious in the extreme to calumniate meritorious public servants.” However, he emphasized that State libel and slander laws protected individuals from injurious false statements and balked strongly at the suggestion that “licentiousness” was sufficient ground to restrict the constitutional freedoms of the press (and other freedoms, including freedom of religion), for the same reason he balked at most arguments to restrict the protections of the First Amendment: They abridge the right to “freely examin[e] public characters [e.g., Roy Moore]” and of “free communication among the people thereon, which has ever been justly deemed, the only effectual guardian of every other right.”

      So I suspect Madison’s answer to Presser’s final question would be a strong “no.”

  100. Those of us who live here in Alabama know this is BS, and not only will it NOT hurt our NEXT Senator Roy Moore, its going to give him an even bigger win than he was already going to have. The people of Alabama know exactly what’s going on here, and believe me, it won’t work.

    The people in Alabama will decide who their elected officials are, not the WAPO, and sure as hell not the GOP establishment Swamp Rats in Washington DC. So they might as well except it.

    • As a native Alabamian, I am ashamed to be represented by the reprehensible Roy Moore. The man is an embodiment of all of the worst caricatures of the backward Alabamian. He is hurting Alabama businesses that are competing in the broader national market places and shaming us with every rictus grin. Roy Moore and his ilk must be denounced.

      • The majorities that Republicans hold in the state government are not a true representation of the broader population. Alabama is a diverse state,

        Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Alabama ranks:
        32nd in its percentage of Whites
        7th in its percentage of African Americans
        43rd in its percentage of Hispanics
        44th in its percentage of Asians
        26th in its percentage of American Indians
        48th in its percentage of people of Mixed race
        47th in its percentage of males
        5th in its percentage of females

        see article here

        I’m tired of Alabama being represented by a vocal minority of loud mouth louts.

  101. Much if not most of the push to undo the lawful Alabama primary election of Judge Moore comes, of course, from the same Establishment GOP behind the attempted coup against President Trump. Yet the same cabal remained silent when credible and numerous allegations of sexual misconduct recently were made against former president GHW Bush. The ex-president, the epitome of the Establishment GOP, apologized and it was widely taken as an admission of guilt. This isn’t about substance, only tribalism.

    The voters of Alabama should make this decision, not the corrupt and discredited RNC or the Senate through expulsion, which has been floated as a possibility. A statute of limitations on reporting isn’t a good idea, nor is tampering with the will of the people as expressed through the ballot box.

    • Coup against Trump, that seems like a stretch, but on the whole, as a native Alabamian, I agree with you that we will decide what to do with Roy Moore. The guy should be put out on his derrière. I would be happy to see him working in a more suitable occupation, such as funeral director, where his rictus grin seems more fitting.

      • If the same that is being done to Trump were happening against a lawfully elected president in Latin America, our State Department would rightfully condemn it. Then again, the United States is little better than a Banana Empire much of the time these days.

        I do agree, though, it is up to the people of Alabama to weigh these allegations in their decision in December. Establishment D.C. doesn’t get to make that decision and any attempt to undo it should receive a swift reaction. It was how the system once operated before the country drifted towards totalitarianism.

  102. Soros must be paying his trolls more judging by the comments

  103. Thanks for these important facts….no laws broken, but if so, time long ago expired. “Innocent until proven guilty” is the US standard. This is a Bezos’ bought and paid for lineup of false accusers, and when the other 3 claims are studied, a teenage date and perhaps a date-kiss is lumped into “mass molestations”? Our Law is based on Bible principles, and 2 witnesses were always required. A trial and facing accusers is also US standards. This stinks as a Hater of Trump/Conservatives coalition of billionaire Bezos, the Washington (stink)Pot, the Swamp GOP Senators and all Democrats (check out the political activities of those 4 women accusers) against God’s candidate to be Salt in the Corrupt Senate. Check out the long history of “age 14” (not likely, a neighbor said she was age 17 in Feb. 1979) accuser Corfman, who sought out church pastors and then accused them of “sexual impropriety” which the church investigation found not accurate. Even a court refused to hear her accusations, it has been reported (by others outside the MSM anti-Christian news media! The biggest scandal is the corruption of journalism, USA.

    • “No laws broken, but if so, time long ago expired.” In other words, “As long as it’s not illegal, no problem. Even if it was illegal they can’t prosecute, so no problem.”
      The Age of Trump has seen the moral and ethical bar for public servants set to the lowest point possible: “It’s not illegal.” Is this the standard to which we should hold ourselves in the course of our daily lives, or that we should encourage our children to follow? “Cheating on a test isn’t illegal, so go for it.” “Lying to your spouse about where you were last night isn’t illegal, so lie away.”

      • Since your “2020” eyesight missed my point aimed at the accusers and those who accept unproven and actually uncorroborated by others in each allegation. The MSM has since Thursday to Monday devoted 80 minutes to attacking Judge Moore who has not been charged with any crime while devoting 2 minutes to a trial of a Democrat (Menendez) by federal prosecutors in court, I’ll try to give you my opinion on this swamp smear of a professing Christian with more than 40 years of political history and a faithful marriage of 33 years. I do not believe those women. They are not the subject of investigation by all who take their words after 38 years at face value. It is a sin to condemn anyone like this current Lynch Mob!
        I am as strong a believer in God’s Bible principles as is the Judge who has defended civil expressions (First Amendment rights) in public displays! My standard is based on God’s Law as given in the Bible. I am sick when I see/read today’s “news”! America is on the verge of being nullified by atheists and secular humanists who have been termites gnawing at our culture for at least a hundred years. Our education system was taken over and our once loyal citizenry (WW2 era) is now coming out of colleges loving Marxism! God help the USA!

      • “2020” refers to election year 2020. A reference to eyesight would have been “20/20.” I don’t delude myself into thinking I have perfect vision on any issue, though I try very hard to be aware of my blind spots and to use a powerful magnifying glass.

        I understood your points, one of which is that you don’t believe these women because you don’t believe there’s sufficient evidence to support their stories. Fair enough.

        What evidence would be sufficient? Obviously, there will be no DNA or video evidence. Must we demand an eyewitness before we are willing to entertain the possibility that allegations of sexual misconduct are true? As for corroboration, Corfman’s ex-boyfriend has gone on record that she told him the story about Moore in 2009. I find it hard to believe this “lynch mob” has been in the works for nearly a decade.

        Moore’s history of promoting the Bible from the Bench is reason enough not to vote for him. Moore was booted for blatant, unapologetic judicial activism, namely disregarding the law and duly-constituted higher courts to advance his personal brand of Christianity. But as stated in the Treaty of Tripoli, as ratified unanimously by the Senate and signed by President John Adams: “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” America has been in moral decline since 1796, apparently.

        In short, Moore advocates for theocracy and flouts American law, both of which are decidedly un-American. Moore has no place in the United States Senate.

      • The allegations regarding his sexual proclivities – and his own defenses — while perhaps not being disqualifying in and of themselves, do suggest that he’s also a pretty big creep.

  104. “[Moore] has been accused by three women of engaging in inappropriate sexual contact. ”

    Uh — no. Only one woman has made such an accusation. The two who were 17 and 18 when they say Moore dated them did so with their mother’s approval and encouragement and never had contact with him more sexual than a kiss. I can assure you that was not considered inappropriate for a man in his early 30s, two generations ago in small-town Alabama. The worst of their claims: that he bought wine at a restaurant for one of them when she THINKS she had not quite yet reached the legal drinking age of 19.

  105. This is such an obvious hit job from the media and the GOPe.

    McConnell can go F@CK himself.

    BTW, never EVER give to the Republican Party. They support only RINOs, so that is where your money will go.

    ALWAYS give directly to the candidate of your choice.

    • That’s kind of funny: the Republican Party only supports Republicans. Who did you expect them to support? :)

  106. From the inimitable George Will (after noting Moore: (1) was kicked off the bench for his egregious judicial activism and thumbing his nose at superior courts; (2) took hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed salary from his “charity,” and (3) admits to a predilection for teenage girls):

    “Nothing about Moore’s political, financial or glandular history will shake his base, unless the credible accusations of serial pursuit of underage girls are suddenly overshadowed by something his voters consider serious, such as taking sides in the Alabama-Auburn game.”
    Hee hee! “Glandular history.” Will is mostly a doofus, but he can still write.

  107. (1 of 2)

    I e-mailed Professor Presser a version of one of my posts relating to the Second Amendment issues raised in the article, and he was kind enough to respond.

    My e-mail:

    “Dear Professor Presser,

    Your article in American Greatness notes that the Founders believed “the licentiousness of the press” can ruin a republic, and conclude by “asking [is it] too much once again to secure some sort of statute of limitations or standards for sexually sensational reportage?”

    I don’t claim to resemble a historian, legal or otherwise…but in opposing the Alien and Sedition Acts, Madison warned against the “sophistry of a distinction between the liberty and licentiousness of the press.” Madison acknowledged that calumny against “meritorious public servants” was “vicious in the extreme,” but argued that libel and slander are appropriately addressed by state laws, and seemed to think the greater danger lay in arguments to restrict press freedoms based on ostensible “licentiousness.”

    No doubt there are many counter-examples from other Founders (and I’m certainly open to the possibility I’m mis-reading Madison), but based on what I’ve seen, wouldn’t Madison’s answer to your concluding question be ‘no’?”

  108. (2 of 2)

    Professor Presser’s response:

    Your question is a very good one, and you might well be right with regard to Madison, at least at one point. My favorite iteration of the two ways to ruin a republic quote is from Samuel Chase when he was presiding over some alien and sedition act trials. He was a Federalist, and the Federalists, as you know, believed that the Jeffersonian republicans were dealing in the crassest mendacity and misrepresentation and, at that point Madison and Jefferson veered off from the Federalists. The study of the era that I’ve done does convince me that the Federalists, while they were not about to seek to repeal the First Amendment, thought it was consistent with that Amendment to punish false, scandalous, and seditious statements against the government. To a certain extent Jefferson and Madison disagreed, but when Jefferson came into power, as you may know, he was not adverse to using the state law of seditious libel to silence his critics. Madison may have remained a bit purer to his ideals than did Jefferson, but I think you’d get a fair consensus among most framers that licentiousness of the press was a worry, at least in the 1790’s.

  109. What is to be done about the irrefutable reality that none of this would have even come up if only Moore had that magic (D) after his name. Can we at least start calling WAPO et al the Democrat Press, or are we immune to truth in advertising across the board?

    • Irrefutable reality? Then how did:

      Weinstein, H. (D); Spacey, K. (D), C.K., L. (D), Weiner, A. (D), Wu, D. (D), Massa, E. (D), Spitzer, E. (D), Kilpatrick, K. (D), Edwards, J. (D), Clinton, B. (D), etc.;

      ever come up?

      Even accepting for the sake of argument the Post is an arm of the Democratic party, that doesn’t mean the allegations are untrue.

      • You forgot Ted Kennedy the die maker, but are sort of proving my point. Your list all caught red-handed, dead to rights, irrefutable, guilty. Roy Moore unprovable allegations over 35 years ago.

  110. But how else is one to stop Trump? And Russia? And the heartless GOP?