Tech Giants Are Biggest Threat Facing Trump Supporters

Illustration by Ben Garrison

After tech giants testified before Congress on Tuesday, Americans should realize the richest and most powerful U.S. companies wield power and influence in a way not seen since the railroad tycoons and John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Their ability to affect society and crush any potential competitors is unchallenged.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple have a combined market value of $2.6 trillion, which is larger than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. Executives and employees of those companies are also very large donors to the Democrat Party and left-wing causes. They all have vocal Democrats at the helm.

Today’s tech companies are even more powerful than their historical monopoly predecessors because of one key component: data. The information derived from our data is now king in everything from selling a product to shaping the news to—as we are now seeing—electing a president.

The Left is well aware of this power. After losing to President Trump, they are determined to shut down conservatives and not lose again.  

Google just announced it would partner with the George Soros-backed Poynter Institute to provide “fact-checking” for its search functions. In other words, Google and Soros (by proxy) will determine what is factual and whether it will appear in search results. This suppression of views is occurring even as Google is being sued by conservative radio host Dennis Prager over censorship of his Prager University educational videos.

In other not-fake news:

And let’s not forget Twitter, which has now openly set itself up as the arbiter of acceptable speech. Twitter recently removed U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s video announcing her candidacy for the U.S. Senate because it expressed her pro-life position. After considerable backlash, Twitter relented and reinstated the Tennessee Republican’s ad.

These companies are so big and powerful that they have no fear of blatantly censoring conservative speech—they will even censor Blackburn, who chairs the communications and technology subcommittee in the House of Representatives! Just imagine how they can use opaque computer algorithms and terabytes of data to exploit the views of the average person.  

It is important to recognize that these companies can do this because they have special protections not afforded other industries. In 1996, to spur growth during the early years of the Internet, Congress passed Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act to protect “interactive computer services” from lawsuits based on what users say or do on their systems. Section 230 also immunizes Internet companies from liability for removing content they deem “objectionable,” even if it is constitutionally protected content.  

With the protections of Section 230 of the Community Decency Act, Silicon Valley executives can undermine the First Amendment rights of all Americans with no accountability.

Helping foster the growth and economic development of the Internet with particular—and extraordinary—legal protections might have made sense in the 1990s. In 2017, however, extraordinarily wealthy and powerful companies are abusing those particular provisions. Congress never intended to give a handful of Silicon Valley executives the keys to the First Amendment when it adopted Section 230.

Technology companies cannot simultaneously claim special legal status and pose as speech arbiters censoring conservative views. They are run by some of the most vocal left-wing executives that are actively pushing their ideology on the country. Allowing these same companies to silence opposing views is dangerous.

The most immediate legislative solution would be to remove the legal protections of Section 230 should an “interactive computer service” be found to practice viewpoint discrimination. Opening these companies to full legal liability for censorship is essential to ensure Americans keep free speech rights.

It is time for Congress to act to protect the First Amendment and the values fundamental to the republic.


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72 responses to “Tech Giants Are Biggest Threat Facing Trump Supporters”

  1. What needs to happen is the fear of God needs to be put into these fascist geeks.

    • I think they are in for it as we go into the Trump Administration.

    • There’s no fear of god since there’s no god. Ask kids at the hospital.

      • Evil, alienation, death. These came about from the fall of Adam. You see it around you, you live it. In God’s plan there is good news of its defeat. Suffering before glory though. Don’t be shallow. Faith is more than you currently know or can conceive.

    • Yes. They ARE fascists – and Nazis, too. Read Dinesh DeSousa’s The Big Lie. They’re BAAAACK!!!

    • You do realise that a facism is extreme right wing. What party is right wing again oh right the conservatives. Do some fact checks before you throw about words like facist you retard

      • If you’re for tyranny you tend to be a fascist. Left/right is a Marxist myth. There is freedom and tyranny. Your side wants the latter, and behaves like fascists behave. You learned something.

      • You call fact checking tyranny when the president allows Neo Nazis freedom of speech but shuns black NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racism in the police force? You right wing idiots need to look at things from both angles. I’m neither right or left though I do tend to think that we would be better of with a government that was not communist but certainly left. Because left advocate equality for people of all creeds races and sexualities. Unlike right wing leaders like trump who try to ban an entire religion because of the actions of one group? You need to pull your head out of your ass and see things as they are instead of how your leaders tell you to see things

  2. We need more than a fear of God, we need to treat them like the monopolies of the past. Then Google will stop their bias against Conservatives at Youtube and in search. They really are hurting this nation. It’s like we have the left and right up against us. Our own side, we have the RINO’s like McCain and Ryan that work against America. Then there’s Drudge too who is the biggest supporter of fake news Washington Post and NY Times. You should Google ” The Power of Drudge” and seee how much Drudge is fake news.
    He keeps it up , before long he is going to lose most of his readers to the conservative Whatfinger News, which I followed a link here from. Everyone who goes there prefers it over Drudge since they call out fake news, and love sites like American Greatness.
    We conservatives have a lot up against us, but we are sticking together more and more. Whether that is ESPN, Kelloggs or the NFL, we do matter and make a big difference.

  3. Just another sign of the moral decay and apathy that has spelled out the doom of the great societies of the past. You have these idiots that are suppressing speech, thinking that they are doing society a favor, when in actuality, they are destroying the Constitution bit by bit. “Thinking themselves wise they became fools” as it says in the bible. What happens when the people they bow down to are fully in control, is that these idiots will be the 1st to die at their hands. Useful idiots are always the 1st to be killed.

  4. Corrupt politicians conspiring with greedy elitists to manipulate nihilistic, hedonistic masses into demographically replacing themselves with foreign barbarians and embracing every form of degeneracy under the golden sun until civilization as we know it is engulfed in flame and collapses into ash and ruin.

    Y’know. I feel like we’ve been here before.

    Did we fail to learn something critical from our past, and in doing so condemn ourselves to repeating it? Or is this simply the human condition. To build civilizations that coddle even the weakest and allow them to be so prolific that, several generations later, they constitute a self-destructive majority of the population at which point they collectively band together and drive the civilization to…suicide, basically. Death by a combination of nihilism, hedonism, and altruism. Sometimes it feels like this cycle is endemic to our species. As if it were simply how natural selection applied itself to humanity. And, for the most part, humanity is as hopelessly unaware of how this cycle binds them as any other form of lesser life on the planet.

  5. It is pretty obvious that these so called ” Tech Giants ” are being run by Leftist supporters and are on the same road as the Propagandists in the other Media outlets. They are not supporters of the free flow of information if it does not agree with the agenda they have chosen to push. They are firm believers in the Joseph Goebbels doctrine that if you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough, it will become the truth. Most Americans have awakened to the fact that they are being manipulated by the media and are starting to simply tune them out. They are doing what the people in Nazi held territories did in WWII. They are going to alternatives to get their information. So, let them continue with their deceit, they will eventually drive themselves out of business.

  6. Break them up like they did the original monopolies! #MAGA

      • Google (or Bing) “AT&T Breakup”, “IBM Consent Decree” or “trust busting Standard Oil”. It’s been done before, and can be done again.

      • So you admit you can cite no anti-trust precedent relating to
        – a Web search engine
        – a social network
        – a video hosting platform
        – an OS and application editor


      • AT&T = data transmission network

        The Internet analog would be an ISP. You want to break-up the Google Fiber part of Google? You think it would make a DIFFERENCE?

      • They cannot be allowed to regulate free speech.

        They are now UTILITIES. Allowing them to censor conservative viewpoints, would be like allowing an electric utility to shut off the electricity of conservatives.

    • The people running Google, FB, etc. are globalists because their companies, like the internet are global. In most countries of the world censorship is a requirement to do business. In order to make the world their customer they willing impose censorship upon internet traffic. Only the US has a first amendment prohibiting censorship, which causes the companies to have different algorithms for the US than other countries. If the first amendment goes away, the companies will lower costs and make more money. Regardless of politics, the internet companies will try to eliminate free speech. They are Democrats because Democrats oppose freedom and that is good for their business.

  7. First off declare them public services and so they must accept all who wish to use the service no matter what they use it for, barring otherwise illegal acts like child porn and selling illegal drugs. Then remove their walled garden models by forcing them to create interface standards to others’ similar apps. So, for example, if I create a facebook type app for my neighborhood and it meets some standard interface requirement then facebook must allow its users access to my app as well. Kind of like being able to buy a phone from someone other than the telephone company.

    • Good suggestions. Donald Trump URGENTLY needs to move on this. Maybe if anyone can find AG Jeff Sessions and wake him up, we can get some action!

  8. Pass a law that says the consumer controls his or her personal info. That’ll about fix it.

    • Not in the least. This is not about personal information this is about access to the world of information without filters that allow for the suppression of information or speech they don’t like.

  9. Funny article for someone that is against big government and regulation.

    • At least our government is elected, these corporate heads are self-appointed.

      • Well, they either built the company or were hired for the job by the owners of the company. Not exactly self appointed.

    • Oppression, suppression and censorship has always been a left wing tool. The author was not espousing big government nor regulation, but laws that all should adhere to equally and no laws that allow discriminatory practices. His argument is that these large business giants should not be the recipient of legislation that gives them a loop hole to suppress the views of others nor determine what content adhere’s to their preferred ideology with no fear of consequences..

      • Once again you are wrong. Would you rather see the truth online or lies? If your conservative representatives views aren’t getting past fact checks then they must be full of lies. That is the definition of a fact check. They are not suppressing anyone. They are making sure that the truth is heard and that the minds of our youth are not corrupted by racism, bigotry and facism

      • If I am so wrong then why didn’t you make a cogent counter-argument based on facts? There are those who consider the ten commandments the universal truth and the basis for all civilized society why would you need to fact check that, fool? Please explain that to Dennis Praeger. How in the world can those who are most responsible for promoting racism, bigotry, fascism and hate now guard our children against it? Your logic escapes me and I wonder if you realize how absurd you sound making broad sweeping accusations that are false, dangerous and hateful?

      • Excuse me but what proof is there that the bible is even the tiniest bit factual? It’s full of discrepancies and propaganda. Without proof of validity something can not be called factual. So there is no proof that Moses even existed let alone carved those stone tablets with “the Lord’s will”. Is that counter argument cogent enough for you?

      • This has nothing to do with the bible, these are universal truths that all humanity follows, except people like you like you. Since progressives like you have a contempt for the truth and the American people while virtue signalling their love for mankind. Ha! It’s a rather banal argument on your part since these truths have been universally accepted for thousands of years.

      • I did not say that they were bad standards to live by. In fact I think that they are very respectable considering all the homophobic shit in the bible. And no it does have something to do with the bible because you are the one who brought up the bible! Whelp I think I’ve had enough fun for one night. Unlike you trump circle jerkers I’m in a different time zone so unfortunately I need sleep. I can only hope I don’t wake up to a nuclear war started by your great leader. And thus I bid you adieu

      • I never mentioned the bible, you did. I simply stated the ten commandments are universal truths and these truths can be found in every culture, race, or creed.
        I suspect being the pivot person in your circle jerk is tough to swallow. Sleep well pajama boy

  10. These are the same people who would use the power of government to force a baker to make a wedding cake to celebrate a homosexual wedding.

    But see no role for the government to force them to equally accept the political speech of anyone who uses their services.

  11. Anti-free speech and Orwellian Iconoclasm is a cancer on the american left.

    • You said “on” but I think you meant “brought by” the American Left.

  12. Removing Section 230 would undermine the very platforms that provide alternatives to Big Tech. Instead, use Anti-Trust to break up or provide open access to the big tech companies and foster a network of competitors.

  13. I don’t have a facebook account, or a twitter account, or a gmail account or any apple products. I use duckduckgo for my searching on my phone and computer at home. You can only get so much Google our of your life, that company infested my phone before I ever bought it, so I just try not to use the apps. These few companies truly have a stranglehold on the vast majority of communication in the country and should be held to the standard of the First Amendment at all times.

    But frankly, I prefer they be broken up as monopolies!

  14. Soon Gowdy and Grassley will be deposing people in public. I am buying popcorn for the next season of WINNING !

  15. We are not done! We have been enlightened by God! You can try to hide the truth but we have given the truth and know it now. Make no mistake @realdonaldtrump did not win by luck or magic! God is here and those against his will are going to see that they cannot and will not ever win!!! No matter how much money they have or power they think they have! God is all powerful and they will loose!

    • Jesus Christ can you shut the fuck up. Since when does “God” ever intervene on earth? Where was he when the Las Vegas strip was shot up? Where was he when terrorists blew up an arriana grande concert? If he doesn’t give a shit about those things he certainly doesn’t give 2 fucks about some racist warmongering idiot becoming president

  16. The first amendment issues are very important. In ADDITION to these concerns, the stranglehold that they have on us and our
    economy is potentially lethal. Amazon controls 70% of all online sales. Google 80% of all online search ( the accompanying advertising too). They subvert the results to show the searcher biased answers. Facebook has become a defacto community party line of news and communication. They completely own that market. They are all so entrenched and rich that the bar to compete with any of them is impossibly high. It used to ne that the FTC took action anytime a single company controlled more than 10% of the given market. These companies are warping our communication, free speech and economy in very negative ways. We need to break them up like we did AT&T

  17. Since when does the First Amendment apply to private companies? The Constiution exists to protect Americans from government overreach.

  18. I can use my phone to call any one with a phone. If I elect to misuse the service, there will be consequences. Any company that offers a service for a fee, should not be able to limit my use, for the service for which I have paid. If I want to learn about White Supremacists, so be it. There is a record of my search. If I search about how to bomb Black churches, so be it. If I bomb the church, than, I suffer the consequences.
    If I have my use limited, based on an algorithm, well, shucks, I guess I’ll go watch NASCAR.

  19. Form other companies…helmed by conservatives. I would buy stock in such…or help with some “go-fund me” type help…While I’m on the subject…we need a “conservative” version of go-fund me.

  20. This site is proof that there is no censorship. If fact checking bother you, stop saying bullshit or use another search engine. Google have the right to do this since it’s their search engine, you want to force them to put shit in your research results, while noone forces you to use Google, meaning you’re the fascist here. I don’t want flat earthist or creationist bullshit in my research results when I’m working.

    • No, it’s not. Censorship occurs in many ways and suppression of data is real. Eliminating section 230 would be a start toward eliminating the fascism that has crept into technology by left wing oppressors.

      “I don’t want flat earthist or creationist bullshit in my research results when I’m working.”

      What common sense people do is ignore the content they don’t like and those who appreciate freedom would not ask to have it removed or the voices silenced like you, asshole.

      • You do realise that facism is extreme right wing not left wing right? Or are you just retarded?

      • No, I don’t buy into absurd myths promulgated by haters and bigots like you.

      • Oh I’m having a grand old time triggering the retards who use forums like this. Maybe I’ll go on a Christian one next what do you think ;)

      • Interesting and it brings to mind this quote which seems to fit you perfectly:
        “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.”
        ― Eric Hoffer

      • My life ain’t empty I’m not the one taking part in a massive online circle jerk to feel good about myself

      • Apparently your too ashamed to admit you lack a life since your sitting there spewing hate at people you disagree with and don’t even know. So, yes you are taking part in the circle jerk and you are the designated pivot man or person depending on your preferred pronoun.

  21. Some are missing the point in these comments. Government doesn’t “break up companies” because they are too big. Courts “break up companies” who are using their monopolistic market position to prevent other companies from growing or flourishing. In the case of AT&T, it owned all of the telecommunication lines in America, when the “baby bells” were broken away from the parent company. They owned the subsidiaries, the lines, the phone manufacturers, i.e. no one could “play” in telecommunications in America without bowing to AT&T. Predatory business policies mark a monopoly, not the size of the business (or political viewpoint of their managements).

    Who can say that some of these tech companies are not monopolies. Amazon is, because it’s own the entire supply chain in multiple, intersecting markets (but then Walmart, who is less proficient online, is close to doing the same thing). Google almost certainly is, looking at how it’s integrated it’s search engine into determining consumer choices.

    These companies are providing terrific goods and services at affordable pricing. For that, American’s can “forgive” their predatory market policies (unless you’re a small start up trying to find oxygen, suffocating because of them). However, predatory politics and fascist censorship will kill them. Ask Mussolini about his fate once the citizens when from adoring fans to serfs under his rule.

    These tech executives have forgotten history. FREEDOM wins, every time.

  22. Ignore the real America at your own peril…..Tech comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

  23. this is the biggest load of conservative propaganda i’ve ever seen. fact checking is not censoring. if your shit is not making it through the fact checks it’s not factual you retards

      • That’s quite the witty reply. If you’re 8 years old

      • You are complaining about so called censorship of your political views but here you are trying to silence mine. I think that mommy should take away your computer privileges before you poison the Internet with your childishness

  24. It’s true, but here’s the problem. Just like NRO switched its comments section to Facebook within a month of the stories of FB “censoring” conservatives, American Greatness is perfectly willing to accommodate the tech giants. Take a look at the source for this simple article and all the scripts, adware, cookies, trackers, etc.

    There are 120 references to Google in the source and 4 in the text body. 66 to FB and 2 in text body, and 60 to Twitter and 3 in the text body. You want their money like everyone else.

    I have been a subscribe to AG since mid-summer 2016, and I subscribe to “American Affairs.” I don’t mind playing, but I still have to be the product, have my privacy invaded, and get tracked. You should have a mirrored site without all that for subscribers, at the least.

    My operating system is Linux, my browser the open source Vivaldi, my email is Fastmail, my search engine DuckDuckGo. I am not on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and my FB is family and real friends only (no pages), and I use a separate, dedicated browser (Epiphany) for FB alone so they can’t track me. If it weren’t for pictures of my kids, grandkids, sisters, nieces, nephews, parents et al I would leave FB too.

    Conservatives can’t do anything about the tech giant monopoly and their hostility to conservative ideas and principals while sleeping in bed with them.