Dems’ Russia Collusion Ruse: ‘Blame Trump and Hope for the Best’

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When asked about the Russian collusion scandal, Hillary Clinton opined: “I think it’s probably bigger than Watergate because it’s about the future.” Former Director of National Intelligence James “The” Clapper concurred, claiming the collusion case “pales” in comparison to Watergate.

Today, we can see they weren’t just boasting. They were, in fact, correct.

The only thing they got wrong was the culprit, but that was their plan all along. It wasn’t Donald Trump in the dining room with a lead pipe; it was the Democrats inside and outside the Obama Administration that colluded with Russia and undermined an in-coming president; American institutions’ and elections’ integrity; the media elite’s credibility; and, most importantly, our national security.

Now, with millions of leftists and “never Trumpers” stricken with cognitive dissonance, Republicans must resist the temptation to declare victory; instead, per House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ (R-Calif.) lead, they must delve into the amoral morass that is the real Russian collusion scandal and report the facts for the contemplation and judgment of the sovereign American people. To do so, they must resist the fallacy that the Democrats are facing multiple, separate scandals and compartmentalize their investigations and findings. No, be it Uranium One, abusive unmasking and surveillance of political opponents, illegal leaks, the Awan brothers and/or DNC email “hacking,” etc., the Democrats’ Russian collusion scandals are all one scandal.

Initially, the Trump-Russian Collusion myth was fostered to provide a false pretext or excuse for the Obama administration to abuse the police and intelligence gathering powers of the state to domestically spy on a political opponent’s campaign; and, subsequently, to conveniently explain away and distract from the DNC email “hack’s” revelations, which were produced by an inside job (though not from the tragically murdered Seth Rich).

Later, after Trump won the election, the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign faced the nightmare scenario of a Republican administration and Congressional majority uncovering their political collusion and official collusion—Uranium One—with Putin’s Russia. Panicked, they employed a typical tactic to cover its tracks: namely, the Left accuses others of what the Left does. Consequently, they amped up their media elite echo chamber to cover their tracks by accusing in-coming President Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and America.

The Obama administration and Clinton campaign’s hope was that the Trump-Russia Collusion myth would keep the incoming administration and Republican Congress at bay until the mid-term elections, wherein they further hoped to recapture at least one chamber of Congress. Then, if successful, until they could defeat President Trump’s re-election bid, they could frustrate any and all attempts by the Trump Justice Department and Congress to investigate and reveal that the real culprits of Russian collusion.

Like all perps, they believed the “best” crime is not one where the culprit escapes; the “best” crime is one where the victim is blamed. Ergo, the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign “escape plan” was to “blame Trump and hope for the best.”

And they almost got away with it, as the incoming administration’s initial responses to the Trump Russian Collusion myth in many instances abetted it. But this is understandable, as such an insidious undermining of a succeeding administration is unprecedented in the annals of American history.

Despite all it all, the Obama Administration, Clinton campaign, congressional shills like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), NeverTrumpers, the media elite and millions of sincere but misled Leftists across America still deny their hopes are turned to ashes by the truth:

President Trump did not collude with the Russians. The Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians.

And, yes, this scandal will prove bigger than Watergate.

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Thaddeus G. McCotter
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