Dems’ Russia Collusion Ruse: ‘Blame Trump and Hope for the Best’

When asked about the Russian collusion scandal, Hillary Clinton opined: “I think it’s probably bigger than Watergate because it’s about the future.” Former Director of National Intelligence James “The” Clapper concurred, claiming the collusion case “pales” in comparison to Watergate.

Today, we can see they weren’t just boasting. They were, in fact, correct.

The only thing they got wrong was the culprit, but that was their plan all along. It wasn’t Donald Trump in the dining room with a lead pipe; it was the Democrats inside and outside the Obama Administration that colluded with Russia and undermined an in-coming president; American institutions’ and elections’ integrity; the media elite’s credibility; and, most importantly, our national security.

Now, with millions of leftists and “never Trumpers” stricken with cognitive dissonance, Republicans must resist the temptation to declare victory; instead, per House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ (R-Calif.) lead, they must delve into the amoral morass that is the real Russian collusion scandal and report the facts for the contemplation and judgment of the sovereign American people. To do so, they must resist the fallacy that the Democrats are facing multiple, separate scandals and compartmentalize their investigations and findings. No, be it Uranium One, abusive unmasking and surveillance of political opponents, illegal leaks, the Awan brothers and/or DNC email “hacking,” etc., the Democrats’ Russian collusion scandals are all one scandal.

Initially, the Trump-Russian Collusion myth was fostered to provide a false pretext or excuse for the Obama administration to abuse the police and intelligence gathering powers of the state to domestically spy on a political opponent’s campaign; and, subsequently, to conveniently explain away and distract from the DNC email “hack’s” revelations, which were produced by an inside job (though not from the tragically murdered Seth Rich).

Later, after Trump won the election, the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign faced the nightmare scenario of a Republican administration and Congressional majority uncovering their political collusion and official collusion—Uranium One—with Putin’s Russia. Panicked, they employed a typical tactic to cover its tracks: namely, the Left accuses others of what the Left does. Consequently, they amped up their media elite echo chamber to cover their tracks by accusing in-coming President Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and America.

The Obama administration and Clinton campaign’s hope was that the Trump-Russia Collusion myth would keep the incoming administration and Republican Congress at bay until the mid-term elections, wherein they further hoped to recapture at least one chamber of Congress. Then, if successful, until they could defeat President Trump’s re-election bid, they could frustrate any and all attempts by the Trump Justice Department and Congress to investigate and reveal that the real culprits of Russian collusion.

Like all perps, they believed the “best” crime is not one where the culprit escapes; the “best” crime is one where the victim is blamed. Ergo, the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign “escape plan” was to “blame Trump and hope for the best.”

And they almost got away with it, as the incoming administration’s initial responses to the Trump Russian Collusion myth in many instances abetted it. But this is understandable, as such an insidious undermining of a succeeding administration is unprecedented in the annals of American history.

Despite all it all, the Obama Administration, Clinton campaign, congressional shills like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), NeverTrumpers, the media elite and millions of sincere but misled Leftists across America still deny their hopes are turned to ashes by the truth:

President Trump did not collude with the Russians. The Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians.

And, yes, this scandal will prove bigger than Watergate.

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173 responses to “Dems’ Russia Collusion Ruse: ‘Blame Trump and Hope for the Best’

  • The DNC ,very shortly, is going to wish it never opened this can of worms.

      • Lol!!! Right WoodyJ. Now how old are those circumstances described in Muellers indictment and when and how long did he work for Trump?

      • What is it you think? Manafort has some super duper magic evidence in his head that he can use to “snitch” on Trump and get off with a reduced charge?

      • I would imagine that the lawyers will make short work of these charges.

      • He’ll beat everything but the misdemeanor charges on registering as a foreign agent, which Mueller doubled-down on and contorted it into a felony charge. Manafort will have the best representation money can buy.

  • All this – except possibly the last sentence – is very true and well said. Thank you. Yet do you, Mr McCotter, really suppose that the Republicans in Congress will move as one body, like a pack of hounds chasing after vermin, to expose all the huge vile Democratic Party wrongdoings to the light of day, given that most of the Republicans in Congress are so very much a part of the Swamp themselves and themselves have so very much to hide?

    How do you think the Clintons have got away with everything for decades? I deduce it is by knowing too much about everyone in Washington DC and being able to threaten that citadel of corruption’s inhabitants – in the political class, the media, the bureaucracy – with exposure if they did/do not (to some extent) collaborate with the Clinton Party.

    That is why the Democrats rigged things in favor of having hopeless candidate Hillary last year. They KNEW she was viscerally detested by half the electorate, loathed beyond any possibility of placating that 50% of the country; and yet they went ahead with a standard-bearer so lamentably lamed from the start, because the penalties for failing to choose her would be grim!

    Hence also the behavior of the mainstream media. If CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the rest of them fail to keep suppressing significant truths and telling whoppers in favor of President Obama, Secretary Clinton &c &c, big names in those organisations and other branches of the Swamp will find themselves disgraced.

    They can all be, in one fashion or another, given the kind of treatment Harvey Weinstein or Mark Halperin or Paul Manafort are currently undergoing. Or worse: they can join a long list of ‘suicides’ who have managed to shoot themselves in the back of the head and then jump into a river.

    If a land becomes decadent enough for long enough, such is the rule of the arbiters who get control of it. Abandoning Christianity has produced, as T S Eliot said it would, its own dire punishment.

    • …because the penalties for failing to choose her would be grim!

      Someday, far, far, into the distant future, at least as far away as we are from 1963, there will be a document dump which explains once and for all just why this is so; why so many were afraid of these two manifestly compromised, worthless, and unaccomplished grifters; and what on earth, apart from their undying devotion to Roe, made them so worth protecting at absolutely all costs.

      Indeed, it may provide some explanation why anyone could have possibly fathomed the idea that this crazy, Marxist old broad had any business being anywhere near the White House in any capacity but as a tourist. Because for the life of me, for 25 years I’ve been at a loss to explain their entire careers.

    • You have a point, but the Weinstein analogy is more apt than you’d perhaps intended. For decades, Weinstein used his considerable power to kill stories about him, just like the Clintons. Then, one day, the dam broke, and suddenly TONS of people came forward with allegations.

      Maybe you’re right and the Clintons will keep everyone in a terrified silence, but, then again, maybe the dam is about to break.

  • As long as Mueller is running the sham investigation, the real story will not be revealed, mainly because Mueller is up to his neck in it.

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  • The dems will continue to deny, distract and deflect the blame for this most shameful scandal in the history of this great country like some evil, psychopathic super-villain. They will do so as long as there is a democrat mainstream media to run interference for them.

    They are black hearts.

    • The Obama Administration is the most corrupt in history – THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW and our government better damn well bring these traitors to justice – PRISOn and ORANGE JUMPSUITS and ANAL EXAMINATIONS – although for Hillary, that would take a village!

  • There is one other piece to consider and that is someone(s) in the Dem party are making moves to shift the party away from the Clintons in an effort to swing the party away from Bernie. I suspect both Fienstein and Pelosi have sent a big message to the crazies to put a sock in Antifa’s mouth. Both these gals plus Chuck Schumer realize they can’t battle Bernie while Hillary remains front page news. These three represent the honey holes of campaign cash left in the party. The takedown of Harvey Weinstein looks like an attack on the Clinton’s funding base. With him gone, Pelosi, Feinstein and Schumer are the bankers of Dem campaigns going forward. I believe Soros will be backing Bernie, but knows if he plays the Antifa card, he too, will be thrown to the wolves.

  • Agreed. Everybody jumped to make the issue about who paid for the dossier as THE issue.

    That revelation just confirmed 5 other issues and proved for the 5,000th time that Hillary, Podesta and Wasserman are liars.

  • Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

  • Mr. McCotter–Unless you’re trying to prove that Clapper is tied for first place with Nancy Pelosi in the garbled communication/malapropisms department, I suggest you drop the Clapper quote from your lead paragraph. If Clapper thinks the collusion case “pales in comparison to Watergate,” that means he thinks the collusion case is “much less serious or important” than Watergate.

  • And, how does the author know that Seth Rich was not murdered at the behest of pustule Clinton? The Rosenberg’s crimes pale in comparison. Long strings of gallows need be constructed on the steps of the capitol to adequately address this one.

  • These are the morons who couldn’t bring themselves to refer to the government shutdowns as “Obama shutdowns”. Expecting them to behave in an intelligent, unified manner is a but much. Especially with treacherous scrunts like Caitlyn Graham (D, Soros), McCain (D, Soros) , Flake (D, Soros), Corker (D, Soros), and collins (D, Soros) fouling the halls.

  • Thaddeus, you are obviously a racist, and probably a homophobic Islamophobe as well. Just ask any Democrat.

    • and you’re a Bernie backing socialist scumbag. Which is worse than a Nazi.

  • The absolute panic among the poorly educated Trump supporters is glorious to witness.

    • Panic for what? Prosecuting manafort for charges unrelated to collusion that occurred years before the election won’t bring down Trump.

      If you are waiting for someone to “snitch” you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

      • All you have to do is follow the money, In the 1980s Trump was found guilty of money laundering for a convicted drug dealer usung his AC casinos. He paid more than $800,000 in fines to the NJ Gaming commission but for some unknown reason did not have his casino licenses lifted. Mueller will find out, if he does not already know that rump has continued the same kind money laundering up to the recent past with several Russian banks.
        That’s why he won’t release his income taxes and why he will never say a bad word about Putin or Russia. He needs to keep this secret and will do anything to not let this out. This conflict of interest between his personal business and his responsibilty to the nation will be exposed. Just wait & watch.

      • Oh I’m waiting and watching… and laughing my rear off at every false conspiracy theory as it gets debunked and tossed into the trash bin.

        Manafort was not Trump’s personal money manager. So whatever he did, he’d still have no knowledge of any Trump business dealings in Russia.

        If doing business in Russia is a crime then Coca Cola, GM, even McDonalds and a bunch of other companies are committing crimes as we speak.

      • Given your screen name. Your hatred is so deep I doubt anything will wake you up.

        I figure you’ll realize that Trump isn’t going anywhere after the mid terms when we beat your butts again.

      • With an approval rating in free fall and a hound looking at his Russian money laundering? Beahahahaha!!!

      • Here’s a hint, tard: we won, you lost, get over it. And a suggestion: hold your breath while waiting for someone to save your skank ass from the 8 years of the Trump presidency.

      • Won? Won what? The right to destroy the GOP? Trump will be lucky to avoid jail and all his deplorable redneck syncophants can crawl back under your trailers where you belong.

      • Won what? The GOP needs destroying as much as the DEMoCRAP party does. Destroy and replace by honest governance.

        See your handlers for corroborative detail on ‘won what,’ Einstein. But, for starters, how about the SC for the next generation? How about a 60% decrease in illegal alien invasion even before the wall is begun? How about a gigantic reduction in regulations from the obammie era? How about the best economy in 10 years? How about the filling of hundreds of judicial appointments with strict constitutionalist judges? How about the non stop, shatting in the pants of sissy pussy-hat girly-men like you?

        Yeah, ”Trump will be lucky to avoid jail’ like Trump would never be nominated, like Trump would be offed by the ‘real repubs’, like Trump would be vaporized by the ‘outrage’ of the week, like Trump would loose 400 to 12 in the electoral college, like Trump would lose the entire rust belt, REMEMBER???? And, Still, this is the best you low-T squealers have? You are doomed in the 2018 midterms, sally!

        Best free entertainment in decades. No wonder Democrat-Hollywood Perv land is tanking at the BO with such wonderful free competition.
        Now, go put on your pussy hat and scream at the sky on the anniversary of election day,

      • Feel better you impotent POS? Trump is going down and then we’re coming for you bro.n@zi fuks next.

      • Tell it to the Supreme Court, girly. And, again, hold your breath as Trump goes down – there’ll be one less cockroach in the world.

      • oh you old rednecks are amusing. Let me guess. You just got off some hellhole third shift? Drive an 87 pickup truck? Live in the classic white trash trailer park? Yeah, you sure showed us liberals what “freedumb” is! No need for any of that there book learnin? Well good for you. Go smoke some meth now.

      • You’re quite the parody aren’t ya’ Sally. A pussy-hat (worn proudly by your side- remember, Ellen?) projecting your own miserable failures on others. Because, that’s the best you losers have. Tell me again how superior you are – with your ‘it’s her turn’ candidate NOT IN THE WH, with your wonderful progressive commie party losing the house, senate and over 1000 major seats nationwide since obammy came along.

        You were and are so hilarious wrong about EVERYTHING, but you know about me, eh? Now huff and puff, spray some spittle, kick your widdle hands and feet and hold your breath till you turn blue. That will show me!

        Keep doing what you’re doin, Mary, as it’s working so wonderfully well for MY side.

      • Ah, the impotent ramblings of a poorly educated Trump voter. Is there anything more sad in all the land? You were told for years to get an education so you could compete in the new economy and you just kept thinking your mil/factory/mine job was gong to be safe. Now you’re living in a trailer getting welfare and blaming the blacks and mexican’s for all your troubles. There just isn’t anything worse than white trash rednecks.

      • I’m getting the picture now. Since Dec. 2013 – 33,000 posts. From much previous experience with prog fantasists, you are undoubtedly fabulously successful, retired with a great pension, hot wife and loads of ‘high-end’ friends, yada yada yada.

        Who, oddly enough, sends his life on pathetic chat boards, hissing and drooling with – to use one of your favorite and oft repeated words – ‘impotent’ rage for 33 thousand posts since 2014.

        I’m not interested in living in your deranged mind, even if it is rent free. Bad education, can’t compete, mil job, in a trailer, welfare!!! You left out I’m a bad dancer, oh swami.

        Keep telling yourself and each other how fabulous, smart (?) and superior (?) you are. Whether Soros troll working out of mommy’s basement, or useful idiot (and, I do mean idiot), you and yours are as valuable to the Trump re-election campaign as Nancy Pelosi, Pustule Clinton and Tom Perez combined.

      • You’re not getting squat. I see you’re a Breitbart devotee. That says volumes about your intelligence and station in life. Don’t be mad at us successful people. If you put your mind to it you can have a job where you work from home and get to goof off on websites on one screen while you work on the other 3. It just takes hard work and desire. And you’ll have to give up the meth.

      • The psycho ward is calling to ask if you wiped the spittle off your keyboard today? The keys gum up with such over use.

  • Talk is cheap… prove it in court like Mueller did to a grand jury on Manafort. Then you can talk.

    • So what? Why should we care about manafort getting some charges? It’s not like he has some super secret evidence to snitch on Trump with.

  • Let’s take a moment to remind the marks that they’re targets of a con man.

    A person worth 10 billion, getting a ridiculously low 1%,
    Makes 100,000,000 a year.
    2 million a week.

    A person worth many millions but who spends like a billionaire, on the other hand,
    He’s in constant need of cash flow.

    Such a person runs cons, and exploits marks.

    Such a person does stuff like trump university, and routinely reneges on his contracts.

    Such a person routinely exploits his suckers.

    • Trump is almost certainly worth billions. He took a $916 million loss in 1995. He leaked two pages from his 2005 tax return showing he paid $38 million in taxes that year. That means he had to take profits of at least $916 million between 1996 and 2004, or over $100 million per year, or he would have continued avoiding paying taxes. He’s probably not worth $10 billion, but he’s almost certainly a multi-billionaire.

  • I agree with almost all of the article. I am however very doubtful that Republicans and Americans in general will have the stomach to investigate this properly. Half the country will fight it, and the other half mainly lack the will to fight the Clintons, the Press, Obama and their enablers. I sure hope I’m wrong, but I see some convictions or plea agreements with Manafort and such, then Mueller washes his hands and says, yup, all done. Nothing else to see here.

    • Mueller will not quit. He’s classic, old school FBI. Like Melvin Purvis, G man.

      • He’ll “never quit” yeah, perhaps. But he also is dirty. He’ll ignore the Dems and go strictly after the Republicans. Nobody, and I mean NOOOOOOOOBODY assembles such a bunch of pure partisan hacks if they intend to be “bi-partisan.” I HOPE I’m wrong, don’t think so though.

      • The Repulicans are talking about wrapping it up soon because they have found nothing. They have tax cuts and finishing off the budget. And get back to the disaster called Obamacare. Mueller has found things with nothing to do with Trump. The special counsel will be wrapping up soon too, because there is collusion crime to investigate.

      • Mueller was FBI Director when Crooked Hillary used her influence as Secretary of State to help Russia obtain the buying rights to 20% of America’s Uranium!

        Why hasn’t he charged Hillary, Comey, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch?

  • Russia hacked both sides, and only released the negative info on Clinton.

    And con man trump says the Russians were colluding with Clinton.

    And trumpzos buy in.

    Does stupid ever end?

    • Option 1: Russia wanted to help Trump by releasing negative information on Clinton.

      Option 2: Russia wanted to help Clinton with information in dossier.

      But, I like Option 3: Both. Russia didn’t care who won. There goal was to destabilize the election so America would tear itself apart. And, with a lot of help from the democrats, it looks like they’re succeeding.

  • Let’s recap the news of October 30.

    trump’s former campaign manager and that manager’s top aide got indicted. 12 counts each. Each now has the chance to be the first to blow the whistle and trade about 20 years’ jail time for immunity. Let that race begin.

    And the far bigger story, one of trump’s foreign policy advisors pled guilty to lying to the FBI on more than one occasion early in 2017. He lied about direct contacts with Russians in and effort to get Russia’s aid for the trump campaign starting in March and April, 2016.

    Now, let’s ask ourselves, how did the FBI know he was lying to them?

    Must be because of EVIDENCE that they had contradicting the lies he was telling them.

    And now he’s taken a secret plea.

    Which means one thing to experienced people (my law license is now 40 years old, by the way):


    So, trumpsuckers, let’s talk about Clinton…


    • I agree he probably flipped, but that only matters if he had something on Trump, and I doubt he did. I don’t think Trump colluded in any way with Russia, or we would have seen evidence. Frankly, I don’t think he was even really trying to win. I think he was trying to build a brand with Republicans, lose the election, say it was rigged, and then launch a TV network to the right of Fox News, which would have made him fantastically rich.

      • He was arrested in July. He’s been wearing a wire for 10 weeks, talking to people.

        You will see the evidence in due course.

        Watergate – June 1972.

        See what Nixon’s defenders were saying in July 1973, and how confident they were.

        Patience, grasshopper.


      • Even if he were wearing a wire, that would only produce evidence if there’s evidence to produce. I don’t think there was any collusion, or, if there was, it didn’t directly involve Trump. If they get Trump on anything, it’ll probably be some kind of tax evasion or business-related bribe from years ago, and I don’t think a wire is likely to be the source of that kind of insight.

      • Papadopoulos is only the latest in a long list of trump campaign people to have been working to get meetings with representatives of the Russian government for the purpose of getting that governments info on Clinton.
        Junior did it.
        Manafort did it.
        Kushner did it.
        And others.

        Yes, there is evidence to produce.

      • There is no underlying crime. It is not illegal to meet with or talk with Russians or to obtain information from foreign sources for free. Even if you pay for it the crime is a failure to disclose or a misrepresentation of the information. All the public information confirms that there was no ongoing relationships, no money expended, and no information recieved. All that is left is mueller chasing thin perjury and obstruction charges to cover up crimes that don’t exist.

      • LOL.

        Keep spitting into that wind.

        Watergate happened in June 1972.

        Look at what the Nixon defenders were saying in July 1973.

        Compare your comments to that.

      • Watergate was a make believe scandal intended to entrap the President. Impeachment is a political question. Nixon resigned before there was a trial in the senate. And ford issued pardons. I am discussing a purported criminal proceeding that was started under false pretenses. The parallels to Nixon are proof of the scam by comey, in my opinion. He fancies himself a king maker. Let’s see….mysterious break in of the dnc. A coverup. A rat from the fbi. And an obstruction charge. Hmm. Does Sound familiar. But Since we can trace all of it to Perkins Coie….there are some real questions.

      • Your girl Hillary and the DNC actually paid a middleman $millions to collude with the Russians on their behalf (Funded the Dossier).

      • You trumpzos sure put a lot of chips on this number.

        Understand the difference between seeking aid from “The Russians,” and seeking information from “Russians,”

        Where the law bars foreign countries from interfering in our elections?

        And, by the way, when was “the dossier” used in the election?

      • Even if he were wearing a wire, that would only produce evidence if there’s evidence to produce. I don’t think there was any collusion, or, if there was, it didn’t directly involve Trump. If they get Trump on anything, it’ll probably be some kind of tax evasion or business-related bribe from years ago, and I don’t think a wire is likely to be the source of that kind of insight.

      • Mueller is famously tight lipped. We hear essentially nothing, which is the way it should be. Why would you think ‘we would have seen evidence’ if there was any wrongdoing?

        I agree with his goal of getting publicity to launch a TV channel.. makes sense to collaborate with Bannon, etc. Maybe Trump is wishing that panned out.

      • He probably is wishing he’d lost. I can’t imagine why anyone would want the job, except for ego. He’s got the ego, but I still think the pressure has to be just awful.

        As far as leaks, Mueller is running a relatively tight ship, but there have been leaks. Honestly, if you’re interested, you should read about Palantir, which is basically like Google for confidential information. I’m sure lots of people have been searching for these links, and pretty much everything (phone calls, email, you name it) gets hoovered up and into the NSA’s system. If there were much to allegations of collusion, people would have found it in minutes, not months.

    • If you have a law license as I do, you would have noticed that the indictment of Papadopoulous actually exonerates the Trump campaign and proves there was no active relationship. All Mueller has is his efforts to pin obstruction and perjury charges on as many Trump subordinates as he can. He will go after Jared and Trump Jr, to force Trump’s hand on the pardons. Then argue the pardons are obstruction. Mueller is corrupt as they come.

      • What we learned today is
        -a trump campaign operative was in contact with the Russians as early as March 2016, seeking to collude with that government on trump’s behalf
        -lied about it to the FBI,
        -was arrested in July
        -spent the next three months cooperating with the investigation
        -probably wore a wire in that time
        -and was allowed to cop to a plea on Oct 7
        -meaning Mueller was satisfied with the results of three months of cooperation.

        You call this exonoration?

        You have new and innovative ways to show your lousy judgement.

      • Yes. The substance of the indictment shows that this individual was attempting to arrange meeting that are neuter illegal or unusual for presidential candidates. The trump campaign never conceded to the meeting and even confirmed that it needed to investigate the legality. Collusion is not a crime. It requires a crime to even exist and the word presumes facts not in evidence. Mueller is guilty of abuse of process and conspiracy against rights. 18 usc 241. He has a long history of this type of abusive entrapment and hopefully will be burned as he tries to protect his friends comey and rosenstein.

      • Are you saying that it is legal for a campaign to take aid from a foreign government?

        And that the Acting AG lacks the authority to hire an attorney and vest that attorney with authority over an investigation?


      • Why don’t you ask Hillary, and her &145,000,000, FROM THE RUSSIANS, for 20% of our Uranium?

        Or, you could ask Mueller why HIS FBI was paying Steele, for his phoney Dossier?


      • The vast majority of that donation came from Frank Guistra, a Canadian, not a Russian, after he sold HHis stake in 2007. Obama wasn’t even President, or Clinton SoS. Three years later 9 agencies approved the deal, Fuistra did not benefit. He sold three years earlier. And btw, the FBI never paid Steele. Googling facts takes about as long as posting.

      • The free exchange of information is protected by the first amendment. The fec rule that prohibits foreign contribution to elections had never been applied to the free exchange and reporting of information. That canard was advanced by bob bauer over at Perkins Coie. Funny huh? The guy who was paying the Kremlin to influence our elections has provided a road map to his own conviction. h mueller of course has followed these theories, giving more weight to the idea he is participating in a 241 conspiracy.
        As for the acting Ag. His authority is limited to the regulation he is acting under. The appointment’s statement of jurisdiction is flawed because it lacks the statement specifically identifying the crime to be investigated or person to be investigated. 28 cfr 600.4 If he or mueller is proved to know the origins of the dossier they have engaged in criminal fraud by failing to inform congress and the court of material facts because James comey testified that he leaked information for the express purpose of influencing of a special counsel. See 18 usb 1505.
        So yes. I am serious.

      • Mueller authorizantion is broad based, including such matters as Trumps business dealings. No nonspun argument about that. Collusion is indeed not a legal term, and you imply that the use of that word alone implies innocence. Enough said.

      • Here is Muellers jurisdiction. Are you sure you have a law degree? This is fairly simple English:

        “In appointing Mueller, however, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave him broad authority not only to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated” with Trump’s campaign, but also to examine “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

        Rosenstein also gave Mueller the power to investigate “any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)” — including perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses.”

      • Both indictments and the plea deal arose ‘directly from the investigation’. You allege they did not? Or that the letter doesn’t say what it says? Or the appointment itself was not legal, an opinion to state it mildly, is not widely shared. Either way, your conclusion is absurd, on both a legal and common sense perspective.

      • I am not saying rosenstein doesn’t have the authority, I am saying he failed to exercise that authority in accordance with the statutory procedures. There is nothing novel or strange about a due process challenge in a criminal investigation. Simply put. Rosenstein failed to follow proper procedure when he appointed bob mueller and his merry band to run an ill defined investigation into everybody to determine if an undefined crime was committed by any of them. See? The alternative is to permit that an ag can simply dispatch his people with subpoena power to dig into everything and anything about anyone, completely removed from normal oversight and insulated from view. Really? Is that the argument? This statute has only been used 3 times. The other two were very specific. The statute is very specific.

      • Here is the link: 28 cfr 600.4 requires that they be a “specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated”. This provision must be read in conjunction with 28 cfr 600.1 that authorizes a special counsel when “a criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted” James comey’s investigation as referenced in the letter was identified as a counter intelligence investigation and nowhere is a criminal statute or violation identified. I know some of those fancy law schools don’t teach the constitutional foundations of administrative and criminal procedure, but they do exist. The jurisdiction is flawed. In fact, fusion GPS lawyers offered a similar challenge to Devon Nunez’ subpoena power. However, that was based on his recusal which had no statutory or regulatory basis.

      • He does specify the scope of the special counsel in the three bullet points following the reference to the FBI investigation, including the ‘matters that arise’. So you say his mandate is unconstitutional, that crimes discovered that are related to the original investigation must be ignored. (And it is far from clear that these two cases aren’t related, to say the least, to the scope and means of Russian interference in the election in any case.)

      • I’m not sure if we are commenting past each other, but there is no specific statement of facts regarding a criminal matter. See 28 cfr 600.1, which circumscribes the appointment to criminal matters. James comey opened a counter intelligence investigation. The reason this is important is that there are two differnt standards for the warrants. So while I accept that this regulation has not been tested, there is a heavier burden on the government to establish probable cause. If the dossier was used …

      • If you have a law license, it was definitely a good idea not to use your real name. An plea deal by Papodoupolous ‘exonerates’ the Trump campaign? If these are similar to your legal arguments, have any of your clients gone free?

      • I’ve covered this ground. The factual allegations, which muller is now bound by, tend to establish both the absence of an existing relationship with Russia and a lack of urgency on the part of the campaign to establish one. So you can stop the aspersions. The stipulation destroys half the narrative and tends to support that the efforts to meet with the trump campaign were initiated by the russian side and unsuccessful.

      • They let him cop to the one count after he “proactively” cooperated for three months.

        You should look into what that means.

        Like the safecracker in a bank robbery team turning states evidence and being allowed to cop to trespassing.

  • You may be right, but the question is whether Manafort has anything on Trump. I agree Trump almost certainly did not collude with Russia, but I have a hard time believing he never broke any laws, ever. If Manafort knows about anything Trump did, even years ago, he may share that information to avoid spending time in prison.

    Mueller and many others are determined to take down Trump. Don’t forget, we found out about Monica Lewinsky as a result of Ken Starr’s investigation into Whitewater.

    • And if you are correct, what you will have witnessed is the subversion of our entire Democratic process and system of laws. Trump has been audited and investigated ad-nauseum by the IRS and his enemies in New York state, He has paid fines and conceded to minor infractions. This is all well known. Nothing has come of it. He built a business and media empire employing tens of thousands of people. He ran for President as a mere citizen, un-beholden to the Clintons or the rest of the donor class. But, what we witnessed was an FBI director, Comey, NSA director, Clapper, outgoing Presidential Admin and many others actively use a fake dossier to entrap a President into technical “obstruction of justice.” When it failed, Comey maneuvered to have his cronies appointed to continue the attempt – the smear campaign in full implementation. All the while aided and abetted by other elected officials and persons that had taken oaths to uphold the law. It is beyond the pale and boarders on sedition and should disgust us all as fellow citizens of the Republic.

      • If what you’re saying is true, and I think, to an extent, it is, then it doesn’t “border on sedition”. That is sedition.

  • The calls to ‘look over her’ are intensifying, as the ‘ nothingburger’ of Mueller investigation now has criminal indictments and a plea deal of lying to the FBI about contacts with Russians while working on the Trump campaign. Whatever happened with Clinton can be looked at, but it can’t be coherently said that there is nothing to find in Muellers investigation. Mannafort likely committed crimes, and the Russians knew that. At that point, classic spycraft, they owned Trumps campaign manager.

    • Lying or as Hillary would say misspoke about the date. Hardly a big deal but Mueller wants something to justify the investigation and take cover for his own wrong doing.

  • Nobody’s surprised that Trump’s campaign tried their darndest to collude with Russia, but it is pretty shocking how god-awful a job they did at covering their tracks.

  • Mark my words. Devin Nunez will go down in the history books as a hero to the Republic.

    • Yes, but will the leftists allow us to put up his statue, or declare him a white supremacist?

      • “White Hispanics aren’t real Hispanics.”

        — The American Neo-Bolshevist Party (the “We Call Ourselves Democrats™” people)

  • Thad is a flake and a phony. Hopefully that doesn’t detract from his essay which is little more than the words of a parrot who hears the news. While broadly true, it does not add anything to understanding. Stick with the geetar, Thaddeus.

  • Obama’s arrogance, Clinton’s dishonesty, Trump’s ego, and an always meddling Russia combined with billions of political dollars guaranteed malfeasance. An Obama-Clinton special prosecutor would balance things out so we the people get answers.

  • Plain speak. Great article. Hope the people on the left who were lied to, will have introspection.

    If you are still defending the criminals, the problem may be your core values. What does it say about you, when you root for the criminals and want the innocents to be the fall guy for your guy, then no amount of truth will suffice. The problem is more about who you really are as a person.

    Wake up. Justice should be fair for all. We are waiting for Obama et al, Clintons, Comey, Mueller, DNC, Brennan, Clapper, Podestas, CNN/MSMs, Lynch to get indicted for the many crimes that they committed and for continuing to create false propaganda to stage a coup on a legitimately elected President of the USA. These shouldn’t happen ever again. #WorstThanWatergate

    • I’m fascinated by your irony. For the record, most Americans are aware of the corrupt, scandalous history of Clinton’s career. That’s a big reason she was patently rejected in 2016. Your implication, however, that our president is an innocent fall guy can only be explained by a tragic naivety or a willful ignorance.

      • Our president is the most-capable person in the world of going after all of them with the full power of the DOJ. Likewise, he could fire Mueller at any time, fire anyone Congress may appoint to replace him. Yet, he’s done absolutely nothing formally to investigate criminality from his political opponents or end what he has endlessly called a deep-state witch-hunt. That’s inexplicable. If you’ve never considered this, the problem is tragic naivety. If you have, it’s willful ignorance.

      • How many billions in Russian money were laundered through Trump’s dodgy real estate developments?

      • Trump committed the crime of beating Hillary, and being an outsider in Washington .

      • Did it hit you that you are exactly the person I’m talking about? #WillfulBlindness #NoCure #CognitiveDissonance #MorallyImpairedLeft

      • Anyone attached to reality is who you’re talking about. That’s how fanatics work. But at least now I know it’s willful ignorance.

      • So what have you learned so far? After months of investigation, about Trump collusion with Russia, this is all Mueller came up with…alleged money laundering by Manafort from 2009 to 2014 (before Trump became a candidate) and it’s not tied to Mueller’s mandate as special prosecutor for Russian collusion to affect the 2016 election. And it is not for lack of trying. It’s an overreach and he still kept a blind eye on the real Russian collusion by your lefty guys.
        Here, read a bit and do your own research afterward.
        Are you willing to open your mind to the TRUTH. Ready? Can you handle it? Man up, clear your conscience and avoid the need to get triggered when faced with the TRUTH. It is painful, but it is the truth. Obama, DNC, Clintons are guilty and the MSMs, Comey, Lynch, Mueller himself are actively involved in the cover-up. #TruthHurtsForTheLeft #Left’sCognitiveDissonance

      • Truth isn’t more true because you type it in all caps, and arguments aren’t more clever because you end them with hashtags. You already know from my initial response that I don’t dispute corruption from the left whatsoever. That’s what makes you a liar. You have to believe I’m a leftist stereotype – not to convince me, but to convince yourself so you don’t have to feel like such a thoughtless fool.

      • What a ludicrous rant! “After months of investigation” you sneer, well how long did the Benghazi investigations drag on for? Four years wasn’t it and the best they try to get HRC for was the email server, which she was not prosecuted for. And Whitewater? lots of indictments of people in real estate and Arkansas politics, but no one from the Clinton Administration.

        You rant and rave wildly about Obama Administration corruption, but when one actually looks beyond the gilb accusations, the facts fail to support the conspiracy theories offered.

        Mueller could well be on to something with the Russia scandal. Manafort and Gates are under pressure, Papadopoulos has spilled the beans exposing some shady activity. Let’s see where it leads. Judging by Trump’s reactions so far, it’s not a good place.

        Oh, and this was great: “alleged money laundering by Manafort from 2009 to 2014 (before Trump became a candidate)”.

        Two can play at that game. You do know that of the $145 million given to the Clinton Foundation by the Uranium One people, $139 million of that was gifted by a Canadian businessman between 2005 and 2007, before HRC joined the Obama Admin.

        And does it bother you that Trump hired an alleged money launderer?

      • You’re watching way too much of CNN. Too bad, you’d stay in the Trump Derangement Syndromea and by the looks of it with your long rant, you are in too deep with the echo chamber that you don’t see your delusion. Anyway, as they say, fanatics will refuse to change (nor see the truth), SO, if you don’t see a smidgen of corruption/evidence with Obama and Hillary, then you’re OH, SO LOST.

      • By the way, I highlighted (with quotation marks and CAPS) some of the text YOU TYPED that would indicate how blind and dumb (sorry, for the truth) you are:

        “Two can play at that game. You do know that of the “$145 million” “given” to the Clinton Foundation by the Uranium One people, $139 million of that was “gifted” by a Canadian businessman between “2005 and 2007”, before HRC joined the Obama Admin. “And does it bother you that OBAMA hired a CORRUPT CRIMINAL WHO SOLD 20% OF THE COUNTRY’S URANIUM AS SECRETARY OF STATE?”

        And the whole rant you wrote is from CNN. Do some real research.

      • Are you an idiot? The sale of the Uranium One didn’t occur until 2010/11. The bulk of donations were between 2005 and 2008. Most of that I suspect was a payoff to Bill Clinton for his help in giving UrAsia, as it was known, the high-level access that helped them acquire the mine in Kazakhstan. America’s trifling uranium supply was of no interest to Rosatom – it was making money importing uranium and plutonium into the US – they were after the Kazakh mine.

      • Oh I do, but on Uranium One a lot of people either deliberately or through ignorance are getting the sequencing of the payments to the Clinton Foundation and their source wrong to sustain a corruption narrative that doesn’t have legs.

        The bulk of the $145 million everyone is so excited about came from a Canadian businessman not a Russian, before Hillary had even joined the Obama Administration and three years before Rosatom’s bid for complete control of Uranium One.

        Bill Clinton’s $500,000 for that speech falls within the timeframe, but so far no one has shown that (a) he received that payment on the understanding, implied or otherwise, that he would lobby in favor of the Rosatom deal; and (b) that he and/or Hillary personally lobbied the other agency heads behind the recommendation to support the proposal.

        Bill Clinton did a huge favor to UrAsia the precursor to Uranium One by lending his personal influence to their bid to a buy substantial uranium mine in Kazakhstan. The donations actually followed that transaction.

        It was because of that mine in Kazakhstan, plus others in other parts of the world, that Rosatom was interested in acquiring Uranium One (as it was later named), not the mine in the US which a minor asset in the broader scheme of things, especially given America’s high dependence on imported uranium (and plutonium, which Rosatom was importing into the US, which the bribery case was about).

      • No wonder, you believe the Canadian and Russian companies “gifted” the money to the Clintons. Say no more. LOL.

      • Gifted? Rich people don’t donate to foundations or political campaigns out of the inherent goodness of their hearts. That goes in spades for the GOP as well as I see various lobbyists, denizens of the swamp, seep into Trump’s MAGA administration. The donations to the Clinton Foundation had a purpose, some were pay-offs for Bill’s help with the Kazakh deal. Giustra’s generosity was to buy himself a seat on the Foundation and also to keep him connected to Bill Clinton whom he regarded as a brand that could help him get anything. Giustra had divested himself of any holdings in UrAsia/Uranium One well before Rosatom got hold of it.

        If you think there’s a scandal, perhaps you should think of it in terms of Rosatom stitching up part of the global uranium supply by taking over Uranium One with its assets across the world. Of course, had the CFIUS blocked the sale because of concerns over Russian ownership of the the US mine, I bet the sellers would have divested themselves of the US mine to ensure the sale went through. After all, the real prize for the Russians was that fat motherlode in Kazakhstan, not the crummy US operation.

      • No one believes you, ‘mon. But nice long rant. You can write a book or a novel or make a movie about your intentional blindness, BUT IT WON’T CHANGE THE FACT THAT THE CLINTONS ARE CRIMINALS AND CORRUPT and OBAMA, DNC, DEEP STATE and the MSMs ARE CO-CONSPIRATORS.

        As predicted you are just a sorry echo chamber dweller of the left. #TypicalLeftist #LeftistCantConvince #SAD #KarmaIsABitch #Left=Losers

      • No you don’t. It’s obvious. Save your breathe. #EchoChamberDweller #WillfulBlindness #LeftCan’tConvince

  • I’m sure you know Mr. McCotter, while Mueller is effectively fulfilling his legal mandate, The United States Attorney General, recused from The Trump Russia Collusion and Obstruction of Justice Investigations [only], not being recused from all other matters or persons criminal, can very easily investigate, indict and prosecute an American citizen, such as Hillary Clinton, a citizen very publicly accused by our “glorious leader”.

    So.., Mr. Attorney General, I urge you to do what Mueller has not hesitated to do – to wit, indict criminals.., to do what your boss insists should be done – to wit, Indict and lock up Hillary.
    Mr. AG, step up to the plate and indict the presidentially accused criminal.

    There is nothing stopping you. There is no opposition controlled congress to stop you. Yet.., curiously.., to date you have not.

    Why is that ?

    The answer might rest in the very distinct possibility that, as the 1st investigation seemingly revealed, there remains a lack of evidence to prove, beyond the required reasonable doubt, the validity of the deflecting allegations made by Mr. Session’s boss toward an American citizen.

    • Exactly.

      The whining trumpzos cannot come to grips with the fact that their guys have complete control over investigation of the very allegations they claim are being ignored.

      Freaking fools can’t deal with the fact that their guys are the ones ignoring the allegations.

  • I hope Mr. McCotter is right, because as my Democrat father said this morning, tongue in cheek of course, “they’ve got immunity.”

  • If you take the time to read the indictment it has nothing to do with the Trump campaign, Mueller while he was in charge of that campaign, or anything to do with Donald Trump. It should be noted that Manafort was campaign chairman for two and a half months, then he was asked to resign.
    It should also be noted that these charges lie outside the bounds of what Mueller is charged to investigate. It has nothing to do with the Trump campaign, or the Russians, or collusion between the two. There is nothing new to any of these allegations, this entire matter had been investigated in 2014, no charges were brought.

    • It should be noted that Mantafort partnering with Podesta to hire a DC democrat connected law firm to whitewash the Tymenshenko investigation while only charging $13k for a $2 Million bill had raised the suspicions of Mueller’s team 4 months ago. In other words, it was really old news, except for the indictment of Podesta and the democrat law firm.

    • Where is the issue with his jurisdiction? And I quote:

      “In appointing Mueller, however, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave him broad authority not only to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated” with Trump’s campaign, but also to examine “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

      Rosenstein also gave Mueller the power to investigate “any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)” — including perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses.”

      He has been under investigation since 2014. That’s a lot different than ‘no charges were brought in 2014’. Which is a true statement, but completely irrelevant. The Russians owned Mannafort, and he continues his allege,y illegal activities when he was with thwpe campaign ,per the indictment.

    • If you take the time to read the statement of GUILT you will see that it has everything to do with the trump campaign.

  • You know who didn’t get indicted today? Hillary Clinton. Think about that. After years and years of the Right screaming what a crook she is only Republicans were indicted. The system works.

  • The ESTABLISHMENT is afraid – the Uranium One Clinton/Obama/Holder/Comey/Lynch/WillyBillyRefonZipper/Mueller/Rosenstein and members of Congress – the LIAR McCAIN have a lot to lose – SPECIAL PROSECUTOR will follow the investigation by the Congressional committees – I LOVE THE COLOR ORANGE – Hillary will look awful in it and will have award time being over for yoga –
    MAGA! MAGA! MAGA! Mueller is a farce – guilty as all the rest and a disgrace to the rule of LAW!
    President Trump should simply end the FBI – clear it our and start a NEW FBI – all with Republican patriots and then turn his attention to the CIA – WIPE THEM OUT, PRESIDENT TRUMP and thank you and FLOTUS Melanie Trump for putting up with this travesty of the DIMoRATS and the RINOS such as the LIAR McCAIN who must be called to testify!

    • Using all caps just makes you look stupid, and it’s not as if you’ve got a lot of ground to give away.

  • Some real delusion there. It wont be Russia that takes Trump down, it will be money laundering.

    • What money laundering?
      Is this yet another genius conspiracy theory from the people who brought us “Russia hacked the election”?

  • Fake News! Nobody could possibly be named Thaddeus McCotter, because no Mom, already cursed with the last name of McCotter, would so much as dream of burdening her baby with a first name like Thaddeus. It’s ridiculous.

  • ???? looks like Mueller is still covering for his good friend, James Comey!

    It’s interesting that Mueller brings charges against two republicans just when Crooked Hillary and the DNC are identified for paying Russians for smear documents!

    Thank God for President Trump! He stands behind what’s good for America!

    America First! MAGA!

  • I’ve been reading both the conservative and progressive outlets on this whole business. It’s like two alternate universes. So far, I find it hard to tell what has really been going on illegally, if anything, as far as Clinton and Trump are concerned. Anyone who reads both sides — there are smart people writing about this on BOTH sides — will find this kerfuffle is damn hard for an ordinary bystander to get to the bottom of. Talk about cognitive dissonance. If you read only one side, of course, it all seems so OBVIOUS.

    The thing is, both sides seem to lie about the other side or at any rate leave out things or issues the other side is claiming. Not easy for an independent to get at the truth, but I’ll keep reading both sides.

  • Sessions can appoint a second prosecutor to go after Obama/Clinton, and in the fullness of time, will likely do that. Timing is everything, and the investigations will start next year, as the Mueller witch-hunt dies out for lack of manufactured crimes.

  • they get more brazen every day………….they have all but stood before a camera and given america the middle finger………………the inmates are truly running the asylum.

  • “It wasn’t Donald Trump in the dining room with a lead pipe; it was the Democrats inside and outside the Obama Administration that colluded with Russia and undermined an in-coming president; American institutions’ and elections’ integrity; the media elite’s credibility; and, most importantly, our national security.”

    That’s the most deranged piece of commentary I have seen, save for everything on Fox, the Wall Street Journal, Infowars and Breitbart. I would say the exact opposite is true and has been true from the start. The Clintons, especially Hillary, has been subject to endless inquiries by vengeful Republicans, often without any adverse findings on the central issue.

    I know this plays well to the GOP pro-Trump echo chamber, but seriously this is so detached from reality, so fixated on a series of conspiratorial factoids and straight up disinformation, that it seems Clinton Derangement Syndrome has consumed a portion of the US population and rendered them incapable of rational thought.

    Uranium One and who funded the Steele Dossier really are nothing burgers and attempts to paint both as evidence of Clinton-Russian collusion are without substantive facts or merit.

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