Political Correctness vs. The Truth

The academy’s liberal infrastructure often seeks to justify its existence by enforcing political correctness. When this infrastructure’s subunit at Boise State University recently pounced on political scientist Scott Yenor for his scholarly research, it employed all the honed tools of its trade: humiliation through denunciations, attempts to force repentance upon threat of mock execution, and culminating in the demand for silence and conformity.

What was Yenor’s sin? (Full disclosure: Yenor was my colleague at the Heritage Foundation during the 2015-2016 academic year). He published an academic essay arguing that second-wave feminist Simon de Beauvoir gave birth to the idea that biological sex is not connected to gender. As Beauvoir wrote:

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. No biological, psychological, or economic fate determines the figure that the human female presents in society; it is civilization as a whole that produces this creature . . .

Radicalized and refined by transgender advocates, the separation of sex from gender came to mean that gender can and should be freely chosen.

As Yenor points out, this rolling sexual revolution sparked by feminism doesn’t stop here. It is leading to a conflict in American society: in demanding that children be free to choose their gender, transgenderism activists, such as Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services Michael Coteau, would label parents that prevent their children choosing their gender as child abusers.

In response to Yenor’s scholarly inquiries, the liberal infrastructure at Boise State University released an organized cacophony of anger and sophistry with a view to overwhelming the senses and mind. The university’s director for diversity and inclusion charged in an official statement that people like Yenor have a “pathetic fear of change,” and suggested that Yenor’s desire for heterosexual male supremacy “is the root of genocide.” Some members of the faculty senate agreed that Yenor’s scholarship is fascistic “hate speech,” the publication of which, in and of itself, violated the rights of women and transgender people.

Incited by these official university organs, students have gathered more than 2,100 signatures on a petition demanding the university fire Yenor. His scholarship, the petitioners assert, threatens “the existence of queer and non-binary folks.” A student journalist, defending Yenor’s academic freedom, withdrew his published support on the threat of moral condemnation from other students and ruined career prospects. Many others on campus, witnessing these attacks, have retreated into silence.

Yenor’s essay is an intellectual history. His accusers have offered not a single counter-argument, or raised any questions about the integrity or accuracy of his scholarship. Instead, the politically correct infrastructure at Boise State demands that scholarly inquiries and conclusions of which they disapprove be removed from the sphere of legitimate scholarly analysis—an odd stance if the purpose of the university remains the discovery of the truth.

In Yenor’s case, satisfying these authorities means no further study of the traditional family, religious liberty, or the true nature of human sexuality is permissible. Rather than a concern for the truth, these authorities wish merely to be beyond intellectual scrutiny—calling their self-anointment “toleration.”

The university is a microcosm of what may become of America. This form of moral and intellectual tyranny is peculiar to modern democracies, as French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville observed long ago. While yesteryear’s tyrants employed force in their demand for outward conformity, modern democracy has “perfected even despotism itself” in its capacity to compel conformity of the mind and heart.  

Majority tyranny strikes less apparently but more insidiously, Tocqueville wrote:

In America the majority draws a formidable circle around thought. Inside those limits, the writer is free; but unhappiness awaits him if he dares to leave them. It is not that he has to fear an auto-da-fé, but he is the butt of mortifications of all kinds and of persecutions every day . . . for those who blame him express themselves openly, and those who think like him, without having his courage, keep silent and move away. He yields, he finally bends under the effort of each day and returns to silence as if he felt remorse for having spoken the truth.

The rolling revolution of conformity occurs with great ease and quickness in democracies. It imposes itself on brittle, democratic individuals according to a predictable psychology. Attempts to withstand the majority’s ire begin with self-doubt, leading to shame and self-silencing, and often culminates in the cessation of thoughts with which the majority disapproves. No indication would suggest that justice, good sense, or intellectual clarity can be relied upon to limit the majority’s future demands.

Will a future majority respect the freedom of thought more than it loves its brand of tolerance? Such a choice may never so dramatically come to public light as defenders of intellectual liberty (or of the family, or of religious liberty) may slowly disappear from the horizon through the majority’s power of demanding and enforcing conformity.

Our nation’s health and vitality may rest on the future rule or defeat of political correctness. Should its spirit supersede the spirit of free inquiry, universities will fully lose their meaning—even the natural sciences may succumb to it. Should the spirit of frank and open deliberation on policy issues and the common good be subsumed as well, self-government will be replaced by mass conformity ruled by acrimonious vengeance.

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11 responses to “Political Correctness vs. The Truth”

    • Yuri is still quite an influential force. After I became aware of him I have been telling anyone who would listen, or read.

      Interesting this is even ocurring at Boise State. It is pretty much Mormon country up there. So it is now genocidal when a man says boys are boys and girls are girls.

      I remember psych 101 from college, just barely. The chapter on mass psychology used 1930’s Germany and Japan as examples of societies that effectively went insane. The western left is there now. It has morphed into a suicide cult. Yuri warned us.

      • Who are the western Left? The 160 million people who did not vote for The donald. Anyone who doesn’t want a kleptocracy, Boris?

      • The western left, those who think progress means letting perverts into little girls bath rooms and think their vitue is signalled to it’s highest calling by making the US military pay to do what jesse jackson said he was going to do to barry hussein obama.

      • Perhaps the Idaho legislature, with a House of 59 R, 11D, and a Senate of 29 R, 6 D, could be persuaded to look into how the state is spending money at Boise State.

  1. You can already see the effect of PC thought when you see the litany of names for the multiplying gender states instead of referring to them all as what they are: perversion.

  2. Anyone who thinks there is more than two genders does not think.

    • If the argument was “there are sexes, and there are roles, and one does not dictate the other”, then a rational discussion could proceed.
      But those partisans of “gender” insist that one does dictate the other, and the “solution” is to pretend that sex is variable.
      It’s not.

  3. The university today is a killing field for any classic conservative social or political thought. The thugs of the left have very predictable tactics and the university is their battleground. If the fight is waged upon their killing field they will almost certainly win. However if the battle is moved to the court system or to the state political arena there is a chance.

    Anyone who has read Robert Cialdini’s books “Influence,” or “Pre-suation” understands the process of indoctrination our young have endured. Schools are reeducation camps and the methods work. The students are victims, but like the Nazi youth of the 1930’s, very dangerous to all who disagree with them. The success of indoctrination is the uniformity of thought evident in the University system. They virtually all parrot the same PC talking point from University presidents to students, without any doubts or questions.

  4. Does a university professor have a right to quote Mein Kampf or any edition of Der Stürmer, not as a matter of history, but as a matter of the proper direction for the United States to take?
    Is there ANY speech that is intolerable?
    Isn’t the real problem that the evaluation of “intolerable” has been claimed to be the sole right of Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Marxists in education, in Hollywood, in the media, print and broadcast?

  5. What one calls behavior political correctness, you conflate speech with an action. Political correctness is about courtesy and manners of communication. What something is called doesn’t change the nature of the object or behavior.