Uranium One: A Tale from Ancient Times

In the reign of Barack the Anointed,
Him whom they called “the Transparent One,”
His SecState got a half-a-mil kickback
For the sale of Uranium One.

In the context of a “Russia reset”
(Which was over ‘ere it had begun)
It appears He-Who-Led-From-Behind didn’t mind
Her “baksheesh” for Uranium One.

“What thou dost, my SecState, do thou swiftly;
DOJ, look away, while it’s done.”
This appears to have been his directive,
With regard to Uranium One.

The “then-Secretary-of-State” had
Quite an impressive financial run:
Cattle futures can be lucrative, and
So could selling Uranium One.

So one-fifth of a strategic resource,
Went to Putin, that son-of-a-gun;
One might say that the entire nation,
Lost out when Uranium One.

This dark secret’s electoral impact
Might have exceeded a megaton.
Tell me, what’s the half-life of a scandal…?
Who will pay for Uranium One?


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5 responses to “Uranium One: A Tale from Ancient Times”

  1. “His SecState got a half-a-mil kickback
    For the sale of Uranium One.”


    “His SecState got a one hundred and forty-seven mil kickback
    For the sale of Uranium One.”

    Rapist Bill “got a half-a-mil kickback”.