Investigating the Investigators

Despite having both an expansive budget and a large legal team, Special Investigator Robert Mueller likely will not find President Trump culpable for any Russian collusion—or at least no court or congressional vote would, even if Mueller recommends an indictment.

That likelihood becomes clearer as the Trump investigators—in Congress, in the Justice Department, and the legions in the media—begin to grow strangely silent about the entire collusion charge, as other scandals mount and crowd out the old empty story. This news boomerang poses the obvious question—was the zeal of the original accusers of felony behavior with the Russian collusion merely an attempt at deflection? Was it designed to protect themselves from being accused of serious crimes?

What Did the FBI Do?
It was bad enough that the original narrative had the authors of the so-called Fusion GPS/Steele dossier leaking their smears to the media. Worse, the FBI, in the earlier fashion of the Clinton campaign, may have paid to obtain the Fusion concoction

Now it appears that some of the leakers who had the file in their possession also may have belonged to the American intelligence community. Did the FBI pass around its purchased smears to other intelligence agencies and the Obama administration in the unspoken hope that, in seeing the file had been so sanctioned and widely read, some intelligence operative or one of the Obama people would wink and nod as they leaked it to the press?

And why did the progenitors of the Steele dossier fraud—the Fusion GPS consortium and former Wall Street Journal reporters (a firm that had a prior history of smearing political enemies with “opposition research”) and working indirectly on behalf of Russian interests—reportedly behind closed doors invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying about the dossier, its origins, and its funding before the House Intelligence Committee?

Increasingly, James Comey seems to be caught in contradictions of his own making. The former FBI director may well have misled the U.S. Congress in deliberate fashion, both about the timeline of events that led him to recommend not charging Hillary Clinton and about his denials that the FBI had communications about the bizarre “accidental” meeting on an Arizona tarmac between the U.S. Attorney General and Bill Clinton. How does an FBI Director get away with leaking his own notes, ostensibly FBI property, to the media with the expressed intent of leveraging the selection of a special prosecutor, only to succeed in having his friend, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, appointed to that very post—an official who presumably and earlier had been investigating possible Clinton collusion with Russian uranium interests?

So Many Questions, So Few Answers
Apart from noting how strange and surreal it was, no one yet knows the full relationship between former Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT “expert,” the now-indicted Imran Awan. Why would Wasserman-Schultz go out of her way to protect him and by extension his network from government investigations—even as Awan’s criminal familial enterprises, as well as his unauthorized and perhaps illegal conduct concerning government communications, were being exposed? Why is Awan apparently eager to talk to prosecutors about his relationships with Wasserman-Schultz and other congressional representatives? Why did an “in-the-know” Wasserman-Schultz apparently allow Awan to act so illegally for so long? In other words, the behavior of the former head of the DNC seems inexplicable.

After initial denials, Susan Rice now admits that she unmasked the names of private U.S. citizens swept up in Obama administration intelligence surveillance and seems to have no regrets about it. Samantha Power, the Obama administration’s former U.N. ambassador, does not deny that she, too, unmasked names—but strangely is reported to have argued that she was not responsible for all the unmaskings that appear under her authorizations on the transcripts. If true, does that astonishing statement mean that she has amnesia or that her own staff or others improperly used her name to access classified documents? Has anyone ever admitted to unmasking American citizens under surveillance, and then claimed that her authorizations were not as numerous as they appear in documents? And what were the connections between those who unmasked and those who illegally leaked information to the press?

Despite roadblocks and media obfuscation, we are strangely still inching along a pathway that may end up not far from Donald Trump’s once widely ridiculed and sloppy tweet that “Obama” (read: members of the Obama administration) had Trump’s “wires tapped” (read: electronically surveilled) “in Trump Tower” (read: among other places too) “just before the victory” (read: probably well before).

But perhaps the biggest bombshell concerns the entire foundation of the “Russian collusion” accusations. The Hill, not known as a conservative organ, now is reporting that as early as 2009 some within Robert Mueller’s FBI knew of possible blackmail, bribery, and money-laundering by Russian interests in seeking, through various means, control of sizable uranium sources inside the United States—an agenda Putin’s surrogates apparently knew to be impossible without a waiver from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Where the Real Collusion Lurked
Even as Mueller presses ahead and even as anti-Trump journalists have sought for a year to find any proof that Trump was a Russian patsy, the charge of “collusion” may be proved accurate after all—but it seems to have had little to do with Trump per se. Instead, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former directly, the latter via the family foundation, may well have been empowering and profiting from Russian insiders who were eager to obtain control of 20 percent of North America’s uranium holdings.

Indeed, Russian agents caught spying in connection with the deal were swapped out—in a not very favorable trade for the United States—without much audit. Stranger still, so far the denials have not contested the facts, but only the efficacy of the Russian-Clinton deal: there was supposedly not any wrongdoing given that so far the Russians have not shipped out any uranium as if a habitually drunk driver is not culpable until he kills someone on the road.

Barack Obama was strangely in no hurry to move on the opportunistic Russian collusion charges against Donald Trump during the campaign or between his election and inauguration—and perhaps not just because he knew there was no there there. Instead, Obama wisely may have concluded that if quid pro quo election-timed concessions to Russian interests constitute a criminal or treasonous offense, then his own hot-mic offer to the Putin government was a similar transgression. But more important, it seems likely now that Obama knew that any such reopening of the Russian question would not only expose a compromised Clinton in an election cycle but also his own administration—as knowledge of politically motivated decisions to ignore what might well have indictable offenses came to light.

At this point, it would be silly to ask why there will be no more $145 million gifts from Russian interests to the Clinton Foundation (or from anyone, for that matter), or no more $500,000 fees for a single Bill Clinton speech. Whereas the Clintons are always willing to sell something that properly belongs to the government, they are no longer in any position to negotiate anything and thus by their own financial standards have zero monetary value to the sorts who in the past were eager to buy them.

Are we finally nearing the end of our own Jacobin cycle of revolutionary fervor—as wild charges of criminality are exposed to be little more than the bitter feelings over a blown election or, worse, efforts either to nullify that election or an attempt to cloak the accusers’ own felonious behavior? But the inquisitions will likely stop only when the inquisitors, under intense pressures, learn that they have far more exposure to the very charges that they have leveled—and thus finally beg to call the whole sordid matter off.

Diminished Institutions, Stark Truths
In a fair world, Robert Mueller would find that his original agenda had proved irrelevant, other than incidentally colliding with far more serious culpability on the part of many of those who had energized him. He would then either drop the investigation, recuse himself, or expand it to include far more likely charges of collusion that affected our national security.

In a fair world, those in the House Ethics Committee long ago would have dropped politically motivated and empty complaints against Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and would have agreed that he was simply a political target. He was preemptively targeted not for leaking classified government information (which he did not do), but for presciently long ago announcing to intelligence agencies and to the president that Obama Administration officials had likely improperly unmasked information about private U.S. citizens that was subsequently unlawfully leaked to the press—a tawdry process that ultimately may well be connected to many of the scandals mentioned above.

And in a fair world, those who were determined to indict all who profited from Russian largesse would conclude that the Clinton machine always should have been their most likely target.

America is in a radical state of flux, or rather in a great accounting and recalibration, ranging from government to popular culture.

Hollywood lived a lie and now is not what it was just three weeks ago. The NFL was based on known but ignored hypocrisies and is no longer the league it was in September. The media has put rank partisanship before truth and lost ideologically and morally.

And the lie about Russian collusion has sired truths beyond our wildest nightmares.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the recently released The Dying Citizen.

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259 responses to “Investigating the Investigators”

  1. hanson’s well reasoned article shows how precarious is the rule of law in america. as a retired fso i know how loudly we preach its obvious virtues, with america as the shining exemplar, to sundry overseas audiences. we will be the basest of hypocrites if uranium one, unmasking, et al are not vigorously prosecuted.

    • I’m not sure you will get your wish. I am sure that Meuller and Manhattan Media will begin folding their tents to distance themselves from Hillary and CGI. There is no heir to this fortune.

      • “I am sure that Meuller and Manhattan Media will begin folding their tents to distance themselves from Hillary and CGI.”

        Don’t hold your breath … Mueller has a long and sordid history, and he, Rosenstein, and McCabe have drawn a bullseye on President Trump.

      • Drawing the bulls eye doesn’t matter as much as they will drag … and drag … and drag … and drag this thing on until the last little speck is dislodged. Then try and do it again.

      • My prediction: After many years and millions of dollars Mueller will charge some underling on a process crime but that person will not be convicted. Trump will not be charged but Mueller will write a scatching report insinuating something or other but bemoaning the lack of evidence to actually prove his suspicions.

      • I live in New York. The other day it occurred to me that the worst thing people could accuse President Trump of over the last few forty years is that some of his business ventures went bankrupt. There has never been any accusation that he committed any crimes during that period. And during that period he certainly liked to ruffle feathers, piss people in power off and make a lot of noise. During this time, as a real estate developer, he had to deal with very corrupt union leaders and members of organized crime. If he had done anything illegal, we all would know it

      • Now he’s dealing with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

      • Even as the Clintons and CGI Uranium One deal appear to provide a clearly defined criminal cases for Mueller . . . in the end expect the SC to lay out the evidence in a detailed report only to then “take a Comey” by declaring that “no reasonable prosecutor that we can find would press charges”.

    • I am old enough to remember the self congratulations among the media and Democrats when Nixon was brought down, we were indeed a nation of laws and not men. Where has all that gone? Seems like Democrats get away with just about anything…and the media covers for them by refusing to report their scandals. The weaponization of the IRS was enough to bring down a Republican administration several times over…because it’s Democrats, it’s not even a story in the media.

      • Actually Nixon did not weaponize the IRS. He tried but was unsuccessful. Obama however was very successful in weaponizing the IRS. The reality is that continues to this very day. Not because of President Trump but because of the deep state.

      • Such a lowering of standards since then. I wonder now if I weren’t very lucky to have been born in the post-war era, when patriotism and solidarity against the real evils out there colored the political landscape. Now that there is no longer any common enemy, or even the memory of one, we have the spectacle of political parties viciously attacking the opposition, without any regard for the country. I tell you, I would just as soon see the USA break up into smaller parts than to endure the hypocrisy and hate being flaunted today.

      • The burden is on the “loyal opposition” to hold those in power accountable. This the GOP definitely has not done, in the case of the Obama administration, and Clinton enterprises. I hear talk of new Congressional investigations, a new AG (Sessions), but how will the result differ from the past? The primary actors did none of this in a vacuum. Unless there are subpoena’s, unless staffers and associates are questioned using facts concerning their own culpability, to lead to the truth concerning the primary actors, unless a prosecutor is engaged, a grand jury is empaneled to issue indictments, it all goes nowhere.

        That is the GOP today, the nowhere party. Trump cannot do it all on his own, and to be honest, he and his AG have shown little interest in investigating much less prosecuting any of these possible crimes. The feckless GOP Senate and House members, individually, have chosen personal gain over justice and the rule of law in America.

      • excellent post, particularly your “summation” in the last sentence. The republican party, particularly those who belong to and benefit by “the deep state” can never be counted on to do the right thing and get to the bottom of this. Why? Because too many have connections with the money and power of thousands of lobbyists. In addition, the republican leadership is so incompetent as to be a player in anything.

      • But with all that you say, NONE of those members of the House and Senate Could Have acted as they have without the implicit AND explicit CONSENT from their constituents, their Employers.

        In any other enterprise the “Owners”, the Citizens, would have given them walking papers at the first opportunity.

        So what was in it for those citizens who continued their employment? For some an entire working lifetime to milk the “public ;purse” and attendant “privileges”?

        AND to stride the national stage as quasi royalty.

      • Communism won. It’s disgusting. The Frankfurt School.

        Solzhenitsyn on Bolshevism and the global media (look it up).

      • A brilliant man. From Solzhenitsyn’s 1978 Harvard commencement address:

        The press can act the role of public opinion or miseducate it. Thus
        we may see terrorists heroized, or secret matters pertaining to the
        nation’s defense publicly revealed, or we may witness shameless
        intrusion into the privacy of well-known people according to the slogan
        “Everyone is entitled to know everything.” …

        Hastiness and superficiality — these are the psychic diseases of the
        twentieth century and more than anywhere else this is manifested in the
        press. In-depth analysis of a problem is anathema to the press; it is
        contrary to its nature. The press merely picks out sensational formulas.

        Such as it is, however, the press has become the greatest power
        within Western countries, exceeding that of the legislature, the
        executive, and the judiciary. Yet one would like to ask: According to
        what law has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? In the
        Communist East, a journalist is frankly appointed as a state official.
        But who has voted Western journalists into their positions of power, for
        how long a time, and with what prerogatives?

        There is yet another surprise for someone coming from the
        totalitarian East with its rigorously unified press: One discovers a
        common trend of preferences within the Western press as a whole (the
        spirit of the time), generally accepted patterns of judgment, and maybe
        common corporate interests, the sum effect being not competition but
        unification. Unrestrained freedom exists for the press, but not for
        readership, because newspapers mostly transmit in a forceful and
        emphatic way those opinions which do not too openly contradict their own
        and that general trend.

        Without any censorship in the West, fashionable trends of thought and
        ideas are fastidiously separated from those that are not fashionable,
        and the latter, without ever being forbidden have little chance of
        finding their way into periodicals or books or being heard in colleges.
        Your scholars are free in the legal sense, but they are hemmed in by the
        idols of the prevailing fad. There is no open violence, as in the East;
        however, a selection dictated by fashion and the need to accommodate
        mass standards frequently prevents the most independent-minded persons
        from contributing to public life and gives rise to dangerous herd
        instincts that block dangerous herd development.

      • The Democrats are essentially the media. Bring down that part of the operation, and the party dies.

      • Easy! Nixon was a piker compared to what his opposition was possibly guilty of then let alone now. Nixons travail started with his unfortunate choice for a party to belong to and ended with not enough of a crime to get away with. The times they are a changing? Like hell they are!

    • Lots of people with similar credentials said the same thing about Able Danger, 16 years ago. They were right, as are you. Unfortunately, the people who run the show could be seriously exposed if this goes on too far, which is why it won’t. We will have to be content and suffer the salt in our wounds, just like the parents of Don Henry and Kevin Ives. The alternative is revolution

    • Let the investigation go where it needs, but Trump isn’t off the hook by any means. We already know Don Jr, Kushner, and Manafort attempted to collude with the Russians in an attack against the US. It also looks like they were attempting buy Hillary’s emails from Wikileaks after Trump publically asked the Russians to commit espionage against her. I don’t care if the Clintons go down, but following this to the end with Trump is essential to the rule of law. And let’s not kid ourselves that we are any shining example of rule of law or democracy or global leadership any more under Trump. We aren’t.

      • Do you get paid to post this horse puckey? Because it’s hard to believe anyone would voluntarily descend to your level of combined open dishonesty and sheer crazy for free.

      • What’s dishonest about the post? I see name calling, but no actual refuting the claims.

      • Wow. You have one of the worst cases of TDS I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you need to think about getting professional help.

        “We already know Don Jr, Kushner, and Manafort attempted to collude with the Russians in an attack against the US. ” We do? what attack? You mean “opposition research” regarding Hilliary? which in fact never materialized? And what exactly does “attempted to collude” mean?

        ” It also looks like they were attempting buy Hillary’s emails from Wikileaks….” I guess I missed that, too. Isn’t that just more “opposition research?” IF they expose Hilliary for being treacherous and greedy, don’t you want to know? isn’t that hat you fear about Trump “attempting to colllude?” But when Hilliary does it, it’s OK? And if they were Hilliary’s yoga and Chelsea wedding emails, who cares? And if they were Hilliary’s work product, they weren’t “Hilliary’s emails” and still are not. I paid her as SOS to write them so they’re MINE.

        No TrapperJohn, you’ve made a bed by blessing “oppositiion research,” creating a Russian bogeyman and very low standards for “collusion,” so now lie in it.

      • Attempted collusion being taking a meeting with Russians with ties to the Kremlin who were offering information that could have only been obtained via espionage. Information that would have been obtained through what Trump’s own U.N. Ambassador said was an act of warfare. That’s not opposition research, it’s not normal, I know plenty of people who have worked campaigns and done serious opposition research on both sides and none of them would have done that. It’s borderline treason. Same goes for trying to buy the emails from Wikileaks. Those emails would have been coming from the Russians. Yes, wanting to know illegal activity by Hillary is important and worthy of investigation. We don’t turn to foriegn adversaries in attacking our political opponents. Even if all of the Russia stuff is removed Trump is still a danger to the nation due to his opposition to the values of liberty, personal freedoms, and democracy.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        “We don’t turn to foriegn adversaries in attacking our political opponents.” So the infamous “dossier,” written by a Brit with info supplied by Russians he paid, how does that square with the high principle you assert?

        And on the subject of opposition research, since you seem to know a lot about it, please clarify: is it uncovering and making public true stuff that your opponent doesn’t want spread around, you know, like Mitt Romney’s dog on the roof of his car, or is it making stuff up, you know, like hiring prostitutes to urinate on a bed? In a simpler time, we would just call the latter “lying,” not opposition research.

      • You lost, you’re pissed, I get it. Let me see if I can make it even worse for you.

        1. DJT WILL MAKE 1-3 MORE SCOTUS appointments (Not nominations, THANKS hairy). This means that for decades, decision after decision will be “conservative.” THAT is going to cause you and your ilk excruciating PAIN. I’m fine with that.

        2. I, and millions like me, will take immense PLEASURE watching that INEVITABILITY sink into your warped and hateful little mind. THAT is going to hurt…BAD…think DELIVERANCE BAD…squeal little piggy.

    • And that friend is precisely what the American left seeks to do. Their goal is to “show” the rest of the world that America is no different than even tinhorn dictatorships, hence “we” , our system, our ideals have no moral standing to tell others what proper governance

  2. “Stranger still, so far the denials have not contested the facts, but only the efficacy of the Russian-Clinton deal: there was supposedly not any wrongdoing given that so far the Russians have not shipped out any uranium as if a habitually drunk driver is not culpable until he kills someone on the road.“. I know I read somewhere that uranium has crossed the border but cannot find it now. I hope you update this article as we watch this train wreck.

    • Mueller took uranium samples to Russia, but that is said to be part of the nuclear control regime in former Soviet bloc countries and from one of those countries, no the US. But who know with all of this being covered up?

      • Much of the uranium that powers our nuclear plants is diluted nuclear weapon fuel that was purchased from Russia.

      • Well, not much – as we have our own fuel to use from the “Megatons to Megawatts” program – but some. And “purchased” would be a strong word – exchanged would be more appropriate. We have no need for the fuel at all, so we are pretty much just sending them money to keep them in the program.

    • Most outlets willing to cover the story cite the NYTimes. I cancelled NYT a long time ago because the remaining credibility wasn’t worth the subscription price and I don’t give them clicks, so here’s the Breitbart report–
      3. CONFIRMED by the New York Times: Despite claims to the contrary, Uranium One has, in fact, exported “yellowcake” out of America and is “routinely packed into drums and trucked off to a processing plant in Canada.”

      The New York Times ( confirmed that: “Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license.”

  3. “Hollywood lived a lie and now is not what it was just three weeks ago. The NFL was based on known but ignored hypocrisies and is no longer the league it was in September. The media has put rank partisanship before truth and lost ideologically and morally.”
    For these simple reasons America’s voters knew only Trump would deliver us from these harpies. Now we can laugh. As soon as Manhattan Media starts retooling its ‘on-air-talent’ we will start to see normal people being broadcast one again. Laughter and Truth are powerful wants.

  4. This is an excellent summary. Thanks, VDH. Could someone get a copy to Jeff Sessions, along with an even more detailed piece by Andrew McCarthy of National Review.

  5. I am just devastated by the mere suggestion, much less the actual *notion*, that Bill ‘n Hil may have been dishonest. Next someone will claim that the Pope is Catholic, the earth orbits the sun, or that triangles have three sides.

    Truly I despair.

    • You just got totally plagiarized, down to the *notion*, seven hours later. An upvote would have sufficed.

      Not me – Oct. 23 was International Snow Leopard Day. Snow Leopard in high altitude Hemis National Park, on the banks of the Indus River in the eastern
      Ladakh region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, very close to the Line of Control disputed border with TibetChina.

      “Progeny of the snow mountains,

      guardian of their solitude,

      enduring through eons of time,

      crouched among blue-rock massifs above the high rangeland,

      I stand watch.”

      —‘I, Snow Leopard’ by Jidi Majia”

      [from an excellent summary of issues and status of why Snow Leopards are so important]

      Yes, the Snow Leopard is my Avatar.

      As for VDH – I left my tv on, and there he was – summarizing same with Tucker Carlson. Admit it was almost a surprise that he is still alive. The “great accounting and recalibration” needs a booster shot.

      • Good stuff… we have four of the majestic mammal’s distant (and smaller) relatives. That habitat is, as the linked piece indicates, awash in political flashpoints… I am amazed the Snow Leopard has survived.

        TYFT for the heads-up on the plag… rest assured, it ain’t the first time. What can ya do?

        As for VDH, he recently printed one of his Letters From Angry Readers, and the dope told The Great One he was overjoyed that Hanson would be dying soon, since he’s in his 80s. Well, he isn’t; Hanson swatted the dopey mosquito and indicated he’s a mere 64, relatively young in these times.

      • Snow leopard was one of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics mascots, a terrific public relations boost. Russian President Vladimir Putin pets a snow leopard cub at the snow leopard sanctuary in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014. (AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky, Presidential Press Service)

        It’s actually a Persian leopard sanctuary in the mountains of Circassia, Sochi is downhill. Still, it was a great boost for the other snow leopard nations to get serious, except for China(Tibet), since 2014.

        In the case of this photo, the text of the news report is clear it is a Persian leopard – which bit one of the reporters – but, in the annals of the Russian Bear taming the Persian Cat, this photo-op is a win-win-win. The third win is ‘Putin as fearless’.

        The snow leopard was more popular than the Russian bear or hare Sochi mascots, even though the snow leopard’s coat went from brownish to white.

        Yes, this is why I like Putin – he really did do a lot to energize real support for snow leopards.

        As for VDH? Was thinking more of the Clinton body count, the sick popularity of Trump-beheadings, or Maxine Waters finding her inner Harry Callahan…

        Sec Tillerson lengthily answered NPR question on Kurdistan during his presser:
        Doha, Qatar October 22, 2017
        Interesting. He had very little to say in a statement in Baghad, so I guess this was what he said to al-Abadi in private. Abadi is en route to Turkey today. I need a nap :)

      • I do not dislike Putin by any means, but I had to chuckle when the Finns beat his Russian Olympic hockey team at Sochi. He was watching from a box, and was NOT HAPPY.

        Not exactly full revenge for Uncle Joe’s outrageous invasion and eventual annexation of Finnish Karelia. But still sweet.

      • Now reading this – beats any newspaper – it was mentioned at his presser in Afghanistan yesterday – he is going to Pakistan, then India: October 18, 2017 Remarks on “Defining Our Relationship
        With India for the Next Century” Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Washington, DC
        The press with him takes him seriously – yet we only see the clickbait ‘anonymous leaks’

      • Tillerson DID say “the sub-continent is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions,” Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism …
        have a hard time thinking Jainism is ‘major’, or that Persia is part of the sub-continent: Mazdaism, Zoroasterism, Bahá’í, Nestorian Christianity.

        Someone probably confused him with the fact that 75% of the population in Nagaland, the far NE province of India, is Baptist. British missionaries struck a chord…Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto – Nagaland, seating for 6,500

      • That’s a nice datum.

        Also, Goa (decolonized in ’62?) is Christian, as is Kerala. Kerala of course has remnants of a famous Jewish community. India remains the safest country in the world for Jews, yet another little-known datum. NY has a few Mar Thoma (Syrian Christian Malayalee) churches around… and St. Thomas’ tomb is in Chennai.

        Modi’s rise from humble tea-wallah to PM of the largest democracy on earth continues to amaze me.
        Reminds me of another great head of state who had a beard, and, no, I don’t mean Manmohan Singh, either.

      • Please do not keep me guessing.
        Whilst exploring maps of Nagaland, because one home has a front door in India, and the back door in Burma… found a most interesting Indian blog, in a site for prepping future members of their armed forces. PM Modi is a get-real-stuff-done, in security and prosperity, and serious infrastructure, especially along the Sino-Indian border.

        Here is one report of interest: 07 11 2017 although the May 31 entry that describes the military and socio-economic benefits of the 9.15 km bridge across the Brahmaputra River that connects Dhola village in Assam with Sadiya town in Arunachal Pradesh was impressive.

      • Honest Abe, another bootstrapper who came from nothing and nowhere. :)

        “The short and simple annals of the poor.”

      • Abraham Lincoln was my first guess, but I got distracted by the century :)

      • I don’t think Dejani Arlinda plagiarized you. It would be too obvious. I think he simply forgot to use quotation marks.

      • yes, surprised to find out that VDH is younger than me. Pleasantly surprised as his volumes of published intellect have not declined. I saw “the Letter” you referenced — written by yet another younger crybaby who doesn’t appreciate all the sacrifices made by his elders to make this a great country to live in.

    • The claim that the pope is Catholic is more controversial than the notion that Bill & Hill are dishonest….

      • I was about to point that out. No sane person today would expect “The Pope is Catholic” to be unchallenged. “The Pope is Communist,” maybe “clueless,” yes, absolutely, but “Catholic” is a stretch.

  6. “Investigating the Investigators”

    Fact, as long as Jeff Sessions stays ‘recused’ (and something stinks, and stinks big time about how convenient that is for the swamp ceatures) or remains Attorney General, President Trump is in peril.

  7. Yet still more reason to continue to “Drain the Swamp” in 2018 and beyond.

  8. I am just devastated by the mere suggestion, much less the actual *notion*, that Bill ‘n Hil may have been dishonest. Next someone will claim that the Pope is Catholic, the earth orbits the sun, or that triangles have three sides.Truly I despair.

  9. “America is in a radical state of flux, or rather in a great accounting and recalibration, ranging from government to popular culture.” VDH

    Victor’s background in history seems to provide broader insights into our current politics and culture in a way that puts the present into a historical perspective.
    And historical it is, for as we learn more, it’s becoming clear that this is without a doubt the greatest political scandal in American history. It’s a political espionage scandal that shakes our belief in our government and it’s institutions like no other.
    It seems ironic that the day after the story broke about the presence of an FBI informant on Uranium One, GW Bush lectured us about the declining state of our politics and the loss of confidence in our institutions, with inferrence that Trump was responsible.
    However, an even greater irony is that Trump in his combative and controversial way is perhaps our last best hope of restoring our politics and rebuilding trust in our government again.

  10. The (D)esperation of lefties has moved on to fake news involving a transgender clown.

  11. Trump has been the season of “Revelations we all knew”,

  12. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

    • Someone afraid of llamas??? But they’re so amiable and mild.

      • I’m sure President Trump is afraid of lanslides as well;-) Whatever a lan-slide is!!

  13. Mr Hansen,
    Last night on Tucker Carlson, did you KNOW Tucker’s other guest was going to be returning to the show or did Tucker pull a fast one on you??
    Very curious people are VERY interested in your answer and anticipate your answer with bated breath!
    Thank you for all your informative articles in advance!!!



  14. I wish Giuliani was head of the DOJ. Man, he would serve them up, one by one, and I’d feel like I did on election night all over again. FINALLY justice was served when Trump won! I have to believe that Trump is too smart to let this go. MAGA!

    • What happened to Guiliani? He dropped off the radar right after the election.

      • One might surmise that some slop from the swamp is sufficiently attached to Rudy to give pause to aggressive prosecutorial behavior.

        A new generation of DC inhabitants may be required before before a contrary cold and hard assessment is offered in a court of law.

      • He’s 73 years old. It’s entirely possible that he has health issues.

  15. Here’s a possibility: Trump says to Mueller: “We know you’re up to your neck in this Russian Uranium scandal, and we’ve got more than enough evidence to put you away for a while. If you don’t help us take down Hillary and her gang, then you’re going down with them.”

  16. Anyone who goes Charlie Hebdo at ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NY Times or Bezos Post is an American hero.

  17. Who was it that said, “if he gets elected we are all going to hang”?

  18. Was it designed to protect themselves from being accused of serious crimes?

    Yep. That’s how leftists work the system.

    • I seem to recall from the John Podesta email dump that there was an email suggesting ‘pointing the guilty finger over to DJT’ to change the focus – and potential of a Clinton scandal – over this.

  19. Obama – the most spectacularly corrupt individual to ever hold the office of President. What does that say about the Republican leadership who refused to investigate all the Obama scandals? What does it say about Gowdy who PRETENDED to investigate Benghazi but brought no charges against anyone for anything? What does it say about Sessions who lets this go on around him but takes no action?

    • For Gowdy, it’s not the job of Congress to enforce the laws. Charges must be brought by law enforcement agencies of the executive branch. Under King Berry the Corrupt, that was never going to happen.

      As to Sessions, well, I have no idea what he’s up to or why he does what he does. The man has an amazing resume, so I have to assume that he’s competent to do the job. But sometimes ya gotta wonder.

  20. “Begin to grow strangely silent” = “Mueller has successfully clamped down on leaks from his team”.

  21. Voters need to be accountable–we elect the people that put these amoral/immoral individuals in positions to abuse power, the Constitution, We, the People, and morals/ethics. Hey, we even reward them–how many houses Bernie, How much money Hillary, how did you go from nothing to multi-millions, Dennis Hastert. Does character, virtue, and truth mean any thing to anyone anymore?

  22. We now truly have reached a point of irreversibility: the mainstream, corporate national media has climbed into bed with the democrat party and the Washington DC establishment/uniparty/bureaucracy. This alliance is highly dangerous for our Republic because the traditional media are no longer the guardians for the people.

    In order to restore law and order, and preserve the Republic, one or both of these institutions must be brought down…simple as that. It can only be done by We The People; the ones who exist outside the DC/media empire.

    • It’s all the same group, they just switch hats as time and events dictate. One year they’re in the government, then they’re commenting on the government from the press and then they’re helping to formulate and analyze government policy from academia. Different hats. Same people. I call them the AcaDemedia.

      • Makes sense…a revolving door of democrat politicians, advisers, campaign managers, and media personalities, pundits and commentators…both groups covered by higher academia…and all on the same page politically and ideologically.

  23. If recent news revelations are any sort of guide there may be a huge unveiling of this whole sordid Russian mess in our future. How many years did Hollywood and the MSM protect Harvey Weinstein? He is now more radioactive than Chernobyl. It is possible that this Russian collusion story may also explode. Then all the people who knew something but were either afraid or were blocked will come forward with more and more revelations. That’s how dictatorships fall, all in one smashing heap. There’s just too much crime here for it to be hidden forever.

  24. So there was the matter of the unsolved massacre at the local chicken coup. There were the bodies of half eaten chickens everywhere. Police Chief Chicken Little thought he should get to the bottom of this fowl deed. However, Chief of Detectives Reddy Fox advised the Chief that, since some of the dead chickens were the Chief’s friends, he should recuse himself from the investigation. Chief Little, who prides himself on his integrity, agreed and informed Chief of Detectives Fox that he had no choice but to appoint him to head up the investigation. Fox replied that he would be only too glad to do so. Chief Little breathed a sigh of relief and wished Chief of Detectives Fox “Godspeed.” As Fox was leaving the meeting Chief Little said, “By the way, Fox, there’s a feather stuck in your teeth.”

  25. @VictorDavisHanson

    To find the answer to your mystery surrounding the Paki IT guys and DWS, one only look at whose servers they were monitoring most of the time. Xavier Becerra (now AG of CA and former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus) was the primary target of DWS ordered monitoring while she ran the DNC, according to sources knowledgeable of the setup.

    DWS (as a proxy for HRC) needed to know which Democrat Party House members were wavering in their support for HRC. Any questions House staffers or members of the Caucus would have asked about how to play the Bernie/hilllary angle in their respective Congressional District would have been sent to Becerra via email. Why ask him who in the Caucus was asking questions about Hillary when they could simply monitor his email server instead? Pretty easy trail of crumbs, unless the DNC and House D’s want to bury this story.
    DWS is going to the hoosegow on this one, which would explain why she’s been so adamant to get that laptop back from Capitol Police.

  26. With regards to the NFL and Hollywood, I can no longer see a hard hit on the football field without also seeing the debilitating illness to come, all in service to a hollow and cynical scam. Similarly, I can no longer see a pretty girl or an earnest young man in the movies without being disgusted by the abuse they almost certainly endured at the hands of cretinous monsters.

    • If by “pretty girl or earnest young man” you mean a minor, then yes. But if that pretty young thing is over the age of 18, then I have to ask: what happened to the ironclad rule that nobody has the right to judge what happens between consenting adults? What happened to everyone arguing that prostitution should be legal?

  27. Many federal criminal felonies have a 5 year statute of limitations. I believe that the shenanigans involving the sale of 20% of the supply of American uranium reserves occurred about 2010. So, the silence from prominent government officials coupled with the recent disclosure of a non disclosure agreement signed by a key witness (apparently containing a threat of criminal prosecution in the event of disclosure) , adds up to keeping quiet until the statute of limitations had expired.

    • You might be right, but wouldn’t engaging in a cover-up extend the limitations period each time an additional act is perpetrated to hide the offense? Such as destroying emails?

    • The conspiracy is ongoing though. The fake dossier is an attempt to further cover up the crime and should be viewed as continuation, and therefore it’s an ongoing corruption and pay-for-play situation.

  28. Will someone please rescue Sessions and Wray from Gauantanamo or wherever they are being held, so they can actually do their jobs.

  29. The shoe remaining to drop in the Fusion GPS story is the identify of the GOP opponent who paid to start the dossier. Look at the Republicans close to the Clintons for the answer. The answer is hiding among the bushes. The elder “Willie Horton’d” Mike Dukakis so why not this?

    • there was no Republican who paid. That was a made up story to deflect from what Hillary and the DNC did.

    • There was nothing wrong with the Willie Horton add. If the media wouldn’t tell the truth about Mike Dukakis then why shouldn’t the Bush campaign?

  30. The DC swamp really overreached itself with the collusion delusion investigation.

    It keeps making mistakes, just like the MSM, convinced of its own infallible entitlement. The whole swamp has gone Clintonian in that respect, and every other too. It’s blind to its own mistakes. Trump is punking it all the way to self-destruction.

  31. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal)

    The elitists are running amok, here and around the world.

  32. This article raises a lot of questions…like what is author Victor Hanson
    talking about? He’s covered over a dozen topics in 1600 words. From
    Russian influence on the election to a Fusion/GPS Steele dossier
    (whatever that is), to Obama bugging Trump Tower,
    Comey not charging Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton meeting the Attorney
    General, Comey leaking his notes, Russian uranium deal, the Clinton
    Foundation and Bill Clinton’s speeches, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her
    IT director, Susan Rice and Samantha Power on Obama’s intelligence
    surveillance, Russian spy swap, charges against Congressman Nunes, and
    throwing in some references about Hollywood and the NFL for good measure
    at the end. Each one of these topics could have been (and should have
    been) an article of their own. There is no way to respond in any meaningful way. This article is just meant to be a cloud of obfuscation.

      • Snopes? Really now…bless your little progressive heart.

      • I think you’re missing the point Freddie. Rather than cramming 16 different topics into one article, the Snopes piece focuses on one issue. The point of the Amgreatness article is to overwhelm and bewilder the reader. The Snopes article attempts to inform. You may disagree with it but I don’t think it’s a good idea to dismiss it just because you don’t like the source.

      • Snopes is a lefty spin site run by two California fruitcakes from their living room.

      • You may be right E.T. Snopes might be biased. The point is that’s how to write an article. You state your topic. present your evidence, and draw a conclusion. You don’t try to cover 14 different topics. I guarantee you if one of Professor Hanson’s students turned in the paper that he just published here in one of his classes he would fail them. Did you read the Snopes article?

      • Just maybe the delusion of Trump Collusion can be honestly confronted by the overwhelming information that the other side has been doing the Russian collusion racket for many years. Simple when a compilation of events are put forward.

      • I didn’t read anything in the article about the Democrats colluding with the Russians Ray. Although news of that possibility has come out since the article was published.

      • Now THAT’S a well written article from JustData! It deeply probes one subject. It’s not just a string of headlines.Thanks for posting it. Everyone involved should be investigated and prosecuted if necessary.

    • 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=10
      Did you count the ones?
      It requires thinking to understand addition.

      • You missed a couple sandslug. I counted 14. And what does Hollywood and the NFL have to do with anything else in the article? Hanson’s just throwing everything he’s got against the wall and seeing if anything sticks.

  33. Clinton gave the dossier to Obama’s fbi, so Obama could use it as cover to spy on their political rivals, the Trump campaign. It’s worse than Watergate.

    • Agreed! The dossier was ginned up to allow Obama to enlist the NSA, FBI, and CIA to spy on the Trump campaign. They were so certain HRC would win – after all, the fix was in – that the Obama cadre got sloppy and arrogant, left loose ends around.

      • Yes, now the question is… Are Clinton & Obama too big to fail?

  34. the idea of the rule of law was just that,an idea
    in truth the powerful commit crime after crime with no consequence except for too much money
    the attorney general would rather steal from the People via asset forfeiture than protect and defend the Constitution and put real criminals and people dangerous to the Republic behind bars

  35. Mueller’s team is now looking at the Podesta group. A cynical view of this is that the collusion they pretended to be chasing has proven demonstrably false and based in large part on a phony dossier funded by Clinton and used by Obama to justify spying on the Trump campaign. A decision has been made to deflect attention away from Obama’s intelligence abuses and onto Clinton, who used the State Dept. as a piggy bank and then had the misfortune of losing the election.

    Dr. Hanson is right. What a nightmare.

  36. If this country had enough honest polititions on either side of the aisle, the Clintons would have been frog-marched straight to Leavenworth 20 years ago when they were caught red handed taking bags full of cash from Chinese nationals in the White House and we never would have heard the name Barack Hussein 0bama and Hillary’s political future would have been stopped cold in their tracks two decades ago.

    • And if you are right, which you are not,& Clinton would have been put in prison, we would have had no Obama, thus we certainly would not have had Trump, who only suceeded because of his rise to power on the backs of the phoney ‘birther’ nonsense and being opposed by Hillary would was only a little less distrusted than Trump. Now we are all saddled with a 71 yr old man who displays the impulses & behavior of a 6 yr old child and lies almost everytime he tweets or speaks and often doesn’t even know he is doing it. Is that better?

      • “Obama administration wire tapped me” is just an example of one of the tweets that offend the condescending class.

      • BTW, Trump said “Obama(himself) wiretapped me”. He never mentioned the Obama administration, did he?

      • You are a petty person if that’s what you’re using to defend this. Regardless if you hate Trump he was in general correct when he said the Russian hoax was made up, he was in general correct when he said Obama wiretapped me, he was in general correct when he said the russian hoax was a distraction from an epic presidential loss.
        You hide among the weeds with the snakes and hang on syllables, the rest of us are marching on DC with our pitchforks.

      • When one person accuses another of a felony it is necessary to be specific or the wrong person or persons might be implicated. Were Trump’s own AG, most GOP senators & congressmen GENERALLY CORRECT when they all agree that the Russian interference in the 2016 election was NOT a hoax? BTW, I do not hate Trump. No one can really ‘hate’ someone who displays the impulses & behavior of a 6 year old child. You just need to take away all the things that he can use to hurt himself or anyone else.

      • No they were wrong. Most of them were probably believing the multitude of misinformation that has been presented as fact. Like the 17 agencies line that is a myth, or the “Trump campaign was in constant contact”, or the Don Jr. took an oppo research meeting “Treason”, all of these absolute falsehoods have been the defining narrative for a better part of a year with nothing but questionable acts by the HRC campaign, the DNC, and the FBI to show for any of it.

        Let’s look at it from your perspective. What in your mind would have to happen for you to believe that this was all made up towards a political end?

      • As usual,EVERYONE (the generals, the Intel agencies, the federal judiciary, his own DOJ,his own Sec of State, the press, most members of his own party,Gold Star widows and parents, etc,etc) is wrong except Donald, who is never wrong. Just ask him. Thank heavens we have a president who never makes a mistake. And thank heavens for people like you who know he is pure as the driven snow and is infallible, just like the Pope.

      • I’m sorry what are you talking about? I asked you a straightforward question and you gave me a bunch of names, and some platitude i could care less about. I’ll try again………….

        What in your mind would have to happen for you to believe that this was all made up towards a political end?

      • Also if they were all right?
        Then why is Trump our President?

      • He was totally lying when he said that Russian “hoax” was made up, but nice try.

    • We still would have had Obama even without the Clintons. HRC ran against Obama in 2008.

      • No,, my point was, had we properly prosecuted the Clinton’s it would have sent a message to the democrat party and an unqualified, radical, glorified street agitator like 0bama never would have been viable on the national stage.

  37. And none of it will matter, Victor. The “other half” of the country – those satanic “coastal elites”, meaning the taxi drivers and secretaries and software engineers and teachers living in their “urban enclaves” – still aren’t going to come around to Mr. Trump. You crow about how liberals don’t understand folks living in the heartland, but you heartland folks don’t understand those of us living on the coasts any better. And somehow, despite the negative consequences for Hillary of the “deplorable” comment, your side seems to believe that the way to permanent electoral success is to hurl an ever escalating stream of insults and threats at all those it disagrees with.

    The irony of it all…

    • Not about “aren’t going to come around to Mr Trump=====POTUS”. This is about our law enforcement and intelligence services attempting to discredit and eliminate a duly elected POTUS. To maintain a sense of condescension in the face of events at a full 180 degrees opposed to your post displays the resilience of you beliefs.

      • If it’s now considered “condescension” to distance oneself from folks who, in response to pretty much any form of even the politest disagreement, proceed to label their opponents as “unpatriotic” or “un-American”, and move on not infrequently from there to threaten their actual physical safety, then truth be told the word has entirely lost the meaning I was made to believe it had back in elementary school four decades ago.

        I will never vote for Trump because, quite simply, he and a certain segment of his supporters seem to more or less live off an increasingly overt hatred of that half of the electorate that doesn’t uniformly agree with all of their political views. I’ve had it with being told that I deserve to be baseball-batted, turned into lawn fertilizer, starved to death in my “urban enclave”, cast out to sea with others who think like me “on rafts”, “excised from the fabric of the nation like a cancer”, of be subjected to my “own private Holocaust” simply because I tried to engage with someone about why I happen to think we should consider reforming rather than simply repealing Obamacare. And yet, satanic liberal that I am, I’ve never once in my life suggested to anyone I actually knew, face-to-face, that they should suffer death for their political opinions, let alone posted such thoughts to anyone from behind the comfortable barrier of Internet anonymity.

        Not all Trump supporters are like that – I work with a couple in my own office who are decent people and would never say or write such things. But they’re shocked themselves by copies of the posts I show them, and seemingly reconsidering which side of the fence they want to sit on. My closest colleague, a lifelong Republican, tells me I should simply stop visiting forums like this one altogether. She’s probably right. But I figure, for the sake of my family, perhaps I should keep a finger on that quickening pulse of hatred so that I know when it might be time to collect our passports and head for the border.

        Hillary’s “deplorable” comment was wrong, but some of you folks seem to have taken it as leave to say all sorts of things that are objectively much, much worse. And no one can even tell you anymore that maybe it’s wrong to say or write such things; anything is okay now because “liberals started it” or because “politics are dirty” or because “maybe we need a little violence to save the country from progressivism”.

        I’m not happy with Trump being President but I haven’t marched in the streets or thrown eggs at him or even signed a petition recommending he be impeached – nevertheless, I’m told over and over again that I should keep my mouth shut or spend my nights perhaps worrying whether someone might burn down my home, with my kids in it. And as for Hillary, no one needs to “teach me” now that she was a corrupt, big-money establishment candidate who didn’t deserve to be elected – like a lot of Democrats I knew that before the election and voted for her as the lesser of two evils rather than some shining star I thought would lead a united nation to the promised land.

        You folks need to tone it down. You need to start viewing those Americans who disagree with you as similarly decent people with decent motives and decent morals who love their families and their country the same way you profess to do. You need to learn to bite your tongue when some vicious thought intrudes into your brain in response to something you don’t like to hear and listen to your conscience when it says “this is not the kind of person I am”. You need to work to silence those who can’t seem to heed their conscience and keep calling for violence and division. You need to work from the assumption that those who disagree with you might nevertheless have pure motives and perhaps merely be misguided, or ignorant, or even demoralized, rather than intentionally evil – or “condescending”.

  38. What did Fusion GPS and Hillary have in common? They both lobbied against the Magnitsky legislative restrictions on Russian business.
    Mueller, Holder, Comey, Rosenstein, Weissman, and other members of the Obama administration were well aware that the Ghost Stories spy ring had successfully infiltrated Hillary’s A Team. Hillary quickly arranged a swap with Russia for the 10 known Russian spies before the spies could be debriefed, charged, or turned.
    The FBI, under Mueller, and 17 intelligence agencies in the Obama administration participated in the cover up of Hillary’s total disregard for national security and numerous bribery/pay to play schemes to protect her political career. They handed the Russians a series of winning operations.
    No one dared to ask members of Hillary’s campaign if they met with the Russian Ambassador or Russian “operatives” during the last campaign. Given her history, it should have been expected. Instead the Obama administration, the Democratic party, some Republicans, and the MSM tried to make Trump and his team the scapegoats.

  39. Face it, the Clintons are above the law. Nothing will come of this and their treachery will continue. The do nothing Republicans can’t get out of their own way. The whole sordid group slithering around D.C. is thoroughly, hopelessly corrupt.

    • The Republican base will vote out those enablers, the Democrat base will not.

      • With Trump’s latest approval rating in the FOX poll slipping to 38%, not to mention the Gallup poll showing him at 32%, and his approval among independents now at 30% and sinking every day, the Trump and/or the GOP base will not find your claim easy to achieve, to say the least. Wishful thinking can take you just so far.

      • And that has exactly what to do with my statement? Changing the subject is easily noticed. Do better, if you can.

      • The polls scientific basis of participant selection has been exposed as just another way to attain a desired result. The “resistance” run the polls and and the “weighted result” are in question from the time the structured sample is devised.

      • The following is an incontrovertible fact: If polls were slanted or unreliable, political organizations would not pay for them and the polling companies would go out of business. But since they are still in business, both political parties and other organizations rely on the results and pay for them. Once in a while everyone gets something wrong, except Trump of course who is NEVER wrong.It’s that simple.

      • I have a bridge to sell you, for you seem to be in the buying mood.

      • Too late. I lost all my money investing in Trump’s AC casinos and enrolled in Trump U. Oh well, live & learn. At least I didn’t invest in The Trump presidency which will hurt just about everybody, especially those that expected his promises to be carried out.

      • Jobs are up significantly, market up over 25%, millions less of food stamps, house building up. My 401K up over 30%. And it’s been less than one year. The main people hurting are those like you that still cannot comprehend that Hillary could lose, and of course ISIS in seriously hurting.

      • You should of dumped whatever you could and invested it in the stock market. The stock market has done nothing but shoot up like a rocket ship since Trump took office.
        You know why, because powerful rich white men think our country is better of economically under Trump.
        Also Trump only owned 1 of the 9 casinos to go bankrupt in AC, and he’s worth 4 billion dollars.
        What did you make last year?

      • Hey Nevermind what i said, and i’m sorry i disagreed with you. I just looked over your comment history and you literally scare me. You have posted 6800 comments in the last 6 months since you created your account. Almost 99% of them are ravings about Trump, you hate Trump regardless of what position he takes. People like you scare me, you obviously have very little going on in your life and have the time to devote to psychotic online harassments. So i’ll just leave you alone to hopefully live for ever.
        Good luck, please don’t hurt anyone Hannibal Lecter

      • Also with your 6819 comments you only received 2707 likes, an average of 1 like every 3.5 comments.
        I on the other hand have only made 685 comments & received 2707 likes.

        Just to be clear very infrequently do you say anything worth enough to receive notice. I on the other hand am frequently of a similar position to my peers and am able to communicate eloquently enough to receive their praise.
        Just like in HS, nobody likes you.

      • It’s not that President Trump gets things wrong, he is poison that was voted into Washington.
        Swamp creatures are fighting for survival and stressed animals are not trustworthy.

      • I can’t leave here to do work as your posts get funnier and funnier. You have to be totally delusional to actually believe what you wrote. Who pays for these polls? Do you think they are paying to actually get unbiased polls at this point in time with no imminent election ? Don’t you understand that polls are not used to gauge public opinion but to manipulate it? Don’t you understand that the one’s paying for the poll very much want a particular result and if the pollster does not provide it, they won’t get anymore business? I will think of your post here throughout the day as it will continue to bring a smile to my face.

      • With 2 months to go in 2017, your statement is officially the most nonsensical of the year, no matter what follows. They don’t need outside polling to justify any positions. They can form their own ‘sham’ polling companies and just make stuff up. Your thinking today indicates that staying away from work as long as possible would be better for whatever work you do. Today at least we will not see the word ‘logic’ & ‘jerseymark’ in the same sentence. But tomorrow is another day & might be better & you can go to work without destroying anything, probably.

      • Yeah and they never lie just to get the dolts in the so-called middle to follow the rest of the lefties over the cliff!! You know the real smart ones that call themselves independent, but are only looking to follow the leader as soon as they are told who that is;-)

      • I pretty sure she’s still counting chads when she nods off into nightmare land, she’s still got a good chance of winning you know!!

      • 38% is somewhere around the Republican base that will vote out the corruption. The Democratic
        party is about to be driven to the dirt when their sandcastle dries in the sunlight. The MSM lies will
        just prove their own corruption as their shadow disappears in the sunlight. The Democrat base
        will just burry themselves in the sand and we will be entertained by goofy stupidity driven by hate.

      • In some places, like your vivid imagination, 38% is a majority. In this world 38% is about 4 in 10, which leaves the other 6 in 10 to got the other way, Thus 6 is more than 4 which wins, in this world at least. Read this slowly and try to grasp the equation.

      • Hey, hey at least you are good on math. The problem remains your hysterical faith in the polls as you think they mean anything at all at the moment.

      • Your faith in the polls is hilarious to say the least. As the wheels are coming off the Left’s wagon, there is a need to refocus attention back to Trump and they can’t do it in any other way than the manipulation of polls. As I wrote above, I always look forward to the comedy that is your posts.

      • My faith in the polls has nothing to do with anything. As long as all political parties and other organizations are willing to PAY for polling the believe that those polls are NOT slanted & ARE reliable.
        Polling companies would soon go out of business if their products were not reliable & therefore not worth purchasing. You guys just don’t get that & never will because it doesn’t fit your narrative. But befor you start laughing, why not rebut my statement, just for the fun of it of course, if you can/will?

      • Yep, all those “believable” and “reliable” polls predicted the smartest, most qualified candidate would sweep the presidency.

        Yep, those polls sure tell me they ARE not reliable and ARE not worth purchasing… which is exactly why you get nothing for free.

      • And yet the GOP, the Dems & even the Trump admin is still purchasing all the daily,weekly & monthly poll results listed in Real Clear politics. Boy are they stupid. You should call them & maybe save them a few wasted bucks.

      • Okay we will do that. Sorry you lost after the polls said you wouldn’t.

      • We are way past that & well over our loss. Too bad you guys can’t get over it & move on. It is almost 1 yr later.

      • Were not the ones screaming collusion from the rooftops. Go into hiding and learn how to win.

      • Please provide a link to proof of purchase by the Trump admin for all the daily, weekly, and monthly poll results listed in Real Clear politics.

      • Every single president and his administration uses poll all the time. Many polls are internally generated and some are generated by outside companies for each president’s specific uses. And these they pay for when necessary.

      • Sure, but you made a specific claim about President Trump and all RCP polls. You can back that up, right? Links, please.

      • I will rebut your statement.
        The polls conducted during the 2016 presidential election never showed Trump being any less than 10 points behind HRC. Trump won by a very large margin.

        That’s the whole story. Polls which are that wrong are not worth mentioning.

      • Wrong again. Almost EVERY reputable national poll showed HRC ahead in the popular vote by about 3% the day befor election day. Trump LOST the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and with the vote totals for the other candidates, almost 9 million people voted for someone other than Trump. She ended up winning the popular vote by about 2.7%-2.8%. This result was well within the margin of error. You can look it up, but you probably won’t. Your move.

      • The polls were about WINNING THE ELECTION and they polled Hilly as the winner. They were dead wrong about who would win the election. Hilly lost like the loser she is.
        Picking the loser to win while guessing the correct number of yards gained is still entirely wrong.
        The polls were dead wrong about the winner. They lose credibility with anyone who has a brain and understands how presidential elections are won in the US.

      • They were NATIONAL polls measuring how many votes each candidate would get in all states combined. Those polls gave her a 3% lead and she won by 2.8%. The state polls measured the total votes for each candidate in their state only. Some of those were wrong. The national polls got it almost exactly correct and these NATIONAL POLLS that represent many different political sides are also getting it right when averaged together. That’s the way it is.

      • Those were polls to predict the WINNER of the US Presidential election.
        They claimed to predict that Clinton would win the presidential election and be the 45th US President.
        Clinton LOST the presidential election that pollsters claimed she would win.
        Losing is not equal to winning.
        The polls were dead wrong and no retarded proggie rationalization changes that.

      • There’s no convincing you.
        I’ll try to be simple, and then you explain away reality.
        HRC was clearly favored to win in the polls, some even said it would be a historic victory.
        HRC lost in historic fashion.
        The polls were wrong.

        See how simple that is. If i have a calendar that says tomorrow is Sunday, but tomorrow is really Monday. I throw the calendar out, i don’t spend a year trying to figure out who ruined my calendar.
        Hey do you remember how many yards the losing team had in the super bowl last year? Me either, nobody ever remembers how many yards (or votes) the loser had.

      • Not true at all. Many’s the poll that showed Trump within single digits of HRC and sometimes, he even lead in the same.

      • Hilly is polling up by 12 and no one has ever come back from a lead like that this close to the election, and anyway, early voting already started.
        Trump has no path to 270.
        Stupid proggies still haven’t learned their lesson about biased polls.
        It’s hilarious that any proggie would aim snark about wishful thinking at anyone else.
        I keep running out of popcorn ????!

      • Stick with it! You guys have the same confidence that General Custer and the commander in charge of the Light Brigade had. How did that wishful thinking work out for them?

      • You have the proggie 100% intellectual dishonesty 100% of the time down pat.
        You’re the one sticking with the bad and biased polls.
        That arrogance and complete dishonesty got you President Trump and all the glorious endings to proggie perversion that he and his cabinet are now bringing to a grateful nation.
        How that working out for proggies?

    • That use to be true but one thing we know about the Left, once you bring to light their corruption, they quickly seize the opportunity of sacrificing a scapegoat to satisfy the societal demand for “justice”. As such, it has already begun to present the Clintons as their sacrifice because they were so audacious in their corruption and criminality.

  40. the whole thing with Hillary’s privet server comes into focus. Why her aids were treated as he lawyers and aloud to
    hammer the hardware. Why the sleeping dog of 30,000 emails was aloud to sleep. We now would see the context of
    those emails and they would be direct evidence of the vast scale of corruption.

    • Since you are so positive of ‘her corruption’ why do we even need to see the ‘context of those emails’? Just go ahead & lock her up on your intimate knowledge and be done with her? BTW, you really should get some adult to help you with english spelling.

      • As always, your screen name is the height of hypocrisy as your posts NEVER involve reality. Obviously, knowing Clinton is a criminal and proving it in a Court of Law is different as admissible evidence is required which those 30000 emails would likely provide. I look forward to your posts as they are so humorous in their detachment from reality. Keep it up, I can always use a good laugh.

      • Unfortunately the word you used to promote your position ‘likely’ is not considered in a court of law or actually anywhere else except when predicting the weather. When someone’s ‘reality’ is based on wishful thinking & a vivid imagination and finds my reality lacking, I am confident that I am on the right path. But I agree, you could use a good laugh in fact we all could since our world presently is no laughing matter.

      • Hey junior bird attorney, ‘more likely than not’ is the legal standard in civil law just as ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’ is the burden of proof in a criminal case. Either way, the reality is that the Clinitons should be checked into jail. (Get it? Reality + Checked)

      • If only civil law & criminal law was the same thing you wouldn’t need wishful thinking to make the almost real, real.

  41. The Democrat denial process doesn’t change. Step one; accuse the opposition of the very crime you yourself are in fact committing. Step two; after being caught beyond a shadow of a doubt, declare the act to be noble and for all the right reasons. Step three; once it’s been established that the act was in fact illegal, immoral, dishonest, premeditated, carefully crafted and possibly fatal to more than a few participants simply exclaim “what difference at this point does it make?” or “hey dude that was two years ago” or “that has been litigated, it’s in the past, opinions have been reached. It’s time to move on.” And we do. And they get away with all of it.

    • More amazing is that over half the country finds all of this totally acceptable and, in fact, more desirable than any alternative.

      • Sadly, the vast majority don’t pay attention and are just led astray by the unremitting negative reports from the MSM. They are, in effect, sheep.

      • Is it well past time for truth in news reporting laws as we have for advertising?

      • No! Who decides “truth” – the government? That is why we have the 1st amendment.

      • Indeed, the federal trade commission enforces truth in advertising laws. These laws should also apply to news, and there should be mandatory separation of ‘news’ and ‘commentary.’ Commentary is the free speech arena where anything goes. Dissemination of news, however, requires oversight lest it all be propaganda controlled by the highest bidder. Fake news benefits nobody. Clear labeling of news and commentary just shouldn’t be that controversial. The FDA regulates food and drug labeling, falsification is prohibited in advertising, and ‘news’ should be required to be true based on available facts. You can’t call it butter if it’s not!

      • I read somewhere – recently – that a disturbing percentage of Democrat voters would support living in an American dictatorship.

        Obviously, under a ‘leftist’ dictator

  42. What is so discouraging about all this, to me at any rate, is that in the end I just “know” that justice will not be served to all these foul, deflecting, and projecting miscreants. All of the tyrants in the Obama administration and all of the treasonous, felonious, and manipulative members of the mainstream media should be wearing orange pantsuits and forming a giant chain gang somewhere…. but I know that will never happen.

  43. Just as they were sure Trump would never be elected, they were sure he would fold under their attacks and resign. He didn’t. They’ve pretty much fired off their whole arsenal, now, and the balance of power is slowly shifting. The coming months will be a somewhat different story. Trump will never gain any huge majority approval (that’s for politicians, and he’s not one), but he’ll continue to push back the idea that progressivism and political correctness cannot be openly assailed.

  44. Political correctness became political expediency, weaponized, and used to rationalize corruption. Liberalism is on a life support of lies.

  45. Thank God for Trump. The community organizer ran the most corrupt administration in history: IRS, VA HHS, SoS, DOJ, FBI, CIA and on and on – he ran our country and the world like a banana republic. Keep on draining the swamp Mr. Trump – we need you desperately.

  46. It will be fun if the upshot of the Mueller investigation ends up with Wasserman-Schulz and Clinton being marched away. Oh the irony!

    • Hillary won’t be marched-away until she’s being carried by six people.

  47. WHAT is bad to worse for Trump’s accusers?

    For a very long time IN CONTROL of the mechanisms in the Civil Institutions, INCLUDING the government, that influence “the hearts and minds” of the “self governing through representation Citizens” of this nation.

    Described, presumably therefore thought of BY the eminences of those accusers as “stupid citizens, a basket of deplorables”. And even whatever it means in context as “astro – turf”.

    Except that astro – turf is a plastic product manufactured to be walked over, walked or otherwise pressured, without noticeable effect.

    AND when no longer fit for purpose disposable. To be replaced by other material “fit for purpose”.

    That PURPOSE acknowledged in 2008 by the selected “Leader” of those controllers AS straight up”The FUNDAMENTAL transformation of the nation”.

    Which when push comes to shove sounds very like a “Declaration of War” against the nation.

    It is Unlikely that FUNDAMENTAL was unintentional. Merely public relations to Sell their product.

    UNLESS those “self governing through representation Citizens” ARE AS they have . been described by their eminences.

    BUT Methinks their virtual universal rage in esponse to those citizens election of a man “Not to their taste” as their FOREMOST Representative, they ARE NOT, when it counts, so stupid, such deplorables.

    Who have FINALLY loosed the swaddling bands of those Wannabe Controllers of “the incestuous Left and those who cover for them” under cover AS “liberals” of the “Democratic

    But have FINALLY

  48. Start a rico investigation on the criminal cabal once known as the Democratic Party. Strip all members found to benift of all their assets. Exile them to the Balkens where they can learn about identity politics. They should get the average SS payment monthly about $1100 month. The MSM would do monthly reports using prominate hacks from the last election.

  49. Hope they are keeping that FBI informer safe – from the FBI mainly.

    To me, the scariest question (rhetorical though it was) was asked by Tucker Carlson when he interviewed Devin Nunes.
    “So is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of an armed rogue agency (The FBI),”

    That is what we appear to have, ladies and gentlemen. This is where the main nest of the swamp creatures resides.

  50. Wow, David Baldacci couldn’t come up with a plot as twisted as this one. It seems as if the cannons are going to swing around in a 180 and point straight at the Democrats. Amazing that the law firm paying for the dossier was paid millions of dollars and nobody at the DNC or Clinton campaign was aware of it. I wonder what the description of services was on their bill? This looks like it is going to come together in a way that is going to have Mueller, Comey and the Clintons very much on defense.

  51. Whether you start with Obama or finish with Obama, the circle is unbroken.

  52. It will be interesting to see if the American people will manifest and exert their will to bring this nation back from the brink of constitutional destruction and becoming the world’s largest and most powerful Banana Republic. I have to say that I am sympathetic with Bannons’ cause to “throw the bums out,” even if they are Republicans. And if Mueller offers a deal to Trump to let his cronies off the hook. I say NO DEAL. This time we want justice done.

    And BTW Obama already successfully used the low-life’s at Fusion GPS to slander Romney donors harming Romney’s campaign cash-flow. The investigations need to follow the threads that go all the way to the Oval Office. The American people deserve to see the true extent to which our nation’s integrity has been compromised and invalidated…and the role played in this decline by a complicit media. So many of our people have been fooled by the clever hypocrisy and hubris of our elites that it is now a time for their unmasking.

  53. We gave away 20% of our Strategic Uranium Resources, to an Adversary (Russia), worth billions, In exchange for $500,000 speaking fee, and $140 Million in donations to the Clinton Foundations. That is selling out for penny’s on the dollar. The Kind of corruption we used to only see in former soviet oligarchies, african kleptocracies, and latin american banana republics, is now an American Achievement thanks to Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Holder/Lynch and a corrupted and compliant Security State, FBI, CIA, NSA… it is just stunningly horrible.

    • Liar! The uranium mine belonged to a Canadian company, who sold the mine at its fair market value.

      • Great! The foreign policy genius, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama, let the Russians get between us and one of our Closest Aliies, Canada, going back at least 100 years. While lining their pockets with Rubles.

        We had a deal for 100%, we changed that deal to give the Russians 20%, so the Clintons could buy another Mansion, and Spend Summers on Martha’s Vineyard.

      • How did the Russians get between us and the Canadians? The Canadian company WANTED to sell the mine. If the US government had not approved the sale (as you seem to have wanted) then THAT would have gotten between us and our ally.

        We never had a deal for 100%.

      • The Canadians “Wanted” to sell, because they were Bribed by the Russians, and Pressured by the United States, so that Obama and Hillary, could prove how “Totally Reset” … end of History.. PAX Obama.. the New World Order was…

        Remember, Barack…”The 1980’s called and they want their foreign Policy Back?”.,, Obama regarding Russia. He Naively thought Russia was not an adversary…

        Fundamental Miscalculation by Obama and Hillary … foreign policy idiots.,

    • The common denominator is always, always, always the Clintons. Say what you will about Trump, but were it not for his election, Americans would never know any of this, and the news media would be continuing the hallucination that Obama’s 8 years were scandal free.

      • The uranium story came from the book Clinton Cash and has been around long before Trump was elected. It has been debunked many times.

        But we elected a lying liar who keeps repeating this lie so in that sense we would not have “known” about this lie unless Trump was elected. Is it a good that Trump lies to us? I don’t think so.

      • Your “faith” is strong, brother! Calling Trump a lying liar does nothing to relieve the Clintons from a lifetime of lies and deception. A full forensic accounting of their ‘charitable’ foundation should shake out some of the issues. Sworn testimony is useless with these two, of course, as Bill was already disbarred and impeached for perjury. And Hillary’s history with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as been, shall we say, incredible–as in not credible.

      • Maybe a lifetime of lies and deception, but the uranium story is cr*p and Trump is a self server liar for repeating it.

      • Perhaps you have not been reading the news. Or you are paid to dispense the news that the earth is flat.

      • What “news” did I not read? Trump is lying about the Uranium One story. I read about THAT news.

      • Debunked Many Times… Didn’t Hillary Just use that exact Talking Point… like yesterday?

  54. I am not of the persuasion that the rule of law is dead in America. Politics is corrupt, and we are looking now under that rock, viewing all the things that happen in the darkness- all of the abuse of power that linger in the halls of power, as per the maxum of Lord Acton. I am thankful that Hillary did not get elected- then I would be worried about the erosion of rule of law. But the rule of law is not dead. Justice might well be done here, albeit more slowly than we impatient ones would hope.

    I am not surprised at the DNC/Clinton corruption. That handwriting was on the wall for all who had eyes to see. What still surprises me, naive older guy that I am, is the degree to which the media is complicit in this. Without a vigorous and impartial fourth estate, the public cannot be correctly informed. The present media (with exceptions, like VDH) is fueling the fire of partisanship without regard to facts, of divisiveness without regard to consequence, of opinion masquerading as reporting. The wicked witch of the west had her structures of power to serve her interests, but it only took a bucket of cleansing water to bring down that edifice. We might need a few more buckets here.

    • Spectacular in all this is how Obama, for 8 years, kept it all going–IRS, Justice Department, State Department, the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. That is serious DEEP state!

      • And yet Obama was the most ‘incompetent’ president, EXCEPT when it came to fooling the GOP. Then he was a cunning,smart criminal .Sure tells you more about the Republicans than it does about Obama.

      • Very similarly to the way you paint our current president. You know the successful businessman worth at least $4 billion that your side likes to act like is a bumbling idiot….. Even though he managed to win the 2016 election that at this point we can say was far from “fair”.

      • He’s so dumb he beat the “smartest” most qualified person to ever run for President!! Just wondering who the real Uber dolt is, hmmmm??

      • In reality, it simply tells us all how very, very corrupt the Obama/Clinton machine was, how very, very rich they became, and how very, very lucky they have been at avoiding prison….until now.

      • Exactly how rich has Obama become as a result of his presidency or in any other way? What felonies has Obama been accused of committing by any official govt or legal entity? Two Simple,direct questions! Do you have any simple, direct, rational answers?

      • Dear Idiot, the brown clown is commanding $400,000 a speech! That’s a DIRECT result of his ‘service’ to the country he hates. As for felonies, we shall see. His justice department (fast and furious), IRS (targeting the tea party), FBI (Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ in the handling of classified information, but didn’t recommend indictment), his AG (meeting with Bill on the tarmac), His SOS (Kerry and the Iran deal)(Hill and the uranium one deal), the Benghazi deal where we still do not know his whereabouts, his police acted stupidly comment, his if I had a son, he would look like Travon comment, his wife’s unproud American comment, his transgender bathroom initiative, his spread the wealth around comment to Joe the plumber, and on and on and on. Perhaps more plain stupidity, incompetence, low IQ, corruption, sneaking–snarky–lying–cheating douche-baggary than felony. Tied for all time worst with JC.

    • They only broke the Watergate story and continued reporting because Nixon was a Republican. If he’d been a Dem, not a whisper of it would ever have surfaced.

  55. Has the FBI gone rogue?

    They never touched the supposedly “hacked” DNC server, and they paid for the Steele dossier even though the have the most resources of any investigative body in the WORLD.

  56. Back in the ’90’s the Clintons got away with selling missile and other national security technology information to the Chinese for campaign contributions. They got away clean back then. Maybe this time is different? Don’t hold your breath.The corrupt status quo protects its own.

    • Back in the 90’s.. the Clintons, were instrumental in getting the China Inc. … a brutal mix of Chinese Repressive Communism.. with Oligarchy, Military, Capitalism…. in to the World Trade Organization…. That lead to the deindustrialization of the U.S.A …

      Same story back then… Chinese Agents, infiltrated the “Legal” Campaign Contributions system, enriching the Clintons and selling the American Worker Down the River.

  57. Objectively, the Russian scandal is undoubtedly the single largest scandal in the history of the United States of America. The Obama administration with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State approved the transfer and sale of 20% of our uranium to our arch enemy WHILE the Clinton Foundation (AKA: Clinton Crime Syndicate) received $145 million in Russian contributions AND Bill Clinton received stock options in Uranium One AND Bob Mueller was the FBI agent who delivered samples of the uranium to Moscow before deal approval AND there were kickbacks and extortion schemes uncovered by the FBI at the time AND the FBI reported those crimes to the Obama regime AND reported those crimes to Clinton AND the Obama regime AND Clinton approved of the transfer of nuclear materials to the same Russians AND Hillary set up an illegal email server holding classified information AND deleted 30,000 emails from such server AND paid for the Russian propaganda about Trump AND the FBI was aware of the payment of such propaganda AND the Obama regime used such propaganda to track the Trump campaign during an election AND the Obama regime, the Clinton Crime Syndicate and their pretorian guard in the media used the Russian propaganda to undermine a democratically elected President. The writers of House of Cards couldn’t write a more interesting story about corruption at the highest levels of government. If a story was written like this in Hollyweird, people would scoff at such outlandish fiction. Unfortunately, for the United States, these are all facts.

  58. Well, since there is no double jeopardy, any enterprising state AG can indict and issue felony warrants for the Hillary and Bill Gang, and their sidekick the Cola Man can with a pen and cell phone, for violating the civil rights of that state’s citizens under federal color of authority that resulted in deaths and mayhem inside that state’s border while said victims were protecting said border. Doubtless some states will not extradite those politically connected gang bangers while they’re out on bond during those extradition proceedings, or those up scale gang bangers in charge may flee to another state, or out of the country to Fantasy Island, jumping bond. Of course, bail bond agents can kidnap gang banging bond jumpers anywhere, anytime, and without having to play the extradition game while crossing state lines to bring them to justice. Ah, the horror of a borderless world, unless they can make it to Russia or China for sanctuary and a reset. In any event, if it bleeds it leads in the media for good times had by all.

  59. I pose this to anyone who wants to be honest:

    What in your mind would have to happen for you to believe that the entire “Russian Collusion” narrative was all made up towards a political end?

  60. American politics and the rule of law have been stirred into a foul stew of classified information (you have no right to know), criminal charges, and conduct and policy disputes. The levels of determining guilt, non guilt, innocence or wisdom have been smeared over our societal canvas. You can not prove I commited a felony is the common response to a political challenge.

    What is missing is a criteria based on common sense, the “what would a reasonable person find from these facts?”, the smell test.

    Would a reasonable person give circa $9,000,000 to a law firm for “legal services” knowing it was to go to spies inside the Kremlin and provide “facts” of naked prostitutes urinating on a hotel bed with the opposition candidate for President, then deny any knowledge of it, in the global press, for a year, then plead the 5th Amendment when questioned about it under oath? If you believe this, you drool into your soup.

    Today, there is no big shot in the Democratic Party that says I did it. No body has a clue how this happened.

    We know that hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign powers flowed into the Clinton Foundations (plural, there were several) and stopped when HIllary lost the election. The main activity was climate change. Only two people could spent the money. Both live well.

    There may be extenuating facts which are not public knowledge. But those who have the key facts are under a grave responsibility to inform Americans to the maximum extent possible, with zero interest in personal gain. This has not been the case.

    We are being hosed.

  61. 21st Century “Teapot Dome”?
    Uranium and yellow cake instead of oil. A Secretary of State instead of an Attorney General.

  62. In summary, the corrupt media colluded with the corrupt DNC and corrupt Clintons, and the corrupt Obama administration, who colluded with Russians in exchange for 1/5 of our Uranium.

  63. These matters can only be dealt with effectively by the Dept of Justice. The leftists succeeded in getting Sessions to sideline himself. That was key, because in his place is Rosenstein who spearheaded the prosecution (and coverup) of the 2009 Russian efforts to lie, cheat and steal their way to the US uranium stockpile. Rosenstein appointed Mueller to go after Trump. Mueller was FBI director during the 2009 Russian criminal investigation and his FBI gagged the informant who only now is free to tell Congress what happened. It’s a hideous farce and Sessions, so far, has remained impotent–in a perpetual fetal crouch (which is why the President is furious).

  64. This meas the whole Trump/Mueller special investigation is likely to be a dud. First we need to know what Muellers involvement was with the dossier. Second any involvement with Fusion GPS. Third any knowledge or involvement with Christopher Steele. Fourth any conversations with James Comey regarding the above. If he cannot come clean on this, and this is likely, then he will have conducted a political investigation, not an honest investigation. Even better will be to subpoena James Comey and have him testify under oath about his knowledge. It should be an interesting conversation.

    • How about, “John Podesta, please raise your right hand. Do you swear the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

  65. When the law is no longer what the plain text of the legislation says it is then there is no law.

    When those charged with administering and enforcing the law do so in an arbitrary and capricious manner then there is no law.

    In a lawless society, only the strong or the well armed will prosper.

    I intend to prosper even if this lawlessness is not contained.

    How will you do?

  66. As Democrat and DC “swamp” corruption becomes more glaringly obvious by the day I’m more convinced than ever that Steve Bannon + President Trump + Jeff Sessions and his DOJ are playing a “rope-a-dope” slow walk strategy to: a) drag this corruption out until detailed investigations and indictments start happening in late Summer 2018 leading into next year’s mid-term elections WHEN THE ENTIRE NATION IS PAYING MUCH MORE ATTENTION PRE-ELECTION than just the political wonks who are paying attention today; and b) this “rope-a-dope” slow walk is giving plenty of smaller participants in these scandals time to lawyer-up and come forward seeking immunity deals in return for testifying in the upcoming investigations. By this time next year currently visible Democrat & Clinton corruption is going to make Watergate look like a minor traffic violation by comparison.

  67. Trump has beaten the Bush crime family, the Clinton crime family, CNN, the NFL, Hollywood, next customer, a corrupt FBI? Step right up and win a cupie doll

  68. “was the zeal of the original accusers of felony behavior with the Russian collusion merely an attempt at deflection? Was it designed to protect themselves from being accused of serious crimes?”

    Yes, it most definitely was. Mueller isn’t investigating Trump-Russia collusion. Oh, sure, some underling will be charged with obstruction of justice, just to justify the monumental amount of time and money that went into Mueller’s “investigation.” But Mueller’s number one priority is to identify and eliminate the evidence of the collusion between the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign and the Russian government.

  69. Truth shall set you free, if it doesn’t land you in jail first, and the perp walk for this bunch should look like a conga line.

  70. It was the night janitor at DNC headquarters who happened to come across a discarded envelope that had a stamp and address, who some low level staffer had maybe misplaced or had been told to write by his second in command who was under a regional local office overseer that was contacted by someone upstairs in upper management who was working under another that was over seen by their boss . . .are you getting part of the story now ??

  71. “That likelihood becomes clearer as the Trump investigators—in Congress, in the Justice Department, and the legions in the media—begin to grow strangely silent about the entire collusion charge…”

    This is what you are going to hang your hat on- that we haven’t heard much lately? Mueller hasn’t released a thing yet, and he won’t- not until he finishes the investigation. This is wishful thinking at best with nothing of substance to substantiate it.

  72. Scooter Libby has been in my mind lately. He & his brother were the first in his Jewish family to graduate from college. He was, by all accounts, a brash, arrogant man. He was convicted by an Irish-Catholic special prosecutor out of Chicago, who is now acknowledged to have withheld the evidence that proved Libby’s innocence. Libby was convicted of having publicly outed Valerie Plame, when it had actually been Dick Armitage. The political frenzy at the time of the Plame affair was rabid on the subject of Dick Cheney, Libby’s boss. Armitage’s boss had been Colin Powell, someone no one was in any hurry to go after. It all raises the question of who is in charge of the special prosecutor? There clearly is no guarantee that they are actually honest men upholding truth, justice & the American way. They are looking more like political creatures, just like anyone else in Washington.