Migration: The Straw That’s Breaking Europe’s Back

The issue of immigration has become the occasion for deciding the most practical and perennial of issues: who rules? Americans know that Europe’s un-sustainable socio-economic model—bureaucratized economies, social welfare, and demographic decline—is a warning to us.

Increasingly, we have imitated that model, assuming that the decline would be slow and graceful. But Europe’s crisis, and ours, has always been far less socio-economic than civilizational. That is why mass migration into Euro-American civilization—especially people from the Muslim world who neither share in nor sympathize with that civilization—is accelerating the crisis. Confidence in the future is being replaced by the sense that living as before will be impossible.

More and more, people have reacted by voting against the elites responsible for socio-economic management and for migration. But elites on both sides of the Atlantic have not changed course. They justify their resistance to popular sentiment by applying invidious labels to the voters who reject them. Each side’s denial of the other’s legitimacy is collapsing the socio-political legitimacy of modern democracy. This ensures that whatever changes in Euro-American civilization may take hold will include revolutionary political events.

A Snapshot
What follows is a snapshot of Europe’s problems taken from a small city in northern Italy with which I have been intimately familiar all my 74 years. Far from identical, the place is not wholly dissimilar from the rest of Old Europe.

Traditionally a center of agriculture, smokestack industry, and railroading, by the 1950s the city had bounced back from the bombing of World War II. Crowds filled streets lined with cafes. By the 1990s, the few big factories had been replaced by countless small and mid-sized businesses doing high-quality manufacturing in the suburbs. The city had also become something of a bedroom community for metropolitan Milan. Year after year, the supermarkets approached and then surpassed the opulence of those in such places as Palo Alto, California and Weston, Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, economic hope was draining away. As the ratio of working-age people to retirees was falling and the government was running out of room to finance its deficits by borrowing, it resorted to raising taxes in myriad ways, and to making sure that every last Euro was paid. This crimped businesses. Many closed.

By the late ’90s, the hiring of young people had slowed to a crawl. Individuals, their lives further complicated, used up family resources to finance their lifestyles. The middle class suffered about a 50 percent loss of accumulated wealth. Fewer new families formed, fewer children were born. Fewer people are in the streets and cafes. For those well established, life is comfortable, but ever more somber.

People had never expected political leaders to raise life’s moral tone. But since the 1960s, political leaders have depressed it—first by their corruption and then by the repudiation of Christianity as European civilization’s core, as well as through the promotion of a vision of the good life that consists largely of obedience to squalid bureaucracy.

The churches themselves seem to have abdicated their role as civilizational guides. In Italy, some 84 percent of high school students choose to receive religious instruction. Nevertheless, church attendance has collapsed among the young. Overall, weekly attendance is down to about 7 percent. That is also the case in Germany, where the churches are financed by a special tax. Like established political leaders, the churches have been more keen to accommodate the customs and sentiments of Muslim migrants than those of practicing Christians.

Muslims and other Africans had neither asked nor (with the exception of prostitutes recruited by the Mafia) been asked to come. They came through the European Union’s porous borders with neither the means nor the intention of taking part in a crumbling civilization. The people among whom the migrants live hear from their leaders—in whose midst the migrants do not live—that their concerns are evidence of racism.

This little city is gripped not by any abstract fear of terrorism but by the changes that the Muslims and the Africans are imposing on daily life. On September 24, the local news carried yet another story from the security cameras about life on the commuter rail line. A number of young Africans had boarded the train and, when the conductor demanded that they pay the fare and refused to be intimidated, they beat him senseless. The passengers waited, intimidated, until it was over.

align=”right” Muslims and other Africans had neither asked nor (with the exception of prostitutes recruited by the Mafia) been asked to come. They came through the European Union’s porous borders with neither the means nor the intention of taking part in a crumbling civilization. The people among whom the migrants live hear from their leaders—in whose midst the migrants do not live—that their concerns are evidence of racism.

A friend who has ridden that train to work for the past 20 years had seen it before. Though incidents such as these happen only sporadically, it remains that every day, she and many others must now walk across the tracks, going around the station’s underpass, because the underpass is now a sleeping area and toilet for such people. Back in town, the city paved over the little fountains that had served neighborhoods as sources of water for three centuries, because the migrants had appropriated them as campsites, garbage dumps, and toilets. Only a few migrants are violent, most acting as insistent peddlers. But all are intimidating, and take evident pleasure in intimidation.

What will become of us? We can’t go on like this. Who will put a stop to this? Such questions are well-nigh universal—as are the answers from above: Pope Francis speaks of the migrants as “the warriors of hope.”

The locals ask: Against whom are the migrants are fighting if not us? What have we done to deserve having this war waged against us? Meanwhile, Italy’s ruling Left coalition signals its superior virtue by sponsoring a law to grant citizenship—and voting rights—to the migrants. That is one reason why the polls show it losing the 2018 elections—badly.

Who Rules?
But, in Italy as elsewhere, what difference do elections make? In 2013, Italian voters had given the Left only 33 percent at the polls. But the old-line conservative party of Silvio Berlusconi broke its campaign promises and governs as the Left’s junior partner. Thus, like just about everywhere else in Europe—and in the United States as well—the traditional Right and Left function as a uniparty in contempt of the voters. Hence, throughout Europe—and the United States—voters look for vehicles to escape the uniparty’s grip, while the establishment hangs on to slipping power by hook, crook, and inertia.

Consider the elections in 2017, and the Catalan referendum on October 1 in particular. In France, the populist alternatives on both right and left, and the disgusted no-shows dwarfed the numbers who united behind Macron only to stanch popular disaffection one more time. In Germany, the voters reduced both establishment parties to historic lows, fleeing to the fringe Libertarian and anti-immigrant parties. But as in France, the establishment let it be known that changes in words would suffice to deal with the voters’ dissatisfaction. The same happened in the Netherlands and Sweden. In Austria, the populists of the Right won outright, as they had in Poland and Hungary, and are about to do in the Czech Republic. The European Union’s unelected leaders, however, by hectoring voters lest they elect people whom they dislike, as well as by using their powers to thwart them, arguably have become the European establishment’s last redoubt against democracy.

align=”left” Thus, like just about everywhere else in Europe—and in the United States as well—the traditional Right and Left function as a uniparty in contempt of the voters. Hence, throughout Europe—and the United States—voters look for vehicles to escape the uniparty’s grip, while the establishment hangs on to slipping power by hook, crook, and inertia.

Which is why the referendum in Catalonia was so interesting. Barcelona and vicinity are Spain’s most productive region, are exceptionally attached to their distinctive language, and appreciate the difference between their culture and way of life and anybody else’s. Muslim and African immigration are a small part of the Catalans’ complaints. They want to assert control over their own lives, and live the way they want to live, period. Both of Spain’s establishment parties have been deaf to their concerns. The Catalans decided to express their commitment to themselves by peaceful referendum. An overwhelming majority voted for independence.

Spain’s traditional parties of the Right and Left said this resort to the ballot box was “undemocratic,” and answered with administrative and police violence. The European Union and the governments of Europe that chose to speak supported Spain’s interpretation of “democracy.” President Trump was advised to call the Catalan vote “foolish.” In short, the Euro-American ruling class will not loosen its deadening grip until it is utterly broken.

align=”right” In the United States, red states and blue states differ increasingly about immigration as well as everything else. Perhaps salvaging civilization is possible only as pieces that care to do it win autonomy from others that do not.

Throughout Europe, and America as well, the desire to break out of that grip is unevenly spread and manifests itself in different ways.

In Germany, Catholic Bavaria voted differently from the secular east, where the extreme Right and Left rose.

In Italy, the only part of the body politic that is committed unequivocally to cultural identity is the Northern League, which tries to represent the regions north of the Apennines.

In the United States, red states and blue states differ increasingly about immigration as well as everything else. Perhaps salvaging civilization is possible only as pieces that care to do it win autonomy from others that do not.

The issue of immigration is the quintessentially democratic issue because it is all about “who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to live.” Though the choice of who shall and shall not be among us, in what number, never mind of who shall and shall not be part of our body politic, is far from the only one that affects a civilization’s viability, it has become the proxy for all the other choices that do.


About Angelo Codevilla

Angelo M. Codevilla was a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness. He was professor of international relations at Boston University and the author of several books including To Make And Keep Peace (Hoover Institution Press, 2014).

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213 responses to “Migration: The Straw That’s Breaking Europe’s Back”

  1. Immigration is not the real issue, nor is civilizational conflict. The issue is the permanent establishment of an unaccountable self-appointed elite. Unchecked importation of unassimilable people is the tool of the elites to this end.

    • But Merkel keeps getting reelected. I realize German voting habits are often not historically admirable, but someone is pulling the lever for that awful woman.

      • German society is like most others … it has large segments that are ignorant of reality.

      • Ancient socialist doctrine. Teach the children and they will grow up supporting the party….

        Truth be told, socialists don’t have the only claim on that tactic, it is ancient. ‘History is written by the victor.’

      • Merkel keeps getting reelected because Germans have been culturally-deprogrammed to the point of civilizational masochism. And yet, AfD gained 90+ seats in the Bundestag. Things are definitely not going the elite’s way–although political change of that magnitude takes years to fully manifest itself.

      • Some of that is holocaust guilt, I’ve read. The charge of xenophobia falls harder in a Germany where holocaust denial is illegal, at least I think it’s still illegal.

      • Correct and further, Germans are ever reminded of the dangers of the fascist Right even as the fascist Left increasingly grabs full control of their society. Their problem is that Europeans have a narrow understanding of “fascism” restricted pretty much to aggressive, chauvinistic nationalism. They tend to overlook that the organizational structure of fascism was borrowed from the Left as well as the important aspect of society being organized from the top down such that corporations, and elites work seamlessly, hand-in-glove with an authoritarian, non-representative government which serves their interests over those of average people. That is certainly the direction that Europe has gone in and continues to move towards.

      • The vast majority of people are ruled by fear and hedonism. They want government to protect them and provide for them. They consider making nice and giving away their lunch money as a means of placating their enemies. They see government support of their needs and wants as their birthright. Behold democracy!

      • Yes, but the worst part of this, in the US at least, has been cultivated in the culture and our systems of education by “liberalism”/leftism/”progressivism” and/or imported from other lands.

      • Nah. It’s a derivative of Western humanist ideology as much home-grown as imported.

      • You seem to be missing the fact that this mindset is EXACTLY what the vile Democrat Party is trying to import at present in order to throw the entire country to one-party control similar to CA in the direct wake of the amnesty that was part of the Immigration Reform Act of 1986.

      • I’m not missing that at all.

        What YOU are missing is that Liberalism has it’s roots right here in the good ole USA.

      • No, liberalism has its roots in the corruption of the human heart. It is inherent to a degree, but there was a time when American institutions did not cultivate it.

      • You really need to learn some history prior to 1900. ‘American liberalism’ is the result of socialism from other continents embedding itself in, primarily, the Democratic Party, especially in the last 75 years.

      • Good question. I don’t understand the self-inflicted and possibly fatal wound of the kind of immigration European leadership allows. Islam is among the worst ideas ever. It’s a cancer in my opinion.

      • I should moderate my implication, however, since there are many Euros who stand against the sacrificing of their countries to the MEs.

        It’s similar to what goes on here in the US. The bureaucrats who run things along with the judges call the shots and there are enough suicidally goofy cowards to elect them.

        It may be gradually changing, but, alas, it already may be too late.

      • Germans, Swedes and, alas, Canadians too have been brainwashed by their bureaucracies–naive, smug blockheads.

      • Nope. For one thing Harper caught on too slowly–maintained migration at way over 300,000 per year (no hero there). Essentially you have elitists in both the major parties collaborating to obscure rational nationalist instincts. One of the few people in politics with a clear vision of the dangers is Kelly Leitch and in the recent party election for Conservative leader she came last despite impecable qualifications. Canada will wash out, barfing at Americans to the end, on a wave of smugness.

      • LOL. Are you a person of Canaditude, so to speak? The smugness nauseated most sensible Canadians I know. And, from a certain segment up there, it’s not just the inevitable boring Amerricca-Is-A-Pollice-Stait stuff, but a whole series of obscure subsidiary bigotries… anti-Albertans, anti-First-Nations, anti-Kweebs. Amusing to watch from afar.

      • Chee. Have you ever noticed any discrepancies or prejudices in the poor increasingly and perpetually oppressed minorities? Tunnel vision much? Got everything from ex-Islamists to Eskimos and we all get all along great. Know why?: because nobody plays the phony oppressed race card.

      • Francophone Kweebs? “Argent et le vote ethnique?”

        RIP lobster-man Jacques Parizeau…

        A lot of the grievance-mongers seem to have died off, I see Ahenakew is gone. Anyone blame poor Mike Harris for poisoning water lately? ;)

      • Ahh, the delights of Canadian politics… by-elections, councillors, proroguing, and of course, Da Leedle Guy, the only PM who spoke neither of Canada’s two official languages (Cantonese and Urdu, perhaps?) and his… logic:


        STILL ALIVE!! Drop the writ, bring him back… he’s better than the idiot Waterhole sprout.

    • As a white American, I grew up completely naive in the 80s thinking everyone loved each other. “We are the World” and the Huxstables on the Cosby Show were what we thought everyone believed. To think that non-white people love us or even like us is (90% of the time) IGNORANT and DANGEROUSLY MISGUIDED. Take South Africa, for example. In high school, the hot topic was ending apartheid, which every eager white high school student enthusiastically supported. WHAT A STUPID MISTAKE. If we had known that South African whites would have become victims of such heinous crimes and persecution, we would have left South Africa alone. South Africa, where whites, NOT BLACKS, settled first was a first world power, and now it’s just another African toilet. America has finally woken up to the hatred toward us. No matter what we do or how many advantages we give minorities, THEY STILL HATE US. So why should white nations have massive immigration?? It must end, and we need a couple decades of reverse immigration deporting all these people who hate us. IT’S CALLED SELF PRESERVATION.

    • Totally correct. Unlimited immigration is how the so-called “elite” swing economic and political power into their own hands with the ultimate goal of ultimate power. It is their gambit to grab the whole country for themselves: steal it if you will.

      • I believe the French sought to remedy that with the Guillotine . . .

        Who knows it could come to pass once more.

    • I think this true. But i also think the underlying root cause is secularism and the rejection of Judeo-Christian values. Most all secularists make an idol of the state. It becomes their god. This is a movie we’ve seen many times. It is scary.

  2. Even an absolute and ignorant fool can see that this is heading for a lot of bloodshed. Just mark my words.

    • When in human history has there not been “a lot of bloodshed”? Your words are common and unworthy of marking.

  3. The refusal of the Elites to change has much to do with THEIR inertia.

    They have got away with things for a very long time; and in that process built up a giant dam-wall of mainstream media fawnocracy, entrenched bureaucratic Orwellianspeak and the rest of it.

    Decades of basically telling lies about society and civilization have rewarded them with plum positions in power, money, privilege.

    George Bernard Shaw pointed out that most people only become engaged in political action when they feel personally threatened. We have lately reached that inflection-point. The elites are being challenged for the first time, by the PUBLIC, in sixty years of ‘liberalism’ ruling society.

    Of course they, the Elites, won’t change; but it seems highly likely their power will be (first) eroded and then swept away.

    • What’s an “elite”? It sounds like a newer version of the false accusation of “racist” or “capitalist” or “hater” that the Lib-Leftists throw around.

      You condemn the “elites,” but give free pass to the unwashed masses. Why? It is the majority of common folk who are stupid, ignorant, lazy, and irresponsible that are the source of social problems. It is that same majority who make the decisions in a democracy.

      • Essentially you are right.

        If the peoples of the western democracies were virtuous, not decadent, they would never have got into their current multi-mess of a predicament in the first place. So yes, collectively considered, they are lazy and

        Yet two wrongs don’t make a right. Individuals have to be wonderfully irresponsible to get elected to representative and legislative office and then spout the nonsense that the Political Class has talked for years about Immigration and other existential issues.

        Hardly anybody can really, seriously, believe that opening borders as they have done, encouraging mass migration from third-world countries to developed first-world lands, will not bring catastrophic problems.

        After all, if anybody exists who truly does think the Multiculturalism rubbish is valid – that all cultures are equally valid and all are benign and we can all live together most harmoniously just from the fact that we are human beings – why do we not hear of the wealthy legislators and the TV and movie superstar millionaires, who lecture us on ‘compassion’, lodging the ‘refugees’ by families in some of their many properties?

        So it is one thing – and a bad thing – for the public to be lazy and irresponsible. Indeed. But it is yet more shocking for people who are governments to go (on the largest scale) for humbug, cant and untruth as their
        lodestars. By the nature of the task they have chosen and undertaken, they are charged with taking care of their countries and their fellow-citizens. What would we think of a physician who prescribed medication which he KNEW could only do us harm?

  4. “Migration: The Straw That’s Breaking Europe’s Back”

    Wrong … ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is “Breaking Europe’s Back”.

    Aided and abetted by people who not only don’t have to live with the consequences of the murder and rape and and and commited by the illegal invaders, but will personally profit from the illegal invasion.

    • In the end–if it comes to that–it will backfire on the ‘elites’ too. They have a lot more money than brains.

  5. Professor Codevilla, one more step and you could become the leader of neo-reaction. You’re so close!

  6. Odd way to respond to Fascism – do the opposite of what Hitler would do. Polemically it is understandable, but, the outcome is still being directed by what Hitler did. One may ask ‘why not do what the owners of a nation tell you to do’? Why is that verboten?

  7. The key to this article is the part about how Italy bounced back from the destruction of WWII so that by the 1950s it was beginning to thrive again. Italy–and Europe–CAN revive itself and renew itself by rising up and overthrowing its destructive “leaders”. Make love and make babies as if your future depends on it! Eradicate the muslim invaders, return to the church, eat good food, drink fine wine, and enjoy life as men and women should.

    • I did my part; I have 5, and several other families at my kids’ school are also large; those families tend to be pretty conservative. It’s my professional colleagues, every single one of them childless, who think that open borders are an awesome idea.

  8. funny how a flood of illegal immigrants can hurt Europe, but in America the leftists say all is well…. We have millions of the who have crossed our border without asking, or being invited….. We are told that they help the economy and that they are all well educated, and that they have some sort of right to enter our country illegally.

  9. A high level of social services requires high taxes which depress birthrates which eventually leads to bankruptcy. Unless young people from elsewhere can be brought to Europe to fill the vacuum…

    • It doesn’t depress birthrates in general, but only from the taxpayers. It’s a type of disgenics. And if those migrants aren’t working, that only makes things worse.

      • Taxes are everywhere. You’ve heard of the VAT, common in Europe. In Denmark the tax on a new car is 100%. The so-called leaders of most countries in Europe are worried about their own aßes, and they are banking on the children of the migrants to eventually start paying into the pension plans.

  10. A big problem with immigration seems to be that in contrast with the past, immigrants don’t move to a place like Germany or America seeking to become German or American, rather they seek to gain the economic fruits of their new land while doing as much to turn it into the place they just left.Lack of desire to assimilate into the culture of the host is certainly a major irritant to native citizens.

    • Kind of reminds me of Yankees fleeing the disastrous states they created and then ruining their new homes.

      • You mean the Yankees that created Americanism and built America?

      • That was a very different generation of builders not the current snowflake politically correct ignorant folks!

      • I would love to see your statistics and references. Make sure you are citing % of population and not raw numbers.

      • Why won’t you answer the question? It seems you’re the one with the problem.

      • It’s not my “claim” – I don’t make “claims” – I present reality to you ignorant fools.

      • Ah, you present your “alternate reality”, but don’t support your “alternate reality” with actual references and facts So, did Hitler win WWII, too?

      • You declare my reality as alternate when in fact it’s yours that is false.

        Google ‘enlistment by state’ (it’s easy) to verify that The Hominid is right (as always) and YOU are an ignorant fool.

      • But, I asked you for that data and specifically pointed out it was unreasonable not to so on any basis other than per capita since California is the most populous state in the nation. But, if you want to mislead your readers, that option is now gone, so you are left trying to defend a nonsense point. So, again, you lose, lose, lose. Your spin has been detected and stomped into the ground.

      • Context matters ans statistics is the art of lying with facts.
        Example: The left cries about the right cutting entitlements when in reality they just want to slow their insane growth from the Obama years.

      • Stated like a genuine dummy. Statistical findings are perfectly valid if it is stated precisely what underlies them and false conclusions are not drawn from them.

      • What’s your point?

        CA is a massive donor state – billions more than the 2nd place TX – without which the US economy would tank. CA pays 45% more than the next highest state (TX) in fed taxes; CA ranks 43rd in receipt of fed per captia payments. CA is the 6th largest economy in the world. CA leads the US in large-cap corporate headquarters. The CA ports of LA & Longbeach are three times more active than the next highest state (NY-NJ).

      • No, odys means the yankees who have voted for big government and big taxes and big regulation and then fled to small government, low taxes, and low regulation states and then complain because they do not get all the government benefits that produced the place they fled. Those guys. I do not want Californians moving the Nevada, Arizona, and Texas or New Yorkers and those from Massachusetts moving to Florida, and then voting for exactly what they fled. You will notice that the Cubans who fled Cuba do not vote for socialism.

      • Those aren’t Yankees, dumbass – those are Lib-Leftists and welfare bums.

      • Point is, the vote doesn’t count in many cases as it should. Remember that a majority voted, for example, against gay marriage in California (and not because they were homophobic). But, although it would be hard to find an issue that belonged more to public perception, a few lawyers and judges managed to trash the vote. A textbook example of how, if left without adequate oversight to wreak their own hocus pocus lawyers and the judiciary, perhaps ensnared themselves in a mess of mumbo jumbo, can bring a civilization down.

    • Multiculturalism is the anti-melting pot. And it’s purpose is the opposite of integration and assimilation. It’s designed to keep various groups warring, separated, and dependent on powerful politicians for favors and protection.
      The schools do their part by keeping students ignorant of political and economic history, and by emphasizing differences and promoting victim-hood.
      The media does its part by fanning the flames of racial hatred, gender warfare, class warfare, and promoting violence and vitriol, then blaming it on others.
      It’s quite a team at work. All of it coming from the Left.

      • I remember when English as a 2nd language was primarily for Mexicans; at that time mostly “legal” immigrants and U.S. citizens. At times I read about 50-75 languages being “taught” in some public school districts. I do remember when I went to the office to sign up for Social Security there was a sign with some dozen languages “apparently” telling you how to sign up. Something is absolutely wrong here. My Paternal great grandparents came here from Norway. My Paternal grandparents spoke English exclusively. I’m not saying that’s good; in fact I think learning more than one language is good, but I’m sick and tired of banks and other businesses telling me to press 1 for English.

      • Learning English allowed them and their children to integrate and become successful in the society. Promoting multilingualism is designed to keep people in ethnic ghettoes. It’s deliberate.

      • I don’t think multilingualism is bad (my children are truly bilingual and they are the top students in their grades–2 of them even skipped 2 grades)–but one of those languages needs to be the language of the country you are in.

      • I was specifically referring to teaching Hispanic immigrants in Spanish, for example. I wasn’t clear about that. My fault. I meant the attempt to create a multilingual America, which will further ghettoize immigrants in their ethnic community. Learning English fluently is key, if they speak other languages as well, that’s great.

      • Having moved to another country (my husband’s native land) and been expected to learn their language because, you know, it’s their country, I am amazed that there are folks (whether immigrants or native-born) who think that moving to America and treating English learning as optional is okay at all. It’s not good for the culture, it doesn’t set the children of the immigrants up for success, it just doesn’t make any sense at all. I still struggle with the language where I live, but you don’t see me out in the street demanding that other people change their culture to make it more like my own.

      • “The schools do their part by keeping students ignorant of political and economic history…” No, no, no – they teach a VERSION of politicoeconomic history.

        What’s is missing is sufficiency in science – in particular biology – which belies the PC tenets of humanist ideology.

    • A big issue with nativisism is that it is espoused by those who lack mobility due to a lack of motivation, ability or opportunity. Go get a skill and stop complaining. Immigrants coming here are inheriting a 20 trillion deficit that the country racked up providing benefits and protection for you. Get over yourself.

      Ever wonder why the US has 2.5 as many Nobel prize winners per capita vs. Australia? Here’s a clue, 2.5 times more geniuses weren’t actually born here, but they ended up here.

      • Time to focus on what citizens want/need rather than what suits the billionaires. It is our country.

      • Wrong yet again. The US, partly because of its massively greater economy, has the research facilities and funds necessary to produce winners. Because these institutions are able to attract and accommodate top scholars in no way rationalises opening the borders to sketchy hordes. Or perhaps you were thinking of Barry and his Nobel? You’re right about present migrants ‘inheriting’ funds that help create the deficit though.

      • There’s a huge difference between a planned immigration policy (countries like Canada that have a points system based on things like professional skills and language ability) and “come one, come all.”

      • Similar to what we used to have.

        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s only one or two other countries in the world that have ‘birthright citizenship.’

      • Migrants have been walking, unvetted over the Canadian border for months now automatically receiving superior services denied Canadian nationals. One of Trudeau’s initial acts–widely touted–was to throw open the doors to ‘refugees’; Muslims in the Middle East, left to organize the transfers, took this as an opportunity to unload, at great cost, the poorest educated Sharia types on the hapless, politically challenged Canuckbrains. Trudeau has put his blessing forever on the Niqab and the minister of immigration is a ‘Somali Canadian’–whatever that portends. Only people who apply in compliance with the law have to jump through the points system and even then it’s pretty sketchy.

      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if that guy’s name was Justin Smith instead of Justin Trudeau, he’d be a 45-year-old part-time yoga instructor with 3 roommates, not the leader of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not that our little dauphin is any better.

  11. Straw? More like an avalanche of giant logs.

  12. The REAL elephant in the room destroying Europe that no one dares mention is the postChristian godless ABORTION religion of Molech worship by which the population is now BELOW REPLACEMENT RATE, inverting the traditional triangle of many young supporting fewer old. For the godless leadership migration was to be a “fix” for this problem, but due to their blindness in failing to realize the immigrants were not being assimilated into the cultures but remaining in isolated enclaves they’re instead dimly SEEMINGLY realizing their societies are close to ruin. This of course is for rejecting God and his blessing of HIS children, but most are too blind in their godless bigotry, closing their eyes to their usually Christian history, to realize it. See thereligionofpeace.com for the exposing of the evil, cruel, vicious true religion of Islam devoted to the West’s destruction vs modernity’s usual PC lies & fantasies.

    • Blah blah. Leave god, which is at best a hypothetical, out of it. No salvation is coming. We either figure this out ourselves or we divide up and fight, and ultimately fail as a species. It’s our choice.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure we have a “choice” in the matter of species survival. I don’t have much confidence in “figuring this out ourselves” either.

      • You’re right, of course, that in a billion or two years our dying star will render our planet uninhabitable. Our ultimate fate here is sealed. Some big rock, or a nasty bug, could take us out long before that. Maybe we find a new place to live, maybe not. I think we Improve our survival chances if we stop believing in magic.

      • I prefer objectivism as well. But, I see no scientific reason to believe that stopping (as if we could) our magical thinking will enhance or diminish our chances for survival. For all any of us know, mysticism may be an essential survival strategy for sapiens – morality certainly seems to be.

        You can’t assume a trait is beneficial because you value it – you have to wait and see. Higher intelligence may be a curse rather than a boon from an evolutionary perspective.

  13. The immigrants flooding the EU are a special gift from The USA via the Bush- Clinton- Obama dynasty. Somehow ole’ Angie glosses over that point… maybe because he supported the decimation of the Middle East by the rampaging American Murder Machine?

    • So the Middle East was a paradise before the “American Murder Machine”? Mass immigration is a recent phenomena happening all over the world (like India and China, for example) irregardless of US military intervention.

      • The Middle East was pretty stable led by secular governments that were growing and prosperous … then the US Killing Machine suckered Iraq into Kuwait and the Region saw non-stop regime Change and destruction… there was no flood of refugees into Europe, for example.

      • The Middle East was pretty stable led by secular governments that were growing and prosperous…

      • That’s why Israel wanted them all destroyed and replaced by backward jihadis. (IOperation Clean Break)

    • Actually, it’s Russia that’s been flooding the world of muslim radicals with weapons, money, intel and logistical help since the 1960’s. The Eastern Bloc of the USSR was the weapons and Semtex depot for all the world’s terrorist organizations.
      Post USSR, Russia is still at it. Combine Russian money and weapons and logistics with radical islam and they keep the entire region at war and Israel surrounded.
      Meanwhile, they feed countries like Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons technology, which they hope will keep the US and its allies pinned down dealing with the regional problems.
      Nice try, Ivan. But the history of Russia for hundreds of years now has been as the world’s real murder machine.

      • Yeah. I guess that’s why Russian jets have joined wit Iran and Syria to defeat ISIS in Syria…

        The USSR died 30 years ago… Stalin died 60+ years ago…save your Cold War bluster for your grand kids.

      • And these things predated the USSR under the Czars, and post date it under Putin. Same plays, same strategies (massive disinformation campaigns, false flag killings and false flag terrorism, for example), same goals. It never changes.

      • There is always a ‘big dog’ that dominates the world scene. Who would you like to see replace the US as the next ‘big dog’?

      • I don’t have a dog in this fight… but I can see the reality and that’s China- Russia- Iran are emerging as the energy-infrastructure-investment nexus to replace a depraved and isolated Pox Americana.

      • Sure. While Lil’Kim makes a defiant mockery of the US; where Russia-Iran-Syria has stopped US Regime Change in Syria; and where the world is rallying around the ayatollahs in Tehran.

        Yeah, there’s lots of mojo behind Pox Americana.

      • Yes – they “mock” us (childish) while we live in luxury and they live in the filthy stone age. Bwahahahahaha!! You stink of shiite.

      • That is obviously your hope and intention. Hence, the disinformation.

      • Lots of people on the Left and Right understand that the US is essentially bankrupt, having outsourced manufacturing and industry overseas along with savaging the US working class.

        Completely dependent on military Keynesian idea, the same Predator Class that run the US has only brought death and destruction almost nonstop for decades.

        Much of the rest of the world feel the same way… the US is now being shoved around by Lil’ Kim and by Putin with Iran in Syria… It’s a sinking ship set for another financial crash in short order as well.

      • The world is huge debt, you dunce, not just the USA — and, we’ll weather the coming storms far better than you and your piss-ant countries will. Do you not realize how powerful and resource rich America is relative to other countries?

      • The only way the US “weathered” the last storm was for the Fed to create trillions in free cash that it gave the Predator Class to buy up huge chunks of income and assets for itself. Once interest rates are at or near 0% there are no more tools to weather anything.

        Meanwhile the “real” economy in the US is in decrepit state, with many key indices below 2007 levels. Infrastructure is in a desperate state with no plan to repair it. Productive capacity has collapsed over the decades leading to massive trade and governmental and corporate debt. Pensions are collapsing. The labor force disintegrating. Other countries have problems… but not these problems.

      • Yeah – the rest of the world is not in debt!!!! Bwahahahahahah!!!!! And, the USA is not supporting them! BWahahahahahahha!!!

      • Correct. No more mass murder and plunder by the US Predator Class… however there are far greater forces at play than my own wishes and preferences.

      • Right – you third-world dimwits are going to take us down. Bwahahahaha!!!

      • Actually the US Ruling Class is doing a great job of that themselves.

    • The excuse of cowards who won’t fight for they’re liberty.

  14. Same thing happening to the USA with endless Latino “migration” (as well as now Mohammedan immigration).

    Nothing but crickets from the Neocon establishment. They are actively using immigration to displace native-born (read; White) Americans.

    • I work with many Latinos in Chicago who are very good people and I feel I have infinitely more in common with them, the Vietnamese and the Asian Indians than with the hate whitey, white leftists who seem to be quite actively waging a race war against white people both here and in Europe.

      As for Muslims, I think Indian Muslims are mostly middle class and better people than the Arabs, Somalis and Afghans. I work with two who seem to be good people and fit in as well as anyone else.

      I recently asked one what he thought of the rapid rise of Hindu nationalism in India. He said Christians and Muslims are being persecuted in India but the Muslims are better off because they have more areas where they are the majority and can therefore protect themselves better.

      I also asked the other one about this and he said It’s a very bad situation and that Hindus have already started killing Muslims in India over this issue of the killing of sacred cows. He then said relations are bad between India and China, he hopes there’s a war and he hopes India “gets whipped”.

      So much hate. Our whole world seems to be boiling with hate. Whatever happened to the future? I can remember a time when people believed things would be better in the future. I doubt if many believe that now.

      • some people like “diversity”, like you. Some do not, like me. I prefer people stay in their own countries, their own borders, their own cultures. Its irrelevant if you know and like some Latinos. Tens if millions if them are here with motions more coming. If you import Meh-hee-co, you become Meh-hee-co. Likewise, Eeeslam.

      • It’s not that I “like” diversity. It’s that I know these people quite well since I talk to them every work day and have never had any sense that they’re different whereas the white leftists that you’re comfortable with since they’re your same color seem profoundly different and alien to me.

        Believe it or not, it’s white people, leftists, who’ve ruined this country by constantly stirring their big pot of anti-white racial hate and ruined Europe by importing so much poverty from Africa and the Middle East. It’s not Latinos, Vietnamese or Asian Indians who’ve done this. It’s your beloved white people like the deplorably evil hags Hillary and her friend Merkel.

        Had Hillary won she’d be meeting with BLM every day to get advice about how to grind working class whites into the dirt. How it is that people like you can be so blissfully unaware of how much the white leftists despise you is truly a mystery to me.

      • You’re correct that the Lib-Leftists brought their psychosis, lies, and PC down upon America, but they receive strong political support from the third-worlders they embrace. That is precisely why they favor mass immigration from third-world countries – inevitable political support.

      • I prefer people who pay their $11,000 a year, every year of life federal income tax, as this is the per-capita cost for each citizen in the US budget. I couldn’t care less where they came from as long as they are productive. Rather someone who actually isn’t a leach than someone who conforms to what you see in the mirror.

      • People like you are stupid and I’d be willing to bet that people like Trump ( who I voted for ), Heather MacDonald ( City Journal ) and Angelo Codevilla ( American Greatness ) would agree that you’re stupid.

      • People like you believe you can defeat enemies by voting against them. You secure liberty by killing the people who would take it from you.

      • You can’t trust profession interactions any more than you can TV portrayals. People hide themselves from the public – they act. See, for instance, the San Bernardino bomber. He was an appreciated co-worker.

        Another concern is that these “good” aliens have children who may not behave so nicely (Tsarnaev brothers, anyone). See ‘regression to the mean.’

  15. The political left (and more than a few on the right) have embraced a culture of death. Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, anti-Christianity and anti the morality that it supports, pro-assisted suicide, pro-statist “solutions” to every social problem, anti-masculinity, and endlessly apologizing for the past successes of Christian Western Civilization: These are the marks of cultures in decline. These self-destructive behaviors that defines liberal progressivism have been on full display for decades in both Europe and North America. Since the 2016 presidential election in the USA, this self-hatred has been manifest in the so-called “Resistance” of lefties dismayed by the temporary setback that President Trump handed them. Sadly, unless the President is truly successful in “draining the swamp,” the USA will soon rejoin the stampede toward oblivion that we are witnessing in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

    • Correct. But, what is the cause for such suicidal self-loathing? I know the answer. Do you? Are you willing to face the reality or will you pretend the symptoms are the causes like so many choose to do? If it’s political success you seek, it will have to be the latter.

  16. There is something about progressive policies that cause those societies to commit demographic suicide. And then progressive leaders don’t much care for their citizenry and try to replace them with those they assume are more biddable. Those ‘replacement’ citizens know that the country they are entering is failing and see no reason to accept the cultural mores that have led that society to collapse. Western Europe is pretty much toast and it’s just a question whether the US follows the same death spiral.

    • What is that “something” that causes societies to commit demographic suicide?

  17. The wages of Islam are bitter indeed. Its been this way for 1400 years.

  18. A great essay as usual from this writer. But his statement that “Muslim and African immigration are a small part of the Catalans’ complaints'” is only true in the sense that, as one Catalan separatist said ‘We’d rather be Muslims than Spaniards.’ The Catalonian separatists, aside from being extremely corrupt, have made Catalonia the Islamist center of Spain.


    • Interesting article. I didn’t know this. It really is quite horrifying to see such damage being done. I have an Assyrian friend at work who once told me he left Iraq ( he’s in his mid-fifties ) in 1980 and spent 3 years living in Italy. He said Italy was beautiful and that at that time “Italy was still European”. It was very sad to hear that. The Assyrians are all astonished by what Europe has done and they say Europe is finished. They are also strong Trump supporters. Leftists say Trump is a tyrant but these are people who lived under Saddam’s rule in Iraq so they certainly know what tyranny looks like and they sure do not consider Trump a tyrant. They’ve very conservative and totally distrust leftists and Muslims.

  19. If you don’t have young men who will fight your’e words mean nothing.

      • Adherence to mostly capitalism is what has led man out of the pit. Deviate with old failed ideas from the left and we will slide right back where we came from.

      • That’s because capitalism isn’t an ideology – it’s an economic practice. It’s a process which has many clearly connected and observable consequences (as you point out) that can be measured and assigned a value judgment (as you correctly did).

        An ideology is a set of beliefs, based in assumptions that are usually untested, and speculations (never tested), like philosophy, religion, and politics.

      • The left is abandoning capitalism so that lefty disease is plaguing the world. (you have come full circle and proven my point)

    • “Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural.” What is she even talking about? What is “multiculturalism”? I work with people from places like Vietnam, Mexico, Iraq ( Assyrians ) and India. They don’t seem at all culturally different. If they were I’d sure know it by now. I also work with Poles and Bulgarians from supposedly monocultural countries. Never have I seen them have the slightest difficulty dealing with the Vietnamese, Hispanics, Assyrians and Indians. Why would they?

      The people Europe has brought in from Africa and the Middle East though certainly are culturally different and they’ll never change because they know they don’t have to. They’re poorly educated but not so stupid that they don’t realize they’re a protected minority. The left will always protect them no matter what they do and will condemn the European conservatives as Nazis for objecting.

      I have a Vietnamese friend at work whose wife is French-Vietnamese. His wife’s family still lives in Paris. He said that they say it is quite true that the suburbs of Paris are full of Africans and Muslims, are extremely dangerous and are off limits to other French. You’ll never read about that in our wonderfully progressive media though. It’s obviously not diversity that’s the problem. It’s the type of diversity that matters. I’ve never heard of the Vietnamese rioting in Paris or doing drive-by shootings in Chicago.

      All these European countries have done by importing third world poverty is to create a huge underclass of unemployable and alienated people who will always be on welfare and cause a lot of crime and terrorism. They will all pay dearly for leftist stupidity. Angela Merkel is supposed to be a conservative but she sure doesn’t act like one which is why the left loves her.

      • One thing that is incredibly frustrating, as somebody who lives in France but isn’t French, is that most of the terrorist attacks have been committed by young men who were BORN HERE and are second (and sometimes even third) generation. The issue of “what do you do with citizen-terrorists” aside (my thoughts on the subject are unlikely to be adopted by the government anytime soon), it seems to me that the fact that native-born children of immigrants(*) are SO unassimilated and causing so much mayhem just might indicate, to a politician of any intelligence, that WE HAVE AN IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. It is unforgivable that instead of even attempting to deal with the problem of the unassimilated people who are already here, our politicians decided to import even more of them. We should have solved our existing problem first!

        (*)Not all native-born children of immigrants. I teach at a university here, and some of my best, hardest-working students are the children of immigrants, mostly girls. These students are very assimilated, most of them even have French names. Whatever those kids’ families are doing, we should have been doing more of that.

      • People are always normally distributed (usually as a bell curve) along any parameter you care to examine. There will always be those that appear in the right tail of the distribution. The issue is proportionality.

        Moreover, you cannot judge people from formal or semiformal exchanges (professional colleagues, students, sales clerks, etc) because you are not seeing the “real” persons. That’s why people are always “surprised” when their car mechanic or gambling buddy goes postal.

      • I have an Assyrian friend at work in Chicago who once told me of an honor killing in his town near Baghdad when he was a boy ( He’s in his mid fifties and has been here for 33 years ). He said there was a family living a block away where the daughter was having an affair with a neighbor boy.
        Both families were Muslim. The girl had an older brother who was a butcher. When this older brother found out about his sister’s affair he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the house into the street.
        The neighbors heard her screaming and when they went outside to see what was happening they saw the brother using a butcher knife to cut his sister’s throat. When she was dead he dipped both hands in her blood, went to her boyfriend’s house and smeared her blood all over their front door.
        I asked my friend what the police did about this. He said the police considered it a family matter so they didn’t get involved. Trump says Muslims from cultures like this should be banned from coming here. Trump’s critics say he’s a racist. I think Trump’s critics are insane.

    • The question is why is her mutilated body not hanging from a lamppost?!

  20. Agreed the cultural corruption began in the 1960s. As one example, whatever your position on the Vietnam War, LBJ did America and the world a huge disservice by failing to articulate a reasoned factual defense of his administration’s policies in that regard. Unfortunately, he deserted his post under fire and refused to run for reelection, leaving the discussion to RMN and HHH and RMN and McGovern.

    GWB repeated the error when he failed to defend his administration’s actions, especially in the World-Wide War on Terrorism, against the onslaught of unfactual rabid attacks he received from the press.

    DJT has elitists of all stripes upset simply because he fights back. And, in fighting back, he says things that are long overdue and are consistent with what his voters have thought for a long time.

      • “When somebody says something about me . . . I take care of it,” the president said about his Twitter use, which has become a staple of his time in office.

        from “‘Bing, bing, bing’: Trump reveals his thinking behind firing off all those tweets” (www. washingtonpost. com/ news/ post-politics/ wp/ 2017/10/20/ bing-bing-bing-trump-reveals-his-thinking-behind-firing-off-all-those-tweets/)

        Long, long overdue… the flag and the anthem are important symbols of national unity; a nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation; allies who will not pay their debts are not friends anyone needs;…

      • Is disrespecting the flag indicative of “national unity”? If people who dislike Americanism are forced to observe flag protocol, does that signify “national unity”?

      • Only tragic creatures without integrity or honor would choose to remain in a country, and reap its benefits, for which they hold so much contempt and disapprobation.

        In the specific case of NFL players, they are too stupid to know elementary Economics 101 – all wages and compensation come from customers. It is an employee’s prime function to partner with the employer to secure and keep customers, not to alienate and drive them away.

      • If you expect integrity and honor from most people, you’re in for a big disappointment.

        I don’t care about the business aspect of the issue – what concerns me is the growing contempt for Americanism.

      • I dearly hope the NFL and ESPN and CNN and ABC and MSNBC and the rest either fail or right their own ships. This is not a “too big to fail” issue and there is no call for some foolish nanny state intervention.

        If, as may be the case, America is lost then the sooner these losers are tipped out of the boat into the sewer they so much desire, the better. Those of us who can will avoid their fate, as it should be.

  21. White supremacy is not hatred of others but a desire for our own culture. We reject the violent skinhead anti others but want to live in an integrated JudeoChristian culture we inherited. Hard work and respect for one another. This must surpass the ugly past of vial violent white supremacy of the past. You don’t have to be white to be a white supremacist.

    • You have the right concept, Ken. But, I think you’re talking about White IDENTITY, not supremacy. It’s the supremacy part that pisses people off.

  22. There will always be those who believe that the only reason the world has not yet seen the realization of a utopia that can be propagated around the globe is that it hasn’t been done in quite the right way and with the necessary type and level of enforcement to give it the chance to take hold. Some in each generation are convinced they see the “solution.” The real problem is that trying to implement any such fantasy requires top-down control which defines a ruling elite. A ruling elite which will tend toward self-entrenchment and eventually, corruption in one form or another. It may be unfortunate, but the fact is that the human race is far from any type of evolution (traditional or social) that alters this reality. The notion that an irreversible intermixing of people from all regions, religions and backgrounds will lead to harmony is popular now (most vocally among the left, but not exclusively there). This underlies much of the efforts of Soros and his followers. Yes, they expect pain and problems, but “to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs” (perhaps the most vividly applicable use of this old expression that the world has ever seen). They underestimate the strength remaining in the human instinct for commonality (ie., tribalism, I suppose). We simply do not live in the old Coke commercial, no matter how much anyone would “like to teach the world to sing . . .”
    Cracking eggs is one thing but if, once cracked, they can’t be beaten and whipped into the omelette and the process goes on too long, the whole thing will eventually turn into a rotten mess.

    • Biology tells us that species progress or fail based on variation (differences), competition, and selection. Homogeneity is a recipe for extinction.

      • An interesting reply. An off the wall and totally non sequitur reference to a single isolated tenet from a specific branch of science that has very little to do with my comment. But it sounded very deep (in fact, it may be hard to scrape it completely off my shoes).

  23. Western civilization is ripe for a Hitler. When it happens, do not be surprised-although the feckless clueless Left will be flabbergasted

  24. Moslems have absolutely nothing to contribute to the general advance of civilization in the modern world. -although ,via our anemic response to the challenge, they are showing us that democracy does not work well and it produces leadership of the Neville Chamberlain variety. Every moslem country that I have visited smells like urine and feces.

  25. I think you can have a multi-ethnic society provided everyone has a basic shared belief. In America, that shared belief was to the Madisonian, constitutional order, influenced heavily by the philosophy of Locke, Hume, with our morality derived mostly from Christianity.

    In fact, that is what Western Civilization is built on: a Christian religious moral code enhanced by Enlightenment principles based on reason and rationality. This is broadly understood as “science”, and it helps us better understand and exist in objective reality.

    I think people underestimate how ALL of that, not just religion, is under attack by postmodernism. The ideals of Locke, Hume, Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, etc. are rapidly being replaced by the utter nonsense and idiocy of French postmodern “intellectuals” like Lyotard, Foucault, and Derrida.

    They are quite literally trying to redefine reality. Using female pronouns to refer to a man who wears a wig, high heals and lipstick is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Postmodern philosopher, Laurie Calhoun, was asked if in fact giraffes are taller than ants. She replied, “It is not a fact. It is an article of religious faith in our culture.” This is different from asking how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. That’s a philosophical exercise that has no right or wrong answer and is intended to stimulate thought. It does not challenge our understanding of objective reality. Being unwilling to acknowledge that giraffes are taller than ants is denying the objective reality we’ve spent 300 years trying to understand.

  26. Ironically, the breakup of the US is exactly what China and Russia (and likely most of Europe) would love to see occur.
    Be careful what you wish for (I say to those countries). You will not like the results of such a breakup if it indeed happens…and I think it is almost inevitable.
    We live is very precarious times…no thanks to secularism and the inevitable leftist cult that springs from the rejection of Judeo-Christian values.

  27. Comparing Christian Mexicans who want to work and make money to Muslims who want to live in nicer surroundings collecting Euro-welfare is a mistake.

    This is not to say immigration is not a problem that needs to be solved here in the US, but it isn’t anywhere near the same problem as there.

    Assimilation is the key, and the West has lost the confidence to say, “You are welcome here, as long as you assimilate.”

    • The Mexicans aren’t even culturally different whereas the Muslims from the Middle East are quite different and come from a culture that often sees the West as the enemy.

      As for assimilation, it seems to me that the foreign immigrants are already quite familiar with America, are glad to be here and pretty much are already assimilated. Will their kids be assimilated though after going through our schools which emphasize group difference, group rights and group grievances? The “multiculturalism” taught in our schools seems designed to discourage assimilation and promote grievance.

      Many millions of people though vote for the Democratic Party which is doing this so it’s really hard to see how this society can remain intact.

      • I disagree that the Mexicans are not culturally different. Mexico is riddled with serious government corruption, ruthless drug cartels, and a Catholic culture which demands obedience to the hierarchy. (Sorry, Catholics. I do not believe this to be so true of American Catholics, who are strongly influenced by the Protestant culture here.) Also, Mexicans and central American Latinos are close enough to their home countries to easily maintain their culture. And, as you said, our emphasis on diversity discourages assimilation.

      • The Mexicans and other Hispanics I know and work with in Chicago aren’t culturally different. I have a Mexican friend at work whose family came here when he was a boy. We were recently talking about crime in Chicago ( a constant topic ) and he said he grew up on the north side but when he got married ( he’s about 50 and this happened about 25 years ago ) he decided he’d like his own home. He found a nice area where the homes were affordable on the southwest side of the city and bought a house there.

        He said it was almost all Irish and there was only one other Hispanic family which lived across street but then more and more Hispanics moved in. They weren’t middle class though. They were poor and they’d rent out the basement and attic flats in these single family homes to other families. Parking became impossible, the neighborhood seemed to have a lot of transients ( probably illegals ) and crime started going up. He said when he started to worry about letting his kids go out to play ( he began hearing gunfire at night ) he knew it was time to go so he moved to the far northwest side where he still lives.

        He said by the time he left the neighborhood was almost all Hispanic. None of what he told me is ever reported in the msm though. According to our white leftist media, the white trash fled because it lacked the intelligence and decency to accept “diversity”.

        I have another Hispanic ( from Peru ) friend at work who took a summer vacation road trip out west with his family a few years ago. He told me when he got to Los Angeles he was surprised to see that it was mostly Mexican and looked poor.

        I have always gotten along quite well with Hispanics but I think one of the things that ruined so much of this country, especially the southwest, is lack of border control which basically allowed in a lot of poverty and criminals. Last year I read an article about illegal immigration in Texas which quoted a Mexican-American border patrol guard as saying there are some very bad people coming across the border. I wish Trump had used people like her to make his case against illegal immigration.

        I blame the hate whitey left for crippling border security, lying about illegal immigration and constantly promoting racial hatred of white people. I consider white leftists insane and they’d say I’m racist/fascist. We obviously lack a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country?

      • Thank you for your well thought out reply. These are scary times, I agree.

    • If assimilation is key, it’s a problem that solves itself.
      2nd gen. immigrants are fluent in English 92% of teh time.
      The Grandchildren of Mexican immigrants can’t even speak Spanish 70% of the time! (almost a shame.)

      Before I take any immigration policy complaints seriously, I need to hear more talk about mandatory e-verify and less about walls.
      Illegal immigrants come here for jobs.
      If you fine illegal employers stiffly and consistently, they’ll stop, the labor pool will dry up and immigration quotas will be lifted to meet teh need.

      This doesn’t happen because LEGAL immigrants get police and court protection from labor violations, and eventually, they vote and corporations are nervous what their agenda would turn out to be.

      Walls are garbage./ Anyoen serious about immigration reform should have “e-verify” on their klips. If they don’t they’re pretenders to be ignored (and voted against)

  28. The civil service act enabled the gross bloat of the administrative state at all levels of government. Direct election of the senate destroyed the essential quality of the body while failing completely to eliminate its corruption. We have slowly moved from being governed to being ruled and our rulers will not give up their power without a fight. If they succeed in disarming us the necessary and inevitable second American revolution will become impossible. They are aware of this.

    • Jusge Napolitano wrote a chilling column, “What if we don’t really govern ourselves?”, which seems to pretty much prove that we don’t.

      • He believes Lincoln was a dictator which means he’s a fool!

  29. Angelo M. Codevilla did a masterful job of avoiding the fact that Muslims are international welfare predators.

  30. What drives the so-called elite in American and Europe to maintain this naive faith in multiculti BS? I’d really like to know to what extent these people actually believe this nonsense. You’d think the past 15 or so years would disabuse anyone who is not confined to a faculty lounge.

    • I think your answer lies in the fact that the “elite” are insulated from the disastrous results of the policies that they impose on everyone else. They live in affluent gated communities; have well paid jobs with connections for better future employment; can afford private schooling for their kids; and may even have private security to ensure they never have to rub elbows with the riff-raff they import into our country.

      • I’m sure that explains some of it, but I’ve been insulated from these policies quite a bit myself and still see the results. It doesn’t take a decoder ring.

        I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but I am hard pressed to see how educated adults can push for policies that hollow out the economic and cultural base of their own countries and civilization. It’s not as if support is only found on the Left. In America, you have the Ryan/Romney/Bush (or in other words the Republican establishment) pushing the same basic agenda which is suicide even fro the GOP itself.

      • I’ve had the same difficulty in understanding why the “establishment” is so willing to compromise the welfare of their own nation, and the answer appears to be in plain view. These “educated adults” on the left and right have a culture of their own. They’re friends with each other regardless of political views; they intermarry; attend the same schools; have membership in the same “societies;” and benefit from mutual cooperation in their areas of influence whether in government or the private sector. What further their interests and values does not necessarily mean that it is good for the country. Their concept of progress would from the perspective of most American’s be viewed as political and cultural suicide.

  31. Before the insane concept of “political correctness” was created, it was universally understood that an invasion consisted of a large group of people from a foreign land and a foreign culture who encroached on the territory another country with the intent of plundering and dominating the native people and supplanting their way of life. Nowadays liberal elites erroneously call it “immigration and assimilation,” and slander anyone who opposes a government instigated suicide of a sovereign nation and its citizens.

  32. You have maintained your contacts in what I assume was your birth city much better than I have with my adopted city, Turin. My father was sent by GE to work for FIAT when I was a child and I actually attended grades 1-3 in Turin. But I am deeply disturbed by what I see there from the few people I still know. There is no doubt that the standard of living has fallen. There is no doubt there are no jobs for young people. I had assumed that the free college educations, with apparently no pressure to finish before 30, and the low retirement ages were actually efforts to create jobs for the 30-50 group. It seems to me, on limited evidence, that that is the best an young Italian can hope for. Yet I also wonder why I see little evidence of hard-headed thinking. Granted, Italians are proud and experts at presenting the best side to visitors, yet I know women who have graduated with degrees in marginal studies and then seemed surprised they cannot find a job. I also hear of no effort to create their own job, if one is not forthcoming. I’m sure Italy makes it difficult, but they seem to lack the panic of having to support one’s self one way or the other. It seems they are not very realistic. My heart breaks for the country which was so welcoming to me and my family. But things seem very dire there … and I don’t know why they support the EU when the Euro has been such a disaster.

    To consider that the political theories which seem to have eviscerated the Italian economy have drifted over to this country is alarming. I expect Americans to be smarter. But I’m of an older generation.

    • I certainly don’t see that Americans are smarter. I don’t even see how this society can survive. The endless obsession with slavery is an obvious inability to move past the past which means we have no future plus our inability to transition to a new government after an election is a classic sign of a failed state.

      Social cohesion and trust are the foundation of a society. Where is our foundation? Where is the inner structure of our society? Can a society devoid of social cohesion and trust avoid collapsing and shattering?

      Here’s an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article called “The Culture of Death-and of Disdain” by Peggy Noonan, Oct. 7-8, 2017:

      “I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful-and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing-our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way-illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens-and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.”

      Pretty damning. I recently read that a feature of living in the modern world is always living with a sense of impending doom. That sure is the truth. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

      • I finally agree with something Peggy Noonan has written recently. It is clear from the left’s refusal to accept Donald Trump, as well as the reaction of the ruling elite, that they do not care about this country at all. They are destroying it from within. Chilling.

      • It certainly is a chilling situation. Last January a Vietnamese friend at work in Chicago sent me a horrifying YouTube video called “The lost streets of Chicago-BBC News”. He lives on the southwest side and I live on the northwest side. The video is about the incredibly severe social breakdown on the south and west sides of the city.

        Watch the video and you’ll see how disastrous this situation is plus it stigmatizes all blacks as bad news since the shootings and social breakdown are overwhelmingly black.

        I sent this video to a Mexican friend at work after I watched it. He lives in a predominantly black neighborhood on the south side. Not one from the video but probably not far from them. He said he watched it with his wife and she then said “What can we do!?”. He had no answer for her. Some would say “Just move.” but that’s much easier said than done.

        Last year I read that millionaires are fleeing from Chicago because they fear crime and race riots. I told a Vietnamese friend at work ( the same one who sent me the video ) about this and he said if he was a rich white guy he’d go to Asia to live because white people are respected in Asia and they’re not here.

        I don’t know what I’d do if I was rich but I’m not so I’m stuck here. Probably then when our wonderfully progressive society sinks beneath the waves of hate me and my poor cats will go down with the ship. No point in crying about it. It is what it is.