The Method to Trump’s ‘Madness’

The Democratic Party, as it did after Hubert Humphrey’s close loss in 1968, seems still to be misdiagnosing its 2016 defeat.

Democrats see too little identity politics rather than too much as their trouble, and thus are redoubling on what has been slowly shrinking the party into coastal enclaves.

Promoting Black Lives Matter and open borders, promising free tuition and tax hikes, opposing fracking and pipeline construction, pushing single-payer health care and an ever-expanding transgender agenda as well as abortion—these are not majority positions. Neither will embracing Hollywood, the media, or the NFL protests win over voters. Thinking (or hoping) that President Trump will implode, quit, be jailed, sicken, die, or be impeached is not an agenda.

Trump Compared to What?
When Trump promises to restore Christmas nomenclature, to build a border wall, or to bark back against the NFL, he bets that 51 percent of the voting public is likely on his side. Trump’s tweets may be cul de sacs. And they may diminish the traditional stature of the presidency, but they are rarely on the wrong side of public opinion.

The same holds true when in suicidal fashion he alienates those of his own party, many of them seemingly essential to his legislative agenda. Yet what is the logic of temporizing Republican senators who recently got reelected by blasting the Iran Deal, open borders, and Obamacare—apparently on the premise that their posturing votes would never really matter, given the likelihood of a liberal vetoing president? So far a Bob Corker, Jeff Flake or John McCain has not proven that he is more popular in his own state than is Donald Trump.

The issue is never just Trump’s outbursts or tweets in isolation but, rather, the comparisons between them and his targets. Again, attacking NFL players may not be presidential, but Trump’s pushback is often judged by many voters on the basis of its intent—in other words, an effort to oppose the growing trend of multimillionaire athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem. If we have never seen a president stoop to fight with the NFL, we have also never seen the NFL kneel to self-destruct by offending millions of its fans. If the president cannot defend a national tradition of standing in honor during the National Anthem, who else could?

Pollsters, pundits, and the media have vastly underestimated how many in America loathe multimillionaire celebrities, pampered athletes, and triangulating politicians—the usual targets of Trump’s invective.

Reactive Not Preemptive
Take a sampling of Trump’s most infamous tweets and adolescent outbursts—attacks on Bob Corker’s height, referencing Rex Tillerson’s IQ, the creepy description of blood oozing from a supposedly irate Megyn Kelly, or deprecating the capture and imprisonment of John McCain—and the common denominator is not just puerility and cruelty, but also retaliation. All had first attacked Trump and sometimes quite viciously. Corker had claimed that Trump’s White House was chaos, a reality show, and in danger of prompting World War III—a virtual charge that Trump was nuts. Anonymous sources accused Tillerson of calling Trump a moron or, at least, implying it—and the secretary did not explicitly deny the charge, although he deplored the climate in which such accusations were made. Kelly hijacked her own debate question and turned it into a scripted rant about Trump’s alleged misogyny. McCain arrogantly wrote off Trump’s supporters as “crazies”—a forgotten precursor to Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” and “irredeemables.”

We assume that “he started it” is an immature defense. And it is, of course. But people do still distinguish a defender from an attacker. Collate Trump’s tweets and they are 24/7 responses to preemptive attacks by his critics.

What can possibly be Trump’s purpose in appearing so thin-skinned and petty?

Likely it is twofold. Most obviously he seeks to reestablish deterrence: don’t dare attack Trump unless you are willing to be dragged down with him into a netherworld whose rules he has mastered. Just ask Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, or Lyin’ Ted.

align=”right” If we have never seen a president stoop to fight with the NFL, we have also never seen the NFL kneel to self-destruct by offending millions of its fans. If the president cannot defend a national tradition of standing in honor during the National Anthem, who else could?

Second, he knows the politicians, media hacks, and celebrities who attack him are sanctimonious bullies by nature. Their professions traffic in self-righteous invective, with the expectation that they will be never be attacked in kind.

But the public enjoys seeing them taken down a notch. It is inexplicable but also eerie to chart the subsequent downward career trajectories of those who sought to engage Trump in a mud-slinging contest.

It’s Your Misfortune and None of My Own
Trump is not avoiding controversial or substantive issues, but often he is shrugging that the problem was not his—and thus may belong to others to solve. DACA was illegal; even honest Obama supporters concede that. Trump wants it reformed and clarified—but by the Congress that alone should have had the legal authority to pass or reject the law.

Trump did not make the Iran Deal, but he knows that it is a de facto treaty that was never ratified by the Senate and could not be today. If it is such a good deal, then the bipartisan Senate now can either reform and resubmit it, or ratify it as is or reject it. Ditto the Paris Climate Accord. Cannot Chuck Schumer introduce a bill to reclassify the accord properly as a treaty and see it passed by the Senate with a necessary two-thirds majority?

The same is true of Obamacare, the Korean nuclear crisis, and ISIS. Trump loudly announces he will solve the crises that others caused. But if he is prevented by legislative logjams and the courts, then nature will take its course: Obamacare will fall by its own weight, more quickly once its Obama-era illegal executive orders are removed; any sane country will eventually have to shoot down an incoming Korean missile and do what is necessary to protect its people; and as ISIS grew and immigration to the West exploded, Trump simply understood, when faced with the real threat of an ISIS caliphate, the Western world would drop its past insistence on Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement.

Moving On
Trump never really enjoyed a Republican majority in Congress, given the large number of purple-state and NeverTrump senators. He is also not a reflective and sedentary president. Tweeting, attacking, and arguing reflect motion quite in contrast to sending bills to Congress, waiting for them to be sandbagged at the 11th hour by John McCain or Susan Collins, and then being once again written off as a failed president by the media.

Barack Obama both weaponized and exempted Trump with the precedent of “pen and phone” executive orders and sermonizing on social and cultural issues and doing pop culture, from Ferguson and Trayvon Martin to the Final Four and GloZell. Trump wades into a controversy, tweets, outrages, and then moves on to the next day’s “controversy” or supposedly career-ending spat.

Fresh episodic targeting serves two purposes. Trump is a sort of Road Runner: gone to reply to the next provocation by the time his Wile E. Coyote critics can put their hands around his long-gone neck. The pushback against him is usually yesterday’s news drowned out by tomorrow’s new melodrama.

Unprecedented Subordinate Power
Trump’s forte is his invective and brawling. He is not a Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton wonk, who micromanages even the smallest details. The result is that his cabinet secretaries, generals, and high appointees enjoy more latitude than during any administration in memory.

Trump on the parapets not only means that others to the rear are freer to make and administer rules without much presidential oversight, but also that Trump, not themselves, is the controversy. That exemption means that a cabinet official has wide parameters, with less worry that he must fight the media and his political opponents.

align=”left” Trump in contrast, in gesture, accent, vocabulary, and rashness, sounds like a cigar-chomping blue-collar machinist out of our past who is said to be outrageous in his crudity only because he is condemned by those who are far more outrageous in their mannered sobriety.

One of the reasons why the luminaries of Trump’s team do not resign after his supposedly embarrassing outbursts is that they realize Trump’s outrageousness allows them to play the good-cop, adult in the room role, usually with media sympathy. And when a president is doing downfield blocking, others are relieved of the interference. A Trump secretary of defense or national security advisor exercises power and influence in ways unimaginable in comparison to most earlier counterparts.

It apparently is as important how, as what, Trump speaks, tweets or does. Half the country got tired of sober and judicious platitudes that gussied up careerist agendas. To listen in the past to an EPA director or sitting U.S. senator was a lesson in empty gobbledygook, designed to say to the listener, “I am smart enough to make you think that I am doing something for you.”

Trump in contrast, in gesture, accent, vocabulary, and rashness, sounds like a cigar-chomping blue-collar machinist out of our past who is said to be outrageous in his crudity only because he is condemned by those who are far more outrageous in their mannered sobriety. In some sense, Trump welcomes wounds in order to inflict greater ones on the proverbial establishment.

When will the public tire of Trump’s imbroglios?

Likely when a few of several scenarios happen: he gets into a major optional war that bogs down; he so insults his own appointees that we finally see four or five marquee cabinet sequential resignations; he does not build the wall, reform health care, or achieve a middle-class tax cut and therefore loses his base; or he cannot achieve 3 percent annual economic growth or is plagued by a recession or return to stagflation.

A final thought: either Trump’s spats and tweets are IEDs that go off so often that his accumulated wounds finally prove politically lethal—or his invectives are mini-preemptive explosions that clear minefields ahead and help ensure that we will not get into a war, that his team sees no reason to resign, that he tries to do what he promised, and that he achieves 3 percent growth in GDP.

Either way, the Trump presidency is moving at a speed likely unmatched by his predecessors, and he is getting somewhere fast.


About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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507 responses to “The Method to Trump’s ‘Madness’”

  1. He is the greatest president of my lifetime, and I’m an Ike baby.

    What the brilliant Dr. Hanson has previously called his “animal cunning” has served him amazingly well. He fights, but he picks his battles and adversaries astoundingly well. If he stoops at times, he generally does so to bash people and organizations which have done their level best to drag him into the mud first. He moves on, unscathed. Heck, I thought he was dead after he knocked Carly Fiorina’s looks… and I was happy to have been dead wrong on the point.

    He danced around the RINO Senate logjam to executive-order new health-insurance options, as Obamacare stumbles to its inevitable and ignominious demise. I disagree with him about the Kurds, but no one is perfect.

    In some ways I wish he had run against Obama in 2012. He would have effortlessly eviscerated Candy Crowley, instead of going deer-in-the-headlights as Romney did when that appalling slattern shamelessly twisted the historical record and tilted the playing field.

    • Except that he not only got 3 million fewer votes than Hillary did in 2016, he got 5 million fewer votes than Obama did in 2012. Come to think of it, Romney even got more general election popular votes than Trump did. The only way you could see Trump as a “successful” president is if you live in the “nyah-nyah” virtual reality of today’s political media (“ohh, Trump sure told off that Corker on Twitter- what a ‘great’ president.”)

      If you’re going by actual, real-world accomplishments like repealing and replacing Obamcare or building a border wall, or passing a tax cut that would help the middle class or about stopping the threats from North Korea or Iran, he has been a complete and abysmal failure (and no, blaming Obama, the media, the Congress, or the Republican establishment excuses his failures; that stuff flies on FOX News, but not here in reality).

      • Do you even understand that people do not elect the President, states do? It’s right there in the Constitution in Article 2. If you want to change the Constitution, go ahead and try, but learn it first!

      • the constitution is a contract between the FEDs and the States. The federal govt has no authority over the people of the states, hence , there is no stipulation as to how the president is elected, outside of the electoral college.

        There is nothing to change , you cannot change the contract to allow direct control over the State Citizens.

      • You’re a total idiot. You know nothing of the constitution but curse at others who do. Jealous, low self esteem, beat your wife and dog?

      • If you had the courage of your convictions you would renounce your citizenship outright. And your response to me shows me that you are every bit the twat that I thought you were.

      • @libertyanyday — I guess that is technically correct insomuch as _lawrec1 cannot change the constitution. But as in any contract its parties certainly can, and indeed the parties to our constitution agreed to and included precise processes for its amendment. You do know that, right?
        More importantly, _lawrenc1 is right — there is no way those parties are going the amend the constitution to substitute a popular vote for the electoral college — at least not any time in the foreseeable future.

      • My crystal ball is flawed, but as we say here in Sin City, I’ll make book that we will not amend the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College any time in the next twenty years. Say a hundred to one.

      • You can make a lot of money with that bet. You just need a good lawyer and an idiot with money. Consider attending the Democratic National Convention. :-)

      • No, but the Constitution does allow for the manner of voting to be changed. Remember how the 17th Amendment changed how Senators are “elected”. By Constitutional Amendment, the Electoral College can be discarded. It will not be easy, and I am not in favor of it, but it IS allowed to done in a porper procedural manner.

      • True, each State is responsible for the manner in which the elections are held, etc.

      • Actually, counties do. All politics begins and ends at the local level, as envisioned by the FF’s.

      • Yes but electoral votes are not allocated to counties but to states based on their congressional districts.

      • Which have *historically* been made up of groups of counties. The FF’s wanted politics to stay on the most local level as it could be. That’s where everything is held most accountable, in regards to the citizenry.

      • Nowhere. Have you never truly studied the issue in depth? The FF’s stated very eloquently, and quite a bit, their desire to have as start and end point the county level, at least, as the pentultimate arbiter of political issues, the ultimate being with each Sovereign Citizen.

      • Regardless of local oversight, elections are state events. The President is elected by the states. To bring anything extra-Constitutional into your argument accomplishes nothing but confusion.

      • I’m not even talking about “local oversight”.
        You miss the point entirely, NVM.

      • No, I missed nothing. I merely refuted your comment by what is in the Constitution.
        Bring such points up at an appropriate time.

      • But since that is not how we elect a President it doesn’t matter. Congress makes laws, or did you forget that after 8 years of penand phone presidency? And how is that working out now?

        October 20th will mar 9 months of his Presidency, he has a lot of time. Also have you noticed the wall samples going up in San Diego? They are beautiful.

      • No, Obama was the abysmal failure. Trump is just undoing all of his mistakes. And what a fantastic job he is doing.

      • Oh? What “failures” are you referring to? The 300% increase in the stock market? The cutting in half of the unemployment rate? the fewest number of Americans killed by terrorists than under any President in modern history?

        Help me out, I don’t watch much fake news, so I’m not sure what “failures” you’re talking about.

      • Your daddy’s Dems no longer exist. The Dems once championed the middle class but their policies, taxes and regulations have destroyed the middle class. In desperation the Dem’s now pretend to champion the victim class. EVERYTHING they do is designed to convince anyone who is not a white, male, heterosexual that they belong into at least one victim class that deserves special treatment, special recognition, and special compensation from your benevolent overlords in the government.

        Your daddy’s Dems no longer exist. Wake up people, the Democrat party has been hijacked by communists, socialists, criminal excusers, criminal supporters, terrorist excusers and terrorist supporters as well as mindless sponsored militants like “Occupy Wall Street”, “ACORN” & “black lives matter”. They have turned the land of opportunity into the land of subsidized failure. Look at what they do, NOT what they say. Unless you are a criminal or a terrorist they are NOT looking out for you, or for America!

      • The Democrats oppress low income and minority Americans and then create boogiemen to see to it that none of their anger is directed toward their real oppressors.

      • The “boogiemen” are most likely any Republican in sight.

      • I heard a black man, with his voice trembling in suppressed rage, saying that the welfare state is worse than slavery. His point was that welfare dependency is even more humiliating, demoralizing, and difficult to escape than slavery was.

      • Democrats are clearly the party of urban America, catering to the optimistic, affluent and well-educated (yes, and the minorities contained within). What’s wrong with that? The majority of the country chooses that lifestyle. Had they run anyone but Hillary Clinton, we would not be having this debate.

      • People do go on about how the college educated tend to be Democrats. But that really has more with the industry you work in. College educated engineers working in mining or oil industries, or even their accountants and marketing types for that matter are more likely to be Republicans than the college educated working in finance, technology, media, etc.

      • They never point out that the vast majority of minorities that vote for democrats aren’t college educated. They just cast aspersions on the white voters who aren’t college educated.
        I’m white and have an MBA and I have never voted for a democrat, nor will I ever.

      • Do you mean big city, know nothing but follow the news and look down on ‘those’ people? Yeah, I live among them. They know how conservatives think because their local liberal paper tells them. Followed up by a good reading of the NYTimes. They don’t have ideas except that the GOP is full of bad people. Think Jimmey Kimmel.

      • They are trying desperately to overrun the country with third world demographics that are so poor that they will have no choice to vote for the most left government possible- democrats.

        This leads to their utter disregard for safety, such as permitting unsecured borders and sanctuary cities.

      • I agree with you and would have added the explictly racist (anti-white and anti-black) organization, La Raza — mindless sponsored militants like “Occupy Wall Street”, “ACORN”, “black lives matter”, and La Raza (the Race). That organization changed its name but not it anti-American policies.

      • Well said, MoFree! Well said.
        Your closing line sums it up so well: “Unless you are a criminal or a terrorist they are NOT looking out for you, or for America!”

      • I can’t imagine JFK as a Democrat today. Robert either. Of course Ted is a founding father of the progressive movement.

      • The government has been beheaded and is bleeding out. Sure the organs run for a few minutes after. The stock market and unemployment numbers are the result of a (half-insane) fed policy that will land us in the next serious recession.

      • What 300% increase in the stock market (in spite of Obama’s job killing policies)? You must have been a sociology major with that math.

      • He failed to achieve even one year of a 3% increase in GDP. Given how low he started at that should have been a given. Some economist argue that his administration’s actions actually slowed the recovery. Correlation is not causation but once Congress put the cabash on extending unemployment benefits one more time, unemployment started to drop dramatically. Uh oh free money stopped I better get off my butt and accept any job I can get.

      • Sort of like FDR’s policies may have kept us in the Great Depression. It took WWII to finally get the country out of that one.

      • Dude. You just make this shit up as you go along, don’t you?

      • Absolutely none of it is made up. They’re all pre-packaged talking points designed for regurgitation on cue. After all, the last thing $oro$ wants is for any of his useful idiots to start actually thinking.

      • Obama’s accomplishments and/or executive orders, undone:
        1. Paris Climate Accord on Global Warming (undone)
        2. DACA (undone)
        3. Trans Pacific Partnership (never out of the starting gate, thanks to Trump)
        4. promotion of Transgenders in military (undone)
        5. certification of the Iran Nuclear deal (undone)
        6. government subsidy payments to insurers under Obamacare, but never approved by Congress (undone)
        7. keeping ANWAR closed (undone)
        8. stopping Keystone Pipeline (undone)
        9. Clean Power Plan environmental rule (undone)

        Just a few, buddy……

      • First of all, your math needs a little help. The stock market appreciated about 200% (if something triples, it doesn’t increase by 300%). So there’s that. But if you pump enough rounds of QE into the economy and keep interest rates at zero, of course the stock market is going to go haywire as investors increase their risk tolerance in search of yield. That has little to do with Obama.

        Second, there is no denying that jobs were created during Obama’s presidency. Most of them were low-paying and/or part time due to the fact that Obamacare’s employer mandate kicks in at 30+ hours/week. But, that is not the primary reason for the decrease in the unemployment rate, which is a fraction with a funky numerator. You are only counted as unemployed if you are actively seeking a job. Most of the drops in unemployment were simply people dropping out of the labor force, which, since the ratio less than 1, necessarily decreases the numerator by a greater percentage than the denominator, resulting in a lower overall ratio. Smoke and mirrors.

        The 9/11 thing is a cheap shot and you know it. Too bad that’s all you seem to be able to point to.

      • Obama owns the record for the most Americans on welfare/food stamps and the highest percentage as well. The number shot up every Obama year until 2013 even though the economic recession ended in mid-2009
        That’s a failure even though Dems brag about shoving more Americans into poverty when they tout high numbers of welfare recipients.
        The interesting thing is that the people who did worst under Obama are Blacks. Maybe because he and his administration were so busy taking care of banksters, Wall Streeters, and his rich cronies.

        “These are two areas where the gap increased under Obama: The white-black disparity among home ownership and household incomes was another area where we saw iniquities grow under the first black president. Something you probably didn’t expect to see.
        There were other areas. Poverty, and educational attainment and so forth that sort of flat lined. There wasn’t much movement at all.”
        “Sadly, and it pains me to say this, over the last decade black folk, in the era of Obama have lost ground in every major economic category,” Smiley said Friday in an interview with Huffington Post. “Not one, two or three [categories], but every major economic category, black americans have lost ground”
        Data is from a 9/2016 article, near the end of the Obama admin.
        “In the key state of Pennsylvania, black unemployment was 12.3 percent — compared to 4.4 percent for whites.”
        “In Ohio, the mother of all swing states, black unemployment was 10.3 percent — compared to 4.4 percent for whites.”
        An EPI study “found Wisconsin’s black unemployment in 2014 was the highest in the nation, at 19.9 percent, much higher than the national black unemployment rate of 11 percent.”
        “In a damning report by Richard V. Reeves and Edward Rodrigue, produced for the Brookings Institution in 2015, the authors lay out the serious problems with black opportunity in America.
        The authors found that: [formatting added]
        -half of black Americans born poor stay poor;
        -that seven out of 10 middle-class black Americans later fall into the two lowest income brackets;
        -that black median wealth was only $11,000 in 2013, reduced by $8,200 since 2007;
        -that most black families are headed by a single parent; and
        -that black students are much more likely to attend mediocre or bad schools.”

      • The stock market shot up 300 percent under Widdle Barrie? You must be using liberal math, Soros troll! Begone, blocked fool!!

      • I’m not keen on Trump’s behavior, and I doubt there is as much method to the madness as Mr Hanson appears to believe, but he is undoing a lot of Obama’s executive actions and installing a more conservative judiciary that will last a generation. Should the Republicans keep the House and pick up 2 or 3 more Senate seats in 2018, then 2019 will be a busy year.

      • Trump is not given credit for what he achieves. He won by raising issues nobody else would touch and by plain hard work–and he did so way under budget. If a candidate on the left had won in the same way he/she would have been declared a political genius. Trump has already improved the economy, made America energy independent, staunched the flow of illegal immigration, revamped our foreign policy–putting the squeeze on Russia by freeing Europe from its dependence on Russian energy–and using trade leverage to push China into cooperating with us against NK, reestablished the missile defense system promised to Poland, forced NATO members to contribute more for their own defense, decimated ISIS as promised, resupplied our court system with badly needed strict constructionist jurists, seriously damaged an out-of-control fake news media–all in nine short months.

      • But for the left, that all means one thing – DISASTER. So for them Trump is a failed President as he has failed to build on Obama’s “legacy” as Hillary would have.

      • THE MSM and many Democrats did everything they could to make sure Trump would win the nomination. Democrats crossed primary party lines in the millions to vote for Trump because they thought he would be the most easily defeated nominee. And of course the MSM turned against him when he became the nominee. Just like they do in every election. I think their vehemence against Trump has to do with guilt, because in some crazy way they got him elected.

      • I am going to say a few things here, but I will start by saying I am not a Trump fan, and I did not vote for him. What exactly do under budget? You give no examples. The economy has improved and I think Trump has had something to do with that. The US was energy independent before Trump came to office. No thanks to Obama who tried to cripple us. I agree with his handling of both Russia and Chins, as well as North Korea and Iran. I am not so sure he has done a great deal to crush ISIS, but I agree with him on making other NATO members pay their fair share of defense. And I am all for replacing progressive judges who rule on a whim with conservatives that have actually read the Constitution.

      • At least ten Democratic Senate seats are in trouble in the polls.

      • The Republicans will hold on to the House, with a loss of 3 to 5 seats and pick up an additional 8 to 11 seats in the Senate.

      • That sounds like the high end of optimistic, but conventional wisdom is that the Rs will hold the House and increase their Senate seats. They don’t need to increase them by much.

      • Conventional wisdon says that the party in the White House loses seats in an off year election. I dont know what you are reading but it is wrong. This may be a different election though. I do think we keep the Senate, but we will lose seats in the house, that is almost a given.

      • By conventional wisdom I mean that many, and perhaps most, pollsters and pundits suggest the Democrats have a difficult election map next year. I am aware that historically the president’s party tends to lose ground in off year elections. I’m not certain what’s conventional wisdom now. We all saw the pollsters get it badly wrong last year. We seem to be in something of a whirlwind and trying to predict where the debris may land is problematical. My own belief is that Washington will be largely stalemated over the coming decade or two and that the states will fill the vacuum, going more and more their own way. And if we can get away from this notion of one man setting the national agenda (with perhaps only 48-52% of national support) and trying to rule by “pen and phone” I’m cool with that.

      • I agree with you on Trump. And I hope you are right about the elections. I think the GOP will retain the Senate, but I think we will lose the house.

      • I would say he is undoing all the illegal mandates that Obama created. On the other hand when it comes to the DREAM Act, or the Iran treaty, he has done the right thing by allowing Congress to take action before he abolishes them forever. I dont like Trump, I never did, but his allowing Congress to actually take Obama executive decisions and allot them to Congressional mandate is actually to support the rule of law that Obama ignored.

      • What is it you don’t like? You seem to be listing a lot of things you agree with.

        Most of us are tired of polite people giving us open borders and 20T in debt, and don’t care if Trump is a meanhead.

      • Nada on legislative accomplishments so far, but good executive orders and more judges appointed (60 or so) than Obama did in his entire first term. I don’t think he’s doing that badly. And you overstate his failures. “Stopping the threats from the norks and Iran” really?

      • And they need to keep in mind that in order to have legislative accomplishments, Trump must rely on legislators. Congress, in other words, needs to get some bills to him to be signed. If they can’t, the failure is mostly theirs.

      • There have been legislative accomplishments. Many of the awful, job-killing regs were permanently flushed by law, meaning they can’t be regs again (or can’t be similar regs) unless passed by Congress!

      • In the election of President, the only majority that counts is the Constitutional majority that is diverse in geography and enduring in time. It’s in the Constitution and has been from the start.

      • Pure deflection. The comment had nothing to do with the Electoral College.

      • Then why start out with “Hillary got 3 million more votes?”

      • Because the discussion is about whether or not Trump is a successful president. We know he won.

      • You didn’t answer the question, but then again, I didn’t expect you to. If the election wasn’t at issue, why lead off with a tirade about it?

      • It is about Trump’s popularity with the voters, which is a factor in his success.

      • nonesense MacArthur was hated by FDR……………..he was a kick azz general thoe.
        Patton, Cleveland, Coolidge not real popular, but much needed.

      • Because the number of illegal alien votes Felonia von Pantsuit got in Mexifornia is supremely unimportant?

      • The constitution is a contract between the states and the fed gov. Notice the constitution does not direct the people of the states to vote for president, that is outside its scope, this is why the electoral college is created, this is as far as the fed can go

      • Interesting. You sound like all the pundits in the campaign season. Trump was never going to make it over any of the hurdles, yet jump by jump, he did. I think maybe you need to just accept that your candidate lost, and the Trump is President. In other words, get over it.

      • Liberal sockpuppet playing conservative…how cute. You gave the game away with the nonsense about popular vote. Try again…

      • Anyone who has ever worked on a Democratic campaign knows that the party has exactly the opposite problem. You can’t get the most reliable of D voters to the polls without coercion. It’s laughable to think that they would be voting twice.

      • You’ve obviously never heard of Chicago, where the motto of the Daley Crime Family for at least 3 generations if not more has been “Vote early and often”

      • “Except that he not only got 3 million fewer votes than Hillary did in 2016, he got 5 million fewer votes than Obama did in 2012. Come to think of it, Romney even got more general election popular votes than Trump did”

        Huh. Come to think of it, the Electoral Process never did work that way. Keep grasping for straws.

        The rest of your BS is just that.

      • trump won……end of story. Why not focus on the LEFTS issues……….it would be a better use of your time.

      • That’s simple. Stop running candidates with 40% favs under criminal investigation. My collie could have beaten Trump.

      • And your collie is by definition a better candidate than Hillary, since Trump beat the pants off the cankles queen, 306-227 Yeah, not even close..

      • California wants to secede. If they do so, then he would win re-election by 306 to 174 electoral votes and post at least a 1.5 million popular vote surplus. CA sucks.

      • Dems will fight to the death AGAINST school choice and school vouchers for poor kids stuck in failing schools. But they will fight to the death in favor or toilet choice? Deplorable. Un-American. Evil.

      • And that’s why they are becoming isolated on the coasts, and ever shrinking areas of the coasts at that.

      • Riiiiiiight! 9 months has been more than enough time to fix that list of left-over crap pile.

      • 3 million more votes largely from the Banana Republic of California where the integrity of the election process is highly doubtful.

      • Sure, Trump actually won California. I don’t even know why a Republican would bother going through the trouble of getting on the ballot.

      • I’m a Republican who lives in CA and I haven’t bothered to vote in the last two presidential elections. Total waste of time. There are probably more like me who would have (with a clothespin on my nose) voted for Trump if it weren’t a winner-take-all electoral college vote. My guess is you could find a few million like-minded Republicans across the country (NY, IL, MA, etc). So Dems should be careful what they wish for.

      • Bill Clinton never got 50% of the vote in either of his elections…but the popular vote was never supposed to decide elections, was it?
        Trump supporters (and most were only supporters when it came down to Trump vs. Hillary) wanted one thing more than anything else from Trump: Keep Hillary out of the White House. Trump did that, then he seated a young conservative Supreme Court Justice, and he put people in place to rein in and undo the bureaucracies running amok with too much regulatory overreach.
        I’m okay with the progress so far.

      • yes, their most dependable bloc, more consistent even than bankers and lawyers

      • However, those 3 million votes were concentrated in one single state. For the other 49 states Trump won a popular margin of a million or so, I believe. That is a perfect example of how and why the Electoral College system was established by the Constitutional fathers. The Democrats did this in part to themselves by clustering in a few states and urban regions.

      • “The Democrats did this in part to themselves by clustering in a few states and urban regions.”
        Nobody else wants them.

      • Trump has, even now, been far more successful than the leftists and their media and professorial masters, blinded by mindless nonstop outrage, realize.

        One example (of many): We have a new Supreme Court justice, and we also have sixty (and counting) very conservative key federal judges in the pipeline, well ahead of Obama’s nomination schedule, and more conservative than Bush or Reagan’s nominees.

        Another example: Many senators who arrogantly and smugly told Trump (and their own conservative base) to buzz off will very likely not be in the Senate after 2018 – Flake, Heller, McCain, Wicker, Hatch, Collins. That’s quite a list.

        Example 3: Trump and Rand Paul have become allies and are helping each other. If you combine their supporters, that is a powerful new coalition.

        Still another example: The economy is booming and Wall Street sets new records almost every day.

      • If you take out a couple of those coastal enclaves, Felonia von Pantsuit also loses the popular vote by several million. LA and the areas immediately around NYC alone constituted that popular plurality.

      • If all Trump ever accomplishes is keeping that Snake Hillary out of the White House. Then I will consider his Presidency a rousing success!

      • Every day, he wakes up in the White House and isn’t Hillary Clinton. Those are significant achievements in my book.

        A lot of people criticized Obama for playing so much golf. I never did because he did less damage to the country playing golf than he did playing president. I wished he’d played more golf. Had Hillary won (gag, choke, puke, spit!), she would not have played golf. She would’ve gone to the Oval Office every day and wrecked terrible damage to the country. I shudder to think just how close she came to winning last November.

      • Here we go again with a failed argument about votes from California. When you bring it up it discredits your statement and exposes how you feel about the election, emotionally hurt and bitter.

      • I love that argument as it is so hilarious I have to make sure I am not drinking my coffee. Let’s see – Hillary won the Socialist Republic of California by 4.5 million votes and Trump won the rest of the country by 1.5 million votes. You tell me which is more significant. Then consider how many of those 3 million more “votes” Hillary received were bogus, illegal votes by non-citizens.

        On your second paragraph of comic relief, please advise as to the time limits somehow imposed on getting those things done. It has been 10 months and he has at least 38 months to go to work on those items. Meanwhile, while you are still crying about the fact that he is the President, he has moved with light speed to basically reverse everything that Obama stood for and “achieved”. I guess Obama’s legacy will boil down to “He paved the way for the Russians to invade and take Crimea”.

      • I bet you think the football team that gets the most yards should be the winner vice the one who scores more points.
        Talk about living in a “nyah-nyah” virtual reality.
        Here’s the real reality, Trump is the President of the United States, not Hillary Clinton. They both knew the rules going into the election and one of them played to the rules and the other one didn’t.
        And BTW, Hillary didn’t get a majority of the vote either so if that’s how you want to play the game, there should be a run off election between the two top vote recipients. But be careful for what you wish for because all studies of the ’92 election have shown that Bill the Rapist Clinton would have lost in a two way contest and I’ll bet Hillary would have as well.

      • If the election were chosen by the popular vote, both nominees would have campaigned differently. We vote by states and in that race, Trump beat Clinton 30/20, giving him the required majority of electoral votes.

        And yes, I do hold the legislature, not the executive for not passing the laws promised.

      • Neither Trump nor Hillary received a majority of the popular vote. Therefore there would have been a runoff. Those who opted for Gary Johnson (4.4MM of them) would vote overwhelmingly for Trump and this idiotic canard would never have existed.

      • So you don’t consider $2 trillion dollars added to the economy since Trump took office to be an accomplishment? How about record returns on the stock market which have helped millions of middle-class Americans to greatly increase their IRAs, 401Ks and mutual funds? Have you returned all the money you made on your stocks since Trump took office since you think he’s so terrible? You’re also ignoring a 25% reduction in illegal immigration just by enforcing existing laws, record low unemployment, a 3.1% GDP, record high consumer confidence, the Keystone and Dakota piplines back on the table, far stronger sanctions on North Korea than anything we’ve seen from the three previous administrations and an excellent new judge on the SCOTUS in the personage of Gorsuch. Wow, what a failure! And, yes, blaming backstabbing, establishment rino GOPers in the Senate for not passing the replacement to the Obamacare trainwreck (like they promised they’d do for the last 7 years) is a perfectly valid line of argument.

      • Let’s be honest about it. The left wing news network, in this country, totally brainwashed a good percentage of an otherwise uninformed segment of our population into believing that Hillary was their savior and that Trump was a monster, who would, if elected, plunge the U.S. into utter chaos. I don’t believe, for even a moment that, if the media had remained anywhere near unbiased or neutral throughout the presidential campaign, that Hillary would have wound up with a 3 million vote advantage over Trump. In fact, I’m inclined to believe that, had that been the case, Trump would have won both the electoral college, as well as the majority vote.

        Shortly after the elections, if you recall. there were a number of journalists, who were openly admitting that the MSM, in general, was demonstratively showing bias of Clinton over Trump, throughout the campaign. Some even expressed their overall disgust of their own profession, for engaging in such unethical behavior.

      • Oh, the president is a legislator now in your view, it seems. This is interesting. And apparently he serves a term of only nine months.

        “This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedevere. Explain to me again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.”

      • Tanuge is what the democrats have been reduced to….”But-but-but, if the Constitution was written differently, our beloved HRC would be President on the popular vote mandate! She was robbed. We wuz robbed. If only she had been black and had the moral highground due to slavery…Oh please, hug me, I’m still weeping like I was last November! Damned Constitution!”

      • ANd what should we make of this? Your conclusion is to say Trump is a mistake or something along those lines. Maybe you are right. But if you are that is even more damning of Hillary than it is Trump. I would propose that many voters sat out this election, as I did, because I had an intense dislike of both candidates. I think that is a more probable scenario.

      • popular votes

        You’re aware this doesn’t matter, right? And that it never has and never will?

      • Trump’s only ten months into his first term.

        Obama and his Democrats didn’t ram Obamacare through until year two of Obama’s first term and, despite his incessant sermonizing about our supposedly “broken” immigration system and the support of an adoring establishment and media, Obama never implemented a legislative fix.

        The things Obama hopes to be remembered for, like the Iran deal and the Paris climate accords, were only achieved by circumventing Congress and therefore will not stand.

        History will ultimately decide which of the two will be remembered as the more effective and consequential president.

      • You should go check your voting numbers. Trump beat Romney by 3 million.

    • Except he has zero legislative agenda, did zero to rally support for a real Obamacare repeal bill, routinely trashes his and fires his own appointees, has done zero to get a wall built, has worked to legalize DREAMERs against his promise, has done less than zero to shrink the deficit or propose any, and has made the very idea of conservatism a joke. He is now running a personality cult where his supporters, as he bragged, will love him even more if he kills innocents in the street. Some great President.

      • I think he will have better results after Cruz and the other malignant RINOs Senators are Primaried away.

      • What cult would that be? Even a brain dead harridan like yourself should never mistake me for a Cruzlim.

      • Let’s see, supported Corker Amendment, supports open borders, supports the addition of two million more H1B visa holders. The is a phony Bush North American Union supporter. Check who’s PAC gives him money. You morons and other less malodorous rubes keep falling for his con.

      • Cruz is the one who turned the tide against the gang of 8 immigration anarchy bill.

      • Yeah, with the help of the globalist Goldman Sachs lover who backed Luther Strange. You are a moron.

      • What’s your problem imbecile? Goldman Sachs financed Lyin’ Ted’s campaign , not President Trump’s.

      • Keep believing that Anne and you’ll get 8 years of Trump instead of 4. Good grief, did you even read the article? What’s the weather like on your NeverTrump Planet?

      • Keep being a Cultist. Tom Cruise thinks that’s smart.

      • Now that made the day !!! Anyone making real tins of the stuff ? A perfect stocking stuffer for that ‘uncomfortable’ Christmas humbug.

      • He’s gonna get himself a huge tax cut though!!! We’ll end up paying for it, but he’ll be happy!!

      • the man owns, OWNS a boeing 757 airliner……………im pretty sure he is not getting a refund this year.

      • You’re in a hysteria bubble. But of course, you won’t understand that or see it. Good luck on busting out.

      • On the other hand, Obama was a prince, so classy, so above-the-fray in his politics, just ask the traitor Bergdahl, he knows how fair Obama was… traitors, that is. You know there is video of Obama on his private plane showing off in a rather vulgar fashion, I’ve seen it on youtube but that doesn’t mean it’s still there, so classy, a community organizer , not a callous businessman who actually contributed to the economy. And Obamacare, what a priceless gift to the masses, rather like a Caesar, redistributing middle class income for millions of poor illegals, so compassionate, see you at the polls, wink, wink. And talk about personality cult, if you are worried that Trump could commit murder and his followers wouldn’t care – ask Ambassador Stevens about that, I’ll bet he has some relevant information about murder and cover up, oh yeah, he was abandoned to die for a political agenda that couldn’t be sacrificed for a rescue,and no, you guys really didn’t care , so we don’t need your hypothetical projection of your own party’s sins.

      • he sure seems to be erasing the black jesus’s illegal tirades………………the first president to have NEVER made it into the history books

      • And we love it weather he gets his agenda passed or not he still exposed all the phony ass republicans and we already knew what the dumbocrats were about I was at his inauguration it made me proud and he’s made a lot of Americans proud so I’m happy that he is just there period because no matter what president we get they never do what they say there going to do for Americans so I’m happy for Trump keep doing what u do I’m a happy proud American.

      • He didn’t say innocents in the street. He said,paraphrasing here, that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and still his supporters would vote for him. Since 5th Ave. is in Manhatten, chances are decent that whomever he shot would be voting for “The Hildebeast” , win win all the way around. Cheers. :).

    • The counterargument regarding Trump’s alleged political prowess is that the political establishment and media are a bunch of self-righteous overinflated balloons (buffoons?) who only required someone with a small grain of courage to poke a pin in them and reveal them to be nothing more than small blobs of rubber.

      • If so, I waited a looong time for someone -anyone- with just a small grain of courage.
        You might be right, but I suspect President Trump makes it look easier than it is.

    • Lets look at the D roster challenging President Trump;

      1. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Pocahontas for prez?

      2. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), he’s the only black and he’s never been convicted.

      3. California’s own Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), dumb as a post and mean as a snake.

      4. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). mostly claiming Trump is crazy.

      5. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), pending the FBI investigation of his wife.

      6. Joe Biden, If you have an hour to kill, google “Joe Biden memes”.

      7. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the crookedest man in Albany, and that’s saying something.

      • The Congressional Black Caucus seems to think Kamala Harris is black.

      • …and Warren is Cherokee. I look at Corey and I see black. I look at Harris…

      • And I see -as Dan Akroyd stated on SNL an “ignorant slutt.”

      • The Democrat nightmare suffers from self-reinforcing, positive feedback. Hillary Clinton examines at the long list of losers above. Overlooking the demonstrated reality that she is the biggest loser them all, she thinks “If that rubbish is my competition, I can be nominated again!” She therefore ignores the prompts of sanity and refuses to go away.

      • …like the monster rising one more time before the end of the movie.

      • More like another bout of AIDS-related illness.

        It’s really tough to shake, I hear, and so is she.

      • Do you think Hillary will actually run again? Is the Democratic Party so bent on self-destruction as to nominate that proven loser again? In running a second time against HRC (Her Royal Clintoness), President Trump would have the pleasure of defeating her twice, as President Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson for the presidency twice. Who said history does not repeat itself but sometimes rhymes?

      • As I implied, Hillary, by refusing to shut up and doubling down on complaints about “the unfairness of it all,” gives every indication that she will. And the reason, from her perspective, is “Just look at who I’m up against.”

        The situation for the Dims is, well, deplorable and growing worse.

      • Somehow this quote jumped to mind when thinking about Eisenhower/Stevenson and Trump/Clinton parallels …. “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” -Karl Marx

        Good lord, do I hope the Democratic Party can find someone on its’ bench OTHER than Hillary.

      • The relevance of the quotation to Clinton is questionable, I think. Napoleon I was a tragic figure; and his nephew, Louis Napoleon, was a joke.

        With the Dims, on the other hand, it’s just jokes, jokes all the way down, de haut en bas.

      • Adlai Stevenson could be viewed as a tragic figure. Hillary is clearly a very bad joke on someone’s part.

      • Stevenson had his ridiculous side, too. Did you know that the sole book on the nightstand of this heroic “intellectual” the day he died (in London) was the Social Register, a directory of names and addresses of prominent American families who claim to be descended from the social elite?

      • I did not know that, and you must know a lot about Stevenson to know that. I am curious though, why study Stevenson?

      • I have never “studied” the man. I am simply old enough to remember his death (I was 19) and miscellany surrounding it. I do not recall where or when I learned that his grandfather was a former vice-president, but it was some time ago.

      • The two presidential campaigns in which Eisenhower defeated Stevenson may be matters of history for you. For me, they are matters of personal recollection though I wasn’t old enough to vote until 1960. I didn’t study Stevenson, so much as I simply remember him as part of my life. (He was famous during his campaign for a news photo that showed he had worn a hole in sole of his shoe.) Here’s another footnote for you: Stevenson is the most recent Unitarian that a major political party has nominated for the presidency. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams and William Howard Taft and maybe Thomas Jefferson were Unitarian, like my New England relatives. No such “heretics” will receive major party nomination in the future, I bet. Nor will a Jew, a Muslim, or an admitted atheist.

      • Maybe it’ll be Chelsea? Talk about a farsical clusterfudge!

      • Would she even be eligible? Actually I just checked and she would be barely over 40 if she were elected. Here is the thing. I think the Democrats are tired of the Clintons. I could be wrong there, but that is my gut reaction. I will never say that Bill Clinton was a great president, but he was a great politician. Hillary did not understand that. And Chelsea, well really who knows. When I have heard her speak she seems to be more like her mother.

      • Its a pretty shallow bench. And all of them sit on the left which causes the bench to pitch over and send the candidates on their asses.

      • If she’s still alive, and I wouldn’t take bets on that w/ her liver being what it is, I think she will run again. She can’t help herself.

      • No a problem. A continued drip of “weekend at bernie’s” meds they give to Chief Justice Ginsburg, she’s a go.

      • I agree with you. She is 69 as we speak. She did not have the stamina to run an aggresive campaign last year. She is done.

      • No they dont want her either. They had to fix the primaries to give her the nomination. ANd even when she did she campaigned like she was running for the president of the country club. I would be more than happy to have Hillary run again, I think she has run out of favors to give to be able to cheat successfully. FOr the first time in years she has no leverage, she is of no value to anyone.

      • I say we vote for all of the above….that is to return to private service…and get them off the public teet.

      • I’m rooting for Al Franken, as long as he picks Jill Stein as his running mate. I mean, how could you not like a Franken-Stein ticket?

      • I’m hoping Anthony Wiener is out of the hoosegow in time for the 2020 election. If he gets the Democrats’ nod, he could pick Eric Holder as his running mate. Wiener-Holder! What a bumpersticker that’ll make!!

      • Is there any chance hildebeast could run again? Actually I’m hoping for a Democratic ticket of #Warren/Waters2020

      • Democrats are gearing up for the 2020 presidential election. Notable Democratic Party tickets under consideration or that have been suggested include the leading pair of:


        Followed by the honorable pairing of:


        Many favorably view the all black female ticket:

        Lynch-Obama (h/t Just(R)ight)…

        There are reports that Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden might team up. This pairing is being referred to as the:

        Injun-Joe Ticket….

        The wild card tickets getting some consideration is the first vice-chair of dem. party in Oregon Karen Packer… with Marcia Fudge, Dem congressman from Ohio, for the:

        Fudge-P@cker ticket…

        And also Richard Berry, current Dem Mayor of Albuquerque and two time state representative with federal representative Dem. Debbie Dingell of Michigan for the….of course….

        Dingell-Berry ticket.

      • Nice! Next time you post it (please keep posting it) try Holder/Weiner instead. It’s more realistic given Weiner’s sex offender status and it suits the Clinton Dems so well. Cheers????

      • Quite a crew. Should we add Kaepernick, Lena Dunham, and Debbie Washerwoman Schmutz as well? And, remember, that old leftie Ramsey Clark is STILL ALIVE!!

    • After just nine months in office, Trump hasn’t yet earned my undying fealty or my rating as one of the great American presidents. (I go back to Ike too.) But he has certainly shown himself to be a vast improvement over the past eight years. Perhaps it’s easy to become hyperbolic and starry-eyed over Trump when the memory of the most damaging and anti-American president in modern history is so fresh.

      I am sick to the teeth of watching and reading and hearing Leftist loonies trying to tear down this country. I am horridly disheartened that enough of my fellow Americans temporarily lost their minds and allowed Barack Obama into the White House the first time. It was even worse the second time. If I was Jimmy Carter, I’d have a shrine built in my house, a place where I could worship on bended knee every day and night the one man who pulled my deservedly ragged reputation from the ash heap of history — Barack Hussein Obama.

      It’s easy to get excited about a president who isn’t Barack Obama. I’m just not quite there yet.

      • He’s better than Bush, too, and I say that as a Texan.

      • WHich one? I would agree on George HW, but I give W a lot of credit for rallying the nation when he needed too. But his second term was a disaster, the Iraq war a huge mistake. But I would take him with one good term over Obama with two really terrible ones.

      • Both, although I was referring to Dubya. He allowed the Democrats to assume control of the narrative, never fighting back, and squandered his political capital. If he had been a better president, who knows? we may have avoided Obama entirely.

      • So agree with you Christine. His second term was awful. He shrank in stature hiding behind the White House walls, never coming out to fight back against the relentless attacks and controlling the narratives. I was so angry at him with his “it isn’t presidential” excuse. Fighting back wasn’t so much for him as it was for all of us who voted for him. I think he’s a decent, caring man but as President, he let us all down and hurt the country terribly. G.W. allowed the void to open for Barrack Obama to fill.

      • Texan or not, no excuse for endless wars, open borders, and massive debt. Add on the growth of the surveillance state and you can say Bush was one of the worst presidents of all time.

      • That’s a perfectly reasonable position. I hope you are completely won over, on the Merits!, in the next year. I’m certain you will be long before his reelection campaign in 2020.

      • Remember that Lincoln’s first nine months were basically a fail. Bull Run was a debacle. He had to pitch a corrupt Sec of War, Simon Cameron, as well.

        My two cents, Obama was not only worse than Dhimmi Carter he was worse than the incompetent ditherer Buchanan, and the soon-to-be-traitor Tyler. But as Adam Smith famously observed, there is a great deal of ruin in a nation. I saw the US bounce back fromt he Carter nightmare years under RWR. It was bloody amazing. And I think I’m seeing an even better replay.

      • Yeah you are right about that. But even more so up till June of 1863 Lincoln was convinced he would loose re election. But after Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg boosted his popularity he was re elected. Its to early to talk about re election. But if he cant get anything done in the next few months, and then gets saddled with a Democrat house in 2019 there is little chance to get anything done. This Russian collusion thing needs to find a conclusion. Then maybe we can actually get something done.

      • Yep. Grant was his key and probably greatest general; his siege of Vicksburg was brilliant, but Sherman and Sheridan probably won him the election.

      • Remember too that Lincoln won the soldier’s vote overwhelmingly against their supposed favorite formal general McClellan.

        I with those who believe Trump is going to be a very good president in the historical record. The parallels to Lincoln’s popularity before reelection are there. Lincoln was an excellent economic president and a staunch defender of high import tariffs that protected american industrial workers. Familiar?

      • Just heard some liberal heads exploding, because it’s a fair comparison. Lincoln, though he had been in politics, made his money in Obama’s hated *private sector*… as did Trump, though Trump certainly inherited more than Honest Abe did.

        It is to Lincoln’s credit that he didn’t *hang* “Little Mac” well before that election. Jackson would’ve considered it. He tried Lincoln like dirt, and at best he got a tie at Antietam.

      • Better than Obama? He crossed that hurdle on election day. You dont have to get excited over Trump, I dont even like the man. I will judge him for what he does. But I do agree Obama was a disaster.

    • Trump is a street fighter. This shocks his enemies who had grown accustomed to a more genteel –and ineffective–opposition. They themselves fight nasty. What is the Steele dossier if not a gutter tactic of the crudest sort? Who is Hillary, if not a vicious smear artist from way back? It’s always been one-sided with the left.

      • True dat. He isn’t even your standard NYC rich kid… no upper east side/silk stocking district in his childhood pedigree. I have passed his childhood home in Jamaica Estates (Queens) umpteen times; it’s nice, but by no means terribly imposing. He’s got the requisite outer-borough pugnacity. Romney was a gentleman, and the sleazy Dems and their media minions crapped all over him. Trump wasn’t put away so easily.

    • Sorry but Reagan was a great president. Trump, I am not a fan but I am willing to see how this all plays out. I agree with his efforts to dismantle the Obama unilateral abuse. It takes time to undo that mess. If he were able to do that effectively alone, that would be a net positive. His rejection of the Iran deal, his tough stance on North Korea, and just a general toughness, I agree with. But I think so far he has failed to bring people in to support his agenda. Granted that is more the fault of a spineless Republican Congress. But he has to lead, and that I am not really seeing that yet.

      • Perhaps you need new glasses. The guy has been leading since day one when he went down the escalator at Trump Tower. The greatest President in the history of this nation. Look at all he’s done in such a short time and add another 7 years? Just imagine how great this country is going to look? It’s a beautiful thing to be alive and a part of this. I just wish you could see better. You are really missing out on so much.

      • One thing at a time. At last glance a few seconds ago, the DJIA was at 23,110. Trump, remember, was, zas you suggest, saddled with a nation in the most virulent stage of the horrible affliction known as Obamanosis. He must cure that first … and he has been doing so. Rampantly.

        My two cents, he’s a little too reliant on his State Department on foreign affairs. We should be supporting the Kurds. But this is secondary. The influx of illegals has fallen way off, and GDP growth once again upticked over 3% in the last quarter for the first time in two years. Even in a blue state, I encounter political optimism, a thing to be treasured.

    • I’m an IKE baby also.. I loved my JFK.. Because of John,, I got into aircraft and made a very good living.. Carter was a !DUMBSHIT! I know I’m related to him.. Reagan was on his game.. Remember Reagan was the gov. of the most popular state in the onion.. I was so mad when Trump didn’t run the first time he said he was,,,,,,,,,,,,, but now he’s my president….. And I haven’t said that about anyone in the oval office since Reagan..

      • Just tell people you were related to ***Miz Lillian.*** She was a great lady, almost certainly a better person than her sons. :)

      • Sadly I am.. Went to a family get together back in the mid ’80’s.. Someone put gin in the punch that she had…….. Ever see the picture of the elderly woman with the stupid hat with the drunk grin on her face?,,,,,,,,,,, that was the Lillian…. 3 sheets in the wind,,,,,,,,,, looking for the 4th…

      • Quite by coincidence, a few months back, we were in southern Florida, and we encountered a waitress with an actual southern accent (rare down there, of course) who was from Plains, GA. She remembered “Mr. Carter” (Jimmy’s father) giving them rides around the peanut farm…. she was a pip, made our day. She gave us a great and cynical explanation of that famous southern phrase, “bless his heart.” :)

      • How well I know.. I’m a Tarheel… I still have my accent.. IF you need more of that wonderful sound,, Google “Janine Robertson”..

      • Jeanne. I get her on satellite radio, on the Laugh USA comedy channel. The accent is simply endearing. I think she was a former Miss NC, btw. She’s very tall and still quite pretty. Her riffs about her husband “leftbrain” are quite good.

        My dad was at Fort Bragg during WW2, and developed a great love for NC. Hence my first real trip , circa 1964, was with the parents, all around the Tar Heel state. I developed a love for grits which remains with me to this day. My great disappointment was NOT getting to ride the Tweetsie RR in Blowing Rock. As a Yank fan, I was pleased to see that all the local papers were making a great fuss about Steve Whitaker, though he ultimately proved a disappointment. :)

        See? You never know when you find a Tar Hell wannabe. :)

      • !! O M G !!! You’re bring back SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many memories.. I’ve ridden “Tweetsie RR”. I think you’re right about her being a former Miss NC.. Another one to watch is Terri Gillis on FBN… She’s 6′ 3′ in heels also as is Jeanne.. I think they’re from the same town in NW NC. But I think her funniest is “Don’t take a Baptist on a rafting trip”… Or the one about a death in a family.. It’s so true.. “Bless his Heart”..

      • Oh,, add shrimp to those grits.. And they have to have bacon grease,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for the vitamins..

      • Oh, I’ve heard the rafting trip one. I know the punchlines, but it’s just so pleasant listening to that wonderful accent.

        My poor Dad, may he rest in peace, drove into Asheville in the midst of the worst rainstorm I had ever seen…. he had to run out and take in the luggage as sheets of rain poured down on him. Luckily, we stayed at a Hojo and we were parked right outside the room, but he still got a serious drenching.

        I do not recall a town or a meal that I did not like. The only drawback was hearing Dean Martin’s “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” at every turn… it was hot on the charts then, but it got old quickly.

        Btw, many years later, some friends and I actually drove through Georgia (Savannah, basically) en route to FL the day Carter was inaugurated. Needless to say, we had low hopes for him, and he fully justified our lack of confidence.

      • I stand corrected about terri ,,,,,,,,, it’s Gerri Willis.. She’s from Spruce Pine, NC.. I had no confidence in him at all. When I was working @ Hughes Helicopters in Culver City, CA.. I got laid off while he was pres.. His “DUMBSHIT” backwoods country stuff.. And to this day he’s still unapologetic about it.. The only reason the hostages were realest was Reagan became pres.

      • The only one who actually had class was billy.. At least you knew were you stood with him.. G’morn’in……… I need a beer!! I have an unopened case of “Billy Beer”, 24 cans intact..

      • LOL. I thought Dhimmi’s wife had some class, truth be told, and I still hold Miz Lillian in high regard.

        As for the man himself, he was, um, not as bad a president as Obama, or John Tyler. That’s about all I can say in his defense. Oh, and he was a one-termer. :)

      • This is true.. But how long were the hostages in captivity.. Almost 21/2 years.. Now they’re finding out about barry.. Now they’re finding about the collusion between barry & “BROOM killary”… FBI, State dept, NSA, CIA. it’s the main conversation tonight on “Lou Dobb’s”. I’m watching Kennedy now ,,,,,,,,, !!DAMN !!! she’s got legs!!

      • LOL, endless discussions with Missus as to whether Dana Perino is good-looking.

        Consensus seems to be Yes, But Her Eyes Are Too Far Apart. :)

      • Hey Doppelganger! The grits here in NC are just fine. My first trip to NC was also 1964, one stop on the road trip north to the World’s Fair in Queens. My dad wanted to see the family store they lost in the Depression. It is still there. He loved growing up there.
        I moved here last year – different town.
        Can’t believe this thread is still going…needed to end the night with something other than Kurdistan. Time for some good night pumpkin pie!

      • Where in Queens was it? :)

        I went to the WF seven times; wished it was about 20…. that thing was terrific. Shocked and mortified to hear, as I later did, that it was a horrible money-loser.

        We have several friends who’ve relocated to CARY, the acronym city: Collecting Area for Relocated Yankees.

        I have standing offers from several lovely people in NC to be served collard greens when I next swing through… long story, for another day. :)

  2. In the movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch and Sundance return to the “hole in the wall” gang’s hideout only to find that, in Butch’s absence Harvey had taken over as leader. Butch and Harvey decide to settle the leadership issue by having a knife fight. Harvey has a huge knife and tells Butch to get one, too. Butch says not until they get the rules straight. Harvey exclaims: “Rules? In a knife fight? No rules.” Whereupon Butch delivers unto Harvey a near fatal kick to the nuts.

    Trump watched that movie and took notice.

  3. Another excellent perspective on the present by the great historian Victor Hanson.
    Yes, Trump’s unique style of playing the bad guy is in complete contradistinction to his predecessors, and is a shrewd way of enacting his agenda amidst condescension and derision from both sides of the political establishment.
    Whether by taking the heat off assistants quietly enacting his agenda, distracting the media from deeper policy shifts, intimidating would-be attackers that see what he’s done to others that tried, or trolling opponents into overreaction that discredits them and their cause, his style is counterintuitive to that of the “kinder and gentler” one we thought was necessary for a conservative to survive in these liberal times.

    • In more plain language, Trump playin’ da rope-a-dope, and he runnin’ circles around da bro’s in da Black caucus!

  4. I don’t know how much DJT really knows about business. I do know he knows a heck of a lot more about it than me, or anyone I know, or anyone currently or lately in congress or any president in generations. So, seeing as how the business of America is “business”, he’s already got a leg up on Warren, Sanders, obi-won, and etc.

    Have you listened to his impromptu, driveway press conferences, which btw he’s not afraid to engage in?
    He’s a quick study. He’ll figure the rest out,

    • As someone that grew up with DJT in the public eye in NYC, all of us came to know that DJT was little more than laughing stock and was ridiculed and ignored by all of his fellow real estate moguls. This clown ‘suceeded’ in business only because his father financially bailed him out of all of his crazy schemes and his lawyer, Roy Cohn, the Mafia lawyer who controlled the construction unions in NYC gave him incredible advantages over his competition. His high priced lawyers & accountants guided him through 4 self induced bankrupcties without a scratch. Without the above help, DJT would have ended up as a head doorman in one of his father’s better apt houses. BTW, this is a man who posed as his OWN pr man (Either John Miller or John Baron) to feed made up stories to the NYC tabloids extolling DJT’s prowess with famous NY models & actresses. This fact alone should have told you all you needed to know about Donald and his fitness for any public office.

      • You “grew up” with him but hot him wrong for 19 months during the election. Guess you weren’t as smart as you thought.

      • What I think he means is he grew up with Trump beating the hell out of him on the playground and he has lots of “issues” as a result.

      • Even if all you say is true, Trump STILL knows more about business than ALL of those folks I mentioned, which should tell you just how sad our political class is. I for one am glad to have someone other than a professional liar…er, politician in the White House.

      • More than any president in generations? GWB has an MBA from Harvard as does Mitt Romney. And maybe Trump is only an amateur liar, but he lies more than any professional does.

      • W’s MBA is proof that a college degree does not a businessman make. And while Mitt did indeed have some business acumen, he also somehow managed to not get himself elected as the Big Cheese. Then there was that Romneycare thing…

      • The only other ‘businessman’ to become president was Herbert Hoover. How did that turnout? Maybe there’s a reason there have been almost no businessmen presidents for the last 240 yrs. Maybe it’s
        because the govt is not a business and can’t be run like one.

      • It’s looking pretty damn good so far. I’ll take my chances. You can go back to hating. I am loving every minute of Trump making America great again!!

      • So what you’re saying is our President has a history of hiring the right people to get the job done. Kinda puts his cabinet and judicial appointment in a new light. Glad to know you approve.

      • I think that is a slanted assessment of Trump. But let’s accept it for the sake of argument.

        But look at who he ran against. A politician whose resume consists of the following:

        1). Serving as an enabler for a predator husband.
        2). Getting rich selling political influence through a shoddy “charitable organization”.
        3). Creating hellholes in the places like Syria and Libya through idiotic foreign policy.
        4). Blind loyalty to the deranged identity politics of the left that is a path to a hellish dystopian future for our country.

    • The Democrats know quite a bit about business, they know how to become wealthy by peddling political influence.

  5. Speaking out in favor of America and Americans do not “diminish the traditional stature of the presidency.”

    • Maybe not, but everything else he tweets,says, does or doesn’t do every day does diminish the presidency.

      • It’s a new age of communication and he’s a modern President, so get used to it. Or, would you rather he carried around a Blackberry like Clinton?

      • We would all rather he just act like a person who is in control of his ego and childish impulses and behavior. That would be a good start for anyone, especially someone who could start a war all by himself.

      • My comment is based on observing Trump’s behavior for the past 40 years. Not only has he not grown up, he’s acting more childish every day. Sort of like Benjamin Button, but in real life.

      • Just because you are not used to a Republican fighting back or understand his methods, does mean he’s being childish. I think you mean to say you’re dumbfounded.

      • 6 yr olds also fight back and lash out when attacked and bully those weaker than them and have no consideration for the consequences of their actions. These shoes seem to fit little don john just right.

      • It’s moronic to say that letting others run roughshod over them is the mature thing to do.

      • Yes, it does mean he is being childish. Only a child “fights back” against people who are beneath him. A president should be above petty bickering.

      • Trump doesn’t see other people as being “beneath him”, unlike Obama and the Winfrey-Branson yacht crowd.

      • Nice way to twist my words around. I meant “beneath him” as in less powerful. Trump is POTUS for crying out loud. He doesn’t need to fight. reality check said it better than I could.

  6. U.S. Code | Conduct Required When Played Title 36, Subtitle I, Part A section 301 United States Code – National Anthem (a) Designation.— The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem. (b) Conduct During Playing.— During a rendition of the national anthem— · (1) when the flag is displayed— (A) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; (B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and (C) all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and · (2) when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed. [Source: Title 36, Subtitle 1, Part A section 301 of the US Code

    • Please note that in every sentence in the above code the verb ‘should ‘ is used, not the verb ‘must’, a very big difference. So should indicates suggestion not command. Also in the code as follows “all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart;”. Does this also apply to all those civilians using the restrooms, buying food at the concession stands and go to or from their seats while the anthem is being played? Are these folks trying to make a serious point about inequities they feel or just being disrespectfull to the flag & anthem?

      • Should is the term of social edicate prior to to Bill “Rapist” Clinton’s what is the meaning of “is”. Thus you can do what is civil or be uncivil.

      • Or we can follow the ideals of the first amendment and the founding fathers that enshrined the right to peaceful protest by any citizen and humbly kneeling while the anthem is being played that anyone doing that is doing EXACTlY what any & every patriotic American has the right to do. Even Antonine Scalia,
        in the famous flag burning case before the Supreme Court, in his written opinion stated that even BURNING an Ameican flag is considered a protected form of freedom of speech and is therefore permitted.

      • And the public has the same right to reject their protest and boycott their little games. It is the NFL that required standing at a attention and is responsible for the controversy. The majority of Americans are sick of the cultural Marxism that permeates your world view and has infected million dollar athletes whose posing is hypocritical and phony.

      • No one will regret this phenomenon more than Colin Kaepernick when he has burned through whatever cash he has left and is facing welfare in three years from now.

      • It’s not a 1st Amendment issue. It’s an NFL-rules issue. The NFL rule book states players will stand for the anthem.

        That’s not the government, it’s not Trump, it’s not free speech. It’s an employer placing a condition on employment. That happens everywhere.

      • Kneeling during the national anthem is as close to burning a flag as these players can get away with.

        The Jaguars kneeled for our anthem but stood for God save the Queen,. This week they had their lowest ticket sales since 2009.


        Protest all you want, don’t expect me to like it or subsidize it.

      • First Amendment protects NFL players right to take a knee during the Anthem when they are attending MLB games, NHL games. NBA games, etc. That’s doing it on their own dime and during their own personal time. No government involvement in the NFL, and therefore, no First Amendment issue if the NFL were to say “don’t kneel” during the National Anthem “or youre fired.”

  7. Hey, give Trump a break. It took this businessman to solve the JFK assassination. Ted Cruz father did it.

  8. McCain will cause the downfall of FLAKE….the voters will say lie to me once shame on you – lie to me twice shame on me!! The part about fast is one thing that may soon be a surprise to the Congress… they will have people asking why can’t they pass things? Suddenly the list of bills will go from backlog to signed or else business guys wil shut off the money. In business five or six things in a month not in a year.

  9. Pollsters, pundits, and the media have vastly underestimated how many in America loathe pollsters, pundits and the media.

  10. Hanson gets it, but geez man don’t give away the game.

    • No worries, Trump’s opposition is too dense to comprehend it.

      • Well, never take anything for granted in politics. The Democratic Party will probably embrace the faux populism of Sanders/Warren, and we’ll see whether they can sucker the public with it.

    • The Nevertrumpers explained the distraction game to the media months ago. They wrote articles saying they understood, but didn’t change their behavior at all. They just are what they are and can’t change their nature.

  11. The liberal elite is so dumb. Oh, late night talk show host doesn’t even want me to watch him. As if we care. Just another way of calling us deplorables.
    Dems are still angry at every single person who voted for Trump says Van Jones? Yawn. Stay angry, Dems. It’s not working for you.
    Hollywood has its mask ripped off and we see the sexist misogyny that lies in their hearts, and they connect it to Trump. Been there. HRC couldn’t overcome the hypocrisy, and that still won’t work.
    and let’s not forget, “Russia, Russia, Russia!” We no longer trust the propaganda that is CNN.

    • But Jimmy Kimmel is America’s conscience.
      Just ask the sh!tlibs at CNN. See how the circle jerk works …

  12. VDH knocks it out of the park again. The analogy of a manager taking the media heat so his players are free to play the game is spot on.

      • Of course, it’s what he knows. In construction, he would take on the cities and building departments so his builders were free do their thing.

  13. C’mon, Victor.
    I’m sure p!ssing on the flag, transgender washrooms, illegals packing schools and hospitals and “comics” like Stephen Colbert are very popular in swing state Ohio.

  14. Great article and glad to be able to read you here instead of NRO…I do not go there at all these days. They don’t like me and I don’t think they have anything to worth reading.

  15. Democrats are not “misdiagnosing”.
    They are lying and wallowing in self-delusion (kind of like that Russia-narrative).

  16. Trump is the most meaningful president since Reagan, and has a chance, like Reagan did, to forge a generation of angry, involved, and committed CONSERVATIVES (in contrast to “republican”) majority that will unwind decades of sloth and slack in our great country.

    • Hard to imagine — Reagan’s leadership skills were light years beyond his.

      • Yes he is- he’s a conservative democrat- the type of person in the dhimmiKKKrat party who most assuredly persona non grata.

      • No, he is some kind of populist / nationalist Democrat, not a conservative. He should have been persona non grata in the GOP as well, but sadly he was not.

  17. Trump reverse engineers and manipulates the OODA Loop which he learned in business and applied to politics. While it appears random and chaotic, it’s not. It’s disorienting, but only to others, which is the point. Trump is like Air McNair, a mobile scrambling quarterback who was almost sacked all the time, and appeared to be overrated. Except the scrambling wasn’t the breakdown of the play, but part of it. It allowed the quarterback to alter the orientation of the passing lane faster than than the defense could adjust. What direction the quarterback went in was irrelevant, and while it confounded those who watched the game, only the final score mattered.

    And if you don’t believe the chaos is mostly planned, what’s the statistical probability of someone committing random acts of chaos becoming President against twenty rich smart politicians?

  18. 53 comments?? Hard to believe that AG is a trending site!! Seems like your “movement” got stuck somewhere in your bowels!!

      • Cliche’d as futch. EIther become original or don’t post. The term has lost all meaning because the president epitomizes it.

      • As bad as “I feel your pain?” As bad as “The most transparent administration ever?”

      • No, way worse. Every president has to say platitudes to people in pain and try and be transparent. Transparency is what got Nixon’s administration hung.

        Insults however should be insulting and intelligent. An oft used insult is neither.

      • Like I said, your movement is a bowel movement at best!!! Be sure to wipe when you are done!!!

  19. If Trump’s legacy is to damp down the likelihood of future presidents believing that their personal popularity is a free pass to circumvent the separation of powers and govern by “pen and phone,” that will be more than enough.

  20. I have a hard time accepting the collective, Progressive outrage at Trump given Bill Clinton’s behavior while in office. And Hillary Clinton attacking his multiple girlfriends while party hacks attacked each bimbo eruption like mafia hit men. Excuse me if I give Trump a pass.

    • What does Bill Clinton have to do with it? Trump trolls always try to make the discussion about Trump vs. the “progressives” as if that had anything to do with anything.

  21. What Trump is doing is pure logic when seen from the peoples side. After a couple of decades of leadership from bother parties playing up to the international dinners club and msm please like me mentality . Trump cod see the people were looking for a hero to stand up to the craziness swirling all round us,
    Here is what I know by the end of Sept 2016 I was convinced Trump was going to Michigan, everywhere you turn there was a Trump sign. Every appearance he made was next to impossible to get into because so many showed up. As for Hilary it was all crickets.
    Today I get out as much as anyone pushing the flesh. Being the kind of person I am who likes to engage people on politics I will tell you Trumps popularity with the people is only growing. Inner city blacks seem to be taking a real shine to him. Now that’s not to say there are not your die in the wool leftist Blacks full of the msm propaganda there is but as for the Blacks on the street they like that he fights back. I was talking with a middle age Black man on the north east side of Detroit and he gave me back something we have all seen on social media. “No one ever called Trump a racist until he ran for president” in other words they don’t believe Trump is a racist.
    My point is this the polls we see today are just as bad and as far off as the polls we saw in Oct 2016 when they said Trumps ceiling was 41-42% and it turned out to be 48%. I see President Trump continuing his wins and strong economic growth with near Reagan like land slide in 2020.

  22. He is already making tremendous progress despite a full on revolution by the swamp.
    Once we beat the RINO’s in 2018 it all goes into overdrive.

    • When you beat all of the “RINOs” then the Dems will be in charge.

      • Don’t confuse them with facts. Wishful thinking is their only tool.

  23. I find the TV news shows are constantly trying to parse his words and miss the message. The NFL tweet storm was the perfect example – they focused on “sons of bitches” while his message was to the NFL players to grow up.

    • When a US president uses the term ‘sons of bitches’ to describe ANY American citizens, that’s news, big news bigley!

    • You are right about the MSM parsing words. The Jake Tapper interview with Rex Tillerson was amazing. All Tapper wanted was for Tillerson to asmit he called Trump a moron. With all that is going on in the world, Tapper is interviewing the Secretary of State, and he only wants to know the gossipy part…

      • True, but Tapper is an idiot tool as are the idiots who prep him.

      • Perhaps because the gossipy part is all that Tapper can understand?

  24. One minor error in an otherwise insightful overview of current American history. The US may not be able to knock down a North Korean ICBM as Dr. Hanson writes. Maybe. Maybe not. If NK knows what they are doing and some airman screws up, the lower 48 can die, although it may take a few months.

    Other than that, the article is spot on. Trump is like hurricane Maria which hit Puerto Rico, a force which exposed deep societal rot. We have read endless press articles on climate change, over a generation but one storm exposed that our entire infrastructure was rotted. But no big shot spoke out. Our people in PR will not die in centuries due to climate change, they are dying today. And will continue. Because their wind mills blew away. Their solar cells blew away. It has been impolite to mention these things. But every American accepts that the Donald can be impolite.

    He ripped off the scab and the stench is overwhelming. Our press does not report the truth. Our Congress has not drafted a budget in living memory (their job) but is focused only on reelection and retirement benefit plans, for only them and their cronies. I got mine, the deplorables and crazies can die.

    They/we may.

    Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their dysfunctional, shattered party. Trump did not do it; he just exposed it in imprecise 140 character tweets.

  25. How is Trump going to “restore” Christmas nomenclature? Is the POTUS in charge of nomenclature? Did Christmas nomenclature ever go away? It did not.

    • He restored it by saying it-not the generic “Happy Holidays.” Many department stores told their employees not to say Merry Christmas. It has been going on for 15-20 years, even with Christmas cards that have pictures of Christmas trees and Santa Claus.
      Surprised that you missed it.

      • Out here in the real world people still say “Merry Christmas” if they want to, regardless of what the POTUS says. I am surprised that YOU missed it, but you seem to be living in a bubble.

      • Uh…no. There have been way too many stores directing their sales people to say “Season’s Greetings” or some other like comment that isn’t “Merry Christmas” and that has been going on for years. I know first hand.

      • That is a business decision. The POTUS can’t tell retail stores what they can say or can not say. This whole argument is just a straw man.

      • POTUS would just set the pace and say Merry Christmas himself and not have nice red shiny Christmas Tree decorations with Mao’ happy Commie face on them…..don’t you think?

        Straw Man….PFFFTTT!

    • I’ll wager there will be no shiny red Christmas Tree ornaments with Mao’s smiling face on them in the White House now that Barrie and Mooch are elsewhere…..and that’s making me happy.

      Merry Christmas America!

  26. We threw a skunk into Washington to send a message to the careerists and cronies. They don’t like it. Too bad.

    I am not a big Trump supporter, but the issues from the Obama era seem to be moving in the right direction.

    • President Trump may not be Mr. Right to a lot of Republicans, he’s Mr. Right Now.

    • Exactly! That’s what nobody gets. We KNOW Trump is a loud, brash, bully. That’s what is needed. To me, so far, so good.

  27. Seems that the author has confused his love for Trump’s crassness with reality. How could this piece really claim that Trump keeps choosing majority positions? The Muslim ban, repealing Obamacare, pulling out of the Paris agreement were all strongly opposed by a majority of Americans. In no way does Trump “seek out majority positions”. He just panders to his far right base and his virulently racist own inclinations. It’s no wonder his approval ratings are stuck between 35-40%.

    • Nah, you’re actually the one who’s confused and clutching the 2016 playbook.

    • The “Muslim ban” has something like 65% support (and 13% not sure/don’t know/never heard of it). A majority of democrat voters support it. Whether it’s good policy or not, the only people lined up to oppose it at this point are the far left.

      This is up from 51% 18 months ago (with 10% not sure). It’s always been more popular than unpopular, but enjoys super-majority support at present.

  28. The light of day on our swamp critter congress. Creating quite a kerfuffle ain’t it?

  29. We’re coming up on November 8 soon, what should be a national holiday.

    Remember to wish any lefties you might come across a happy anniversary.

  30. I’ll repeat my comment of October 13 on the Daily Caller article “Trump Has Silently Gutted Obama’s Legacy.” “When Trump exploded the whole NFL-National Anthem controversy with a Tweet, I wondered what he was really up to. There’s method in his seeming madness that’s really quite simple. He uses inflammatory Tweets to create irresistible distractions for the press (and thus everybody else) to focus on. Those distractions then allow him to go about accomplishing much of his actual agenda quietly unnoticed until it is announced as a done deal. By then it’s too late for the press to try to stir up vocal opposition to stop it, so all they can do is grouse about it for a couple of days.
    The NFL Tweet was genius, not just because it’s a fairly simple controversy that engages millions and generates news ratings to keep the press occupied, but also because it self-renews every week and continues as long as the NFL idiots fuel it – potentially the whole season. However, as that distraction inevitably begins to fade, I’ll be waiting for the next “outrageous” Tweet.”

    • Wrong. Trump’s had an axe to grind with the NFL for a long time and continues to do so. He is throwing red-meat to his base. Dude is an absolute moron and that’s why he attacks the NFL.

      • If you don’t know why he is attacking the NFL players that disrepect the anthem, who is the moron?

      • What, the president is still the moron. It’s not about the anthem. It’s about his USFL lawsuit and about being denied ownership of an NFL team. If you don’t know this then you’re being duped by the ultimate huckster.

      • With the DOW at 23,000 and the GDP sure to hit 3+%, I’m quite happy with my financial report since the loser Obama left to gather $$ from Wall Street….how about you?

      • Yeah it’s all good, but the recovery started with Obama, so you can’t give Trump full credit without giving Obama credit. Or in reality, neither actually deserve very much credit, the only control the president has over the markets is the chairmen of the fed.

      • Jury is still out on the economy – the bar to pass will be 3% annual growth – hasn’t been done in like 12 years… The stock market seems to think that will happen…

      • Perhaps and it might, but if you look at the year Obama started office and the next year he had about a net growth of about 5% because it was negative in 2009.

      • I hate to pop your balloons but the two months of economic growth that ended Obama’s reign was a reflection of the Trump Presidential win over the Criminal Clinton.

      • You’re not popping my balloon, yeah the stock market is doing great! I don’t believe the president has very much control over it. The chairman of the fed has just about the same amount of control. It’s also funny that with the stock market this high Trump’s approval ratings should be 20 points higher. Yet he still remains historically unpopular makes one think.

      • Nah, if Trump wins the fight, the players will stand again and the NFL will get their attendance and ratings back. He is helping them.

      • No he is not. They will never make a rule to require players to stand for the anthem and the league is doing just fine. People who buy tickets and go to the games aren’t giving up on the league , football is still number one in the weekly ratings. It’s not gonna kill the league.

      • Lol, a multi millionaire who managed to get elected against the opposition of the Democrats, almost the entirety of the media and the Republican establishment is a moron? Dude, put down the crack pipe.

      • Crack is whack! Dude is a moron, he brags about how smart he is, yet can barely speak cogent english. He whines like a child who thinks the world revolves around him. The media and republicans? No they too believe he is not very smart. I love how you cite his money as if that makes him smart. It’s easy to succeed in New York real estate with a million-dollar cash influx from daddy. Also when banks refuse to loan you money using German banks is a hilarious work around.

    • Agree, you have to figure out Trump way of talking, but your right, genius. Here him talk about the wall? That drives the left absolutely INSANE! What’s Trump do? Says he’ll make it a solar wall!!! It’s the funniest thing ever!

  31. The only people that think Trump is doing a good job are people who are trapped within the virtual reality simulation created by the right-wing fake news. You know, where every single issue, no matter what it is, has to start with some red herring about “the left.”

    • Um, no. Lots of us, and an increasing number, are excited about his successes and look forward to many more. Your bubble is shrinking…

    • Umm, Tanuge, it wasn’t Trump that castrated consensual representative government after losing the House in 2010. That was Obama and Reid. Own up to your own authoritarian impulses. Trump is now teaching the Congress (both parties) that they have to do more then flap their jowls, they have to govern. Please notice that neither Pelosi or Schumer can state a proactive and positive case for the Democrats. Neither can McConnell. In a vacuum a leader leads. This one is doing so in concert with the Constitution and is the most transparent president in my lifetime.

    • Your comment indicates that the media, the left leaning media, has your attention and you need to slip out from under that bubble and get some fresh air.

  32. Trump’s social media appearances diminish the “traditional stature of the American Presidency”.

    As NO Other in living memory?

    NOT Barack Hussein Obama? A man of uncertain personal and political / social provenance. Selected in 2008 as “Leader” of the “Democratic” PARTY. OF The People. By Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

    For the reported “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American”.

    With no other qualifications usual for such a position. Experience and or success in any capacity in a complex organization of disparate people with disparate functions.

    His qualification for selection as candidate and subsequent selection for the position was FUNDAMENTALLY therefore that of “race” / skin color.

    Which, in addition to other reservations of discerning informed citizens about his candidacy for “The Office of President”, IS according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 unlawful for ANY job in this nation.

    And if memory serves his immediate predecessor of the PARTY OF The People during the last decade of the last century was Reported – VERY reluctantly – to have used the Oval Office for assignations with interns and others of the female persuasion to “assist” his need for comfort and joy.

    Moreover impeached, indicted, by certain members of the Legislature WHILE Foremost OFFICER OF The Law. For the most egregious offense TO “The Rule of Law”.

    Recorded BY that Congress as “Obstruction of Justice”. Allowed however to continue AS Foremost Officer of the Law on his defense “it depends on what the meaning of the word is is”.

    And the President elected in the first election after Sputnik who enlarged the administrative offices of the government, the Legislature and the “Justice” Department By selecting as their Chiefs his immediate siblings to initiate the PARTY / Family Dynasty of Camelot.

    The youngest unfortunately unable to take the throne because the “incident at the bridge” WAS a “bridge too far” even for the otherwise compliant Media.

    As consolation he accepted the position, with lifetime tenure, of the most powerful politician in the land as The “Honorable” Lion of the Senate.

    ALL “representing” the “traditional stature of the US Presidency???

    • Hillary Clinton ran AGAINST Obama in 2008. She did NOT “select” BHO by any stretch of the imagination, but nice try.

      • It is more likely that there was method in HER madness. As suggested by her and her troupes activities to date.

        Hillary Clinton is not known for “stepping aside” for anyone who stands in the path of HER Dream for power over “The Lives of Others”. UNLESS with method.

        And Certainly NOT for what was at the time a bit player in THE Show.

  33. Trump should have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation!! WE will find his madness to be just that, madness!!! He’s a pathological liar, conman, and charlatan!!! He’s in it for Trump, and only Trump!!!! You can worship him all you want, that only makes you a sucker!!!

  34. Affirmative action, political correctness, identity politics, white guilt, and a biased press gave America BHO.

    January 20, 2017 brought The End of the Obama Error.

    • The housing bubble caused by reougtard deregulation of wall street which caused to economy to implode gave us BHO!!!

      • That deregulation of Wall Street began in earnest under WJC just as did the federal government’s unwise interference in the housing market.

      • Clinton Mortgage Ponzi Scheme to buy Hispanic Votes to be precise.

      • Sorry Jimmy, ACORN gave us the bubble. Thanks to Billy Clinton.

  35. Victor Davis Hanson has misdiagnosed the problem as well.
    It’s not that the left can’t see their problems, it’s that they cannot change course. They’ve spent decades building up an ideology and a brand. It’s far too late for them to admit that they were wrong about all of it.
    On top of that, there’s little incentive for their leaders to risk their positions of privilege. They get paid the same whether they succeed or fail. Like Third World dictators, it doesn’t matter if their country burns around them as long as they themselves are pampered.

    So what we’ll see is them doubling-, tripling-, and quadrupling-down on the same narrative until one day their base decides it’s not working and throws them out. I see no indication that the left has come to that conclusion.

    • Hopefully, they’ll keep on keepin’ on right through the 2020 election. And so VDH is spot on. As usual.

  36. Victor, this is a very good piece. Trump has all the right enemies while forcing a castrated governing elite to perform their Constitutional duties. It is noticeable that they really don’t want to do anything. Ergo – big boot to ass is necessary. He reminds me of my Drill Instructor at Parris Island. Sometimes the world needs an NCO. See Napoleon for an example.

  37. Unfortunately Trump seems to be more in the mold of a Roman Tribune representing the interests of the people against a Senatorial class that represents entirely its own interests. That is not his fault. That is how the system has developed and we are lucky to have someone with his will and considerable wealth that is willing to do it.

    The problem is how to restore things to a condition where a Tocqueville would again marvel at American success. That is a longer term proposition than simply electing and reelecting Trump. Most likely it means building the border wall and the creative destruction and reform of many institutions from Higher Ed to Corporate America which insists on crony capitalism and outsourcing.

  38. insightful ammunition if the LEFT had a brain. Trumps private world business career has taught him how to drag these thugs out in the street for a good ole’ street brawl. The career pols dont know how to fight with someone who isnt a career pol.

    • Trump is a moron who is only president because the Russians interfered in our election!! Now, Trump is obstructing justice, and trying to stop the investigation before he gets indicted!!!

      • Russia, Russia, Russia!!!

        I can’t imagine the hurt in your head when Mueller closes down his investigation without finding anything on Trump.

  39. VDH writes with insight and wit that few can match. Brilliant.

  40. Prof. Davis asks what is surely a rhetorical question: “Why won’t Senators introduce de facto treaties for formal ratification?” Well, likely the same reason we haven’t declared war since 1941.

    Best case scenario: Senators are too lazy of doing the hard work of following the Constitution.

    More likely case: the progressive saboteurs, aka, Senators, know that their agenda would never survive Constitutional scrutiny and are determined to use judicial activism and executive fiat to get what they want. They cynically calculate that if they attack and weigh down the system, there will eventually reach a point of no political no return where the Constitution simply breaks.

  41. Please Lefties, keep misdiagnosing right through the 2020 election.

  42. Liberalism doesn’t know that Trump seems like a revolutionary (insert your
    alarmist adjective), but that is only because he is loudly undoing the
    “fundamental transformation” revolution of classless US hating obama
    AND since classless obama didn’t govern properly, much of the suffering
    he’s caused can be more easily reversed!

  43. RINOs have a chance to redeem themselves by joining or they’ll be GONE soon

  44. You people are whistling past the graveyard. Joffrey is eviscerating America’s critical strategic relationships. The Pacific Rim is basically being handed to China on a silver platter. (I mean, South Korea, Donald? You want to pick a fight with them?). His own aides are clearly terrified he’s going to get us into a nuclear war. He’s knee deep in the foul sewerage of Russian electoral interference (heck, state governments — including many Republican ones — are urgently revamping voting security systems). He’s been caught in so many lies people simply assume he’s not telling the truth. And his approval ratings are likely the worst in US history for a president at this point in his term By some reckonings his numbers are a full thirty points below where they should be given the robust economy bequeathed to him by Obama. Oh, and as the Luther Strange debacle demonstrates, even many in the GOP aren’t buying what he’s selling any more.

    Finally, he basically has zero relationship with his own party in Congress. Not a good move when he’s going to need every congressional ally he can muster when the Mueller indictments start to fly.

    I just hope his aids really are up to the task of a nuclear suitcase tackle when Trump decides to play wag the dog: billions of lives might depend on it.

    • “the robust economy bequeathed to him by Obama.”
      That level of delusion represents a full blown pathology. Those voices in your head are not your friends.

      • jaspers right. its the maga ( deplorables) that live in la la land

    • The Pacific Rim is basically being handed to China on a silver platter

      That’s a laugh. Last year this time, the Philippines were negotiating a protection deal with China which would see the US evicted from their country and waters. One phone call with the Trump administration ended those negotiations to return to the 70 year status quo. Vietnam is now also lurching away from China and towards the US. Elsewhere in Asia, Pakistan’s co-operating for the first time in more than a decade and India’s begun to inch away from the Russian sphere of influence and towards the US (if gradually).

      The only states which have seen a meaningful cooling in their relationship with the US are Germany and Turkey; both of whom have been in the process of leaving Pax Americana for a decade (Turkey, for a decade and a half).

      Don’t pretend you progs care or know anything about foreign policy. The idea that Trump is damaging US relations in Asia, of all places, by comparison to Obama, of all people, is laughable. Obama’s more despised by Asian states (Indonesia, notwithstanding) than probably any US politician in history.

  45. What a wonderful, insightful article Mr. Hanson, as always.

  46. Kissing Fatso’s behind and covering for his hateful remarks is the new “conservatism” in America

    Make America Nauseous

    • No, just liberals. And let’s face it, you’re not really “America”, now are you?

    • The Democrats were much better a-kissers when Obama was in ‘power’.

  47. Every non “presidential” president made life better for mainstream Americans. Every “presidential” president made life in America better for the “elites” and the expense of mainstream Americans.
    Every non “presidential” president made the world a safer place. Every “presidential” president made it less safe.
    Trump is the most non “presidential” president ever.

    • Trump is the only non “presidential” president I’ve ever seen. Who are you talking about?

      • If you are old enough to have read the press or listened to the news back when Reagan was President, you would have seen comments about how he was a cowboy who was about to get us into nuclear war. Then there were comments on how he was too stupid to be president.

        Then of course the obligatory well he was a democrat first, and could not be trusted.

        All of the same stuff being said abut Trump. The difference? Reagan could get time on the networks to get his message out to America. Trump must resort to Twitter because so many Americans now get their news from other sources. Additionally if Trump tried to get time on the networks, there would be seven talking heads saying how stupid he is…which is simply leftist propaganda, and half of the country is stupid enough to believe…

      • we dont need talking heads to notice all trumps lies contradictions ans stupid statements.

        you are just mad that the press dare point them out.

      • All the press has is BS, therefore they aren’t pointing anything out goober;-)

      • Reagan unseated an incumbent president by carrying 44 states and won re-election with 49. He was supported by the nation in a way Trump could never dream, probably in a way no other president will be in our lifetime. Are you saying he wasn’t presidential because of the criticisms from his political opponents? If so, you really need to think that through.

      • For God’s sake read my comment and understand English. I said the media tried to portray Reagan as a buffoon.

        I understand you are a leftist who now wants to revise history, but take my comment as it was written and not try to spin it your way.

      • You’re confusing understanding with agreement. When someone dissects your argument, it’s because they understand the point you’re making perfectly. How a president’s political opponents portray him doesn’t determine whether or not he’s presidential. I asked the OP who else he believed was un-presidential, and you butted in to jump on the liberal media hypocrisy bandwagon. That’s irrelevant from a president’s actual behavior, not to mention unoriginal.

      • The difference is that what they said about Reagan was NOT true and what they say about Trump IS true. So there is that.

        Trump isn’t Reagan. Not even close.

      • The closest we’re going to get in this lifetime I’m afraid!!

      • So solly, oblammers ran off with that title, and he won’t ever be caught! DOH!!!

      • More of what? Obama abused his power as president? Tell someone who disagrees. Meanwhile, comprehend the point of the thread or continue embarrassing yourself.

      • Yeah I thought I was replying to someone else, doing too many things at once in a hurry…

      • Oh, I see. You’re not talking about presidential behavior at all, you’re playing victim to unfair media bias. Fine then, enlighten me: who are all the presidents accused of being un-presidential, and how did they make the world safer? Assuming you’ve put some thought into it and didn’t just make this comment as a pseudo-clever platitude.

    • well see how people feel about health care and taxes in 2 years. as for the economy its been improving though I agree companies have more confidence because they know trump wont add any expensive regulations for a while so that has helped stock prices but things have been moving alone well for well over a year now.

  48. Democrats used to be party of law abiding people, of working class people. Now they work for those who break laws, illegals, criminals, gang members, for those, who never worked and do not plan to do so, welfare addicts, and leeches.

    If they move more to the left, they will be more red than soviet communists, so popular in academia nowadays.

    • “Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers.” – Camille Paglia

      Dr. Paglia pretty well sums it up.

    • You make a caricature of an entire group of people, none of it remotely true, then you throw your own fecal matter at said caricature! Nice!!

  49. There’s method to it, all right!!
    Trump only looks like a moron from outside the west wing! He’s is pulling our strings like the grand puppet master, not as Putin’s puppet!!

  50. Trump is the insurgent in the lion’s den. When you think about it, history has a curious yet valid logic. Who else in this context, time and place could do what Trump is almost single-handedly striving to do? Reinvigorate and save the US Constitution.

  51. Well he’s already achieved 3% GDP in the last quarter, contrary to what all of Obama’s economists were saying just last year, and it’s probably going to continue to climb higher. He’s also overseen the largest increase in employment since Bush.
    I don’t go to bed worrying about President Trump. The guy can not only take care of himself, but he’s doing a great job of taking care of the country, much to the chagrin of fascists on the left and the nevertrumpers on the right.

    • Yeah, remember they PROMISED us that he’d destroy the economy and start a nuclear war as soon as he entered the White House? Leftists have been wrong at every turn.

      • It’s exactly like all of their predictions of global warming/climate change doom. Nothing but stupid.

  52. I’m sick of elitists. I don’t always like Trump’s crude ways, but he’s a lot better than ANY communist Democrat. Nothing is worse than a Democrat.

  53. “he is getting somewhere fast” while herding a menagerie.

    Git along little dogies! (love the misfortune quote)

  54. The dems/nevertrumpers are doing what balloons do when you stick a pin in them: they make a lot of rather unpleasant noise and run around mindlessly

  55. “Democrats see too little identity politics rather than too much”
    Identity politics is what Trump used to win so…..

    • Here we go w/ the white supremacist bullsh!t again.
      Keep calling us racists you little marxofascists. It’s doing wonders in winning you elections.

      • Do you think people were more attracted to Trump’s ideas or the person who they believed Trump was when deciding who to vote for? The fact is millions of people voted and no single reason can be pointed to for the reason why a candidate succeeded or failed, but nobody really gets off on nuance because it’s too boring to discuss.

      • Both. Well according to the final tally it appears about a 130 million voted. Depending on how you obtain your information there were many reasons cited. Many voters believed Clinton was an extremely flawed and corrupt candidate with extreme doubts about her honesty. She also was unable to articulate why she should be president beyond her vagina and that she felt entitled to the job. Trump articulated why he wanted and should be president, had a message that resonated with those who believe our greatest issues are growing the economy and jobs that pay, security, reforming healthcare and taxes while addressing corruption among our institutions. What nuance would you like to put forth?

      • Hillary articulated why she should be president better than Trump did by 3 million people.

      • I wouldn’t call a desperate progressive talking point nuance, Sammi-boy. Perhaps you should call Mrs.Bill Clinton the President of California with a special shout out to the three million illegals who gave her the edge win the state.

      • 10 reasons why I voted for Trump:
        1. Supreme Court nomination
        2. Against illegal immigration
        3. Against Obamacare
        4. Successful businessman, timely when the US economy sorely needs help.
        5. Anti PC.
        6 through 10. He’s not Hillary.

      • Hillary Clinton suggested or outright stated she wished to ban not only coal, but fracking, too. Additionally, she was the architect of the TPP, which was expected to decimate what remains of US manufacturing.

        What are the top industries in Pennsylvania, you ask?

        1. Industrial equipment manufacturing (which probably would have moved to Indonesia under the TPP)

        2. Fabricated metal production (this requires coal)

        3. Hydrolic fracturing (and allied chemical production)

        The question isn’t whether the Rust Belt voted against Clinton because they “voted their race instead of their gender,” but whether anyone in these states at all voted for Clinton for any reason other than their race or gender.

        Hillary Clinton was offering this region destitution and a whole lot of nothing positive–and that’s without even getting into her “deplorables” comment.

        We know exactly why the Rust Belt changed parties and have told you repeatedly. The Democrats seem to think the center of the country exists only to be derided, robbed, condescended to and destroyed. It’s not flipping back until all the America-haters, identitarian radicals and robber barons are purged from your party. Good luck with that.

  56. The simple answer is the fact that America was not fooled by the left this time and the guarantee they thought they had like previous elections didn’t exist. Trump’s winning over the seventeen others tells a large story about the krud there is in our government.

  57. The ‘he started it’ defense is not immature. It is a necessary statement when one is in a state of war with no judge to appeal to. It is a claim of the right to retaliate; It is a claim that one’s retaliatory action is just. If the ‘he started it ‘ defense is immature then the Declaration of Independence is an immature document.

  58. Trump is simply beating the democrats at their own game.

    The problem with the democrats is their agenda is awful, and Obama was worse than awful – read up on all the Obama activities and understand that Obama is the one who is crazy for money and power!

    That is why I left the party abd become an independent who voted Trump

  59. Cigar-chomping, blue-collar,machinist is a great description of President Trump. As all the leftist melt down with anger and frustration at what they think should happen to Trump , Trump just gets stronger . President Trump don’t cut your hair :)

    • Every time they throw him to the wolves (about 10 times a day), he comes back leading the pack.
      I don’t know how he does it, but he keeps facing down massive storms of invective and BS and he just comes back stronger. “The wall just got 10 feet higher!”
      I keep running out of popcorn ????!

  60. I agree that President Trump will be a great president. Much of the ability of the political left to attain any success has been their constant ability to lie to the American people. President Trump simply does not tolerate their lies.

  61. A lot of Democratic talking points would be good, if done properly.
    BLM is idiotic, but the issue of police brutality and corruption is definitely an issue. 4 local cops were just busted by the DEA for dealing drugs, another for forcing dozens of women to have sex with him to avoid traffic tickets. But the big problem isn’t the 5 that got caught, it’s the dozens that didn’t. To be honest, the drug war hasn’t done anything to prevent crime, at an annual cost of $61 billion dollars per year, it has just turned a substantial portion of our police force into criminals.
    About LGBT: Most of us have a “maiden aunt” or “confirmed bachelor” cousin. Who cares? The Republicans make just as big a deal about what should be a non-issue as the Democrats.
    Likewise, abortion isn’t as black and white of an issue as the R & D make it out to be. Most people don’t see a problem with the “morning after” pill, or even first trimester abortion. However, almost all of us are against late-term abortion. But the politicians don’t see any room for compromise in their most extreme stances on the issue.
    Some immigration is beneficial. For instance, we have fewer doctors per capita in this country than much of the third world, which leads to high prices, shortages of health care in many rural areas, and low quality health care for practically everybody. We could import 100,000 new doctors and it would be good for the country as a whole. However, since NAFTA, the Hispanic population has increased from 7 million in the 1980s, to 54 million today, but practically none are doctors. They are almost all low-skill workers, and we already had a massive surplus of low-skill workers, so they just drive down wages for everybody and overburden the school, social welfare and health care systems. Overall, 20% of the population are currently immigrants, compared to a historic average of under 4%. It takes 20 to 40 years for an immigrant family to become totally integrated into society; we need to severely restrict immigration until we get the percentage back under 5%.
    Universal health care works for much of Europe. A 10% national sales tax to pay for Universal Health Care would probably work, but only after we do something about the shortage of doctors and hospital beds. We should treat health care as an issue of national security, as well. For profit companies have a vested interest in keeping the beds full; that means they barely have enough beds for day to day operations, so they can’t easily handle a minor emergency, much less a major terror attack, volcanic eruption, nuclear explosion if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un decides to play madman, a plague-like virus that is antibiotic resistant, etc.; building about 100 new medical schools and teaching hospitals would go a long way toward fixing the health care system’s problems of high costs, low quality care and shortages, whether we go for universal health care or not. Allowing people to order their prescriptions from foreign pharmacies would go a long way toward fixing the problem of high prescription costs, too.

    • There are 900,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, and you condemn them because a handful have committed crimes? Why don’t you condemn the NFL kneelers, a significant number of which are felons? Or why don’t you condemn Congress, a significant number of which are deadbeats and petty criminals?

      • My father and uncles were all veterans; if you look at my posts, I have condemned the NFL players for their disgraceful shows of disrespect for veterans and those who have died defending this country, on multiple occasions.
        You’re absolutely right about Congress, except that I would take issue with the word “petty”. Quite a few of them are master criminals. They take the old saying “steal a chicken, go to prison. Steal a railroad and get elected to Congress”, pretty much invented to describe the Walker family, ancestors to the Bushes, to heart.

        I never said that all law enforcement officers are corrupt. I would guess that maybe 90% are good, honest people who are just trying to make the world a better place. The only problem I have with them, is that for some reason, they don’t seem to be willing or able to do anything about the maybe 10% who are corrupt. A cousin is currently in hiding, because the police won’t do anything to protect her from her ex-husband, a fellow cop who has beaten her several times, and has threatened to kill her because she filed for divorce after the last trip to the hospital. You would think that assault and terroristic threats would at least be grounds for suspension.

  62. “When will the public tire of Trump’s imbroglios? Likely when …we finally see four or five marquee cabinet sequential resignations”

    Given the large number of Obamanibles and eGOP in Mr. Trump’s administration, I would welcome mass resignations from them.

  63. I love President Trump. Really, really. During the election, I stopped listening to the news, reading the papers, and only selectively choose articles like this one on the internet. President Trump has never let me down. This story perfectly explains The Donald. The tweets and insults are just noise. Look at what he’s doing.

    When the Russia/Clinton Bribery Story that just came out in detail, it will certainly be the final nail in the coffin of the Clinton’s and Obama’s, not to mention all the other players in the Obama administration. Mueller and Comey, OMG! Wow! Holder and Susan Rice and others were all complicit.

    I say, Keep Calm (???) and Carry On!

  64. President Moron is a disgusting, deranged animal. I see he’s now kicking his chief of staff’s dead son around, all while flat-faced lying about calling the families of those killed in action.

    • LOL, When VDH with his straightforward writing and analysis is too much for you to comprehend, there is no point in taking your well written, well supported nonsense even remotely seriously.

      • I comprehend it. He’s a disgusting racist-bigot, pathological liar and most unpatriotic POS in the world. Says a lot about you…

      • LOL, no your silly little trolling completely describes you. Go back to bed until your drug dealer gets up.

    • Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. Let’s start with the bad news:

      You are obviously going to be covfefe’ing yourself for each of President Trumps next ~2,650 days in office.

      Now for the good news:

      I’m going to be laughing at you for each of the next ~2,650 days!!!


  65. The decisive victory will be ending gay marriage and ruling out transgender reproduction with the same sex. That is what will drain the swamp of all the Jeff Flakes and Heritage pawns.

  66. The claim that “Democrats see too little identity politics rather than too much as their trouble” suggests that the author hasn’t been following liberal media and politics at all. Sure, some Dems have this view, but it is hardly orthodoxy!

  67. “The Democratic Party, as it did after Hubert Humphrey’s close loss in 1968, seems still to be misdiagnosing its 2016 defeat.”

    The Democrat Party has lost ~1,200 legislative seats since and including the 2010 mid-terms … there’s no “seems” to be misdiagnosing about it. Americans “despise” Democrats because Democrats “hate” America.

      • Hmmm … how strange, ‘ cause official records show President Donald J. Trump got 304 Electoral College votes and the loser, Lying Crooked Hillary only got 227.

      • Votes. As in Americans casting their votes at the ballot box.

      • She lost 28 of 51 STATE elections, and split one other, last November. Article 2 specifically tells you it is the states that elect the President. Looks like a large majority of states did not want a Democrat in the White House last year.

      • Hmmmm … even stranger ’cause I’m more than positive that every Electoral College Elector IS “an American casting their votes at the ballot box”.

        Now, as to the general vote, it is true that America-hating Democrats “claim” that Lying Crooked Hillary garnered the most votes, but it is also true that the Harvard-led CCES group for the FEC estimates some 5.7 million votes were illegally cast, the vast majority of those in California and New York.

    • The Republicans gained all of those seats BEFORE you and Steve Bannon decided to destroy the GOP. You can’t take credit for what the Republicans did and at the same time call them RINOs and threaten to drive them out of the party.

      • Riiiiight … and you got that from your ‘magic crystal ball’, the one you drained your EBT card on at a local Five and Dime no doubt.

        Did that ‘magic crystal ball’ ALSO show you an image of Lying Crooked Hillary’s ‘inevitable’ Path to 270 OR the Democrats bvtt-whipping in the five special elections since January 20, or was it fritzing out on those days???

        Say, did you also get a cape and turban and wand to go with that crystal ball, maybe a secret decoder ring as well???

      • Uh, my post was about the PAST. I don’t need a magic crystal to see the past, I can just read about it here on RCP, so your sarcasm is pointless.

      • Hmmmm … the ‘past’, is that like what you’re living in, or someplace else (and no, I’m not referring to your mommy’s basement)???

  68. Thank you again for your straight forward analysis and insight Dr. Victor Hanson.
    The explanation of Trumps tweets through your writing is spot on.

  69. Altalena is correct. He is brilliant. He doesn’t get offended by those insults. He uses those moments. He’s never failed to be three steps ahead of even the smartest of those attacking or defending. Trump has put us in the position of clearly knowing the press needs to be irrelevent and that the members of Congress are worthless and he needs us to change the diapers. He’s brilliant. He’s an honest leader and we, as Americans, will do what we must because he’s giving us the things that we need to take our country back. On a side note, we have to give him what he needs in the 2018 elections. That will be when America can begin to move forward.

  70. This was the best part saysme: “Trump is a sort of Road Runner: gone to reply to the next provocation by the time his Wile E. Coyote critics can put their hands around his long-gone neck.”

    • I remember the press likening Bill Clinton to Bugs Bunny for the same reasons. Oh how payback is sweet.

  71. Pres. Trump made a massive error in allowing Reince Priebus and other establishment operatives to guide his selection of key appointees. Trump kept Comey on at FBI and Koskinen on at IRS. Trump appointed Tillerson (John Kerry with a Texas twang) and Sessions (in a perpetual fetal crouch while Obama holdovers run wild). If Trump is brought down by his own Cabinet, it will be because he allowed himself to be surrounded by people who oppose his agenda. Poor management may be the President’s fatal flaw, but the world had better hope it doesn’t come to that.

  72. I’m looking forward to the first Democrat that tries to mimic Trump’s style. He will look like an Acme poop grenade exploded in his face.

  73. Trump is a chump. Clowns like Hanson are the reason we’re in this mess.

    • Exactly what Trump wants you to think. He wants you to underestimate him. Part of the reason he is winning with such regularity.

  74. The Trump Presidency is a fascinating study in how truly effective people get things done, and no, it’s not Trump who is truly effective.

    He’s just a narcissist who wants all the attention on him.

    The effective people are the Koch Brothers and Mike Pence, who have quietly assembled a powerful cabinet in the executive branch, one that is implementing the Koch Agenda that many Trump voters thought they were rebelling against.

    Trump neither understands what is happening beneath him nor really cares. He lives for the media limelight and is getting it. He makes no decisions of consequence. Read this week’s New Yorker profile of Mike Pence and you’ll see that, in every manner of significance, Pence is our President. Trump is just the figurehead he’s always wanted to be.

    It is the Koch Brothers who won big in 2016, and they did it in what we can now see was the most brilliant political maneuver in American history. The GOP base decided they hated Team Koch, so Team Koch quietly disappeared in the shadows, where they made the connections they needed to pull this off. After Trump won the nomination, they moved with alacrity, nuking Trump’s preferred VP pick of Christie and forcing him to choose Pence. Read the New Yorker article. This stunning maneuver is explained in detail. It’s incredible.

    From there, Pence has quietly, day by day, accumulated all the policy power in the White House. The entire cabinet was handpicked by him and they’re all from the Koch network. The only people Trump had a say in were Bannon, Flynn, and the Trump kids.

    Trump is a narcissist, a fool, a blowhard, a liar, a rapist, and a screwball, but his presidency is working because the Koch Brothers and Pence completely own it and run it, and, as Hanson shows in this piece, Trump provides them tremendous cover with his antics. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am thrilled at how this is going, as I too am a member of Team Koch, my policy views aligning quite nicely with theirs.

    • Just just what Trump wants you to think. He wants you to underestimate him Part of the reason he is winning with such regularity.

      • Ummm…you do realize the agenda he ran on is frozen, the Koch Machine has taken full ownership of the executive branch, Congress is going their own way, and Trump has been reduced to Tweeter in Chief, don’t you?

        You do realize every policy win you like to point to belongs to the Koch Machine that Pence oversees, a machine that uses Trump to distract and he doesn’t even realize it’s happening, don’t you?

  75. When Trump descended the escalator I was convinced he was a Clinton Stooge about to give them another Ross Perot. On the night Trump won the GOP primary i was online comparing him to Negan from TWD and hoping that he didn’t have a baseball bat named “Lucille”. Last November I reluctantly voted for him just to keep Hillary out. In less than a year now I am thrilled that he is president and regret ever doubting.
    With his SCOTUS and lower court nominations, and his fierce ability to defend himself and American people…I’m all in.

    Now imagine how many more millions of people are just like me…I suspect there are quite a few.

    • I feel the same way and I voted for Cruz in the primary.

      Between court nomiees, dumping the Paris Accord , deregulating and setting the hair of the smug talking head left wingers on fire, I’m quite happy

      Joe Scarborough might have a heart attack any second

  76. President Trump is playing the Washington game by his rules and the others are upset. Too bad.
    Washington? Do you get it Washington? (the swamp) Do You?
    Great essay Mr Hanson.

  77. Trump left 4 American hero to die in Niger, without sending help or back up!!! This tragedy is Trump’s Benghazi, and its high time we had an investigation into why theses fine men were abandoned!!!

    • If you want people to follow your lead, you need to explain why it is as bad or worse than Benghazi.

      • The answer is simple. To this day No one in authority has explained why the American military is is Niger, what they are doing there and how they got killed. For 2 weeks Trump never even acknowleged the event or even that American Green Berets were killed in an ambush. Not one word from the CIC. Also it took 48 hrs to evacuate the remains of the 4th soldier. We ALWAYS take our dead & wounded from the battlefield immediately, except when we don’t. That also needs to be explained.Unless Trump is too busy with the NFL, the mayor of San Juan, Bob Corker &John McCain. If so, we understand, or maybe not! That’s why this incident is worse then Benghazi. No one seems to care about American military loss of life.

      • We care, and we won’t allow Trump to forget this now!!!

      • So do you have like an article or some evidence or are you just angry?

      • A news articles would be nice.

        The US military is all over the world. Why would Niger be an exception?

      • The Americans killed in beghazi were embassy staff not soldiers

    • The Trump Administration hasn’t blamed a phony video on their deaths. Besides that great president, Obama, sent the first troops into Niger. Were you even aware of that?

  78. Brilliant commentary and perspective from Hanson, as usual. He certainly does make Trump’s thin skin more understandable and palatable…this from someone who held her nose and voted for him, and was mighty glad he won. For Gorsuch alone I’m grateful. Achieving a 3% growth would really be icing on the cake.

    • Yeah, another “nose-holding” Trump supporter here too. Even if there’s not much in the way of legislative accomplishment, it is nothing short of hugely gratifying to see him shake up the press, the NFL, the Democrats, and best of all, the “establishment” Republicans, who richly deserve Trump.

      I’d be happier if I didn’t feel like we are skating on the edge of WWIII, but I’m hoping that much of what’s going on is posturing.

  79. Not bad, but it’s particularly worth noting the system here. Trump doesn’t set goals and go for them (unless he has to). He just keeps up hundreds of plots, as long as they benefit him; drops them when they outlive their usefulness or when it’s the best time to cash in. Most will go nowhere, but will also have little investment. But what stays active, keeps working in his favor. Also true for people: hire whoever can do a useful job; fire them as soon as they’ve outlasted their usefulness.

    In practical terms: he’s not spending his political capital much. He’s only just getting started. 2018 he’ll want to get a popular mandate, possibly by running his own candidates as a de facto third party which will form supermajorities with shifting coalitions. We’ll see whether Bernie understands that game.
    If he does that… it’ll pretty much be game, set and match.

    He’s no boss and he’s no team leader. He’s the Dungeon Master.

  80. This is a pathetic whitewash. There is no method in Trump’s madness, just madness and it is getting to a dangerous point. He is a clear and present danger to America and the world. Trump just feeds more and more red meat to his shrinking base. Criticize NFL players(black); Praise NASCAR drivers (white); dumping NBA players (black); discuss the “fine people” in Charlottesville (white). Dump on Puerto Rico (Hispanics). Trump has simply ignited the inner racism of white Americans that has always been there. The so called “left behinds” are basically white, low functioning, under-employed angry white males. He has given them permission to scapegoat everyone around them.

    • Yes, he’s ignited the “inner racism” of white Americans by, um, appointing a Punjabi-descended woman (Sikh parents) to be his UN ambassador. He has more Jews in his family than I do, and I’m a Tribesman. O THE RACISM!!

      Btw, the highest-earning demographic in this dystopic America, so terribly awash in “inner racism”, is, um… brown-skinned Indian-Americans. Eastasians are right behind them.

      Why does all of this inevitably come as *news* to leftie bleaters?

      • My simple friend. He appointed a Punjabi redneck to an ambassadorial potion. An American President makes nearly 1,600 appointments. Check the demographics, minorities are grossly underrepresented. His daughter married a Jew. Big effing deal. You poor simple a$$hole. Go pick a fight you have a slim chance of winning and this ain’t it. And don’t try to BS grown ups with stupid statements and specious statistics.

      • Quote: “My simple friend. He appointed a Punjabi redneck to an ambassadorial potion….”



        Here. I’ll finish your spittled rant for you:

        “Boy, your stupid. Your so stupid it make’s me and other Growed Ups reely MAD. Plus ANGREY!! Plus your a biggot. And STOOPIT!! His ambassadoors to Checkoslavia and Yugoslavakia is WHITE!!! You ass Whole!!!!”

      • …between your ears. No substantive comment on the vizmin Indians and Eastasians being the top earning demographics in this here “racist” country. But I’d like to hear more about these here *Diplomatic Potions,* by jings. And calling Haley a “redneck” really established YOUR bona fides as a non-bigot, bien sur. Go away, you repellent subliterate troll.

      • Steeeerike two. Get back to the minors junior. You are out of your league here. “He’s the greatest President….” Still laughing. You probably have a MAGA hat, sure sign of an IQ under 60. Move along, you’re beaten here. Still laughing…Greatest President….you’re killing me.

  81. Quite the arrogant little article. Pundits make me laugh. Trump wins and wins and still gets no credit. The man is a multi billionaire real estate magnate in one of the toughest cities in the world. Top selling author. Top producer and actor. And first try a Presidential candidate who made all these supposedly “smart” politicians and pundits look like idiots.

    I am getting tired of authors like this mid wit insulting him. He is the adult in the room. You may disagree with his tactics but to keep insulting him is childish.

  82. pretty good analysis. you really should let the moronic left remain in denial though. the longer they think Trump is going to be impeached, the more work we can get done with them neutralized

  83. I think Trump will prove to be one of our better presidents. While the democrats are contemplating reasons for their loss, they should remind themselves that law abiding gun owners vote, and we vote to protect our gun rights.