On the Occasion of the International Day of the Girl

The action-movie heroine,
(Stance dramatic, costume tight)
Defeats predatory villains
With her righteous wrath and might.

They’re heavier by thirty pounds,
Most of it’s muscle mass—
She lines ‘em up and knocks ‘em down.
(An expert choreographs.)

The lady never loses—
That would be no fun to see;
The audience revels in her

She needs no rescuer.
She gives no damsel’s distress call—
A suggestion that she’s vulnerable?
That wouldn’t do, at all.

So we suspend our disbelief
And evil’s put to rout.
Yet, far from lights and cameras
A darker script plays out…

Where predators are real,
And bullies often get their way
And actresses lack the powers of
The characters they play.

The industry which gives us
“Tough girl” heroines to praise
Doesn’t fight villains—it conspires
In their getaways.

So the predators have prospered
The Polanskis; the Weinsteins—
Dare we ask how many more,
While in our movie ticket lines?



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2 responses to “On the Occasion of the International Day of the Girl”

  1. Excellent point. The super heroine charade is made that much more ridiculous by the Weinstein mess. There is no substance to any of these films when the very people making them are weak, self-silencing victims or enablers of sexual lotharios like Weinstein.

  2. There was a child, who from age 2
    wanted to be a pirate, a hook handed one too.
    The Trans Pirate lobby, the Trans Pirate schools
    Said to deny him piratehood would break all the rules.
    So they cut off his hand, poked out one eye,
    Hormones to say arr and and to drink only Rye.
    It’s not child abuse they said, It’s true social justice!
    We’re not enacting, the 11 steps of “the long march” of cultural Marxists!