Hey, Lefties: Where Are Your Pussyhats Now?

Today is the one-year anniversary of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. (I know. It feels more like 10 years ago.)

For days, Americans were subjected to an ongoing audio loop of a private conversation in 2005 between Donald Trump and the show’s co-host, Billy Bush. I don’t need to remind you what Trump said because anyone with a pulse can probably recite it verbatim. Some gals even have hats to commemorate Trump’s secretly recorded, indecent remarks.

The ensuing outrage should have been a clue of how intense, consuming, and exhausting the daily political climate would be under a Trump presidency. When the story broke in the Washington Post that Friday afternoon, the paper’s servers crashed due to the massive traffic to the site. The reaction from Democrats, women’s groups, celebrities and many Republicans was harsh, swift, and in some cases, way over the top. The man who was running for president against a woman married to a man who was a serial sexual harasser and assaulter, who seduced a young intern in the Oval Office when he was president and left a little reminder of one tryst on her blue dress, who was impeached for lying about his predatory behavior under oath, was compelled to publicly address his comments and apologize for the vulgar remarks. Melania Trump spoke about it. Some demanded that Trump withdraw from the campaign and several Republican rescinded their endorsements.

No group was more offended by Trump’s remarks, or so it seemed, than the newly minted Puritans of Hollywood. Celebrities went ballistic, firing off furious and anguished tweets about the Republican presidential candidate. Film producers, television actors, movie stars: everyone had something to say about Trump and many equated his remarks to sexual assault. (There is a good round-up of celeb tweets here.) And it wasn’t just about his fitness for office. Trump was the poster boy of powerful, rich men using their position to exploit and abuse women. He symbolized everything that is wrong with our white, patriarchal society.

Now, here we are, one year later, and the New York Times just published a bombshell expose about one of Hollywood’s most powerful men, Harvey Weinstein. The lecherous behavior of this disgusting man is one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets; no doubt the Times could have an ongoing series of articles about this movie-making, sexual predator. Like many Hollywood moguls, Weinstein parlayed his fortune and influence into political power, becoming a major Democratic party donor and fundraiser. Since 1990, he has contributed more than $1 million to Democratic PACs, officeholders, and candidates, many of whom must have been aware of Weinstein’s reputation as a first-rate vulture.

So, let’s take a little trip down Social Media Lane and see how our virtuous, high-minded celebs who wanted Trump charged with rape a year ago have reacted to the Weinstein story.

Do you hear the crickets? I sure do.

Come along then, and let us look at the Twitter timelines of some of Trump’s most indignant celebrity agitators such as Debra Messing, Chelsea Handler, Bette Midler and Lena Dunham to see if any are despairing over Weinstein’s vile behavior and the victims left in his wake. Messing? No. Handler? No. Midler? No, but she did tweet about “the deceit!! The hypocrisy! The nerve!!” of Republican Congressman Tim Murphy for asking his girlfriend to have an abortion. Lena Dunham? Oh yes, here’s something! Dunham applauds the Times reporter for breaking the story then says this about Weinstein’s victims:

Wow, these people are good. Way to virtue-signal without alienating a potential boss. Very clever.

How about new Democratic activist and washed-up actress Alyssa Milano? Ah, I see a tweet. Nope, not about Weinstein. Milano retweeted this:

Good to know.

But surely our nation’s conscience, celebrity interviewer Jimmy Kimmel, has something to say about this. Hmmm, I don’t see anything on his Twitter page. Perhaps he mentioned it in his monologue last night? Nope, but he did rant on and on about Trump’s tweets on fake news. No tears, though.

And what to make of Ashley Judd? The actress was completely unhinged during her speech at the Women’s March in D.C. the day after the inauguration. She referred to herself as a nasty woman, despicably claiming Ivanka Trump was her father’s “favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes.” While she found time to vent about female celebrities getting paid less than their male counterparts, and questioned why tampons and maxi pads are still taxed, she failed to muster up the courage to tell the frenzied crowd about her encounters with Weinstein.

Judd is cited in the Times article and talks about some of the moves Weinstein put on her: “Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.” If that’s true, why didn’t she say anything last January when she had a major public platform to do so. Nasty, yes. Brave, no.

Ashley Judd at the Women’s March on Washington, January 2017.

There could be an ulterior motive explaining why Judd is only now revealing her two-decade-old accusations against Weinstein. She is starring in a new Epix series after taking a long break from acting. The Times article gives her some much-needed publicity just before the season premiere on October 15. Also, she must be aware of the damage she did to her reputation after the Women’s March, so perhaps she is hoping to get some credibility with Republicans by going after Weinstein. (Yes, I am this cynical.)

Now, let’s check in on the political crowd. How about the what-do-we-tell-our daughters twosome of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama? Nada. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact Weinstein raised money for Hillary as well as Michelle’s husband. One would think Obama would really be fuming at this news since her 18-year-old daughter just completed an internship for Weinstein. According to an article in Variety on Thursday, “the Obamas have not made any statement on Weinstein, and a spokesman for the Clintons did not return a request for comment.”

When they go low, we go . . . silent?

What about all the pols who have accepted money from Weinstein in the past? As of Friday afternoon, only four U.S. senators—Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)—said they would donate the same amount Weinstein contributed to their campaigns. The always persistent, never silenced Warren oddly had nothing to say on her Twitter timeline or campaign website. Maybe Mitch McConnell told her to be quiet.

Once again, this episode exposes the gross hypocrisy of the American Left. Some will argue that the two are not comparable because Trump was running for president and Weinstein is just a movie producer. That’s obviously true, but don’t kid yourself. Weinstein has wielded immense power over American culture for decades. He has been a rainmaker for Democratic political candidates across the country. And despite this kerfuffle, he will be right back in business after a brief leave of absence from his company. All will be forgiven.

Moreover, there can be no doubt that if Weinstein ran for president against Trump, these folks would vote for him and sing his praises in a heartbeat. The ire about the p*ssy tape never was about sexual harassment or women’s empowerment. It’s just liberal politics as usual.


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314 responses to “Hey, Lefties: Where Are Your Pussyhats Now?”

  1. Where are they? They’re exactly where they were when Clinton’s ‘sluts’ dared to complain . In our world there are glaring double standards for women and blacks – just ask Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Juanita Broderick, etc. Then ask Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condi Rice, Tim Scott, Alan West, etc. Great article, Julie.

    • The difference is called Nuance. Nuance is when a leftist makes peace with and then celebrates the hypocritical applications of their most deeply held beliefs.

      • I thought it was the fact that Harvey Weinstein isn’t the president of the United States making decisions about women’s health care and equal pay which by the way Trump is making some pretty ugly decisions on every front when it comes to women’s rights.

        Fire Weinstein AND Trump.

        Is it a plan? Weinstein has already been fired. So…

      • Looks like you’re going to need a maxi-pad to dam that flow. Here you go…

      • Weinstein admitted to be a pervert you d*** (although not to everything, but many things) Trump is guilty of talking himself up nothing else, wouldn’t be many guys or girls even in a job if everything they said in private was known to the world. No one has come forward with an legitimate charge against trump, the couple that did were proven to be BS. In fact not one woman he has actually worked with, and he has worked with 100’s has come out and said bad things about him. You clearly don’t have much idea of perspective do you.

      • Wait. In all these years, Trump’s only worked with “hundreds” of women? Ah ha, that proves he’s a sexist!

      • Over a dozen women have accused him of sexual misconduct and every single one of them has more credibility than he does. And yet he said that he did exactly what they said he did. There is no disagreement.

        You are calling the president a liar when he bragged about assaulting women?

        I think that was one of his rare moments of oblivious truth telling.

      • Trump said “when you’re rich women let you do these things”. If that’s the case the women were a willing and responsible party. You can’t have it both ways. Same with Hollywood. They remained silent to preserve their “careers”.

      • no assaults and they have melted away once they were no longer useful to hillary

      • Not a single one of those women have retracted their story even after Their billionaire abuser threatened to sue them.

      • 100 % political crap and they were used
        bill clinton assaulted women for real

      • Trump was accused of rape in legal papers before he ever ran for office.

        Bill clinton was not. Every rape allegation against bill clinton was made after he was president and with a lot of conservative money paid out to each accuser.

        Trump is worse than clinton. By any objective measure. Zero of Trump’s accusers, unlike Trump’s, were paid by anyone. Two of his accusers even voted for him so they can’t be considered to be part of the clinton campaign.

      • tough luck with the truth little girl

        bill clinton is a RAPIST and hillary is his enabler

        maybe its just that time of the month and you are not rational

      • Or maybe you’re on your man period.

        If you think referring to blood will somehow intimidate me it won’t.

        Sad trump supporter.

      • Bill clinton has never been convicted of rape.

        That must really infuriate you since you think you know better than the judicial system what he is.

      • he is a rapist and President Trump has never been convicted of assault

        try midol it might help

      • Bill wasn’t convicted of assault either.

        Is having a period as a man more painful? I assume that midol is your preference for man cramps.


      • bill is a rapist
        hillary is a smelly old lesbian
        midol will help you little girl

        Donald J Trump is the President

      • President Trump little girl , not the rapist bill or the smelly old lesbian enabler hillary

      • Is that your burn, that Donald Trump is President? Not for long sweetie.

      • burn… stop speaking ghetto and put down the crack pipe loser

      • Hahahahahaha…that’s a good one. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

      • Do you know how to use google? A serious question.

        If you do you know that Bill clinton was never once convicted of rape. Or sexual assault for that matter.

        I’m sorry if you have never googled this before in order to learn what’s true and not true regarding rape allegations.

      • Bill: “Convicted? No….never convicted.” Yes doll. All 28 accusers were totes lying. Which is weird because his wife keeps saying we need to believe all accusers and take their stories seriously. Very confusing. Whatevs…here’s your sign sugar tits…

      • How is that man period going?

        Blood still coming out of your wherever?

        It sounds like your hormones are raging.

        Give it a rest, sister.

      • Oooh. You showed me. LOL. At least your cats find you clever…so you got that going for you.

      • You are enjoying this far too much.

        I suggest you take your purse and go home, little lady.

        My work is finished here.

      • That was ‘work?’ You should put some extra hours in. You’re obviously new to it.

      • No. He was not.

        If he was you could provide a trustworthy link showing that he was.

        But you can’t.

        That must hurt.

      • Every rape allegation against bill clinton was made after he was president

        Nope. Not even close.

        You seem to forget some of us were around in 1992 and all the ‘Bimbo Eruptions’ that had to be tamped down during the campaign.

        You also seem to forget the entire state of Arkansas knew about Billy Jeff long before he became your Knight in Shining Armor.

      • You poor, poor woman. Did your husband leave you? Is that why you’re so angry at decency?

      • Oh bullying women are we?

        Your poor mom must be so proud.

      • No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. You’re my equal. How have you been bullied since you are just as smart, strong, blah, blah, blah… as I am?

      • You’re saying your mom is proud of this conversation? You can show it to her and she will beam with pride?

        Bullying actually still exists. Look at the Oval Office.

        Clearly you don’t consider me an equal or worthy of respect.

        My last comment because you’re definitely not the kind of person who knows how to disagree without attacking.

        It’s boring after a while.

      • “Resist the devil and he will flee from you…” I’m sure you don’t know that that is a quote from the Bible. What my mom thinks of me is none of my business. Nope, you can’t have it both ways: either you’re equal or you need protection. You’re the big mouthed pee brained idiot spouting off. I’m just fixing it for you.

      • That is a lie. That makes you a liar. And a Democrat BIRM.

      • The huff post? Really? That’s your source for news? Almost as bad as occupy democrats for “unbiased facts”!!

      • That’s the uniform response of every conservative snowflake.

        How dare you ask me to read outside of my conservative echo chamber and consider the way that half of my own country thinks. How dare you ask me to leave my comfort zone. My Fox News Breitbart safe space!

        I’m daring to ask you to read outside your comfort zone because millions of your fellow country men and women don’t share your conservative bubble. Now or later you might as well try to understand the way we think because we live here too.

        No one can love their country while hating fully half of its citizens.

        Read on.

      • millions of my fellow cuntrymen voted for jugears purplelips. that is a death sentence and Im tryg to murder as many democrats as possible. hey,whats your address?

      • “No one can love their country while hating fully half of its citizens.” Please apply that standard to Hillary Clinton, who famously called half the country “deplorable”. You just don’t have the integrity to do that.

      • She didn’t call half the country deplorable. She called trump’s neo Nazi supporters deplorable.

        She was being nice.

      • There you go. You’re a liar and a hypocrite. And really, basically, just a troll. A brain damaged liberal posting on a conservative website.

      • How is she a liar? Because you don’t agree? Trump is a proven liar, but you don’t care about that.

      • Would it do any good to explain it to you? Hillary called Trump supporters Deplorable. This POS said that she didn’t. Thus, a liar. Do you even understand? Being a New York liberal, of course Trump lies. 1) He’s not Hillary. 2) He’ll pay if and when he lies to his base, and 3) he’s not Hillary.

      • I know what she said and she did not take it back. She said “Half of Trump’s supporters are deplorables” She was being nice, I think 99% of Trump supporters are deplorables.

      • Let’s see your standard of proof as applied to Billy Jeff and his decades-long list of sexual assault victims.

        I also suggest you get in touch with your 8th-grade English teacher and ask them about the use of the word “will” when it comes to describing events. (You will probably hear the use of words like “conditional” and “future pluperfect”, but that’s what happens when you miss them the first time.)

        THEN get back to us.

      • Who is the us, drum waster? Are you waving a pitch fork or sonething?

        Do you only believe women who accuse democrats and not women who accuse republicans?

        Millions of dollars were spent by republicans trying to convict bill Clinton of rape and they couldn’t convict him.

        Why not admit what we all know?

      • Bill Clinton has never been investigated for his many sexual abuses and assaults (not to mention the several times he was credibly accused of rape). The ONLY legal case where an investigation was conducted, Bill Clinton reached an out of court settlement AFTER having been held in contempt for perjury. Part of that settlement involved surrendering his law license.And that was just Paula Jones, the one everyone on the Left called “trailer trash” and worse.

        Juanita Broaddrick, who accused him of rape in 1978 when he was just attorney general. Gennifer Flowers. Kathleen Willey. Just a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”, and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

        Until the blue dress.

        And she has the NERVE to bring up poorly sourced accusations of someone speaking hypothetically about a phenomenon that Harvey Weinstein has been proving all week long. Remember Harvey? The one who gave ~$50 million to Hillary’s various campaigns, all the way back to when she was running for Senate even before she registered a New York address. Yeah, I’m sure that his phone number has been scrubbed from a lot of phone lists this last week.

      • Hillary has raped no one.

        Millions were spent on every investigation.

        Broderick’s testimony was not considered trustworthy because she said under oath that he did not do it.

        Later she said under oath he did.

        And no one else appeared, even broaderick until after they were researched and paid by the clinton haters on the right.

        Trump was accused of rape in his divorce papers with ivana. Long before he ran for office. And he bragged about sexual assault before he became president.

        You who voted for him don’t get off the hook because of Weinstein. Obviously it doesn’t matter to you whether or not trump was guilty or not. He had your vote anyway.


      • Hillary doesn’t rape, she defends the rapists. People she KNOWS were guilty. By attacking the victims. And then she laughs.

        And counts on people like YOU to stick up for her.

      • How does one misspell Broaddrick’s name twice, (two different ways, yet) in one relatively short post?

      • Maybe because I didn’t care enough to look it up?

        Why do you care about how she spells her name yet not know that she said under oath that clinton did not touch her.

        When women change their story under oath the prosecutor generally does not get a guilty conviction.

      • You didn’t care to look ANYTHING up, and you’re dumb as a sack of rocks to boot.

        Do yU thiMk tHis Iz her LanGwItch, or that JUST MAYBE, the affidavit, awash in legalese, was drafted by Clinton lawyers and that she was pressured to sign?

        “…4. During the 1992 Presidential campaign there were unfounded rumors and stories circulated that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies. Newspaper and tabloid reporters hounded me and my family, seeking corroboration of these tales. I repeatedly denied the allegations and requested that my family’s privacy be respected. These allegations are untrue and I had hoped that they would no longer haunt me, or cause further disruption to my family.

        5. I do not possess any information that could possibly be relevant to the allegations advanced by Paula Corbin Jones or which could lead to admissible evidence in her case. Specifically, I do not have any information to offer regarding a nonconsensual or unwelcome sexual advance by Mr. Clinton, any discussion offer or provision of state or federal employment or advancement in exchange for sexual conduct, or any use of state troopers to procure women for sex. Requiring my testimony at a deposition in this matter would cause unwarranted attorney’s fees and costs, disruption to my life and constitute an invasion of my right to privacy. For these reasons, I have asked my attorney to advise Ms. Jones’s counsel that there is no truth to the rumors they are pursuing and to provide her counsel with this sworn affidavit.

        Further affiant sayeth not.

        Jane Doe #5”


      • Ps how do you spell the names of all sixteen and counting Trump accusers?

      • A. Well played! You even have a picture of a total douche! At first, I thought, “this guy is the stupidest person on the planet” but then I realized, no human being could be so ignorant, so intellectually vapid, and still breathe. You clearly are someone trying to make the Leftard appear even more vacuous than they really are. Well done!

      • One must hold the leftbots up to the cold, hard light of ridicule.

        As for Henrik, he is a wuss, but not (IMO) a douche. Matt Duchene (is surname a coincidence?) is a douche.

      • All leftard trolls are like rabid dogs and should be treated as such.

      • My list of blocked posters is now about six pages long. And there are some bad ones here, too… but it is fun to taunt them and highlight their imbecility before eradicating them from your cyberlife. :)

      • A man raped a 12 year old girl and put her in a coma. Hillary viscously attacked that little girl and put her through hell. The rapist got off and an innocent child’s life was ruined and Hillary laughed about it. Hillary is even worse than the pig she married.

      • You needed the Russians to sell you fake stories about hillary?

        She was an attorney. No more. No less. The details of that story and the way you are telling it have been stretched beyond all truthful recognition.

        I read the entire story years ago. I’m a rape survivor but I would never deny that accused rapists have a right to an attorney. Would you ?

        The sexism of men made Hillary into this pseudo villain. The Russian disinformation campaign added onto that. Telling lie after lie. Exaggeration after exaggeration. While propping up a Russian puppet who is, most of the country agrees, unfit to lead.

        According to sources close to him and his own twitter account King Trump longs to use nuclear weapons on North Koreans. He’s hungry for anything to make him look like less of an unfit coward even the deaths of civilians and the wrath of the whole world against us if we were to strike first.

        Trump is a disgrace. And a threat to what precarious peace exists in the world.

        Take your fake news stories about hillary somewhere else. The lies won over the truth of that case already. Men could forgive Trump and bill clinton for rape but they couldn’t forgive hillary clinton for forgiving her husband. Or for defending an accused rapist as his attorney decades ago it seems.

        Spare me your fake outrage.

        Winter has come.

      • Did you like sucking Billy Jeff’s cock?

        Did you swallow?

      • What a load of shit. What happened to these women once the election was over. They were lying idiot.

      • Not one of them has retracted their story.

        Besides. Usually these cases are he said v she said.

        In this case, Trump said he touched women (“grab em by the P**sy”) and they also said he did it.

        It’s he said AND they agreed.

        You must think Trump was lying. ????

      • Of course they were.

        What I’m really enjoying is watching all these pussyhat wearing Hollywood whores like Ashley Judd and their supporters like “Lena mcfarland” totally beclown themselves. They are proof positive that liberalism is a violent psychopathic disorder and all of them should be sent to a “safe space” at an insane asylum.

      • Actually several women accused him before he ran.

        Including his ex wife Ivanna in legal papers.

      • Prove it.
        I can see where Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton gave Trump awards for helping blacks and he wasn’t a racist white until he ran as a Republican.
        Proof or go home.

      • When he bragged about assaulting women, you believed he was lying?

        That was before running for president.

      • No. He doesn’t.

        He makes you a hypocrite for voting for an accused sexual assaulter and groper while refusing to condemn him.

        And using another serial assaulter as some sort of male molestation get out of jail free card.

        It does not work that way.

      • I think both Trump and Weinstein should be fired for their misdeeds.

        Do you?

      • Your father raped hundreds of women. Your mother is a liar who enjoyed watching him rape others and covered up for him.

        Time for “obvious truth telling”. Did you enjoy sucking Weinstein’s clock? I’m going to guess that you loved it and guzzled.

      • Scurry back to the leftard fever swamps and enjoy what little time you have left. Those breezes you’re feeling are the outriders of the category 5 whirlwind you and the rest of your ilk have been sowing.

      • everything you enjoy imagining happening to me and other women will be what happens to you in prison. And your Russian American oligarch will be in the next cell. Perhaps you will be able to help him make America great again in your own small way.

        Bye now.

    • He symbolized everything that is wrong with our white, patriarchal society.
      Don’t forget Cosby, “America’s Dad.”

    • There is an effort afoot to bury Hillary and Bill forever. Seems Hillary won’t go away. Suspects could be Berniebots, Pelosi and Feinstien or Warren or some other Dems that want to kneecap Clintonistas from forming for 2020.

  2. Women be clown themselves and then get angry when we notice. Shoosh.

  3. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! We just want Harvey to get the help he needs! PERSIST & RESIST!

  4. Good stuff. Let ’em have it with both barrels. And don’t let up.

  5. Clearly the Democratic civil war has come to Hollywood. LOL

    Finally Weinstein has made something worth binging on popcorn.

  6. All utterly true and perfectly stated. Thank you heartily!

    But do we see any evidence that the Democrat constituency in the nation and the lefties generally have noticed and care about the glaring double-standard, the cynicism and hypocrisy of all these public persons who wind them up; and that they are accordingly disgusted?

    I don’t say that Liberals get away with everything all the time. If that were so, Hillary would have won last year. Instead, what I am asking is: what evidence is there of a general revulsion at their own politicians and cheerleaders, in this affair, among the people, especially the young people, who talk liberalism?

  7. The question needs to be put to Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton:

    Do you fully and unequivocally denounce and condemn the actions of Harvey Weinstein, and do you repent without reservation of your political involvement with him over the years?

    Only Republicans are ever ask such questions, even when they have no ties to the person in question.

    • None of which matters until they donate all the money he gave them or they benefited from to some applicable charity.

    • How many time was candidate Trump asked to denounce David Duke?

  8. It is interesting how these liberals are so quiet now. And especially how much they hate Trump, who after all did solve the case of the assassination of the left’s favorite King – John F. Kennedy. He even did better – he discovered it was the father of a hard core conservative favorite, thus ending that man’s career. That is a major Twofer. Trump alone was able to figure out who killed the last great Democrat President and the left hounds him for some remarks about happily grabbing women’s genitals, which all men do, and everyone knew Trump was kidding just like we all know now that Weinstein was just testing the BMI of aspiring actresses.

  9. …hilarious…the P-hat fools are still in a devastated fetal position because Hillary wife of rapist, sexual predator, pal of convicted pedophile – Bill…lost the election to the guy who told a dirty joke…LOVE IT!!! Weinstein’s mistake was not running for office, then he’d be adored like bill Clinton, JFK, Ted Kennedy and all the other demRat perverts!!!

    • Regarding that dirty joke — something about if you’re rich and famous, women will let you . . .

      Hasn’t HW just proved him right?

      • That just tells us what women are really about. The ones who get the chance love it until they are spurned. The pussyhatters are just jealous.

      • Well, there is a third type — those of us who just said “no, thanks” (once, with a knee to the guy’s groin) and made other career choices. My career, at the end of the day, didn’t suffer from declining.

  10. …maybe this disgusting exposure of Weinstein’s attacks against precious liberal female Hillary loving twits…along with Bill Cosby’s alleged rapes against dozens of young women…will FINALLY make people pay attention to “child actor” Corey Feldman’s hollywood pediphile attacks to him and others…the democrat party is truly the evil party of death, dependency, deviancy and destruction!

    • Maybe the writer of the NYT article can demonstrate actual bravery and advocacy for the abused by turning her attention now to that whole disgusting mess.

      Everyone that worked with that disgusting pig and said nothing needs to hand in their pompous, self-righteous “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirts.

    • Are you saying Corey Feldman has claimed to be the victim of pedophile attacks? I am not sure what you are saying here. Is this related to why Corey Haim died?

      • Possibly. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it came out during this scandal that pedophiles used their power in Hollywood to also prey on young men and children.

      • …Feldman wrote a story or article or allegation for charges naming names of Hollywood pedophiles who “passed” child stars around and he was dismissed as a nut/liar…Haim died – whether suicide, drugs or depression is unknown at this time…don’t forget – bill Clinton hangs out with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstien, flying on his private plane 23 times and also spends time on Epstiens private island…then there is Hillary’s beyond creepy chairman John podesta, his brother and the “pizzagate” child sex trafficking rumors…evil Hollywood Democrats, to evil DC Democrats, to evil NYC Democrats…God help us.

  11. How many women would not have been molested if dear Ashley had spoken out 20 years ago? If you accept a position, promotion, or advancement for sexual favors, aren’t you just another whore?

    • Not if you’re a Lib. Maybe it’s just called “a right of passage”.

      • Actually the hazing has as much to do with control and subordination as it does with pleasure. If you make someone trade their morals for a part, you gain control. Sunken cost fallacy is part of it.

    • How many women did not get those jobs because they would not prostitute themselves?

      How many of those women had their careers *destroyed* because they did not put out?

      • Nobody made them become a hollyweird scumbag ho.

        What I can’t get about any of you is why do you “look up to” – or even look at – any of these parasites, male or female. By buying their garbage you just fuel this. Anybody who went to a Weinstein movie is complicit.

      • Don’t see how a woman who turned him down would be guilty of being any sort of ho or prostitute.

        Also: I am not complicit for anything I did not know about. The complicit argument only works if someone knew & went along when they had a moral obligation to take action.

      • You have to be asleep to not see the corrupt pit that Hollywood has become. But I am complicit so I won’t throw the first stone.

      • They all spoke out and said they KNEW what Weinstein was doing. They ALL knew, and they admitted it.

      • And it could have been stopped. Thank you, Ashley Judd, for standing up for your sisters. Bitch.

      • AND who cares? rape every single actress. twice. then kill them. who cares?

    • “Would you sleep with me if I gave you a million dollars?”

      “Well, I don’t know… I suppose so. Sure.”

      “OK, would you sleep with me for a hundred bucks?”

      “Of course not! What do yo take me for, anyway, some kind of whore?”

      “We already established what you are. We’re merely dickering over price.”

      • I think the credit for that one goes to Winston Churchill

      • Paraphrasing WC Fields, a great wit and wise mine.

      • And allowing a scum bag to continue his merry way is super-duper awesome! Too bad she couldn’t turn some of that Nasty Women energy from the guy who “talked” about it to the person who actually did it.

      • So is trading on molestation while those behind you are left to be victims.

    • You’re calling Judd a whore for leaving his hotel room without doing anything?

      You trump guys just loathe all women. And have zero empathy.

      This attitude is why women decided to become lesbians in the seventies.

      • so people suddenly stopped reproducing in the 70’s then. I thought being gay wasn’t a choice anyway!!!

      • If I have the choice between trump tiki torch carrier and being a lesbian, I’m absolutely more attracted to women. I think the younger women in the country agree with me.

        White married rural ladies love trump and his supporters.

        Dating apps are showing that fewer single women are interested in the Trump fans.

      • And that’s precisely why they shall remain single.

        You’re not very good at this.

      • Wait, what? I thought you couldn’t choose to become homosexual, you were born that way? Or was that just a piece of convenient political propaganda for the LGBTQIAAXYZs to get their way?

      • I guess that sarcasm goes above your head.

        So does irony.

        But all sexuality is on a spectrum.

        Some people are born gay.

        Some are born bi.

        Some are born straight.

        But if after a while you see one gender has been attacking your human rights and hating rather than loving and supporting you, you can either lose interest in sex. Like many married heterosexuals in not intimate marriages do.

        Or in the seventies, women who were born bi often chose to identify themselves as lesbian.

        I studied that historically with interest.

        And in the Trump era it makes sense to me for the first time.

        I think you might end up with women who would prefer to date a woman who respects their humanity than a man who does not.

        And yes. It turns out that this may describe me as well. I’ve never dated a woman before. But the gross behavior of Trump and his bands of ugly white brothers certainly begs me to consider it.

      • This attitude is why women decided to become lesbians in the seventies.

        Trust me. It wasn’t up to you when it came time for men to go running the other way.

      • Let’s see. Judd was allegedly molested by a man who subsequently furthered her career. She remained silent. Years later, when a courageous actual feminist files a complaint, she crowds in on the attention. Yeah, attention whore and crew slut. Had she spoken out AT THE TIME, she could have protected her sisters. And now she claims to be a feminist. Yippee! Go Ashley! Kinda like the great feminist Hillary, covering for a sexual predator and claiming to be a feminist. Support for women has to be more that lip service. Don’t presume to know me. You don’t and never will.

      • Not knowing you is one of the highlights of my life.

        You’re a misogynistic a hole who is attacking a woman for being hurt by a powerful man.

        Go back to worshiping the groper in the Oval Office.

        Leave women who don’t have any interest in knowing you alone.

      • Your poor little victim maintained her silence and accepted career advancement. Meantime, other women were molested. Do you support all women or just the sellouts? Do you believe “victims” should be empowered or be silent and let their sisters become victims? Sexual predators cannot exist without cooperation. Ashley cooperated, then spoke out after a relatively powerless woman complained TWO DECADES later. How many women could she have helped by having a little courage instead of greed?

      • Have you molested women?

        What’s your expertise here?

        I’m blocking you before I say worse.

        Your bullying tone and a-holery is what allows the trumps and the Weinsteins of the world to thrive.

        I was molested once. I said nothing. Do you know why? Because people don’t believe a woman’s word over a powerful man.

        This is not my fault. It’s not judd’s fault.

        Want more women to report ALL men not just democrats?

        Stop attacking them after they do speak out.

        My last comment to you.

      • Of course you’re blocking me. You feel guilty about not having stopped a sexual predator. How do you feel about the girls/women before you who didn’t tell, leaving your predator to molest you? Ashley Judd was not “powerless” when this happened, she just wanted the benefits. Now that the threat has passed, and she’s richer and more famous, and it’s politically popular to do so, she runs her fat mouth. Had Weinstein molested me AFTER Judd, I would be angry with her, wouldn’t you? If women want “equality,” put on your big girl panties and speak out. Sexual predators operate on intimidation and silence.

  12. Hollywood is a sewer. These people deigning to lecture us about any politician’s foibles and flaws is a real knee slapper. I know from a friend who knows people in Hollywood how women are sexually abused there.

  13. Ashley Judd went back to work for Harvey on several films after the events she described.

  14. Ah Julie, once again our low expectations for Liberal decency are exceeded on the downside. And so it goes, eh?

  15. I’d like to re-point out that Trump said a truth. He said, IF you are famous, women will LET (consent) you grab then by the pussy. Completely true. We see everyday women dressing and acting ridiculously for famous people. Leftist reaction on this, denies them any fake moral high ground on this issue ever again. If Hillary was President, Weinstein would be a frequent WH visitor if not advisor. He lived next door to her.

    • I daresay, if Hillary were president; she’d have women lining up dressing and acting ridiculously for her too.

    • Maybe the reason they’re so quiet about Weinstein is that they recognize it proves what Trump said is right.

      • Or maybe it’s because Harvey didn’t run for President you fcking moron.

      • I believe Trump said that in 2005. He wasn’t running for president, either.

      • The reason people were outraged is because he was running for President. I can’t believe how many morons live in this Country.

      • Poor dear. I’ll bet your whole life is like that, bless your heart.

      • They weren’t outraged, as we can see by the lack of Hollywood outrage about Weinstein. They were just using fake outrage as a tool against Trump. They would have used it against anyone who dared run against their dear queen Hillary.

        Fortunately, America can see through Hillary… which is why Trump is in the Oval Office, and Hillary is signing deeply discounted copies of her book in the toilet paper isle of COSTCO.

      • Trump is a scumbag. Anyone who supports him is the same.

      • Low information voters like you vote against your own interests. I know Hillary told you TPP was going to be wonderful, but it wasn’t.

    • Yup. And BTW how about all the old pics of Trump grabbing Hillary? I mean, not by the pussy of course. Trump does have standards, after all…

    • I understand the remark being considered offensive, but not for the reasons lefties say it is. The left portrays this as advocacy of rape, while what Trump’s actually saying is that all women are gold diggers, basically.

  16. They’re just recycling Weinstein’s donations into their favorite leftist womyn’s orgs anyway. Not really like giving the money to CAIR or something.

  17. The American Conservative is awakening to con. This is the con.

    Liberal Activists tear their clothes, cry crocodile tears, scream screams of terror and bleed out of their whatever. The mainstream media jump into the outrage fantasy with both feet and sink up to their foreheads. They broadcast the Liberal outrage to all corners of America. The Far Left educators in our country then start preaching this cause of Liberal outrage to their students. All of this emotional instability finally results in the RINO’s and other weak kneed members of the Republican Party to completely fold and give the Liberals everything they want.

    The con is that all of the fabricated outrage serves as a smokescreen that lets Liberals in the Republican Party vote Liberal. Conservatives have been shamed into silence in the past, but today, not so much. President Trump isn’t silent either. And neither is Breitbart.
    We have a long road in front of us, but after too many decades, we are finally traveling the road. It starts with cleaning the traitors and the useless from our leadership.

  18. Complaining about Democrats’ hypocrisy and double-standards may be cathartic, but it is wholly a waste of time and effort. For Dems, the ends justify the means, and the only end that counts is winning. Unfortunately Republicans remain convinced that Queensberry Rules remain in force, and that lady-like and gentlemanly behavior are all that matter.

    Tactics need to change. Mockery and ridicule should be the order of the day. Unless more (and different) details emerge, the women that “have come forward” were not victims (except of humiliation), but by their silence they were facilitators and accomplices to Weinstein’s perverse conduct. They accepted hush-money as the price of their conscience and ethics.

    Weinstein’s requests for naked massages or to expose himself while taking a shower is degrading and immature–yet represented a power relationship he found advantageous. Since Democrats are unable to condemn a Dem Party money bags who regularly degraded women–women who were complicit by their silence–we should be laughing out loud at Democrats’ own goal–their self-inflicted humiliation. Schadenfreude. “You lie down with dogs, you wake up with flees.” couldn’t be fitter.

    • Does it get any funnier than Harvey, the liberal pimp, with his bevy of famous sluts proving trump right about women letting a man grab them by the pussy. Picture Judd and Streep in their little pink hats, one on each of Harvey’s hands. That’s liberals for you.

      • Democrats ideal male feminist: He who empowers and emancipates women by whoring them out as their pimp; he who believes in choice, so long as it’s his choice.

    • Which explains how Trump was able to win. Trump out Alinskyed the Alinksyites. Hillary took it to the gutter, Trump rather than running took it to the sewer.

  19. It is funny. One thing I said when this broke was why there was no interest on the part of the fake news peddlers to find out how prevalent this was. Could the only two men in the world that thought that way actually be together just by accident, or did George Clooney, Brad Pitt et al also harrass the women in their profession.

    Yup, Trump is not the only one that talks that way, and he never did anything, but like I thought, that attitude is much more widespread than Hillary’s campaign wanted anyone to think.

  20. Sorry people… In both cases… Any “woman” (I have other words for them) who gets involved in Hollyweird gets what “she” gets.

    If you want respect, become a nurse, not a Ho.

  21. Weinstein admits to being a sexual harasser, has resigned from the board of his company “to try and become a better man”; Trump never has never admitted to any wrongdoing (and never will) despite his having been accused of sexually assaulting many women by the women themselves, but instead insults and attacks his accusers, even when presented with (e.g. audio tape) the proof of his vulgar behavior. There is a difference. Trump is a hypocrite to condem Weinstein. Of course, it takes one to know one.

    • He’s never assault anyone except with locker-room talk.

      • There are plenty of women who can prove you are wrong – he assulted one woman on a plane, grabbed her breasts and there are at least twenty women who came forth to say that he assaulted them. Trump has probably even grabbed Ivanka’s bum or other privates, just ask her.

      • Fake news. Total BS. You have Trump confused with Bill Clinton.

      • Is there some reason they can’t bring charges or win them? Or is this just a list made so the Left has something to offset the Clinton list (which has actually been verified)?

      • Huffington Post! Why not Vox or Salon? Didn’t they have anything suitably rabid?

      • Funny how all those went away, after the election. No court cases, nothing. What happened? If they had proof, as you allege, we could have seen it in court. As it stands now, we have empty accusations which appear politically motivated.

        Anybody can make an accusation; I could say “Allan Borshy touched me inappropriately” right now.

  22. Julie Kelly, your are a miserable btch. How long have you hated yourself?

  23. If it weren’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all.

  24. Somewhere, not known to the public, “Mr. Weinstein, President Clinton on line 1.”
    “Mr. President…”
    “It’s Bill, Harvey, just call me Bill. Better yet, call me when you’re working on a new movie.”
    “Sorry, Bill, I’m on the bench for a while.”
    “No, that’s no way to be. I’ll call Epstein and we can jet over to his honey pot island.”
    “Really, Bill, that would be great.”
    “Hey, Harvey, you think you can get some of those Disney girls? Pocahontas, Mulan or Belle. I bet she’s a fire cracker.”
    “Sure, no problem. Hillary’s not around, is she?”
    “Naw, she’s on a book tour. You know, we were married 7 years before I knew she could read. You want me to swing by tomorrow and pick you up?”
    “We’ll be waiting.”

  25. You know who else was silent about sexual abuse by a prominent politico? The author of this piece!

    Possible I’m wrong. But when Trump’s comments to “Access Hollywood” hit the news last year, the author didn’t say anything on her Twitter feed. She didn’t write anything about it for National Review, the Federalist, or American Greatness, some of the major outlets where her work appears. It appears

    I’ll happily withdraw this comment if the author did publicly post her disgust with Trump somewhere I’m unaware. (I’m pretty sure American Greatness, which is so disgusted with Weinstein’s behavior, was silent as well.) Otherwise: The ire about the Harvey Weinstein was about sexual harassment or women’s empowerment. It’s just conservative politics as usual.

    Anyhoo, it’s hilarious this piece undermines its own premise. Where is the left on Harvey Weinstein? Except for the New York Times which broke the story and the politicians returning his donations and the celebrity who was probably just promoting her work?

    You know what? You’re right? Powerful folks on the left need to come to account on this. You don’t have the credibility to make this call.

    • I have to believe you didn’t even read the article. It has nothing to do with the author’s opinion of HW or DT. It has everything to do with the hypocrisy and double standards of the left, which was classically demonstrated in your post.

      • I read it. Was just noting the hypocrisy and double standards of the right, which is classically demonstrated in this piece.

        Related: AmGreatness seems to have noted the sexual harassment epidemic at Fox News mostly to blame Democrats for piling on and the culture for letting TV dumb us down. I’d agree with the latter, but the overall effect is to suggest AmGreatness can’t be bothered to criticize powerful men victimizing women unless Dems are involved.

        I’ll remain unimpressed.

      • I’ll fix this for ya. “I read it. I just didn’t want to understand it, and I’d rather make up my own stuff.”

      • I guess Harvey has to bend your boyfriend over, before you’ll get your head outta your @ss, and his.

    • You’re confused by a few things:

      1) Hollywood laid out the rules when they said Trump’s words were over the line. Now that we have a case of a man whose ACTIONS are far worse than Trump’s words, they don’t say anything. So Hollywood isn’t even consistent in applying the values it espouses. The author of this article doesn’t need to be outraged about anything at all to point out the hypocrisy there.

      2) Yeah, NYT printed the story in 2017, so they deserve some credit for that, but how in your mind does that let all the faux-outraged p-hat wearing fair-weather feminists off the hook? All those virtue signalling posers who were so rabid against Trump’s WORDS can’t find their voices to raise a few words against Weinstein’s ACTIONS? You know who we’re talking about: Madonna, Lena Dunham, Meryl Streep, Lilly Tomlin, Cher, Jane Fonda, Alyssa Milano, etc.

      3) You draw a false equivalence between Trump’s words and Weinstein’s actions…which are far worse. It is certainly possible to be offended by Weinstein’s actions, but to believe Trump’s words don’t rise to the threshold of outrage. But that only goes in one direction; those who were offended by Trump HAVE to be so much more offended by Weinstein. Therein lies the hypocrisy.

  26. Scene: Judd and Harvey in his hotel room.
    Harvey: Ashley will you watch me masturbate if I give you a $5 million starring role in my next movie?
    Ashley: ( coyly ) Why yes, Harvey, of course.
    Harvey: Will you do it if I paid you $ 200 cash?
    Ashley: ( fuming ) Why Harvey, how dare you. What do you think I am, a whore??
    Harvey: I am afraid Ashley that has already been established. Now we are just haggling over the price.

  27. Outstanding column. Ms. Kelly (not Megyn of course) worth spending time with.

  28. Julie – why don’t you go back to covering food and agriculture as that seems to be the limits of your intelligence.

    Harvey Weinstein isn’t running the country. Nor is he elected to represent all 320 million of us. Another example of GOP pun-dents yelling “squirrel” to distract the the disaster of a president

    • That’s it? That’s all you got? Trump being president makes it all just fine? Pathetic…

      • Nobody voted for Weinstein. Just like nobody voted for Bill O’Reilly. They are not representing the nation. I – and most Americans – expect more from a President. I guess you lemmings should stay in the locker room

      • Oh I do expect more from a president. If Weinstein never stuck his nose and money into politics this wouldn’t be much of an issue.

      • Billy Jeff Clinton was President and his wife, Hillary, who enabled his offensive behavior, trashed his accusers, and refused to acknowledge his love child ran in the last election.
        Of course, the feminists always enable and excuse Democratic lechery and lewdness. All the while they decry and condemn others who resist their neomoral paradigm of values that were unacceptable 10-20 years ago.

      • Apples and oranges. To judge the givers: whether it be Weinstein or the Koch Bros is not comparable to the elected official

  29. You know who’s not tainted by this scandal: Bernie Sanders. The NYT broke this story to purge the party of Clinton loyalty, lest she hobble on her walker to a 2020 campaign run, and clear the way for Bernie.

    • He’s a major Proggie money man. He finances Hillary.
      You know that, loser.
      Run and hide. Now is the time.

    • Just another virtue-signalling serial abuser of woman. They love him in Hollywood, because all the feminists out there hate women.

  30. It is good for me but not for thee… typical lib hypocrites.

  31. Does the author want to buy a “Grab’em by the Pudendum” hat?

    • No, but everyone wants to buy a “Kick Anthony in the Nuts” hat.

  32. The American people have your number,Liberals.-but you are too clueless[that is what defines you nearly as much as your wackiness] to even realize it. -but thank you keep sending more of [at least the ones with two+ brain cells] born again patriots to our side of the aisle

  33. President Trump just pointed out that woman fawn over his celebrity status, the tape has nothing to do with sexual assault. Fake news.

  34. Weinstein is a rotten leftist Jew and a cause of anti-Semitism and revulsion. The party that “exalts” women’s rights has more sexual predators than Zza Gabor had husbands.

  35. Thank you for this story.. I mean where is the outrage .. the denouncing of this pervert… where is all that female anger… Let us put this pervert on a stake in the middle of the Square and show the rest of the people what a piece of garbage he and his friends are.. All the ilk like him should be strung up and locked away .. far from other people they continue to abuse.

    • And it was already known he was a pervert when Obama sent her to him. Oh well…sacrifices must be made when Democrats want Hollywood money, I guess.

      • Well, barry o was a favorite of pedophile franklin marshal davis back in hawaii. He gave kneeled and bobbed on marshall’s frankue every afternoon. Barky o just wanted his daughter to have the same experience.

  36. Ashley Judd & other Hollywood actors didn’t care whether other women were sexually harassed, or worse. It went on for decades!
    Hollywood Feminists have been exposed. Its over.

  37. What could have dissuaded Ms. Judd from speaking out? Perhaps it was the belief that she would be punished for her candor?

    • She didn’t want to run the risk of exposing the current director who had her on the casting couch.

      • This is possible. I suspect Mr. Weinstein could pick up a phone and select or reject an actor. That was his job. Ms, Judd is an adult working in a highly competitive industry. What’s the expression? “If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the shower”?

  38. Shouldn’t the Crotch Warriors be organizing a March on Hollywood or something?

    • They can’t march at the moment, it’s the wrong time of the month and they have a headach;-(

  39. Loved this article! Eloquently expresses and exposes the truth about these liberal protagonistic hypocrites. They feed on agitation and violence, but they have no clue why!

  40. The inability to transition to a new government after an election is a classic sign of a failed state. Does America still exist as a country? Can we coexist without a country? These are questions I often wonder about. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    • I hope it still exists, but it’s going to take years to root out all the leftist employees still inside the gov.

      • Social cohesion and trust are the foundation of a society. Where is our foundation? Where is the inner structure of our society? Can a society devoid of social cohesion and trust avoid collapsing and shattering?

        Here’s an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article called “The Culture of Death-and of Disdain” by Peggy Noonan Oct. 7-8, 2017:

        “I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful-and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing-our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way-illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens-and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.”

        Pretty damning. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

  41. Liberal sanctimony does not any funnier than Harvey, the liberal pimp, with his bevy of famous sluts proving trump right about women letting a man grab them by the pussy. Picture Judd and Streep in their little pink hats, one on each of Harvey’s hands. That’s liberals for you.

  42. Great article.
    Thanks for the sharpness.
    Too bad “they” won’t get it.

  43. Forget about Weinstein. The leftists slobber all over Bill Clinton, a serial sexual assaulter. Nuff said.

  44. What the hell did I just read… “Hey, Lefties: Where are your pussyhats now?” Hey when they go repugnant, just remember they only have themselves to blame for rolling back 50yrs of the women’s rights movement.

  45. “It’s just liberal politics as usual.”

    Yeah, thanks for playing.

  46. If not for double standards Democrats would have no standards at all.

  47. Weinstein isn’t President, pussy hat’s remain. Will Hair Twitler?

  48. Well, you lefty pussies, what say you now? Put your pussy hats on!
    You ALL are hypocrites, you laid down with powerful men to advance your future.
    Put your pussy hats on!

  49. Weinstein was acting just as many of the old time Hollywood producers did. Apparently Marilyn Monroe made the comment to a fellow actress that because they had become big time Hollywood actresses that they did not need to give BJ’s to get casted.

  50. Oh no!

    Harvey the Smut streaks hollywierd naked looking for a massage. Who knew? Well…….

    Pretty much everyone who is anyone in Hollywood. Hey, where is my puzzyhat ? I’m ready to celebrate ????☔️☃????

    • False equivalency, Perv’s have their own party, Why would you want or need a Pussy Hat, are you a groper also?

      • So all the idiots who wear pussyhats are gropers? I thought they we’re mentally ill, but now i know they’re gropers also!

    • Hate much? Liberals have a different point of view, and are part of this country. Why group the over half the country in to one pot? Thin skin?

      • Half the country are liberals? Liberals are an ever shrinking minority, for the reason this article tries to make, They’re hypocrites,

      • Don’t hate, much or little. Just state the facts. Some people do not belong in a civilized society. Liberals, mostly.

  51. And you can bet that those “returned” contributions will simply be redirected to an equally corrupt “charity” like the “Clinton Foundation”.

  52. Next thing they will vote Weinstein for President! Such hypocrites!

  53. I missed the point where Harvey Weinstein was going to be president of the United States.

    When did that happen??

    You guys are desperate and hysterically anxious to justify our nation’s most famous p**sy grabber president. Who also as it happens also hearts neo Nazis.

    I’m allowed to think Trump is more disgusting.

    • He donated money, he influenced policy, the same people crying foul about sexual harassment said nothing. Youre even against harassment or you’re not. If you cant see the hypocrisy here then you’re a f## idiot

      • Fire Weinstein and Trump.

        Weinstein has already been fired. So…

        Also: If you think only liberals should be punished for harassment then you are the hypocritical f## idiot.

  54. Why are Harvey Weinstein’s actions and behaviors an indictment of all liberals? What do they have to do with Trump? The answer is nothing because the whole article is a long, drawn out strawman. Thanks Miss Kelly!

    • hey liberal, still tasting weinstein’s piss in a champaigne glass?

      • Ad hominem riposte from a watersports fetishist! Philosophical genius!

  55. With the Left, the issue is never the issue. The issue, is always the cause.
    That’s why they can talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time.
    It’s all about power. Getting it, keeping it, and increasing it.

  56. Yup. And BTW how about all the old pics of Trump grabbing Hillary? I mean, not by the pussy of course. Trump does have standards, after all…

  57. Hey Julie, your question is bullsh*t. Weinstein has rightly been fired from the company he founded, while you conservative morons ignored the actions of your sexual predator candidate and made him president. You must be so proud.

  58. Harvey will go to treatment and be welcomed back with open arms and legs before you know it,

  59. I’m still waiting for the ball to drop on the pedophiles of Hollywood that we’ve heard so much about but no one has the courage to name yet. Perhaps this firing will finally get someone to name names.

    Hollywood is a cesspool.

  60. Just waiting for more members of the Bill Clinton Rat Pack to be named. We have Carlos Danger, Weinstein, and Epstein, who

  61. How many women could have been spared a sexual assault if these cowards would have spoken up? There has been lots of people of late being brought down for doing things much less than what he did.

  62. Julie Kelly is an outstanding writer. Here is another example.

  63. Let’s not forget, Trump was recorded saying things deemed offensive. Weinstein (and Bill Clinton) acted, they physically and serially harassed and assaulted subordinates over decades. Trump’s biggest supposed allegation was the way he spoke. Yet that led to crowds in the streets wearing pussy hats and carrying signs vilifying the man. A truly sickening double standard that
    undermines the process and the conversation. very disappointing.

  64. i cannot repeat what was said on the bus/Trump tape because I NEVER listened or cared

    fame, money and power, attracts all types
    Trump was benig honest
    So F’ing what

  65. I’ve heard women say much worse than what Trump did. Man blabber is a form of entertainment and comedy. I would never say anything like that, but Trump was comically describing some groupies’ behavior. Women can be aggressive and predatory, and I experienced it in corporate. There is little that is black and white, and context is vital. That was a cheap political shot that further lowered the bar.

  66. All those brave, fearless feminists on the left standing up for women everywhere … well, unless they want the big bucks that come with acting jobs, then those women don’t mean that much.

    • Ahhh the misogyny of the right is so predictable.

      • Ah, so counter argument- just an ad hominem. Typical progressive.

      • A man accuses women of the left of being whores.

        I call that out as misogyny.

        You attack me for “ad hominem”.

        You guys really have no idea how brutish you sound since Trump took office!

        I guess this is what it was like living in cave times.

      • Do you always distort comments to fit you narrative?

        Why yes … yes you do.

        Why must you people always lie?

      • I admit for a moment I confused you with another commenter also calling Judd a whore.

      • The defensiveness from the left is so predictable when the arrow hits home.

      • Nothing hit home about your post except that it’s normal for people who hate women to attack women who speak out about powerful men.

        If you want women to speak out about molestation, don’t attack women who do take a stand.

        It’s gross how many men (and women) empower men to abuse women.

        I do not remain silent when I see a woman attacked who has already been abused by a man. And suddenly she’s being blamed for not speaking out in the right way at the right time.

        That’s an excuse.

        Some women do not speak out at all.

        Why? They don’t want to be bullied.

      • You’re a joke.

        You should direct your anger to the women that not only helped keep his actions hidden for years, but the male liberals who also assisted.

        Instead you’re doing exactly the same thing … painting yourself as some type of heroic figure when in reality all you’re doing is just what they did … making excuses and trying to deflect.

      • You are making sure fewer women speak out by attacking the women who do speak out.

        If you want women to speak out, don’t attack them as whores.

      • You’re the one that called them whores.

        If you can’t comment honestly don’t comment at all.

      • “Well unless they want the big bucks that come with acting…”

        Can you explain honestly how that is not calling them whores?

        As I said before. Predictable.

        A powerful man is guilty of doing bad things and jerks like you are here to attack the women who have been abused.

        So predictable.

      • Yeah … so the men who kept quiet and covered for him. You’re calling them whores too?

        Don’t put words in my mouth. It’s apparent you really do think they’re whore.

        I think they valued their jobs and money more than his victims. But it’s just like the left to assume they know what everyone else is thinking.

        Stop projecting onto me.

      • I didn’t say they kept quiet for money. You did.

        That’s not projection. It’s a fact.

        You guys are manufacturing fake outrage. Anyone who voted for Trump was willing to overlook the testimony of sixteen women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

        Women don’t speak out because men do not believe them.

        Do better.

        Fire Trump.

      • Now it’s turned into an anti-Trump screed.

        Do better yourself. It was your own “kind” who did this. Stop protecting them, stop making excuses for them. Stop blaming everyone but yourselves.

        Do better.

      • My own kind molests women?

        Ha. My own kind gets molested.

        And your kind either does it or enables it by voting for a guy who said himself molested women.

        Your kind needs to knock it off.

        And stop blaming women for men’s bad behavior.

        That’s so pathetic.

        Sixteen women accused Trump of misconduct. You didn’t listen to any of them. What right do you have to berate women for not speaking out when you prove their argument that nobody listens to women speaking out about powerful men (liberal or conservative) anyway.

      • So … here we have the entirety of liberaldom protecting the man, men and women. Stories were killed, favors were called in, the powerful … who took in huge donations from the man … protected him.

        Actors, reporters, editors, the politicians, the wealthy … all knew and kept silent. Men and women.

        Your kind … liberals, the left. The people who proclaim daily, hourly, by the minute what staunch supporters they are of women … all silent. Men and women.

        Yet if anyone one on the right has the temerity to call them out … You immediately go on the attack, protecting them just as they protected Weinstein. You attack me, attack Trump and attack the right.

        You’re pathetic.

        Do better.

  67. Why is the regressive left reaction a surprise?

    They are blatant, with no inhibition about the double standards they adhere to.
    I do believe that the American people really are getting tired of the condescension, name calling
    and totalitarian tendencies exhibited by these folks.
    Tired enough to say enough and actually pushback against the insanity.

    The idiots in Hollywood need us to support the product they produce.
    I know the NFL is feeling the pain and with movie attendance down, award shows going unwatched they are not
    as popular as they think they are.

  68. “Some will argue that the two are not comparable because Trump was running for president and Weinstein is just a movie producer.”

    Some people might ALSO argue that Trump is not accused of any crimes, Weinstein is — curiously, the Left doesn’t seem to accept or even notice the distinction.

    You’re right, it is all about power with the Left, but the idea of Trump being compared to Weinstein in this case is grotesque even for the Left.

    Now, compare Weinstein to Bill CLINTON, maybe …

    • Trump is accused by multiple women of rape.

      Including his ex wife.

      • They’re still around. Trump threatened to sue them yet not one has retracted her story.

      • And Lisa Bloom, their attorney?
        What, she came up goose eggs?

        You leftists hung Herman Caine on nothing but the say so of a woman’s tale of 20 years ago and NO PROOF.

        So spare me your lies.
        These Trump accusers were looking for a pay out.
        They had no proof, no witnesses and Trump fight’s back.

        They slithered away like the rodents they are.

      • Your slime ball bragged about getting away with sexual assault and you made him president. Anyway or because of it is the relevant question.

        As he grabs America by the crotch in the same disrespectful way he grabbed women and forced his tongue down their throats “because he’s a star” and we let him do it..

        Think about what you did.

        Good men do not brag about assaulting women.

        Good men do not shame women for telling the truth about powerful men.

      • Man, you are one pissed off angry woman.
        I hope you find some kind of peace in your life.
        You really should take politics out of your life.

      • Most women in this country are angry.

        If you don’t understand why then listen better.

        Politics has forced itself into my life.

        I’m not able to withdraw from being a citizen of this country under a horrible leader who seemingly wants world war 3.

        I wish I could withdraw but I can’t.

      • Yeah.
        Keep telling yourself that and your misery will continue.
        You control your thoughts.
        No one else.
        You choose politics.

      • I’m a survivor of rape and domestic violence who wants world peace.

        There’s nothing safe about the world right now and that has nothing to do with my choice.

      • You need to get away from “reality.”
        Pull back from all news media.
        It is hurting you far more than you realize.
        Enjoy your life.
        Find things that are fun.
        Write a new story for your life.
        It’s your life. Create a new biography for yourself and live it.
        Jettison your damaged past.
        It’s useless and you’re letting it dominate your “now.”
        All you have is “now.”
        Use it to create a new future.
        You’re regurgitating the past too much.
        Get rid of it.

      • Ok I’m upvoting that for containing a pretty positive message.

        However, it’s not the past but the future of this country that’s keeping me awake at night.

        Our democracy is in jeopardy. This should be beyond partisan divides. The people around trump are not carrying out his orders. He is not considered a fit leader by most of the country. Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, our democracy is not in a good place. And trump seems to crave a war to make him more legitimate. Even a nuclear one.

        I’ve survived my past. I just hope we all survive to the time that a sane president is back in office.

    • Sexual assault (“grab ’em by the p**sy”) is also a crime.

  69. If PRESIDENT TRUMP would just allow HITLERy to give him a little head………..

  70. Trump winning an election didn’t create ctrl-left hatred we now see. It revealed it for what it is.

  71. I don’t get how this is supposed to be some kind of “get” for the right wing nutjob set. Weinstein was outed by the “lyin'” New York Times. I’m gonna bet most if not all of the Hollywood starlets accusing him are liberals and progressives. We police our own — does the right? You say it must have been covered up, you say rumours must have circulated, reporters must have known?!?! Hell, an entire news ORGANIZATION knew about O’Reilly and Ailes and their little perv party! And they paid millions to cover it up.

    Please, spare us your self-righteous indignation, Righty Whiteys. No one ever claimed being a sexual predator was a right wing exclusive. Misogyny isn’t a political trait.

    But at least we don’t elect ours president.

  72. The best irony so far is Harv’s choice of mouthpiece. No, that’s not what I meant. Get your mind out of the gutter.