Tears of a Clown

Jimmy Kimmel, you dissimul-
-late so poorly, that it’s crim’nal –
Cloaking activism in
A disguise supremely thin.

“A sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal”
Singing from the lib’ral hymnal –
Weeping your tears crocodilian –
Can that truly be fulfillin’?

Are your viewers’ lives so grim, they’ll
Applaud those tears, Mr. Kimmel?
Is that what they tune in for?
Will they ask for an encore?

Going out upon a limb, I’ll
Suggest to you, Mr. Kimmel:
No one needs another spokesman!
Why not simply tell some jokes, man?!


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12 responses to “Tears of a Clown”

  1. The real villain of Las Vegas is Jimmy Kimmel. For being sad and angry about a massacre.

    Interesting morality here at AmGreatness.

    • He has the right to be sad and angry. He does not have the right to tell lies about gun laws in order to further his leftist agenda.

    • Why should he, or anyone else not directly impacted by the senseless murder of innocents, be more angry or more sad than those who’s livers are forever changed? He should man-up.

      The fact of the matter is Jimmy Kimmel is a leftist more inyerested in the narrow interests of his self-serving faction than the national interest.

      I stopped watching his, and many other programs that spread leftists propaganda sometime in 2016. Those programs are of zero interest to me.

    • Ah yes, the straw man argument: the Left’s favorite fallacy.

      • Maybe by saying it was the gun that committed murder rather than the man behind it.

    • That’s the moral pretense, but as the author said it’s all a disguise for his dishonest pose which is about the usual progressive emotion in all things, self-righteousness and hate, especially anti-Trump hate.

      • Eiher that, or he’s really sad about people being killed in his hometown.

      • One can be sad, but using disinformation and expressing hate while decitfully apportioning blame only appeals to those who are animated by deceit and hate. Is that you, Joel?

  2. Must have bought some of Obama’s “cry powder”. Poor thing.