Roy Moore Won by Speaking for the Middle Class—Just Like Trump

According to reports, President Trump went to bed “embarrassed and pissed” after learning that he had backed a loser in Alabama’s Republican Senate primary.

One can hardly blame him. At the urging of Republican wise men (try not to giggle) the president threw all of his substantial influence behind Luther Strange: He tweeted for him, he held a raucous rally for him in Huntsville on the Friday before the election, he even gave him a nickname, “Big Luther.”

The nickname reminds me of Margaret Thatcher’s arch observation: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

Still, in a deep red state that the president won by 28 points, where, barring the intervention of venomous fate, the Republican primary is the election that picks the next senator, the candidate Trump backed took a beating. In fact, it wasn’t close.

Judge Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama closely resembled Trump’s own win in November: He was opposed by the Republican establishment and their corporate and D.C. allies, he was the object of scurrilous ad hominem attacks on himself and his family, and he was dramatically outspent. Some sources say the Republican leadership and their friends spent $30 million to Moore’s roughly $2 million. Yet, the race was never really competitive. Moore pulled away from Strange early and never looked back.

So how did Moore win and what does it mean for the future of the Republican Party? He did what Trump himself did last year: He made the case for a populist-nationalist agenda that respects and protects the middle and working class and that honors this country’s history and her.

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23 responses to “Roy Moore Won by Speaking for the Middle Class—Just Like Trump”

  1. “Let this serve as a reminder to the president to follow his own political instincts. He listened to the Republican ruling class and got burned. Again. Hopefully now the president knows how voters feel.”

    Reminder – or warning? And is Chris Buskirk actually suggesting that the Idol of the Masses is out of touch with “how voters feel”?

  2. Judge Roy Moore won because he has always had the support of the majority of Alabama voters. His problems weren’t with the people, it was with political appointees and lawyers.

  3. Well, what Trump did in Alabama is exactly what one would expect of a man who backed Hillary in 2008, bragged about his adultery in a book so that he could profit from his sexcapades, used bankruptcy as a strategic piece of his get rich quick plan. Most of his campaign promises were calculated lies to lure in the rubes. He knew exactly what to say to con them. And then he bragged how they would back him even if he committed murder in public. Or backed Mitch McConnell’s stooge in Alabama. Or viciously attacked the Tea Party when it tried to repeal Obamacare. Trump is a con artist pure and simple. And a narcissist the equal of Obama.

    • He is no where near the scale of Obama, or even you, in terms of Narcissism.

      • As I previously requested, do not include me in your carnal fantasies. You naughty,naughty girl.

      • You are in Trump’s rectal orifice. That is a sick reality.

      • What’s up with your anal infatuation? Are you a proctologist? You need help with the word “reality” Do you have access to a Junior High graduate?

      • Don’t forget to welcome Dave79 to our Modsquad at Nowhere Land.

    • You are a blithering idiot of the highest order.
      How can you even nourish yourself by shoving garbage in your ear?

      • You are a fool. You did not dispute a single fact I presented. You are the mark that is so stupid Trump spotted you a mile away. He bragged how dumbasses like you (his supporters) would keep cheering no matter how vile an act he did. Like you cheered when he said Ted Cruz father helped kill JFK, the day before the Indiana primary. It is easy to lead fools like you. Just make bold lies. The rubes will cheer you on and laugh at the idea of “truth” or “honor”.

      • “Or viciously attacked the Tea Party”

        Gimme a break. Your protests ring hollow, as you are a known hysterical lefty lunatic. As if you care about the Tea Party.

        Grow up, just not older, you sound very old and twisted.

      • No, I am a conservative. You are a douchebag supporting the jackass who spent his last 40 years subsidizing the likes of Hillary and Nancy Pelosi.

      • No, you’re not a conservative, just an old c*nt.

        What part of Hillary had to lose, at any cost, do you not understand? Stop your crybaby bitching and do something constructive, asshole. I guess you’re not happy with destroying EPA AGW bs, or Gorsuch on SCOTUS, or Trump rolling back Obama’s regulatory onslaught, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        You’re not a conservative, you’re a fucking liar. If you were conservative you’d be delighted with the way things are going under Trump.

  4. Chris, I’m not going to give The Hill a click. That sucks.

      • Wow, coming from an inbred who f*cks his momma, his daddy, his brother, his sister and his pets too, that’s some real BS you have goin’ there, asshole.

  5. I love how a blowhard like Roy Moore is now referred to as “anti-establishment”. Good luck getting anything done in D.C. when we keep sending these fringe candidates.

  6. Way to pick your horse, American Greatness. Congratulations on your excellent choice.