Primary Things

A Southern summer fades to Fall,
And ‘Bama’s voters made a call
Which wasn’t Strange. We might say Moore:
It’s no longer safe to ignore
The voice of ordinary folks
(The butt of all those late-night jokes.)

Yes, we like our Bibles, and guns;
Ladylike daughters, manly sons;
“Faith, hope and love” (which never fails),
And Clint Eastwood, as “Josey Wales”.
To our ways we cling merrily.
(And stubbornly? Yea, verily!)

Of late, we’ve enjoyed the defeats
Of cosmopolitan elites
Who seem offended we exist.
Nevertheless, we persist—
Don’t scorn the values we hold dear.
Y’all come back to them, now—ya hear?


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2 responses to “Primary Things”

  1. I am very impressed that the author has five home-schooled children. That is not only impressive, it is also very encouraging. And since he lives in South Carolina, I hope he will come up with another entertaining poem after Lindsey Graham goes down to a primary defeat.