Trump Trumps the Ruling Class Again

Donald Trump is once again confounding his critics. He is holding fast to a common sense view of politics that puts his opponents on constant defense and busts the monopoly they once had on shaping the American mind.

Trump’s tactics are plain to see for anyone who bothers to look. Over and over, he drives a wedge between the political and cultural elites and Americans who don’t share their views of morality and “patriotism.”

The president’s off-the-cuff comments on Friday at a rally for Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Luther Strange was a textbook example of Trump’s strategy in action. He riffed on an assortment of topics before setting his sights squarely on the National Football League.

Trump brought up NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem:

Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!”

Though it may cause some elite conservatives to cluck their tongues over Trump’s impropriety, this is the colorful language Americans (including even most of these elite conservatives) use all the time in break rooms, auto mechanics’ shops, and especially in the branches of our military.

Trump went on to point out how the NFL and the increasingly Leftist sports media have undermined the virtues that have attracted generations of Americans to the game of football. While Americans understand the safety concerns that come naturally in a sport where players run into each other at full speed, they know that reward comes with risk. Character, a manly self-assertiveness, and a chance to hone one’s natural abilities at the highest level are important elements of being a good citizen and a good human being.

As Trump noted:

The NFL ratings are down massively. Now the No.1 reason happens to be they like watching what’s happening…with yours truly. They like what’s happening. Because you know today if you hit too hard: 15 yards! Throw him out of the game! They’re ruining the game! That’s what they want to do. They want to hit. They want to hit! It is hurting the game.

These thumotic manly virtues—the traits that are typically unique to men—have been ridiculed and despised by the cultural literati. Men today are commonly depicted in the popular culture as buffoons who can’t do the simplest task and whose default mode in raising their children is failure.

But most Americans don’t buy the views set down by our cultural elites. They understand the virtues it takes to raise a family and that basic differences between men and women are grounded in nature. And they are more than comfortable with changing a tire, hanging drywall, or going on a weekend 30-mile backpacking trip.

After the rally, Trump underscored his tactic of using sports to drive a wedge between the elites and the rest of America:

Before Trump rolled up the red carpet, the Golden State Warriors were reportedly deep into thoughtful discussions about whether to attend a ceremony at the White House honoring the team’s 2017 NBA championship. But that was all a sham. They were never going.

As head coach Steve Kerr said in May, Trump is a “blowhard” who is “ill-suited” for the presidency. Stephen Curry, the team’s point guard and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, earlier this year quipped that he agreed that Donald Trump is an “asset” to the nation, but only “if you remove the ‘et.’” On Election Night, Curry tweeted his support of Van Jones’ observation that the results were a “whitelash against a changing country.”

Trump simply called their bluff. And in doing so, he again highlighted the differences between the elites and most Americans—whether they are Republican Party lifers, newly-minted Trump Democrats, or Americans who didn’t even vote for Trump but retain a morality antithetical to the ruling class. These Americans have had enough of constantly being lectured and told to repent of their manifest heresies against the orthodoxies of modern liberalism. They are fed up with having their way of life sneered at and disrespected by employees of the transnational corporations that dominate the U.S. sports-industrial complex.

The NFL, NBA, and the NCAA, along with ESPN, are long-time participants in helping the ruling class steamroll the people’s concerns and interests. From condemning North Carolina, where the people’s duly elected representatives passed a bill mandating that individuals use the bathroom that corresponds to their birth sex, to spreading disdain for Arizonans who approved of measures designed to stop the influx of illegal aliens streaming across their borders, these corporations represent the elite consensus that brooks no dissent. You’re either with them or against them. There is no other option.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s statement reacting to Trump’s comments is the height of the deep narcissism and self-loathing concealed beneath the thin veneer of the elite’s pseudo-morality. Goodell said Trump’s “divisive comments” show “an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.” Goodell, who is generally despised by football fans, sportswriters, and players alike, is blind to the divisiveness incited by the very organization he leads. And that he thinks an entity like the NFL is automatically owed any respect at all is revealing. What exactly is it that places the NFL beyond reproach?

Trump wasn’t responsible for botching case after case involving NFL players who committed violence against women. It wasn’t Trump who stood against the attempts of the legislatures of Georgia and Indiana to pass laws strengthening religious liberty protections for those who object to gay marriage. It wasn’t Trump who talked a good game about “player safety” while simultaneously engaging in talks about expanding the NFL schedule to 18 regular season games.

align=”right” Americans have had enough of constantly being lectured and told to repent of their manifest heresies against the orthodoxies of modern liberalism. They are fed up with having their way of life sneered at and disrespected by employees of the transnational corporations that dominate the U.S. sports-industrial complex.

Rather, Trump is reacting to the deep divisions Goodell and his ruling class cronies have sown through their seething contempt and obvious disrespect for Americans. Trump is not the cause of our current crisis. Trump didn’t politicize everything in American life. He is 63 million Americans’ answer to a politicization that constitutes an attack on everything they hold dear.

This politicization has been precipitated by the very political and cultural elites who are now raising hell against Trump’s move to box them out. They are angry over his attempts to break the chokehold they have been administering to the American body politic for decades. But Trump couldn’t care less about their gnashing of teeth. And neither should anyone else.

Like Lincoln who, before the 1860 election, helped drive a wedge between Senator Stephen Douglas’s Northern Democratic coalition and Deep South Democrats who were fanatically pro-slavery, Trump is attempting the same feat with a different set of coalitions. I’m not arguing that Trump is playing “4D chess,” as many NeverTrumpers flippantly suggest Trump supporters ignorantly believe. I don’t believe that Trump has planned out every single action and word in advance like some mastermind. This is obviously far beyond the capacity of human beings, the forked creatures who are a little lower than the angels.

But perhaps some conservatives have been so accustomed to losing in the political arena that they actually think 4D chess is what’s required to win it. Wrong. This basic political strategy that even people with minimal political skill have used for centuries to conquer and divide their political opponents while enlarging their own base of support. It’s called fighting. They might try it sometime.  

Trump’s strategy of engaging the cultural bullies instead of cowering in their presence, so far, seems to be working to perfection. It also has the added benefit of drawing out the pretenders and posers who may talk a good game but are ultimately useless in combating the ruling class’s hegemony over American public life.

Exhibit A of this group is Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.):

Contra Sasse, Trump offers a view of America based upon a common patriotic love that aims to protect the rights of all citizens. To say he is dividing America—this critique from the same ruling class that divides Americans by race, sex, class, income, level of education, etc., every minute of every day—is a remarkable assertion. It speaks to the depths to which the ruling class mindset has been accepted by our political elites.

Former Democratic Representative Donna Edwards tweeted this gem:

Trump has put his opponents either in the position of showing their ruling class credentials or openly calling for disrespecting the country—moves that can only help his chances at reelection in 2020. Even more importantly, it will help to isolate those whose hostility to bourgeois morality and traditional cultural mores has helped the “pluribus” overwhelm the American “unum.”

May Trump succeed in letting the people reassert their sovereignty over those who would rule us without our consent. Republican government demands no less.


About Mike Sabo

Mike Sabo is a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate of the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College.

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42 responses to “Trump Trumps the Ruling Class Again

  • Height of liberal narcissim and self-importance is when Ellen Degenres said that she did not want Trump in her show because she did not want to give Trump platform… This woman really think the she can give platform to American President…

  • If fans disrespect teams by burning their paraphernalia, then the players should start burning flags.

    • you really think you’ve come up with something “good” there, don’t you? sounds kind of stupid though, and i am thinking you may be a little retarded.

      • Carl Jung: Encourage the ding-dong. It’s really a great idea. I’m sure it will strengthen the Resistance (just not the one they’re thinking of). These fools have caused to rise from its slumber the American People. They have no idea what is coming.

    • Yes!. Please promote your idea to all of your friends in the NFL! That’ll show the Deplorables who’s in charge! Until the NFL goes belly-up from losing all its taxpayer support and consumer fan base. But, I’m sure the NFL can function with just Blue State teams and dollars!

      • kinda like hollywood’s circle jerk. Too stupid to realize they are alienating 65% of the movie going public.

  • An article full of truth and common-sense and lack of fear of the reigning cultural principalities. Amen. (Now some psychology: because it can seem no fun to write what is obviously true I hope writers such as Sabo fight through that and continue to just be plainly true. It shouldn’t be boring. You’re taking on the devil after all…)

  • I don’t understand this obsession with “manliness” that Trump fanatics have. Trump embodies the worst aspects of “manliness”: he abandoned his wives, he relishes obscenity, and he does not ever except blame. He is a caricature of a man, and if he is your image of “manliness” then of course you think “manly” virtues make you a buffoon.

      • …a famous tee-shirt legend says, “I can explain it for you but I cannot understand it for you.”

    • Thank you for your thoughtful advise for us too stupid to realize you the arbiter of all what is is to be a man. I’m so glad you posted this so as to make me see how I have been so wrong in my 57yrs on this planet! How many “pussy” hats do you own??

      • I own none. Can you explain why Trump is your definition of the uber-man?

      • Because he grabs like by the pussy. Have you not been paying attention!?

    • And, you say what about the heroes of the left?

      *billy-jeff clinton (remember the intern and the cigar?),

      *Ted “The Lion of the Senate” Kennedy, famed for waitress sandwiches at local DC restaurants (Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment),

      *King JFK who is know to have pimped out a young woman to a pal in the WH pool, and who was a serial philanderer. . .

      You were saying? YOUR heroes were criminals.

      • I am not a leftist, so I don’t try to defend the left and their “heroes”. I also cannot defend the “conservative” Trump for throughout his life, he has not shown what I would define as “manliness”.

      • Typical dishonest dodge by a leftie. Criticize a conservative in isolation and then pretends to be neutral when the much more common and serious failings of leftists are pointed out. :-/

      • Sorry. I am not a leftist and do not support Democrats like Kennedy and Trump.

      • I’m more concerned about love of country and scepticism about globalism. Barry was exalted as fresh and classy, but he was nothing more than a marxist looking for a throne.

      • Only in American can a draft-dodging New York billionaire be considered as a defender of “love of country”.

      • Obama was not a draft dodger. Additionally, I don’t think either child of single mothers qualified as a billionaire.
        So, no.

      • So Obama served where?
        You leftists are hilarious. Always an excuse. Of course obama did not dodge a non existent draft, but he most certainly hid behind his grandmas skirt right before he tossed her under the bus.

      • The draft ended in 1972 when Obama was ten years old.
        Can you explain your comment about his grandmother’s skirt. I do not get it.

      • I would not expect you to get it. I know about the draft and was against the ending of it. I do not expect you to get that either.

      • Okay… So, as a supporter of the draft, do you think Trump’s actions to avoid it were appropriate or “manly”?

    • Trump is the only man in politics who has stood up against PCBS. All the rest, like McCain and Romney, cower when PCBS artists threaten to storm about calling “racist” or “homophobic.” That makes him a man to follow.

      • His whining and complaining on twitter does not seem to be manly or productive.

  • This would be a good article if Mike hadn’t put old Not-so-“Honest” Abe in it. Doesn’t he – and most true conservatives and Republicans know that if Lincoln was alive today, he’d be a far left political progressive? That’s what he was in 1860. It’s just that in the 150 years since, the roles of the parties have switched.

  • WAKE UP AMERICA This isn’t about disrespecting the flag, it isn’t about black slavery, it isn’t about all the supposed innocent blacks being killed by cops, this is about dividing our country into many groups for the NWO to conquer us, if we all hate each other then we wont ban together against the NWO, its all in the plans and you idiots on the field kneeling are playing right along with it. Even ESPN and the other sports channels are getting in on this political stance to divide us more. Sorry folks but GOD wins every time. Taking down our national monuments and putting up Satanic ones is perfect for you all, but shortly this will all change and i cant wait.
    YUP, koeperdick is moslem, moslems are paying protesters, moslems run killary and obutthollio, moslems run the new black panthers, moslems are running every thing thanks to clintons and obutthollio, its all in the plans but first they must divide us like hitler did and others like him, this is how they took over, over 30+ countries in less than 1,400 years, i believe that mohamad was satin the bible was talking about, just my oppinion

  • I enjoy how often AmGreatness uses the word “manly” in its essays. Smells like … overcompensation.

    • Why do bald guys shave everything but their face? Like working that safety razor on the sides of your noodle was A OK, but the jaw-line just proved to problematic.

      Just knock it off with the pointless vanity. We all know you have male pattern baldness, you ain’t fooling anybody cupcake.

  • “…a pullulating cloud of nanoparticles…” is how Belmont Club analyst Richard Fernandez describes the ongoing politicization of everything. Leftists believed they could control the outcomes but now the phenomenon has a life of its own. Leftists will be boiling alive in their own juices soon enough and that is a very good thing:

  • Went to a pre-season hockey game last night. Everyone on the ice and in the stands stood for the anthem — AS EXPECTED.

    Amazing that the NHL, unlike the NBA and NFL, is decidedly short of felons, players with big entourages or serial dads with out-of-wedlock kids in every venue. And the players, who are often interesting and intelligent, (many bilingual if not multilingual), somehow still manage to STFU about social issues other than ice time and (occasionally, if you’re Jaromir Jagr) the salary cap.

    I go back with football to the days of Johnny Unitas, and with hoops to the days of Wilt and Willis. But both sports are long dead to me now. Enough social-dysfunction-with-referees.

  • Sports in America has grown into just another monopoly wherein magnates can increase their fortunes tenfold. The greed of these people, as well as those that play, have driven the price of fan participation through the roof. It’s all about the money. $5 for a bottle of water and $10 for a 16 oz draft beer is pure greed. $6 for a “hot dog” with nothing but mustard and relish or a “hamburger” consisting of meat and a bun for $8. 15 years ago I was a season ticket holder in an NFL city. The price increased every year for 3 years and I sold out. I couldn’t afford it anymore. Now, with all the protesting going on, I’ve quit watching completely. I’m a Gold Star parent and no matter what anyone says to me, it IS disrespecting our son to me and I refuse to be a part of it. I’m getting old and I have found many other things in this world that makes me feel at peace. Watching the events of the NFL nowadays is NOT one of them. I am through with them.

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