A Lying Quartet

Rarely has an intelligence apparatus engaged in systematic lying—and chronic deceit about its lying—both during and even after its tenure. Yet the Obama Administration’s four top security and intelligence officials time and again engaged in untruth, as if peddling lies was part of their job descriptions.

So far none have been held accountable.

Those exemptions are likely because, in hubristic fashion, all four assumed their service to progressive noble agendas would justify any odious means felt necessary to achieve them.

In part their liberal credentials were seen as guarantees that the media either would ignore or excuse their dissimulation. And in part, untruth was innate to them as lifelong and now seasoned Washington bureaucrats. Their reasons to be in Washington were largely a quest for media exposure, government sinecures, revolving door profiteering, and maintaining a host of subordinate toadies at their service. A harsh assessment, perhaps—but lying to the American people earns them such disdain.

Politically Correct Deception
Former Obama United Nations ambassador and National Security Advisor Susan Rice was rarely credible in any of her major public statements. Her dissimulation bordered on the pathological. Indeed, it went beyond even the demands put upon her for partisan spinning.

On five occasions, Rice lied to the media that the murder of Americans in Benghazi, Libya by al-Qaida affiliated-terrorists was a result of spontaneous rioting—in response to an obscure, rogue, and right-wing Coptic filmmaker. She later attributed such dissimulation to a lack of information, when we now know that the truth of Benghazi—and the larger landscape of events that ensured something like a Benghazi—were only too known. The video was a canard.

Rice assured the nation that the AWOL and traitorous Bowe Bergdahl was a hostage taken during combat and had served nobly (“with honor and distinction”). In fact, the renegade Bergdahl likely was exchanged for terrorist prisoners for two reasons: one, to diminish the number of terrorists held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility as promised by Obama during his campaign, and two, to highlight the humanitarian skills of Barack Obama in bringing home an American “hero,” especially defined as one who was so loudly aware of his own country’s foibles.

Rice also assured the nation that her administration, through its diplomatic brilliance, had eliminated Bashar Assad’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical-weapons stockpile,” she lied. That supposed coup was worth the price of inviting in the Russians to the Middle East after a 40-year hiatus. In fact, almost immediately after entering office, President Trump was forced to bomb Assad’s WMD depots to prevent Syria’s air force from dropping more nerve gas on civilians.

Susan Rice

Once House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) announced that key administration officials illegally might have unmasked and leaked the names of U.S. citizens on government intercepts connected to the Trump campaign and transition team, Rice issued a blanket denial (“I know nothing about this”). That assertion predictably was untrue, as Rice herself was forced to concede when she altered narratives to later justify rather than deny her role in such improper leaking.

Rice assured the nation there were no hidden side-deals in the Iran Deal, such as a prisoner-swap concession. “And we were very specific about the need not to link their fate to that of the negotiations, because we had no idea for certain whether negotiations would succeed or fail. We didn’t want to give the Iranians a bargaining chip to use against us in the negotiations,” she fibbed. In response, Americans knew almost immediately by her disavowals that there were quid pro quo hostage-prisoner trades that put the United States at a disadvantage.

Rice displayed an eerie habit of broadcasting her lies by preemptive denial that she was about to lie. In her case, the privileged Rice sometimes fell back on the boilerplate victimhood defense of racism and sexism. More likely, as with many Obama officials, she felt certain she could deceive with impunity out of contempt for the American non-elite and, like her associate Ben Rhodes, with full confidence in the obsequiousness and incompetence of the “know-nothing” media.

Boy Scout Sanctimonious Deception
Former FBI Director James Comey long ago lost his carefully crafted Boy Scout image of a truth-teller, buffeted in a sea of Washington deception. Like Rice, when Comey signals he cannot lie or that others are lying, we know that his own duplicity is forthcoming. The list of his untruths and unprofessionalism is growing, as continuous disclosures cannot be synced with either his congressional testimony or his public statements.

Comey did not interview Hillary Clinton in his supposedly exhaustive investigation of her alleged crimes before he cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Comey did know of an FBI communications trail surrounding the stealthy June 2016 meeting of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on a Phoenix tarmac.

Comey did accede to Lynch’s cover-up by altering the official nomenclature of the investigation to an innocuous “matter.”

Comey misled about the actual contents of Clinton confidante Huma Abedin’s email communications; the versions that he gave at various times and in different venues cannot be reconciled.

In his habitual lies of omission, Comey made no effort to correct a false public impression that he had helped foster and yet knew was a lie—namely that the FBI was investigating Trump on charges of Russian collusion at the very time he was assuring the president of just the opposite.

James Comey

Comey was not fully candid about the full extent of his selective note-taking of a confidential conversation with the president; his use of government time and resources in preparing his carefully crafted notes; and his deliberately leaking his notes to the press in violation both of FBI protocols and likely the law as well.

Comey had obfuscated or masked the FBI’s role in the acquisition and dissemination of the infamous Steele-Fusion fake dossier. He was likely less than honest as well about his full knowledge of Obama administration reverse targeting, unmasking, and leaking related to U.S. citizens—both before and after the election.

Whereas Rice lied to cover up Obama Administration incompetence and to advance left-wing agendas that otherwise without deception would be unpalatable to most Americans, Comey dissembled to retain his job and his image of being a sensitive moral soul.

Comey’s self-inflicted tragedy was that he never quite knew whether Obama trusted him to keep out of Hillary Clinton’s scandals and would reward him accordingly; whether Hillary Clinton would implode amid provable felonies or would survive to become president and conduct the necessary retaliations; or whether Trump could be cajoled by Comey’s charm—or might implode and be removed, or settle down and become a powerful president worth serving.

Rather than telling the truth and thereby gaining a reputation even among his enemies as transparent and honest, Comey simply told the perceived stronger party of the day what it wished to hear in hopes of careerist gratitude to come.

Apparatchik Deception
Similar was the serial lying of CIA Director John Brennan, before, during, and after his CIA tenure. Brennan had a weird habit of becoming outraged at any who quite accurately alleged that he was mendacious, such as when he deceived the Senate Intelligence Committee officials that he had never unlawfully surveilled the computers of particular U.S. senators and their staffs (e.g., “beyond the scope of reason in terms of what we would do”).

Brennan also misled Congress when he assured that U.S. drone strikes had not killed a single civilian—a preposterous claim that was widely and immediately recognized as deceptive before he was forced to backtrack and admit his untruth.

John O. Brennan

When the careerist George W. Bush-appointee Brennan sought to recalibrate for the incoming progressive Obama Administration, he ritually denounced what he had previously asserted under Bush.

Bush’s former National Counterterrorism Center Director Brennan almost immediately disowned his prior loud support for enhanced interrogation techniques once he saw a chance for continued employment with Obama.

Brennan also told a series of whoppers to establish his new politically correct bona fides, among them that jihad was “a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community.” Tell that to the incinerated victims of self-proclaimed jihadist Mohammed Atta or those beheaded by ISIS.

In his third incarnation, as a postelection stalwart opponent to Donald Trump, the partisan former “nonpartisan” intelligence chief Brennan has both quite publicly denied that U.S. intelligence agencies ever improperly surveilled and unmasked the identities of Trump campaign and transition officials.

Even on his last day of office, Brennan was still busy reviewing intelligence surveillance of U.S. citizens and later deceiving Congress about it. His part in preparing the Benghazi talking points, and in the creation of the Russian collusion mythos, are still not known fully. Nor understood is his apparent background role in the rather strange and abrupt postelection resignation of his immediate predecessor David Petraeus.

Careerist Deception
It is hard to mention Brennan without bookending the similar careerist trajectory of Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Indeed, it is uncanny how Clapper emulated the Brennan model: the former Bush appointee reinventing himself as an Obama partisan after assuring the country that Saddam Hussein’s WMD depots were transferred to Syria; lying about the rise of ISIS and pressuring others in military intelligence to mimic his pre-planned deceptions; not being forthcoming about surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition; becoming a loud and partisan accuser of Trump’s supposed mendacities on cable television, while finding himself increasingly exposed at the center of the growing unmasking scandal.

If Brennan lied about surveilling U.S. senators and the drone program, Clapper, in turn, lied to Congress about the National Security Agency’s illegal monitoring of U.S. citizens.

If Brennan assured Americans that jihadism was not a violent effort to spread radical Islam, Clapper topped that by assuring Congress that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was “largely secular.”

James Clapper

The deceptions of Comey, Brennan, and Clapper are perhaps far more disturbing than the partisan untruths of Susan Rice, a chronic political appointee who calibrated her national security fictions with Obama’s efforts to ensure reelection and later a presidential legacy.

But what extenuating excuse do the supposedly nonpartisan trio of intelligence and investigative directors offer?

They would like us to believe that only their nonpartisanship ensured subsequent tenures with the Obama Administration. In fact, their willingness to reinvent themselves and deceive were precisely why Obama retained and promoted them as sufficiently malleable and useful careerists—and why their post-government careers are today characteristically partisan and deceptive.

Of course, Trump, like Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, tells yarns and occasionally whoppers. But that character flaw is unfortunately the landscape of politics.

Government, bipartisan intelligence service, in contrast, was supposed to be an atoll of professionalism and honesty in a sea of political narrative fiction.

In truth, Obama used Rice as a political hatchet-woman masquerading as an elite thinker and strategist. Clapper, Brennan, and Comey were partisan careerists playacting as disinterested public servants sworn to put our security above politics.

Instead, they said what was necessary for their own agendas and so naturally too often what they peddled was simply untrue. And it is now not surprising that all three ended up orphaned and discredited—once their obsequious utility to their masters was exhausted.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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166 responses to “A Lying Quartet”

    • What a silly comment. It makes no sense. Why am I not surprised.

      • If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make cents!

  1. The four in question should share the same gallows, publicly.

    • Wow. What punishment would you suggest for the folks in the Bush administration?

      • You’ve got no argument so you try and deflect. BTW he pointed out that 2 of those folks were Bush appointees. Oh and I don’t see anyone defending the Bush admin here, just you trolling.

      • Trump supporters have already made the transition to seeing the two parties as a uni-party. Hang all the establishment, globalist, Marxist, neo-con lot of them.

  2. Our corrupt and incompetent administrative state and intelligence agencies are reminiscent of the French government during the Dreyfus affair. First and foremost is to shield themselves from the crimes they committed.

    • With an obedient press (aka Ministry of Truth) to run interference, the corrupt Obamanists see themselves as invincible.

      • Plus Hillary was going/supposed to win and we’d never be reading about quite a bit of this….

      • they “are” invincible. Who will call them on the carpet? Jeff Sessions? Last I heard, he was so buried pushing papers from one side of his desk to the other, he’s halfway to China. I can’t even remember who the FBI director is, but….. does it even matter? He;s not going to do jack to investigate anybody lest something happen to him. All those committees that investigated hillary, lois, fast and furious, nothing happened. The Swamp is rising because it can. And the republicans are too scared about being called racist to do anything.

      • Sessions is hiding in the AG office, afraid to take Lynch’s name off the door.

      • when I saw your response to my post, I burst into laughing so loudly my neighbors to the south heard me, 200 feet away!

      • Me too. I can just picture him sitting in that office, wringing his hands & cowering.

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      • And rice still has her “TOP SECRET” clearance intact..

      • You’ve summed up a very sad & pathetic situation all too well. What I’ve never completely “gotten” is why it’s so hard to just do the right thing for the country – you know, the things you promised to do. So you get called some names, you return fire, & next election, maybe you win, maybe you lose. Big whup.

      • When the ultimate goal is personal enrichment(and not always monetarily,but in many other corrupt forms) and a true dislike for this nation and what it means to and for freedom here and around the world,corruption is too powerful a magnet. If you believe that the nation needs to be “transformed” because it was founded on the “flawed” premise that government is and should be subservient to the people, that alone limits how much power these power hungry zealots can exercise over others. That is the mind of the typical liberomarxist in the American left today.

        Our founders were not stupid people, they used their many experiences of flawed character to bequest to us a system that would allow the best opportunity to correct flaws innate in the human character. It is only too bad that the only things that we have not learned are the flaws in the human character,either that
        or we choose to ignore them. It was designed purposefully for the unselfish and virtuous because they knew the natural selfishness tendencies of humans.

        I guess they thought we would learn enough not to mess it up but as we can clearly see, the thirst for power and control is too strong a magnet for the souls of the callous.

      • At least Sessions has declared DOJ’s intention to investigate free speech on campus.

        It may take a flamethrower to clean up the campuses, but this is YUGE! If followed through it will be a major blow to the left in their attempts to shut us up.

        Plus Sessions has now stepped up big time to support Trump on the NFL.

      • I give him a star for “showing up.” But having seen how Washington really works, I want all those corrupt people from the obama administration doing hard time in a real prison.

      • I’d rather see Obama and Clinton people in the dock rather than wasting time cleaning up free speech on college campuses. Cleaning up college campuses can be done next year.

      • Rather a complicit press. A complicit echo chamber of whatever fake news they spit out.

      • What top Obama appointee DIDN’T lie? In addition to the excellent info in this article from V.D. Hanson, add in IRS director Koskinen’s lies. Gruber lied about supposedly not writing Obamacare. Obama’s DOJ lied to federal judges about implementation of executive amnesty. Obama’s EPA director Lisa Jackson and other Dept. heads blatantly lied when they claimed they’d never used alias emails to talk off the record and evade FOIA requests. Former director of the IRS Loretta Lynch lied several times about issues related to using the Dept. to attack conservatives – and having illegally passed citizen tax info to other departments which also attacked the conservatives. Obama appointee Janet Napolitano perjured herself to Congress in her Fast and Furious testimony.

        So… who in Obama’s “not a smidgen of corruption” Admin DIDN’T lie would likely be easier to list!!

      • The Greatest Lying Adminstration of ALL TIME.

        Giving Greatness a whole new definition…and not a good one.

      • Also, it’s clearly not just the press running interference, but also even more importantly our own Justice Department and FBI. The fish rots from the head, and pretty much the top of each department was grossly corrupted by Obama and his crony appointees. Thus far, Trump and Sessions haven’t even remotely fixed that problem, so all of these people have continued to skate with little or no consequences.

      • I agree Rational. Trump screwed up with the Sessions as AG pick. This guy has had his finger on the chicken switch since he was confirmed. I wanted to see Guiliani as AG but it seems he’s been playing around in swampy waters. I think Christie would have been a better choice than Sessions. Both Christie and Guiliani were both very aggressive and very determined prosecutors when they ran the US Attorney’s office in the NY and NJ. They would’ve had grand juries running 24/7.

      • I probably could have gone for Guiliani although I don’t know as much about him as I’d like before making that sort of decision. I think Cruz would have been excellent too. I really don’t like or trust Christie, however – he’s got a bit of a checkered past and I think he’s deep in the swamp – so I’m glad it’s not him. Although it’s good to hear that he was a good state AG.

      • I forgot about Cruz. He would’ve been a decent choice but I’d be afraid he’d use the AG’s Office to run for President in 2020.

      • You know, I’d gotten the impression during the campaign that Sessions supposedly had a good record as AG in Alabama… and that he’d been a hard charger there. But I just took a quick look and he was in that position for only a few years – shorter than I’d thought – then became a Senator…. I don’t know what to make of him yet. Not ready to totally write him off, but sure not pleased so far either, although he has done a few good things. I guess I’ll give him a little longer before writing him off, but I’m not holding my breath or expecting much, unfortunately.

  3. Dr. Hanson presents presents us again with more truths (god, I love this guy!).

    What he doesn’t discuss in this article is how such malignant narcissists as Obama find such people. This might be the realm of inquiry set aside for shrinks to debate, but the general populace should at least gain an understanding of how a real narcissist operates to achieve those goals she or he deem worthy of effort.

    What is not spoken of very often is that skill known as “seduction” where one gets over on another. Take Obama’s wide toothy smile, then add to this his sweeping handshake…who wouldn’t want to be in his presence when this dance comes out to play? Just what do you think he learned in his prep school days?

    Many of the movies created in the 30s expressed the adventures of “con men” all over America.

    Today, they roam in our political chambers of government. Most have been to our law schools for primary training.

    Victor David Hanson has a leg up on most for he is an ardent student of histories, something that has been denied to our present day students, in our high schools and universities.

    Control the mind and you control the body!

    • What makes me really sad is that Obama’s charm, or the perks of running a corrupt government, has infected the party I admired since the days of Ronald Reagan. I am coming to the conclusion that to save the republic, the average voter is going to have to get a whole lot wiser and learn to severely distrust any elected official (including R’s) and to steadfastly hold their boots on said elected official’s neck and never let up.

      • I think it’s too late. Too much water under the bridge already & it’s still flowing strong even though we supposedly took all 3 branches. We aren’t even close to stemming the flow.

    • How does he find such people (e.g., unprincipled careerists)? Washington is full of them. I had a boss at a government agency who went to great lengths to demonstrate how “with” the Carter administration he was. But when approaching the 1980 election he’d call me (an “out” conservative who this guy participated in punishing for his apostacy) into his office, would close the door, and then whisper to me “Do you think Ronnie’s got a chance?” He got a major promotion during the Reagan administration. Not so for me who was a true believer but who knew the truth about this guy’s commitment. That’s Washington, D.C. for you.

    • “who wouldn’t want to be in his presence when this dance comes out to play”

      Me, and I’m sure a huge number of other people too – after all, many millions voted against Obama. I admit, when I heard his first major public speech – I think in 2004 – I was impressed enough to think that maybe here was a Dem worth keeping an eye on. The second you start looking into his history, however, any positive thoughts towards him utterly vanish. He’s a lying leftist ideological petty snake that teethed on the hard left and never bothered to join reality. As to where he finds such people, many of them were lifelong participants in the socialist movement, friends with Obama’s “mentor,” Frank Marshall Davis, Card Carrying Communist and p0rn0grapher, and the entire Chicago socialist society. Here’s a start on the rather extensive links between these various families that are all ultimately tied to Obama and his family, from a post I wrote ages ago:

      For all intents and purposes, Obama is what’s known as a “red diaper baby.” He teethed on far left ideology and has never strayed from the fold. And it’s utterly amazing the generational ties between him and so many of his top appointees who are also hard leftists. It’s horrifying that our electorate is so scr3wed up that someone with his history, friends, and lifelong associates – not to mention utter lack of any executive experience – could wind up being elected not only once, but after an utterly dismal performance his first term, yet again. Obama and his minions –his appointees pretty much all fit this same mold — are the symptom of a very diseased and ignorant electorate. And that doesn’t bode well for the grand experiment of the USA.

      Obama branded America a ‘racist society’ in unpublished manuscript while in law school.

      Can It All Be a Coincidence?

      Our First ‘Red Diaper Baby’ President? All the pieces fit, so why do historians and biographers ignore the question



      CBS News: Obama’s Radical-Left Ties Broad And Deep

      WaPo article: White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy Over Past Activism

      Newsmax article: Obama Espoused Radical Views in College

      American Thinker: What the Media Won’t Say about Frank Marshall Davis [p0rn0grapher, card carrying communist, self avowed proud p3dophile]

      American Spectator: All in the (Political) Family Obama’s Marxist Mentor and Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod

      FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family

      • “It’s horrifying that our electorate is so scr3wed up that someone with his history, friends, and lifelong associates – not to mention utter lack of any executive experience – could wind up being elected–his appointees pretty much all fit this same mold — are the symptom of a very diseased and ignorant electorate. And that doesn’t bode well for the grand experiment of the USA.”…….. Very insightful description of donthecon and his — like you and the hateful right-wing mouthpiece Hanson — ignorant, stuck-in-the-past supporters.

      • But everything you just quoted about Obama is true. You didn’t even try to rebut it. Because you can’t – it’s just fact.

      • (Psst)…hey dumbass, it’s Sep. 26, 2017. Obama has been out of office for more than 8 months, and the proven pathological liar, proven thief, proven misogynist, proven bigot and racist — and your hero — donthecon has been destroying this country all by himself — well, with the help of the lying traitors in his inner circle, who all developed temporary amnesia when having to disclose any foreign government (Russian) officials with whom they colluded prior to being confirmed. But yeah, let’s — as good racists do — continue to blame the black guy. Ignorant fucking people like you make it embarrassing to be from the United States.

      • That’s not surprising. donthecon supporters are essentially stupid human beings, whose depth of vocabulary is only as broad as what they’ve heard this morning on Faux Noise.

      • Yuh me dumb.

        Me do 8 years Ivy league

        And Rhodes scholar finalist.

        Me not smart like “progressives” who keep pushing disproven, failed ideologies in the

        Unending zeal to leave more millions of corpses as “tribute” to their gods (largely themselves,

        Since shmucks like you are violent narcissists).

      • Did you at least finally graduate after those 8 years? All that education, and you still end up a flaming racist who worships a monster like donthecon? Very sad. Your parents must cringe when they think about how much money they wasted to create a cretin like you.

      • Have you seen Hillary lately? She is still campaigning. I think she thought she better hit Wisconsin before it was too late.

      • People like you just cannot get over losing the election.

      • Then leave. Go to any Socialist country you would like.

      • Er… Silly rabbit, Trump obviously has REAMS of executive experience – Obama had none. So my description doesn’t even begin to describe Trump, but it sure does describe Obama. And while there is much to dislike about Trump, he’s vastly preferable to either Obama, or Hillary “Quid Pro Dough” Clinton, aka Felonia Von Mao-Suit.

    • I love Victor too. I like when he is on Tucker Carlson.

    • I’m an internist, not a shrink. But I would venture that the cohort of malignant narcissists represents about one-third of “professional” politicians.

  4. “Their reasons to be in Washington were largely a quest for media exposure, government sinecures, revolving door profiteering, and maintaining a host of subordinate toadies at their service.”

    That’s mighty pretty prose. The ugliness is in the truth of it.

  5. I, for one, am unsatisfied by just an article discussing what is obvious to virtually anyone paying attention. The mendaciousness of the officials amounts to voter disrespect of the highest order and it cries out for a full and open airing by what is presumably our own party. By all appearances, rooting out the lies and dealing with far more serious issues of corruption are just too much to expect.

    • True. We all know there’s zero chance of any of that actually happening.

  6. Corruption has always been rife in politics but it seems the difference now is that the corrupt don’t understand their parasitism depends on the health of the host and are now just blatantly trying to destroy it. Such lack of logic illustrates just how decayed their rotten brains are (and how lulled into inaction decent people have become).

    • But the host won’t be destroyed before the present parasites have gotten their fill. And the parasites after that think the same way. Etc.

  7. “And it is now not surprise that all three ended up orphaned and discredited—once their obsequious utility to their masters was exhausted.”

    Leftist children eat their parents. It is in their genetics.

  8. If anyone runs the scrutiny gauntlet and survives, it will be Rice: She will play the Race & Misogyny Cards simultaneously and shamelessly.

      • I’m curious, when is she going to change her name? It’s triggering.

    • Precisely why the simpering femboy appointed her, a politically correct skirt to hide behind. He was very consistent about having women do all his dirty work. As explained above it obviously wasn’t about the competence, it was about the optics.

  9. I was waiting to stumble upon everyone’s favorite little fabricator Benny Rhodes…..he’ll be disappointed that he didn’t make the cut….

  10. Mediocrities love the Obsequious. Kind of explains why so many hate Trump.

  11. I’d still like to know why Clapper was never prosecuted for perjury, and why none of the people conducting the illegal spotting of the American people were ever prosecuted.

    • I think the ‘why’ is ubiquitous corruption, most likely blackmail of key players. NOBODY can pull the pin because they’re all chained together and if one goes they all will.

  12. Utopia is not real, therefore progressives must lie to keep their Grubers in line…

  13. Susan Rice:
    1) black
    2) female
    3) masterful liar…and if you call her on it you’re racist and misogynist.
    Ben Rhodes was her puppet master.

    • pardon, there is nothing masterful about her lies …..

  14. ((smiles))

    Thank you Victor. If only we had Republican control of both houses and the White House we might actually be able to prosecute these criminals.

    • Doc Dave, For an educated man, you’re not very good at math.

      Without 60 seats in the Senate, the R’s can’t just have their way with the D’s.

      Remember…BO went the EO route once his crew got bounced in 2010. The last 6 years, I can’t think of a single legislative achievement by Obama. Not one.

      You can’t repeal ACA without going through reconciliation, unless you can convince 8 D’s to go along with you. Right now Chuck Schumer has likely promised tens of millions of $ to Heitkamp, Manchin and other vulnerable D’s if they’ll just toe the line.

      I don’t think it’ll be enough. I think the R’s pick up another 6 seats in the Senate, if not 8.

      • Some of us are “hoping” obamacares impending implosion flips enough dems to act accordingly.

      • My math is fine. With regards obamadon’tcare, the republicrats voted, whatever the number is, I’ve heard 77 quoted a lot, time to repeal while they could do it for the TV cameras but know that the Boy King would never sign. Now that they have a President of the United States who would sign they run screaming from the room like the frightened little gurls they are.

        I’m DONE with them.

        Part of my vote for President Trump was to do my little part in driving a stake through the heart of the no-longer-relevant republicrat party. I also wrote in Baxter Schnauzer on both the House and Senate lines and I’m just as proud of that vote as of my vote for the President.

      • Except for one thing. If you’ve lived in MN since 2000, you know the narrative around Jesse Ventura’s run for Governor. I voted for him and liked most of the stuff he did. However, like Trump…he had no friends in the legislature. Thus, he always had to do a 3 way negotiation.

        Now the advantage Ventura had was he went in as an Independent and could credibly pull D’s and R’s together for a 3 way.

        Trump knew he couldn’t run as an Independent (like Sanders), so he hijacked the GOP process. Now he’s stuck negotiating with only Republicans since the D’s are hiding behind their #Resist banner.

        If the D’s were smart, they’d realize Trump is more liberal on most policies than Bill Clinton ever was. But that’s not good enough for the Identity Politics wing of the Democrat Party. They’re not going to budge and they’re not going to negotiate…and Trump made a huge mistake dissing McCain the way he did, particularly with such a slim majority in the Senate.

        Look…Senators have their own deal going. If they sucked it up and did what Trump wants…they’d like be voted out of office. We have a new dynamic here that everyone is trying to figure out. Trump seems to be the intellectually lazy one in the group. Apologize to McCain…give Collins and Murkowski and Paul what they want…and move on. If he can’t make a deal with R’s who have a wide range of policy thoughts…then this is going to be a long 4 years and he is already signaling he won’t run for re-election.

        BTW…I voted for him and still support what he’s trying to do. He just isn’t very good at figuring out the politics and he needs to rely on Pence and others to figure out this out for him. Reduce the tweeting by 50% and focus on 3-4 key things at a time. The NFL thing as unnecessary. I think he enjoys gaslighting the Progressives which is entertaining…but it’s not helpful in the long run.

      • NO!

        That is the sort of thinking that has led us to this point with a 20 trillion dollar national debt and a credit rating that has been downgraded for the first time in history.

        What we NEED to do is to vote out those you mentioned.

        If not then the Republic is well and truly lost.

      • Look….unless you’re ready to commit life and soul to eradicating 100,000,000 people who think differently than you, I’d suggest you find a way to go along to get along…and then from time to time send in a Disruptor like Donald J Trump to stir the pot.

      • Name the 100,000,000. I might be interested. Muslims? I’m good with that.

  15. But, but Big Brain Barry said there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption in his administration.

    • He taught us well: Don’t waste your time and effort on small lies.

  16. Where is Reggie Love these days and are the rumors true about his forthcoming “tell all” memoirs?

  17. I love these conservative/libertarian pen-speaks for their constant blaming others for their failures. If the so-called Obama lying quartet messed things up so badly what is this total control of government R party doing to fix things except selling out government to the highest bidder leaving average Americans broken and laying by the roadside.

    • Yeah- whatever the heck that means. Economy is now growing at 3% due to the fact that the President is no longer beating it over the head with a lead pipe through excessive regulations. The difference between an economy growing at 3% instead of Obamas feeble 1.5% is about $2 Trillion after 8 years. That results in increased tax revenues of about $400 Billion annually. Thats what conservatives/libertarian “pen-speaks” support as opposed to Obama’s road to Venezuela.

  18. There are the lies, the liars and then the criminalities…I am fearful of what our country has become.

    • me, too …. truly … how to turn it back? therein lies the rub ….
      read “the moon is a harsh mistress” …. very revealing of humankind ….

  19. Absolutely true! The biggest with the Trump administration is the Obama administration that went away nine months ago.

  20. I am not sure what would disturb Nixon more if he could see this today: That he went down for such a petty offense in comparison to this corrupt cabal or that he wasn’t more creative in his own unsavory actions. In any case, the partisan stance of the MSM is the only way that BHO’s team could (and continue to) get away with this campaign of deceit.

  21. It is funny, I think it was our first highly liberal/progressive president, Woodrow Wilson, who advocated a government where the legislature established broad aspirational laws and left the details it a group of highly educated career bureaucrats to faithfully convert those broad views into specific concrete rules that were to reflect the desires of their follow citizens in a fair and open manner. Our latest highly liberal/progressive president blew that theory all to hell.

    • Our latest highly liberal/progressive president blew that theory all to hell.

      You mean like GW Bush and his “compassionate conservatism?!”

      • Not exactly a good comparison but you’ll get no argument from most people here that that was BS of the highest order. But it was mostly just a campaign slogan – it never amounted to much in terms of policy. He spent like a drunken sailor. So what exactly is your point or am I taking you too seriously?

  22. And yet, Trump has already lied more times in 8 months than Obama’s entire administration did in 8 years.

  23. The Mueller probe goes where no probe has gone before, except where the Russian collusion charge may have been a fabrication designed to create a subterfuge for FISA surveillance, and a very public investigation of Trump and his associates amid a constant din by the press charging “a whiff of treason.” The only treason is the behavior of government officials, who are supposed to be non-partisan public servants, leaking incessantly to the press to undermine the ability of the administration to conduct policy. The three individuals mentioned may have been part of a conspiracy ot systematicallly undermine the Trump administration intiated by the previous one. An unproven charge, or narrative to be sure, but one which Mueller’s investigation should lead him. Sadly, Mr. Mueller lacks the integrity to do this. He proved this by his testimony before Congress over the IRS scandal while he was FBI Director and the subsequent inaction, in spite of a demonstrative trail of prevarication and obstruction of justice. The latter only applies to the Scooter Libbys of the world.

  24. what will come of all this?
    where are we heading?

  25. Our kestone cops have crossed the line to treason! Long list of criminal actions starts with WDMs.
    It is time to nurture these freaks! Start by repealing the fetid “patriot” act, more like “Treason” act, but far more needs to be done. DRAIN THE F’N SWAMP!!!!!!!

  26. Time to end FISA courts and repeal the Patriot Act.

    Look people, surveillance does not stop terrorism or crime. All big breaks are because someone dropped a dime on the criminal. We should take the money we save from drastically reducing the intel community and use it as rewards for turning people in.

    • And close down perhaps half of our — is it 17? — intelligence organs. Then half of what’s left next year. THEN see what we’ve got.

      These people are a far greater danger to America than they are to our enemies. The theory’s fine but that amount of power sucks corrupt men right to the top and the real purpose of the agency becomes defending its own power.

      Many people say the Republican Party is in disarray. I think the truth is worse: MOST Republican leadership is blackmailed or otherwise owned by other interests. Not ‘disarray’ but ‘firm control by opposition forces.’

      In 10 minutes work the other day I listed 13 events/occasions when blackmail material on high officials would likely have become available to those looking for it and is there the slightest doubt that Obama’s, Clinton’s, and other left wing political data operations would have eagerly collected same and then put it to use? “Sweet little career youse got here … Shame if anyting was to happen to it.”

      There is no fix for this within our normal practices and the corruption appears so deep and self-buttressing that it cannot be attacked by flipping a witness or two. Does anyone remember the last time a Congressional or Justice Department investigation actually reached a useful end? Mostly they don’t interview the right witnesses, there are screwy ‘deals,’ play softball on questions, and after a time the whole business is declared ancient history and ditched.

      There’s the clear appearance that the investigations have been finding exactly what they were directed to find: NOTHING. Who has the power to direct ‘find nothing’?

      I think we have to do a wholesale flush of Congressional Republicans. There’s no time to sort them — it takes years of data to determine who has what real beliefs and can act on them. Just vote against Republican incumbents in the House in most cases in the primaries and in selected cases in the general. The Senate’s a bit touchier because of the small majority and ‘advise and consent’ but clearly the 2-3 Dems in Repub uniforms need to be gone.

      The Democrats are simply evil because they’ve found a cul-de-sac where evil works for them tactically and strategically. But without an opposition party we can’t hope to solidly defeat them. We have to fix OUR party first.

      This is likely to be a real scary decade.

  27. I think you forgot about Rice and Ruanda. She told us day after day from her perch at state that the Tutsi massacre was “not a genicide”

  28. How do We the People get made whole from all this? I’m serious. These are very serious crimes and ethics violations and they’re laughing their way to MSNBC and CNN every night of the week.

    They face no penalties. No inquiries. No indictments. No expense lawyer fees.

    They’re mocking us…and I don’t like it one bit.

  29. I read articles like this and the comments that go with them and I wonder –

    All these complaints about illegality with nothing being done. Then I ask myself – Since Trump is now in charge, why aren’t there investigations, why aren’t there charges. I can only come up with this answer – the Trump administration knows there is no there, there.

    • President Trump has no personal investigative powers. So who could he order to investigate something? Jeff Sessions appears to be owned by the left, certainly the FBI is. Could he (or we) TRUST the results of a Justice Department (FBI …) investigation of anyone? Congressional leadership hates Trump, is probably blackmailed anyway (that is, owned as Sessions is), and they don’t work for Trump so Congressional investigation is a non-starter.

      There’s no question that these are in large measure self-inflicted wounds. Trump read The Art of the Deal on assuming office rather than The Prince: He should have set out to strike terror in the hearts of Congressional leaders and the swamp critters on January 21. He shouldn’t have appointed Sessions as AG — but the man DID have a straight arrow reputation. Trump didn’t understand that the depth of the corruption … and here we are. He’s playing the very weak hand he has — no high level law enforcement powers — very well indeed.

      • Gee, guy. Your answer is that Trump has no power as president? If that’s the case, why did you vote for him? And what’s with the “strike terror” remark. Are you saying that Trump should be a dictator. You want to talk about corruption, then look to Trump who boldly flaunts Article 1. Section 9., Article 2. Section 1., and Article 2. Section 2. of the Constitution. Here’s a guy who says the President can have no conflicts of interest which is another way of saying he can use his office for personal gain.

  30. Fake press has been at it under Baraq, back then they faked the news by not covering fully or for long enough the many disasters that The Baraq presided over. Making it seem like The Baraq was competent. Hardly – the hard core pot smoking he did in high school obviously eliminated any deep critical thinking ability. Affirmative Action made sure he could get into Ivie League schools, and “graduate”.

  31. No mention of Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, etc,. and their lies that lead to the deaths of thousands.

    • Can’t argue the points, cry for Hansen to attack the Bush admin. Makes perfect sense.

    • If i recall, Hillary was four-square on those lies, wasn’t she.

    • In the world of conservative bloggers, Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld did a swell job in the Midfle East and left the economy in fine fettle, only for that pesky Obama to come along and mess everything up

  32. When doe Dr. Hansons follow up articles on the liars in the current administation happen?

  33. They’ve been totally discredited in our eyes, but by no means the media’s.

  34. Yikes! What a rogue’s gallery of mendacious duplicitous word-merchants. Wicked people recognize kindred souls and Obama knew he could trust these court eunuchs (Rice’s sex notwithstanding) to implement his will without unduly furrowing their brows. One must first have integrity in order to betray it, and these ethically malleable hacks were only too willing to debase their honor in order to serve Obama’s Progressivism.

    I am surprised at the brevity of Dr. Hanson’s list, however. I wonder why Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch did not make the cut. Perhaps we can look forward to a follow-up “A Lying Duet” from Dr. Hanson.

  35. Yes, let’s talk abut something else, anything else, anything besides another fiasco by the Faceplant Administration. You can pick ’em, Vic, yes you can.

  36. “And it is now not surprising that all three ended up orphaned and discredited—once their obsequious utility to their masters was exhausted.”
    Orphaned and discredited by whom?

  37. VDH’s words are wise, concise and always the truth.

  38. All wrapped up in a bow for the special prosecutor to consider instead of wasting his time on failure to register as a foreign agent, the specious crimes for which Flynn and Manafort will apparently be charged. The crimes of Rice, Powers, Brennan and Clapper might possibly end up a conspiracy charge for their illegal unmasking of Trump campaign associates and Comey should be charged for his admitted leaks and lying under oath. Wishful thinking, I know.

  39. How did he leave out Loretta Lynch?

    She ran the DOJ like a RICO continuing criminal enterprise.

  40. Guns. Ammo. Buy more, in quantities a breathless television reporter might call a small arsenal.
    Store carefully.
    May need soon.

    • At some time in the future, when the conditions are “just right.”

  41. All of them (and their ilk) will need to be put up against a wall.
    It’s just not going to get better until then.

  42. (Psst)…hey dumbass, it’s Sep. 26, 2017. Obama has been out of office for more than 8 months, and the proven pathological liar, proven thief, proven misogynist, proven bigot and racist — and your hero — donthecon has been destroying this country all by himself — well, with the help of the lying traitors in his inner circle, who all developed temporary amnesia when having to disclose any foreign government (Russian) officials with whom they colluded prior to being confirmed. But yeah, let’s — as good racists do — continue to blame the black guy. Ignorant fucking people like you make it embarrassing to be from the United States.

    • Angry much? The liars and criminals from the previous administration are now being outed as the liars and criminals they are and that pisses you off? Maybe you ought redirect your anger at Obama and everything those criminals did to ignore the law and the Constitution, or are you OK with that, Chump?

    • If you can’t express yourself respectively, you can have no expectations of being read or taken seriously. So fuck off.

  43. All administrations lie to some degree.
    The difference here is Obama politicized the intelligence agencies in a manner inconsistent with the Constitution.

    • Naw.
      But you can believe that if you want to be ignorant.

  44. Obama had liars doing….whose bidding?


    There’s not a lamp post high enough for my tastes for this evil POS.

    • LOL is this where you are hiding after being schooled yesterday on reading stats for comprehension?

      • HAHAHA Good one. You never responded to my last post so I figured the facts finally were too much for even a Regressive like you.

        In a nutshell, with a population about 1/7 of whites, blacks commit 7 times the violent crime on whites as vice versa.


      • So apparently you did the Trumpkin thing of just ignoring the obvious… I did keep posting, you stopped after this post chased you off the internet

        Just curious, did your brain BSOD or was that a conscious decision to bale after it became obvious you were blaming “young black males” for all crimes committed by African Americans… and you don’t know the difference between a percentage and a total number

      • Still trying to pretend your dismantling never happened?

      • ~3% of our population(young black males) commit 7x!!! the violent crime on whites as do ~20% of our population(young white males) commit on blacks.

        You can’t deny this no matter how much BS REgressivism you throw at it.


      • https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/topic-pages/tables/table-21 ~look familiar?

        Table 21a, arrests broken down by race (and race only):
        Total violent crime arrests: 408,873
        Total of those were of black people: 153,341, or 37.5%

        Table 21b, arrests under 18, broken down only by race
        Total number of arrests for violent crimes under 18: 41,089
        Total of them black: 21,375 or 52.0% of arrests under 18

        Now if we take the total number of black minors arrested as a percentage of total overall violent crime arrests (ands these are just ARRESTS not CONVICTIONS- you know there is a difference, right?), that number is around 10%

        Of course you could just read the synopsis they provided themselves
        “Arrests, by Race and Ethnicity, 2016

        In 2016, 69.6 percent of all individuals arrested were White, 26.9 percent were Black or African American, and 3.6 percent were of other races.
        Of arrestees for whom ethnicity was reported, 18.4 percent were Hispanic.
        Of all juveniles (persons under the age of 18) arrested in 2016, 62.1 percent were White, 34.7 percent were Black or African American, and 3.2 percent were of other races.
        Of juvenile arrestees for whom ethnicity was reported, 22.8 percent were Hispanic.
        Of all adults arrested in 2016, 70.2 percent were White, 26.2 percent were Black or African American, and 3.6 percent were of other races.
        Of adult arrestees for whom ethnicity was reported, 18.0 were Hispanic.
        White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 59.0 percent of those arrests.
        Of adults arrested for murder, 52.0 percent were Black or African American, 45.4 percent were White, and 2.6 percent were of other races.
        Black or African American juveniles comprised 52.0 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes. White juveniles accounted for 58.4 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes.
        Of juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations, 74.8 percent were White.
        White juveniles comprised 64.7 percent of juveniles arrested for rape and 60.2 percent of juveniles arrested for larceny-theft.”

      • Funny how you disappeared completely from the internet after I put actual figures you can refer to from the FBI in the my post

  45. As much as I admire Dr. Hanson, in this instance he seems to have missed the obvious: peddling lies WAS part of their job descriptions as members of the Obama regime, essential to their mission to sabotage our liberal democratic republic and to replace it with a far-left authoritarian state ripe for conversion to Islamic totalitarianism.

  46. You shouldn’t mention President Obama and President Trump at the same time.

    It’s too humiliating for Trump.

  47. The unmaskers unmasked. The four deplorables (hat tip Hillary Clinton ) plus Rhodes and Powers richly deserve they scorn they now receive.

  48. I think the word you are looking for is swamp-creatures. Until there is accountability from this group all talk of drainage is utterly meaningless. The rule of law was specifically designed to protect us from the the rule of men – – like these.

  49. Why are these lies and deceptions not being investigated and prosecuted ?

  50. It was clear back in March that the charge of ‘Russian collusion’ was a complete fabrication, promulgated by an cabal of Obama Intel chiefs (Brennan, Clapper, Comey) and Obama/Clinton loyalists like Susan Rice. See my post, “The Easter Bunny Cover-Up”:

    The story of Russian ‘hacking’ of the Democrats, the centerpiece of the ‘Russian interference’ myth, was clearly false, and has been discredited even further since then. Yet the myth of ‘Russian collusion’ had such force among the gullible in Congress and the media, buoyed by the ‘credibility’ of the cabal, that newly-appointed Jeff Sessions was frightened into recusing himself, and his deputy conned into appointing a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

    Mueller now has a force of some 17 high-priced attorneys and carte blanche for an ‘investigation’ of the Trump White House, with no evidence of any crime, based solely on the fiction of ‘Russian collusion’. You have to give the ‘Lying Quartet’ and their accomplices credit for turning a complete fiction into a partisan witchhunt that aims at nothing less than destroying Donald Trump, who so far appears powerless to stop them.

    /L. E. Joiner (Walking Creek World)

  51. why are we talking about the lies of the Obama administration? those of the Trump administration are too numerous or petty to bother with? or the real treasonous ones are still hidden in Robert Mueller’s files? If you had been watching Ken Burns “the Vietnam War” on PBS you would realize that lying is a political skill used by both sides of the aisle (or should I say the chasm). Now, does anyone need a definition for hypocrisy?

    • Ken Burns is a leftist propagandist posing as a documentary producer. In short, he lies.

  52. Thank you, VDH, for laying out so clearly the case for a second special counsel.

  53. I’m not trying to cross swords with you, Mr. Hanson, on the contrary, I have the utmost respect for your efforts and applaud your service to our great nation by spreading the word of truth across the Fruited Plains. But, “So what?” I mean, when are the TREASONOUS America haters going to be held to account for their ongoing, publicly exposed crimes against the United States of America? This wound will never heal, ever, and will only continue to fester until blood is shed, most likely on both sides. The ONLY path to redemption is for our DOJ to prosecute everyone from the vile, bestial bride of Bubba, all the way down the food chain. Hopefully the pervert Weiner’s recent 20 month prison sentence means his cooperation is not needed against her thighness, as the evidence is overwhelming. Many of us are still holding out hope that the silence emanating from AG Sessions’ office is indicative of his loyal compatriots putting together a RICO case against the Clinton Crime Syndicate. If not, and once again the Clintons are allowed to escape justice, we could very well see “rogue Patriots” administering their own version of “justice” as they see fit. None of us want to see that disaster unfold.

  54. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d1098c8401a6a460d8adeb0d4012bcd3a542b40d78c5cae7843c9fb00513c7a1.jpg

    iF these felonious creeps (along with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of others like Lois Lerner) don’t wind up in jail & stripped of every single cent of their salaries and pensions, I, along with many other American citizens, must assume that, for the present and foreseeable future, the Rule of Constitutional Law in the United States has been suspended. I defy anyone to advance any reason why, failing the hard-time incarceration of these criminals, that that assumption is incorrect.

    Deep State + Hard Left + Media are working in tandem to destroy every public square activity of any but the state approved kind. If this high-level lawlessness continues unpunished, big American cities will begin to look like Moscow in 1956. Empty streets, empty restaurants, nobody out but the black-clad cops with their fingers on the trigger. Red, white and blue dawn.

  55. Hey Victor which yarns are you speaking to that Trump tells? Misspeaks is different than yarns.

  56. VDH is right on target. Clapper, Brennon, Rice and Comey are the definition of the Deep State. Yet Sessions hasn’t cleaned up the mess. Susan Rice still has access to Top Secret info.

    • No, they’re all just two-bit crooks … and it’s to the ever lasting shame of the Judicial system that they’re not in prison.

  57. Informative, succinct, and a terribly troubling reminder about the very real damage that was done to our government by just a few self-interested far too powerful dishonest individuals who controlled the reins of what are massive, intrusive government entities. Thank you Professor Hanson.

  58. I’d like to see someone, anyone at this point get indicted from Team Obummer or The Clinton Crime Family. Trump needs to flip the script and force the scum in the media to latch onto whomever is the first to do the perp walk into the DC Federal Courthouse.

  59. “Rarely has an intelligence apparatus engaged in systematic lying—and chronic deceit about its lying—both during and even after its tenure.”

    Actually, that’s not accurate.

    What is different in this age is the free(ish) flow of information … in this age, more people are aware of the perfidious actions of ‘establishment insiders’ and, as a result, asking where the “accountability” is.

    And that’s been Attorney General Jeff Sessions signature, and completely inexcusable failure.

  60. Not enough worthy targets for AG Sessions? What’s he waiting for, the Second Coming? Throw Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the IRS into the mix and he’ll need a Trump second term just to get all these skeletons out of the closet.

  61. I had trouble reading this. I recognized Susan Rice’s blatant lies, and I believe Obama also baldly lied on TV. I wondered how Democrats could accept being held in such contempt. Now I realize that Republicans too lie, but far more deceptively, being careful to mask their actual motives. For instance, their inability to deal with Obamacare makes it plain that they have accepted socialized medicine for the United States. So we are being governed by a corrupt elite who hold the voter in contempt, if they bother to think of us at all. I don’t know whether I should brew a comforting cup of tea or throw it into the Ohio River! I just don’t see a way forward.

  62. Sir Andrew Wood, Christopher Steele and
    agents of the British government, among them, Carpetbagger McCain, all appear
    to have slandered President Trump.

    The dossier of “urinating prostitutes”
    is yet, another British hatchet job, not unlike British insistence Iraq had
    weapons of mass destruction and was in

    the business of refining “yellow cake”
    as radioactive, fissionable material for a nuclear weapon.

    The British Whores and their fantasies
    of urinating prostitutes have lately indicated their most recent obscenity is
    intended to target the Russians.

    This treacherous behavior = protecting
    Hillary Clinton and the FACT the Democrats rigged an American election and then
    brazenly used their media puppetry to continue along flogging yet another British

    The Russians didn’t write the emails…

    The criminal Filth in the DNC and the
    glaring criminal obscenity that is Hillary Clinton, DID write the emails.

    The Iraqis never had yellow cake

    Paul Revere warned our Revolutionary
    Mothers and Fathers, “The British are coming”.

    He was right.

    Perhaps more importantly: the Cowardly,
    Yellow, English Menace have clearly never left and are now in the business of
    manipulating American elections and promoting yet another, ridiculous, craven,
    yellow Prostitute…

    The would-be heir to English treachery
    and phony Queen, Hillary Clinton.

    Presently, an English-based criminal
    central banking cartel, masquerading as the “Federal Reserve- neither federal,
    nor possessing ANY reserves whatsoever”- has COUNTERFEIT themselves into

    The emperor has no clothes.

    The Currency (bills, bonds and notes)
    of the English, Criminal Obscenity are worthless.

    Those worthless currency issues belong
    to “Royalty” and “Nobility”.

    The phony, would-be Kings and Queens
    have destroyed themselves and their Counterfeit presence in the US Treasury.

    The American People need merely expose
    them as imposters and then seize their assets.

    Abe Lincoln’s Greenbacks will do nicely
    as replacement Currency (bonds, bills and notes) and the banks and present
    financial infrastructure can then be placed under the ownership of public

    The US Postal System will do nicely as
    the new owners of the banking system.

    When I first began to explain MMT as a
    Cult, I was continually harassed by an individual named “Andrew Wood” and I
    have begun to consider MMT is yet again, another intentional British LIE that
    also belongs as flushed down a urinal.

    ~ Michael Keane 10/3/17 all rights

    you may, however, feel free to post and
    share on Face Book